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The Lifeblood

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results in a matter of days. Catered with you in mind, our wellness tests include fertility

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not the cold

New device stops cold and flu

Scientists recently discovered

a way to kill viruses and


Now thousands of people are using it

to stop colds and flu.

Colds start

when cold viruses

get in your nose.

Viruses multiply

fast. If you don’t

stop them early,

they spread and

cause misery.

In hundreds

of studies, EPA

and university

researchers have confirmed that viruses

and bacteria die almost instantly when

touched by copper.

That’s why ancient Greeks and

Egyptians used copper to purify water

and heal wounds. They didn’t know

about microbes, but now we do.

Scientists say the high conductance

of copper disrupts the electrical balance

in a microbe cell and destroys the cell in


Tests by the EPA (Environmental

Protection Agency) show germs die

fast on copper. So some hospitals tried

copper for touch surfaces like faucets

and doorknobs. This cut the spread of

MRSA and other illnesses by over half,

and saved lives.

The strong scientific evidence gave

inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When

he felt a cold about to start he fashioned

a smooth copper probe and rubbed it

gently in his nose for 60 seconds.

“It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold

never got going.” It worked again every

New research: Copper stops

colds if used early.

time. He hasn’t had a single cold for 7

years since.

He asked relatives and friends to try

it. They said it worked for them, too, so

he patented CopperZap and put it on

the market.

Soon hundreds

of people had

tried it and given

feedback. Nearly

100% said the

copper stops colds

if used within 3

hours after the first

sign. Even up to

2 days, if they

still get the cold it is milder than usual

and they feel better.

Users wrote things like, “It stopped

my cold right away,” and “Is it

supposed to work that fast?”

“What a wonderful thing,” wrote

had colds going round and round, but

not me.”

Some users say it also helps with

sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had

a 2-day sinus headache. When her

CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am

shocked!” she said. “My head cleared,

no more headache, no more congestion.”

Some users say copper stops

nighttime stuffiness if used just before

bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve had

in years.”

Copper can also stop flu if used early

and for several days. Lab technicians

placed 25 million live flu viruses on a

CopperZap. No viruses were found alive

soon after.

Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the teams

confirming the discovery. He placed

millions of disease germs on copper.

“They started to die literally as soon as

they touched the surface,” he said.

People have even used copper on

cold sores and say it can completely

prevent outbreaks.

The handle is

curved and finely

textured to improve

contact. It kills germs

picked up on fingers

and hands to protect

you and your family.

Physician’s Assistant Julie. “No more Dr. Bill Keevil: Copper even kills

colds for me!”

Copper quickly kills deadly germs that

Pat McAllister, 70, received one cold viruses. have become resistant

for Christmas and called it “one of the

best presents ever. This little jewel really


Now thousands of users have simply

stopped getting colds.

People often use CopperZap

preventively. Frequent flier Karen Gauci

used to get colds after crowded flights.

Though skeptical, she tried it several

times a day on travel days for 2 months.

“Sixteen flights and not a sniffle!” she


Businesswoman Rosaleen says when

people are sick around her she uses

CopperZap morning and night. “It saved

me last holidays,” she said. “The kids

to antibiotics. If you are near sick

people, a moment of handling it may

keep serious infection away. It may even

save a life.

The EPA says copper still works

even when tarnished. It kills hundreds of

different disease germs so it can prevent

serious or even fatal illness.

CopperZap is made in America of

pure copper. It has a 90-day full money

back guarantee. It is $69.95.

Get $10 off each CopperZap with

code NATA17.

Go to or call

toll-free 1-888-411-6114.

Buy once, use forever.





on a Plant-

Based Diet

plus: CBD




The Promise of Regenerative Medicine


The Lifeblood of Heart Health


Readers are Seeking These Providers & Services:

Allergists • Cooking Schools/Classes • Dietitians & Nutritionists

Food Fairs • Garden Supplies • Green/Vegan Restaurants

Health Food Stores • Herbalists • Natural/Organic Food

CBD Products ... and this is just a partial list!


Grassroots Climate Crisis Strategies

plus: Healthy Home

19 Discover the

Regenerative Power

of Peptides



Boosting Kids’ Cardiovascular Health


Prolotherapy Gives Joints New Life



The Drive to Banish

Single-Use Plastics


The Path to Vascular Fitness



Embracing the Rainbow Year Round


on Skills That Make Love Last





Autoimmune Breakthroughs

plus: The Collagen Connection



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letter from publisher

When I saw you I feel in love,

and you smiled because you knew.

~William Shakespeare

Romance, true love and cupids shooting arrows

through the air are all around us. February always

conjures up images like this for me. Commercials

showing canoodling couples reminding us we need to buy

chocolates, jewelry, cards and make reservations for overpriced

dinners crowed with other couples eager to show

everyone how much effort went into this night.

I am not against Valentine’s Day. I’m really not, but I am opposed to just going

through the motions of another holiday. Love is important, and it should be treated that

way every day of the year whenever possible. With that said, I’m not a dreamy-eyed girl

dependent on random flower delivers or shiny trinkets to reinforce that my significant

other loves me. I’m much more of a realist and down-to-earth kind of girl, appreciating

the day-to-day things like washing the dishes left in the sink, so I can work in the kitchen

and cook the next meal, offering to drive the kids to school because you snored all night

and kept me awake—you know, the little things. It’s in these little day-to-day moments

that I feel most loved and cared for.

My husband and I call each other comrade because we’re in the trenches together.

It reminds us that we have each other’s back. It is the simple word that really says: “I got

you” or “I get you” and more importantly “I’m here” to make sure that you don’t get swallowed

up and spit out by life (my kids, family members or friends). So, Valentine’s Day in

my house is a homemade meal with some pretty heart decorations, maybe even a balloon

and being with my guy while I cook a delicious dinner. I seek comfort knowing that we’re

both not alone and that romance and love in our house means friendship, cooperation

and trust.

Don’t get me wrong, we bicker like sixth-graders about the most ridiculous things,

like which way is faster to the store or when he goes to the grocery store with a list for

specific items and still arrives with wrong items. We remember to laugh and let go of the

things that really don’t matter in the big picture.

However you choose to show your love or celebrate it, I hope it brings you joy and

happiness, but most of all, I hope it brings you together.

Wishing you love and joy,

Lori Beveridge, Publisher

Colors are the

smiles of nature.

~Leigh Hunt

Natural Awakenings is printed on

recycled newsprint with soy-based ink.

6 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

news briefs

Healing Mantra Kirtan with

Lee Mirabai Harrington

Mantra healing is the practice of

using a combination of sound,

vibration, visualization and our own

unique healing instrument, our voices,

to heal the body and the mind. Consider

attending this rare and special

opportunity to learn this method with

Lee Mirabai Harrington’s kirtan from 5

to 7 p.m. on February 1 at Unity Myrtle

Lee Mirabai Harrington Beach.

After a brief instruction, all participants will sing the mantras

together in call-and-response style. This practice of Tibetan

and Sanskrit mantras are reported to tonify the body, alleviate

depression and anxiety, calm the nervous system and reduce


Hailed as “one of the best-kept secrets in the chant world,”

Harrington has sung mantras for His Holiness Karmapa at Madison

Square Garden, in New York and for Amma at Amritapuri

ashram, in India. With a musical background in classical Indian

vocals, gospel and sound healing, Harrington leads kirtans and

mantra workshops at festivals, retreat centers, Unity churches,

cultural centers and dharma centers worldwide.

Cost: $20/$25, advance/door. Location:1270 Surfside Industrial

Park Dr., Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 843-238-8516,

visit or register at

See ad, page 20.

Learn the Importance of Oral Health

Beyond bad breath and

gingivitis, poor dental

care can pose serious health

risks. Join Dr. Jessica Shireman,

DMD, AIOMT and staff for

a free discussion on what a

proper health regimen should

consist of starting at 4:30 p.m.

on February 13 at Wilmington Holistic Dentistry, in Wilmington.

The American Dental Hygienists Association defines optimal

oral health as “a standard of health of the oral and related tissues

which enable an individual to eat, speak and socialize without active

disease, discomfort or embarrassment, and which contribute

to a general well-being and overall total health.”

Shireman has been practicing holistic dentistry for several years

in Raleigh and has recently relocated and established her practice

in Wilmington. She has numerous patents, has written articles for

scientific publications and is an active member of the IAOMT, the

Holistic Dental Association and many online holistic groups.

4915 Arendell St, STE I,

Morehead City NC

Dr. Ada Aniniba Chiropractor

14886 US Highway 17 N

Hampstead, NC 28443

Phone 910.406.1200

Fax 910.406.1201

Healing the Body.

Transforming the Mind.

Nurturing the Spirit.

massage & energy healing sessions


15 off

your first session

with this ad.

training & workshops

in the healing arts

(910) 340-4575 Jena Skai Rowland, NC LMBT #6986

Anne Baldwin

Licensed Professional Counselor

Counseling Focused on

Understanding & Recognizing

The Power of Relationship

To make an appointment or to get

information on monthly groups,

call 386-215-2696 or email

Serving the Greater Wilmington

areas to Jacksonville

Innate Health

Family Chiropractic

& Wellness

Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness

Location: 6200 Oleander Dr. For more information, call 910-777-

4020 or visit See ad, page 11.

February 2020


news briefs

Sealed With a Kiss:

Adopt-A-Manatee for

Someone This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day,

give a gift with heart

and adopt-a-manatee from

Save the Manatee Club

(SMC). Choose a real,

living manatee from the

SMC’s adoption program

and receive a certificate

with a photo and biography of your manatee, along with newsletters

and social media updates.

Not only do adoptions make a cute, thoughtful gift, it also

helps protect manatees and their habitat. Funds from the Adopt-

A-Manatee program support SMC’s efforts to increase public

education; sponsor manatee research, rescue, and rehabilitation;

and advocate for strong protection measures to protect manatees

and their habitat. The SMC also supports rescue, rehabilitation,

research and education efforts in the wider Caribbean, Central

and South America, and West Africa. These efforts work to prevent

human-related manatee deaths and promote the recovery of

this imperiled species.

The Club was founded in 1981 by former Florida Governor

and U.S. Senator Bob Graham and singer/songwriter Jimmy

Buffett. For the past 39 years, the Club, an international 501(c)(3)

nonprofit, has educated millions around the world about imperiled

manatees and the threats to their long-term survival.

Cost: Membership adoptions start at $25. Location: 500 N. Maitland

Ave., Maitland, FL. For more information about manatees

and to adopt for Valentine’s Day, call 800-432-JOIN (5646) or visit See ad, page 23.

Art for All Show in Wilmington

The Brooklyn

Arts Center will

host their biggest

show yet, Art for

All, from 10 a.m. to

5 p.m. on February

22 and from noon

to 5 p.m. on February 23 in downtown Wilmington.

The show will feature more than 50 of the finest local and

regional artists’ one-of-a-kind art in the Church center and in

the Annex. Food trucks will be available daily as well as liquid

sustenance from the Brooklyn Arts Center bar. Vendors interested

in applying should act fast, as there are limited booth spaces

available and they sell out yearly. Free parking is accessible and

admission purchase includes a raffle ticket.

Cost: $5 admission good for both days; under 12 free. Location:

Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews, 516 N. 4th St., Wilmington. For

more information, call 910-538-2939 or visit

Access Bars Therapy:

Release Unwanted Patterns and

Increase Well-Being

Aubrey Lueck

Access Bars classes are forming and will

be hosted by Aubrey Lueck, facilitator

and owner of Access Consciousness, from 10

a.m. to 6 p.m. on February 16, March 14 and

April 18 in Wilmington.

Lueck explains, “Access Bars is a

gentle, hands-on technique that quiets the

mind. The ‘Bars’ are 32 points on your head

which when gently touched, effortlessly and easily can release the

electromagnetic charge of thoughts, feelings and emotions that

hinder and limit individuals of unwanted patterns and unconscious

resistance. Once cleared, individuals function again with

clarity and awareness, open to new vistas of possibility.”

Studies have shown that treatment slows brainwaves down

to a theta state, allowing behavioral patterns and childhood

perspectives to surface and be released, and a greater state of

presence, allowance and openness to arise.

Access Bars has assisted thousands with many aspects of

their lives including reported better health, ease of sleep, weight

loss, better sex, less stress, breaking of bad habits, repairing relationships

and more. “What if you could change your whole life by

lying down and relaxing?” adds Lueck. In addition to her therapy

classes, she also offers private sessions and certification classes.

Location: 537 Vorlis Lane. For more information including class

costs and to register, call 630-292-0216, email AccessAubrey@ or visit See Community Resource

Guide, page 32.

Nutrition 101 Class in Hampstead

Pure and simple nutrition starts

with rethinking our diets and

recognizing that what we eat directly

influences our health. To help,

consider attending a free nutrition

workshop from noon to 2 p.m. on

February 27 hosted by Innate Family

Health Chiropractic and Wellness,

in Hampstead.

“Many unhealthy foods in the

industry exist to make a profit and

don’t necessarily have your best

interest and health in mind,” comments Dr. Ada Aniniba, DC,

owner of practice. “This workshop will help you learn how to

make health food choices, understand what goes into your food

and discover the health implications of different ingredients in

popular food products. Our approach is a holistic one, whereas

we treat the entire person, not just your symptoms.”

Location: 14886 U.S. Hwy. 17N. For more information and to

register for the class, call 910-406-1200. See ad, page 5.

8 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Grand Opening of Sacred

Soul Healing Arts Center

in Morehead City

Jena Skai, owner of Sacred Soul Healing Arts

Center, is conducting a grand opening from

1 to 4 p.m. on February 22 at 4915 Arendell

Street, Suite 1, in Morehead City.

“Explore the transformation of this

incredible space and shop the area’s only

metaphysical healing boutique and enter

to win a free healing session,” notes Skai.

Jena Skai

“Our open house desire is to bring awareness of the services we will

provide the community and a meet and greet.” Classes and workshops

aligned with mind, body and spirit wellness to be offered at

the center include massage, energy healing, private yoga, vibrational

sound healing, crystal singing bowls, soul coaching and more.

Skai has been practicing in the healing arts field for over 15

years, both leading and teaching workshops both in-person and

virtual. “My longtime dream and desire to develop a healing arts

center offering the community a place to truly heal, transform and

grow has become a reality,” she adds.

For more information call 910-340-4575, email

or visit See ad, page 7.

Two Illuminate Mind-Body-Spirit-

Arts Festivals Coming to Area

If you’ve ever wondered about

trying reiki, acupuncture,

massage, healing crystals,

intuitive readings, astrology,

essential oils or tarot and many

additional modality forms,

consider attending an Illuminate

Festival from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

both on March 1 in Carolina

Beach and on March 21 in Myrtle Beach.

Enjoy a day of wellness and spiritual rebalancing, and get to

know the best of your local holistic community. Illuminate Festivals

create a welcoming, inclusive place to learn, connect and enhance

well-being. Festival founder Judy Bazis encourages attendees

to “Look around, see what you are naturally drawn to, and give it a

try. There is always plenty to discover, for everyone from the newly

curious to the avid practitioner.”

Practitioners conduct mini-sessions on a walk-up basis.

Vetted intuitive readers, angel communicators, psychic mediums

and astrologers offer their services at special festival rates. Free

intensive workshops are offered every hour on a wide range of topics,

from the power of crystals to accessing past lives. Bring your

gift list and shop for handmade jewelry, unique gifts and clothing,

luxurious natural spa products and books. No two festivals are the

same—check Illuminate Festival’s website for exhibitor details.

Cost: $6 at door, save $1 online. Locations: Courtyard by Marriott

Carolina Beach Oceanfront, 100 Charlotte Ave., Carolina Beach

and Horry Georgetown Technical College, Grand Strand Campus

Conference Center, 950 Crabtree Ln., Myrtle Beach. For more

information and to purchase tickets, visit

Polar Plunge: It’s Worth Freezing For

Help support

local Special

Olympics athletes

by participating in a

5K run, a one-mile

walk or by taking a

chilling plunge into

the Atlantic Ocean on February 15 at Kure Beach. Run for a great

cause on a certified 5K course open to all ages and skill levels.

Race participants won’t be required to plunge, but are encouraged

to heat up with the run/walk and cool down with the

Polar Plunge—because some people are just worth freezing for.

Live music, vendors, food trucks and games make this a

one-of-a-kind special event not to be missed. Special Olympics

New Hanover County provides year-round sports training, competition,

social events and the Camp Shriver summer camp for

people 8 years old and older with intellectual disabilities. In New

Hanover County, more than 600 athletes participate in Special

Olympics. The program relies solely on private and corporate

support as well as the efforts of 300-plus volunteers to provide

these services at no cost to the athletes or their families.

Cost: starting at $30. Location: Kure Beach Boardwalk, 105 Atlantic

Ave. For more information and to register, call 910-341-7253,

email or visit Its-Go-Time.




N A T U R E ’ S

Scientific and clinical studies have shown that

CBD could be therapeutic and may help conditions

including but not limited to:

• Addiction

• Alzheimers

• Arthritis

• Anxiety/Depression

• Most Auto Immune


• Diabetes


• Multiple Sclerosis

• Neuropathic Pain

• Promotes blood and

oxygen flow to the brain


• Skin conditions

• Stress and more


The Market Common

2954B Howard Ave, Myrtle Beach


1220 HWY 17 S

North Myrtle Beach


(404) 257-6423 |

February 2020


health briefs

Practice Qigong Massage

to Improve Autism Symptoms

in Children

Qigong, a traditional Chinese

massage technique

and movement practice, may

offer hope for the one in 68

American children suffering

from autism spectrum

disorder. Researchers at

Portugal’s Oporto University

reviewed 10 high-quality

studies, all of which involved

massage for children as

young as 2, including two

which also employed slow qigong movements and

breathwork for older children. Previous studies have

found that the qigong type of gentle massage practiced

for 15 minutes daily by parents on autistic children helps

the children tolerate touch, feel reassured by it and

bond more deeply with parents that also feel less stress.

The meta-study affirmed, “Qigong seems to be able to

decrease severity of individual sensory, behavioral and

language components of autism, and improve self-control,

sociability, sensory and cognitive awareness, as well

as healthy physical behavior.”

Use Pumpkin Seed Oil

to Dodge Hypertension

Postmenopausal women are more likely to

develop hypertension than men their age,

but taking pumpkin seed oil daily may head

off that condition, report researchers

from Marymount University, in Arlington,

Virginia. In a blind study of 23 participants,

women taking three

grams of pumpkin seed

oil for six weeks had

significantly reduced

systolic blood pressure,

as well as better blood

flow in their arteries. The

oil “might be effective in

the prevention and treatment

of hypertension in this

population,” write the authors.

10 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Use Probiotics to Reduce Bone

Loss and Newborn Infections

Bone loss leading to increased fracture risk occurs in

half of postmenopausal women, but new research from

Sweden offers a deterrent: a combination of three Lactobacillus

probiotic strains. A total of 249 healthy, early

postmenopausal women over the age of 50 that took the

probiotics for a year suffered no significant bone loss in

the lumbar spine compared to a placebo group, report

researchers at Gothenburg University. They had slight

reductions in bone loss at the neck and no changes at the

hip or upper femur.

In a British Medical Journal-published study on probiotics

that spanned 10 years and involved nearly 1,000

at-risk babies, researchers from the UK’s Norfolk and

Norwich University Hospital found that newborns with

gut infections were twice as likely to recover when given

probiotics as part of their treatment in intensive care units,

with sepsis rates reduced from 22.6 percent to 11.5 percent.

The strains used were L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium

bifidum and B. longum subspecies infantis. The

babies were suffering from necrotizing enterocolitis,

a rare infection and inflammation of the

intestines which can affect low-birthweight


Get Nutritional and

Antifungal Benefits

from Celery

Researchers from Cameroon’s

University of Buea studied the

properties of nine local vegetables

and found that celery, Apium

graveolens, had some of the

highest levels of antifungal properties,

as well as high levels of

nutritional lipids, protein, vitamin

C, copper, zinc and phosphorous.

Also scoring high in nutritional and

antifungal value were the seeds of

Irvingia gabonensis, African or bush

mango, sometimes used in the

U.S. in weight-loss products.

baibaz/ LightField Studios/

Stacy Barnett/

New Africa/

Try Mind-Body Options to

Reduce Opioid-Treated Pain

People suffering from acute pain often

turn to addictive opioid treatments,

but research from the University of

Utah School of Social Work published

in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine

concluded that certain mind-body

therapies significantly reduce pain

and the use of opioids. Reviewing 60

randomized, controlled, published

clinical trials with more than 6,400

participants, researchers found that meditation/mindfulness,

therapeutic suggestion and cognitive behavioral

therapy all significantly reduced pain severity along with

opioid use and misuse. Hypnosis also helped lower pain.

Mind-body therapies proved effective at reducing

short-term, acute pain from medical procedures, as well

as chronic pain. Lead author and Associate Dean for

Research Eric Garland pointed out that 82,000 Americans

are projected to die from opioid overdoses in the next

five years and noted, “If all of us—doctors, nurses, social

workers, policymakers, insurance companies and

patients—use this evidence as we make decisions, we

can help stem the tide of the opioid epidemic.”

A Life Changing


Can Be Yours!

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

combined with a




The Calla Lily Advantage

Nutrition for Your Well-Being

Karen L. Dettore

Certified Nutrition Consultant

- Master Level -

Nutrition & Wellness

Holistic Nutrition

Weight Management

& Sports Nutrition

910-262-6732 Karen@the

• Airway Screening

• Biocompatible Testing &

Dental Implants

• Biological Tooth Extractions

• Bonding & Fillings

• Cavitation Treatment

• Cavity Prevention

• Complete & Partial Dentures

• Crowns & Bridges

Additional services include:

• Digital Radiology

• Fluoride-free Dentistry

• Holistic Dental Cleanings

• Mouthguards & Nightguards

• Natural Teeth Whitening

• Oral pH Testing

• Ozone Therapy

• Pediatric Dentistry

• Veneers & Cosmetic Dentistry

Now accepting new patients!

6200 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC

Dr. Jessica Shireman, DMD AIOMT

Book Your Appointment:


February 2020


global briefs

Climate Check

New Label Verifies Carbon

Neutral Products

A new Climate Neutral product label

is joining others like Fair Trade, 100%

Organic and Made in America, and is

closing in on a Kickstarter (Tinyurl.


funding goal to raise $100,000. The idea for the label was

hatched by the founders of San Franciscobased

backpack and camera equipment maker Peak

Design and Brooklyn-based Biolite, which sells sustainable

energy products. Participating companies start by

establishing baseline emissions, evaluating such factors

as raw materials, the energy costs at their facilities, the

amount that employees travel, and how and where their

products are shipped. They work to reduce and balance

them through greener strategies, switching to renewable

power and investing in carbon offsets before they

can display the label on their products. According to

Climate Neutral, it only costs 12 cents to offset the carbon

emissions required to produce a $120 running shoe.

More than 40 brands have already signed up.


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Green Horizons

A Billion Trees in Eight Years

Marrying forestry to technology, the startup Flash Forest, in

Toronto, is using aerial drones to plant trees 10 times faster

than human planters with a goal of 1 billion trees by 2028.

Since testing prototype devices last year, it has already

planted several thousand trees across Ontario using pregerminated

seed pods containing a mixture of species. The

drones are capable of planting trees at just 50 cents per

pod, or a quarter of the cost of typical planting methods.

Funded partly by a Kickstarter campaign, the group will start

planting trees in April, with at least 150,000 in the ground by

the end of this year. At full capacity, one drone operator will

be able to plant 100,000 seed pods per day.

Flash Forest spokesperson Angelique Ahlstrom says,

“Our goals are to have a significant and measurable

impact on mitigating climate change in the next decade,

while combatting deforestation and biodiversity loss on

a global scale. We feel we are one of the only ways that

the federal government will be able to fulfill its pledge to

plant 2 billion trees in the next 10 years.”

Seal Deal

Fishermen Protect Endangered Sea Mammals

In 1969, there were

only 100 South American

fur seals and sea

lions along the coastline

of Lima, the capitol

of Peru, but that has

increased to more than

8,000 today, thanks

to local fishermen that

have realized over the

intervening years that a balanced ecosystem benefits

all. Once hunted almost to the point of no return for their

pelts and because they ate so many fish, the sea mammals

have slowly rebounded since Peru established its

first marine protection area there in 1979, the Paracas

Marine Reserve. Today, the Fishermen’s Union has defined

these areas, in which each local fishing collective is

dependent economically, and has assigned responsibility

to that group for protecting those marine resources. Impetus

for species protection is also being driven by the rise of

tourism and artisanal fisheries.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature,

which maintains a “Red List” database of species and the

degree to which they are threatened with extinction, has also

been involved. It also compiles a “Green List” to recognize

global best practices for area-based conservation, a program

working with marine reserves along the Pacific coast.

Valentina Razumovar/

Philip Bird LRPS CPAGB/

Vichy Deal/

eco tip

Clean and Green

Eco-Laundry Tips

By laundering clothes using simple ingredients and wise

eco-practices, consumers can both save money and

lower their carbon footprint.

Natural cleaning ingredients cited by TheEcoGuide.

org include white vinegar, baking soda, lemons, borax

and castile soap, all of which “can be bought in bulk with

minimal packaging and have known cleaning properties

that make them safe, effective and carbon-friendly alternatives.”

Coarse salt is also suggested due to its moldfighting


Look for biodegradable laundry detergents made

with plant oils and other natural ingredients that are free

of phosphates, bleach and surfactants such as petroleum-based

nonylphenol ethoxylates.

Consider coldwater washing. About 90 percent of

the energy a washing machine uses goes toward heating

water. By washing four out of five loads in cold water,

a household could cut its carbon emissions by 864

pounds a year, according to Energy Star data from the

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Because the cold

setting may still heat the water to as much as 80° F, see

if the washer has a preferable “tap cold” option. Also, the

temperature recommendations on clothing labels represent

“the highest spectrum clothes can handle,” Melissa

Hockstad, president and chief executive of the American

Cleaning Institute, recently told The New York Times, so

the hottest water won’t necessarily clean clothes better.

During rinsing, natural disinfectants that can be

added include a few drops of peppermint or lavender

essential oil; two teaspoons of tea tree oil; white vinegar

(one-half cup per load); or one teaspoon of grapefruit

seed extract.

Always assemble a full load of laundry each time.

Line drying outdoors or on a drying rack indoors also conserves

energy and is gentler on fabrics. Further, learn how

to make homemade, felted wool dryer balls at DIYNatural.

com; tossing four to six of them in each dryer load saves

time, energy and money plus reduces static cling. And

consider running the dryer early in the morning or overnight:

this shifts energy consumption to off-peak hours,

which lowers the demand on power plants and could help

reduce national reliance on fossil fuels.

What a

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We’ve launched a brand-new, comprehensive

online hub for all things healthy and sustainable.

Check us out to see the exciting features we’re

rolling out for readers and advertisers alike.

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opportunities with online placements available

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February 2020


healing ways




The Promise of

Regenerative Medicine

by Marlaina Donato

Someday, medical science will allow

us to infuse damaged or aging organs

with new cells, or to manufacture

made-to-order organs on a 3-D

printer. These emerging techniques to

revitalize worn-out body parts are on the

drawing board in the field of regenerative

medicine. However, for the injured

college athlete or the grandmother with

compromised joint function, healing and

pain relief can already be found in the

form of prolotherapy and other noninvasive

approaches that stimulate the

body to heal itself.

Injection therapies

using dextrose or the patient’s

own platelets or stem

cells are being used to naturally

stimulate the body

to produce collagen and

rejuvenated tissue, offering

hope to those with soft tissue

injuries, osteoarthritis,

degenerative disc disease

and even pain syndromes

like fibromyalgia. A recent

14 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

review in the British Medical Bulletin

of 10 high-quality studies of dextrose

prolotherapy in adults with mild to

moderate osteoarthritis of the knee

showed patients experienced significantly

less pain and improved range of

motion in both the short term and long

term without adverse effects. Eighty-two

percent of patients were satisfied with the


Controlled Inflammation

A type of regenerative medicine innovated

by osteopathic physician

Earl Gedney in the 1930s,

prolotherapy induces lowgrade,

temporary inflammation

with the intention of

triggering connective tissue

cells called fibroblasts in and

around the injection site. “If

you cut your arm or twist

your ankle, various immune

cells rush to the area to begin

the repair process. This is

a very basic comparison of

what prolotherapy does with injections

directed to specific anatomical points,”

says Ross A. Hauser, M.D., founder of

Caring Medical Regenerative Medicine

Clinics, in Fort Myers, Florida, and


“Prolotherapy is used to treat osteoarthritis

because it helps correct the

underlying reason why it has occurred,

which is joint instability. The body overgrows

bone as a long-term response in

an effort to stabilize an unstable joint,”

Hauser says.

Naturopathic physician Brent

Cameron, of Aurora Natural Medicine,

in Gilbert, Arizona, suggests individualized

treatment plans for best results.

“My recommendations are very patientspecific,

which is an important piece in

prolotherapy.” Cameron says his patients

are likely to start seeing relief in the first

week. “In many instances, they experience

complete relief and mobility after a

series of treatments.”

While Cameron attests to the efficacy

of dextrose prolotherapy, he is cautious

with recommending it for people

with systemic inflammatory conditions.

“Someone with a history of joint-related

autoimmune response tends to mount

stronger inflammatory responses. Other

forms of regenerative medicine can be

helpful for rheumatoid arthritis [RA], but

not in the inflammation-mediated way,

like prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma

(PRP) injections.”

One option, according to the

Institute of Regenerative Medicine, in

Boca Raton, Florida, might be very small

embryonic-like stem cells (VSELS), an

emerging form of regenerative stem cell

therapy. These have shown promise in

dealing with RA and other autoimmune

diseases. Meanwhile, the Mayo Clinic

Center for Regenerative Medicine is

ramping up its research into approaches

that stimulate the body to repair itself,

with numerous ongoing clinical trials

utilizing different injection therapies for

the treatment of osteoarthritis.

The Power of Platelets

PRP injections are similar to prolotherapy,

using platelets from the patient’s

body instead of dextrose. “As blood flows

through an injury site, the inflammatory

chemicals trigger the platelets to release

growth factors, which causes the torn

fibers of the damaged structures to heal,”

says Fort Worth osteopath Gerald Harris,

of Texas Prolotherapy and Neural Therapy.

PRP is sometimes used in conjunction

with stem cell therapy, which is typically

applied in cases in which something

needs to be replaced, to help fill in gaps in

ligaments or tendons, Harris says.

PRP injections have proven to be

effective in easing chronic low back

pain from damaged vertebral discs. An

overview of research published in the

Journal of Spine Surgery in 2018 found

1015 S. Kerr Ave • Unit “C”

Wilmington, NC 28403

Now open

My entire life I have been on a Roller Coaster

with my weight. I decided to start a New Year

with one Goal in mind.., and if was going to be

about ME! I am so happy about my decision...

so far I am down 40.2 lbs! I’m thrilled!





If you are ready to lose weight,

YOU NEED AN EXPERT! Dr. Chris Pate is

Wilmington’s weight loss expert and is

board certified in Obesity Medicine.

265 Racine Dr, Ste 102 • Wilmington, NC

910-399-6661 •

it to be safe, effective and feasible, with

promising potential for the treatment of

musculoskeletal disorders. Harris says

that people that wish to avoid surgery or

cortisone injections can benefit from PRP,

which can also be applied topically to

treat non-healing wounds like bedsores

and diabetic ulcers.

Harris subscribes to the power of

persistence. “Don’t give up. With proper

treatment there is a strong likelihood

that you can live a happy, healthy life free

from chronic pain.”

Marlaina Donato is the author of several

books and a composer. Connect at

Healing Leaves Wilmington, NC

Natural health products, supplements, therapeutic teas and gift ideas

Hands-on classes and nutrition education

SAVE 20 %

on any product

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Our plan uses REAL FOOD: No shakes,

supplements or pre-packaged foods.

Comprehensive testing done.


February 2020




The Lifeblood of Heart Health

When people think about

heart health, what generally

comes to mind is

the fist-sized muscle that pumps

and oxygenates the body’s lifeblood.

However, the heart of

the matter is not the pump

itself, but the vascular

system—the network of

veins, arteries and capillaries



blood to

every cell

in the

body, delivering

nutrients and eliminating waste.

Each human adult harbors an astonishing

60,000 miles of blood vessels—

enough to wrap around the planet twice.

Keeping these hard-working vessels supple

and open is the key not only to avoiding

disease, but also to ensuring a long and

healthy life.

The alternative—arteriosclerosis,

or hardening of the arteries—can slowly

and silently bring on cardiovascular

disease (CVD), which can result in a heart

attack, stroke, vision loss and cognitive

decline. CVD is the leading cause of death

in the U.S., killing one in four Americans,

When a disease is lifestyleinduced,

the only thing that

can reverse it is a dramatic

change in diet and lifestyle.

We’ve seen over and over

again that it works.

~Brenda Davis

16 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

by Julie Peterson

according to the U.S. Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention (CDC). By 2035,

nearly half the population—45 percent—is

predicted to have some form of the disease.

“A hundred years ago, we were farming

the back 40 with a team of horses,

eating what we grew. Kids don’t get out and

ride bikes; they’re playing video games and

eating crap. There’s very little doubt how

we got to this problem,” says John Osborne,

M.D., director of cardiology at State of the

Heart Cardiology, near Dallas.

Yet, the nation’s number one killer,

which can fester for decades without symptoms,

is largely preventable and reversible.

Only 15 percent of CVD is related to genetics;

the rest is attributed to lifestyle, and the

right choices can make all the difference. The

key is to adopt heart-healthy habits before

the body delivers a potentially fatal warning.

“The initial presentation of heart

disease can be an acute catastrophic event

that results in death in half the men and

two-thirds of the women. That’s not treatable,”

warns Osborne.

Know the Risk Factors

The first step toward cardiovascular health

is awareness. Important indicators of CVD

risk include:

4 High blood pressure (over 140/90)

4 High cholesterol (over 240 mg/dL)

4 High triglycerides (over 200 mg/dL)

4 High blood glucose (over 140 mg/dL)

4 Obesity (BMI over 30)

4 Inflammation (hsCRP test above 2 ml/dL)

4 Physical inactivity (less than 30 minutes

a day)

4 Smoking or vaping (any at all)

4 Chronic stress

4 Loneliness


Any of these factors can increase the risk

of CVD, but possessing a cluster of the first

five comprises a condition called metabolic

syndrome, which significantly increases

the potential for heart disease and Type 2

diabetes—itself a significant risk factor that

can damage blood vessels, as well as the

organs they support.

“While diabetes is the seventh-leading

cause of death in the United States,

this figure belies the fact that most people

with diabetes die of heart disease, kidney

failure and other complications,” says

Brenda Davis, RD, of Alberta, Canada,

author of Kick Diabetes Essentials: The

Diet and Lifestyle Guide.

Metabolic syndrome, like CVD, has

few obvious symptoms and is on the rise:

Nearly one-third of adults in the U.S. have

it, according to the CDC. The one distinct

marker for the condition is an accumulation

of fat around the waistline, characterized

by a measurement of over 35 inches

for women and 40 for men.

Take Action to Cut Risks

“When a disease is lifestyle-induced, the only

thing that can reverse it is a dramatic change

in diet and lifestyle,” says Davis. “We’ve seen

over and over again that it works.”

n Know the Numbers

CVD flies under the

radar even though

it’s increasingly

common at younger

ages. The Journal

of the American

Medical Association

released a study in December 2019 stating

that about one in four young adults in the

U.S. have pre-diabetes, putting them at

increased risk for Type 2 diabetes and CVD.

Lisa McDowell, director of clinical

nutrition and wellness at St. Joseph’s Mercy

Health System, in Ann Arbor, Michigan,

and team dietitian for the Detroit Red

Wings, works with elite athletes of all

ages and notes that they more likely know

their favorite player’s jersey number than

their own health numbers. “Learn what

your blood pressure is, know your body

mass index, get your cholesterol levels and

triglycerides and your [hemoglobin] A1C.

There’s not an excess of

blueberries in the American

diet; there’s an excess of

relatively inexpensive, highly

processed junk foods in

large containers.

~Lisa McDowell

Know these numbers early on and, if there’s

a problem, fix it,” she advises.

While simple blood tests help monitor

indicators for CVD, more sophisticated

tests can be even more revealing. In 2018,

the American College of Cardiology and

the American Heart Association (AHA)

jointly issued new guidelines for patients

over age 50 to get a computerized tomography

(CT) scan to determine their calcium

score. The procedure checks for hardening

of the arteries and predicts the risk of a 10-

year future cardiovascular event.

“This identifies people who have preclinical

atherosclerosis, regardless of risk

factors,” says Osborne. “It also helps people

modify behaviors, because they are faced

with a diagnosis.”

Yale R. Smith, a Melbourne, Florida,

M.D., who specializes in metabolic and

functional medicine, utilizes the U.S. Food

& Drug Administration-approved protein

unstable lesion signature (PULS) blood

test. Recommended for patients in their

40s, it measures inflammatory biomarkers

for the body’s immune system response to

arterial injury and provides a chronological

heart age and risk of a CVD event.

“If you can show someone the future,

it’s a wake-up call to make lifestyle changes

to increase longevity,” Smith says.

n Eat for Heart Health

Perhaps the single most

important change that

people can make is diet.

“But a lot of people

don’t want lifestyle


rather take a statin with

their Big Mac,” says McDowell.

Preventing or reversing CVD requires

diligence, but it’s largely about eating

real, whole food—and mostly plants.

This means avoiding processed foods and

consuming less salt, trans fats, saturated fat

and cholesterol; and more fruits, vegetables,

whole grains, nuts and seeds.

“There’s not an excess of blueberries

in the American diet; there’s an excess of

relatively inexpensive, highly processed

junk foods in large containers,” says

McDowell. Overcoming the urge to grab

fast and easy foods requires education.

“Everyone needs to learn how to read a

food label and avoid foods linked to vascular

disease,” she adds.

Vegans have healthier cholesterol levels

in their blood compared to vegetarians,

which in turn have better levels than meateaters.

Study-verified diets that lower CVD

indicators also include the Mediterranean

diet, as well as two developed by the National

Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: the

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

(DASH) diet and the Therapeutic Lifestyle

Changes (TLC) diet, which also addresses

exercise and weight control.

“I don’t believe that one diet fits everybody,

but there’s a preponderance of evidence

that the more plant compounds you

get, the better off you are,” says McDowell.

Some cardiovascular


Leafy greens flush out excess sodium

and magnesium, and reduce inflammation.

Berries improve circulation by

boosting nitric oxide, which expands

blood vessels.

Pomegranate juice lowers blood

pressure and reduces plaque formation.

Walnuts, peanuts and almonds lower

LDL, the “bad cholesterol”.

Oily fish, chia and flax seeds with

omega-3 fatty acids lower triglycerides.

Soy with anti-inflammatory isoflavones

helps dilate blood vessels. “We could

eat tofu, tempeh, miso, edamame, soy

beans or even organic soy ‘veggie meats’ in

place of red meat,” says Davis.

Yogurt, kefir and other fermented

probiotic dairy products help improve

glycemic control, blood lipids, cholesterol

and blood pressure.

Supplements can be very helpful:

Red yeast rice extract, much like a statin,

significantly lowers total cholesterol and LDL.

February 2020


Coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant,

lowers blood pressure and combats

the side effects of statins.

Omega-3s in fish oil supplements

reduce heart risk in healthy people and

those already diagnosed with CVD risk.

Nicotinamide riboside improves

blood pressure and arterial health in those

with mild hypertension.

Garlic, fresh or in capsules, can lower

cholesterol and blood pressure.

n Move It

Sitting all day and

then briefly exercising

doesn’t provide

the same benefit as

moving periodically

throughout the day.

Take more frequent

breaks from sitting,

get up to move around for a couple of minutes

every 30 minutes.

Exercise strengthens the endothelium,

the innermost of an artery’s three layers,

and produces nitric oxide, which helps

keep arteries open and healthy. Getting

the blood moving lowers cholesterol and

blood pressure, and increases oxygen and

nutrients to the body.

Exercising outdoors provides additional

benefits. Research from the Barcelona

Institute for Global Health found that

exposure to green spaces helped prevent

metabolic syndrome.

n Stress Less, Socialize More

Spending even 20

minutes outdoors in

nature can do wonders

for high blood

pressure and cortisol

levels, studies show.

Walking or talking

with a friend deepens social engagement,

a key factor in lowering CVD risk:

“Having the right tribe is crucial,” says

McDowell. “If you’re with people who support

you and make you laugh, you feel less


Walking a dog outdoors gets three

cardiovascular pluses—exercise, nature and

sociability, as dogs tend to be tail-wagging

ice-breakers. Further, merely stroking a pet

lowers blood pressure.

Apps like Headspace and Insight

Timer make it easy to do meditation,

which studies suggest may reduce overall

CVD risk.

n Don’t Smoke

Not starting to

smoke or vape at

all is ideal for cardiovascular


but quitting allows

the body to begin

to heal, reducing

the risk of coronary

heart disease after one year by 50 percent,

reports the AHA; 14 years later, the risk is

the same as a non-smoker’s.

“It’s not intuitively easy to make

healthy decisions,” says McDowell. “We

have to learn how to make good choices.”

Julie Peterson writes from rural Wisconsin.

Connect at

18 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

therapy spotlight

Discover the Regenerative

Power of Peptides


and the office of

Dr. Chris Pate

are excited to offer a

new service. While the

practice is best known

for their comprehensive


plan and bioidentical

hormone therapy

program, the use of

bioactive peptides are

on the rise. Pate has

incorporated the use of

peptides in his practice

because he believes

in whole body wellness.

Peptides can help

improve our immune system, help us

look and feel younger, boost our libidos,

protect our DNA, help us lose body fat,

reduce inflammation, sleep deeper and

help our brains become sharper.

Peptide therapy is relatively new to

the U.S., but has been used in Australia

for about 30 years and in Russia for about

50 years. The science of peptides has been

around since the 1970s and continues to


Biosymmetry offers numerous

peptides to help with a variety of needs.

The most popular peptide prescribed is a

growth hormone secretagogue called Ipamorelin.

Secretagogue is a substance that

causes another substance to be secreted.

In the case of Ipamorelin, it causes the

pituitary gland to secrete more of an individual’s

growth hormone. This peptide

is very different from the anabolic agent

that body builders use to build muscle.

The synthetic version of growth hormone

used primarily by body builders can be

dangerous because it shuts down the

by Deb Read

body’s ability to produce

its own growth

hormone. Peptides

help to boost the

body’s natural ability

to produce more of

its own. Our pituitary

naturally secretes

growth hormone in a

pulsatile fashion and

the largest peak is at

night while we sleep.

Growth hormones

are important

for growth and

development until

about 18 to 20 years

of age. After that, it

is used in adults for cellular repair and

healing. As we age, our body begins to

produce less growth hormone and thus

lowers the ability to repair cell damage,

which ultimately contributes to aging. Of

a particular positive note, in a 1990 study

published in the New England Journal of

Medicine, Dr. Daniel Rudman noted that

higher levels of human growth hormone

(HGH) in men ranging from 61 to 81


years old, conferred significant benefits

and slowed the aging process.

A recent testimonial from one of our

patients, Brandon Anderson, depicts the

experience with peptides for this individual.

Anderson comments, “I have been a

patient with Biosymmetry now for a little

over three months. My experience has

been nothing less than miraculous with

growth hormone peptide regimen.

“After the first month I noticed an

immediate reduction in minor aches and

pains that just would not heal through

normal rest and recovery. Workouts

became much more efficient and my soreness

afterwards has reduced from three

to four days down to one or two days. In

addition, sleep has improved and I wake

up feeling fully rested and ready to tackle

the world. All in all, the best part of this

whole experience has been the positive

feedback and energy as well as caring that

Pate and his staff have provide to me. I

truly feel they are helping me to get my

life back on track.”

Deb Read is a Bioidentical Hormone

Replacement Therapy consultant, nurse and

office manager for Biosymmetry, located at

265 Racine Dr., Ste. 102, Wilmington. For

more information or to make an appointment

for a consult to learn more about the

power of peptides with Dr. Pate, call 910-

399-6661, email Contacts.Wilmington@ or visit

See ad, page 15.

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plus: Thriving on a

Plant-Based Diet

February 2020


healthy kids



Boosting Kids’ Cardiovascular Health

We don’t often think of children

as having cardiovascular problems,

but evidence is mounting

that many youngsters today—because

of scant exercise, poor eating habits and

excessive screen time—are on track to

experiencing serious heart and circulatory

problems later in life.

Affiliated with Unity Worldwide

Ministries and Daily Word

Sunday Services, 11am

1270 Surfside Industrial Park Drive

Myrtle Beach, SC 29575


Facebook Unity Myrtle Beach

by Ronica A. O’Hara

Saturday February 1 st

5-7 PM - Healing Mantra Kirtan with Lee

Mirabai Harrington - see Newsbrief, page 7

Wednesday February 19 th Healing

Evening at Peace Chapel: 5-5:45PM -

Meditation; 6PM - Prayer & Hands;

6:30-7:30 - Reiki drop in

Cost: Love Offering

Saturday April 18 th

Earth Day Festival Event:

Calling all Vendors, Healing Practitioners

& Artist. Contact Unity to complete


“Instead of taking a wait-and-see

approach by treating disease later in adulthood,

we should help children maintain

the standards of ideal cardiovascular

health that most children are born with,”

reports Julia Steinberger, M.D., director

of pediatric cardiology at the University

of Minnesota Medical School, in Minneapolis,

and lead author of a 2016 scientific

statement on children’s cardiovascular

health from the American Heart Association


In a March 2019 update, the AHA

noted that fewer than 1 percent of children

meet all seven criteria, or metrics,

for ideal cardiovascular health; half of all

children meet merely half the measures,

which include physical activity, healthy

eating, not smoking, attaining ideal

body mass index (BMI), total cholesterol,

blood pressure and glucose readings.

Poor metrics in a child are linked to such

adverse outcomes as heart attacks, heart

failure and stroke in adulthood, advises

Elaine Urbina, M.D., director of preventive

cardiology at Cincinnati Children’s

Hospital Medical Center, adding that

poor metrics in teens are linked to fatty

build-up in the neck arteries and arterial

stiffness later in life.

But starting in utero, crucial strategies

can promote strong cardiovascular systems

in kids. Children born to mothers with low

vitamin D levels have about a 60 percent

higher risk of elevated systolic blood

pressure between ages 6 and 18, reports a

Boston Medical Center study in the journal

Hypertension; vitamin D supplementation

during pregnancy may head that off. Other

important strategies include:

Get them moving. Children should

be physically active at least 60 minutes a

day, the AHA recommends, but among

kids 6 to 11, only half of the boys and a

third of the girls meet that guideline; by

ages 16 to 19, merely one in 10 boys and

one in 20 girls do. A review of 50 fitness

studies in 28 countries involving 25 million

children concluded that American

kids today are about a minute and a half

slower running a mile than their peers 30

years ago.

“Aerobic exercises like running,

swimming and cycling use the big muscles

of the body and are excellent ways of

stressing and strengthening the heart and

lungs,” says study author Grant Tomkinson,

Ph.D., professor of education, health

and behavior studies at the University

of North Dakota. Even simply walking

to school in the morning for 10 minutes


20 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

reduces stress in kids and curbs heart rate

and blood pressure increases, a University

of Buffalo study found.

Feed them well. About 91 percent of

U.S. children have what is classified as a

“poor” diet that’s heavy in simple carbs like

desserts and sugary drinks, the AHA reported.

It recommends feeding kids a diet

heavy in fruits, vegetables, fish and whole

grains and low in sodium and sugary foods

and drinks. A 2016 Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention study of 2,142 children

found that nine of 10 kids exceeded

recommended sodium levels. A Cleveland

Clinic study found that obese children

eating a low-fat, plant-based vegan diet

for four weeks began lowering their risk of

heart disease by improving their weight,

blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol levels and

insulin sensitivity.

Don’t smoke or vape. The risk

of a child developing carotid plaque in

adulthood was four times higher if one or

both parents smoked without taking care

to limit the child’s exposure; when they

did take care, the risk was still almost two

times higher, according to an Australian

study in the journal Circulation. Discouraging

a teen from vaping is also critical

to future health: New research from the

University of Kansas School of Medicine

shows that adults that vape are significantly

more likely to have a heart attack,

coronary artery disease and depression

compared with those that don’t vape or

use any tobacco products.

eco-friendly cleaning ... for those you love most !

Greencore Cleaning, LLC

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Restrict screen time. Australian

6-year-olds that spent the most time in

front of TVs, computers and video games

had narrower arteries in the back of their

eyes—a marker of future cardiovascular

risk—reported a study in Arteriosclerosis,

Thrombosis and Vascular. A study from

Canada’s McMaster University found that

kids with video game addictions sleep

less, which in turn elevates blood pressure,

lowers helpful HDL cholesterol and

raises triglycerides.

Ronica A. O’Hara is a Denver-based health

writer. Connect at

February 2020


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Pain Relief for Pets

Prolotherapy Gives Joints New Life

by Julie Peterson

Prolotherapy offers an

effective alternative to

surgery in a significant

number of partial ligament

tears or persistent joint

pain issues.

~Judith M. Shoemaker

Brian Engler,

of Drexel Hill,


was asked to provide

hospice care for a senior

Akita. Tadao was

underweight, weak,

arthritic and had been

severely neglected. He

needed a place to live

out his remaining days in comfort. Even

though Tadao was unstable with severely

limited mobility, Engler believed that the old

dog had more than a little life left in him.

Engler’s veterinarian tried prolotherapy

injection treatments for Tadao’s

joint pain and he soon became more

comfortable and gradually more active. “By

the time we completed the treatments, he

was able to get up and down with ease and

started cruising around the kitchen looking

for snacks on the counter,” says Engler.

Prolotherapy, short for proliferative

therapy, isn’t just for dogs. Any animal

with a joint can receive the regenerative

injection therapy, which relieves pain by

strengthening ligaments and tendons

supporting the joint. It’s minimally invasive,

involving the

injection of a sugar

solution directly into

the affected area. The

body’s inflammation

response kicks in, resulting

in regrowth of

new fibers in ligaments

and tendons.

Prolotherapy has

been around a long time. It was used to

treat lame animals around 1350 B.C. Back

then, a hot poker was used to induce the

inflammation response. In the 1930s, injection

of an irritant solution at the site of the

injury became the new method, and has

since been shown in scientific studies to

facilitate the repair and regrowth of connective

tissue, ligaments, tendons, cartilage

and other joint-stabilizing structures.

Modern prolotherapy has remained

basically the same for the last 80 years,

although the injected irritant solution is

modified according to the veterinarian,

the type of animal and the injury. Every

vet uses a slightly different prolotherapy

“cocktail”, which typically includes 50

percent dextrose and possibly several other

ingredients the practitioner finds useful,

such as saline, vitamin B 12

, lidocaine and

homeopathic combinations. Some vets also

offer platelet-rich plasma or stem cells in

the injection mixture.

“Prolotherapy offers an effective alternative

to surgery in a significant number

of partial ligament tears or persistent joint

pain issues,” says Judith M. Shoemaker,

DVM, owner of Always Helpful Veterinary

Services, in Nottingham, Pennsylvania. “It’s

quite inexpensive and the success rate is

very good. Many animals respond after just

a few treatments.”

Shoemaker typically does prolotherapy

treatments in three- to five-week

intervals until the joint heals. She also

looks to correct the underlying issues of

the problem. “Joints don’t get torn up with

normal movement,” she says.

Animals may have joint issues from

falling, but other causes include overweight,

long toenails or chiropractic issues.

Prolotherapy stabilizes joints after an

injury and achieves pain-free motion, but

it’s only successful if the cause of the injury

is remedied.

By the time we completed

the treatments, he was able

to get up and down with ease

and started cruising around

the kitchen looking for

snacks on the counter.

~Brian Engler

“Prolotherapy is a very important tool

in integrative veterinary care, but it’s not a

panacea, and it’s never a stand-alone treatment,”

says Christin Finn, DVM, owner

of the Canine Rehabilitation & Integrative

Veterinary Center, in Kingston, Washington.

“It’s part of a combination of integrative

treatments based on what is best for

your pet.”

The right balance of treatments to

help an animal feel comfortable could

include laser therapy, osteopathic manipulation,

acupuncture, physical therapy,

custom braces, prolotherapy or rest.

Using prolotherapy in conjunction

with other posture-correcting and

integrative therapies is a win for pets and

their owners. Surgery is fraught with

complications and expensive. When

prolotherapy is used as part of a comprehensive

treatment plan, animals can

recover from injuries that may have been

debilitating or even fatal.

Ivey Sumrell’s Irish sport horse

recovered from a severe injury. At 8 years

old, Johnny was bitten on the neck by

a stallion. “His neck became unstable

and he had severe problems walking,”

says Sumrell, of Tryon, North Carolina.

“Ultrasound-guided prolotherapy was

done three times to all of his neck joints.”

Johnny was able to be ridden and lived

to be 22.

And Tadao, the dog that was

expected to die in hospice care a year

ago, is enjoying life. He’s now well-nourished

and loved, and painlessly goes for

walks and plays at the park. “Tadao is the

poster child for what prolotherapy can

do,” says Engler.

Julie Peterson writes about health and

environmental issues. Reach her at

Sealed With A Kiss


for Someone

You Love

1-800-432-JOIN (5646)

Photo © David Schrichte

February 2020


green living



The Drive to Banish

Single-Use Plastics

Universities, sports arenas, restaurants

and other businesses are

taking up the call to “disrupt disposables”

as part of a global effort to dramatically

cut down on single-use plastics.

The environmental problems caused by

those ubiquitous throwaways have become

a mainstay of news reporting, and studies

on how best to reduce them through public

policy abound. A recent Canadian research

paper in the Marine Pollution Bulletin

explores strategies such as bans, tax levies

and education. Experts agree that it is not

just a litter problem, but a sobering matter

of human and planetary health.

As these plastics wind up in the oceans

and landfills worldwide, they can languish

virtually intact for up to 1,000 years, entangling

and choking marine mammals and

terrestrial wildlife. Or, they break into toxic

microplastics that enter drinking water

supplies, eventually ingested by humans.

Because plastics are made from petroleum,

their production also adds to greenhouse

gases that contribute to the climate crisis.

Two-pronged efforts

by businesses and individuals to divert

plastics from the waste system and

replacing them with Earth-friendly

alternatives will eventually pay off,

experts say, but it will be a long and

slow process. However, momentum is

by Yvette C. Hammett

building, spurred by consumer demand

and a growing number of enterprising

businesses, organizations and academic


At Penn State University, agriculture

and biological engineering professor

Judd Michael is working with sports

facilities to lower both plastics use and

littering; the initiative is working so well

that their approaches may be taken up by

other schools across the nation. “One of

my projects is with NASCAR’s Pocono

Raceway [also in Pennsylvania], where the

owners of the track wanted to continue

to make the venue more green,” he says.

“There is zero waste in suites for that

track, and they are initiating a comprehensive

recycling program. They try to get

tailgaters to participate, as well.”

On campus, Penn State provides

bags of different colors for tailgaters with

instructions for fans to separate recyclables

in one bag and everything else in the other.

That program was exported to Pocono.

Michael is also working with PepsiCo,

which owns Frito-Lay, to develop alternative


The University of Florida’s efforts

began in 2012, when the campus freed

itself from plastic bags, getting buy-in from

Chick-Fil-A, Subway and other eateries

that agreed to switch to alternatives. “We’ve

been Styrofoam-free since 2012, as well,”

says Allison Vitt, outreach and communications

coordinator for the UF Office of Sustainability.

“At the end of 2018, we officially

switched over all to compostable straws.”

They feel like plastic, but are certified compostable,

she says.

UF has engaged with Cupanion, a

company that developed an app that has

a “fill it forward” program, distributing

money to clean-water charities worldwide.

“Since 2016, we’ve been working with them

to reduce single-use plastic, rewarding

people for reusing their bottles,” says Vitt.

Interested students, staff and faculty

are given a barcode sticker to scan on their

phone each time a bottle is refilled at a

campus retailer or water fountain. The app

provides points that can be redeemed for

monthly prizes. “It also shows you your

personal footprint—your cumulative impact,

like how many single-use bottles you

have avoided,” she says.

On a smaller scale, Dana Honn and

his wife Christina went completely plasticfree

upon opening Café Carmo, in New

Orleans. “We only had about a dozen seats,

but determined to have as little waste as

possible. Every year, we were able to build

upon it,” he says.

“A lot of local folks have really changed

their perspective. We see a lot more customers

coming in and saying they appreciate

that we are using compostable cups and

compostable straws.”

It’s a slow, but steady effort, says Eric

DesRoberts, senior manager of the Ocean

Conservancy’s Trash Free Seas program.

“We have worked with a number of restaurants

talking about why it is important to

be taking action to keep plastics out of the

waste stream and out of the ocean.”

More people are volunteering to

clean up and cut back on plastics, and

more businesses are asking the nonprofit,

Washington, D.C.-based, environmental

advocacy organization how they can do

their part. “There is momentum, but it is

challenging,” says DesRoberts.

Yvette C. Hammett is an environmental

writer based in Valrico, Florida. Connect at


24 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

brisk walk /

fit body feet. The evidence suggests that 1,000

extra steps a day foster significant vascular


Judy Heller, a walking coach and

founder of Wonders of Walking, a fitness


The Path to Vascular Fitness

It is well-known that exercise combats

cardiovascular disease by balancing

blood pressure and managing blood

sugar, but aerobic exercise, not resistance

training, takes the prize for keeping the

body’s thousands of miles of blood vessels

more supple. A 2017 study published in

the journal Medicine & Science in Sports &

Exercise shows that all-extremity exercise

like brisk walking improves arterial flexibility

in older individuals; even those with

a sedentary history.

Moving the body regularly also lowers

stress hormones like cortisol that can ignite

damaging vascular inflammation. A West

Virginia University study presented at the

2016 Experimental Biology meeting in

San Diego showed that aerobic exercise

fosters healthy blood vessels in rats

exposed to chronic stress.

Combining aerobic exercise with

good diet and paying attention to

triglyceride levels all help to keep

us young from the inside-out.

Step It Up

According to a 2015 study by

the University of Missouri

School of Medicine published

in Experimental

Physiology, walking just

10 minutes after prolonged

sitting can restore blood

flow in the legs and improve

impaired vascular function.

Results like these are

another reason to get up

and move. Walking,

running, swimming,


jumping rope

and playing

tennis are all

excellent options.

by Marlaina Donato

“For blood vessel flexibility, any sort of sustained

aerobic exercise helps. Find something

you enjoy so that you’ll keep doing

it in the long term,” says Alex Hutchinson,

New York Times bestselling author of

Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?

Fitness Myths, Training Truths, and Other

Surprising Discoveries from the Science

of Exercise. The Toronto-based, Outside

magazine science columnist underscores

that treadmills and walking outside foster

equal benefits by increasing the heart rate.

The American Heart Association recommends

150 minutes per week of moderate

aerobic exercise. Dr. Regina Druz, a

board-certified cardiologist and

medical director of the Integrative

Cardiology Center of Long

Island, explains, “This translates

into 30 minutes a day, five

times a week. A specific exercise

program may be helpful for those

with a medical condition, but

for overall vascular health, any

physical activity like walking

or taking the stairs

will do.” Druz also

highlights the role

of nitric oxide: “One

of the most studied mediators of

vascular health is [nitric oxide],

which makes arteries flexible.”

Research findings published

in 2018 in the journal

Hypertension spotlight the

correlation between the

number of daily steps and

arterial plasticity through

a technique called pulse

wave velocity, which

measures how

fast blood

travels from

the heart to the

program in Portland, Oregon, concurs:

“Moving throughout the day, not just once

a day, is most important.” Heller is a firm

believer in consistency. “My aunt lived to

107 and remained in her three-story house.

Her words to me were, ‘Judy, don’t ever

stop walking.’ Small changes yield greater

rewards over time. We’re meant to move.”

Superfoods and Supplements

Nitric oxide, responsible for the dilation and

contraction of blood vessels, is produced by

exercising and helps to protect the smooth

interior lining of the arteries from excessive

plaque accumulation. Adding nitric

oxide-boosting foods to an already healthy

diet can give us an extra edge over vascular

conditions like stroke and peripheral artery

disease. “Beets, arugula, spinach and rhubarb

are all good sources of dietary nitrate.

They’re not miracle supplements, but if you

make these foods a regular part of your diet,

you’ll have a positive effect on your arteries,”

says Hutchinson.

Research by Florida State University

published in the Journal of the Academy of

Nutrition and Dietetics reveals that a onecup

daily serving of blueberries helps to

protect the arteries from stiffness. Watermelon,

rich in the nonessential amino acid

L-citrulline, also packs a nitric oxide punch.

Full-spectrum vitamin E is another

good option, especially for addressing peripheral

artery disease and reducing serum

triglyceride levels that are often seen as secondary

to “bad” cholesterol levels, but which

low levels are vital to cardiovascular health.

Druz cautions against using supplements

as substitutes for healthy nutrition

and exercise, and underscores the importance

of dialing down stress, “I advise my

patients to build stress resiliency, which

involves recognizing and practicing stress

response. This, along with nutrition and

consistent exercise, will lower inflammation

and help build stress resiliency.”

Marlaina Donato is an author and composer.

Connect at

February 2020


conscious eating

A Feast for All Seasons

Embracing the Rainbow Year Round

No matter where we live, eating

seasonally in winter doesn’t have

to be boring or limiting; a culinary

adventure awaits the home chef that’s

willing to leave avocados and asparagus

to their rightful seasons and embrace the

winter rainbow of bitter greens, sweet

potatoes, sunny citrus and fuchsia beets,

among other timely delicacies.

“Sometimes people think of winter

foods as brown and soft and boring, and

it’s absolutely not the case. Winter brings

bright things like pomegranates, beets and

citrus, which offer color and acidity,” says

Brigit Binns, the Paso Robles, California

author of 30 cookbooks, including Cooking

in Season: 100 Recipes for Eating Fresh.

Eating seasonally is especially important

in winter, says Shannon Stonger

of Texas, author of Simple Food for

Winter: 30 Grain-Free Recipes to Get You

Through the Dark Days. “Winter foods

like fermented vegetables, root vegetables,

squashes and hardy greens are especially

helpful in the colder, darker months, when

our bodies are in need of comfort foods

as well as pre- and probiotic foods,” says

Stonger, a homesteader and founder of the


There are plenty of other reasons to

stick to a seasonal diet in winter, adds Binns.

“Food always tastes better in the season

by April Thompson

Food always tastes better

in the season it was

intended to be eaten in.

~Brigit Binns

it was intended to be eaten in. Seasonal

foods are naturally ripened, rather than

harvested early and trucked in. In addition

to enhanced flavor, eating seasonally helps

minimize use of fossil fuels to bring our

food to us, and is likely to be less expensive.”

Winterizing the Kitchen

Much of the fall harvest, particularly root

vegetables, stores well through the winter

(hence the idea of a root cellar), extending

produce across seasons, according to

Steven Satterfield, chef and author of Root

to Leaf: A Southern Chef Cooks Through

the Seasons. There are lots of root vegetables

beyond just carrots and potatoes to

be enjoyed in winter, including sunchokes,

parsnips and turnips, which can be used

creatively rather than “boiled to death,”

says Satterfield. For example, the Atlanta

restaurateur incorporates parsnips into an

upside-down cake with winter spices like

nutmeg, black pepper and ginger.

Binns likes to add texture to winter

dishes with nuts, color with herbs, and

crunch with a winter vegetable like fennel.

Warming soups are always comforting

during the coldest season, but she also likes

warm salads, like a beet and escarole salad

drizzled with a warm sherry vinaigrette.

Satterfield suggests that specialty

citrus like blood oranges, Meyer lemons

26 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

and cross-hybridized varieties such as

tangelos and pomelos are fun to intersperse

with winter vegetables to maximize

brightness and freshness. A lot of winter

produce can be great in raw form as well,

he adds, including Brussels sprouts, rutabaga

or daikon radish, shaved thinly or

julienned into a salad.

Winter squash is a favorite staple of

the Stonger family in the cooler months.

“It is easy to grow, easy to store and so

deliciously sweet and rich. We roast it as

a side dish, mash it as a sort of breakfast

porridge or make soups and curries from

it,” says Stonger.

Satterfield suggests using all the

parts of winter vegetables to maximize

the harvest and minimize food waste.

For example, the seeds of winter squashes

can be roasted with herbs and spices and

eaten as is, churned into other dishes such

as a squash seed granola or blended and

strained into a homemade broth to add

some texture, fat and flavor. After roasting

carrots with Moroccan spices, Satterfield

suggests taking the leafy carrot tops and

chopping them with cilantro and garlic to

make a green sauce to crown the carrots.

Swiss chard stems can also be chopped and

cooked into Portuguese bread soup, with

leftover stale bread made into olive oil croutons

and egg whites stirred in at the end.

Winter Health Boosters

Beyond selecting seasonal produce, chefs

recommend a few key dietary tweaks in

winter, such as stepping up vitamin D

consumption. “Since you’re not seeing

a lot of sun this time of year, it’s more

important to get it through colorful vegetables

like carrots, cabbage or radicchio.

Watermelon radishes are another winter

vegetable full of vitamins,” says Binns.

“You can grow your own sprouts

throughout the winter as a great microgreen

option. Sprouts are incredibly high in

enzymes, something often lacking in other

winter dishes,” suggests Stonger. “Fermented

vegetables and other fermented foods can

make up the difference in winter.”

April Thompson is a freelance writer

in Washington, D.C. Connect at


Winter Salad Wonders

For the vinaigrette:

Fresh orange juice or as needed

1 Tbsp champagne vinegar

¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

You can grow your own

sprouts throughout the winter

as a great microgreen option.

~Shannon Stonger

Chard and Squash Salad

photo by Ray Kachatorian

Mixed Citrus Salad With

Mâche, Fennel and Celery

Winter is the height of citrus season, with

an appealing display of oranges, mandarins,

tangerines, tangelos, pomelos and

more in the best-stocked markets. Use a

varied mixture of sweet-tart types for the

prettiest, tastiest salad.

Cut the celery in half lengthwise. Using a

serrated vegetable peeler or a mandoline,

shave the celery into thin strips lengthwise

down the ribs. Cut the strips in half crosswise

and place in a bowl of water. Set aside.

Separate the mâche leaves and transfer to a

shallow serving bowl. Working on a plate

to capture all the juices, use a serrated knife

to cut a thick slice off the top and bottom

of each citrus fruit. Working with one fruit

at a time, stand it upright and, following

the contour of the fruit, carefully slice

downward to remove the peel, pith and

membrane. Set the fruit on its side and cut

crosswise into slices about ⅜-inch thick,

discarding any seeds. Transfer the slices

to the bowl with the mâche, reserving the

juices for the vinaigrette.

Cut the fennel lengthwise in half. Using a

mandoline or a sharp knife, cut the fennel

crosswise into very thin slices and tuck

among the citrus slices. Drain the celery

and distribute evenly over the salad. Using

the serrated knife, cut each kumquat crosswise

into very thin slices, discarding any

seeds. Scatter the kumquat slices evenly

over the salad, then sprinkle the almonds

over the top.

1 small winter squash, such as sweet

dumpling, acorn or golden

2 small beets, trimmed

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 bunch Swiss chard, tough ribs removed

and leaves torn

Red wine vinaigrette or vinaigrette of choice

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Cut the winter squash into wedges and

remove the seeds, if desired. Transfer the

wedges to a baking dish. Halve the beets

and add to the dish. Drizzle with the oil

and toss to coat. Bake in a preheated 450°

F oven, stirring once, until tender and

lightly browned, 20 to 40 minutes. Let

cool. Peel and slice the beets. Place the

chard in a bowl, drizzle with some of the

vinaigrette. Toss to coat. Add the squash

and beets, drizzle with the remaining

vinaigrette, and season to taste with salt

and pepper.

From Cooking in Season: 100 Recipes for

Eating Fresh, by Brigit Binns

photo by Ray Kachatorian

Yields: 4 servings

2 ribs celery

2 bunches mâche

2 lb mixed citrus fruits, such as navel

oranges, blood oranges, tangerines,

mandarins and pomelos

½ fennel bulb, trimmed

8 kumquats

¼ cup sliced almonds, toasted

To make the vinaigrette, pour the reserved

citrus juices into a measuring cup. Add

enough additional orange juice to measure

½ cup then add the vinegar. Whisking constantly,

slowly add the olive oil and whisk

until well combined. Season to taste with

salt and pepper. Drizzle the vinaigrette over

the salad, toss gently to coat, and serve.

From Cooking in Season: 100 Recipes for

Eating Fresh, by Brigit Binns

Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, non-GMO (genetically modified)

and non-bromated ingredients whenever possible.

February 2020


wise words

Linda Carroll on Skills

That Make Love Last


Linda Carroll

was drawn

into the dynamics of

couples’ counseling

three decades ago when

she saw how in her own

marriage, petty disagreements

could turn

into full-blown arguments

with the potential

for deep wounds.

She and her husband

Tim worked on their

issues by attending

workshops across the

country, including

Imago therapy and

PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate

Relationship Skills), which were so effective

that she developed a curriculum called

Love Skills by combining those tools, her

experience as a married person and counselor,

personal training from consciousness

pioneers and resources from ancient my-

by Kajsa Nickels

thology and spiritual/

religious traditions.

She has co-taught

the course with her

husband for more than

25 years. Her first book,

Love Cycles: The Five

Essential Stages of Everlasting

Love, has been

translated into several

languages and details

stages in romantic

relationships. Her new

book, Love Skills: The

Key to Unlocking Lasting,

Wholehearted Love,

is a guide to developing

a relationship toolkit.

What is the Love

Cycles model?

It is based on the fact that feelings of love

are seasonal. Like the seasons of the year,

they are a natural progression of a relationship.

If you understand the seasons, you

Ease and Convenience of At-Home Health Tests

The public can check many health aspects

at home in an easy and highly convenient

way without going to a doctor’s office. Lets-

GetChecked, based in Dublin, Ireland, and

New York City, provides comprehensive,

at-home health testing along with complementary

clinical services and connections

with a global network of regulated laboratories,

enabling users to take more active

roles in their health and decision making.

After obtaining a testing kit online or

from a selected pharmacy, customers selfcollect

a blood, saliva or urine sample with

a kit-provided lancet and send it to an affiliated

lab—all Clinical Laboratory Improvement

Amendments-approved and College


can pass through them. All relationships

are teachers. If we allow them to teach us,

we become free to love deeper and better.

What is the most difficult

Love Cycles stage, and why?

Each stage has its own unique challenges.

For example, the first stage, the Merge,

has a magic to it due to the chemical

cocktail that floods your body when in

the presence of your significant other. But

this stage can be treacherous in that you

can mistake your feelings for evidence

that this is the “right” person for you. In

the Power Struggle stage, feelings will

have worn off and power struggles will

start to show up. The third stage is Disillusionment.

Differences between both of

you really start to show up at this time.

The fourth stage is the Decision stage.

At this point, many couples find themselves

wanting out. The key to making it

through this stage is to remember that

this, too, shall pass and to commit to

working it out. It’s important to realize

that life is not about getting an A+ at all

times. Sometimes, we need to accept that

a C- is okay; and if you do need to leave

a relationship, it is possible to do it in a

wholehearted way at best—at the least, to

minimize damage. The fifth stage I call

Wholehearted Love, a stage reached only

through mindfulness and unconditional

love. Because love has changing seasons,

of American Pathologists-accredited—using

a pre-paid label. Most will receive a call

from the company’s nursing team with results

a few days later, which are also posted

in their LetsGetChecked account.

Thirty separate kits—grouped in

men’s, women’s and sexual health plus

wellness—can check for sexually transmitted

diseases; some cancers; thyroid function;

vitamin, cholesterol and hormonal

levels; and more.

Since its founding in 2014, the company

has performed more than 250,000

tests. CB Insights, a leading private company

research and analysis firm, named

LetsGetChecked to its inaugural Digital

Health 150 list in October.

For more information or to register, visit Natural Awakenings

readers can receive 20 percent off their

order by using discount code Natural20. See

ad on page 2.

photo by Le Studio NYC

28 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Scarlett Lewis and pirtuss/

a couple will not stop at the fifth stage

forever, but getting back to this state will

become easier and easier as time goes on.

What was your impetus

for writing Love Skills?

I have been teaching the program for 25

years and drew from my almost 40 years as

a couples therapist, many trainings all over

the country and own life experiences in

my relationship with my husband to compile

the program. Most couples lack the

skills to manage the troubles of life. There

is a skill to every aspect of a relationship,

especially in communication: listening,

speaking, knowing when to speak and

when to be silent.

Who is most likely

to benefit?

The relationship you have with yourself is a

core part of the Love Cycles model. If you

do not have a good relationship with yourself,

you cannot have a solid and meaningful

relationship with another person. This

is a couples’ book, although it can also be

gone through by a single person if the partner

is not interested in it. What I tell people

is that you can only work on your part. If

the other person doesn’t want to buy in or

isn’t wholeheartedly on board—or at least

partially willing—there is nothing that you

can do about it. You need to be able to be

okay and confident in yourself. You cannot

change another person, but you can always

change yourself.

What is one of the most

important pieces of advice

you have for couples?

I hope that couples come to realize that

feelings of love are like clouds, always

changing. A good relationship requires a

skill set, which we practice whatever the

feelings are. We are not born knowing

how to love skillfully, but this skill set can

be learned by anyone and will make you

able to listen better and appreciate each

other more.

Kajsa Nickels is a freelance author who

resides in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Connect at



How to Cope With Fearful Times

It’s hard to make sense of some of the

troubling things we see on TV and read

about in the news. Our kids ask us,

“Why are these things happening?” It’s an

important question and it all comes down

to two competing feelings: fear versus love.

When we see disturbing images such

as school shootings or political opponents

attacking one another, it cultivates

anxiety, which is epidemic in our society.

When left untreated, it can lead to negative

outcomes including substance abuse,

depression, suicide and violence. Often, we

look to those in perceived power to solve

these issues. Perhaps what we haven’t considered

is that these are not political issues;

rather, they are issues of the heart and only

we can solve them.

So we continue to see pain and suffering

played out before us. We feel powerless

and this feeds our unease. Our personal

safety is a priority and external safety measures

sometimes fail. If we don’t feel safe,

nothing else matters. There is a solution.

The opposite of anxiety and fear is love.

When we examine the trajectory of most

societal ills, there is often an arc of loneliness,

depression, isolation and often abuse.

From a young age, we can learn to

choose love as a thoughtful response to any

situation. When we do this, we take back

our personal power. We become part of the

solution to the issues we see, and science

tells us that others will do the same.

by Scarlett Lewis

There is a formula for choosing

love. It starts with courage. My son Jesse

was a 6-year-old boy who stood up to

the shooter that came into his first-grade

classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary

School and saved nine of his classmates’

lives before losing his own. We all have

that courage within us: the courage to

be kind, to speak our truth, to do the

right thing.

We can only have one thought at

a time, so we can shift our thinking by

replacing a negative thought with a grateful

one. Forgiving helps us to take back

our personal power and is a gift we give

ourselves. It is the foundation of healthy

relationships that lead to greater happiness

and connection in our lives. Compassion

in action helps us step outside our

own busyness, distraction and even pain

to help others.

When we do this, we’re choosing love

and helping to create a safer, more peaceful

and loving world. When we model

the practice of these character values as a

thoughtful response for our children, they

grow up to do the same.

Scarlett Lewis is the founder of the Jesse

Lewis Choose Love Movement, a nonprofit

organization whose mission is to ensure

every child has access to social and emotional

education and support. Connect with her at

February 2020


calendar of events

NOTE: Visit for guidelines and to submit entries

online. Email with questions. Deadline for

calendar/events: 12th of the month. Please call ahead to confirm event times.

save the date

Saturday, February 1

Holistic & Psychic Expo – 11am-6pm. 9th Semi-

Annual Wilmington’s Own. Includes psychics &

mediums, tarot card readings, angel intuitive readings,

crystal healing bed, aura photography, reiki,

tuning forks, chair massage, reflexology, crystals

and more. Complimentary talks, raffle with prizes.

Cost: $7/entry fee. Coastline Convention Center,

501 Nutt St, Wilmington. 910-352-7495.

Sunday, February 2

Groundhog Day

See for latest events

Monday, February 3

Healing Night – 7-8:30pm. Join us for a sampling

of a multitude of healing modalities including Reiki

and Therapeutic Touch for a profound healing experience.

Open to all. Cost: Love Offering. Unity

of Wilmington, 717 Orchard Ave, Wilmington. 910-763-5155.

save the date

Wednesday, February 5

Asanassage Restorative Yoga Massage – 6:30-

7:30pm. Relax in your favorite poses, while gentle

massage compressions help ease the tension and

increase relaxation. Limited to 4 individuals, preregistration

required. Sacred Soul Healing Arts

Center, 4915 Arendell St, Morehead City. Cost:

$25/person. 910-340-4575.

Thursday, February 6

Angel Speaking Gallery Reading – 6:30-8pm.

With Sheri Perbeck. Receive channeled messages

and guidance from the Angelic Realm in this group

setting. Cost: $35. Blue Lagoon Wellness Center,

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington. RSVP 910-685-


The Mind Illuminate Class – 10am-noon. Join

co-facilitators Patsy Hartz and Dameron Midgett as

they explore Vipassana/Insight meditation through

the book The Mind Illuminated by John Yates.

There will be time for meditation weekly. Cost:

Love offering. Unity of Wilmington, 717 Orchard

Ave, Wilmington. 910-763-5155.

Friday, February 7

Bird Hikes – 9-10:30am. Join staff for a leisurely

bird-watching stroll around the park. Search for

migrants, residents, and point out year-round species.

Walks are for beginner birders and all are

welcome. Cost: Free. Halyburton Park, 4099 S 17th,

St, Wilmington. 910-341-0075.

Ecstatic Dance – 7-8pm. Come together in dance

to celebrate life, celebrate Spirit and celebrate each

other. This free-style dance offers a 90-minute playlist

of eclectic and world music inspired by Gabrielle

Roth’s Five Rhythms. Facilitated by Jeff Brown.

Cost: $10. Unity of Wilmington, 717 Orchard Ave,

Wilmington. 910-763-5155.

Saturday, February 8

Ritual Myth & Symbols – 10am-noon. With Wolf

Frielund. In this workshop, uncover the mystic,

cosmological and sociological purpose of ritual;

once we are in touch with our identity, we can create

personal rituals that satisfy our needs. Cost: $35.

Held at Madame Meerkat’s Cabinet of Curiosities,

1001 S. Kerr Ave, Wilmington.

Sugar & Gluten Sensitivity Workshop – 11am-

1pm. With Chris Poorten. Explore the effects of

foods on our body, mind, and spirit and how gluten

and sugar sensitivities develop under the guidance

of wellness coach and advisor. Cost: $20. Blue

Lagoon Wellness Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.

RSVP 910-685-2795.

Witch 101: Beginning the Craft – 1-7pm. With

Maiden Minx. If you are ready to begin your path

as a witch this all day workshop will get you started.

Materials and hands-on education supplied. Cost:

$150 with $50 deposit required. Must register. Held

at Madame Meerkat’s Cabinet of Curiosities, 1001

S. Kerr Ave, Wilmington. 910-789-2092.

Autoimmune Support – Noon-2pm. Autoimmune

start-up class. Great place to meet others and learn

about food, exercise, and natural supplements options

that are anti-inflammatory and good for your

overall health and wellness. Healing Leaves, 1015

S Kerr Ave, Wilmington. 910-660-8127.

Sunday, February 9

Cards & Coffee – 11am-1pm. With Maiden Minx.

Bring your tarot and/or oracle decks to sip coffee

(or tea) and practice your readings under the guidance

of a professional reader. Cost: $10. Madame

Meerkat’s Cabinet of Curiosities, 1001 S. Kerr Ave,

Wilmington. 910-789-2092.

Spiritual Awakening Development Circle –

2-4pm. With Felicia Grant. This monthly development

circle is open to all levels of spiritual development,

beginners to advanced. Each week focus is

no different areas of development and to explore

different aspects of spirituality and your own individual

spiritual growth. Cost: $35. Blue Lagoon

Wellness Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.

RSVP 910-685-2795.

Energy Healing Savasana – 3-4pm. Enjoy a guided

meditation infused with Shamanic Reiki, crystals

and singing bowls for deep inner healing. Experience

release of blockages and feel more aligned

and at peace. Allow yourself the space for sacred

healing of the mind, body and spirit. Sacred Soul

Healing Arts Center, 4915 Arendell St, Morehead

City. Cost: $15. 910-340-4575.

Kundalini Full Moon Meditation – 7-8:30pm. Join

Adi Krishna Kaur in a combination of music and

mudra key to opening the flow of Kundalini, “soul

energy” as we honor the full moon. Cost: $11. Unity

of Wilmington, 717 Orchard Ave, Wilmington. 910-763-5155.

Monday, February 10

Introduction to iNaturalist – 5:30-6:30pm. In this

hour-long workshop, learn how the citizen science

app iNaturalist can help you identify, document, and

discover local wildlife and plants. Participants will

also learn how to join the City Nature Challenge

held the end of April. Cost: Free. Halyburton Park,

4099 S 17th, St, Wilmington. 910-341-0075.

Tuesday, February 11

Crochet Sleeping Mat Project – 1-3pm. Craft

sleeping mats for a local or international group in

need. To crochet one mat you’ll need to bring with

you; several hundred plastic bags (ask friends/

recycle) and a crochet hook size 10 or above.

Unity Center Myrtle Beach, 6173 Salem Rd, Myrtle

Beach. Call Lesta Sue Hardee for more information


Thursday, February 13

The Mind Illuminate Class – 10am-noon. See

February 6 listing. Wilmington.

Is Your Oral Health Making You Sick? – 4:30pm.

Beyond bad breath and gingivitis, poor dental care

can have serious risks. Join Dr. Jessica Shireman,

DMD, AIOMT for a discussion on what a proper

oral health regimen should consist of. Cost: Free

to attend. Wilmington Holistic Dentistry, 6200

Oleander Dr, Wilmington. For more information

call 910-777-4020.

Friday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day

See for latest events

Sunday, February 16

Access Bars Class – 10am-6pm. Access Bars Certification

Class taught by Aubrey Lueck and learn a

tool to create a better life for yourself. Sleep better,

fix relationships, break habits and more. 537 Vorlis

Ln, STE 301, Wilmington. For cost details and to

reserve spot email or

call 630-292-0216.

Monday, February 17

Presidents’ Day

See for latest events

Thursday, February 20

National Love Your Pet Day

Birding Trail Hike – 8am-noon. Join staff and

explore around Lake Waccamaw. Hike is approximately

2 miles. Transportation provided from park.

Cost: $20/16 and older. Halyburton Park, 4099 S

17th, St, Wilmington. 910-341-0075.

The Mind Illuminate Class – 10am-noon. See

February 6 listing. Wilmington.

Stich n Bitch – 6-8pm. With Krone’s Kottage.

Bring your own sewing machine, learn sewing

techniques, and socialize with like-minded crafters

and spiritual people. Bring own project or learn

small patchwork provided instructor. Cost: $20.

Madame Meerkat's Cabinet of Curiosities, 1001 S.

Kerr Ave, Wilmington.

Mediumship Practice Group – 6:30-8:30pm. With

Sheri Perbeck. Explore and strengthen your gifts

in communicating with those who have passed to

the other side in this monthly work group led by

professional spiritualist and medium. Cost: $35.

30 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy,

Wilmington. RSVP 910-685-2795.

Saturday, February 22

Past Life Retrieval – 10am-noon. With Novella

Hall. Under guidance of intuitive and hypnotherapist

journey into past lives to connect to one of them that

will help you with healing, karma and your current

experiences. Cost: $35. Madame Meerkat’s Cabinet

of Curiosities, 1001 S. Kerr Ave, Wilmington.

Sacred Sisterhood Circle – 7-9pm. Holding space

in sacred circle for new moon healing. This month

focus is on sacred soul alignment. Explore the power

of the sacred sisterhood to find support, make new

friends and feel more empowered as you journey

through the phases of womanhood. Sacred Soul

Healing Arts Center, 4915 Arendell St, Morehead

City. Cost: $15. 910-340-4575.

Wednesday, February 26

Sculpsure Demonstration – 5-7pm. Join Dr. Pate

and staff to learn about the latest in laser body contouring

technology, microblading, and other noninvasive

procedures. Live demonstrations performed.

Appetizers and wine served. Cost: Free to attend,

special pricing on event only services. Biosymmetry,

265 Racine Drive, Wilmington. 910-399-6661.

Thursday, February 27

Nutrition 101 – 6:15-7:15pm. Pure and simple nutrition

starts with rethinking your diet and recognizing

that what you eat directly influences the health of

your body. This workshop will help you learn how

to make health food choices, understand what goes

into your food, and discover the health implications of

different ingredients in popular food products. Cost:

Free. Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness,

14866 US 17N, Hampstead. 910-406-1200.

Friday, February 28

Funky Fungi – 3:30-4:30pm. During this discovery

hour, park educators will present temporary displays

featuring touchable animals, plants and artifacts.

Cost: Free. All ages welcome. Held in park gift

shop. Halyburton Park, 4099 S 17th St, Wilmington.


plan ahead

save the date

SUNday, March 1

Illuminate Carolina Beach – 10am-5pm. The

finest local holistic wellness practitioners, products

& amazing artisans; try sample sessions; find

crystals, jewelry, essential oils, spa products, gifts,

and art. Free workshops too. Cost: $6/$5, door/

online. Courtyard by Marriott Carolina Beach

Oceanfront, 100 Charlotte Ave, Carolina Beach.


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save the date

Sunday, March 15

Usui Holy Fire Reiki I & II Certification Class

Saturday, March 14

Usui Holy Fire Reiki I & II Certification Class

– 10am-5pm. Learn what Reiki is, how it heals,

and how Reiki fits into your everyday life. Review

traditional Reiki hand positions used for self and others.

Practice the intuitive method of hand placement,

which can enhance your confidence in your intuition

or inner guidance. Experience assessing the energy

field with Reiki scanning and beaming. Classes combine

lecture, discussion, attunements, meditation,

and experiential practice in a well-organized, yet

relaxed program. Cost: $444. Blue Lagoon Wellness

Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington. For more

information call Felicia Grant at 919-523-8502.

ongoing events


Unity MB Contemplative Service – 8:30-9:15am.

3rd Sunday. Cost: Love Offering. Unity Myrtle

Beach, Unity Center, 6173 Salem Rd, Myrtle Beach.


Sunday Morning Circle – 9:45-10:45am. Rev

Marilynn Mattox facilitates book dialog, Healing

Letters, by Myrtle Fillmore. In two years of prayer,

meditation, and communing with the cells of her

body, Myrtle healed her body of tuberculosis. Cost:

Love offering. Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside

Industrial Park Dr, Surfside Beach. 843-238-8516.

Unity MB Sunday Service – 11am. Unity Myrtle

Beach Sunday Service with inspiring message,

meditation and music. Cost: Love offering. Unity

Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside Industrial Park Dr,

Surfside Beach. 843-238-8516.

Heal Your Life – 7-8:30pm. 2nd Sunday. Join

licensed Louise Hay Heal Your Life teacher once

a month. Cost: love offering. Unity Church of

Wilmington, 717 Orchard Av, Wilmington. For more

information, call Terri at 910-470-2745.


Kundalini Yoga – 9-10:30am. Kundalini Yoga is a

spiritual, physical, mental & healthy way to ignite

your soul energy and connect to Truth & Love.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a life

changing technology that incorporates Kriya, Mantra,

Mudra, Meditation and other tenants of Yogic Philosophy.

Cost: $5. Unity of Wilmington, 717 Orchard

Ave, Wilmington. 910-763-5155.

Eating For Well-being – 6pm. Teri Mann leads a

plant-based diet discussion and ensuing weekly forum.

Bring favorite recipe share with you and any questions

you may have. Cost: Free admission. Tidal Creek Coop,

5329 Oleander Dr, Wilmington. 910-470-2745.


Kundalini Yoga – 10-11:30am. Kundalini Yoga

is a spiritual, physical, mental & healthy way to

ignite your soul energy and connect to Truth &

Love. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is

– 10am-5pm. See March 14 listing. Wilmington.

save the date

Saturday, March 21

Illuminate Myrtle Beach – 10am-5pm. The finest

local holistic wellness practitioners, products &

amazing artisans; try sample sessions; find crystals,

jewelry, essential oils, spa products, gifts, and

art. Free workshops too. Cost: $6/$5, door/online.

Horry Georgetown Technical College, Grand

Strand Campus Conference Center, 950 Crabtree

Ln, Myrtle Beach. 575-519-5883.

a life changing technology that incorporates Kriya,

Mantra, Mudra, Meditation and other tenants of

Yogic Philosophy. Cost: $5. Unity of Wilmington,

717 Orchard Ave, Wilmington.


Unity Book Group – 12:30-1:30pm. New book

starts soon: Rising Strong by Brene Brown. Read,

dialog, insights, community and support. Cost:

Love offering. Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside

Industrial Park Dr, Surfside Beach. 843-238-8516.

Healing Evening – 3rd Wednesday. 5-5:45pm

Meditation, 6-7pm Prayer & Hands ON Healing

Blessings, 7-8pm Reiki drop-in. Cost: Love Offering.

Peace Chapel at Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside

Industrial Park Dr, Surfside Beach. 843-238-8516.

Heart Coherence Meditations – 7-8:15pm. Join us

in utilizing our collective energy to raise the vibration

of the planet. We will be following the format

of Dr. Joe Dispenza ‘s Project Coherence Meditation

to expand our energy and raise planetary frequency.

Be a powerful force of love in this world. Cost:

Love Offering. Unity of Wilmington, 717 Orchard

Av, Wilmington. 910-763-5155.

Chenrezig-Amitabha Sadhana – 7:30pm. Chenrezig

is the representation of compassion. This meditation

involves chanting a liturgy while mentally

performing a series of visualizations and finishing

with mantras and an insight visualization. Cost:

Free. Location: Forestbrook area of Myrtle Beach,

call for information and directions. 843-655-8056.


A Course in Miracles – 12:30-2pm. Cost: Love offering.

Unity Myrtle Beach, 6173 Salem Rd, Myrtle

Beach. 843-238-8516.

A Course in Miracles – 6:30-8pm. Cost: Love offering.

Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside Industrial

Park Dr, Surfside Beach. 843-238-8516.


Psychic Readings – 11am-4:30pm. Eileen and

Great Oak in the House. Drop-ins welcome. Cost:

$50/$80 for 30-/60-min sessions. Blue Lagoon

Wellness Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.

Call to schedule. 910-685-2795.

February 2020


Community Acupuncture – 3-7pm. With Jeff Fox.

Receive a full certified acupuncture session to help heal,

align, and relieve stress. Cost: $25. Madame Meerkat’s

Cabinet of Curiosities, 1001 S Kerr Av, Wilmington.


Holistic Health Practitioner Training – 3rd Saturday.

Comprehensive class will empower and equip with

thorough overview and all principles a Holistic Health

Practitioner needs to counsel others in natural health

care. Call for times, location and details. Southern

Institute of Natural Health. Call or text 910-216-0100.

Natural Family Basics – 2nd Saturday. Curriculum

for parents, teachers and children as a local class

for Brunswick Islands area. Courses encourage individuals

to take responsibility of their own health.

Call for times, location and details. Southern Institute

of Natural Health. Call or text 910-216-0100.

Psychic Readings – 10am-1:30pm. Guest Readers.

Drop-ins welcome. 15-, 30-, 45- or 60-minute sessions;

price varies per session length. Blue Lagoon

Wellness Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.

Call to schedule 910-685-2795.

Thermography Scans – 10am-4pm. 1st and 3rd

Sat. Mammography doesn’t see anything till it’s

something..., Thermography can see something

before it’s anything. Cost dependent on scan type.

Beacon Thermography at Elite Chiropractic, 1319

Military Cutoff Rd, Ste LL, Wilmington. 910-803-



There’s always something to do at


Fee for classifieds is $25 (up to 20

words) + $1 per word over 20 words.

To place listing, email content to Deadline

is the 10th of the month.

for rent

Room for Rent: 8’8”x9’9”, Share office with

acupuncturist and applied kinesiology chiropractor

in Oleander Oaks. Call Karen, 910-932-0870.


ADVERTISE HERE – Are you hiring, renting

property/office space, selling products, offering

services or in need of volunteers? Advertise your

personal/business needs in Natural Awakenings

classified ad section. To place an ad, email

community resource guide

Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care and green living in our

community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource

Guide, visit or call 910-833-5366.

Access Energy Services

Aubrey LUECK

Access Bars

Facelift & Body Process Practitioner

End of Life Specialist

630-292-0216 •

Offering Access Bars, Facelift

and Body process hands-on

method promoting energies to

flow, heal and repair. This energy

transformation modality, links

season wisdom, ancient knowledge,

and highly contemporary

pragmatic tools for positive change. Receiving

these holistic, non-invasive treatments will leave

you with a sense of peace and space; and a feeling

like there are more possibilities open to you. All of

life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.


Lumina Acu Clinic

Enhong “Ann” Yu, LAc

6781 Parker Farm Rd, Ste 130, Wilmington

910-256-3939 •

At our practice, we combine acupuncture

with traditional Chinese

herbal remedies to address a variety

of our patient’s needs. Dr.

Yu’s extensive training in both

Chinese and Western medicine in

China gives her a unique perspective

that allows her to deliver the best possible

care to all her patients.




Dr. Louis J. Buffalino, DC

1133 Military Cutoff Rd, Wilmington


Got Allergies? NAET is a noninvasive,

drug-free, natural

choice to control reactions to

food, water, pollen, grass and

mold. If you have symptoms

which have not responded to traditional

care and don't make

sense, visit or

to review our testimonials and learn more.

Forgiveness is the

final form of love.

~Reinhold Niebuhr

Alternative Medicine

The Club at CamClinic

Nan Cameron, MSN, RN, LAc

1928 S 16th St, Wilmington

910-342-0999 •

Located at the Cameron Clinic of

Oriental Medicine, The Club increases

your treatment options utilizing

complementary alternative therapies.

We help you design a program

that meets your health and wellness

goals utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Let us be part of your team! See ad, page 14.



910-523-9668 •

Natural, humane and eco-conscious

Canada goose control

company offering services in

Southeastern North Carolina and

Northeastern South Carolina.

Highly trained Border Collies that

never touch or harm geese bring

peace of mind to properties overrun with Canada

geese by persuading and keeping the birds away.

Bioidentical Hormone


Bio Symmetry

Dr. Chris A. Pate, MD

265 Racine Dr, Ste 102, Wilmington

910-399-6661 •

Are you experiencing any of the

following: muscle loss, weight

gain, night sweats, vaginal

dryness, low sex drive, memory

loss, mood swings, depression,

anxiety, erectile dysfunction? You

could have declining hormones

and benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for

both men and women. See ad, page 15.


Innate Health Family

Chiropractic & Wellness

Dr. Ada Aniniba, DC

14886 US Hwy 17N, Hampstead

910-406-1200 •

Dr. Ada Aniniba is a Max Living

Doctor at Innate Health Family

Chiropractic and Wellness. She

focuses on five essentials of health:

maximizing the mind, chiropractic,

nutrition, lean muscle and minimizing

toxins. Innate Health is a familycentric

practice open to patients of all ages. Corrective and

wellness care programs provide a primary source of

wellness, nutritional support, immunity and allergy support,

education, inspiration and fitness. See ad, page 7.

32 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach


Shelton Herb Farm

340 Goodman Rd, Leland


Specializing in growing a

large variety of culinary

herbs, and grow seasonal

vegetable plants, heirloom

and native plants; butterfly

and bee plants. Open year-round with seasonal varieties.

Provide fresh-cut herbs, edible flowers and

microgreens to local restaurants, caterers and

home use. Also participate in local farmers’ markets,

garden shows and special events. Farm tours,

workshops and classes available. See ad, page 5.




Brunswick Islands of NC


We educate and empower students

to higher knowledge concerning

natural health and healing.

Offering a variety of local classes

and online courses to support

living, sharing and teaching a

natural, healthy lifestyle.



Advance Bodywork & Massage (NCLMBT 3455)

Holistic Wellcare Coach

828-216-6500 •

Trust your WholeBody to a pro.

20+ years in results specific

bodywork and restorative massage

therapies. A Holistic WholeBody

Connection. Visit website for

details in neuromuscular/

myopractic/ postural rebalancing,

structural integration, connective tissue repatterning/

visceral and pelvic floor manipulation, along with

multiple calming WellCare therapies. Appointments

by text or talk.


Wilmington Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Jessica Shireman, DMD AIOMT

6200 Oleander Drive, Wilmington


Dr. Shireman is excited to bring

holistic dentistry to Wilmington.

She and her family recently

relocated from Raleigh where she

had a holistic practice for 5 years.

S h e h o l d s b o t h S M A RT

certification and is accredited by

the IAOMT in safe-mercury removal and has a

unique, patient-based approach to dentistry. See ad,

page 11.


The Calla Lily Advantage

Karen L. Dettore


As a master-level certified

Nutrition Consultant, Karen offers

several services including

nutritional well-being, holistic

nutrition, healthy cooking/meal

planning, weight management,

and sports nutrition. Eat better,

feel better, and have more energy; all in a fun and

rewarding environment with a healthier and happier

lifestyle goal for you. See ad, page 11.


Inner Gold Counseling

& Hypnosis

Novella Hall

Serving Greater Wilmington area

910-398-4724 •

Novella Hall has been treating

through hypnosis for attachment

trauma, past life regression, future

life progression, pain management

to restore vital and healthy

functioning, plus habit change, as

well as providing Akashic readings

for over 15 years. Both private and group sessions

including over telephone and via Skype. International

Board of Certified Hypnosis Trainer.

iNTUITIVE Consultation

Bonnie Sandera

Luminous Healing

309K Ave, Unit A, Kure Beach

585-301-6957 •

Offering private energy medicine

and spiritual coaching sessions.

Her sessions allow clients to release

any past issues which prevent

them from moving forward and

finding true happiness. Bonnie

creates a personalized healing map

for with each client to follow on their own road to

happiness. Additionally, offers a 200-hour Energy

Medicine training program. See ad, page 11.


Origami Owl


Tell your story through customizable

jewelry. Origami Owl is a

leading custom jewelry company

known for telling stories through

our signature Living Lockets,

personalized Charms, Necklaces,

Bracelets and Earrings.







Age-Defying Habits

Plus: Healthy Immune System

Cardiovascular Health

Plus: Regenerative Medicine




Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet

Plus: CBD

Grassroots Climate Crisis Strategies

Plus: Healthy Home




Autoimmune Breakthroughs

Plus: Protein & Collagen Connection

Inspired Lifestyle Travel

Plus: Brain Health






Beyond Factory Farming

Plus: Gut Health

Biological Dentistry

Plus: Environmental Education



Emotional Well-Being

Plus: Adaptive Yoga

Stress Management

Plus: Joint Health



Personalized Diabetes Strategies

Plus: Skin Care

Creating Community & Connection

Plus: Spending Locally








February 2020


Metaphysical Shop

Madame Meerkat’s Cabinet of


1001 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington

A community metaphysical

shop supplying crystals, tarot,

incense, and local art in a

welcoming atmosphere

complete with coffee bar,

energy healers, intuitive readers, and workshops to

help you learn and grow. Facebook/Instagram: @

madamemeerkat. See ad, page 7.

Natural Services



Offering comprehensive, ecofriendly

cleaning services for both

the home and office. Using only

green products, we believe your

home should look and feel as

healthy as you do. Pet-friendly,

veteran-owned. Attention to detail

sets us apart. See ad, page 21.

Life Elixir Wellness Tea


Captain Glenn's Life Elixir Tea is

a “Wellness Tea” that, when used

regularly, promotes good health

and well-being. While providing

an excellent herbal supplement to

fight colds and flu, Life Wellness

Elixir Tea has demonstrated the

ability to foster changes in the body that can aid

digestion, infections, headaches and even symptoms

of anxiety. Grandmother says, “It’s Good for What

Ails You!” See ad, back cover.

Willing Beauty


You don't have to choose between safe & effective

skincare! We are a skin-loving beauty brand with

heart, created to inspire your life, celebrate your

beauty. We believe in simple, safer, better-for-you

formulas that harness the power of nature, deliver

proven results, and are fun to use. Our products

are free of parabens, sulfates, DEA, phthalates,

mineral oils, chemical sunscreens and synthetic

fragrances. Never tested on animals. Rewards

program available. See ad, page 18.

Your Business

Directory Listing

Could Be



New Earth Wellness

Haley Conner, BCHHP

Traditional Naturopath

1133 Military Cutoff Road, #110 Wilmington

(Located inside Lifeline Chiropractic)


Call for appointment with

Naturopath Haley Conner.

Vibrational Raindrop Technique is

the method of applying therapeuticgrade

essential oils to the feet and

back while using specific Raindrop

and Vitaflex techniques with tuning

forks for the purpose of releasing physical stress, pain

and emotional blocks. Mention Natural Awakenings

for a discount.



1270 Surfside Industrial Park Dr

Surfside Beach

843-238-8516 •

Our uplifting mission of

prayer, service and education

enriches and transforms

lives. We are a spiritual

community of individuals

dedicated to knowing Self and knowing God, and

doing our part in supporting the emotional, mental

and spiritual well-being of children, individuals and

families on the Grand Strand. See ad, page 20.


717 Orchard Ave, Wilmington

910-763-5155 •

A positive path for spiritual

living committed to expanding

consciousness and

inspiring transformation,

Unity teaches a culturally

Christian and spiritually unlimited way of life.

Unity is an open-minded, accepting community

emphasizing practical, everyday application of

spiritual principles for more abundant and meaningful

living. Check Facebook and Meetup for

events. See ad, page 12.



to join us

next month.


Beacon Thermography, inc.

Shelly Laine


Thermography is a state-of-the-art,

radiation-free diagnostic tool

which creates a digital map of

your body, illustrating heat

patterns that may detect some

condition or abnormality using a

scanning-type infrared camera

that measures your body’s surface temperature.

Thermography aids in the detection and monitoring

of many types of diseases and physical injury.

Multiple scanning locations throughout the

Wilmington area. See ad, page 18.


Lets Get Checked


Save 20% Code: Natural 20

Lets Get Checked home thyroid

test will provide a broad picture

of how your thyroid is performing

with online test results in

2-5 days. Biomarkers covered:

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

(TSH), Free Thyroxine (FT4),

Free Triiodothyronine (FT3),

Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TGAB)*, Thyroid Peroxidase

Antibodies (TPO/TPEX)*. Note: presence

of TGAB or TPEX antibodies can indicate thyroid

damage which can include autoimmune disorders.

See ad, page 2.

wellness center

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

Pat and Jo Zachry

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington


Besides being one of Wilmington’s

largest rock shop emporiums, we

offer counseling, energy work,

chakra balancing, crystal therapy,

massage, cranioSacral therapy,

hypnotherapy and past life

regression. Many classes. Check

Meetup for listings. See ad, page 5.


Victoria RP Chavez, Owner/Manufacturer

317 N Front St, Wilmington


Creating wellness paradigms for

mind, body and soul. Offering

vitamins, herbs, minerals,

specialty formulas, handmade

herbal remedies, fresh organic

juices, smoothies and salads, local

products and honey, over 100

varieties of teas, spices and herbs; and also wellness

therapies including reiki, cognitive behavior

therapy, ear candling, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic

programming. See ad, page 5.

34 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

be your own boss and earn a living doing something you are

passionate about while making a difference in your community.

Natural Awakenings is a franchise family of 70 healthy living magazines, celebrating 26

years of publishing! This rewarding home-based franchise opportunity provides training

and ongoing support, following an established and proven business model.

T o l e a r n m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a n d c u r r e n t f r a n c h i s e a v a i l a b i l i t y , v i s i t o r c a l l : • 239-530-1377

No previous publishing experience is required.

Captain Glenn’s Newsletter






appropriate exercise

Trinity Technique

Glenn, a Navel Veteran and Pilot, has

a keen eye and an ability to execute.

He has natural techniques and experience

in healing disorders associated

with PTSD for people of all walks of

life. We are on a mission to address

health and wellness issues in several

areas which includes everything from

the emotional to the biological. Glenn

offers guidance through seminars, local

presentation, newsletters and one

on one consultations. His Life Elixir

is the corner stone of “Trinity Technique”

Spirit, Mind and Body.

Grandmother says,

“It’s Good For What Ails You!”

Want More Energy?

There are three tiers to the human

energy dynamic. It begins with

spirit, mind and body working in

harmony, followed by a therapeutic

menu and finally exercise. Many users

of our Life Elixir Wellness Tea TM

report that it energizes them, while

lowering stress levels and boosting

their immune system.

Happiness & Wellbeing

As we age and the demands of a

busy world challenge us, stress begins

to take its toll—sapping energy

and contributing to fatigue. Fight

back with the power of Captain

Glenn’s Life Elixir Wellness Tea. TM

What’s In It?

Captain Glenn has always been unwavering

in his commitment to impeccable

food quality and safety—in

the ingredients, their preparation and

storage as well as the final product.

Everything we use has been certified

organic, fairly traded and never irradiated,

heated, smoked or roasted.

“Certified Hieronymus TM ” is batch

tested and recognized as higher

standard than organic.

Our products are always gluten

free, sugar free and without preservatives!

It’s not just a matter of using

premium natural organic ingredients,

but also balancing the ingredients

synergistically so that they can

work together. Preparing the variety

of herbs and spices and blending the

right mixture is key. Visit our website to learn more

about our essential ingredients and

their healing properties.

Worst Flu Season Ever?

“Get ready, some medical experts

are predicting the worst flu season

in history” Our exclusive formula

cleanses and detoxifies. Gets you

feeling better and get well sooner.

Helps with winter colds too.

“I have found that Captain Glenn’s Wellness team (I’m the

one who suggested that he should call it ‘Elixir of Life’)

has benefited several of my patients and clients. Typical

of the effects is that one patient who stated it makes

me feel more centered.” —Dr. David Sigurslid, M.D.

To enjoy Captain Glenn’s Life Elixir Tea TM ,

visit or call 970-903-5311.


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