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A magazine made by the students of 4 ESO at Colegio Santa Rita, Madrid.




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Santa Rita Magazine - Second Edition

Welcome to the second edition of a magazine created by the 4th of ESO ESL students. In

this project, students have the opportunity to apply their English skills in a practical way.

The students have also been focusing on Romeo and Juliet this year, and will have a

performance of this play by William Shakespeare in May - Congratulations to the selected

cast. I am excited to start this journey! - Marnitz van Deventer-

NOW, sit back and enjoy our magazine.

Disclaimer: The teachers working on this project don’t accept any responsibility regarding plagiarism or false news.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these articles are fiction!


ashion & beauty

Winter Clothing

Marta Pacheco - Angely Lopez

A trench coat is an

enigmatic, practical and

beautiful garment.

Check on trousers and

s h i r t s ; i s a n e l e g a n t

garment. It is easier to

combine with other clothes

and with make-up.

A turtleneck with or

without a shirt above; is

beautiful on all people. It is

warm and we need a lot of

warm things now in winter

so that we don’t get sick.

Make-up Trends

Outlined Eyes

One of the keys to makeup,

of this season; is the

eyeliner. It adds energy to

your make-up.

Red Lipstick

They have become a

“closet bottom” in the

world of make-up and it is

very common to opt for

them both day and night.

Illumination Face


The highlight has become

o n e o f t h e m o s t

demanded cosmetics this

season. It is a kind of

powder with a satin gloss

fi n i s h w h i c h b r i n g s

volume and luminosity to

the face.

Lucy Boynton

B a m b o o e y e l a s h e s ,

natural blush and juicy

l i p s . A s a l w a y s t h e

interpreter is going to

continue next season.

Nude and Gloss

I d e a l l y , w e a r n u d e

lipsticks with a warm

touch. It is a perfect

option for to look casual

and natural.

Shadows and Glitter

We love green shades

because they are very

s o p h i s t i c a t e d a n d

elegant, especially for

evening looks.

Burgundy Lips

Louis Vuitton and Chloé

made it clear: the key to

perfect beauty is the lips.

The darker it is, the better.


student life

The Future

In this section we interviewed

students from 4ºB of ESO in Santa Rita’s

school. We wanted to find out what

they’re going to do in the next 10 years.

Zaira will finish ESO and the science

high school. She will then study medicine

and live in Norway.

Alejandro will study at the science high

school and then IT engineering. He will

continue living in Madrid in a house with a

lot of pets.

Jaime will study at the science high

school and then study IT engineering.

Javier will study at the science high

school and then study to be a teacher.

Juanki will study at the social science

high school and then study sport

journalism. He will live with a partner in a


Lucia will study at the social science

high school and then study to be a sport

teacher. She won’t travel.

Jorge will study at the science high

school and then study for an architect in


Miguel will study at the science high

school and go to a pilot school. He will

move to Luxembourg.

Lucia GR will study at the social science

high school and then study journalism. She

dreams of living in Australia.

Rubén will study at the science high

school and then study for an architect. He

will travel to USA.

Most students want to finish ESO and

then continue studying at high school.

Mario will study at the science high

school and then study physical quantity.

Hugo will study at the science high

school and then study to be an IT engineer,

but he isn't sure. Also; he will live alone

when he has enough money.



N o w a d a y s , a

student’s life is full of

parties but also exams

and problems.

It is unusual to find a

student with much time,

but free time they

always have - and they

love to enjoy it!

Many students spend

their time using their

mobiles phones and it is

a problem because there

are a lot of other things

to do.

Other teenagers prefer

to spend their free time

o n e x t r a s c h o o l

activities that they like or

that help them to have a

better future.

Some students enjoy

sports, for example;


They are part of a team

with other youngsters

with the same problems

and tastes.

A l s o ; t h e y p l a y

matches and they enjoy

themselves if they win.

Other sports that teens

enjoy are swimming,

basketball and to ride a

bike in the park.

Other youngsters like

activities which relax

them and improve their


They like drawing,

reading, writing and

listening to music.

T h e s e t y p e s o f

activities need creativity,

so not everyone can do


The majority of the

students also love to go

out with their friends in

order to have a good


They go to parties, to

the park, to the cinema,

to the bowling ring or go


It is fun to go to lunch

with your friends or

something like that.

I n c o n c l u s i o n ;

students wants to enjoy

t h e i r t i m e w i t h

something that they


In our opinion, we

t h i n k t h a t i t i s s o

i m p o r t a n t t o t a k e

advantage of free time.



Daniela - Iván - Sara

South Africa World Cup

In 2019; South Africa has been

proclaimed the winner of the World Cup

for the third time (previously in 1995 and

2007) in its history, when they won

England with 12-32 in rugby.

South Africa also achieved its most

important victory against Argentina with a

score of 20 - 16 in favour of South Africa.

Champions league

On Tuesday, the 10th of December, the

Spanish team, FC Barcelona, plays versus

the Italian team, Inter Milan.

Inter Milan is playing the standings at the

round of 16 of the competition. Inter Milan

comes from being a leader in the Italian

league beating Juventus.

Valencia plays a match versus the Dutch

team, Ajax.

Valencia has to win the match to qualify to

the next round.

On Wednesday, the 11th of December,

Real Madrid plays against the Belgian

team, Club Brugge. Real Madrid will play

without their best star, Eden Hazard.

Atletico de Madrid plays against

Lokomotic of Moscow. Atletico has to win

to continue to the next round and finish

second in the group.

It’s going to be an interesting match

because two major teams face each other,

although more people are betting on

Altetico de Madrid.


at the weekend

What to do in

A culture tour

It is a good idea to know the history of

the city where you are in.

There are a lot of places to visit like the

Reina Sofia museum or the Prado

museum. You can also visit very beautiful

historical monuments like “La Puerta de

Alcalá”, “La Plaza Mayor”, or “La Fuente de


During your visit, it is recommended to

take a tour to show you the history of


Go see a derby

This is very typical for people who like

football. This is a match between “Atlético

de Madrid” versus “Real Madrid” and it is

one of the most known football events in


Walk around “Parque del


It is a good idea to visit the park,

because you will relax while walking around

this marvellous park.

Also; it is perfect to do some sport like

riding a bike or running. You can even sail a

boat on the lake of this park! You will have a

good time in one of the most important

parks of Madrid.

Remember to take a photo at “Puerta de

Alcalá”, “Neptuno” or “Cibeles”.

What not to do at the


1. You can´t go to “El Parque del Retiro”

when it is windy.

2. If you visit Madrid in Christmas, it is

better to not go to the center of the city

because there are a lot people.

3. Don’t go to school.

4. Generally, avoid places with a lot of




The Amigoniano´s schools works with

Solidarity. Each school does different activities with

the same objectives.

Solidarity campaigns in our school:

Solidarity snacks: We do this for a lot of years now.

It consists of selling a snack to collect money and

sending it to our Solidarity campaigns.

Solidarity market: For many years, the school hosts

a Solidarity market during the week of the school's

festival. You can donate your old toys to the market

to sell them and to send the money to our Solidarity


Kilo operation: Every year the school prepares a kilo operation, where the school collects

food for the people who haven’t got anything to eat.

Places where we send the money:

“Centro zagal Adijan” - Costa de Marfil: It is a center where they help girls. Their objective

is do better the life of these girls.

“Residencia juvenil mujeres Bata” - Guinea Ecuatorial: They work with young people from

poor families who need help. The project has the objective of helping in the education of the

girls and the integral formation on human and christian values.



Daniel Mendéz - Geraldine Mosquera - Yojan Espinosa

How did Paul Walker


Paul Walker died in a traffic

accident. At the time of his death he

was shooting the movie "Fast and


At the time of his accident the car

was driving at a speed of 150km/h

which hit against a pole and a tree.

Marilyn Monroe

Her name was Norma Jeane Baker, best

known as Marilyn Monroe. She was born on

the 1st of June 1926 in Los Angeles. Monroe

was an actress, singer and model.

She lived a very difficult life with a lot of

problems. In a biography about her life when

she was teen; it was said that she stayed in

many homes because her mother couldn’t

take care of her. In two of these houses she

was raped.

She married a police officer of 21 years

when she was 16 years old. She worked with

her mother-in-law while their husbands were

in the Second World War.

After that, she started as model and then as actress. In spite of having fame, she wasn’t

happy with life and died on the 5th of August 1962 in Brentwood Heights, Los Angeles. We

still don’t know how she died.

Future Celebrities

Daniel Mendez

This young man is a promise to basketball at

16 and has won individual prizes. Many NBA

teams has paid him three hundred million

euros to play on their team. Amazing!!!

Yojan Alexander

He promises a lot in this topic and will be the

next ‘hacker of the century’. He started as 9a

child with a laptop and the best thing is that

he learned it alone, without anyone's help.


Wesly Bayas - Jorge Ramos - Pablo Acha


The celebration of Halloween has

become something very traditional; not

only in the United States, but also in

many other places. This holiday has

been exported to countries worldwide.

However, we must remember that its

origin is not American.


More than 2000 years ago; on the night

of Samhain, the Celts turned off the lights

and hoped than death would not knock at

their doors.

The Celtic culture encompassed of the

British, Scandinavian, and Western

European Islands and this Samhain tradition

spread throughout all these territories,

becoming one of the most popular.

The Celts also celebrated the end of the

year and the end of the harvest, so a new

year began: “All Hallows Eve” - a name

that would later turn into halloween.

Every 31st of October, this date is a party

dedicated to two goddesses: Morgan, the

goddess of the death and the warm; and

Dagda, a secondary god related to



When halloween originated, it wasn’t

always fun and parties. That day was

associated with the dead, the souls in

sorrow, and the witches and spells;

inherited from the English Celts.

Like others festivals of new years, it is a

day where the dead lived again. The celts

made humans sacrifices and animals

sacrifices for the boss Samhaím - lord of


Today there are a lot of parties to

celebrate halloween.


Christmas is a festival that celebrates the

birth of Jesus. This day is celebrated on the

25th of December.

It is a day when families gather to eat and

give presents to others. Many families

decorate their homes with many lights,

Christmas trees, garlands, and figurines.

They also wear Christmas clothing.

A few days before, the government gives

the community vacations - two or three

weeks to celebrate and rest from work.

People usually meet with old friends and

eat together too.

There is a lot of traditional Christmas

food, for example, Christmas turkey.




This month we will talk about Battlefield

V e-sports. Let's start from the earliest:

ACBX (association of Spanish clans

battlefield Xbox) was formed several

months ago.

It was aimed at gathering and unifying

the Spanish battlefield community. At the

same time a clan was formed that would go

around the community, La Quinta Orden.

This clan would gain a lot of weight in a

short time earning a space in ACBX, where

not everyone could access.

Shortly after the first semi-official cup of

the battlefield community started, it had to

be canceled due to technical complications

of the service and the abandonment by

most of the participating clans.

This was a serious blow throughout the


Even with low spirits, the Fifth Order

would not give up; and together with clans

brothers they would create another

tournament called Wallmart Spain.

Alejandro Lopez

At the end of this tournament, the

participating clans formed another

battlefield community with the same

intention as ACBX.

However, being excluded from all the

toxicity of the Spanish community, the BCC

(Battlefield Competitive Community) took

advantage of the inclusion of private

servers, and so, the competitive revolution

has arrived.



Adrian - Juanki - Mario

Capricorn: They represent

politics, nature, fights, bad

luck, brilliant careers, time,

night and winter. Their

element is the earth, and their

season winter. Their colour is

black. Their planet is Saturn.

The favourite day of the week

of a Capricorn is Sunday.

Aquarius: They represent

friendship, love, revolutions,

humanity, and technology. Their

element is the air and their

season is winter. They are very

social. Their day of the week is

the Saturday. Their planet is


Taurus: They represent

strength, music and nature. They

are leaders and kind. Their

element is the earth and their

season is spring. Their day of the

week is Friday. Their planet is


Gemini: They are funny, kind

and elegant intelligent; but they

talk and lie a lot. They like spring

a n d W e d n e s d a y s . T h e y

represent duality, air, business,

intellectual work, languages and

the mind. Gemini is also the sign

of the twins. They consider their

lives like a game - searching for

funny and new situations.

Pisces: They are romantic,

k i n d a n d s e n s i b l e . T h e y

represent the oceans, drinks,

hails, hospitals, and escapism.

They don't have energy to

resolve problems and like to be

far away from other people.

Aries: They are aggressive

and their favourite day of the

week is Wednesday, with their

favourite season as spring. Their

favourite colour is red and their

favourite planet is Mars. Their

element is fire and they are very

energetic and very hardworking.

Aries people like to think of big

ideas and don't like to receive

the ideas from other people.

Cancer: They live in solitary,

but are very happy, kind and

funny. They are bad at loosing

and are lazy, irritable and

spiteful. Their favourite day of

the week is Monday and their

favourite season is summer.

Their element is water and their

favourite colours are white, grey

and violet.

Leo: They represent sport,

energy, games, power,

education and fame. They are

very optimistic, generous and

are a very good leaders. Their

bad side: they are like children:

prepotent and immature. Their

favourite colour is yellow and


their favourite season is summer.

Their day of the week is Sunday

and their planet is the Sun.

Virgo: T h e y r e p r e s e n t

efficiency, service, health, the

earth, summer, Wednesdays and

the colour green. They are very

clean, patient, cold, direct,

superficial, kind, methodic and


Libra: They represent justice,

equity and balance. They are

kind, social and delicate. Their

bad habits: they are indecisive

and very flirty. Their favourite

colour is gold and their favourite

day of the week is Friday, with

their favourite season being

autumn. Their planet is Venus.

Scorpio: They represent

change, death, resurrection,

magic and fighting. Their

element is water and their

favourite day is Thursday. Their

season is autumn and their

favourite colour is red and their

favourite planet is Pluto.

Sagittarius: They represent

long travels, laws, prophecy,

outside living, physical sport,

speed, independence, new

experiences, fire, autumn, blue,

purple and violet. They are

honest and generous but they

don’t like to wait for other

people when they are do things.


Aries + Taurus: Their love is very easy.

Cancer + Gemini: Their love is difficult, but

if they work hard they can have a good


Virgo + Leo: Their love only needs some

care and development without rush.

Libra + Scorpio: Their love needs energy to

continue with it.

Sagittarius + Capricorn: They need to work

hard to have the true love.

Pisces + Aquarius: Their love is strange, but

they love the each other’s differences.


Capricorn: You need to go to a party to

have a good time.

Aquarius: Be careful with your money!

Pisces: Don’t go shopping because you can

buy unnecessary things.

Aries: Meet with your friends if you like to

forget the bad things of the day.

Taurus: Be careful in the street!

Gemini: You are going to have a good day.

Cancer: Don’t tell secrets if you don’t want

everyone to know it.

Leo: It is better to stay in today.

Virgo: You can find some difficulties in your


Libra: Today nothing special will happen.

Scorpio: Today you only need to be

attentive to your surroundings.

Sagittarius: Go out and something good

can happen.


William Shakespeare

Shakespeare was born in Strantford, United

Kingdom in 1564 and died on the 23rd of

April 1616. He is considered to be the best

playwright of all times.

Many believe that the cause of his death

was drinking. However; there is not enough

data to make this information true.

He was the third of eight children; and the

son of John Shakespeare - a wealthy

merchant and local politician and Mary Arden

- whose family had many problems because

their religion.

A few things we know about

Shakespeare’s childhood:

He left the school at an early age and went on

to study latin, history and greek. He became a

playwright when he moved to London, where

he became famous quickly in his job at the

company; Chaberlain's Men. He lived in

England from 1590 to 1613.

The Best Shakespeare Works


It's about the impossible

love between two

teenagers, Romeo and

Juliet. Their families are

enemies and are always

fighting - they tried to

escape to another city

together but they couldn’t.


It's about a young Venetian who tries to

win the hand of Porcia, a beautiful girl. He is

rich by showing the money he has, but the

money was borrowed from

Shylock, a jew. If he doesn’t

give the money back to

him, Shylock can take a

piece of meat from the



It is about Hamlet, a prince of Denmark, who

wants revenge because his uncle Claudius

killed the king and married his mother. The

spirit of his father appears

and tells Hamlet to kill his


(This was the largest

work of Shakespeare.)


- Carlos Marrón - Zaira Blázquez - Javier Ferrero -



Brazil is one of the funniest countries in the

world. The reasons for this? - Their dances,

parties, sports and carnivals.


Samba: It is a live

and rhythmic dance

from the Afro-Brazilian


Feijoada: This is a bean stew with a mix

between meat and rice. You can also eat steak

with chips.

Vatapá: This is a paste made of prawns

and bread which is soaked in coconut milk.

You can eat it with rice and chicken.

Acarajé: This is typical from South

America and is made from bread, a mixture of

beans, onions, salt and prawns.

Picanha: These are pieces of cow’s meat

made in a triangular form.

Moqueca de Peixe: This is a mix of

prawns, onions, peppers, garlic and coconut



Capoeira: It is an

Afro-Brazilian martial art

that combines dance,

music and acrobatics.

Axé: The meaning

of it is ‘positive

energy’ and ‘vital


Forró: It is a group

of different styles of

music with different


Porto Seguro (Bahía): A city with old

buildings, but with modern services. You can

enjoy natural pools or practice kayaking,

banana boating or flying with a helicopter.

Río de Janeiro: This is the most visited

city in Brazil because there are many beautiful

beaches and streets inside it.

Playa de Copacabana: This is the

most famous beach in Río de Janeiro because

there are many places to live and there are

many restaurants around it.

Brasilia: This is the most modern city and

the most important city because it is the

capital of Brazil.

Cristo Redentor: This is the most

famous monument in Brazil and in 2007,



become one of the 7 Wonders of the world.

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