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E U R O G Y M 2 0 2 0

R E Y K J A V I K J U L Y 1 2 - 1 6


Bring appropriate footwear to the dance classes.

4 . Z U M B A

Location: Laugardalur

A total-body cardio and aerobic workout based

on latino dance music, salsa, merengue, cumbia,

mambo, flamenco, samba, reggaeton etc. Loud

music and a lot of fun!

1 . H I P H O P

Location: Laugardalur

5 . H O U S E D A N C E

Location: Laugardalur

A street dance style primarily performed to hiphop

music. It includes a wide range of styles

primarily breaking which was created in the 1970s

and made popular by dance crews in the United


House dance is a social dance and street dance

primarily danced to house music, that has roots in

the clubs of Chicago and of New York. The main

elements of House dance include "Footwork",

"Jacking", and "Lofting".

2 . A F R O

Location: Laugardalur

6 . B E Y O N C É D A N C E

Location: Laugardalur

Learn to dance to the rythm of he African drums!

More than a fun and inspiring workout, African

dance communicates emotions, celebrates rites

of passage, and helps strengthening the bonds

between the workshop participants.

Beyonce's dance moves are legendary and may be

one-of-a-kind, but everybody's doing it - and so

can you!

It is best to wear soft and comfortable clothing

and bring shoes for dancing.

3 . D A N C E H A L L

Location: Laugardalur

7 . S P E C I A L C H O R E O G R A P H Y

Location: Laugardalur

Dancehall dance is a very catchy street

style dancing and has developed during street

parties in Jamaica. Many dance moves seen in hip

hop videos are actually variations of dancehall


If you want to work with your team, practice your

team routine, get inspired and receive feedback,

this is your workshop! Just remember to bring

your music.



1 2 . L A R G E T R A M P O L I N E

Location: Laugardalur

TeamGym is a popular team sport in Iceland. It

includes three different disciplines:

trampet, tumbling and floor.

In the TeamGym workshops all the groups are

presenting the routines they have learned during the


8 . T E A M G Y M F L O O R , A L L L E V E L S

Location: Laugardalur

On floor you will learn a choreographic routine to

music, by combining gymnastic elements and

dance with some acrobatic elements. At the end

you will be able to perform a short floor routine.

9 . T E A M G Y M T U M B L E &

T R A M P E T - B A S I C L E V E L

Location: Laugardalur

If you haven't tried TeamGym you should try this.

In trampette you will run towards a small

trampoline and jump. There will be focus on

fundamental jumps and progressions towards

single saltos with a twists.

In tumbling there will be focus on fundamental

tumbling elements and progressions towards

single saltos.

1 0 . T E A M G Y M T U M B L E -


Location: Laugardalur

In tumbling you will get the opportunity to try new

tumbling elements and focus on progression

towards double saltos.

Let’s jump! Basic skills on large trampoline

according to the group's skill level.

1 3 . A R T I S T I C G Y M N A S T I C S

Location: Laugardalur

Swing on bars, jump on vault and do all kinds of

tricks on floor! Skills will be thought according to

the groups skill level.

1 4 . A C R O B A T I C G Y M N A S T I C S

Location: Laugardalur

Another way to practice gymnastics with friends.

It consists on doing pyramids : climb on partners,

realise some acrobatic elements, and have fun

with other gymnasts.

1 5 . A E R O B I C G Y M N A S T I C S

Location: Laugardalur

Aerobic Gymnastics is the perfect sport for active

people with energy to burn. It involves performing

high intensity movement patterns to heart

pounding music. There will be sweat!


These are indoor activities

1 1 . T E A M G Y M T R A M P E T -


Location: Laugardalur

For those who already master doubles on the

trampette and want to learn more! Progression

towards double saltos with twists.

1 6 . K A R A T E

Location: Laugardalur

Kumite, Dojo Kun, Kata and Kihon, we will learn

new skills from this beautiful martial art! Kicking,

striking, and defensive blocking with arms and legs.


1 7 . G L I M A

Location: Laugardalur

Traditional Icelandic wrestling that you can

not try anywhere except in Iceland! Players grip

their opponent by the waist and attempt to throw

them to the ground using technique rather than



2 0 . B A D M I N T O N

Location: Laugardalur

How quick are your feet? With good motor

coordination, strength and speed, badminton is

about using the rackets to hit a shuttlecock across

a net. Let’s do single and double and have a lot of


2 1 . S T R E E T B A L L

Location: Laugardalur

Three on three, basketball at the streets of

Reykjavik where most general rules

are ignored and style is encouraged. A fun contact

sport to play with friends.

2 2 . F R I S B E E G O L F

Location: Laugardalur

1 8 . J U D O

Location: Laugardalur

A modern martial art where you learn how to

throw and take down the opponent to the

ground with maximum efficiency with minimum


1 9 . F E N C I N G

Location: Laugardalur

Fencing requires extremely high levels of

quickness, agility, mental and physical strength.

Winning points are made through the contact with

an opponent.

Do you want to try?

Golfing with frisbee, a game in which a Frisbee is

thrown into each of a series of metal baskets on an

outdoor course. It is played using rules similar to


2 3 . B A N D Y / F L O O R B A L L

Location: Laugardalur

With plastic bandy-shaped sticks and lightweight

balls we will run on the floors of indoor gym hall

and try to score a goal against the other team.

2 4 . F O O T B A L L

Location: Laugardalur

The most popular sport in the world, let’s kick

some balls! You will be playing on a outdoor

football lawn.


2 5 . B U B B L E F O O T B A L L

Location: Laugardalur

Playing football outside while laughing your lungs

out with friends. Trying to hit the ball while halfencased

inside an inflated bubble is so much fun,

don’t you think?

2 9 . H A N D B A L L

Location: Laugardalur

A great team sport in which teams players pass

and dribble a ball up the court to throw the ball

into the opposition's goal.

S T R E N G T H & F I T N E S S

3 0 . S T R E N G T H T R A I N I N G

Location: Laugardalur

How about getting more fit at

the Eurogym festival? A workshop that will make

you sweat! Maybe you will be working out outside,

so be prepared with good footwear.

3 1 . C R O S S F I T

Location: Crossfit Reykjavík, largest Crossfit

box in Iceland

2 6 . T A B L E T E N N I S

Location: Laugardalur

Let’s try ping pong! Two or four players at a time.

It’s all about quick hand- and foot work!

2 7 . R I N G O

Location: Laugardalur

Crossfit is very popular in Iceland and the

daughters of Iceland are famous around the world

for being the fittest on earth and they sometimes

workout in this box and now you can exercise like

them! It is a fitness program that combines a wide

variety of functional movements into a timed or

scored workout. We do pull-ups, squats, push-ups,

weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and a

lot of other movements. Each individual can adjust

the exercises to their fitness level.

From Polland comes a game with rings and net.

It is played on a rectangular court with a raised

net, similar to volleyball or badminton. Individual

players or teams stand on opposite sides of the

net and throw a small rubber ring back and forth,

without letting it hit the ground. It also has to pass

over the net to the opposite team.

2 8 . B E A C H V O L L E Y B A L L

Location: Laugardalur

With two players in two teams on sand divided by

net the main goal of beach volleyball is to send the

ball over the net and to ground it on the

opponent’s side of the court, and to prevent the

same effort by the opponent. It’s a lot of fun and is

located in the swimming pool area.

3 2 . O L Y M P I C W E I G H T L I F T I N G

Location: Laugardalur

Technic is very important in lifting

weights, especialy in Olympic weightlifting.

Participants will learn about the basic technic and

about the sport.

3 3 . S P I N N I N G

Location: Laugardalur

Biking without moving in a hall full of people and

loud music! Indoor cycling is a form of exercise

focusing on endurance, strength, intervals and of

course having fun.


3 7 . Y O G A

Location: Laugardalur



3 4 . O B S T A C L E C O U R S E

Location: Laugardalur

Since 2005 Skólahreysti (obstacle course) has

been part of teenagers life in Iceland. It’s a fitness

contest between schools and is very popular. The

teenagers compete in circuit training, strength

training and other physical activities. This fun

activity takes place outdoor.

How about finding your inner peace

at Eurogym festival? Yoga is group of physical,

mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which

originated in ancient India.

3 8 . S W I M M I N G P O O L G A M E S

Location: Laugardalur, Laugardalslaug

There will be different activities and games

available in the very large inside pool. Music,

workout, balls and fun.

Attention! The participants must swim, so this

workshop is not sutable for participants that

can’t swim.

3 9 . S W I M M I N G

Location: Laugardalur, Laugardalslaug

Swimming is one of the most popular pastimes in

Iceland due to the abundance of geothermal

water! In this workshop you will get basic

swimming instruction depending on the

participants level of swimming, in heated outdoor

pool. After swimming you can go to various hot

tubs and get really relaxed.

3 5 . P A R K O U R

Location: Laugardalur

Let’s learn how to get from one point to another in

a complex environment, without assistive

equipment and in the fastest and most efficient

way possible!

4 0 . S K A T E B O A R D I N G

Location: Laugardalur

3 6 . C I R C U S

Location: Laugardalur

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the

circus? This is your chance! Basic circus skills will

be presented and practiced.

Here you will learn basic skills on skateboard and

try different outdoor ramps. Bring your sports


4 1 . T R A C K A N D F I E L D

Location: Laugardalur

Let’s run, let’s jump, let’s throw!

Track and field, or athletics as it is known in many

countries, is one of the most technically complex

sport areas to master. This is an outdoor activity.


4 2 . I C E S K A T I N G D I S C O

Location: Laugardalur, Skautahöll

4 5 . C H E E R L E A D I N G

Location: Laugardalur

Dancing on ice in the land of ice and fire in the

middle of the summer, doesn’t that sound good?

You can skate to top hits with surround sound and

disco lights on the ice.

Do you want to know how it is to entertain

spectators at sporting events or just to try

different group stundt which often involve a flyer?

This is a fun team activity in which elements of

dance and acrobatics are combined with shouted


4 6 . Q U I D D I T C H

Location: Laugardalur

4 3 . G A M E S

Location: Laugardalur

Let’s play some games! Various outdoor games

and activities such as the Swedish battle game

called Kubb, team building games, solving fun

puzzles and more. Workshop with

movement, excitement and laughter.

Have you ever wondered what the fictional Harry

Potter game of Quidditch would look like in real

life? Well, wonder no more.

Quidditch is a fast and exciting game in which two

teams compete for points scored by throwing a ball

– the Quaffle – into one of three of the opposing

hoops which scores the team 10 points. And yes,

each player have a stick between their legs. Bring

your sport shoes.

4 4 . B I A T H L O N

Location: Laugardalur

We'll play the summer version of this sport where

you combine running and shooting. You'll get to

know what it's like to concentrate on one small

point while holding your head still, thinking about

whether or not to shoot. A laser rifle is used so you

are 100% safe! This is an outdoor activity.

4 7 . A R C H E R Y

Location: Laugardalur

Do you want to practice the usage of a bow to

shoot arrows? The sport of archery requires

precision, control, focus, physical ability and

determination. Archery is a sport that can be

practised by all, no matter age, gender or ability.


4 8 . C L I M B I N G

Location: Laugardalur

5 0 . C I T Y O R I E N T E E R I N G

Location: Downtown Reykjavik

Indoor climbing is fun, safe and supervised, and is

one of the best ways to enjoy a challenging and

fun sport. It can improve your physical fitness as

well as your self-confidence and sense of

achievement once you complete a route.

Exploring what the beautiful city of Reykjavik has

to offer. Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and

it is among the cleanest, greenest and safest cities

in the world.

4 9 . O R I E N T E E R I N G

Location: Laugardalur

Combine running and navigation in this activitiy.

You'll run through the wilds, with a map in one

hand and a compass in the other, navigating on the

fly and attempting to get from control point to

control point in the least amount of time. It's

suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


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