Happiful February 2020



The Uplift

8 In the news

13 The wellbeing wrap

14 What's 'white coat syndrome'?

Sweaty palms and raised blood pressure?

These could be signs of a fear of the doc

82 Engineering dreams

Meet the volunteer engineers creating

custom-built items to transform disabled

people's lives


16 Meghan Trainor

The singer-songwriter opens up about her

severe anxiety and panic attacks, and how

she discovered self-love


31 Dr Chatterjee

The UK's favourite GP shares the secrets

to feeling better in just five minutes

34 Financial fears

Cash in on these tips for taking back

control of your money

51 Head to toe

Our mental health can easily be affected

by physical health, but how can what's

going on our mind affect our bodies?


Life Stories

39 Kerry: Starting over again

Years of set-backs and pretending that

everything was 'fine' left Kerry in the

pits of depression. But just when she

thought everything was lost, she found

the strength to take back control

57 Dan: A blessing in disguise

A breakdown while he was in Italy took

Dan down paths he could never have

predicted. Eventually, after recovery, he

found a new purpose and now spreads

his message as a mental health activist

87 Nicola: From the other side

Nicola was living her life to its fullest

until she experienced her first panic

attack, and everything changed. In hard

times, she found solace in therapy,

and today gives back as a qualified

counsellor herself

Food & Drink

64 Smoothies for days

Kick off your mornings with these

vitamin-boosting smoothies

66 Tom Kerridge

The Michelin-starred chef on cooking

up a storm and finding balance

Lifestyle and


27 Self-dating ideas

28 Treating trauma

Grace Victory pens a personal piece on

living with PTSD

47 Stub out smoking

Follow these tips from a hynotherapist on

kicking the habit for good

70 Tess Daly

The beauty blogger on using her platform

to be a role model for disabled people

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