(ALL 37-Pgs.) THE MORPHEUS DEVICE - A Dream Recording Invention.


"THE MORPHEUS DEVICE" is the World's first CREDIBLE, PRACTICAL, and yet SIMPLE design of a COMPACT instrumentality for RECORDING Human nocturnal DREAMS in real-time. This is NO cockamamie 'RUBE GOLDBERG DREADLOCKS MACHINE', folks --- with scores of unkempt electrodes and wires DANGLING from one's snoozing NOGGIN! Indeed, "THE MORPHEUS DEVICE" elaborates the only FEASIBLE way our nightly dreams can be easily, accurately, and rapidly RECORDED in maximum, full-color, HD resolution, FOR ALL TIME. And then PLAYED-BACK at one's leisure for PROFOUND emotional, psychological, intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, artistic, and even political EDIFICATION and INSPIRATION on an EPOCHAL scale! And for a mere $25,000,000 (USD), you can PURCHASE outright ALL ownership, design, reproduction, publishing, manufacturing, sales, TV, cable, screenplay, movie, Hollywood, Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Internet, pod-casting, Blockchain, and otherwise LEGAL RIGHTS to the watershed "THE MORPHEUS DEVICE" (Dream Recording Machine) Invention Proposal by VICTOR J. MONROE. (See Proposal, Pg. 37.) In the proverbial Final Analysis, "THE MORPHEUS DEVICE" --- vis-à-vis exploiting our RETINAS (vs. 'GREY MATTER') to record nightly DREAMS --- is both figuratively AND literally the biggest 'NO-Brainer' in the History of MANKIND, TECHNOLOGY, and SCIENCE to boot! Lastly, you can read the ENTIRE (37-pg.) "THE MORPHEUS DEVICE" Publication (by Victor J. Monroe) right here on YUMPU; or by clicking the LINK/S thereto on the Profile page herein. Thank you, and PLEASANT nightmares to all!

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