2017 Mid-Year Report

20 years of Clubs in Skagit County!

20 years of Clubs in Skagit County!

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Throughout the history of Clubs in Skagit County,

one can see that many passionate individuals,

businesses, and communities have invested in shaping

them into a reality—creating a safe, fun, positive

place for youth, especially those that need

us most, to reach their full potential as

productive, caring, responsible citizens.

As challenges and opportunities arose,

so would new champions—partners

that would help the Clubs grow, and

thrive. K&H Integrated Printing Solutions,

located in Everett, WA, became

one of those champions for the Clubs.

In April of 2014, Ron McHenry met with

Jay C. Ackley, CEO and owner of K&H. Ackley

pledged that K&H would supply the Clubs with

their major printing needs, as an in-kind contribution

to the organization. The initial value was nearly

$20,000, and since then, has grown even more significantly

as the Clubs make best use of the amazing

gift to report to the community.

K&H is one of the largest printing and mailing facilities

located on the West Coast. Founded in 1908, K&H has

a rich printing history, and has managed to stay on the

cutting-edge of new technology advancements. They

now handle a sizable bulk of private & public election

ballots, and can easily print and mail over a million

pieces per day in their 70,000 square foot facility. But

their company is about more than their fast printers

and volume of mailing, they operate within a philosophy—“Believe

in Abundance, Live in Abundance, Give

in Abundance.”

Now that the Clubs had this incredible resource for

printed materials, they needed to execute them. Effective

marketing would help the Clubs have visibility in

the community, a way to tell the story of how the

Clubs serve youth. At the time, this story wasn’t reaching

very many people, and that needed to change.

Parents needed to know about the services Clubs

provide during after school hours and in the summer.

Youth needed to know that the Club is a place where

they can belong. Supporters needed to know what

their dollars accomplish. Volunteers needed to know

how they could share their skills. And the Community

needed to know the Clubs are an investment in their

future leaders.

When Tammy Findlay came on as the Director of Marketing

& Stewardship for the Clubs in July of 2014, she

had trouble wrapping her mind around the incredible

gift the Clubs had received from K&H. “I’ve never had

a printing budget like this to work with,” said Findlay.

Of course, the first order of business wasn’t to

“use up” the printing. The Clubs wanted to

be purposeful with the resource, with

planning and execution. A marketing

committee was formed with assistance

from a group of volunteers in the business

community, and a marketing plan

was crafted in harmony with a development

plan and budget.

Findlay soon met with Jack Sather, who

would serve as the Club’s representative from K&H,

and toured their printing facility in order to gain a better

understanding of the type of printing they could do

for the Clubs. “Their facility is incredible. I was overwhelmed,

honestly. The sophistication of their printers,

how they streamline everything from pre-press,

to printing, to folding, to binding, and then to mailing,

and then the shear volume—just amazing,” said Findlay.

It was clear, that the Clubs projects would be very

small on the scale of what K&H was capable of, but

that didn’t mean that they were treated small. “Jack

and everyone at K&H has been so helpful and attentive

with each of our projects,” said Findlay. Recently, K&H

printed a 20th Anniversary self-mailer for the Clubs,

that went out to 26,000 people in Skagit County. “Any

time I have questions about a process, I know I have

their expertise & advice to rely on.”

Because of this partnership, many printed pieces

have been produced; event invitations, informational

brochures, summer catalogs, semi-annual newsletters,

and annual reports. Ron McHenry reported that

they get a lot of positive feedback from the community

regarding their publications. “I think people

appreciate receiving our annual report, especially,

and I think it is unique, in that we get articles contributed

from our Club Directors, and volunteers, as

well as our senior leadership staff.” The Clubs are

also able to offer full color ad space in their publications

to their partners and sponsors. “It’s wonderful

for us that we are able to offer these added perks

for our sponsors without any additional cost on our

end,” said Findlay.


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