Forgetfulness by Anni Dahms

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I hastily and slightly confounded sit down at my computer. Today is the last day before my departure. I look forward to my vacation in Mexico with tremendous joy. I have forgotten everything about the deadline for my articles, until my son asks me, in passing this morning, what my plans are for this months’ article.

2020 February

Costa del Sol, S.L.



I hastily and slightly confounded sit down at my

computer. Today is the last day before my departure. I

look forward to my vacation in Mexico with tremendous

joy. I have forgotten everything about the deadline for

my articles, until my son asks me, in passing this morning,

what my plans are for this months’ article.

Anni Dahms

Owner of the retail chain


Nurse- & Health specialist, Biopath

and Nutritional Adviser.

It seemed logical after this reminder,

that this month’s article should revolve

around forgetfulness, and what might be

done to reduce it. Even though a lapse of

memory is often considered a bad thing,

it might actually be good for something. I

went on the internet to find some inspiring

words about forgetfulness. The first

thing I found made me very joyful, as

it said forgetful people tend to be more


The study I stumbled across was published

on the 5th of December 2019, so

it is presumably quite relevant. According

to the study from the university of

Toronto, do persons with forgetful tendencies

also tend to be very intelligent, it

was described in Educate Inspire Change.

Professor Richard is one of the coauthors

of the study and he states that one of the

purposes of memory is to make us more

intelligent, so that we may make decisions

under different circumstances. To

be able to do this, is it necessary to forget

information. The brain automatically

deletes unnecessary information, such

as a deadline or a birthday, as the brain

prioritizes other tasks, which it believes

to be more important.

I could happily agree with the study

and proudly showed it to my son, even

though I suspect he did not quite approve

of the idea.

We all forget things from time to time.

A thing, which I have often pondered

is why so many people forget their

umbrellas when they visit the store. In

the almost 30 years I have had Anni’s

Vitalshop, have I never needed to buy an

umbrella. People have simply forgotten

so many umbrellas in the umbrella stand

that there have been plenty of supply to

cover my need. 1

Another time someone forgot their Porsche car keys in the

store. I thought it was quite interesting, but the owner unfortunately

came back to retrieve it after contacting a couple

of different stores, so I had to give it back. However, it was a

wonderful feeling holding the key in my hand pretending it was


I have also parked the car at shopping malls and had trouble

finding it again. I had borrowed my daughter’s car to

visit the mega mall in Lyngby and whilst I was doing my

shopping, had I completely forgotten the cars registration

number, color, brand etc. and after many walks back and

forth in the parking lot had I reached the point of defeat

and called my daughter for the information and finally

found the car. I was quite embarrassed to say the least.

The Diet

Common forgetfulness has nothing to do with dementia.

You can, nevertheless, still reduce your lapses

of memory by having healthy dietary habits.

Healthy foods and drinks are important to

achieve this.

It is great to have a diet that includes

fish, plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole

wheat products, and beans. It is important

that you avoid white bread, rice,

pasta, and sugary treats. You should also

avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible,

especially the ones containing aspartame.

Be aware that aspartame can have

many different names in different foods.

When you eat fish, then make sure you get

plenty of the fatty ones, such as salmon,

mackerel, and different kinds of


What we call the

Mediterranean diet,

is a reference to a

diet where the


of dairy products

and meat

is significantly

reduced. If

you would like to

have some meat, then

it is best to

have the light and fat free meats, such as turkey or chicken.

It is especially good to eat carrots, broccoli, beans, peppers,

spinach, and onions. If you do not have access to

fresh vegetables, then it might be a good idea to have a

small storage of frozen vegetables.

Remember to use plenty of healthy oils such as olive oil and

flaxseed oil. When I write about flaxseed oil, then I have to

talk about the now diseased Dr. Johanne Budwig, who have


u l l y

u s e d

flaxseed in

cancer treatment.

There exists

a Budwig center in


A group of researchers at

Columbia Medical Center in

New York did, in 2009, show

that if you follow the Mediterranean

diet, then you have a reduced chance

of developing memory problems. Stay

away from industrially pre-processed foods.

Rancid fat, which is very unhealthy, can be

hidden in many of these dishes, such as pastries,

salad dressings, pizza, etc. Forgetfulness

can be increased, if you do not get enough water

or drink too much alcohol. You should also stay

away from sodas and energy drinks. Some medications

also increase forgetfulness.

You should likewise to careful if you use chemical solvents

or other intoxicants. Smoking can also have a negative

effect on your memory.

There are some European studies that have shown that

a moderate intake of coffee can aid memory, but stick to

moderate amounts, such as two cups daily. Coffee is a

powerful stimulant and can be stressful for our bodies.

A couple of cups of green tea daily, can also help protect

your brain.


Tips for forgetfulness

To be forgetful is an annoying factor

most people would like to avoid.

Luckily there are many small things you

can be mindful of, to reduces your forgetfulness.

Dietary Supplements

• I would recommend, as a good base, a multivitamin/mineral product,

not just to avoid too many lapses in memory, but also to generally

strengthen your health. These exists both in tablet and in liquid form,

where all the amino acids are included, or as a spray. There is something

for everybody.

• It is furthermore important with a quality omega-3 product. These

exist both as capsules and liquids. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then

there exists a vast selection of products, where the omega-3 is extracted

from sea algae.

• It has been shown that a lack of vitamin-D can increase forgetfulness.

An article published by Kasper Jørgensen in 2010 concludes, that different

studies show that vitamin-D, besides having a positive effect on

osteoporosis, also influences the brain and memory.

• Ginkgo Biloba is known by most of us. It is a great and effective aid

for both memory and concentration. The product also helps with cold

feet and hands.

• Zinc has more than 180 functions in our body, one of the functions

is that it promotes the learning ability and thereby aids our memory.

• Multiple studies have shown that vitamin-E can be good for the


• Selenium is especially great when paired with vitamin-E. They work

together closely in the body. Many people are affected by selenium

deficiency, it is reflected in many afflictions such a heart disease and

cancer. Selenium also helps with mental functioning.

• Vitamin-C is effective and important for your memory. The dosage can

vary a lot depending on your needs, which is very different depending

on the individual. I myself, take 1000 – 2000 mg daily. I preferably take

them in combination with bioflavonoids, as it enhances the effect of


• Studies have shown that 20% of people above age 65 have a B12 deficiency.

B12 is important for our mental faculties and our psychological

balance. B12 is available as lozenges, which is the best way to ensure

absorption of the vitamin, together with tables and spray.

• It can also be a good idea to simultaneously supplement with a complex

of different vitamin-Bs. Many people have a vitamin-B deficiency,

which can lead to tiredness, drowsiness, and forgetfulness.

• Bacopa has for many years been used in the ayurvedic medicine to

support memory and the ability to concentrate and learn new things.

Bacopa exists in different concentration manufactured by different


• Garlic strengthens the immune system and protects the brain against

heavy metals.

• Ginseng can also stimulate our brain.

• Phosphatidylserine is a product extracted from soya, that can help support

memory and provide mental clearness.

• Stress is one of the important things you

should avoid as much as possible. It was

most likely stress that played a factor when I

forgot to pick up my son from kindergarten

roughly 45 years ago. They had to call me

and ask why he was not being collected. It is

one of the episodes I am most embarrassed


• Make sure that you get a sufficient amount

of sleep. Sleep deprivation affects short-term

memory. Make sure to get at least 8 hours

of night-time sleep without your computer,

smartphone, or TV in the bedroom. Sufficient

sleep is a very important factor to not

become forgetful. Turn off the TV before the

late-night crime show starts or have the discipline

to turn of that one series from Netflix

that you cannot seem to remove yourself

from. If you feel your memory is impaired, is

it often caused by insufficient sleep.

• Make sure you get plenty of exercise. When

you ensure that your body is active, then

your mind will follow suit. The daily training

will improve both your concentration and

your ability to learn.

• Remember to use your memory. Leave your

sticky notes at home and train yourself to

remember what you need to shop.

• Learn a new language. This will really get

your brain working.

• Make sure that you get plenty of laughter

every day. I recently heard in a radio broadcast,

how we with age laugh less and less

and what kind of consequences it could

have for our joy of life. It is important to stay

positive and open.

• Keep your life in order and make sure that

your things are in their proper places. This

especially goes for things such as your glasses,

phone, and keys. 3









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