Niles Senior Center March-April 2020 Program Guide

All upcoming programs, special events, luncheons and trips at the Niles Senior Center. Hope to see you soon!

All upcoming programs, special events, luncheons and trips at the Niles Senior Center. Hope to see you soon!


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Mar & Apr Calendars


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Technology, Health &


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Fun & Games


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Social Services


Senior Center News

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999 CIVIC CENTER DRIVE • NILES, IL 60714 • 847-588-8420 • WWW.VNILES.COM

Monday, Mar 2

9:30 AM Fitness Fusion

11:00 AM Mae West Luncheon

Tuesday, Mar 3

10:15 AM Fit for Life

1:00 PM Fitness Buffet

2:15 PM Chair Yoga

Wednesday, Mar 4

10:15 AM Sit, Stand, Stretch

10:30 AM Rhythm Band

2:00 PM Watercolor Class

TRIP: Windy City Bulls—Hoffman Est.

Thursday, Mar 5

10:00 AM Musical Memories

10:30 AM Korean Line Dance

2:00 PM Old School Workout Day

TRIP: Madame Butterfly—Lyric Opera

Friday, Mar 6

9:30 AM Paint & Party

11:00 AM This is Really War

2:15 PM Fitness Fusion

Sunday, Mar 8 (Daylight Savings)

TRIP: Dragalicious Gospel Brunch

Monday, Mar 9

9:30 AM Fitness Fusion

11:00 AM Tai Chi—Intro to Yang

12:00 PM Musical Duos Luncheon

Tuesday, Mar 10

10:15 AM Fit for Life

1:00 PM Fitness Buffet

2:15 PM Chair Yoga

Wednesday, Mar 11

10:15 AM Sit, Stand, Stretch

11:00 AM Men’s Coffee &


12:30 PM Theatrical Workshop

2:00 PM Watercolor Class

3:00 PM Bingo & Dinner

TRIP: Dinner at Dusk—Wheeling

Thursday, Mar 12

9:00 AM Tai Chi-Intro to Sun Style

9:30 AM Tai Chi-Cont. Sun Style

10:00 AM Menstrual Movement

Service Project

10:30 AM Korean Line Dance

11:00 AM Men’s Coffee

12:00 PM Billiards & Beer


2:00 PM Old School Workout Day

Friday, Mar 13

9:00 AM Will Appointments

10:00 AM CUB Clinic

10:00 AM TED Talks

10:30 AM DIY—Tote Bag Painting

12:00 PM Lite Lunch & Movie

2:15 PM Fitness Fusion

Monday, Mar 16

9:30 AM Fitness Fusion

11:00 AM Tai Chi—Intro to Yang

12:00 PM Tap into St. Pat’s


Tuesday, Mar 17

10:15 AM Fit for Life

2:15 PM Chair Yoga

TRIP: Hollywood Casino—Joliet

Wednesday, Mar 18

10:15 AM Sit, Stand, Stretch

10:30 AM Rhythm Band

11:00 AM SCRAM

12:00 PM Bunco Tournament

2:00 PM Watercolor Class

5:00 PM Dinner & Movie

5:30 PM Charades

Thursday, Mar 19

9:00 AM Tai Chi-Intro to Sun Style

9:30 AM Tai Chi-Cont. Sun Style

10:00 AM Memory Café

10:30 AM Korean Line Dance

11:30 AM Polish Coffee Hour

12:00 PM Walk-In Nurse Clinic

12:30 PM Creative Aging

2:00 PM Old School Workout Day

3:00 PM iPhone Basics

Friday, Mar 20

12:00 PM Social Poker

1:00 PM Encore Movie

2:15 PM Fitness Fusion

5:30 PM Evening with the Stars

Monday, Mar 23

9:30 AM Fitness Fusion

11:00 AM Men’s Club Meeting

11:00 AM Tai Chi—Intro to Yang

11:00 AM Men’s Club Meeting

11:30 AM Women’s Club Meeting

2:00 PM Decorating Committee

Tuesday, Mar 24

10:00 AM Soap Making Class

10:15 AM Fit for Life

1:00 PM Fitness Buffet

2:00 PM Intro to Bead Jewelry

2:15 PM Chair Yoga

Wednesday, Mar 25

10:15 AM Sit, Stand, Stretch

11:30 AM Shimmy Fitness

2:00 PM Watercolor Class

Thursday, Mar 26

9:00 AM AARP—Driver Safety

9:00 AM Tai Chi-Intro to Sun Style

9:30 AM Tai Chi-Cont. Sun Style

10:30 AM Korean Line Dance

2:00 PM Concert Video Series

2:00 PM Old School Workout Day

TRIP: An American in Paris—Drury


Friday, Mar 27

9:00 AM AARP—Driver Safety

10:30 AM Matisse & Paper Cutting

12:00 PM Annual St. Joe/St. Pat


2:15 PM Fitness Fusion

Saturday, Mar 28

11:00 AM Lunch with Us

Monday, Mar 30

9:30 AM Fitness Fusion

12:00 PM Eleanor Roosevelt


Tuesday, Mar 31

10:15 AM Fit for Life

12:30 PM Charades

1:00 PM Fitness Buffet

2:15 PM Chair Yoga


March 8



9:00 AM Drop-In Art

1:00 PM Drop-In Wii Bowling

1:00 PM Open Computer Lab


9:00 AM Social Mahjongg

1:00 PM Social Bridge

2:00 PM Social Pinochle


9:00 AM All American

9:00 AM Social Mahjongg

9:30 AM Issues in the News

12:00 PM Drop-In Ceramics

12:00 PM Drop-In Woodcarving

1:00 PM Social Bridge


Wednesday, Apr 1

10:15 AM Sit, Stand, Stretch

10:30 AM Rhythm Band

12:30 PM Exploration & Education


2:00 PM Watercolor Class

Thursday, Apr 2

9:00 AM Tai Chi-Intro to Sun Style

9:30 AM Tai Chi-Cont. Sun Style

10:00 AM Musical Memories

10:30 AM Korean Line Dance

2:00 PM Old School Workout Day

Friday, Apr 3

9:30 AM Paint & Party

2:15 PM Fitness Fusion

3:00 PM Bingo & Dinner

Monday, Apr 6

9:30 AM Fitness Fusion

11:00 AM RealiTEA

11:00 AM Tai Chi—Intro to Yang

12:00 PM Simon & Garfunkel


Tuesday, Apr 7

10:15 AM Fit for Life

1:00 PM Fitness Buffet

2:15 PM Chair Yoga

Wednesday, Apr 8

10:00 AM Med & Sharps Collection

10:15 AM Sit, Stand, Stretch

12:30 PM Theatrical Workshop

2:00 PM Watercolor Class

TRIP: Wanderlust Archery—Morton


Passover Begins

Thursday, Apr 9

9:00 AM Tai Chi-Intro to Sun Style

9:30 AM Tai Chi-Cont. Sun Style

10:00 AM Musical Memories

10:30 AM Korean Line Dance

12:00 PM Trivia

2:00 PM Old School Workout Day

3:00 PM Spring Flower Workshop

Friday, Apr 10

CLOSED - Good Friday Holiday

Monday, Apr 13

9:30 AM Fitness Fusion

11:00 AM Tai Chi—Intro to Yang


12:00 PM Lite Lunch & Movie

Tuesday, Apr 14

10:15 AM Fit for Life

1:00 PM Fitness Buffet

2:15 PM Chair Yoga

TRIP: HalimTime & Glass Museum—


Wednesday, Apr 15

10:15 AM Sit, Stand, Stretch

10:30 AM Golf League Kickoff Mtg

10:30 AM Rhythm Band

12:00 PM Afternoon with the Stars

2:00 PM Watercolor Class

Thursday, Apr 16

9:00 AM Tai Chi-Intro to Sun Style

9:30 AM Tai Chi-Cont. Sun Style

10:00 AM Memory Café-Mus. Mem.

10:30 AM Korean Line Dance

11:30 AM Polish Coffee Hour

12:00 PM Walk-In Nurse Clinic

2:00 PM Concert Video Series

2:00 PM Old School Workout Day

TRIP: Matilda the Musical—Park Ridge

Friday, Apr 17

9:30AM DIY Friday—Candle


10:00 AM TED Talks

11:00 AM Frankie Laine Luncheon

2:15 PM Fitness Fusion

Monday, Apr 20

9:30 AM Fitness Fusion

11:00 AM Tai Chi—Intro to Yang

12:00 PM Spring Brunch

Tuesday, Apr 21

10:15 AM Fit for Life

11:00 AM Simply Sip: Wines from


1:00 PM Fitness Buffet

2:15 PM Chair Yoga

Wednesday, Apr 22

10:15 AM Sit, Stand, Stretch

11:00 AM Men’s Coffee &


11:00 AM SCRAM

2:00 PM Watercolor Class

5:00 PM Dinner & Movie

5:30 PM Trivia Night

Thursday, Apr 23

9:00 AM Tai Chi-Intro to Sun Style

9:30 AM Tai Chi-Cont. Sun Style

10:00 AM Musical Memories

10:30 AM Korean Line Dance

1:00 PM Encore Movie

2:00 PM Old School Workout Day

3:00 PM Intro to Facebook

TRIP: Fireside Theatre

Friday, Apr 24

10:30 AM Form & Color-Still Life

12:00 PM Dancing Queen


2:15 PM Fitness Fusion

Saturday, Apr 25

11:00 AM Lunch with Us

Sunday, Apr 26

TRIP: Teatro ZinZanni

Monday, Apr 27

9:30 AM Fitness Fusion

11:00 AM Men’s Club Meeting

11:00 AM Tai Chi—Intro to Yang

11:30 AM Women’s Club Meeting

2:00 PM Decorating Committee

Tuesday, Apr 28

10:15 AM Fit for Life

1:00 PM Fitness Buffet

2:15 PM Chair Yoga

Wednesday, Apr 29

10:15 AM Sit, Stand, Stretch

12:00 PM Walt Disney Luncheon

2:00 PM Watercolor Class

Thursday, Apr 30

9:00 AM Tai Chi-Intro to Sun Style

9:30 AM Tai Chi-Cont. Sun Style

10:00 AM Musical Memories

10:30 AM Korean Line Dance

2:00 PM Old School Workout Day

TRIP: Art & Bloom—Milwaukee


9:00 AM Drop-In Art

1:00 PM Open Computer Lab



9:00 AM Social Cards &







The programs below are at no cost

to NSC members. Non-members

may parcipate in the programs

below for a six-month period by

paying an $18 facility usage fee.

Social Cards or Billiards



Drop-In Art

Mondays & Fridays, 9:00am

Wii Bowling Drop In

Mondays, 2:00-4:30pm

Social Bridge

Tuesdays, 1:00pm

Thursdays, 1:00pm

Social Mahjongg

Bring your game and your

friends and start a table!

Tuesdays, 9:00am

Thursdays, 9:00am

Niles Rhythm Band

1st & 3rd Wednesdays,


All American

Thursdays, 9:00am

Issues in the News

Thursdays, 9:30am

Moderator: Arlene Golub

Drop in to discuss the issues

of the world. Everyone is


Drop-In Ceramics

Thursdays, 12:00pm

Drop-In Woodcarving

Thursdays, 12:00pm

CUB Clinic

F, Mar 13 | 10am| FREE

Representatives from the Citizens

Utility Board are coming to the NSC

to assist you on natural gas, electric,

and telephone issues, plus ways to

combat high bills and resolve

disputes with your utility company.

Bring your bills to learn how to spot

billing errors and other ways to save.

Registration required to ensure

enough staffing to assist with


SCRAM—Senior Crime

Reduction Awareness


11am | FREE

SCRAM’s goal is to raise awareness,

educate and prevent older adults

from becoming victims of crimes.

SCRAM is an eight-month program

providing specific seminars on

important topics in short, concise and

interactive formats.

W, Mar 18 How to recognize

phishing email messages

or links

W, Apr 22 Ruse Entry Burglary

AARP—Driver Safety Program

Th-F, Mar 26-27 | 9am-1pm | FREE

Participants must pre-register. It is a

two-day course; participants must

attend both classes. Upon completion

of the course, each attendee is

awarded a certificate. Under Illinois

law, those above 55 - whether AARP

members or not - qualify for a

worthwhile multi-year auto insurance

discount* by completing this course.

*Please check with your insurance

company for the exact discount and

the correct procedure to obtain it.

Cost of the course is $15 (AARP

members) paid by check on the first

day of class. To register or for more

information, please contact the NSC

at 847-588-8420.

Rules of the Road

M, May 4 | 1pm| FREE

Instructor: Secretary of State Ofc

Take a refresher course, before you

take your test.


Men’s Club


M, Mar 23 | 11am | $6M/$9NM

Speaker TBD

Men will join Women’s Club for


Men’s Club


M, Apr 27 | 11am | $6M/$9NM

Speaker TBD

Men will join Women’s Club for


Men’s Coffee & Conversation

W, Mar 11 | 11am | $5M/$7.50NM

W, Apr 22 | 11am | $5M/$7.50NM

Join the Men’s conversation group

for an opportunity to discuss what’s

going on in town, the world, and life.

Fee includes light lunch.



Niles Rhythm Band

W, Mar 4 & 18 | 10:30am | FREE M/6 months $18NM

W, Apr 1 & 15 | 10:30am | FREE M/6 months $18NM

Do you like to sing? Do you play a musical instrument or would you like to

learn? If so, consider joining the Niles Rhythm Band! The Niles Rhythm Band

performs at various nursing homes, as well as the Men’s and Women’s Clubs.

Don’t forget to bring your singing voice! Come join us the 1st and 3rd

Wednesday of each month at 10:30am. There are also free ukulele lessons for

those interested.

Musical Memories

Th, Mar 5 & Th, Apr 2-30 | 10-11:30am| FREE (No class Mar 12-26)

The choir offers individuals with early stage memory loss an opportunity to

join a joyful community and connect with those who care for them. Members

will sing familiar songs from their past and share musical memories together.

No vocal experience needed, just a love of music. Made possible through a

partnership with Niles Senior Center and The Wellshire Morton Grove.


Women’s Club


M, Mar 23 | 11:30am | $6M/$9NM

Lunch includes an Italian beef

sandwich, potato chips and dessert.

Following lunch, we will play Bingo

for prizes.

Women’s Club


M, Apr 27 | 11:30am | $6M/$9NM

Lunch includes a chopped chicken

salad from Graziano’s, roll and

dessert. Following lunch, Maureen

Christine will be back to perform at

the NSC.



iPhone Basics

Th, Mar 19 |3pm| $2M/$3NM

New to iPhone? We’ll help you

get started, show you the

basics and share a few helpful

tips and tricks. Bring your


Intro to Facebook

Th, Apr 23 |3pm| $2M/$3NM

Come and learn how to use

Facebook. This course will

show you how to share photos

and videos, choose privacy

settings, and more. Dive

deeper for tips on social media.

Cell Phone/Smart Phone/

Tablet Assistance

By Appointment Only

Do you have an iPhone/tablet

you are unsure how to use? Do

you need help programming

numbers into your flip phone?

We are here to help you with

the issues you may have with

your current cell phone/tablet.

This service is free, but

appointments are preferred.

Stop in & check out the

Media Center!

There are 10 laptops &

an iPad. Volunteer Assistance.

Media Center

Drop-in Hours

Mondays: 1:00-3:00pm

Fridays: 1:00-3:00pm




Creative Aging

Th, Mar 19 | 12:30pm | FREE

Instructor: Angela Scalisi,

Registered Art Therapist (ATR)

and Licensed Professional

Counselor (LPC), coordinates

Expressions-- a program for

adults with early stage memory

loss held at Advocate Lutheran

General Older Adult Services.

Join Angela as she shares

information on the benefits of

creative therapies as we age.

During this session, Angela will

have you engaged in a creative

group based on the process of

art making as a way to stimulate

your mind! Art materials will be

provided at no cost.



Lunch with Us

Sa, Mar 28 | Doors Open From

11am-1pm | $2 Suggested


Sa, Apr 25 | Doors Open From

11am-1pm | $2 Suggested


“Lunch with Us” is a senior lunch

program provided daily at the

Des Plaines Public Library. In

partnership with the Village of

Niles, Lunch with Us will now be

held the 4th Saturday of each

month at the Niles Senior

Center. The meal is available to

all persons 60 years of age and

older, and their spouses

regardless of age. Participants

are reminded that Lunch with

Us is a donation based program,

and a suggested donation of $2

per meal is greatly appreciated.

Lunch is served between 11:30am

and 12:30am at the NSC.

Donations will be accepted the

day of the event. Registration

ends two days prior to event.


Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

Nurse Navigator

Th, Mar 19 | 12-2pm | FREE

Th, Apr 16 | 12-2pm | FREE

The NSC is partnering with Advocate Lutheran General Hospital to provide

personalized education for patient conditions, and access to resources,

programs and health care providers. Susan Sinopoli, RN, is available the 3rd

Thursday of the month from 12pm-2pm. to help you navigate your health

care journey.


Visually Impaired Motivators (VIM)

Tu, Mar 10 | 10:30am | FREE

Tu, Apr 14 | 10:30am | FREE

VIM meets at the Niles-Maine District Library. Meeting will be held from

10:30am-11:30am, followed by Voices of Vision Book Club from 11:30am-

12:30pm. For more information, please call 847-663-6648.

Polish Coffee Hour - Witamy!

Th, Mar 19 | 11:30am | FREE

Th, Apr 16 | 11:30am | FREE

The Senior Center would like to invite all Polish speaking seniors for a coffee

and chat about everything and anything. All meetings will be held on the

3rd Thursday of each month at 11:30 AM. Please join our group!

Zapraszamy wszystkich seniorόw na kawę oraz rozmowę o wszystkim i o

niczym. Spotkania odbywaja się w III czwartek każdego miesiaca o

godzinie 11:30 AM. Masz pytanie? Dołącz do naszej grupy!

Medication & Sharps Collection

W, Apr 8 | 10am-12pm | FREE

Memory Café

Th, Mar 19 | 10-11:30am | FREE

Th, Apr 16 | 10-11:30am| FREE

The Niles Senior Center is partnering with The Center of Concern to bring

Memory Café to the NSC. Memory Café is a monthly gathering of

individuals with memory loss along with their caregivers, friends or family in

a safe, supportive and engaging environment.

Join us for a morning of song, followed by a complimentary lunch.

We will meet every third Thursday of the month. This program is supported

by AgeOptions.



Chair Yoga

Tu, Mar 3-31 | 2:15-3:15pm | $15M/$20NM

Tu, Apr 7-28| 2:15-3:15pm | $12M/$17NM

Instructor: Diane Dombeck

With a chair for support, this class challenges the

body and mind through strengthening, stretching,

relaxing and breathing.

Fitness Fusion with Contemporary Line Dancing

M, Mar 2-30 | 9:30-10:30am | $15M/$20NM

M, Apr 6-27 | 9:30-10:30am | $12M/$17NM


F, Mar 6-27 | 2:15-3:15pm | $12M/$17NM

F, Apr 3-24 | 2:15-3:15pm | $9M/$13.50NM (No Class Apr 10)

Instructor: Billie Jean Darling

Did you know line dancing has a whole new look? It is no longer

just country, we dance to jazz, blues, rock and roll, and even

classical music. It is a great low impact exercise, and the

concentration involved will also give your brain a workout. Join

us for some exercise, an opportunity to make new friends and

just have fun.

Fit for Life

Tu, Mar 3-Apr 28 | 10:15-11:15am | $40.50/$45.50NM

Instructor: Julie Adams

Fit for Life is designed to increase muscle strength, range of

motion and improve activities of daily living. A chair is used for

seated exercise and standing support. Exercise can be modified

for individual's fitness level.


Fitness Buffet—NEW CLASS

Tu, Mar 3-31 | 1-2pm | $20M/$25NM (No class Mar 17)

Tu, Apr 7-28 | 1-2pm | $20M/$25NM

Instructor: Fran Strain

New total body workout that encompasses a buffet of

exercises: full body stretch, breathing techniques,

dancing, upper and lower body workout, weights and a

meditation cool down.

Sit, Stand, Stretch & Smile

W, Mar 4-Apr 29 | 10:15-11am | $36M/$41NM

Instructor: Susan Kulaga

Join Susan as she combines seated and standing

movements for balance, strength, stretching,

coordination and flexibility development all with

friendly fun.

Tai Chi Classes with Mary Neuhaus

Join instructor Mary Neuhaus. She is an ACE certified

personal trainer and has been teaching group fitness

for 13 years, specializing in Senior Fitness, Balance, and

Aquatic training.

Introduction to Yang Style Short Form

M, Mar 9-Apr 27| 11-11:50am | $40M/$45NM

No experience necessary. Build a foundation of

awareness and strength using slow, gentle movements.

Improve your balance, mobility and increase your

mental focus. An introduction to a classic Tai Chi form.

Introduction to Sun Style 1-6

Th, Mar 12-Apr 30 | 9-10am | $40M/$45NM

No experience necessary. Improve balance and

develop lower body strength. Learn Dr. Paul Lamm’s

modified Sun Style form steps 1-6. Focus is on the

principles of Tai Chi which include full breaths, slow

movements, postural alignment, and moving from the


Continuing Sun Style Steps 7-12

Th, Mar 12-Apr 30 | 9:30-10:30am | $40M/$45NM

Experience the 2 nd half of Dr. Paul Lamm’s modified

Sun style form. We will continue to refine the first 6

steps and focus on the intentional shifting of weight in

slow, flowing movements.

Old School Workout Day

Th, Mar 5-Apr 30 | 2pm| $3M/$4.50NM

Remember the old school group workout routines of

Richard Simmons, Jazzercise, Buns of Steel, and Jane

Fonda? In addition to the fantastic workout you got, it

was also an easy way to make new friends. By request

from our members, we are bringing it back in Old

School Workout Day! This drop-in as you wish fitness

session is a great way to get fit in good fun.


Bunco Tournament

W, Mar 18 | 12pm | $9M/$13.50NM

Lunch will include a chicken Caesar salad,

roll and dessert. Don’t know how to play?

No worries, we will go over the rules prior

to the game.

Social Poker

F, Mar 20 | 12pm | $6M/$9NM

F, May 1 | 12pm | $6M/$9NM

Includes lunch and prizes.



W, Mar 18 | 5:30pm | $12M/$17NM

Tu, Mar 31 | 12:30pm | $12M/$17NM

Put your acting chops to good use and

bring out your inner goofball

with...CHARADES! This timeless party

game is full of belly laughs and drama, so

you don’t ant to miss it. Dinner will

include two (2) glasses of wine, salad, and

your choice between spinach or sausage

pizza. Fee includes game, meal, and



Th, Apr 9 | 12pm | $12M/$17NM

W, Apr 22 | 5:30pm | $12M/$17NM

Test your knowledge about different

topics and show off how much you know.

We will also feast on some deep dish

pizza, salad, and two (2) glasses of wine.

Fee includes: game, meal, and prizes.



A favorite of game-lovers everywhere,

bingo is a game strictly of chance…but

guaranteed fun! Guarantee yourself a

good me with our monthly bingo

game event. Cost includes meal and

prizes. Registraons must be made by

12pm the day before. Game only $2M/



W, Mar 11 | 3pm | $10M/$15NM

Meal includes: Irish beef stew, sides,

beverage and dessert.


F, Apr 3 | 3pm | $10M/$15NM

Meal includes: Greek-style pork chops,

sides, beverage and dessert.



Thursdays | 10am |

Niles Fitness Center

Come join our volleyball

group for some laughs

and good old-fashioned

fun! For more information

call 847-588-8400.


Tu & F | 9:30am-12pm|

Niles Fitness Center

Pickle-ball is the fastest

growing sport in America.

Played with a paddle and

plastic ball, it is an easy-tolearn

sport that combines

many elements of tennis,

badminton and pingpong.

Come join the

group for fun and get an

awesome work out while

you’re at it! For more

information, call 847-588-


If you are a Pickle-ball

enthusiast, head on over

to Kirk Park (Jonquil

Terrace & Waukegan) and

enjoy the new outside

Pickle-Ball court.

Beginner Bridge & Canasta

Players Needed!

Beginner Bridge & Canasta players

needed. If you are interested, please

contact Jaymi at 847-588-8420.

Pinochle Players Wanted!

Pinochle players wanted. If you are

interested, please contact Jaymi at



Watercolor with Carol Luc

W, Mar 4-25 | 2pm |$13M/$18NM

Each Class

W, Apr 1-29 | 2pm |$13M/$18NM

Each Class

Instructor Carol Luc is an

accomplished artist with an M.F.A.

in painting and B.F.A. in

Advertising Design. If you would

like to see her work and read more

about Carol, visit CarolLuc.com.

New Theatrical Workshops

W, Mar 11 | 12:30pm|$15M/$20NM

W, Apr 8 | 12:30pm|$15M/$20NM

Instructor Mark Tamvakis is a

recent alumnus of Carnegie

Mellon University where he

studied Voice, Pedagogy, and

Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Mr.

Tamvakis has been active in the

Chicago area performing in choral

and solo settings and

teaching. The class will explore

various types of music including

selections from the American

songbook and improvisation,

allowing students to gain physical

awareness and experience of

music through training that takes

place through all of the senses. We

will develop simple, expressive

movement by working in groups

and individually.

DIY Friday Tote Bag Painting

with Victoria Pelarenos

F, Mar 13 | 10:30am| $20

Come and paint your own

reusable tote bag with step-bystep

instructions. We will use

acrylic paint on a canvas tote bag.

Matisse & Paper Cutting

F, Mar 27 | 10:30am| $10M/$15NM

Instructor: Charlotta Koppanyi

In this class we will learn about

Matisse and his work with paper

cutting. He moved into this as he

was getting older and his eye sight

started to diminish, however it did

not hinder him from being an

artist. We will make art with our

own papercutting artwork inspired

by Matisse and conclude the class


with a conversation. All materials


Spring Flower Workshop

Th, Apr 9 | 3pm| $30M/$35NM

With a few simple steps, we will

learn how to make a designer

worthy Spring floral arrangement

from flowers that you can

purchase at every grocery

store. Each person will take home

their own arrangement which will

include an assortment of flowers.

DIY Friday Candle Making

with Victoria Pelarenos

F, Apr 17 | 9:30am| $30

Come learn how to make unique

candles in this class. We will use

tea cups and other unique vessels

to pour our candles into (each

person will make two candles).

Supplies provided include wax,

scents, wicks, and candle vessels.

Form & Color in Still Life

F, Apr 24| 10:30am| $10M/$15NM

Instructor: Charlotta Koppanyi

In this class we will take a look at a

still life, with its forms, colors and

story it tells us, and see how we

can portrait it in our own version.

We will be working with

watercolors on paper using

brushes and sponges. Beginners,

basics and more advanced

students are all welcome as we

learn from each other. We

conclude the class with a

conversation. All materials


Art Exhibit

W, May 13 |2:30-4:30pm| FREE

The NSC art programs would like

to share their beautiful works of

art with the public. Invite friends,

family and neighbors to come

along. Refreshments and appetizers

will be served. Please contact

Chrisann Fahy at 847-588-

8436, or cf@vniles.com if you

would like to display your work.



Paint & Party

F, Mar 6 | 9:30am | $22

F, Apr 3 | 9:30am | $22

Let’s join the new paint & party

craze. You don’t have to be an

experienced artist to create a work

of art. We will learn how to paint a

simple painting with step-by-step

instructions and enjoy a meal after

our class. This is the perfect time to

get together with family and


Soap Making Class

Tu, Mar 24 | 10am | $35

(12 and over only)

Instructor: Arlene Zapata

Have some clean fun and learn how

to make your own customized soap.

The class will include five to six

soaps to take home, light snacks

and activity during drying time.

Intro to Bead Jewelry

Tu, Mar 24 | 2pm | $45

(12 and over only)

Instructor: Arlene Zapata

Basic Stringing will show you the

nitty-gritty of beading wires and

crimping beads, with plenty of

practice making secure finishes

using a crimp tool. Students will

learn: elements of necklace and

bracelet design, features of different

clasps and closures, differences in

beading wires and crimp beads,

how to choose the right beading

wire and crimp beads for your

project, as well as how to use the

crimping pliers to make a secure

and professional finish. By the end

of class students will have

completed: one single-strand

necklace on flexible beading wire

finished with crimp beads using

crimping pliers. Note: Fee includes

all materials for one single-strand

necklace with a base metal clasp.

Feel free to bring additional beads

you love and want to add to your

design. Please register by Mar 16.



Teach Every Child About Food

F, Mar 13 | 10am | Free

Sharing powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in

Huntington, West Virginia—and a shocking image of the

sugar we eat—TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver makes the case

for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food.

Hooked by an Octopus

F, Apr 17 | 10am | Free

Underwater filmmaker Mike deGruy has spent decades looking intimately at

the ocean. A consummate storyteller, he takes the stage at Mission Blue to

share his awe and excitement—and his fears—about the blue heart of our





Jimmy Buffett: Live at

Wrigley Field (2005, 80min)

Th, Mar 26 | 2pm | FREE

“The only performer ever to give

a concert at Chicago’s 92-year

old Wrigley Field, the legendary

Jimmy Buffett entertains a sea

of screaming Parrotheads at this

sold-out event in September

2005. A compilation of two

performances, this recording

includes several of the

easygoing, margarita-sipping

favorites enjoyed for years by

Buffett fans. Extras include

bonus concert footage and

Buffett’s renditions of “City of

New Orleans” and “Glory Days.”-


Popcorn and lemonade will be


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

The 25th Anniversary


Th, Apr 16 | 2pm | FREE

“Celebrating the Rock and Roll

Hall of Fame’s 25th anniversary,

this star-studded concert

recorded live at Madison Square

Garen features rousing

performances from such rock

luminaries as Metallica, Simon &

Garfunkel , Jeff Beck and Bruce


Popcorn and lemonade will be




A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

(2019, PG, 107 min)

F, Mar 13 | 12pm | $6M/$9NM (Movie Only—


Starring: Tom Hanks

“In this heartwarming drama, journalist Lloyd

Vogel sets out to profile the host of "Mister

Rogers' Neighborhood": the iconic Fred Rogers.

After approaching his subject with skepticism,

Vogel changes his outlook when he forms a

friendship with Rogers.” –Netflix.com

Lunch includes a grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup and dessert.

Ford V Ferrari (2019, PG13, 152 min)

M, Apr 13 | 12pm | $6M/$9NM (Movie Only—FREE)

Starring: Christian Bale & Matt Damon

“Fed up with the Ferrari team's routine domination of the annual Le Mans

race, Henry Ford II tasks design prodigy Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles

with a mission: build a car that can defeat the Italians in the 1966

competition.” –Netflix.com

Lunch includes a BLT sandwich, potato chips and dessert.


Yesterday (2019, PG13, 116 min)

W, Mar 18 | 5pm | $6M/$9M (Movie Only—FREE)

Encore Movie—F, Mar 20 | 1pm | FREE

“While he's still looking for his big break, musician Jack Malik gets hit by a

bus during a global blackout. But when he wakes up to find he's the lone

person on Earth who knows of the Beatles and their songbook, Jack has a

huge chance at stardom.” – Netflix.com

Dinner includes pizza, soda and dessert.

Judy (2019, PG13, 1118 min)

W, Apr 22 | 5pm | $6M/$9M (Movie Only—FREE)

Encore Movie— Th, Apr 23 | 1pm | FREE

Starring: Renee Zellweger

“Thirty years after rising to global stardom,

showbiz legend Judy Garland arrives in

London to perform a five-week sold-out run at

The Talk of the Town. While preparing for the

shows, Garland battles with management,

reminisces with friends and adoring fans, and

embarks on a whirlwind romance with soonto-be

fifth husband Mickey Deans — all while

bravely struggling to overcome intensifying

anxiety and physical decline.”– Netflix.com

Dinner includes chicken salad on a croissant,

fruit and dessert.



The Highs and Lows of

Musical Duos

M, Mar 9 | 12pm | $12M/$17NM

“One of the most compelling duos

in cabaret today” The Chicago


Menzie & Michael will be back at

the NSC to explore the music and

the intriguing relationships of

Simon & Garfunkel, Steve & Eydie

and also celebrate other iconic 20th

century duos including The

Carpenters, Fred & Adele Astaire

and more. Menzie & Michael will

look at why some partners

separated and why some stood the

test of time.

Lunch will include asiago crusted

chicken, Caesar salad, roll and


Billiards & Beer—NSC Rebels

Th, Mar 12| 12pm | $7M/$10.50NM

Have some fun with friends while

eating, having a beer and playing

pool. Lunch will include chili, hot

potato and dessert.

Tap into St. Patrick’s Day with

Joe McShane

M, Mar 16 | 12pm | $14M/$19NM

Joe McShane is one of the most

soulful balladeers of all time. His

first song titled My Silverbridge

Home, was penned at age 14 and

he has since proven himself to be a

national treasure as a songwriter.

Many artists have recorded his

songs including Keelan Arbuckle,

Gerry Carney, Noel Cassidy, Andy

Cooney and Kathy Kane. Lunch will

include a St. Patrick’s feast of lean

corned beef, rye bread, seasoned

cabbage wedges, carrot coins,

boiled potatoes and dessert.

Evening with the Stars

Starring: Voytek

F, Mar 20 | 5:30pm | $12M/$17NM

We are pleased to welcome

entertainer Voytek to the NSC for

his one-man party. He is a jack of all

trades, so each performance has

something for everyone, whether it

is polka, rock, Sinatra or sing-alongs.

Come out and enjoy the

party! Fee includes: light dinner,

two (2) glasses of wine, and


Shimmy Fitness

W, Mar 25 | 11:30am| $12M/$17NM

We are going to shimmy our way

into spring with Carmella the Belly

Dancer. Whatever your fitness level,

Carmella has a routine for you. After

we shimmy, we will share a lunch of

kebob, rice and salad.

Annual St. Joe’s/St. Pat’s

Luncheon—Hosted by NSC

Men’s Club

Starring: the Tim Wilsey Trio

F, Mar 27 | 12pm | $16M/$21NM

The gentlemen are back with their

annual St. Joe’s/St. Pat’s Luncheon!

This year’s theme will be Irish, with

locally renowned Harrington’s

catering their homestyle buffet

which includes the following:

garden salad, mostaccioli, corned

beef, scalloped potatoes, glazed

carrots, fresh bread, and dessert.

After lunch, the Tim Wilsey Trio will

present a 90-minute show of

popular Irish songs, along with

dance music and familiar standards

from this side of the pond. Please

register by March 23.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Her Story,

Her Day with Lynn Rymarz

M, Mar 30 | 12pm | $12M/$17NM

Hear Eleanor’s story told in her own

words woven from her writings,

including her long running

newspaper column, My Day.

Discover the path that led her on

the journey to her marriage to

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to a

mother of six children, to the White

House, where she will tell you of her

work during WWII. She will share

with you how she gained the

confidence to step out of the

traditional role of women and how

she faced her fears, celebrated her

joys, and grew from her struggles

as a daughter, a wife, a mother and

a friend. Lunch includes a grilled

chicken breast sandwich, topped

with fresh tomatoes, Swiss cheese &

pesto mayonnaise



Exploration & Education

Series: America’s National

Parks & Monuments

W, Apr 1 | 12:30pm | $12M/$17NM

Lecture presented by James Rowan

(www.rowanpix.com). The U.S.

began the national park idea with

the creation of Yellowstone

National Park in 1872. Today the

park system includes nearly 400

sites including parks, monuments,

seashores and lakeshores,

preserving remnants of the original

ecosystems of the United States. In

this program, we’ll visit some of

these areas and see some of

America’s most beautiful places.

Lunch will include chicken bake

which includes chicken breast,

cheese, bacon and Caesar dressing,

side and dessert.

Simon & Garfunkel with Gary


M, Apr 6 | 12pm | $12M/$17NM

Simon & Garfunkel: Sound and

Then Silence - If you took the

musicality of The Beatles and

matched it with the lyricism of Bob

Dylan the result might be Simon &

Garfunkel. Often considered the

thinking person’s rock ‘n’ rollers,

they were also one of the most

successful musical acts of the

1960’s. Using audio and visual

content we will trace the arc of

Simon & Garfunkel’s career from

their surprise teenybopper hit “Hey

Schoolgirl”…to the folk-rock classic

“Sound of Silence”…to the ever

popular “Mrs. Robinson”… to the

majesty of “Bridge Over Troubled

Water.” Lunch includes: chicken

parmesan, salad, roll and dessert.

Afternoon with the Stars

Starring: The Barrett

Haselwood Duo

W, Apr 15 | 12pm | $12M/$17NM

The NSC is pleased to host the

Barrett Haselwood Duo for the first

time! Barrett is the former director

of entertainment at Carnival

Cruises, and currently has a weekly

residency at Gale Street Inn, along

with many private and public

events. Barrett and his musical

partner will perform a medley of

dance music and ballads for your

enjoyment. Fee includes: meal, two

(2) glasses of wine, and


“Frankie Laine” with John


F, Apr 17 | 11am | $10M/$15NM

That Lucky Old Sun! – He was one

of the biggest singers in the world

from 1946 – 1960 recording dozens

of million gold records, film

soundtracks and TV shows, and

born in Chicago! This presentation

is in the great vocalist series and

covers his life, career and songs

performed by John Boda such as

“That’s My Desire”, “Mule Train”,

“Jezebel”, “Cry of the Wild Goose”,

“Rawhide”, and of course “That

Lucky Old Sun”. Frankie Laine lived

a long life and gained many awards

including being certified “A

National Treasure” by the U.S.

Congress. Each song will be

performed over a video clip or sing

along lyrics with songs most will

remember from this classic singer

who hit it big just before the rock

era. His birthday is March 30 th .

Lunch includes a cheeseburger,

potato chips and dessert.

Spring Brunch—Hosted by

NSC Men’s Club

M, Apr 20 | 12pm | $12M/$17NM

With Mimosa $14M/$19NM

We are bringing the popular

chicken and waffle combo back,

along with a salad bar and

mimosas. After our brunch, we will

usher in the season with the

smooth grooves of the Quiet Storm

band. Please register by April 16.

To accommodate dietary restrictions, a vegetarian meal option is available upon request.



Dancing Queen Tribute Band


F, Apr 24 | 12pm | $16M/$21NM

Let’s get up and dance! DANCING

QUEEN is quite literally the most

accurate tribute band on the

planet. With painstaking attention

to detail, they create an ABBA

experience that comes to life in a

Las Vegas style show. Superdawg

will be catering the event, please

select one meal option: 1) Superdawg

pure beef hot dog 2) superburger

hamburger 3) grilled cheese

all the trimmings on the side

escorted by superfries and dessert.

Walt Disney: Creativity Frame

by Frame with Robert Burton

W, Apr 29 | 12pm | $12M/$17NM

Join us for this intimate portrait of

the quiet innovator who spent a

lifetime combining creativity with

commerce. Surprising personal

insights from Disney's friends,

family and colleagues are

supplemented with clips from

some of the remarkable showman's

finest productions for you to enjoy

again. Lunch includes: lasagna,

salad, roll and dessert.

Cinco de Mayo Mariachis &


M, May 4 | 12pm | $16M/$21NM

$18M/$23NM with Margarita

Mariachi Ameca was founded by

Jaime Cervantes in Chicago, IL in

1991. The band has been around for

over two decades. They are a family

based mariachi made up of three

different generations. Lunch will

include steak fajitas, beans , rice

and dessert. All the spices, sauces

and toppings will be on the side so

you can make it as mild or hot to

your taste buds.

Spring BBQ—Hosted by NSC

Men’s Club

Starring: Regina Rhymes &


F, May 15 | 12pm | $16M/$21NM

Regina Rhymes & Company will be

back with another musical

experience like no other to help you

shake off those winter blues and

get you moving and grooving! Did

we mention, they take song

requests? Before the show, we will

share a lunch of smoked brisket,

chicken, sides, beverage, and

dessert. Please register by May 12.

Special Event

Mobile Escape Room—NSC


M, May 11 | 12pm | $25M/$30NM

Mobile Room Escape is an

interactive mystery, puzzle, escape

room located inside a luxury

climate controlled trailer built just

for your adventure. The trailer will

be located in the NSC parking lot.

We will have two groups of twelve

that will try to escape in 30

minutes. Lunch will include a hot

dog, chips and dessert.

To accommodate dietary restrictions, a vegetarian meal option is available upon request



This is Really War: The

Incredible True Story of a

Navy Nurse POW in the

Occupied Philippines

F, Mar 6 | 11am | $12M/$17NM

Author Emilie Lucchesi, PhD., will

be back to share the true story of

Dorothy Still, a Navy Nurse POW in

WWII, the subject of her book This

is Really War: The Incredible True

Story of a Navy Nurse POW in the

Occupied Philippines. In December

1941, Dorothy was a 27-year-old

California native stationed in the

Philippines. Along with 11 other

nurses, she was taken prisoner of

the Japanese military. This book is

the first to exclusively tell the story

of the 12 Navy Nurse POWs, the

"Twelve Anchors," who nursed

throughout their captivity. Menu

includes: chicken and wild rice

soup, salad, roll, beverage and


Menstrual Movement Service


Th, Mar 12 | 10am | $10

The NSC will be partnering with

God’s Child Project to make

reusable sanitary napkins to

distribute to girls in developing

countries. Menstrual hygiene

management (MHM) is an

important public health issue for

girls worldwide. Menstruation is

associated with stigma and

marginalization for millions of girls,

especially among girls living in lowincome

countries. The inability to

adequately address the MHM

needs of adolescent girls worldwide

leads to many girls missing school

every month, as many often do not

have the necessary supplies to

manage their menstruation. Before

we begin the project, we will view

the 2018 Oscar Award winning

documentary, Period. End of

Sentence. This project is suitable for

every craft level, from beginning to

advanced. If you would like to

donate supplies, please see Milcah.

Fee includes: materials and light


RealiTEA: Gender Identity

M, Apr 6 | 11am | $6M/$9NM

RealiTEA is a new program created

to explore real topics in the news,

with a local facilitator who is an

expert in the subject matter, along

with tea and nibbles. This month,

Northwestern University’s Assistant

Director of Multicultural Student

Affairs, Matthew Abtahi, will be here

to discuss gender identity,

including terminology, social

expectations, and current public


Simply Sip: Wines from Spain


Tu, Apr 21| 11am| $12M/$17NM

Binny’s Wine Consultant Dean will

do a wine tasting just for the NSC!

Similar to the tastings offered at

Binny’s, our tasting will feature a

region or brand to explore as we

develop our taste palates. We will

be considering red and white wines

from Spain. Fee includes tasting,

presentation, and snacks to

complement our selection.

Women’s History Month

Mae West Luncheon

Presented by

Martina Mathisen

M, Mar 2 | 11am | $12M/$17NM

Martina Mathisen will be back to

share the life of another famous

lady in history. Mae West shattered

box office records and public

sensibilities. She rocketed from

Broadway to become the highest

paid actress in Hollywood. Her oneliners

scandalized the censors yet

made her an icon. She rescued

studios from bankruptcy and

created stars. Without her, Cary

Grant would have remained a

nobody. Meet the woman behind

the wit. Afterwards we will share a

lunch of Greek chicken, sides,

beverage and dessert.


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage

Month: Royal Polynesian

W, May 20 | 12pm | $15M/$20NM

The ladies of Royale Polynesian are coming back to

help us celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander

Month! Royale Polynesian has been entertaining in the

Chicago area for over 20 years, helping audiences of all

ages appreciate the culture of the Pacific Islands. Be

prepared to participate because this is an interactive

show! Lunch will include orange chicken, sides,

beverage, and dessert.



Rummage Sale

Saturday, May 2 |9am-1pm

Come one, come all to the NSC’s Annual Rummage

Sale. There will be over 40 vendors! Raffles to be won!

Hot dog lunches for $3, while supplies last. Open to the


If you are interested in reserving a table to sell the

many treasures in your home that you no longer use,

please call Jaymi at 847-588-8420 as soon as possible.

A $5 donation per table is required at the time of

reservation Space is limited! Table reservations are on a

first come, first serve basis.

Refer-a-Friend & Get a Chance to

Win a $10 Gift Certificate

Sharing is caring! Share your experiences at the NSC with

a friend, and if they register to become a member, you

will be entered into a drawing to win a $10 gi cerficate

towards any program at the NSC! Have them menon

your name when they register and you will automacally

be entered. Drawings will be held monthly.

Congratulaons Julie Caruso and thank you for referring

your friend Kathleen! Congratulaons Judy Wehling and

thank you for referring your friend Kay!

Tax Assistance Locations (Continued)

Mather’s More than a Café

3235 N Center, Chicago

888-600-2560 beginning 2/3/20

Thursdays & Fridays—9am-12pm

AARP Tax Program

The Niles Senior Center will not be hosting the AARP Tax

Assistance Program in 2020. If you need tax assistance,

please call one of the following locations. Each location

is by appointment only:

Mather’s More than a Café

7134 W. Higgins, Chicago

888-600-2560 beginning 2/3/20


Maine Park Leisure Center

2701 W. Sibley, Park Ridge


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays—9am-3pm

Morton Grove Civic Center

6140 W Dempster, Morton Grove


Mondays & Fridays—9am-3pm

Village of Skokie

5127 Oakton, Skokie





Hollywood Casino

T, Mar 17 | Check-in 8:30am | 9am-3pm | $20M/$25NM

(Anticipate heavy walking)


With 50,000 square feet of spine-tingling casino action, you'll never run out

of ways to play at Hollywood Joliet. Get that winning feeling with more than

1,100 of the hottest slots around and a fantastic selection of table games,

including blackjack, craps, roulette and more! Lunch is on your own, indulge

in the Epic Buffet for $13.99, from Italian to Asian, to a meat carving

station. Epic Buffet is sure to satisfy all your cravings.


Minimal Walking

Moderate Walking

Heavy Walking

Windy City Bulls Game at

Sears Center Arena

W, Mar 4 | Check-in 9:15am

| 9:45am-2:45pm | $35M/$40NM

(Anticipate moderate walking)

Hoffman Estates

The Windy City Bull are an

American professional basketball

team of the NBA G League and an

affiliate of the Bulls. The ticket

includes 100 level center seats, food

voucher which includes hot dog,

chips, water and transportation.

Madame Butterfly

Lyric Opera (Waitlist Only)

Th, Mar 5 | Check-in 11:30am|

Lunch 12pm | 12:30-6:30pm |


(Anticipate minimal walking)

An enchanting geisha, Cio-Cio-San,

loses her heart to an American

naval lieutenant and marries him.

After he leaves Japan, she waits

three long years for his return. We

share her joy when he returns, and

her utter despair when she realizes

that he's married an American

woman and has come to take his

young son—Cio-Cio-San's child—

back with him. Lunch before

departure will include: 1) American

sub sandwich or 2) Caprese sub

sandwich chips and dessert.

Dragalicious Gospel Brunch

(Waitlist Only)

Su, Mar 8 | Check-in 10:45am

| 11:15am-3:45pm| $55M/$60NM

(Anticipate minimal walking )

Hosted by Ruff N' Stuff, with the

Sisters of Sequins, this is church

done right! Your ticket includes an

entree and all the sides that come

with it, plus unlimited Mimosas,

Champagne, and Bloody Mary's.

Entrees will be selected at the

event and includes crab cake

benedict, veggie benedict, steak &

eggs, chicken penne a la vodka,

chicken waffles, buttermilk

pancakes, breakfast sandwich, and

much more.

Dinner at Dusk

W, Mar 11 | Check-in 3pm|

| 3:30-7:30pm | $56M/$61NM

(Anticipate minimal walking)

Tuscany in Wheeling truly captures

the warmth of North Shore dining.

The beauty of the restaurant is the

perfect complement to the

enticing cuisine. Dinner will

include three courses, upon

registration please request a menu

to select your meal options. We will

stop at Lynfred Winery where you

can shop or participate in a wine

tasting (wine not included in


An American in Paris at

Drury Lane (Waitlist Only)

Th, Mar 26 | Check-in 10:30am

| 11am-5pm| $79M/$84NM

(NEW check-in time)

(Anticipate minimal walking)

A tale inspired by hope and

possibility, An American in Paris

brings breathtaking moments of

dance and song to the musical

stage. Come away with Jerry

Mulligan, an American GI doing his

best to make it as a painter in the

bustling city of Paris following the

end of World War II. Lunch will

include tomato basil soup entrée

selection 1) grilled chicken breast

with Marsala sauce 2) parmesancrusted

tilapia with capers 3) 8

finger cavatelli creamy marinara,

mozzarella, parmesan and a

chocolate ice cream sundae for


Wanderlust Archery—

NSC Rebels

W, Apr 8| 1:30-3pm| $15M/$20NM

Morton Grove

(Anticipate heavy walking)

Wanderlust Archery is a certified

archery range located at 5802

Dempster St., Morton Grove.

Whether you are a beginner or elite

shooter, they provide an open

range for archery lovers to advance

their skills with professional quality

equipment and excellent coaching.

We will not be ordering a bus for

this trip and will be arranging

carpool transportation, an NSC staff

member will be attending the trip.

Please talk to Chrisann Fahy if you

would like to volunteer to drive or

need a ride, 847-588-8436 or




HalimTime & Glass Museum

Tu, Apr 14 | Check-in 9am

| 9:30am-2:30pm | $48M/$53NM

(Anticipate heavy walking)


The museum houses 1100 time

pieces and over 70 stained glass

pieces of art. The building is five

stories tall and is filled with history,

art and the study of time. Please

select from a main entree option:

1) turkey and Swiss on croissant 2)

fresh farm grilled vegetables,

mustard or olive oil balsamic, Italian

bread 3) chicken Caesar salad. Each

meal comes with sides and dessert.

After, we will tour the Toby Jug

Museum and if time allows, explore

some unique shops in the area

including Ten Thousand Villages or

Dave’s Down to Earth Rock Shop.

Matilda the Musical-Maine

South Park Ridge

Th, Apr 16 | 4pm| Free

(Anticipate moderate walking)

Free event and on your own trip.

111 S. Dee Rd., Park Ridge.

Matilda the Musical is a stage

musical based on the 1988

children's novel by Roald Dahl. An

inspiring, heart-breaking,

captivating masterpiece, Matilda

revels in the anarchy of childhood,

the power of imagination, and a girl

who won’t let being “little” stop her

from putting an unjust world right.

In a Mighty Fortress

Fireside Theatre

Th, Apr 23 | Check-in 8am

| 8:30am-6:30pm | $96M/$101NM

(Anticipate moderate walking)

Fort Atkinson, WI

In this installment of the Church

Basement Ladies series, the year is

1960 and a reformation is

underway. Mavis must find a way to

deal with the new Super Highway

that cuts through her farm. Karin

finds freedom behind the wheel of

her husband’s pickup truck. And

Pastor has found new love and

announces his impending nuptials.

Against the changing tide, these

“bulwarks never failing” stand

strong in their faith and in their

friendships with more crazy antics,

more great songs, and more

lessons reluctantly learned. Lunch

will include a chopped salad,

roasted boneless pork chops and

apple pie.

Art & Bloom

Th, Apr 30 | Check-in 9:30am

| 10am-6pm| $75M/$80NM

(Anticipate heavy walking)

Milwaukee, WI

We will start our trip with lunch at

the Harbor House overlooking the

lake and city views. Please select

from the following for your first

course: 1) petite mesclum greens 2)

cup of New England clam chowder.

Please choose from one of the

following for your second course: 1)

grilled chicken salad 2) fried clam

po’boy 3) charbroiled burger.

Please choose from one of the

following for your third course

1) flourless chocolate cake 2) carrot

cake. Don’t just see the art, smell it!

We will have a docent lead tour

explaining the stunning artinspired

floral installations. You will

have enough time to explore the

museum filled with flowers, clothes,

purses, jewelry, beauty products,

garden accessories, local vendors

and artisans.

Teatro ZinZanni Love, Chaos &


S, Apr 26 | Check-in 10:00am

| 10:30am-3:45pm

(Anticipate moderate walking)



Call for availability

Enter a realm where reality and

dreams converge! An experience

unlike any other, Teatro ZinZanni is

a 3-hour show with a whirlwind of

international cirque, comedy and

cabaret all served with a fourcourse

feast, drinks are not

included. Described as the “Kit Kat

Klub on acid”, the fast-paced action

unfolds all around you as acrobats,

illusionists, and aerialists fill the

intimate Spiegeltent ZaZou. This

unique jewel box mirror tent has a

history of its own and is

constructed within a formerly

tucked away space in the new

Hotel Cambria-Theatre District.



42nd Street at Lyric Opera

W, Jun 17 | Lunch 11am | Depart 12pm-5:30pm | $115M/$120NM

| $107M/$112NM (Without boxed lunch)

(Anticipate moderate walking)


Main floor seating rows X-P between aisle 5 and 6. Nobody does Broadway-style

productions quite like Lyric, and you will love the Tony-winning

song-and-dance spectacular 42ND Street ! Broadway stars Norm Lewis

and Faith Prince make their Lyric debuts in the roles of famed Broadway

director Julian Marsh and Dorothy Brock, the seasoned diva who sees her

star status eclipsed by a rising newcomer. Lunch will be served at NSC,

please select a main meal option 1) tavern club 2) honey baked ham classic

3) Mediterranean veggie sandwich. Each sandwich will be served with

a pickle, chips and a cookie.

Evita at Drury Lane

Th, May 7 | Check-in 10:30am

| 11am-5pm | $82M/$87NM

(Anticipate moderate walking)

Oak Brook, IL

Based on true events, Evita tells the

story of Eva Perón’s rags-to-riches

life as she goes from poor provincial

child to First Lady of Argentina. A

champion of the working-class

descamisados, she uses popularity

and politics to serve her people –

and herself. Featuring some of Tim

Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s

most iconic songs, including “Don’t

Cry for Me, Argentina,” this musical

masterpiece won seven Tony

Awards, including Best Musical and

Best Original Score. The 1996 film

adaptation was nominated for five

Academy Awards, winning for Best

Original Song. Lunch includes

mixed greens salad and one of the

following options: 1) chicken breast

lemon thyme jus 2) vegetable

kabob wild rice with balsamic glaze

and peach melba for dessert.


Tu, May 12 | Check-in


| 11am-5:15pm | $49M/$54NM

(Anticipate heavy walking)


The Adler Planetarium connects

people to the Universe and each

other. During your visit you will

have time to explore on your own

and will view Planet Nine and

Imagine the Moon. Please select a

main entrée 1) carved turkey breast

& cheddar sandwich 2) northern

ham-isphere sandwich 3) Hummus

& Veggie Sub 4) classic chicken

Caesar wrap 5) harvester grilled

chicken wrap 6) southwest roasted

chicken wrap. Each meal will

include a side, dessert and soft


Galos Salt Caves

W, May 27 | Check-in 10am

| 10:20am-3:20pm | $44M/$49NM

(Anticipate moderate walking)


Visiting salt-iodine caves help to

cure: respiratory system diseases,

digestive system diseases,

cardiovascular system diseases,

dermatological problems, nervous

system dysfunctions, rheumatic

diseases, inflammation of the upper

respiratory system, sinus problems

and more! Upon registration,

please pick-up a sheet of rules for

the Galos salt-iodine caves. The

group will be split into two groups,

while one group will be in the salt

cave the other will be eating at the

Jolly Inn buffet next door and vice

versa. We will all meet at the Jolly

Inn for dessert. Then we will head

over to A Way of Life Natural Food &

Discount Nutrition Center for a

holistic tour.

Hot Air Balloons

(Waitlist Only)

New Hampshire, IL

Rescheduled trip in May. If you

would like to fly up and away on a

hot air balloon ride for an

unforgettable experience please

put your name on the waitlist. After

our first flight NSC will organize

another trip.

Grant Park Tchaikovsky

Sleeping Beauty & Vinci


W, Aug 12 | Check-in 2pm

| 2:30-9pm | $79M/$84NM

(Anticipate minimal walking)


The Grant Park Music Festival is an

annual ten-week classical music

concert series held in Jay Pritzker

Pavilion Chicago. It features the

Grant Park Symphony Orchestra

and Grant Park Chorus, along with

featured guest performers and

conductors. Tickets are located in

the reserved seating pavilion area.

Before the performance we will be

having dinner at Vinci the family

style meal includes romaine salad,

gnocchi, tagliatelle (veal tomato

ragu, Parmigiano), penne, chicken

saltimbocca, tiramisu, coffee and




Springfield, IL—Here We Come!

Tu, Jun 2-Th Jun 4

Check-in 8am (Doors open 7:30am)| Depart 8:30am

Double Occupancy $330M/$335NM

Single Occupancy $420M/425NM

(Anticipate heavy walking)

Tuesday, June 2

Luggage tags will be handed out when you arrive at the

Senior Center. Small snack will be provided on the bus.

12:30pm Mauldaners Restaurant for lunch

2:00pm Governor’s Mansion tour

3:15pm Check-in into the Wyndham Springfield City


Dinner on your own suggested restaurants at the hotel

Rise and Grind Café and The Grille

6:00pm Visit the WWII/Korean Vietnam Memorial

Cemetery and Lincoln’s Tomb

7:00pm Flag lowering ceremony located by Lincoln’s


8:00pm Return to the hotel, evening is on your own,

pool open until 10:00pm

Wednesday, June 3

6:30-8:45am Breakfast located in the Grille Breakfast


9:00am Lincoln Home

10:30am Old State Capital

11:00am Lunch on your own (meal not included in

price) and time to explore the downtown

area and shops.

2:00pm Illinois State Capitol

3:30pm Dana Thomas House

6:00pm Dinner on the 29 th floor of the hotel 3-course

meal open bar, please select from a main

meal option 1) grilled chicken provencal *

gluten free 2) portabella ravioli * vegetarian


7:00pm Entertainer

8:00 pm Evening is on your own to relax, pool open

until 10:00pm

Thursday, June 4

6:30-9:00am Breakfast located in the Grille Breakfast


9:30am Abraham Lincoln Res. Museum

11:30am Enhanced History Lesson Presentation

12:00pm Lunch at the Museum Horseshoe

Sandwich Buffet

2:00pm New Salem State Park

3:30pm Depart to return home

5:00pm Portillo’s Normal, IL Dinner (on your own

dinner, meal not included in price)

8:00pm Estimated arrival time at NSC

Overnight Trip Cancellation Policy—Fees for overnight

trips are non-refundable 30 days before the

trip, unless a replacement can be found.




Golf League Kickoff Meeting

W, Apr 15 | 10:30am

Join us as we discuss plans for the upcoming

2020 Golf season!

Hooked on Fishing

F, May 22 | 8am | $20

Big Bear Little Bear

Price includes: continental breakfast, bait, prizes and


Maps are available at the Front Desk..

Senior Romance: You’re Never

Too Old for Love—By Michael

Vilder, Senior Social Work Intern

Love is a many-splendored thing at any

stage of life, but as the average human

lifespan continues to grow, many older

adults are finding themselves in a

position to pursue romance even after

many years of coupledom. Whether

one is divorced, widowed, or never

married, it’s common for one to

experience the desire to share one’s

later life with someone else. For those

who have lost a partner, especially after

a long and meaningful couplehood

experience, the desire to pursue a new

romantic endeavor may be hindered

by emotions such as guilt, sadness, and

regret. However, even those who are

not hindered by such emotions may

find it difficult to pursue a new partner

due to a lack of confidence or lack of

knowledge regarding social resources.

The internet has become a popular

platform for single people of all ages to

look for love. A number of dating

websites tailored specifically to older

adults exist. The use of such websites

may be appealing to individuals who

lack the time for more traditional

courtship but possess even basic

computer knowledge. However, for

those who feel intimidated by the

prospect of dating in cyberspace,

plenty of other, more traditional dating

outlets are around. Singles mixers for

older adults do exist, though they may

be easier to discover using the internet.

Clubs or classes may provide

comparatively low-pressure

environments to meet other likeminded

individuals who may also be

open to something more. Even if one

isn’t comfortable pursuing romance in

casual settings like these, interacting

with others in low-key environments

may provide a confidence and social

skills boost, allowing one to work his or

her way up to a renewed pursuit of


Whether it be to hone one’s social skills

or to meet new friends, the Niles Senior

Center provides a variety of casual

classes, clubs, and activities one can

utilize. Located just above the senior


center, Niles Family Services provides

counseling services that can aid

individuals who may be struggling to

get back into the dating game for any

reason, whether it be due to emotional

challenges or a lack of confidence or

resources. If you or someone you know

may be interested in these services,

please feel free to contact the Niles

Family Services Senior Social Work

Department at 847-588-8460.

In addition to counseling and case

management services, our Senior

Social Work Department offers the

following support groups (there is

no cost to attend groups but registration

is required, please call 847-


Caregiver Group

This monthly group offers support

to family and friends caring for

loved ones. The group is a source

of emotional help and practical

guidance that provides an opportunity

to relieve stress and interact

with other caregivers.

Parent Group

A support group that is available

for senior parents coping with the

demands of caring for medically,

emotionally or financially dependent

adult children.

In addition, we also offer

the following service:

HERO Program

Niles Helping Elders

through Referral and

Outreach (HERO) is a

community-based system

for identifying and helping

older adults at-risk

physically, emotionally,

socially or financially. If

you are concerned about a

senior who you feel may

benefit from social work

outreach, you can make a

confidential referral by

calling and saying, "I want

to make a HERO referral."

For information, please

contact Angelika Danek,

Senior Social Work

Coordinator at (847) 588-



Group –

Niles Family Services and

Niles Community Church

are offering a support group

for grandparents who are

primary caregivers or who

co-parent young family

members and who want to

connect with others like

themselves. A new topic is

discussed each month. To

register or for more

information, contact Niles

Family Services, 847-588-

8460, or Niles Community

Church to register and to

request childcare for ages

toddler to 9, 847-967-6921.

When: The first Wednesday

of every month from 10:0 am

to 11:30 am. Where: Niles

Community Church 7401 W.

Oakton, Niles IL 60714.




Friendly Visitor Program

The Friendly Visitor program is a

collaboration between the Niles Senior

Center and Niles Family Services. The goal

is to support independence and enhance

the quality of life for seniors and other

individuals who, due to health and mobility

restrictions are losing touch with their

community. The Friendly Visitor Program is

a volunteer-based program that matches volunteers with homebound

residents who are seeking additional companionship.

If you are interested in becoming a Friendly Visitor, or would like to have

a Friendly Visitor come to your home, please call 847-588-8420.

Join the Thursday Discussion Group, Issues in the News!

Our Issues in the News discussion group is looking for some new

voices and faces in 2020. This group of vibrant and intelligent individuals

meets every Thursday at 9:30am, and discusses current events and

the goings on of the country and world. All are welcome! Please see

pages 4 and 26 for our membership options.

Decorating Committee Meetings

The Decorating Committee will meet on the following dates at the NSC:

• M, Mar 23 | 2:00pm

• M, Apr 27 | 2:00pm


Do you need to investigate your health insurance options and gather

accurate information concerning Medicare so you can make decisions

that can prevent serious, costly problems? In our new Medicare Resource

Center we have several publications to assist you in making

informed health insurance decisions. The NSC also has three certified

Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) counselors onsite to assist

with health insurance counseling for Medicare beneficiaries and their


Please call 847-588-8420 to set up an appointment.



Maine Township

Assessors Office


Niles Township

Assessors Office


Niles Free Bus


Pace Bus


Social Security Office - 705 N

Wheeling Rd, Mount Prospect


Village of Niles Administration

Building, Mayor’s Office, Village

Manager, Village Clerk, Vehicle

Sticker, Voter Registration


Community Development


Family Services


Fire Department


Non-Emergency | 847-588-6800

Niles Family Fitness Center


Niles Family Services

Food Pantry


Police Department


Non-Emergency | 847-588-6500

Public Services, Garbage Collection,

Forestry, Water Main Breaks


Water Billing






Niles residents may purchase a

membership to the NSC for $20 a year per

person, or $30 a year for two residing at

the same address. Non-residents may

purchase a membership to the NSC for

$35 a year per person, or $45 a year for

two residing at the same address.

Members receive the bi-monthly program

guide and priority registration with

member pricing. Your membership card

must be scanned in at the front desk to

allow access to the Center including the

card room, billiards room, main lobby with

large screen TV and Free WiFi, library for

books & movies, & multi-media center.


So that we may contact you in the event

of a cancellation, all programs, both FREE

and paid, require registration. Payment is

due at the time of registration.

Registration is available online, by mail or

in person at the Senior Center.

Registration by phone can only be made

when an account credit is available to

cover the entire cost. All program fees

must be paid in full at time of registration.

We are unable to hold a seat without

payment. Individuals on a waitlist will be

called if there is an opening and given 48

hours to provide payment. Waitlist

payments must be made in person. If

payment is not received, the next

individual on the list will be contacted.


Programs cancelled by the NSC due to

low enrollment, weather, or other

scheduling conflicts, will be fully refunded

to the payor. In the event a registrant

cancels less than 24 hours prior to the

program (excluding trips), the Program

Coordinator and/or Director will make a

determination regarding a refund.

Refunds will be made to the payor of the

event by account credit, refund check or a

refund to the credit card used at the time

of registration (Please note that refund

checks may take up to thirty days from

the date of cancellation).

Trip Cancellation Policy

Fees for day trips are non-refundable

within 10 working days of the trip if a

replacement cannot be found. Please call

and speak with a staff person if you

cannot attend the trip. If we are

successful in finding a replacement, the

payor of the trip will receive a refund by

account credit, refund check or a refund

to the credit card used at the time of


Fees for overnight trips are non

refundable 30 days before the trip unless

a replacement can be found.

Code of Conduct

Participants are expected to maintain an

accepted level of conduct and hygiene

so as not to cause harm or distress to

self or others. Disruptive behaviors that

affect others will be immediately

addressed and may call for immediate

and/or permanent dismissal of the



Vehicles must be parked in a designated

space. If a parked vehicle is taking up

more than one space, it is not an

acceptable excuse for another operator to

do the same. Drivers should be aware

that spaces in prime locations tend to fill

up quickly. Depending on your time of

arrival, the outer lots may be the best

choice for parking. Should the staff

witness or be notified of any issues in the

Senior Center lot, including locked cars

with engines running, parking illegally in

or next to a handicapped spot, fender

benders, and/or observed difficulty with

driving, the police will be called to


Permission to Photograph

Photos are periodically taken of

participants in a class, during a special

event or any other Senior Center function.

These photos are for Village of Niles use

and may be used in all forms of media.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Village of Niles intends to comply

with the Americans with Disabilities Act

(ADA) by making reasonable

accommodations for people with

disabilities. We hope that this will

enhance our building’s appearance and

make your efforts to be informed easier. If

you or someone you know with a

disability requires accommodations for a

Village service or have any questions

about the Village’s compliance, please

contact Steven Vinezeano, Village

Manager, Village Administration Building,

1000 Civic Center Drive, Niles, IL 60714.


Gift Certificates

Available at the front desk.

Handicapped Placards

Forms available at the

front desk.

Medical Lending Closet

Walkers, canes, or

wheelchairs available for short

term use to Niles residents.

Program Guide

FREE M/$1NM or FREE online

at www.vniles.com

Optelec Clear Reader

A photo is taken of typed

materials, such as a

magazine, newspaper, or

book, and reads the

information out loud. The

Reader is available for use in

the multi-media center.

Ventra Card

Applications available. Photos

taken for a $3 processing fee.

SHIP Appointments

(Senior Health Insurance

Program) Call for


TDD (Hearing Impaired



Will Appointments

Call for more information.

Yard Waste Stickers

Available for $2 each at the

front desk.

In Memory of...

Robert Adams, Stephen Beeman,

George Cardone, Harry Kuhrau,

Karen Luecke, Clara Pardi,

Verna Park, Bernard Spina

A memorial sign is placed at the

front desk when we hear a

member has passed.

The NSC reserves the right to

correct errors in this publication.




Name ___________________________________________________________________ Phone ______________________________________



Payment Information: Cash Paid $_____________

Check #_____________ Payable to the “Village of Niles”

The release entered by and between ___________________, (“Participant”) and

the Village of Niles, its successors, assignees, employees and agents (“Village

of Niles”), is entered this _____ day of ______ 20___.

Therefore, I _(initials)_agree that any claim or suit that is pursued against me

as a result of my participation in the Activity specified herein, including but

not limited to, claims of property damage, personal injury, and intentional

tort, are my sole responsibility. I release the Village of Niles, the Department,

and its officers, employees, attorneys, and agents, from all judgments,

payments, damages and claims, including all costs, expenses and attorneys’

fees incurred by me in defending against any such claim. I will not seek legal

representation, contribution, or indemnification from the Village of Niles in

connection with any such claim, under any theory of vicarious liability or


I _(initials)_further recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of

physical injury associated with the Activity, and I agree to assume the full risk

of any injuries, including death, damages, or loss which I may sustain as a

result of participating in the Activity on a volunteer basis. I hereby waive,

release and discharge any and all claims for personal injury, death or property

damage which I may have, or which may hereafter accrue to me, as a result

of my participation in the Activity. I agree to indemnify and to hold harmless

the Village, the Department, and its officers, employees, attorneys, and

agents from any loss, liability, damage, cost, or expense which they may incur

as the result of my death, injury, or property damage that I sustain while

participating in the Activity. This waiver, release and assumption of risk is

binding upon my heirs and assigns.

I _(initials)_further agree that if any claim or suit is pursued by me or on my

behalf as a result of injuries from the Activity specified herein against the

Village of Niles, the Department, and its officers, employees, attorneys, and

agents, I will Indemnify and Hold Harmless these parties from all judgments,

payments, damages and claims, including all costs, expenses and attorneys’

fees incurred by these parties in defending against such claim.







___________________________________________________ Date _______ / _______

Signature (Release & Hold Harmless Agreement)

999 Civic Center Drive

Niles, Illinois 60714

847-588-8420 • www.vniles.com







Monday - Friday

8:30am - 5:00pm

Nights & weekends

as scheduled



Andrew Przybylo


George D. Alpogianis

John C. Jekot

Danette O’Donovan-


Denise M. McCreery

Craig Niedermaier

Dean Strzelecki


Steven C. Vinezeano


Marlene J. Victorine



Kelly Mickle



Jaymi Blickhahn

Milcah Baraona

Chrisann Fahy


Angelika Danek

Bev Wessels



Bernadette Warner


Jolanta Banasiak


Marco Aviles

Evening with the Stars

Starring: The Velma Hudgins Trio (NEW DATE)

F, May 8 | 5:30pm | $12M/$17NM

This mother/daughters jazz trio (including returning NSC favorite Tracy Holmes!) will

be back to add their spin on classics by the jazz greats of old such as Ella Fitzgerald,

Billie Holiday, and Nancy Wilson. Fee includes: light dinner, two (2) glasses of wine,

and performance.

She Gee’s Luncheon

F, Jun 12


Day at the Races

Starring: Randy McCallister

M, Jun 15 | 11am | $12M/$17NM

Afternoon with the Stars:

Starring: Passion

F, Jun 19 | 12pm | $12M/$17NM

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