Lookbook VIVE MARIA Spring & Summer 2020

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37716 Vive Maria Anna‘s Negligee

37731 Vive Maria Mimi‘s Dream Set

37719 Vive Maria Sea of Flowers Pyjama

37702 Vive Maria Asia Dream Pyjama

37700 Vive Maria Asia Morning Pyjama

37704 Vive Maria Asia Dream Robe

37703 Vive Maria Asia Morning Nightdress 37701 Vive Maria Asia Night Pyjama

37735 Vive Maria Green Flower Dress

37740 Vive Maria My Sunny Leo Top

37743 Vive Maria Summer Wild Skirt

37748 Vive Maria Italian Holiday Blouse

37749 Vive Maria My Italian Love Skirt

37754 Vive Maria Ma Marguerite Dress

37759 Vive Maria Summer Lace Dress

37760 Vive Maria Summer Lace Shirt

37761 Vive Maria Hawaii Asia Dress

37768 Vive Maria Piroshka Summer Blouse

37770 Vive Maria Piroshka‘s Kiss Skirt

37787 Vive Maria Ma Ville Dress

Nastrovje Potsdam I Niederwiesenstrasse 28

78050 Villingen-Schwenningen I Germany

Großhandel: Marjan Kokolanski I Branko Hrustic

Mail: marjan@napo.de I Tel: +49 7721 9442 151

Mail: branko@napo.de I Tel: +49 7721 9442 153

Presse & Marketing: Jennifer Buddatsch

Mail: jennifer@napo.de I Tel: +49 7721 9442 120

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