British Columbia Spring 2020

BC Spring 2020

BC Spring 2020


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2020 Spring

New Colours

and Furnishings

Taking a walk through furnishing stores prior to spring

is always a refreshing experience. The new white

seems whiter and cleaner. Shades of greens, blues,

and taupe are crisper, fresher and newer. Exciting

patterns, fabrics and furnishings herald the promise of

spring - the new plush and lush; a hint at freshening

our homes and the way we feel about ourselves. The

natural world’s renewal of life awakens and energizes

again, translating abundantly into our lives; inspiring

and invigoratively creative.

Just a splash of new colour to grace our walls,

changing up some rooms, moving furniture around,

recovering the sofa, perhaps purchasing or sewing

new scatter cushion covers. Change lifts one’s energy

and vibrancy. Like a breath of fresh air.

2020 colours range from shades of white, off-white,

creams, beige, natural and neutral tones as well as

the deeper, darker pastels and browns. Green is back;

all shades, ranging from the bright electrics through

emerald to blue greens. Smaller rooms do well with

lighter coloured walls which open the area, as darker

walls tend to close in the space. Accent walls, a tone

darker create contrast, highlighting various furnishings

close to, or paintings hanging on the wall. Black

is featured this year, mostly as an elegant trim, or

designer fabric print to add that formal atmosphere of

rich, opulent contrast.

If you are considering selling your home, neutral

colours are tasteful, and always your best and safest

bet when it comes to attracting potential purchases.

The furnishing trends of 2020 revive both the natural

and the sleek lines in furniture. Décor is clean, simple

and functional and yet the hint of simply contrasting

and layering of textures and shades can enhance a

richly visual and sumptuously comfortable effect. The

rustic look with natural materials brings the outdoors


inside for comfortability and ease. Woods like birch,

oak, walnut and rattan are back. Of course bamboo is

not only appealing for its strength and durability, but

as a sustainable product for flooring and furniture.

Tribal and ethnic prints for living room areas are bright

and bold, rich in colour and pattern; adding delightful

contrast to neutral walls and furniture. Vibrant scatter

rugs, cushions, throws are most suitable and desirable

for high energy areas, activity and entertaining.

Brass and gold metals complement wood furnishings

and sumptuous blends of fabric textures and

designs. Feather motifs are prolific ‘objets d’art’, or

incorporated into prints.

There are no hard and fast rules with decorating. Your

personality and taste shine through when it comes to

colour, furnishings, creative style. Spring’s a wonderful

excuse to explore, see what’s out there, exercise your

imagination in changing up your home just a little, so

something new and exciting is reflected back into your


Much consideration should go into your plans and

desired goals, if you need to freshen up your home

to list in the upcoming spring market. Make your

decisions practical and appealing for reasons that suit

your pocket and creativity.


A New Spring

in Decoration

Spring is a time for renewal: a refreshing

and exciting new energy towards life and

inspiring new endeavors. Colour has a lot

to do with lifting and changing our moods

and healing energy. A colour support one

to feel calm and relaxed, refreshed; or in

the case of the colour red, instills a vibrant

energetic get-up-and-go buzz.

New colour schemes and decorating

trends pop up every spring. Whilst it is not

feasible, easy or practical to change up

wall colours or furnishings every year, it is

fun and exciting to repaint and redecorate

a tired room or two with vibrant splashes

of colour and new furniture.

Find the most cost-effective way to

enhance and inspire anunderstated

elegant simplicity, mood and energy. Just

for a change. Less is more – the adage

or zen proverb is a truism pertinent to

decorating trends.

The latest shade being touted for an

interesting new look and energy is

“radiant orchid.” Designersmostly talk

about the clean, refreshing energy of the

neutral base:any of the 179 white shades

accented with hints of blue, green or

even yellow;shades of sand, khaki, tan: or

earthen tints of gray and beige to darker

gray-brown for accent walls. There is so

much more you can do to dress up your

home inneutral, earthy, calming tones.

Which room could do with an accent wall

of neutral patterned wallpaper?

and Colour

Have fun playing with accessories

and new window treatments in easy,

unassuming shades of white, off-white,

beige or stone; in natural fabrics like

cotton, linen or sheers like muslin.

Softer matte finished gold or bronze light

fixturesadd another dimension to the

textures in your room. Circular industrialtype

fixtures are popular.

Rememberfengshui: balance the five

elements for harmony - like earth in

pot plants, stones or crystals; wood in

furniture; glass or metal; water fountains

or the colour blue, and a fire place and

fire colours red, orange and yellow.

Colourfulbold accentedpillows, throws,

and patterned flat-weave killim rugs

contrast neutral tones.

Wood furniturecomplimentsmuted,

naturally soft and pastel walls and soft

furnishings. Add a new vintage one-ofa-kind

occasional piece of furniture to

your room.Second hand furniture can be

brought back to life with a new coat of

paint. Timeless classic and traditionally

rustic pieces show well and highlight the

simplicity and uncluttered elegance of

any room in your home.

Creativity is key. Do what suits your

home, budget and unique taste. Your

plans need not be costly and can be

a collaborative project with the whole

family. Have fun!



We are proud to share that Kyle Watters painting has been an advertiser and supporter of Real Home Advice

since our First issue in September of 2016. Kyle very early on saw the advantage we offered with our Exclusive

and Semi-Exclusive Advertising packages. As Kyle said, “I did not feel like he was in the Yellow Pages with 20 or

30 other Painting companies”. Kyle stopped by our booth at the Home Show in 2017 and shared that he had

received direct business from his ads with us.


With 18 years personal experience, Kyle and his 5 Qualified Staff has been serving Kelowna and area for

over 10 years. Attention to detail and only using top of the line paint is a trademark of Watters painting.

Kyle has been a member of the BBB and the local Chamber of Commerce.

Kyle and his team focus on Residential Interior and Residential Exterior Projects in and around the Kelowna


As Kyle says: “If I would not Paint my house with it, I would not Paint yours with it”


1. Always do the “pre walk” with the Painter and ask questions then

2. Never try to do the prep work or primer without consulting painter


Kyle and his wife Angela are the proud and happy parents to 3 children ranging in age from 10 months to

4 years of age. Over the years Kyle has been involved in the Children’s Ministry at the EVANGEL CHURCH in

Kelowna. Kyle has also been known to offer mentorships and support to youth in the community. As well Kyle

ask those that can to SUPPORT OUR VETERANS.

It is easy to see why we at Real Home Advice are proud to Partner with Kyle Watters Painting

We’re a full-service paint shop that proves our dedication to our customers by keeping

our rates low and our standards high. We offer accurate estimates and prompt

assistance, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our services include:

Commercial Painting

Residential Painting




Serving Greater Kelowna, BC Since 2010

Call us today for your free estimates...(250) 778-760-4781


Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

Condo Painting

General Painting

29/06/2016 9:56:54 AM


What does Your

Bath Tub Need?

Where has the time gone? The hegdus of raising

your family has come and gone, and in the

meantime you have not noticed the wear or tear

on your bathtub. Now that you look at it, you can

assess what needs to be done in your bathroom to

bring your tub back to its former glory.

In the design of older homes it could be that some

bathtubs were tucked away into a corner. For

renovation purposes, the estimation in replacing and

refitting the tight space with a new model might be

too expensive for your budget. If it’s a galvanized tub,

have you thought about what it would be worth to

re-enamel instead?

Refinishing or resurfacing your bathtub is a job for

the experts. Although there are do-it-yourself kits

available, the experts know what they are doing when

it comes to repairing damaged, chipped or cracked

tubs. Tubs need to be stripped right down after repairs

are made. Acid etching is used to prepare the surface

of the tub. Methyl chloride is highly toxic and should

be used with the greatest of care. Coats of primer are

applied, and then a topcoat rolled, brushed or sprayed

with polymers, urethanes or epoxies.

This work is quite hazardous, and the professionals

would be equipped with special protective clothing

and equipment in the form of respirators. Ensure

that your family is out of the house for the day.

The professionals work with powerful industrialtype

exhausts to remove unpleasant and unsafe

fumes, however, they may slightly linger overnight

depending on how many coats have been applied.

Keep your exhaust fan running until you are ready to

retire for the evening.

A job done professionally though will give you a

brand new looking tub ready fordecades of use.

Professionals will recommend not using abrasive

cleaners or abrasive cloths that will scratch the tub.

There are many natural bathroom cleaners now on

the market that are far gentler, and much safer for

the environment. Bring in the experts to talk about

the options and benefits of re-enameling your old

and tired bathtub. From there you can look at the

costs of various renovation strategies and decide

what works for you and your budget. Whether it is

a new tub or a re-surfaced tub, you can still enjoy

your relaxing winter soaks.



The Silent One

Radon Gas



What is radon gas you might ask? Radon is a radioactive

gas, which occurs naturally as an indirect product of

the breakdown of uranium and thorium in soil, rock and

water. Radon iscolourless, odourless and tasteless.

At this point you may be asking why being aware and

educated about radon has any relevance to you, your

family and your home. The answer is quite simple.

Radon gas seeps through cracks in the foundation of a

home, floors and walls, and any openings around pipes,

sump pumps and drains. Homes with well water may

be exposed to this gas as well. Radon is also known to

emit at very low levels from granite countertops; levels

lower than the gas occurring in homes. It is the major

contributor to lung cancer in non-smokers, as well as

smokers. Whether your home is old or new is apparently

of no relevance, as newer homes that are tightly sealed

may in fact allow the gas to build up in the house. The

location of the gas varies with geographical locales. The

good news is that it is entirely preventable by means of


Short-term test kits are available at most hardware

stores and are relatively inexpensive. They would be

placed in the lowest part of your home between a few

days and up to 90 days, at which time you would send

the kit on to the manufacturer for testing. Longer term

testing requires a period of 90 days and over. Radon

levels change according to time of day and season, and

could be higher at night and in colder weather when the

house is sealed up and warm. Another option is to hire a

specialist to test for radon in your home. Active testing –

continuous monitoring - requires equipment that runs on

energy. This equipment is used by certified radon testing

companies and typically more expensive to run. There

are specific outlines as to how to test your countertops

as well if these may be a concern to you.

It seems feasible that in the near future manufacturers

will be required to test their materials, as they are

currently not required to do so. If your test results reflect

the presence of radon gas call a radon specialist for

radon mitigation. Go to http://c-nrpp.ca/. They can

identify where the radon is entering, seal cracks and

install special venting. For more information on the gas

and its mitigation please visit Health Canada’s website:



Homeowners always want to create a safe and healthy

environment for their homes, families and pets; therefore

it pays to be educated and aware, and take appropriate

measures to ensure the safety of all.



2020 Furnishing Trends

“Fusion” is the buzzword for decorating trends in 2020.

From retro to rustic, it would seem that anything goes.

Whether it’s a blend of wood, glass, metal, textured

coloured fabrics, leather, patterned floors, ethnic designs

and accents; all come together in a cohesive matching of

modern, contemporary, vintage, antique. It’s a highly unique

and individualistic look you are after this year.

Colours range from bright to pastel, fusing with the natural

wood and earthy tones. Some designers are calling for tones

of browns put together with both granite and naturally green

shades; and in contrast a full complement of purple colours of

every hue, and yellow in rich mustard tones.

Modern furniture is functional and the clean modular lines

pleasing to the eye. Combine these with some unique vintage

pieces, mix and match fabrics – ethnic, contemporary, floral,

bold – the choice is yours. Furniture and furnishings that you

find in second hand stores or garage sales once spring comes

around, can always be refurbished, stripped and re-stained

or reupholstered. Walls can be decorated with pastel floral

landscape wallpaper, bold geometrics, or large script covering

the entire wall.

Bringing nature into the home combines elements and

accessories of wall garden features, fountains, natural

ornamental room dividers and plants in many different

containers, that create an atmosphere somewhat similar

to those of the homes of northern Europe, and very

much with the sensibility of being connected with nature.


In a nutshell, décor you choose for your home can

combine with many pieces, fabrics, styles that you might

already have in your home. The inspired and creative

picturewith materials, textures, colours and accents will

reflect your personal taste and energy; remembering of

course that you are considering functionality – especially

with young families, as well as being stylish and inviting

for entertaining friends and guests.

Less is more; however, the way in which you uniquely

combine all your special furnishings will create interest

and variety, with focal points where the eyes can rest

and enjoya pleasing grouping and array of elements.And

mostly - a décor makeover will breathe new life into your

surroundings for 2020.





says Banfield. “On a budget, there are some amazing products

like large format porcelain tiles, with a ton of very high quality

printing options that include great properties like stain resistant

finishes. These tiles look and feel like natural stone and since you

can technically print anything on this tile, we are seeing awesome

modern takes on traditionally used stone images and really fun


When it comes to designing your kitchen and bathroom, the

choices can be hard and the decisions? Even harder. And with so

many options for styles, finishes and everything in between, it can

seem almost impossible to narrow down how you want your space

to look and feel. Vancouver designer Jamie Banfield has seen it all.

Through the trends, he’s accumulated some important tips when it

comes to taking on a renovation, big or small. You can catch Jamie

at the 2020 Edmonton Home + Garden Show at the Edmonton

Expo Centre to more tips on designing your dream home.

It can be hard to know when to compromise when thinking about

all the elements it takes to renovate a space. Whether it be your

dream home or an investment property, there are many elements

that you shouldn’t compromise on. These items are ones that are

often used and touched the most, which means that if you don’t

invest in the best, you’ll notice it quickly. “In the kitchen, you really

want to invest in high quality appliances, hardware, and your sink

and faucet. The bathroom is a little less “luxurious” but really never

skimp out on your plumbing fixtures, toilet, and lighting. You always

need great lighting!”

Although it’s tempting to gut everything and start over, it’s easier

than that to refresh your home. In fact, with trends and feels

changing almost on a daily basis, it can really hurt the bank. For

Jamie, there are a couple smaller items you can update that will

really impact the look without having to rip out the studs and start

over. “First thing I would do is start with the hardware-- knobs,

pulls in the kitchen and towel bars, paper holders and such in the

bathroom. Then even just updating the wall colours, the mirror and

new lighting can really change up a place.” notes Jamie. “These

are an easy switch out but you’ll definitely notice a difference.” For

some more higher investment items you can look at your bathroom

vanity, faucets or a new kitchen sink. “What’s great is that all these

items can be driven by personality and you can really choose some

of finishes to add extra style.”

You’ve also probably notice a rise in industrial style homes-- often

inspired by luxury restaurants and other commercial spaces. “This

trend is pushing for different applications of tile from entire walls of

tile to floor-to-ceiling applications,” notes Banfield. “We’re seeing

lots of subway, natural stone and patterns as well. But even though

you’ve seen these styles in high-end kitchens and extravagant

spas, depending on the tile and pattern, this installation doesn’t

need to break the bank!” His tips? “Terrazzo is making its way from

Cali, New York and Australia. Concrete tiles for walls, floors and

also large slabs for countertops, bench seats and other really cool

applications. With aggregates that can be large, small, pink, blue

or mute tones, this trend is making its way to residential projects

fitting modern, transitional and eclectic styles.”

Jamie Banfield and other expert guests including HGTV’s Luke

and Clint from the Boise Boys, will be ready to answer your most

challenging renovation questions this year at the 2020 Edmonton

Home + Garden Show. From March 19 to 22nd, get access to some

of the industry’s best advice and be ready to be inspired to tackle

your next home improvement project.

As for staying on trend and budget? Jamie has the design tips you

need to create timeless spaces that will stay on trend year after

year without breaking the bank. “There has been a huge trend

towards natural stone in homes, or the look of them anyway,”

Proud partner Bryan Baeumler endorses this show but will not be appearing this year.

Avoid the Guesswork.

Meet the Experts.

Bring your ideas to life with trusted experts at the Edmonton Home

& Garden Show. Discover the latest home trends and get practical

advice from hundreds of experts. From kitchens and baths to flooring

and landscaping, find great deals, new ideas, and inspiration for all your

home and garden projects.




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the New BLACK

Where does your imagination, or

your feeling sensations go when

you think of coming in from cold

autumn and winter days? What

colours and furnishings elicit

feelings of comfort and serenity?

Whatever pops to mind can perhaps

become newly inspired translations

to your home this winter, the New

Year and beyond.

This winter warmth can be evoked

through rich chocolaty shades of

brown, rustic colonial brick and

terracotta reds, as well as deep

forest greens. Whether you choose

to paint accent walls or your

ceiling - the darker, the richer – the

greater the ambiance for a homely

welcoming environment. Stain

wooden beams dark brown. Perhaps

there’s a beautiful brick wall that

needs exposing behind some tired

closets or bookcase. Compliment


the darker colours with desert rose,

antique and linen whites, creams and

sand-coloured beiges. Matte black

cupboard doors and hardware will

elegantly complete the look in your

kitchen or washrooms.

Earthen accessories and furniture

include worn leather, aged wood

pieces and finishes, clay, cork and

rustic fabrics and finishes. Oh, and by

the way, brass has made a comeback.

Time to put away the all-white

bedding and change up bland

bedrooms to quilted colours, patterns

and textures. Fabrics are rich and

plush with velvet making a comeback.

Go on – get brave and mix it up.

Yes – with your furniture. Gone are

the days of generic couches and

furnishings. Mix and match and get

inspired by all the mood boards on

the net. There’s an inlaid dresser for

your passage or dining room waiting

to lift, inspire and compliment your

furniture collection. Big stitch knitted

throws, pillows, woven baskets and

planters, rustic and rural rugs and

accessories will pull the whole feel

and look together. Trends still continue

to create space that is devoid of

any technology. Utilize these quiet

spaces for relaxation, and that good

old-fashioned sense of homeliness

and comfort.

Have fun this winter season.

Creativity is at its best when you can

pull together an array of different

concepts, colours and furnishings.

Pick a couple of existing furniture

pieces and furnishings in your living,

dining or family room, and work

around transforming the entire look

and feel for a refreshing change this

autumn and winter.


Proof of


Proof of ownership is a legal document

that assures you and other family members

protection, while providing conclusive

evidence of property ownership.

“In Canada, ownership of land is established

by registering a document in the provincial

or territorial land registry. In the provinces

of Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince

Edward Island, Ontario and Quebec, the

document is called a certificate of land

title. In deed registry provinces, the deed

contains the names of the seller(s) and the

buyer(s), and a description of the land being

sold or conveyed. Where a province uses a

certificate of title to record ownership, the

document contains only the name of the

purchaser together with a description of

the property and any restrictions on the use

of the land. These documents are matters

of public record and anyone has a right,

sometimes upon payment of a fee, to consult

the registers or conveyance books to see

who owns what land.

All Canadian jurisdictions require that the

transactions regarding land ownership be

All Canadian


require that the


regarding land

ownership be

registered or

recorded in

their registry or

land titles office

registered or recorded in their registry or land

titles office. This is the only way to establish

conclusive proof of land ownership. Verbal

agreements or understandings or promises

about land ownership hold no weight in

the argument about who is entitled to what

assets that usually occurs when there is a

fight among heirs to an estate of a deceased.

If Great-Aunt Hattie promises you her home

after her death but neglected to put her

promise to her Will, you will have a difficult

time establishing your right to the house if

there is a challenge after Great-Aunt Hattie

has left this world.”

Any unexpected situation can arise that may

catch families by surprise. It is important

to ensure certificates of land title confirm

ownership of sellers. Proof of Ownership

offers protection for buyers and sellers alike.

Excerpt written with permission from the

authors of “Mortgage Smarts” published

by and available from Friesen Press.

Awarded the 2017 Independent Publisher

Book Awards Silver Medal in the “Finance,

Investment & Economics” category.




Whatever size home you have, you can’t beat the

convenience and efficacy of the central vacuum,

which, unlike conventional vacuum cleanerscan more

effectively andsafely remove 100% of the dust, dirt and

allergens in your home.

If you are planning on building a new home, a renovation

or extension, you might want to consider centralizing

your vacuum service. Even existing homes can be

retrofitted with a system. Professional installers

can install the system, or step-by-step installation

instructions are available for the handymen in your


Central vacuums are high-powered systems that come

with non-crushable retractable air hoses, power heads,

and all the accessories for any thickness and pile of

carpet or rug: tools to reach under your fridge or stove,

as well as fabric tools for your furnishings.

Tubing is installed in the walls of your home so dust

and allergens are conveniently and safely sucked away

into the holding canister. Each floor of your home will

have an inlet valve and storage for an air hose that

will be designed to reach every room on that floor.

The power unit is conveniently mounted and housed

in a well-ventilated garage, basement or storeroom,

therefore eliminating much of the noise associated with

vacuums. Systems may come with a HEPA vacuum

filter in the collection canister.

Vacuum cleaners are tedious to push, or pull up and

down stairs from floor to floor. If you have allergy

sufferers in your family, or just looking for greater

convenience, you can’t beat the efficiency of the

central vacuum system. Vacuuming convenience is

a great consideration and investment, which makes

cleaning your home more pleasurable, keeping it tidier

and healthier.



Discover the best of BC with Prestige

Enjoy scenic beauty and outdoor adventures while staying near lakes,

mountains, rainforests, and hot springs. Choose Prestige Hotels and Resorts

and experience our full-service properties with on-site dining and spas,

complemented by our personalized brand of hospitality.


prestigehotelsandresorts.com • 1-87-PRESTIGE

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Rossland • Nelson • Sooke • Smithers • Prince George • Prince Rupert

Feng Shui and

Your Property

Nature as you may have noticed is all about

curvilinear lines. Streams and rivers flow in

beautiful curves as they meander or rush down

towards the sea. It is a good thing to emulate

nature and the natural order of life. Lines that

curve represent flow. The flow of energy is what

we aspire to have in all aspects of our life. Why

not bring the natural flow of life into our gardens.

This natural order can be worked with both in your

home and garden. Create a plan of your property.

Work with the size of your yard and position of your

house on the property - your deck or entertainment

area, driveway, and storage sheds. Which area and

corner on your property is open; has full or part sun

and shade; would support features that enhance the

flow of good, grounded and balanced energy for your

family, home and property?



Gone are the days of the straight lines, rectangular and

boxy beds. Flowerbeds that flow around a house or

property are very pleasing to the eye - becoming much

easier, softer for the eye to follow, and creating a

restful and relaxing feeling. Putting in a stone pathway

along the flowerbed borders accentuates the flow of

energy, inviting one to enjoy a relaxing and leisurely

stroll amongst the flowers.

The practice of FengShui dedicates and strengthens

certain directions of your garden and the five elements

of nature. A rock garden in the northeast is good

for contemplation - the energy of personal growth,

and represents the Earth element. Water is situated

in the Southeast. Perhaps you can find a spot to

place a water feature that will support the flow of

abundance into your life. The children’s play area can

be positioned in the West for Creativity and Children.

A metal sculpture or metal chimes can be placed in

the West, Northwest and North area of your property.

Group items in odd numbers – in ones or threes.

The Fire element of Fame and Reputation; how you

perceive others and how others perceive you; your

identity and values is situated in the South. If you are

planning a fire pit or pizza oven – the South is a good


Whilst FengShui is a complex science – working with

the elements and directions will support the valuable

energies for balance, good health, vitality, abundance

and joy for you, your family and pets, and the overall

health of your property.

Recycling and

Garbage Bins

Try as you may – the area around your back door is

never quite as appealing as that around your front,

despite your best efforts to keep the garbage and

recycling bins in order.

Summertime might be the ideal time to create a project

and build some housing or a sturdy shed for your bins.

The idea doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. In fact

the simpler the better, especially if you want to try your

hand and do it yourself.

Most hardware stores sell kits and pre-built frame

components that are easy for you to put together.

Whether you are looking for a gable, or half gable that

will sit flush with your outer wall, your neighbourhood

store can support you in customizing the size shed you


Take your measurements along to purchase the

supplies, which might include kiln-dried spruce prebuilt

frame components; solid 19/32” oriented strand-board

floor sheathing, 3/8” grooved oriented strand-board for

walls – which need painting unlike the vinyl exterior wall

finish if you want to match home and shed; 3/8” regular


oriented strand-board for the roof, roofing shingles of

fiberglass which come with a limited lifetime warranty,

dry spruce door trim, casing and corner trim and door,

along with hinges, hardware, nails and fasteners. Also

available with the kits are roof vents, and soffit and

fascia board.Ensure the ground supports are pressure

treated posts for longer lasting use of your shed. The

interior walls can be lined with plywood or drywall

product as an option.

If you want to keep your shed simple, you might opt for

a flip-open lid on the half gable style as a way of access

and for ease of tossing either a garbage bag or recycling

items in the right place. You could have bi-fold doors in

the front to make it easy to move the containers in and


If you are not sure you can do it on your own, you can

get a quote from the store and have a professional come

out and build it for you. Either way, you have housing for

your garbage and recycling that is built and painted to

match the exterior of your house, and will enhance the

clean, neat and tidy appearance of your back door area.





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|British Columbia


• Have a hunter/prospector mentality and are not easily discouraged by hard work

• Your ability to talk to people, assess their needs and build a strong relationship where they are

comfortable doing business with you

• Have experience in a commission-based sales environment

• Fluency in spoken and written English

• Solid established computer and organizational skills

• A high degree of motivation and discipline

• Ability to create and execute outbound calling campaigns

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To the

Point Work

Now that we are in spring and you have had a

chance to walk around your house to see what

needs to be done to get it in ship shape condition

for the warmer weather, you might have noticed a

crack in the bricks on the side of one of your walls.

Perhaps the bricks are separating. If so and you

have experienced rain and moisture, it’s possible

the moisture will infiltrate the wall and cause some

internal damage to the mortar points. If the brick

face is flaking off this is a sign too that water is

getting behind the brick.

This is where point work or tuck-pointing comes in.

This is the process where skilled professionals will

come in and inspect your walls. If the condition is not

so obvious to the naked eye, there is technology that

can determine whether there is any damage to the


The process involves very carefully removing and

cleaning out the old and damaged mortar so as not to

compromise the integrity of the brick and surrounding

mortar. This is either done by hand chiseling each brick

to a depth of 1 inch, or by using an electric grinder.

These grinders however cannot be used on vertical

joints, as they will chip or crack the bricks.

It is important to match the mortar with your original

mortar. Any difference in tone and strength will create

stress on existing mortar and bricks. For example

in older homes, lime-based mortar might have been

used to tuckpoint the bricks, whose porous supple

nature allows for expansion and contraction of the

bricks. Newer homes most likely will be pointed with

masonry cement which is a combination of sand

and ground limestone – a harder substitute mixed

together with Portland cement.

Once the area is thoroughly cleaned and prepared,

the new mortar can be applied.

Pointwork, or repointing or tuck work should be done

every 25 years or so. It is important to regularly check

outside walls to ensure the mortar is still in tact and

strong.Tuck-pointing is an expensive and painstaking

process, and the advice would be to make sure

you are getting the best and most professional

workmanship to complete the job.



As a senior looking to downsize

your home – what’s your lifestyle

like? Are you in a position

to choose what environment

you wish to move to? Are you

active and looking for engaging

recreational facilities? Or do you

have to move into an Assisted

Living Seniors Home, where you

are assured of the best quality

care and attention.

who is especially trained with an


Senior’s Real Estate Agent.

The designations of these Agents

is to understand your life situation,

and to best guide you – whether it’s

legal, tax, provincial regulations, or

finding the most appropriate home,

they take the stress out of the


senior with the best discounted


What do seniors need and

require with downsizing? Agents

support seniors to ask what

family heirlooms are to keep, or to

establish the value of antiques and

collectibles. Clearing clutter is a big

consideration in being guided to

adjust sentimental attachments.

There are many decisions to make

with life-changing moves, and

especially around family dynamics

in any given situation. Along with

having a family discussion, you

may want to consult a REALTOR


It’s reassuring to know that as

a senior, all your concerns are

handled from start to finish.

With a plethora of moving

providers, the Agent supports the

The best advice one can give

a senior in a time of change is to

source a REALTOR who has a

Senior’s Designation. One who will

take all the guesswork and stress

out of that life transition and move.









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