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Rough Guide to


A rough guide to what it’s all

about and how we can help...


of Corsham

Corsham Print

Since the 1980’s we have enjoyed helping businesses

grow with our creative services. We want everyone to

be able to benefit from the very latest ideas and

technology in design, print, web and marketing.

We have launched nettl of Corsham to increase our

product range and expand our online offering.

Yet again Corsham Print stepped up to produce the print

materials for the show. They also helped with aspects of

design and the quality of their work is outstanding. I

commend them at all levels and if you are looking for a

local business, then they are your people.


The Wiltshire Beekeepers

Throughout many years of association with Corsham Print

we have always found them cooperative, professional,

competitively priced and consistently capable of delivering

on time. When we needed a fresh, contemporary look for

our catalogues, they redesigned every aspect of it. We do

not believe that we could have done better elsewhere.

David Hare

Gardiner Houlgate - The Bath Auction Rooms

Let’s find your fast path

A website that you’re proud of and which accurately reflects

your brand is one of the most important aspects of any

business. Research suggests that having a website can

increase turnover by around 45%. Despite this, it is thought

that around two million UK businesses still don’t have one.

We don’t believe ‘one size fits all’. Every business is

different… and so is every website we create.


81% of people conduct

research online before

purchasing a product.

This guide will help you

choose whats right for your

business now and how we

could develop it for you in the


Our sites are built to last. They can grow as your business

grows. You don’t want to find your site is redundant next

month just because you need to add a new feature.

This modular approach means we get you online quickly with

our proven paths and then upgrade your site in a structured

way when you’re ready.

It’s useful if you know where you want to go, but you don’t

need to do everything at once. We find it’s best to

continuously develop your site, deploying small changes, as

and when you need them.

Types of websites

The internet is vast, there are billions of websites online, all

competing for some share of peoples online browsing each

day. When you’re starting a new website, it can be

overwhelming to think about all the other websites out there.

To keep things simple we breakdown our sites in four types:

nettl:one - basic website

A basic website is made up of one to five pages, and requires

only very simple functionality. They are ‘brochure style’

websites. In addition to the core pages, they have a contact

and landing page.

Basic websites are great if you’re after a very simple, stripped

back online presence. It is a place to showcase your business,

and receive enquiries. Think of it kind of like a modern day

business card.

A great place to start and we ensure that it is future proof for

further development.

nettl:one upfront costs

Design £200 to £500


from £4.99 / year

ongoing costs


£10 / month

Care package

£0 to £25 / month

nettl:connect - small business website

A small business website is the perfect size for a business that

requires a little more than just a very basic website. These are

also ‘brochure style’, but are far more feature-rich. Such

features may include: integrating social media, a content

management system, google analytics and google maps.

Perhaps you want to have online booking, live appointments

or room reservations? They will also have more pages than a

basic website.

Online bookings Integrated with

your telephone booking system.

Reviews Ask for feedback and

publish reviews.

Small business websites don’t

sell anything directly, but rather

encourage visitors to get in

contact, a lead generation tool

or make a booking with you.

nettl:connect upfront costs

Design £500 to £2000


from £4.99 / year

ongoing costs


£10 / month

Care package

£0 to £55 / month


Online reservations synced

with your offline system.


Show availability so

customers can book online.

nettl:commerce - e-commerce website

Where people can directly buy products from you. Any

website that includes a shopping cart and a way for people to

provide credit card information to make a purchase falls into

this category.

If you’re setting up a website for your business and plan to

sell your products through the site, then this is the type of

website you need to build.

The cost of ecommerce websites can vary massively. The

price is impacted by the number of items you want to stock,

and the number of varieties of each item that are available. It

will also, of course, depend on the number of additional

features that you want to incorporate. Normally we would

include an order management system, delivery tracking

functionality and a live chat facility, in addition to the features

included in a small business website.

nettl:commerce upfront costs

Design from £2000


from £4.99 / year

SSL Certificate

£29 / year

ongoing costs


from £20 / month

Care package

£0 to £75 / month

espoke website

For businesses requiring complex functionality eg. financial

services, recruitment or property companies, health and

fitness businesses, architects etc. Any business requiring

complex functionality may well find that they fall into the

bespoke price bracket.

Bespoke websites are great for larger companies requiring

more functionality, with a higher number of visitors or with

more information to share.

bespoke upfront costs

Design from £2500


from £4.99 / year

SSL Certificate

£29 / year

ongoing costs


from £20 / month

Care package

£0 to £75 / month

Flexible Payments

Investing in a website can be a bit daunting so we have

devised a variety of payment opitions to help you spread the

cost of your investment. Please ask for more details.

Prices are for indicative purposes

only, exclude VAT and are subject to

our terms and conditions. Please ask

for a full written quotation.

Additional Costs

The costs we have already mentioned are based on

you suppling content including, logos, text and

imagery. Here are some additional services and costs

that you should consider:

Brand Design

If you are a new business or don’t have any branding

we can help you create your one for you from a

simple logo design to full brand creation, from £100

Content production

Producing written content is something that you can

do yourself to keep costs down. However, it can be

worth getting us to help. We charge £25 per hour for

content generation.


We can source stock images and graphics from your

site from £10 per image

We can also arrange a photographer to collect a bank

of images for your brand or product which can help

create a strong brand image, from £250 per 1/2 day

SEO / Marketing / Adwords

Let’s say you own a cupcake shop in Bristol. Googling

‘cupcake Bristol’ produces millions of results. So how

do you make sure that your business appears near the

top? A lot of it has to do with how relevant your

business is, how up-to-date the content on your site

is, and how many visitors you get coming in from

other areas, eg. social media. However there are also

some additional steps you can take to make sure

you’re securing the best position possible.

That’s where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search

Engine Optimisation. It’s the process of making a site

the best that it can be in terms of search engines.

Search engines give preference to sites that load fast

and offer the information that people are searching

for, amongst other things.

We offer SOE packages that ensure you get results

from your online activities, from £200 per month

Web design process

So you have a rough idea of how much your

site might cost, now you want to know how long will

it take?

It should come as no surprise that the answer

will depend on the size and complexity of your

desired site. A nettl:one site could be live within a

week, whereas a bespoke site could take up to six

months. We can give you a better idea at the proposal


To get a clearer idea of how your project will progress,

it helps to have an idea of the steps involved.


After an initial consultation we will provide you with a

detailed proposal for your project, which clearly show

what is included and options availabe to you.

Wire Frame Stucture

Depending on the complexity of your project the next

stage is creating a wire frame structure of the site.

Simple black and white layouts that outline the

specific size and placement of page elements, site

features, and navigation for your website.


Following aproval of the wire frame we will design the

site with your content, using your branding. We will

give you access to the site via an administration link

for you to approve the design.


Once the design has been approved we will move the

site into a testing phase when the integrity of the site

is tested to ensure all navigation links work correctly.


Finally the site will be launched on an agreed date,

but this is not the end of our support. We allow for

minor amendments and corrections for 4 weeks after

the launch date to make sure you get exactly want

you want.

Things your should know

To own and operate an effective website there are a few

things you will need to bear in mind.

Domian Names

Your Domain Name is your business’ home on the web, your

online identity. As a website address it’s the gateway for

people to see what you have to offer. It tells people who you

are, where you are, and what you do.

We can register and manage your domain for you or you can

register it yourself and send us the details.

Prices vary depending on how popular your chosen domain

name is, .co.uk domains cost as little as £4.99 per year

whereas .com domains can range from £9.99 upwards.


Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called

servers. A web hosting service provider, is a business that

provides the technologies and services needed for the

website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet.

When an internet users wants to view your website, all they

need to do is type your website address or domain into their

browser. Their computer will then connect to the server and

your webpages will be delivered to them through the


All our sites are hosted on the most advanced Amazon

servers based in the UK.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate ensures that the provider is who they claim

to be and also indicates secure connections between

personal devices and websites. SSL certificates are important

for website trust and to help protect customers from

becoming a victim to scammers.

You can see if a site has SSL by looking at the small padlock in

your browser, if it is locked the site is secure.


The worldwide web is constantly changing, software updates,

search engine changes, plug in up dates and legislation to

name a few. Your site needs to be maintained to remain


We give you the tools and training to do this and also offer

care packages that guarantee your site remains current.

Frequently Ask Questions

Do we arrange buying the domain name and hosting for

the site, and is this included in your quote?

We will arrange all of this for you if required and will be

detailed in our proposal to you.

How easy will it be for me to report on and update my

website and if it requires specialist knowledge, will you

provide training for myself and my staff?

It is really easy for us to give you as much access as you

want and can provide training, although this does come at

an additional cost.

Will there be any ongoing costs for general site maintenance?

We can maintain your site with one of our monthly care


Will you optimise the website for search engines?

When we launch your site we will carry out basic SEO,

additional ongoing SEO packages are available.

Will the site be mobile responsive?

Yes, all our sites are built to be responsive to whatever

device they are viewed on

If I am unhappy with the finished design of my site, can

it be amended and is there a cost associated with this?

We work very closly with you during the design process to

ensure your site is perfect. Minor amendments can be

made free of charge for 4 weeks from the launch date.

Amendments after this date are chargable.

Will you provide content and imagery for the site, or

should I provide it?

We can work with your content or we are happy to provide

it at an additional cost.

What is the scope for future development of the

website? Is it built to grow quickly?

All our sites are future proofed to be developed as and

when you want it to grow.

How much will future amendments to the site cost?

Our care packages include small amendments to your site,

otheriwse amendments will be charged at £75 per hour.

How is my website protected if something goes wrong?

We recommend one of our care packages to ensure

nothing goes wrong with your website otherwise

additional costs could be incured, including a complete

rebuild of the site.

Pop in for a chat

email at:


or call : 01225 812930

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All prices and offers are subject to

our usual terms & conditions.

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