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Class aces reunion test

By Mick Jensen

Drivers fail at


There were afew absentees, but many in

form 3L who started at Ashburton

College 50 years ago have enjoyed an

overdue reunion.

The class of 1970 reunion brought 23

of the 31 pupils together over the

weekend. It was enjoyed so much that

another reunion is planned in five years.

As well as sharing some fond school

memories and reminiscences, the

former school mates toured the grounds

and classrooms of their alma mater.

Reunion organiser Jane Hurley (nee

McCloy) said the get­together had been

long overdue and needed to happen.

The reunion brought three from

Australia, and others from around New

Zealand. For some, it was the first time

they had seen each other for 47 years.

‘‘There are just five former pupils

living in Mid Canterbury these days, but

we used social media and went online to

track people down,’’ Mrs Hurley said.

She said three from class 3L had died

over the years, four had been unable to

make the reunion and just two had not

been tracked down.

‘‘We were the top band class all those

years ago, but we were also alittle bit

naughty at times.’’

She said pupils had enjoyed lessons

together for three years and the Linthe

class name was short for Latin, asubject

they were forced to endure.

The class teacher was Cliff Bezar, the

school principal of the day was Owen

McDowell and there were around 1600

pupils in the school.

Jane Hurley with former 3L classmate Brian McGuigan at the reunion.

The reunion started with drinks on

Friday night at Somerset Grocer and

was followed by abus trip to Methven,

Rakaia Gorge and around Ashburton

on Saturday.

Atour of Ashburton College

classrooms and grounds brought back

plenty of memories for the former


‘‘The buildings were mostly as we

remembered them, and the corridors

the same, but there were no nice

wooden lockers like there were in our

day,’’ Mrs Hurley said.

She said class 3L’s former home room

had been demolished and was now part

of the current staff room.

‘‘It’s just really hard to believe our

school years happened 50 years ago.

They were good years and everyone

from the class has gone on to do their

own thing.’’

One class member was avet in Alice

Springs, another, like herself, was a

nurse, while others had chosen careers

like teaching and farming.

Former pupils, with some partners

and former college science teacher

Peter Bain (now 88) shared adinner on

Saturday night and stories of school and

life over the past five decades.

See their class photos, page 6

By Linda Clarke

The AshburtonDistrict

Council is doubling down on

its efforts to stop peopledying

or being hurt at intersections.

Council engineer Martin

Lo said there were 3000

intersections in the district

and many of last year’s fatal

crashes were at intersections.

Nine people died on roads in

the districtin2019.

Arenewedcampaign, using

billboards, newspaper

advertising and social media,

is about to start reminding

drivers to be attentive at


‘‘Thisyear we are doubling

down and putting more

emphasis on intersections and

reminding people of rural

intersections,’’MrLotold the

Ashburton District Road


Committee on Tuesday.

Abig 6m x3mbillboard will

be erected alongside State

Highway 1and advance

warning signs will be erected

near the McCrorys Road and

Mainwaring Road

intersection, advising there is

agive way and cross road

junction ahead. The

intersection of Melcombe

Streetand MaronanRoad will

also be improvedsoon.

Ashburtonpolice have

givenout 191 tickets for

intersection offences(failing

to stop or giveway) this year

and Canterbury highway staff,


Canterbury,gave out 193.

Cr Liz McMillan wanted to

know why the district had

such aproblem with

intersections. Poor driving or

driving without awareness was

the answer.

Mr Lo said the district’s

ruralroads were long and

people forgot therewere

intersections ahead. Drivers

were on auto­pilot or had

tunnel vision.

Ashburtonpolice have

issued 382 ticketsfor speeding

offences this yearand caught

several hundred peoplefor

breaching the conditions of


licences, including a56­yearold

woman on her learner’s

for 28 years.



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Readingrules in Rakaia, ok?

By Linda Clarke

Rakaia’s community library is an

unrealised gem in the town ­it

stocks great books that are free

or ridiculously cheap to borrow

and is also acommunal social

space that welcomes readers of

all ages.

Volunteer librarian Liz

Depree said while books were

the obvious focus, teenagers

often dropped in to use the free

Wi­Fi and others simply for a


The library has been apart of

the town since 1882 and the

committee still has the original

minute book dating back to that

time. Records show that in 1876,

the library had 273 books,

including titles such as The Book

of Snobs, Turkish Harems and

the Rise and Fall of the Emperor

Maximilian (he was Mexican, in

case you’re wondering).

Today, the library stocks well

over 2000 books for both adults

and children. Many are new

releases. Those on shelves

around the outside walls are free

to borrow, as are large print

books on loan from the

Ashburton Library.

The latest releases have aloan

charge of 50 cents for three

weeks and include books like

Life as aCasketeer, the Other

Bennet Sister, Margaret

Atwood’s The Testaments (for

the Handmaid’s Tale fans) and

the popular Seven Sisters series.

Waiting lists are very short.

Liz said they spent an

Ashburton District Council

grant of $3000 last year entirely

on books and they would buy

more if they had the money.

The library opens to the public

at least three times aweek and

Your LocalVoice

I’m available to meet with

constituents onMondays and

Fridays, and anyday that Parliament

isn’t sitting. Contact my office in

Timaru or Ashburton tomake an

appointment to meet orspeak with

me. Ialso hold constituency clinics in

other towns across the region.

Andrew Falloon

MP forRangitata

Timaru Office AshburtonOffice

139Stafford Street, 81 Harrison Street,



03 6831386

03 3087510



Authorised by Andrew Falloon MP,

139 Stafford St, Timaru.

Volunteer Rakaia librarian Liz Depree in the town’s transformed and popular reading space.

Liz said the space had been

modernised and transformed in

recent years, with the support of

the Rakaia Community

Association and other local


It operates out of apurposebuilt

building as part of the

Rakaia Community Hall and has

been fortunate to receive grants

for new carpet (the Lion

Foundation), new blinds (Rakaia

Community Association), and

new heat pump (Ashburton

District Council).

The Rakaia Lions paid for

material and labour to make new

shelves, Ultimate Broadband

provides free Wi­Fi during

opening hours via amodem paid

for by the Rakaia Four Square,

across the road. The food store is

also adropoff for returns after


‘‘All of this community

support means the library has

ben able to offer aquality service

to the readers in the district.’’

Liz said ateam of volunteer

librarians ran the front desk,

where asimple but oldfashioned

issuing system

operated. Books were stamped

with the date they were due back

and recorded similarly on a

borrower’s card, held at the

library. Low­tech, but highly

efficient and easy for everyone to


Down to 25 members afew

years ago, the library’s core users

were worried about its future, so

they stepped up and offered

their support.

‘‘It had along­standing

committee who knew and loved

the printed word ­they

appreciated others joining to

• DairyNZ accredited

Effluent Pond Design


• Pond Constructionand

Irrigation Development

• Hedgeand Stump


• Farm Conversions

• DairyTracks–

Lime or Gravel

• PumpHire

support and take the library into

the future.’’

The result has been an

explosion in membership (94

adults and 52 children), as well

as anew children’s reading

corner with the latest books and

old favourites.

Liz said the children’s corner

was popular and agreat way to

sow the seeds for alifetime of


The library runs on aroster of

volunteers and shoestring

budget, though aused book fair

at the end of this month should

raise afew dollars ­which will be

spent immediately on more


The Rakaia library is one of

three supported by the

Ashburton District Council,

through their annual rural

libraries grant scheme.

Schools urged to lobby for speed changes

Mid Canterbury schools worried

about the speed of traffic outside

their school gate shouldbe

quickly writing to the Ashburton

District Council, whichis

reviewing speedlimits around

the district.

Longbeach Schoolprincipal

Neil Simons had already asked

his school community to make

submissions on the speed limit

review, while other rural schools

like Lagmhor and Mt Somers

Springburn also have aonce­ina­six­year

opportunity to change

traffic behaviour.

The council has already

proposed reducing the speed

outside Mt Somers Springburn

and Methven, but Cr Liz

McMillan saidthe review was a

golden opportunity for other

schoolstoair their concerns and

lobby for reduced speed limits.

Council is currently consulting

on local speed limits and

submissions can be made until

March 8.

Cr McMillan said schools

should tick the box that said they

wanted to speak to their

submission, so they could further

impress their concerns on

councillors making the decision.

While council staff have

suggested some speed limit

changes, council is open to

feedback on all roads. National

policy must also be considered.

Mr Simons has been

advocating for areduced speed

zone outside Longbeach School

for 10 years.

He said he hopedhis

submission, andthose of his

school community, would not

meet the same roadblocks and


He wants the roads

surrounding Longbeach School

to be reduced to 60kmh or

70kmh. He said the stretch of

Longbeach Road near the school

was high speed and low visibility,

constituting ahigh risk.

Ashburton Christian School

principal Tim Kuipers is one of

24 people to have made

submissions already on the speed

limit review.

He asked for the 50kmh zone

on Albert Streettobeextended

to Wakanui Road, improving

road safety for his students.

• Wellsand Galleries

• Bulk Earthworks

• Subdivisions

• Site Works

• Tree Shear

• Transportation


Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020, Page 3

Inspiring gardens bring big reward

By Linda Clarke

The gardening bug is spreading in

Ashburton and members of the

Ashburton Horticultural Society are


The society’s annual garden competition

was judged at the weekend

with five trophies and 353 certificates

of merit awarded.

President Trevor Gamblin said

changing the format of the competition

two years ago had paid dividends

and there was evidence gardeners

awarded merit certificates last year

had encouraged their neighbours to

make more of an effort too.

Society members drove every Ashburton

street last month and selected

gardens to be viewed by judges from

the Christchurch Beautifying

Association. The four judges saw

over 350 gardens on Sunday as well

as outstanding displays of flowers,

lawns and special features.

The best street was Reighton

Drive and the best cul de sac was

Balmoral Place. The best floral

display and best lawn were at 15

Balmoral Place, while the best

special feature was at 87 Oak Grove.

Among the Reighton Drive residents

are Yvonne and Graham

Matthews, who have lived in their

house mid­way along the street for

the past 14 years. When they moved

in they were the last house on the

street and their property was bordered

by an empty section.

Since then the street has been

developed and established with many

new properties.

Their tended garden, considered

one of the best in the street by

neighbours, is full of coloured

blooms and established shrubs and

trees. It has been alabour of love

they have grown and improved since

moving in.

Mrs Matthews enjoys lots of colours

in her garden and is partial to

white and red together.

Reighton Drive residents Yvonne and Graham Matthews are among residents of the street who enjoy

tending to their garden.

The couple each have their own

roles in the garden: Mrs Matthews

tends to the maintenance of the

flowers and roses, which she prunes

twice a year, while Mr Matthews

does the pruning of the 50­plus

shrubs on the property, including

keeping the buxus (hedging) in order

using ahand shear.

It’s ajob he says gets done when

Mrs Matthews is not around to

supervise, and direct.

Mrs Matthews says to keep their

garden growing abundantly, and to

bring out the colour in the roses and

hanging baskets, they use acombination

of compost and retail purchased

sheep pellets.

In last year’s new format, the

horticultural society judges awarded

240 certificates of merit to gardens in

the district and this year that jumped

to 353.

Some 259 certificates were presented

to gardens north of the

Ashburton River, while 46 went to

Tinwald gardens and 48 to gardens in

the Lochlea Lifestyle Resort.

Mr Gamblin said a number of

neighbouring gardeners had

emerged, suggesting that many certificate

recipients last year had

encouraged their neighbours to help

raise their community standard.

‘‘A win­win situation as far as the

horticultural society is concerned,’’

he said.

‘‘The visiting judges also made the

comment that our better gardens

were on apar with their Christchurch


Gardeners receiving certificates of

merit in their letterboxes will be

encouraged to attend the society’s

next monthly meeting, when the five

trophies will be presented.

That meeting will be on February

24, at the Walnut Avenue sports

pavilion, at 7.30pm. Mr Gamblin is

hoping some will return as new


Firearms owners urged to join march

Firearmsownersare planning

another rally in Ashburton this

Saturdaytohighlighttheir concerns

about the effectofnew firearms


SpokesmanBob McDonald said

the group would meetatthe RSA at

10am and walkalongEast Street to

the green,before hearing from

National’s policespokesperson Brett

Hudson.Rangitata MP Andrew

Falloon andAshburton Mayor Neil

Brownhave also beeninvited.

Mr McDonald, asport pistol

shooter, said recreationalgun owners

agreedthat some military­style semiautomaticrifles

should be

confiscatedunder new firearmslaws

imposed after Christchurch’smosque

killings nearly ayear ago.

Butother gun reforms were

draconian, he said.

Asimilar march in Ashburtonlast

Decemberattracted at least 300

people and Mr McDonaldishoping

for another good turnout.

‘‘It is to getpeople thinking about

all the new changestothe gunlaws.

Most people are okay with some

military style gunsbeing crushed,but

it is everything else.’’

Mr McDonaldsaidhewas aware

ofantique pistols or guns, that had

been in families for along time,that

had beenhandedinunderthe new


Therally was about raising

informationaboutthe reforms.

‘‘The next tranche is worse. There

will be no targetshootingonprivate

land. You can’teven sight arifle.

Everyonewho needsafirearms

licence shouldbeatthis rally.’’

Mr McDonald said he hoped

Government would revisit someof

the more ‘‘draconian’’ gun laws


The reforms include the creation

of afirearms registrytoenablethe

monitoring and tracking of every

firearm legally held in New Zealand,

and changing the lengthofthe time

of issuefor afirearmslicence from 10

yearstofive years.

Alicensingregimefor shooting

clubsand range is also planned.

Learn basic Maori

Anyone wanting to learn te reo

Maori is invited to attend afree

one­hour tasterclass in

Ashburton on February 25. The

lessonwill teach basic

pronunciation and how to

introduceyourself in Maori. The

session will be held in Canterbury

House Mid Canterbury and is a

Mid Canterbury TimeBank

Learning Exchange event.Itwill

be taken by te reoteacherand

TimeBank co­ordinator Kate

White and runs from 5pmuntil

6pm.Register at the eventbrite.


Mudslide open to all

The annual Mania­O­Roto

Scouts mudslide on March 8is

once again open to membersof

the public. The event willinclude

amudslide andother mudand

water­based activities. It will be

run by the different scout groups

within the Mania­O­Roto district

and will be held at the scouting

complex at the end of Chalmers

Avenue. People are encouraged

to wear old clothes and closed

shoes. The fun session runs from

10am until 1pm and is aimed at all

ages.Therewill alsobeasausage

sizzleand drinksfor sale.Entry is

by gold coin.

Pass rates please

Provisional figures from

NZQAshow Ashburton College

students achievedapass rate of 86

per cent at NCEA Level 1in2019.

At Level 2the results were even

higher at 89.4 per cent and Level

3the pass rate was 74.5 per cent.

The latter passrate was

particularly pleasing, said college

principal RossPreece, becauseit

included several students who

were completing Level 2and also

students who left during the year

to take up employment


Intersection work

Safety improvements for the

SH77Route 72 intersection, the

sceneofadouble fatality last year,

are being progressed. NZTA

safety engineers visitedthe site

with Ashburton District Council

staff to investigate and view the

issues. Suggested improvements

are contained in areport to the

transport agency, though the

workand funding has notbeen yet

been agreed.Council has not told

NZTAwhat it wants to do at the

intersection,which is jointlycontrolled.


174 Burnett Street Ashburton |Phone 308 5269 |


Page 4, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020

Local news at

Final seal for

Chalmers Ave

Final touches to a

stretch of Chalmers

Avenue in Ashburton

where anew sewer

main was installedlast

year will get under way

this month, and will

improve the road

surface for drivers.

The last top coat to

seal the road on

Chalmers Avenue

between Grey Street

and the Netherby

roundabout at Walnut

Avenue will begin

application on

February 24, while

rehabilitation work at

the roundabout will

also be completed.

The work will mean

that the section of road

will be closed for one

week and adetour will

be in place.

The council installed

anew sewer mainthree

metres underthe road

in 2019, and with

Birds Of Prey

Reviewed by Rowena Hart

This is not awildlifemovie as the title suggests,infact

far from it!

It is afunny, irreverent, extravagant and delightfully

violentcomic book film that’s ablast to witness.

Afterbreaking up with her boyfriend the Joker,Harley

Quinn quickly discovers she’s no longer immune

from the thugs ofGotham City. Besides abunch of

people she ticked off,she’s also huntedbythe sadistic

gangster Roman Sionis or Black Mask. Harley needs

to team up with some girlfriends to have afighting

chanceagainst Black Mask and his goons.

There’sascene whereHarley takes off from the thugs

in their fancycars on roller skates ...unbelievable!

Margot Robbie is so wacky asHarley Quinn. Ican’t

imagine anyone else in the role.

Ewan McGregor is the most unexpected comic book

character. Andhereheisthe head thug Black Mask.So

differenttohis gentle role in Christopher Robin?

Altogether, this is one full on crazy frantic action


bookings ph 307 1230

sufficient time now

passed for the ground

to settle, council

service delivery group

manager Neil McCann

said the final road

surface was now ready

to be applied.

‘‘Our contractors will

chipseal the road which

will provide the final

top layer that we've

been waiting for. In

addition, the road

around the roundabout

will be dug up,

strengthened and


‘‘Generally with

these types of projects

where the road is dug

up, we need the ground

to properly settle over a

period of timesothat

the infill has had time

to compact. We then

come back and apply

the top surface.

The work should be

finished by March 1.


Ashburton College Form 3L’s class photo taken in 1970 with teacher Cliff Bezar.





Right: At the weekend’s

reunion were the former

3L school mates and

(front right) former

college science teacher

Peter Bain.

Closedtracks bringopportunity

By Linda Clarke

Trampers turned away from the

Routeburn and Milford tracks

are being encouraged to check

out the Mount Somers track in

Mid Canterbury and the nearby

Hakatere Conservation Park.

Hundreds of trampers

attempting the southern tracks

are looking for alternatives after

over ametre of rain fell in

Fiordland in just 60 hours. The

Routeburn is now closed for the

foreseeable future, while the

Milford Track is closed until at

least the end of February, as

well as the Hollyford Track.

Mid Canterbury’s Mount

Somers track is already popular

with trampers and

accommodation in huts is by



The area features rugged

bush, open sub­alpine tussock

lands, historic coalmines,

impressive volcanic formations

and deepcanyons.

Mount Somers Walkway

Society chairman Charles Ross

said while the huts werebusy at

this time ofyear, there was

plenty of room for those with a

tent, who could use the other

hut facilities.

Tracksinthe area are well

maintained by DOCand

volunteers and there were

plenty of off­shoots for trampers

to explore, he said.

‘‘We have no riverissues,

good tracks, there is not the

same rain and it is an interesting

area to explore.There are offshoots

people can do from the

marked track to make the whole

experience pretty memorable.’’



Mr Ross said his favourite

area of the track was at the back

of Mt Somers, near Morgan


‘‘All the tracks are alittle

different. Mount Somers has

very interesting geology and

very unique bush.’’

In the wider Hakatere

Conservation Park,trampers

could choose from at least half a

dozen tracks into huts, including

Manuka Hut, Double Hut,

Cameron Hut, Upper Hakatere

Hut, Boundary Hut and Potts



355ml Bots 12s


28 99





330ml Bots 24s






34 99 $ 39 99 $ 52 99 $ 23 99

266 Havelock Street,Ashburton

Telephone 308 7149









10:00am -8:00pm

10:00am -9:30pm

10:00am -6:00pm




250ml Cans 12pk


from February 13

to February 20





23 99


Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020, Page 5

New MSD building open

Ashburton’s brand

new Ministry of Social

Development (MSD)


Street has opened its


The service centre

opened on Monday

with aprivateblessing,

opening ceremony and

walk through attended

by Minister for Social

Development Carmel


Andrew Falloon and

Jo Luxton and other

invited guests.

The new building

replaces thetemporary

MSD (formerly Winz)

office nearthe police

station, whichopened

on November 26, 2014,

afterthe tragic

shooting incident at

the CassStreet office.

MSD regional

commissioner Diane

McDermott said there

had been alot of work

done to find alongterm

location that

providedthe best fit

for the Ashburton

community, the people

served and staff.

The new site



environmentand was a

more inviting space for

Ashburton Ministry of Social Development service centre manager

(right) Marie Ward and deputy service centre manager Jane Walker in

front of the new Tancred Street building.

peoplewhen they first


Different zones gave

clients moreprivacy

and there weremore

thingsfor children to


The Tancred Street

site is asingle­level

building of around

400m2 and is on an

initial nine­yearlease.

Ashburton MSD

service centre manager

Marie Ward saidthe

staff of 12 were happy

to be backinthe CBD.

She saidthe new

building provideda

permanentbase and a

great space for clients

and the community.

The new building

will be showcased to


agencies on February

19 between 8.15am and

9.15am. Those wanting

to attendare asked to

send an email

confirmation to marie.



Information for seniors

at Positive Ageing Expo

Age Concern


Positive Ageing Expois

away to support people

to lead afull andactive

life, sayspresident Trish



peopleconnected and

makesure they stay

healthyand activein

their goldenyears.

The expo, at Hotel

Ashburton on March 5,

gives MidCantabrians,

of any age, information

about the widerangeof

activities, services and

agenciesavailable to

elderlyinthe district.

It’sanevent held

every two years.

Mrs Smallsaid it will

showcase to thepublic

whatisavailable to

support members of the

older community

covering social


issues, legal adviceand

hobby andtravel


Morethan 70 stall

holders from various


agencieswill be on site

witharange of

informationabout their


There willbeexhibits

and displays, achance to

Age Concern Ashburton president Trish Small

(left) and secretary/manager Dianna Leonard are

gearing up for the Positive Ageing Expo.

have socialconnections

with others,therewill be

amix of light

refreshmentsand raffles

available on site, and

everyperson who

attends goes in thedraw

to win asurprise draw of

show tickets to either


Musical, or TheLook of

Love with Ali Harper,

donated by The

Ashburton TrustEvent


Theexpo,whichhas a

gold coin entry and runs

from 10amto3pm,will

be spread across one

large venue, spanning

four rooms.

It is on one level and

hasplenty of parking


Shesaiditwas agreat

opportunity forpeople,

andfamily members of


what wasonofferinthe

district and she

encouraged people to

come along.


was $74,470



2000 Subaru Legacy TX Wagon

2L auto, CD player, tinted windows, climate control,

4X4, central locking, 123,180kms


2014 Holden Cruze CDX

1.8L auto, leather seats –heated front, Bluetooth,

reversing camera/sensors, 33,365kms



2015 Holden Captiva 5LT4X4

2.2L diesel, auto, 72,970km, Bluetooth, air conditioning -

climate control, front and rear park assist


2013 Mitsubishi Outlander VRX

2.4L Auto, 81,940kms, 7seater, climate control, cruise

control, heated front seats, leather seats, camera

2019 Holden AcadiaLTZ-V AWD

3.6L V6, 9speed auto,adaptivecruise,dual-panel sunroof,

adaptivesuspension, hands free powertailgate, wireless

phone charging.Fitted extras: mudflaps,all weather mats,

bonnetprotector,weather shields and towing package.


was $45,990


2017 Holden Trailblazer LTZ 4X4

2.8L diesel, auto, leather seats –heated front, remote

start, 3000kg towbar, sat nav, Smart phone connectivity


2012 Holden Commodore SV6

3.6L V6auto, Bluetooth, cruise control, climate control,

CD player, towbar

Financefrom 9.95%

T’s, C’sand lendingcriteria apply


2015 Toyota Yaris GX hatch, 1.3L, auto ..........$14,990

2014 Toyota Rav 4GXL, 2.5L, auto .................. $23,990


027 889 3870


027 669 5656


2011 Suzuki Carry Hi/Low 4X4

Economical 660cc engine. 5speed manual, Drop side

flat deck. Radio, Air conditioning, 33,165km









was $71,600



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Mon -Fri: 8am -5pm \Sat: 9am -12noon


Page 6, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020

Mary is Red Cross life member

By Toni Williams

Red Cross stalwart Mary Miles,

of Tinwald branch, has been

awarded a New Zealand Red

Cross Honorary Life Membership

after 68 years with the


She was given the prestigious

award during abranch meeting

in the Tinwald Hall this week.

Her elder daughters Kay and

Diane were there in support;

youngest daughter, Nioelle,

lives in Denmark.

The pin and certificate presentation,

by branch president

Pat O’Brien and Red Cross

humanitarian development

engagement manager Mid/

South Canterbury Kathy

O'Neill, was followed by ahigh

afternoon tea.

A member of the Tinwald

branch, and its patroness, Mrs

Miles has been affiliated with

Red Cross since she joined the

Flemington/Waterton Red

Cross Branch in 1952.

The Flemington/Waterton

area lies to the east coast and

between the Ashburton and

Hinds rivers.

She said collecting for Red

Cross began as an opportunity

to visit the neighbours in the


But volunteering with them

has been something she has

always enjoyed.






The Arcade

(03) 308 1815

Red Cross Tinwald Branch president Pat O'Brien, branch

patroness and new Red Cross New Zealand honorary life

member Mary Miles and Red Cross humanitarian

development engagement manager Mid/South Canterbury

Kathy O'Neill.

She was surprised at how fast

the years had flown.

‘‘I’m just one of the group

thatdowhat’srequired. Iget the

same pleasure out of doing all

the things we do, as when I

started. Just because I love

doing it and helping people.’’

In her years of involvement,

Red Cross have helped with

manycauses, among theminternational

events but also helping

people who are in need, such as

helping people who have had

house fires,supplyingtoilet bags



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and/or money.

Red Cross is ‘‘for anyone in

the community, anyone in

need,’’ she said.

Mrs O’Brien said when the

Flemington Waterton branch

closed, Mrs Miles joined the

Tinwald branch and since joining

Red Cross has been involved

in many aspects of the organisations


‘‘Sheisavery valuedmember

of the Tinwald Red Cross

Branch,’’ Mrs O’Brien said

Mrs Miles was unanimously

*over six weekly, automatic payments. Offer ends 29th February 2020 or while stocks last.

Always read the label and take as directed. GO LIFE, Auckland. HealthZone Limited, Hamilton. TAPS NA11632.



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or Laybuy from

$9.18 aweek*

elected the branch patroness in


The life membership isgiven

to aNew Zealand Red Cross

member who has made significant

contribution to the

work of the organisation and

consistently demonstrated

initiative, resourcefulness and

commitment to the workofNew

Zealand Red Cross.

Mrs Miles was acommittee

member from 1997, and was

branch president 2004 to2008,

but has been actively involved in

different activities over the

years including assisting with

visits to town by the Blood

Donor Service, contributing

knitted mittens to the branch

knitting projectfor new entrants

in schools and volunteering as a

hostess at branch meetings.

She continues to arrangevarious

raffles to raise funds for

Red Cross and is always a

willing volunteer for the

National Annual Appeal.

‘‘Red Cross Rose Day is

another fundraiser where she

prepares the roses when they

arrive for the branch (members)

to have ready for rose day, as

well as volunteering on the day.

‘‘Shecontinues to be awilling

and generous and capable member

who is always volunteering

her time and talents for the

good of New Zealand Red




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Local news at

Neighbours enjoy catch up

Neighbours livingona

section of Woodham

Drive, Ashburton have

come togetherfor a


catch up and dinner.


living between numbers

7and 34, came together

on Sundayfor dinner at

Cleavers Corner.

Many hadshared food

and achat at previous

gatherings, but there

were alsosome

newcomersthis time,

saidWoodham Drive


Stewart.She said

residents were partofa

neighbourhood support

group and kept an eye

out for each other in the


In recent years,and

Useyour outdoor living areas all year round

Call your local installer

BrentPatterson based in Geraldine

Opposition to

Tekapo hotel

Mid Canterbury people

who own holiday homes in

Tekapo are being asked to

help stop abig hotel being

built next to the village’s

school and kindergarten.

The group set up to

oppose the hotel, Lake

Tekapo Community and

Friends Society, is raising

$50,000 to cover legal

costs to fight the development

of the hotel, which

they say should be in

another location for the

safety of their children.

The society has

engaged alawyer to pursue

a judicial review

against the Mackenzie

District Council, who

Woodham Drive residents enjoyed acatch up and

dinner in Ashburton on Sunday. (Photo supplied)

instead of having a


someone’s garden, the

preferred optionhad

been adinner treat away

from home.

granted resource consent

for the development.

Legal costs so far have

amounted to $10,000.

Society spokesperson

Nat Zuleta said they had a

solid case and were likely

to win in the High Court

because the council did

not follow due process

when it granted resource


They needed to raise

another $50,000 to cover

the other side’s legal costs

in case they lost; this

money would be refunded

on winning the case.

A givealittle page to

raise funds is awaiting


Best musicals

Songs from some of the

world’s best musical theatreshowswillbeperformed

in Ashburton later

this year.

TheWorld of Musicals

will present a revue of

musical favourites and

classics from the likes of

The Lion King, Mamma

Mia, WeWill Rock You,

The Mikado, Pirates of

Penzance, HMS Pinafore,

Phantom of the

Opera, West Side Story,

Cats, Evita and Jesus

Christ Superstar.

Songs will be performed

by an international

cast and will include

solos, duets and ensemble


Tickets for the June 16

show are available from

the EventCentre or website

Young and old came

together forthe

occasion, whichwas also

achance to meetany

new families moving into





Freephone 0800 777 855 l


Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020, Page 7









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Page 8, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020

Sharing the load of multiple babies

By Toni Williams

Parents of twins, triplets or more are being sought

to attend aMid Canterbury Multiples Meet­Up,

organised by Ashburton mum of 11­month­old

twins, Kate Anderson.

The event, on March 1, will be held at the

Ashburton Domain between 10.30am and


The first­time mum, along with partner Tom

Wilson, moved to New Zealand from the United

Kingdom five years ago, and is involved with the

multiples online community.

However as most of its members are based in

Christchurch, Ms Anderson wanted to meet

parents within the Mid Canterbury district.

‘‘I want it to have an Ashburton focus, have

something local,’’ she said. ‘‘It would be amazing

to see aregular multiples support group/play

group/meet up in Mid Canterbury, for Ashburton,

Methven and the surrounding areas.’’

She has the great support of friends including

those met through Plunket ante­natal classes but

would like to meet other parents of multiples

facing some of the issues with parenting multiple

babies at atime.

They included leaving one to cry while dealing

with the other, the feeling of isolation being at

home alone with twins and the need to be

organised just to get out of the house.

‘‘It’s an effort,’’ she said.

Ms Anderson, 31, is afraternal twin, which

means she and twin sister, Kimberley, are not


She came to New Zealand on awork visa many

years ago, returned to the UK but decided to

move back here, bringing with her Mr Wilson.

He is aself­employed mobile heavy diesel

mechanic and Ms Anderson is aregional flight

attendant, who has just gone back to work fulltime.

Kate Anderson, with 11-month-old twins Scarlett (left) and Frankie, is looking to meet other

Mid Canterbury multiple birth parents.

The couple is able to co­ordinate their working

days and achieve good life balance.

‘‘We get more time together now than when he

was working for someone else.’’

And their twins, Frankie and Scarlett, get to

spend time socialising at day care just two days a


The twins, who were born in Christchurch, are

also fraternal.

Frankie, who has inherited the red hair

colouring of her ‘‘gran gran’’ (Kate’s mother) is

the older of the two by one minute. Scarlett, so far,

has hair which is fairer in colour. They will

celebrate their first birthday on March 5.

The Ashburton multiples event will involve a

BYO picnic in the Ashburton Domain, in the

gardens to the right of the bowling green (across

from the main playground area). It is for parents

or caregivers of multiples of any ages and will coincide

with Multiple Births Awareness Week.

Connecting the dots for rural welfare

Keeping people in their community

safe is behind the development of a

wellbeing steering group hoping to

make adifference, where it counts.

Wellbeing Opuke, which covers a

rural area from Dorie to Methven

and the foothills to Mt Somers,was

started by agroup of individuals with

connections to different

organisations, schools, medical

practices and agencies in the area.

It is hoped the unique approach to

community wellbeing would join the

dots on the welfare of the


Steering groupfacilitator Richard

Fitzgerald said the Opuke

community recognised people were

facing challenges and wanted to help

in apreventive way.

‘‘It started off (talking about)

being mentally well but broadened

into general wellbeing, and how we

want Mid Canterbury to be aplace

where people actuallyfeel safe and

well and have agood lifestyle.’’

He said agroup of around 10

people from arange of organisations,

agencies and groups in the Opuke

area were on the steering committee,

set up ayear ago, and got to talking

about the best way to help people.

‘‘It was how do we actually keep

people safe, rather than put the

ambulance at the bottomofthe hill

so to speak.’’

Work began on how community

organisations could be helped in their

roles, be better equipped to see some

of the warning signs of unwellness,

and to have consistentmessages and

support in the way they do their

normal activities.

‘‘That would go along way to

keeping our people safe,’’ he said.

It warranted employing apart­time

connector, being advertised online

via SEEK, who will cover the Opuke

area and work with other

organisations such as sportsgroups,

churches or scoutinggroups to see

what they needed and directthem to

trainingorupskilling around

wellbeing and how to integrate it into


The information will help identify

gaps, develop resources and

information so organisations can

work with their own people.

The connector is notaprofessional

clinical worker but would put people

in touch with the right people to help.

‘‘It’s someone who is aconnector

between the different organisations

and groups, who can provide

guidance and direction to individuals

who might be concerned about

someone, whether it’s family or


It’s about building anetwork of

contacts withinthe area, knowing

about the community and how it

works, he said.

Mr Fitzgerald likened it to being

the conductor of an orchestra getting

everything in the district working

together in harmonyfor the same


It was hoped the connector would

be on board from early April.

Local news at




The Ashburton District Council

might have to spend $1 million over

five years protecting areas of

significant indigenous vegetation

under anew national policy for

indigenous biodiversity.

Council supports the aim of the

policy, which is about stopping

some native plants and animals

disappearing forever.

But it does have concerns about

the cost of identifyingsignificant

natural areas and managing them,

and is makingasubmission to


Council would be required to

identify and map significant areas

within five years, and put them on a

schedule which would be updated

every two years. It is suggesting a

more realistic timetable is up to 10

years to map and then update every

eight years.

The regulatory costs could be up

to $1,095,000 over five years, plus

Plan Change costs up to $247,000

and biannual update costs.

Ratepayers would cover these costs.

‘‘As adistrict with alarge amount

of land to review, including remote

high countrystations, it can

reasonably be expected that the

costs for Ashburton District will sit

towardsthe higher end of this

range,’’ council’s submission to

Government says.

The Mid Canterbury plains have

been highly modified over the past

100 years and little original

vegetation remains. Some farmers,

including Cr Angus McKay, have

fenced off areasofindigenous

kanuka or other native plants,for


Indigenous biodiversity includes

native plants and animals, pristine

mountain forests, regenerating

bush, native scruband grassland.

But as there is no compensation

for private landowners for not being

able to use the protected land

productively, council says the issue

can be contentious and must be

carefully addressed.

The lack of compensation and

constraint of use might lead to

advance destruction of the

biodiversity that the national policy

seeks to protect.

Landowners, already dealing with

the impacts of proposed water

quality changes and agricultural

emissions, needed support as well

as councils, the submission said.

Submissions close nationally on

February 27.

Mid/South CanterburyContinuous Spouting

The Original

Spouting Specialists


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recent hail storms?




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26 years


We can deal directly with your


minimise your stress


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Phonehim on 021 288 8290

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Cultures shared at Bite

Cultural diversity was

displayed in all its glory

at Waitangi Day’s Multi

Cultural Bite event in


The event is an ethnic

celebration, now in its

11th year, and showcases

food and culture

from some of Mid Canterbury’s



Some 23 stalls lined

the area around the

Ashburton clocktower

on East Street for the

four­hour event.

Stallholders, some

dressed in national colours

or costume, sold

bite­size portions of

food typical of the

Philippines, Singapore,

Samoa, Poland, Brazil,

India and other countries.

More than 13,000

food tickets were sold

on the day, with many

stalls selling out before

the end.

The entertainment

line­up included the

Takumi Japanese

Drumming Group, local

Samoan and Filipino

youth groups, the

Christchurch Zhonghua

Chinese Society

dancers, Ashburton Silver

Band and other performers.

The thousands of visitors

on the day included

local MP Andrew Falloon

and Filipino­born

National Party list member

Paulo Garcia.

Running the Netherlands stall at Bite were (from

left) Lianne Braam, Eveline Jasper, Vincent

Braam, Ainsley Braam-Smith and Leen Braam.

At the Polish stall were Tomasz Skoczylas, Roza

Skoczylas (both visiting from Poland), Polishborn

Mid Canterbury resident Kasia Chapman-

Labecka and Alexander Chapman.

RDR forced to clear silt

after Rangitata flooding

By Linda Clarke

Flooding in the Rangitata River in early

December caused afew headaches for

the Rangitata Diversion Race management

company, that has an intake for

irrigation water atKlondyke.

A weir across the river was washed

awayand floodwaters caused someminor

damage to the concrete intake structure.

RDR chief executive Tony McCormick

said huge volumes of sediment in

the floodwaters also meant the company

had to dredge the intake to clear silt.

As part of alongterm study in theriver,

a new suspended sediment meter had

beeninstalled just hoursbefore theflood.

It peaked at 800 tonnes ofsediment an

hour and had to be repaired after the

flood eased.

Around 12,500 tonnes of sediment was

measured in a24­hour window.

‘‘The river has changed its course

dramatically in some places just below

the intake.’’

Mr McCormick said sediment in the

system from the December flood had

passed through channels and farm

irrigators and water was running as

normal now.

The company hopes to award construction

contracts for its state­of­the­art

rotary fish screen near the Rangitata

River bythe end of May. The screening

technology aims tokeep salmon, trout

and native fish out of the RDR’s intake

canal and return them safely tothe river;

the new multi­million screen replaces an

underperforming bio­acoustic fish fence.

Mr McCormick said the work, once

under way, was expected to take 12

months. The company is working on

detailed designs.

Plans for a mega storage lake at

Klondyke are still being progressed.

RDR was granted asuite of consents to

build astorage lake, but one consent to

take more water from the Rangitata

when it is running high has been


The volume of water taken allowed

will dictatethe sizeofthe storage lake but

internal details are progressing while the

appeal is dealt with.

Water testing on Saturday

Mid Canterbury people interested in the

nitrate levels of their drinking water are

being encouraged to have it tested for

free on Saturday.

Peter Trolove, of the New Zealand

Federation of Freshwater Anglers, is

planning to bring the association’s

nitrate spectrometer to the Ashburton

Racecourse. The spectrometer gives a

quick result while people wait.

Mr Trolove said the testing was free,

though people could make adonation

which would help the federation continue

its water monitoring programme.

He said the anglers’ federation had

been monitoring rivers, streams and

drains in lowland Canterbury since

August last year and was keen to raise

awareness of nitrates in freshwater.

People wanting to have their water

tested needed to bring samples of aleast

100ml, collected in a clean glass or

plastic container. Samples should be

collected within 24­48 hours of being


Mr Trolove said the results were only

asnapshot of the water at the time of


Puhoi Valley Yoghurt




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Page 10, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020

Family Notices


HARRIS, Russell James

(OStJ): Peacefully at

Rosebank Rest Home,

Ashburton on Tuesday,

February 11, 2020 aged 68


Dearly loved husband of

Raewyn, much loved father

and father in law of Neil

and Sarah (Woodend), Anna

and Scott Wishart (Lincoln),

and Martin and Jess

(Christchurch), and loved

grandad ofEvie, and Pippa;

Liam, Isla (deceased), and


Special thanks to Dr Wootton

and Three Rivers Health,

Palliative Care, and District

Nurses fortheircare.

In lieu of flowers, donations

to St John Ambulance

Ashburton would be

appreciated and may beleft

at the service.

Messages to: The Harris

family, c/- PO Box 6035,


A service to celebrate

Russell’s lifewill be held at the

Hotel Ashburton, Racecourse

Road, Ashburton onFriday,

February 14, at 1.00pm

followed byinterment atthe


0800 2MEMORY

027 637 1229

HOPWOOD, Elizabeth Joy:

(Joy) (nee Sloper):

On February 9, 2020 at

Ashburton Hospital, in her

81st year. Dearly loved soul

mate of Don for 62 years.

Loved and cherished Mum

and mother in law ofNicole

and Pete, Adrian and Wendy,

and Simone. Loved ‘Jossie’

of Joel and Petra, Sheridan,

and Eli and Nadja; Stacey and

Bailey, and Jarod. Messages

to the Hopwood family PO

Box 472, Ashburton 7740.

Donations to the Ashburton

Cancer Support Group would

be appreciated and may be

left at the service. Special

thank youtothe nursing staff

at AAUand Ward 1Ashburton

Hospital for their loving

care of Joy, and her family.

A service to celebrate Joy’s

life will be held at St David’s

Union Church, Allens Road,


14, commencing at 11.30am.

Followed byinterment atthe

Rakaia Cemetery.




03 307 7433

HOPWOOD, Elizabeth Joy:

(Joy): On February 9,2020

passed away at Ashburton

Hospital. Much loved sister

and sister in law ofValerie

and Ross Young, Ngaire and

Neil Mackenzie, the late

David, and Glenis Sloper,

Jean and the late David

Macdonald and Irene Sloper.

Loved aunt ofall her neices

and nephews.

PAGE, David Albert: On

February 6, 2020. Passed

away peacefully at home,

Ashburton, after a short

illness. Beloved brother and

brother in law ofMinnie and

Kevin (Timaru), Emily and

Danny (Woodend), Jimmy

and Karen (Winchester),

the late Arthur, George and

Sandra (Arrowtown), Henry

and Fay (Hororata) and

loved uncle of all his nieces

and nephews. Dear friend

and companion of Barbara

and family. Messages to the

Page family, P O Box 472,

Ashburton 7740. A service

celebrating David’s life has

been held.




03 307 7433

Birth notices listed by

parents will continue to be

free in the Family Notices

column. Theinitial death

noticelodged by afuneral

directorwill be listed

without charge.Therewill

be asmall charge of $15


relatedtothe same death,

up to amaximum of 35

wordsand on aper-line

basis afterthat.

Thesame lowcharges

apply to other

family notices,such

as engagements,


memoriam notices and


Supporting the community

GLOSSOP, Bruce Keith:

23/4/1943 - 29/10/2019:

Allie, Denise, Richard, Jason,

Brie and Paul, sincerely

thank everyone for their

supportoverthe past weeks

sinceBruce’sdeath. We have

been overwhelmed by the

numerous acts of kindness

we have received.

The many flowers, plants,

cards, messages, visitors

and gifts offood have been

greatly appreciated. Thank

you to the large number

of people who came and

helped us farewell Bruce. He

was apart ofmany people’s

lives and your presence was

alovely tribute.

To everyone who helped us

in any way, please accept

this acknowledgement as

a personal expression of

our deepest gratitude and

appreciation. You have

helped make this sad and

difficult time alittle easier.

SKILLING, Nisbet: Nisbet’s

family wish to thank family

and friends for the many

expressions of sympathy,

support and kindness

shown to us with the sad

loss of Mum. Thank you

for the flowers and plants,

baking, cards and donating

to the Blind Foundation and

to all those that travelled

distances to be with us.

Special thanks to Lois

Ranson, Paterson’s, and the

ladies providing afternoon

tea for making Mum’s

farewell so memorable. We

miss youMum

96 Tancred Street,Ashburton. Phone 307 8317 LREA2008


Local news at

Pea crop harvested

The Maw family, in Mid

Canterbury, has been

farming at Barrhill for

four generations, dating

back to 1925.

They rotate a broad

range of crops including

cereals, grass and clovers

for grazing and seed production,

vegetable seed

crops and peas, which

are currently being

harvested for produce

giant, Wattie’s.

Colin Maw has been

supplying Wattie’s for

over 20 years.

Wattie’s farmers have

vast experience in growing

the very best peas

with knowledge handed

down and nurtured

between generations.

Wattie’s invited a

team to visit the Maw’s

at Barrhill during harvest

to see how locally

grown peas go from the

field to the consumer’s


Wattie’s South Island

agricultural manager

Greg Noller oversees

the work of an experienced

team of agronomists

and harvester operators

to ensure the 24/7

supply of peas to the


He said Canterburywide

Wattie’s farmers

grow and harvest the

largest area of peas in

the southern hemisphere

with the longest

pea harvesting season in

the world.

More than 38,000

tonnes of peas are

harvested by Wattie’s in

the Canterbury region

each year citing Kiwi

farmers as ‘‘simply the

best at what they do’’.

And just like other

farmers Mr Maw cares

deeply about his role as

Harvesting peas on the Maw family farm.

acustodian of the land

and is thinking about

future generations when

he farms today.

He keeps a gap of

about seven years

between pea crops,

which are just part of the

broad rotation ofcrops.

Peas are just part of a

broad rotation ofcrops

including cereals, grass

and clovers for grazing

and seed production,

and vegetable seed

crops, thereby improving

soil fertility and

structure, minimising

disease carryover and

reducing agricultural

chemical residues.

It means there is a

good yield and ensures

good care for the longterm

health ofthe soil.

They are part ofthe

legume family and an

excellent crop for the

planet. Peas help with

nitrogen­fixing in the

soil and generally don’t

need fungicides.

‘‘Keeping everything

local ensures Wattie’s

get the best peas to

supermarket shoppers.

Wattie’s peas can go

from field tofork without

delay because their

factory is close to the


‘‘As soon as peas

reach optimum tenderness,

they are harvested,

washed, blanched and

quickly frozen to preserve

their full flavour.

To choose the best

moment for harvest, the

peas on each farm are


what’s called a


“Several peas are

placed inside and

squeezed to measure

whether they are tender

and ready to harvest.

This is our guide to

maturity of the pea.

Once tenderness is

gauged, there is awindow

of 72 hours to

harvest.” The harvest is

a tightly co­ordinated

event to take care of

such aprecious crop.

Check out the pea

harvest video on Ashburton

Courier Facebook



Local Care

Since 1982

Family owned,

locally owned

22 MooreStreet,


0800 2636679


Mid Canterbury had abig contingent at last

weekend’s Coast to Coast, with some podium

finishes over the different grades. Ready for

action (above, from left) was Cam Harcourt, Ben

Aldridge, Sam Clements-Stewart and Vicky Jones,

along with Dave Reeve, from Methven (below).

371 Racecourse Road,Ashburton 021 145 6793


Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020, Page 11

What would Gauguin make of us?

Wellington artists Gabriel Heimler

and Anna Proc will be at Geraldine's

McAtamney Gallery this Saturday,

February 15.

Their 2019 series Gauguin in

Aotearoa, on exhibition until March

26, sprang from their discovery that

Gauguin had an Auckland stopover

on his second journey to Tahiti in


In this series, Heimler and Proc

speculate how Gauguin might see us,

were he to arrive today.

While their paintings pay direct

homage to Gauguin in terms of

palette, subject and style, there are

added layers and breadth to Heimler

and Proc's works.

Our diverse population, our

unique flora and landscapes, our

symbols and even other New

Zealand artists are acknowledged in

these dynamic and vibrant paintings.

Like Gauguin, both Heimler and

Proc are of European descent, living

and working in Berlin before

emigrating to Wellington 10 years


The couple say that in the same

way Gauguin was looking for

inspiration and adifferent reality in

the South Pacific, so too, were they

seeking that challenge.

Further challenge is their method;

sharing two canvases at atime, they

each paint alayer before swapping


In this way canvases are truly

shared, with art works completed in

absolute creative collaboration.

Aotearoa has so far provided the

inspiration they sought, with two

Bike, run

and walk

Geraldine Lions Club and Bike

Geraldine will once again present a

multi challenge eventnext month

aimed at both recreational and

competitive athletes.

Offering mountain bike, run and

walk options, the Geraldine Multi

Challenge has something for all ages

and abilities.

All proceeds from the March 15

event will benefit local charities and


Event options include mountain

bike races over 52km, 32km and 18km

distances, and run and walk events

over 21km, 13.8kmand 5.8km.

Ebikes are welcome in 18km and

32km races.

The multi challenge will use

purpose­built singletracks, Orari

River trails, quiet back country roads

and local farmland.

Early bird pricingapplied before

midnight March3and the entry fee

includes aburger/sausage from the

Lions barbecue and entry into spot

prize draws.

More information on the website

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc will exhibit their Gauguin in Aotearoa work at Geraldine's McAtamney

Gallery from this weekend.

series of works completed in 2019;

Pacific Memorial and Gauguin in


“We love our subjects and think

it's interesting and inspiring,’’ Anna


‘‘We hope people will

appreciate it and connect with the

past through acontemporary


The couple are looking forward to

visiting Geraldine, ajourney they are

making just for this exhibition.

Saturday's opening offers the

opportunity to meet the artists and

hear them speak more about the

Gauguin series.

Gauguin in Aotearoa will be at the

McAtamney Gallery and Design

Store, from February 15 until March


Cadets soak up army skills

Cadets and officers from Ashburton

were among abig contingent

that took part in Exercise Cadet

2020 at Waiouru Military Camp

last month.

More than 1200 cadets and over

250 staff came together for the

10­day event, which was the biggest

defence tented activity since


Some 114 canvas tents, measuring

4.25m2, were put up by the 130

South Island cadets and officers in

just one day.

Activities on offer were

designed to test and challenge

cadets, officers and staff, and to

help them gain experience and


Ashburton Cadet Unit commander

Major Cezarne Rodgers,

who spent most of her time

running the casualty evacuation

activity station at the event, said

cadets chose from one of the four

electives on offer.

The land option was about army

skills, maritime about sailing and

riding the navy’s RIB, aviation

The 15 Ashburton cadets and one civlian staff who attended the

Exercise Cadet 2020 event. (Photo supplied)

included tours around an air force

base, a look at helicopters and

planes and ascenic flight in aprop

plane where they had achance to

fly it, and adventure included

activities like abseiling down a

dam and white water rafting.

As well as the selected activities,

cadets were also randomly rotated

through other activities such as

paintball, archery, .22 shooting,

escape rooms, casualty evacuations,

mountain biking and electronic

weapons system, with every

cadet getting to shoot the army's

MARSL rifles.

Art workshop

Award winning artistJacky

Pearson returns to Ashburton to

shareher skills and knowledge on

the art of watercolours at athreeday

workshop later this week. The

artistoffered asimilar workshop

threeyears ago, andran two back

to back workshopstomeet

demand. Local artists will once

againbebasedatShort Street

Studio and are likely to venture

outdoors to paint‘‘en plein air’’.

The art tutor willoffer advice on a

number of aspects of painting with

watercolours,including blending

colours.The workshop is opento

watercolouristsof all abilities and

experience. To book aplace on the

workshop, which runs from

February 15­17, email to

Application off

Aresource consentapplication

by McKeown Grouptobuildand

operate afuel facility on the high

profile site on the corner of

Racecourse Road and State

Highway 1has beenwithdrawn.

The proposed facility needed a

consent because it was a

commercial activity in an area


Policy projects

There are anumber of policy

projects linedupfor Ashburton

District Council’s five committees

over the next year. The Audit, Risk

and Finance Committee willlook

at policy in regard to the Annual

Plan,development andfinancial


financing, and the appointment

and remuneration of directors.

The Bylaw and Policy Committee

has art collection management,

assetdisposal, procurement and

walking and cycling strategiesto

consider. The CommunityServices

Committee has the Ashton Beach

donga, Ashburton Domain

development plan, community

grants and funding, and library

collection management as likely

policy projects. Environmental

Serviceshas aplan change at

FarmersCornerand the

InfrastructureCommittee will

consider speed limits, stormwater

bylawand watersafety plans.

Council finances

Ashburton District Council had

$2 million of fixed interest

investments as at December 31,

2019,and an externaldebt of

$42m.Although there were no

term depositsatthe end of the

calendar year, there was $3.2m oncall,

and due to the timing of

depositsmaturities,some $12m in

the currentaccount. Council also

had fourinterest rate swaps

totalling $25m.







Chippers Generators Access Gear Trailers Excavators Toilets Forklifts Mowers &more


Page 12, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020

Local news at


Important to keep on top of weeds


Garden maintenance

is important at this time

of the year.

Hoe regularly

between rows tocontrol

weeds and maintain a

good texture (tilth) of

thesoil. Small weedscan

be leftonthe groundbut

any with flower heads

should be put in the

compostbin as manywill

make a last­ditch

attempt and produce

seeds on severed stems.

Clear away remnants

of cabbages, lettuces

and other crops. Left in

the ground, stems keep

drawing nourishment

from the soil, which is

wasteful, but in the compost

bin they add an

important green element.

Broccoli, which can

take up to four months

from planting out to

maturity, can be sown




•New builds


•Staff houses

•Bach/beach house


now for late winter and

spring use.

Spinach, turnips and

onions can be sown.

Brown onions generally

do better in the

South if sowninautumn,

then left to stand over

the winter. Perfect

Keeper and Pukekohe

Long Keeper are recommended

varieties. When

thinned in October,

discards can be used like

spring onions.

Late­sown beetroot,

carrots and turnips will

need thinning.

Leeks need to be kept

thoroughly watered. If

rotted poultry manure is

mulched around the

plants first, liquid

manure will be created,

acting asastimulant.

A light sprinkling of

salt on sandy soils will

also stimulate growth

but, as always, salt

should be treated with


86 Belt Road, Ashburton

027444 7633 •

some caution. Excessive

potash fertiliser can

increase the salt content

in soil, so if in doubt,

leave it out.

Parsley sown now

should be ready for

spring and next summer.

Soaking the seed for a

few hours in warm water

will help germination.

As seedlings appear,

thin them ruthlessly to

prevent overcrowding.

Keep making small sowings

ofmesclun mix for

salads, and Oriental

vegetables such as pak

choi and tatsoi for stirfries

to ensure aregular

supply. Mesclun mixes,

which are eaten at the

leaf stage, include up to

eight vegetables and are

ideal for small households

that find fullgrown

lettuces too big.

Rhubarb flower stems

must beremoved toprevent

them sapping the

strength of the plants.

The same is true of

seakale. Unless they are

being saved for seed,

trim seedheads from

herbs such assage, parsley

and thyme.


Plan now for next

summer’s flowers by

sowing alyssum, Iceland

poppies, cornflower,

larkspur, scabious, antirrhinum

and clarkia.

Sow in well­prepared,

permanent positions,

thintoafew centimetres

apart when seedlings

appearand lookforward

to afine show between


Garden maintenance is important at this time of the year.

spring­flowering bulbs

and the later summer


Carnations can be

increased bylayering, a

good way of getting

more plants of favourite

colours. Layering is a

method by which new

roots are developed

before a cutting is

removed from a plant,

so the shock of transplanting

is reduced.

Ground layering is

done bybringing astem

down to soil level and


Your dream kitchen is easier to achieve than

youthink! Come in and talk to us today.

The Renovation Experts

holding it in place with a

wire looporheavystone.

Before putting the stem

in position, make acut

about 1cm long and a

third ofthe way through

the stem.

The soil under and

over the cut stem should

be rich, with some fine

graveladded. Patienceis

the secret of success

with layering, especially

if shrubs such asrhododendrons

are layered, as

they can take ayear or

more to form good root

606 East Street,Ashburton P: 307 7131



Open 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday |9.30am-12.30pm Saturday




Spring bulbs will be

appearing in garden

centres, so buy early to

get the best selection.

Daffodils should be

the first to go into the

ground. Any bulbs that

have been in the same

spot for three or more

years may need to be

lifted, divided and

replanted inreplenished

soil. Compost dug in

well and added bone

dust helps. Although the

usual advice istoplant

bulbs in twice their

depth of soil, infact, soil

type should be the

guide. In light, sandy

soil, plant bulbs atthree


leaves, hail and vermin from blocking

and damaging your spouting

Qualitymaterials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh

with unique patented louvrewill even keep

out pine needles.Will not rust or sag with age

or load.10year warranty,range of colours

Proven in Australia &New Zealand

over the last 15 years.




Call Rohan anytime Mon-Sat for

ano-obligation assesssment"e

0800 486532 03 982 8850

times their depth and

half that in heavier

ground. Tulips like lime

in the soil, whereas daffodils

prefer a slightly

acid soil.


Strawberries should

be flowering for their

second crop next month.

Although the autumn

crop is generally smaller,

these berries are

often the better flavoured.

Old varieties,

unsuitable for commercial

growers because the

fruit is too soft to travel

well, can be sought out

by gardenersmore interested

in taste than size.


Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020, Page 13

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Page 14, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday 13 February 2020




•Sales,installation and serviceofall

hydraulic components

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Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020, Page 15

Slip, slop, slap and wrap

Keeping the slip, slop, slap, wrap message to

the fore of pupils’ minds was one of the

reasons 500 sun hats were given to pupils at

Ashburton Intermediate School. The other

was to reciprocate the pupils’ generous

$3000 donation to Ashburton Cancer

Society, raised during last year’s school fair

and ahair shave event.

The hat donation, which came from the

Ashburton Cancer Society Support Group,

was given to the school, with aroll of 440

pupils, by Cancer Society Mid Canterbury’s

health promoter Mandy Casey and volunteer

Sally Field, along with a sunscreen

spike for sports days or school excursions

and two litres of sunscreen.

Mrs Casey said the start of the school year

saw many new pupils arriving from sun

smart primary schools, where it was policy

to have ahat when outside on the grounds,

so it was agood time to encourage them to

continue the good behaviour.

Between September and April, between

10am and 4pm, when children were at

school, were the times when ultraviolet

(UV) radiation levels were most harmful.

Most skin cancers are caused by excess

exposure to UV rays and it was important to

be sun smart during these times.

Pupils were also reminded about being

sun­safe by slipping on atee­shirt, slopping

on suncream, slapping on a hat and

wrapping on sunglasses when out and about

during the summer days. And, as an added

sun smart practice, about wearing hats but

seeking shade where possible.

Cancer Society Mid Canterbury’s health promoter Mandy Casey and volunteer Sally Field with

(from top right clockwise) Ashburton Intermediate senior leaders Kelly Paterson, Marnell

Vaaelua, Casey Cousins, Gabriel Dayrit, Milla Overend, Harrison Doak and Mitchell Lye.



Cynicism surfaced at the Ashburton

District Road Safety Co­ordinating

Committee when discussion turned

to the traffic light projects Government

hasjust announced fundingfor

in Tinwald and Walnut Avenue.

The lights have been onand off

NZTA’s drawing board for years,

while lights onSH1 atTinwald will

improve access tothe highway from

side streets for residents.

Government said the Tinwald

lights would be atLagmhor Road,

but the Ashburton District Council

hadalready discounted that intersection

because it was complicated by

Agnes Street on the eastern side.

Grahams Road, further south, is

seen as abetter location.

Council’s service delivery group

manager Neil McCann said the

projects were selected because they

were readytogo. Work was expected

to start inthe next few months.

Cr Diane Rawlinson asked ifthe

funding was locked in beyond the

general election on September 19.

There was no answer.

She said the Lagmhor Road

intersection had not been favoured

by an earlier Tinwald corridor working


Labour List MP Jo Luxton comments

More work to do –gettingstuck in for 2020

By the time this hits the press,

I’llbeback in Parliament. The

House sits for the first timethis

yearonFebruary 11 and as

muchasIhate being away from

Rangitata, Iamvery excited to

hearPrimeMinister Jacinda

Ardern deliverher opening

statement–it always gets me

fired up for the year ahead.

The Governmenthit the

ground running this year,so

there’ll be plentyfor her to

reflect on. From the launch of

ourBig New Zealand Upgrade


constructive discussions at

Ratana and Waitangi, we’ve

startedthe year as we intendto

continue–with energy,

enthusiasm, and determination.

Thissummerwe’ve shared

more of our plantoimprove

road safety and publictransport,

to help upgrade almostevery

public school in the country, to

fix up hospitals, and to help

lower carbon emissions.

The Government has made

good progressonmany issues

over the past two years, but

there is still more mahitodo–

and we’ll never losesight of that.

We alsolearned the date of the

next election –September 19.

Thisisanopportunity for New

Zealanderstohave theirsay;

share their thoughts, cast their

votes,and ultimately shapetheir

future. And it’s an opportunity

for politicianstolisten carefully,

reflectonthe three yearspast,

and share their vision for New

Zealand’s future.

But regardless of the election

date,providing astrong and

stable government comesfirst.

Kiwiscan trust the Government

will continue to serveits people;

delivering on its promises,and

making progress in tackling the

long­term challengesfacing

New Zealand.

The Prime Minister has also

made clear it’snot justwhat we

Daytime netball back on at centre

Monday netball and Tuesday’s

walking netball were both

launched at the EA Networks

Centre ayear ago and are proving

abig hit, thanks largely to the fact

they cater to players of any ability.

Mid Canterbury Netball

development officer Natalie Shaw

said players didn’t have to be fit or

have played netball before.

‘‘It’s all about giving people an

opportunity to get active and

getting as many people as possible

playing netball. There’s the social

element too. People want to get

out there, play with their friends

and have fun.”

Monday daytime netball is your

typical netball –seven a­side and

normal rules –and it’s great for

stay at home mums and dads, or

people who might work at night

and can’t play in Mid Canterbury

Netball’s evening competitions,

Mrs Shaw said.

Walking netball is exactly how it

sounds –netball where you’re only

Erin Tasker

allowed to walk around the court.

There’s no running and no jumping,

but that doesn’t mean it’s easy,

said Mid Canterbury Netball’s new

centre manager Erin Tasker, who

gave it agorecently.

‘‘In fact, in some ways it’s harder,

because naturally when you play

netball your instinct is to run. The

principles ofwalking netball are the

same as your traditional netball, but

the added restrictions, like one foot

having to stay onthe ground at all

times, mean you have to employ

slightly different strategies.’’

Mrs Tasker quickly found out it

was afar greater workout than she

was expecting andawhole lot of fun.

“After playing aquarter at centre

Iwas really surprisedhow much of a

sweat I’d builtup, but Ihad so much

fun and couldn’t wait to have ago

again the next week,” she said.

Walking netball takes place on a

Tuesday at 9.30am at the EA

Networks Centre and costs just $2

per game,whiledaytime netball runs

on aMonday at 9.30am andcosts $5

per game, or $40 for the term. Both

sessions are anhour long and are

open to men and women, people of

all ages and abilities. Parents are

welcome to bring their kids along to

sit on the sideline and watch mum or

dad play.

The midweek netball runs during

school term time and takes abreak

in school holidays.

There’s no need to register,

people can just turn up and give it a


do –it’s how we do it. We’re

going to be upbeataswealways

are, becauseweknow you prefer

positivepoliticstobickering and

negativity. We’ll be telling the

truth, both about what we’ve

achievedsofar, and the work

ahead of us. And we’ve

committed to Facebook’s

transparency rules,soyou can

learn more about how we’re

communicating with people


There’s still plenty of mahi to

do in our electorates as well.

You can trust Iwill continue to

represent Rangitata with

integrity;wearingmyvalues on

my sleeve,staying in touchwith

local people and local issues,

and fighting hardfor the things

thatmatter to us here.





(formerly the SI Motorhome Extravaganza)

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Robin Johnstone 67 Aitken Street, Ashburton

P: 03 308 1440 C: 027 768 4058


Saturday,February29th &Sunday, March1st



•Assorted food and drinks stalls

•Trade sites•Buy •Sell •Trade

Campers welcome


and Laptops


Phone 027 531 9634 Email



Page 16, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020

Local news at

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Page 18, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020

Local news at

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 2

13 February 2020

DeputyPrincipal Message


The year is off to agreat start two weeks in, as

students and staff alike settle in to the 2020

school year. The first few weeks of school are a

busy and exciting time with new students, new

classes, new courses and new teachers. Some of

these people arenew to the school,while others

mayalways have beenherebut not crossed your


In particular, we welcome our new students

at Year 9and other year levels, and our teachers and support staff

who are new to the College community. The pōwhiri held on

Friday07Februarywas agreat occasion to welcomethese people to our

AshburtonCollege whānau.


With all of these‘new’people, amajor focus within our schoolcommunity

is promoting, developing and maintaining positive, learning-focused

relationships. This includes between students ofthe same age, and

students of different ages; between staff and students; and between

teachers and whānau. Positiverelationshipsare importanttousasthey

contribute tostudents having agreater sense of belonging and wellbeing,

andresult in better learning.


One initiative that istargeted at strengthening the relationship and

partnership between home and school are the forthcoming threeway

conferences between student, caregiver and Ako teacher. These

interviews are occurring on Tuesday 25 February with slots bookable

from 10:00am to 8:00pm.Wewant tosee as many whānau aspossible

on this daysopleaseget on to booking aslotassoonasyou areadvised

thatbookingsare open–welook forwardtoseeingyou.

Goal-Setting: Keep it in FrontofYou

Early in the year is agreat timeto set goals.Whatdoyou want to achieve

for the year? This could be anything from an academic, sporting or

cultural focus; togetting ajob, ormaking some new friends. Itcould

be afull year goal orsomething that you want to achieve inthe next

six weeks.

Whateverthe goal, youare morelikely to be successful if it remains front

of mind. To help with this, write it down. It could be on your phone,

computer or wall at home.Just havingagoal willnot howeverhelp you

to achieve it,sostart thinking about what youneed to do(actions) that

will help you toachieve your goal and make your plan happen. With a

goal, aplan, commitment, perseveranceand hardwork, youcan achieve

all mannerof success.

Opportunities Available at College

Throughout the year, many opportunities are available for students at

the College. Many of these opportunities are onshow atOrientation

morning on Wednesday 19February. This is achance for students to

get information and express interest in awide variety ofactivities that

are offered through the school, and the community for the College. I

encourage students tomake the most ofthese opportunities as it is a

greattime to trynew things,some of whichare difficult to access in life

beyond school. Inaddition, the more that you get involved, the more

thatyou arelikely to get out of your year.

Jono Hay

DeputyPrincipal •Tumuaki Tuarua

Meet OurNew Staff –Welcome

Following last newsletter’s list of new staff we are very pleased toalso


Jack Kaa

Cleaning Staff


College Office Hours Term Time



Daniel Tew

Teacher of Technology

8:00am –4:30pm (Monday-Thursday)

8:00am –4:00pm (Friday).

College Uniform Clothing Shop

This is operatedthroughthe CollegeOfficebetween 8:30am-3:30pm,or

by request.

Families and students are welcome to view items ofclothing (secondhand,

goodquality). We also welcome good quality, clean second-hand

clothing to sellonyour behalf.


Orientation Morning

ActivityDisplays/Exciting Opportunities

forStudents to become Involved


College Chessboard, 10:45am –11:25am

On this daystudentshavethe opportunitytoview forty-fiveto fifty display

stands ofactivities available, through the College and community groups,

and register interest in what they

mightlike to be involved in during

this year,and beyond.

Collegewelcomes and encourages

students joininginCollegelife, and

Orientation Day provides agreat

chance to see the wide range of

activities on offer.

Parents and caregivers might like to

encourage their student to consider

how they might like to become

involved in the many opportunities

offered by the College and

Community Groups who contribute

to the lifeand work of theCollege.

College Early Closurefor Paid Union Meeting

Thursday20February, from 1:20pm

PleasenotethatAshburtonCollege will be closedfor instruction,

from 1:20pm (the end of Period4)onThursday20February.

This is forthe purpose of aPaid UnionMeeting,for all teachers whoare

partofthe Post PrimaryTeachers’ Association (PPTA).

ThePPTAexecutivehas authorised everyPPTAbranch throughoutNew

Zealandtohold aPaid Union Meeting, in order to give feedbacktothe

TeachingCouncil of Aotearoa New Zealand

on proposed Teacher Registration feeincreases.

Themeetingisheld under the provisions of Section 26

of the EmploymentRelations Act2000.

Supervision, by non PPTA members,willbeavailable at Collegeuntil

3:05pm for students unable to makealternativearrangements.

School buses will run at the normal afternoon time.

AkoInterviews/College Closure–


Please note that the College willbeclosed fornormalinstruction on

this day, in order to hold Akointerviews forall year levels.

These interviews provide opportunity for students to share information,

plan andset goals,with theirAko teacherand parent/caregiver.

Theinterviews will be held at Ashburton College,

from 10:00am-8:00pm.

Familiesare to book theirinterviewtimes on-line,

and this information will be providedinthe nearfuture.

Allstudents/families areexpectedtoattend.


International Students’Day Trip

International Director Michelle Hosking said that 2020 has started off

extremely well fortheirDepartment and International students.

On Friday 31January Michelle said the International Department had the

pleasureoftaking internationalstudentsnew to College, to thepicturesque

Lake Tekapo to experienceoneofNew Zealand’s finest tourist spots.

Internationalstudentsstarting at College thisyear,todate,have come from

Japan and Argentina. They have been warmly welcomed into College and

well-supported by their buddiesduring athree dayorientation programme

designed to ensurethatthey hadapositive starttothe year.

An aspect ofthe trip to Tekapo was the helicopter and fire-fighter action

where personnel were continuing to actively fight the persistent fires in

Burkes Pass. Huge quantities of smoke highlightedthe size of the task.

As always,Lake Tekapo wasstunning despitestrong winds, withthe

groupvisiting the Churchofthe

Good Shepherd (pictured left) and

taking on the steep three-hour

loop trackclimbtothe summit of

Mt John andsiteofthe Mt John

Observatory. Fromtherethey

enjoyedthe 360 degree stunning

viewsencompassingLake Tekapo,

the Southern Alps and the

The day was finished off

experiencing the Jumpernaut,

Aqua Drop and relaxing in the

hotpools. Michelle said it was

areal pleasure seeing current

AshColl students making sure

the new students had avery

positiveKiwi experience.

Mackenzie BasinFlat.


Pōwhiri –Manuhiri Welcomed to College

This annual important event in the culture ofthe College took place on

Friday 07February, in front ofthe newly refurbished Whare Wananga.

The pōwhiri was originally scheduled forWednesday 05February but was

postponed due to weather and resulting wetgrounds.

Welcomed were Year 9students,new students at other year levels and new

staff (the Manuhiriorvisitors).

(Pictured above): The Manuhiri, accompanied also by Ako teachers, being

called forwardontothe campus.

The welcome made on

behalf of the Tangata

Whenua (hosts), those

who have previously

been welcomed and

who belong to the

College, was made in

Te Reo bythe Principal

Ross Preece (pictured


(Pictured left): The

College kapa haka

group,with kaikaranga

(Caller) Michelle Brett

of the Hakatere Marae,

calling the Manuhirion

to the campus.

This was


the Tangata


singing of

the waiata






Matua Tiipene Philip (pictured above), College Head of MāoriDepartment.

Following this the Manuhiri’swaiata, Tutiramai wassung.

At the conclusion, the Tangata Whenua invited the Manuhiri toapproach

them forhongi. (pictured below):

Presentation Appreciation

Apresentation was made byRoss Preece toBrenda Leonard and to

Damian Peeti at the conclusion of the pōwhiri (pictured below, left and


In highlighting our newly

restored wharecarvings warm

acknowledgementwas made

of Master Carver,the late Vince

Leonard, who craftedthe whare


ago. Inrecognitionofhis work,

andofwifeBrenda’s sharing his

time with theCollege, aliving

plantwas presented.

An additionalpresentation

wasalso made to Damian in

recognition of his co-ordination of

therestoration of the carvings;his

skill,dedication and commitment

to theworktoensureanoutcome

fitting of the venue.

Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020, Page 19

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 2

13 February 2020


First Whole-College Assembly for 2020

Held on Monday 10February, this event was acelebration of student

leadership, student involvement and focus for the year. Our Head

Students gave their first speeches to the whole College and student

leadership badges were presented toHead Students Poppy Kilworth,

Henry Chapman, Maria Costas and Kyle Cabangun; the Student and

House Executive members. Additionally, students are recognisable

by braids on their blazers –red forHeadStudents; redand blue sleeve

strips for Student Executive members; while House Captains have one

sleeve braid,intheir House colour.

Principal Ross Preece, saidthis assembly wasalways one to enjoy, and that it

wasapleasureknowing students at Year 10 level and three years laterseeing

them on the stage as College senior student leaders. Ross acknowledged

all who put themselves up for leadership positions, noting it takes courage

to do so, and he also encouraged the next layer ofstudents to think about

coming through forpositions.

This assembly is always significant incelebrating and acknowledging our

student leaders, and Ross referred also to the stringent Head Students’

selection process and the high quality ofcandidates who put themselves

forwardfor consideration, and forStudentand House Executiveroles.

The Head Students for 2020 then made their inaugural speeches to

students and staff.

Head Students 2020:

PoppyKilworth, Head Girl

Poppy reminded students they were in Day

41 of 2020, with 324 days left tomake special

memories, take opportunities, have experiences

and make friendships. She said that, at Ashburton

College, all this and more was possible, and she

welcomed new students and new staff, and

returnees. Continuing her wolf pack theme from

2019 she gave three‘pack pointers’for College life,


1 choosing peers wisely, building people up,

not breaking down relationships,setting goals,

challenging yourself and talking to people you

don’t know.

2 treat others in the pack howyou want to be treated.

3 have fun, be inspired, get involved, don’t forget to have balance,

embraceeach day, test limits and aim high.

HenryChapman, Head Boy

Henry talked about failure and success, noting

that ayear ago he was sitting on the Chessboard

at Assembly and thought‘Ican do that’, and put

his name forward. He illustrated a life lesson

he had when deciding to enter the deer lifting

competition, saying no-one believed he could

do it. Comments were many –why? Then there

was reference tohis physique –too skinny, you’ll

snap, chicken legs, chicken wings. The challenge

was tochange negative comments into positive

action and he challenged students to consider

how tofind away to turn people’s negativity into

the positive.

Would failuretolifta202kg deer,manytimes,make himaloser? Consider

then, successful outcomes –how many times did Michael Jordan miss the

hoop,how manytimes were i-phones made thatfailed? Thelist can go on.

Henry said that every successful person ‘failed lots’. He asked what makes

us successful –ifwefail atest or exam are weafailure? Henry challenged

students to keep coming back, totry again, and to ask what you want to


In summaryHenryhighlightedthe truism thatthe only true failureiswhen

we stop trying,addingthatthe only person who needs to believe in you–is


Meet this year’s AshburtonCollege StudentExecutive

2020 CanterburyRowing Championships

From student androwingcox HarrietLeverton

In mid-January, the Ashburton College Rowing squad ventured down

to Lake Ruataniwha to compete inthe above regatta. Anearly start on

Friday morning saw usleaving school by 7:00am and arriving at the lake

to rig boats at mid-day. The rowers took to the course in the afternoon to

familiarise themselves with the typical Twizel conditions (boiling hot and

slightly breezy!) in preparation foraweekend filled with racing.

Sponsorship Appreciations

Thanks to Lovett Family Farms, the rowing squad is luckyenoughto have

received newcaps forthe current and upcoming seasons.

These new caps pair upnicely with our new rugby-style jerseys for the

novices, kindly sponsored by Pearce Builders.

At 6:00am on Saturdaymorning, LakeRuataniwha wascovered in thick fog

which meant racing was on hold for two hours.This delay led to races still

goingat7:00pm. However, afterthis,Saturdaynightsaw asquad barbeque

forall the rowers,parents and supporters.OnSunday we managed to get all

racinginand cameawaywith someimpressive results as below.

Results were -

AFinals: 3rd placings

Boys’ Under 15 CoxedFour: TimConnelly-Whyte, MitchellTaylor,

Henry Wallis,Charles Savage,Jed Amos(Cox).

Men’sClubDouble: GedWall,with AshRowingclub member,

and former AshColl rowing studentHaxbyHefford.

4th placing

Men’sNoviceCoxedQuad: Matthew Pearce,Mitchell Taylor,

Henry Wallis,Tim Connelly-Whyte,Harriet Leverton (Cox).

5th placing

Men’sNoviceCoxed Four: Matthew Pearce,Mitchell Taylor,

Henry Wallis,Tim Connelly-Whyte,Jed Amos(Cox).

6th placings

Men’sNoviceCoxed Four ZaneCameron, Riley Harris, Charles Savage,

with Dunstan Rowing Club member, Harriet Leverton (Cox).

Men’sClub Coxless Quad: GedWall with AshburtonRowingClub.


8th placings

Women’s NoviceDouble: MeaganBinnie,Isabel Wall.

Men’sNoviceDouble: Zane Cameron, Mitchell Taylor.

Men’sNoviceCoxed Quad: ZaneCameron, Riley Harris, Charles Savage,

Jed Amos (Cox).

Boys’Under 17 Single: GedWall.

BFinals: 1st placing

Men’sNoviceDouble: Matthew Pearce,Tim Connelly-Whyte.

3rd placings



6th placings

Men’sNoviceDouble: Riley Harris,HenryWallis.

Women’s NoviceDouble: RubyLeverton, ClaudiaThomas.

Women’sNoviceCoxedFour: MeaganBinnie,RubyLeverton,

Claudia Thomas,Mia Chambers,Harriet Leverton (Cox)

Heats: 5th placing

Women’sNoviceDouble: LauraJensen, Mia Chambers.

7th placing

Women’sNoviceCoxedQuad: MeaganBinnie,RubyLeverton,

Laura Jensen, Isabel Wall,Harriet Leverton (Cox)

South IslandClub RowingChampionships

From student and rowingcox Harriet Leverton

In the last weekend of the holidays, the Ashburton College Rowing squad

again travelled down to Lake Ruataniwha in Twizel. Another early start

for the team meant aquick stop in Fairlie along the way following the

tradition of grabbing apie from the Bakehouse and of course there were

no complaints!

Once we arrived at the lake it was too windy to put up our supporters’ tent

and rig the boats. This meant no practise on the course for the rowers in the

afternoon. Throughout the weekend, white caps filled Lake Ruataniwha as a

result of strong winds, making racing a challenge, especially for the smaller


After a hard day of racing on Saturday, the squad earned themselves

tencrewsinthe AFinals and four crewsinBFinals.

The squad woke up at 5:00am onSunday ready torace. However, we had

to wait out the two-hour wind delay which meant all racesweretwo hours

later than scheduled. Despite aslow start tothe day and alate finish, we

came away with some impressiveresults.

These results were as follows (highlighting the College Rowers who were

in the boats):

AFinals: 2nd Placings

Women’s Under 19 CoxedQuad: Harriet Leverton (Cox).

Women’s Masters CoxedQuad: JedAmos (Cox).

Boys’Under 17 Single Sculls: GedWall.

5th Placings

Men’sClubCoxless Quad: GedWall.

Men’sNoviceCoxed Quad: Matthew Pearce,MitchellTaylor,

TimConnelly-Whyte, ZaneCameron, Harriet Leverton (Cox).

7th Placings

Women’s NoviceDouble:

Meagan Binnie,RubyLeverton

(pictured below, leftand right).

Men’sNoviceCoxed Four: Tim Connelly-Whyte, Mitchell Taylor,

Riley Harris, Matthew Pearce,Jed Amos (Cox) (pictured below, lefttoright).

8th Placing

Men’sNoviceCoxed Quad:

Riley Harris, HenryWallis,Parker Bradford,

(Dunstan Club rower), Jed Amos (Cox).

9th Placings

Men’sNoviceDouble: TimConnelly-Whyte,Riley Harris.

Women’s NoviceCoxed Quad: Meagan Binnie,RubyLeverton,

LauraJensen, Isabel Wall,Harriet Leverton (Cox).



Men’sNoviceCoxed Four: Zane Cameron, HenryWallis,

Parker Bradford, (Dunstan Club rower), Isabel Wall (Cox).

Mens Club Single:


Men’sNoviceDouble: Matthew Pearce,Mitchell Taylor.

2nd Placings

Men’sNoviceDouble: Zane Cameron, HenryWallis

(pictured below, leftand right).

(Front row, lefttoright): Kyle Cabangun (DeputyHead Boy), HenryChapman

(Head Boy), WillowDiedricks (Student Representativetothe BoardofTrustees),

Jestena Raj.

(Middle row, left to right): Penny Stilgoe, Poppy Kilworth (Head Girl),

MariaCostas (DeputyHead Girl), Seluvaia Ratoul,Jacob Gray.

(Back row,lefttoright): IanTeves,LucyMoore, Jonty Small, Ocean Waitokia,

Ngakau Howell.Kotiti Patea.

(Pictured above,


Harriet Leverton

(Cox), Isabel Wall,



Meagan Binnie.

(Pictured right,


Jed Amos (Cox),

Charles Savage,

Mitchell Taylor.

Photoscourtesy of SteveMcArthur-Rowing Celebration

Coming Events


14 College Athletics Prelims Day

16 New Zealand Schools’Triathlon Championships,Wanaka

17 PostponementDay:Athletics Prelims


5th Women’s NoviceDouble: Isabel Wall,Claudia Thomas.

7th Women’s NoviceDouble: LauraJensen, MiaChambers.

7th Women’s NoviceCoxed Four: Meagan Binnie,RubyLeverton,

Claudia Thomas,Mia Chambers,Harriet Leverton (Cox).

Photoscourtesy of SteveMcArthur-Rowing Celebration

19 Orientation Day, Chessboard

26 CanterburyShowJumping,McLean’s Island,Christchurch

27 Athletics Finals day

28 Postponementday -Athletics Finals

29 SISS Tennis Championships, Timaru

Page 20, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020

Local news at

Immigration adviser

keen to share knowledge

By Mick Jensen

Ashburton College head of maori Tipene Philip leads the way in the hongi,

atraditional Maori greeting in which people press their noses together.


Ashburton College welcomed new staff

and students on Friday at a formal

school powhiri.

Held in front of the Te Whare O

Tawhaki Marae in the college grounds,

the formalities included speeches and

Ashburton mayor Neil Brown comments

Understanding differences

BackinSeptember lastyear, Ispoke about

uniting town and country and the importance

ofusall working together for the

benefit ofour district.

As aresident with an understanding of

both rural and urban issues, I can

appreciate avariety of perspectives that

have historically divided our community,

and it is one of my ambitionstohelp bridge

this gap and provide clarity.

It's sometimes said that wedon't always

understand each other as townies and


One particular issue thatcomes to mind

is the matter of stubble burning.

To our rural counterparts, stubble

burning is one method in their land

management practices for pestcontrol and

sustainability, while for thoseintown, it'sa

nuisance as smoke drifts around the


There are actually some benefits to this

practice that some may not be aware of.

For instance, did you know that stubble

burning creates afire break so that inthe

event of an out­of­control fire, itwill stop

at the area already burnt.

Although some carbon is emitted during

burning, it also produces potassium for use

as afertiliser, which saves having to use

artificial fertiliser.

Primarily, controlled burning also kills

manyundesirableinsects and weeds which

Stay fit &earn $$$

at the same time

Spend a couple of hours

every Thursday delivering the

Ashburton Courier and Realty in

the Ashburton urban area.

Enjoy the fresh air, stay fit and

reap the health benefits!

Phone Leonie todayon308 7664

to get startedoremail


The official ceremony started with the

manuhiri, or visitors being called on to

the school marae, and concluded with a

hongi between new staff and some

senior students and staff.

reduces the need for pesticides and

herbicidestobe used. Although balingthe

stubble or ploughing the residue back into

the soil are other options, neither of these

addresses theissueoffungal diseases,pests

and weeds.

On the other hand, stubble burning

produces smoke and removes straw that

couldotherwise be used by stock as food or

bedding, oreven insulation in ahouse.

Understandably, when not done correctly,

the smoke can also be a real

nuisance for nearbyresidents or evenmore

worryingly, the fire can burn out of control.

Although we might havedifferent points

of view regarding stubble burning, Ibelieve

it's important thatwetry and put ourselves

in the others' shoes and weigh up what is

the right thing for our community, both

environmentally and economically.

Can we put up withthe inconvenience of

smokefor afew weeksofthe year? Canwe

ensure we have any required fire permits

and carry out the task responsibly and

safely every single time?

This is aanother particularly dry time

around the Ashburton District, and I'd

encourage anyone who is planning on

stubble burning to look up the Fire &

Emergency New Zealand's Crop Residue

or Stubble Burns guide on thecorrectway

to burn so as to reduce risks and mitigate

any effects on others in the community.

With new rules being introduced

this year and other rules still

evolving, Philippines born Maria

Jimenez is keen to share her

knowledge of the immigration

process with individuals and


Based in Ashburton, the

licensed immigration adviser says

changes will be introduced in

various stages this year to replace

six current employer­assisted

temporary visa categories with

one new visa called Temporary

Work Visa.

Anew employer­led visa

application process was also

being introduced.

It was important to stay up to

date with the rules as they came

in, she said.

The former Manila resident

came to New Zealand in 2007 on

avisitor visa, which she later

upgraded to awork visa.

‘‘The rules were different when

Ifirst came over and not as


‘‘I did ask, and received some

useful advice through an online

forum, but things are much more

complex now and still evolving.’’

Ms Jimenez said she had

decided to become an

immigration adviser in recent

months because she believed

there was aneed for the service

Club news

Mid Canterbury Provincial Rural


We had much pleasure in

presentingMid Canterbury

ProvincialLife Membership to

Kerry Smith at our December

meeting. Kerry was provincial

president 2017­2018.

With school resuming, we urge

awareness around school buses.

‘‘Either Way It Works’’, when

passing astationary school bus.

Rural Women have asite at the

Positive Ageing Expo, Thursday

March 5(10am ­3pm Hotel


Come along to view exhibits,

displays and social clubs you may

like to join. Food is available on


Sharon Davie Martin (Amuri)

was elected as South Island

Philippines born immigration adviser Maria Jimenez.

and she wanted to help people

work through the process


She was now licensed with the

New Zealand Immigration

Advisers Authority and was

already helping clients.

Before setting up her own

business she had worked in sales

and hospitality.

ANew Zealand resident since

2010, she had spent 10 years in

Auckland and was now happily

representative onto the national

board. Sandra Curd (Winchmore)

accepted the role as Area 2

Canterbury leadership councillor.

Our profile will be one of positivity

and enthusiasm with two dedicated

Rural Women at the helm.

Mid Canterbury ProvincialRural

Women scholarship 2020

The scholarship is open to both

male and femaleapplicants who

have ahome base in Mid


Two grants to the value of the

$1000 and aresourcegrantof


Application Formsare available

now and further details from

scholarship co­ordinator Pauline

Hewson.(03 303 6397 or

Branch news

settled in Ashburton, which was a

friendly town and had asizeable

Filipino population, many of

whom worked on farms or in

other jobs around the district.

Ms Jimenez is based in an

office at 192 Wills Street and is

offering afree one hour

consultation, by appointment

only, between 9am and 10am.

More information at the

website iammsmariajimenez.

Winchmore ­five members

headedtoMethven withsewing

machines,overlockerand knitting

needles, making joey pouchesand

knitted birdsnestsaspart of NZ

Gifts of Love,for recovering

animals in Australianwildlife


National office news

PresidentFiona Gower

attended the Women's World

Shearing record challenge in

Turangi. RWNZwas asponsor for

this event.

AustralianBush Fires

RWNZ is in close contactwith

our sisterAustralian organisation

Country Women's Association of

Australia (CWAA). Donationsare

being collected and forwarded to

CWAA, to distribute as they see


Do youneeDinsect

anDsecurity screens,

warDrobe DoorsanD


David will be coming to Ashburtonon

Thursday 20 February. Please contact

theoffice to book afreemeasure

and quote forthese or forany other

products in theHomePlusrange.


88 Gasson St,Sydenham |03379 3740 |

Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020, Page 21

Mining past laid out for

all to see at Mt Somers

As well as fresh air,

exercise and a taste of

subalpine flora, a walk

from the popular Woolshed

Creek car park to

the old Blackburn mine

offers aglimpse into the

‘‘broken seams and broken

dreams’’ of local

coal mining.

The main mine site is

ameandering walk along

the stream and up to the

top of the ridge, avertical

gain of 170m.

Along the way vestiges

of the area’s mining past

can be seen and information

boards explain the

process of bringing coal

out of the ground.

In 1929 asteep­railed

incline was built up the

hill and a four tonne

hopper truck would

thunder down in two and

half minutes, pulling up

an empty hopper at the

same time.

The bottom of the

incline finished in atrestle

built over the tramway

so that the wagons

could discharge coal

straight on to the waiting

railway wagons.

Alarge wrecked hopper

sits at the base of the

incline as areminder of

the process, as does

tracking, telegraph poles

and other metalwork.

Mining at Mt Somers

depended on the use of

second­hand and recycled

equipment, an

information board tells


At the top incline an

outdoor museum display

includes the restored

mine entrance, coal

wagons, a sluicing cannon,

explosives storeroom,

and various smaller


The Blackburn Mining

Co opened the mine

in 1929, but was bankrupt

by the following


In 1933, a cooperative

was formed by

out of work miners to

reopen the mine.

A Mr Burnett took

control in 1935.

The incline from the

mine to the valley floor

and the tramway closed

in 1952, deemed too slow

and inefficient.

A hair raising road

called Burma Road was

constructed instead, and

coal was taken by lorries

to the rail­head.

In 1955, Blackburn

No. 1mine closed after a


Blackburn No. 2mine

was opened on a 9m

thick coal seam, but by

1956 it was exhausted

and closed.

The Blackburn Mine

reopened in 1963 as a

open cast (pit) operation,

before closing for

good in 1968.

Awellbeing awareness

walk from Woolshed

Creek to the mine

is being held this Sunday

to raise money for Safer

Mid Canterbury’s Lives

Worth Living programme.

The walk

departs at 9am and it

costs $10.

Feds says no need for Bill

Federated Farmers has urged the Environment Select

Committee to ditch the Resource Management Act

(RMA) Amendment Bill and wait for related

concurrent processes on its work programme to play


They say the Bill pre­empts, and jeopardises, a

comprehensive review of the RMA already being done

by aGovernment­appointedspecialist panel.

Federated Farmers environment spokesman Chris

Allen told the committee this week the Bill ‘‘put the

cart before the horse’’ on the Essential Freshwater

proposals which had sought feedback from the public

on some of the same matters as in the Bill.

‘‘There’s been aconcerning lack of stakeholder

engagement on the more crucial matterswithin the


‘‘Federated Farmers was very concerned to note that

while the government was consulting on these exact

proposals as part of the Essential Freshwater

‘Discussion Document’ process, it was concurrently

drafting its answers into the Bill ­prior to assessing and

addressing feedback and concerns raised in the more

Your total heating solution

Ducted heatpump/air conditioning unit

Major suppliers of

than 17,500 submissions received.

‘‘The Bill is fundamentally at odds with its

overarching objective, which is ‘to reduce complexity,

increase certainty, restore public participation

opportunities and improve the Act’s processes’.’’

Mr Allensaid fast­tracking freshwater planning

processes in this manner oftenbecome ‘‘survival of the

best resourced’’, with smaller councils left behind. It

would do nothing for meaningful public consultation.

‘‘Freshwater planning processes across New

Zealand are eitheralready well under way or near or

at completion. There are real risks of upending this


Mr Allensaid there was nothing wrong with

resource­stretched councils calling on the

EnvironmentalProtection Agency (EPA) to help with

enforcement and/or prosecution issues.

But the way the Bill wascurrently written seemed to

allow the EPA to step in uninvited, override local

processes and assume fulland total powers including

enforcement. It was an unwarranted duplicationof


Resilience specialist back for talk

Whatever the shape of the room, ducted units ensure

uniform temperatures throughout. Cool orwarm air

is ducted into the room through diffusers, discreetly

positioned in the walls or ceiling.Verylow sound levels.

The use of ducts allows air outlets to be conveniently

installed anywhereinthe ceiling,giving improved room

aesthetics,with its unobtrusivepresence.

Phone 308 7182

On Call 021 597 517

211/D Alford Forest Rd,


Rural Support Trust (RST) Mid

Canterbury are bringing safety,

wellness and resilience specialist

Lance Burdett back to Ashburton.

Mr Burdett is founder of WARN

International but was acrisis negotiator

and instructor with police,

and an FBI trainer. He will speak at

afree public event in Ashburton

next month.

RST Mid Canterbury manager/

connector Judy Skevington, who

has heard Mr Burdett speak on a

few occasions, said his entertaining

manner, considering the topic, was

beneficial to everyone attending.

His talks are described as engaging

and full of sense, and offer

people tips and techniques to help

handle difficult situations by understanding

what goes on in people’s


Mrs Skevington encouraged anyone

who was able, and wherever

they lived, to make the time to

attend the event at the Hotel

Ashburton on March 9. It starts at


People can register via email to or

text to 027 878 7254.

RST’s are made up of paid and

volunteer rural people who in their

region help farming families get

through tough times.

Mr Burdett, who toured New

Zealand last year, said atthe time,

working with rural people dealing

with challenges such as weather,

climate, biosecurity, financial worries

and relationship problems was

especially important.

‘‘Isolation can really make things

worse if our stress iskept inside our

heads. We worry because we are

programmed to manage risk. That’s

how our ancestors survived ­thinking

about the worst that can happen

and acting on it.

‘‘The challenge for rural people is

if they talk about their worries it’s

often only with their partner or

workers who have the same concerns,

and it goes round incircles,’’

he said.

‘‘It’s all about showing people

how to control their busy mind,

recognise how to use the drafting

racein theirheads, and toolstohelp

deal with those negative thoughts.’’



Page 22, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020

Local news at


Lachie identified as future leader

By ToniWilliams

Lachie Davidson has

travelled to the other side

of the world, been

crowned a world champion

egg thrower and has

just embarkedonacareer

with an internationally

recognised company who

pride themselves asbeing

outside the box thinkers.

The 22­year­old former

Ashburton College head

boy is one of four to gain

a place in the Synlait

Future Leaders Programme.

More than 300

people applied.

It’s a three­year

accelerated development

programme, developed by

Synlait organisational

development manager

Tony Aitken, which will

see him undergo leadership

training ashelearns

different facets of the


It had arigorous application

process involving



Brought to you by your

local insurance brokers

application, multiple

interviews, psychometric

testing and group assessments

including working

on tasks under pressure

while under observation

with other applicants.

But Lachie is no

stranger to pressure.

In 2019 he and fellow

Massey University

student, Ben McColgan,

under the team name

New Zealand Yolk Ferns,

took to the final of the

World Egg Throwing

Championships in

Lincolnshire, England

and won.

They were up against a

Canadian duo and battled

it out in 10­metre increments

trying to throw and

catch the most of three

uncracked eggs in the

longest distance. The win

came down to a final

throw by Lachie, made

from the 60­metre mark

and successfully caught by


Friday, February 14

• Central Canterbury

Flock Ram, Sheffield

Monday, February 17

• Temuka

Tuesday, February 18

• Canterbury Park

All Stock

Thursday, February 20

• Temuka Store Cattle

Monday, February 24

• Temuka

Tuesday, February 25

• Canterbury Park All

Stock excl. Store Cattle

Thursday, February 27

• Temuka Store Cattle


Lachie Davidson

It was an “eggstatic”

victory and when national

media came calling many

egg references came too.

The free trip fitted in

perfectly with the university

break and he got to

travel through Europe

during the three week


Before global success

Lachie was better known

in Mid Canterbury for his

role as head boy at Ashburton

College back in


He attributes his career

direction as being subliminally

planted during his

final year at high school

during agriculture study

with teacher Stephen Millichamp.

It involved an international

view and looked

into production systems

with adeer focus, which

Mr Millichamp farms.

In 2016 he took agap

year as aLattitude Global

Volunteer, travelling to

Ecuador and then Argentina

working with special

need children and as an

English tutor at a language

school, respectively.

It was something he’d

wanted to do while he was

young and said it helped

him mature and gave him

abetter understanding of

having “street smarts”.

“Nothing too bad happened,”

he says, of the


Midway through the

year he applied to university.

While the world was his

oyster, he chose Massey

University inPalmerston

North doing aBachelor of

AgriCommerce – International


By the time Synlait

launched their annual

nationwide recruitment

drive in early 2019,Lachie

had an evenbetter understanding

of his world.

Impressed by the

Synlait view of “doing

things differently” with

environment and sustainability

listed among their

top priorities, heapplied

to the programme.

“I was blown away by

the environmental side of

what the company was

doing…was impressed by

their message.”

Among some of the

initiatives were the

change from coal­fired

boilers to gas and electrical

options,and the set up

of the 15 hectare Whakapuawai

native tree nursery.

It will growuptoone

million trees ayear which

will be given to farm

suppliers, and incorporates

anannual volunteer

planting day for all Synlait

employees to get out on

farm and help plant trees.

In returning to Canterbury,Lachiehas


to Christchurch and is

living with high school

mates, Matthew Rae,

Jack Fleming, Logan

Coote and Alicia Calles.

His parents, Niki and

Rennie, have also moved

from rural Mid Canterbury

to Little River, at

Banks Peninsula,

although they have kept a

little slice of24hectares,

which is being used for

cropping, along

Greenstreet, just out of


“It’s made the transition

easier coming back

(to Canterbury),” he said,

of living with his mates.

The programme will

give him insight into all

areas ofthe Synlait operation,

from milk supply to

manufacturing, quality to

business development

and sustainability.

He has started in business

development based

at the Dunsandel site, but

will spend four to six

months in each role,

working shifts where

necessary, alongside others

to learn the process.

“It’s good to have an

understanding and be

able to relate to people on

the floor. It’s a good

foundation,” Mr Aitken


He is also mentored by

a company director to

gain insight into senior

Diamond offered to DairyNZ as prize

Recognising thevalue ofdairy farmershas

seenjewellersMarkand PamelaBeckett

giftarare greendiamond, valuedat

$12,000, as aprize for aDairyNZ organised

nationwide promotion.

TheAuckland­based coupleare showing

their lovefor NewZealand dairy farmers

by giving awaythe two­caratdiamond to

showtheirsupport fordairy farmers and

their appreciation for the workthey do

every day of the year, and in allweather.

Mr Beckett, who is aLondon­trained

jeweller but raised on aMatamata dairy

farm, said ‘‘our lives over the past 40­plus

years haverevolved around precious gems

andwebelieveKiwi dairy farmersare gems


“We reckon this rare green diamond is

the perfectway to celebrateour dairy

farmers who arecommittedto caring for

ourland and environment, and,webelieve,

just likediamonds, thattheyare here


Mr Beckettsaid growing up on the farm

leadership which is a

valuable connection with

avisible presence.

And there was ahigh

likelihood of relocation

to another of Synlait’s

national sites; Auckland,

Pokeno, Palmerston

North or Temuka but

less likely Shanghai in

China. It teaches them

how to relocate.

Mr Aitken said as a

“growing company” the

programme allowed

Synlait to ensure there

were future leaders, with

the necessary knowledge,

to support the

company’s purpose of

‘doing milk differently

for ahealthier world’.

Synlait employs

around 1100 employees;

800 of which work in

various roles, and shifts,

at the Dunsandel plant.

“We recruit for the

programme in late February,

the year prior,

targeting final year

students atkey universities

around the country,

which offer degrees

(with) the best fit to our

business operation.

The three year programme

rotates participants,

such as Lachieand

fellow associates Issy

Davies, Giorgia Miller­

Thevenard and Claire

Ye through avariety of

roles while they receive

leadership training.

‘‘ourfarming families had along­term view

of environmental stewardship –everything

my father didonthe farm was to care for

the landand his animals.

“It’smyopinionthatdairyfarmers are

more environmentallygreenthan most–

certainly greener than many non­farming

people becauseofthe workthey do to

protectthe environment.’’

The competition closes on March10and

the winner announcedbetween March 16






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Contact ustoday:

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Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020, Page 23


Home away from home at St Margaret’s College

By creating awarm, caring homeaway-from-homeatmosphere,boarding

at St Margaret’s Collegecombines a

first-class educationwithbuildingstrong

relationshipsand learninglifelongvalues.

When school finishesatthe endofeach

day, theboardinghousescomealive with

thesounds of many voices andlaughter

andbecause theboardingschoolisan

integral part of theschool campus those

whochose to canattendextra circular

andafter-school activitieswithout


“Boardingallowed me to become so

independentand responsible, whileatthe

same time allowingmetobecomepartof

an amazingfamily,”saidCharlotte Bush

whoboarded at SMCfor five yearsand

has just completed herfirst year of study

at UniversityofCanterbury. “Thegirls

youmeetdon’t just become yourfriends,

they become your sisters.”

The boarding community is at the

heartofStMargaret’sand theculture is

closelyalignedwiththe school’s vision

of aholisticeducation,embracingthe

spiritual andemotional wellbeingofthe

girls,aswellastheir academic growth

andtheir developmentinsport andthe


The threeboardinghousesare arranged

in year groups andstructuredtothe

specificneeds of each developmental

stage. In Julius House(Y7-10) the

environmentisstructuredand nurturing

forthe girlstomakethe transitioninto

boarding. KilburnHouse (Y11-12)

encouragesthe girlstobegin personally

integratingthese skills. Cranmer House

(Y13) allowsfor more freedom to help

them developlifeskills andbecome

driven, self-managed young women, all

in amonitored setting. These seniorgirls

thrive as they become theleadersofthe

boardingschooland the‘oldersisters’of


The boardingstafftakepride in having

theprivilegeofwatchingthe girlsgrow

into incredible youngwomen and

treasure themoments they capture with

them. Warm,openrelationships develop

over theyears as theyshare thegirls’

highs andlows, encourage,celebrate and

nurtureastheyall journeythrough life


The St Margaret’s CollegeOpenDay

takes place on Monday 23 March2020

with theSMC Boarders’Sleepover

thenight before on Sunday 22 March,

giving girlsanopportunity to come and

experience lifeasanSMC boarder.For

furtherinformation andtoregister, visit

To learnmoreabout lifeatSt

Margaret’s College, visit www. or call 03 379

2000 to arrangeapersonal tour of the






Sunday22March 2020


Pre-registration essential

Open Day

Monday23March 2020

10:30am –1:00pm

Principal’sAddress at 11:45am

Beat the queuesand pre-register at



Page 24, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020

Local news at


St Bede’s College Boarding School

St Bede’s is aCatholic

Collegefor boys founded

by theSociety of Mary in

1911 anditis also theonly

Catholic boardingschool

forboysinthe SouthIsland.

Catholic, Marist and

Bedean principles and

values form thebasis of a

holistic educationatthe

College. We aimnot to

make theCollege greatbut

to ensure everyboy has the

opportunity to be great, and

we endeavourtodevelop

youngmen of Catholic hearts andminds

throughthe experiences theboyshavein

their time here at theCollege.

St Bede’s is aCollegefor all…a place

wheregospelvalues arepractisedto

helpformprincipledmen; alearning

environment whereeveryoneachieves;

aplace that teachers want to come

to becauseofthe strengthofthe

community;aplace also,where boys can

embrace spiritual,sporting, culturaland

community activities, whichall combined

shape boysintomen. That’sthe priority

andthatisinour DNA.


tradition that goes back to the1920s.

Ourrichhistory andtraditionprovides

an excellentfoundationtoembrace the

challengesofthe modern era andprepare

ourboystobeCatholic leaderswherever

lifetakes them.

Likemanyother organisationsin

Christchurch,our campus has been

brokenand tested. The demolitionofthe

Chapel seriouslychallengedus. It was

As theonlyindependentco-educational

boardingschoolinthe SouthIsland,

St Andrew’sCollegehas aunique pointof

difference.“Providing theopportunity to

meet theneedsof‘sons anddaughters’is

aprivilege andgives an authenticfamily

feel”saysDirectorofBoarding, MattParr.

“Co-educational boardingallowsour

students to grow together in anaturaland

supportive environment, wheretheycan

share their boarding journey.”

The family atmosphereisanother

thesinglemostimportant buildingatSt

Bede’s College, andhad symbolised the

heartand soul of theCollege ever since

thethirdRector, Father Gilbert, converted

it from thegymnasiumin1929.

In thelasttwo years, theCollege has

completed a$16m buildingproject; stage

twoofthe Gymnasium, anew Food

Technologyand ArtBlock,arenovated

PerformingArtsCentreand significantly,

thenew Chapel of St Bede,which have

greatlyenhancedthe campus facilities.


from theseand otherfacilities on site,

andaself-development programme

involvinganumberofdifferent activities

whereboysare givenopportunities to

learnavarietyofskills, areofferedinthe

evenings as well as study.

Preference andnon-preference

applications areavailableand personalised

toursofthe Boarding School andthe

Collegecan takeplace on request. We

look forwardtointroducingyou to theSt

Bede’s Collegeboardinghostel.

The St Andrew’s College


specialaspectofthe culture in

St Andrew’sthree boardinghouses–one

forgirls, onefor seniorboysand one

forjunior boys. As boys andgirls live

alongside each otheratStAndrew’s, their

varied needsare met, andeachhouse is


Matt’s philosophy on supporting

studentwell-beingand achievement

revolves around making decisions based

on “whatagreatparentmight do”. “I

believe great parentsset theculture and

tone of their familyand

foster asense of belonging,

protectionand direction.

We setthe same intentions

in ourboardingfamilyatSt



Collegeisunique in


andcaringinnature. We

welcome anyenquiryand

encourage an overnight stay

to experience ourculture

andmeetthe team”says


Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020, Page 25


Nelson College

Nelson Collegeisaninnovativeboys’

stateschool. We take greatpride in

nurturingeachboy’s individual interests

andpotential across allareas of academia,

sport, arts, cultureand leadership.

Setalongside themaincollegecampus

areNelson College’stwo boardinghouses

–Rutherford andBarnicoat.These

heritage buildings recentlyhad major

refurbishments, so we cancontinueto

offer theverybestinboardingfor our

localand Internationalstudents. Our

experiencedstaffare committed to

creating astrongand caring community

within theboardingfraternityensuring

that ourboysfeelsupported throughout

their educationalendeavours, as well as

takingadvantage of everythingthe Nelson

region offers.

“We’re incredibly proud of ourboarders,”

says DirectorofBoardingSamme

Hippolite. We want them to have every

opportunity to developtheir interests,

have fun, make lifelongfriendshipsand

create unforgettablememories within the

context of aclear andsafe structure.”

Nelson Collegecelebratesachievements

by itsstudents. In 2019, 76 students

receivedBoard of TrusteeMedallions,

awardedtothose whowin anational

or internationalcompetition, or who

representNZinanationalteam. The fields

include sport, environmental defence,

enterprise andmusic.

At this time of theyear, ourwinter

sportteams come to thefore, with both

our1st XI Football and1st XV Rugby

achieving majorsuccesses. In 2020 we will

be defendingthe Quad RugbyCup on our

home ground, as well as celebratingthe

150thanniversaryofNew Zealand’svery

first game of rugby.

An educationatNelsonCollege is set

within aclimatethatfosters manaakitanga,

compassion andexcellence forevery


Selwyn House School

Selwyn HouseSchooloffers aworldclasseducation

with talentedteachingstaff

andsmall class sizes. Within afuturefocused

andnurturing environment,

thereisanextensive range of educational,

sporting andculturalopportunities for

girls in Years1-8.

The nurturing environmentisapparent

in all aspectsofschoollife. In ourmodern

andsafe, family-orientedBoarding

House, girls have supportfromdedicated

staff andtutors. Girls from acrossNew

Zealandand internationallyfondlycall

theBoardingHouse,their ‘homeaway

from home’and quicklyformasisterhood

with others.

Selwyn Houseiscommitted to

providingacontinuum of international

education. The combinationofthe


YearsProgramme (PYP) andour futurefocused

STEAM andMechatronics

curriculum ensuresgirls areequippedto

face acontinually-changingworld with

confidence andenthusiasm. We focuson

instillingstrongfoundations whichcan

be successfullybuilt upon. Core learning

in Literacy, Mathematics, andScience

is apriority. Specialist programmes

in Art, Creative Writing, Leadership,

Mechatronics, Music, Performing

Arts, Physical Education, Spanishand

Swimmingplaykey roles in further

enhancing learning.

Each girl is providedwithapersonalised

learningexperience.Classroom and

specialist teachers have thetimeto

fostermeaningful relationshipswith

each student. Duetoour comprehensive

learningenvironment,our girls arehighly

skilled,stand out amongtheir peersand

arepreparedfor asuccessful transition to


We believeinthe strengthoftradition,

the promiseofthe future andthe power

of education. Formoreinformation on

the benefitsofSelwynHouse School or

to schedule your personal tour,please

contactCharlotte Johnson03355 7299





NelsonCollege offersacademic and co-curricular

opportunitiesspecifically tailoredtoboys

• Extensive academic and co-curricularprogrammes

• Strong focus on pastoral care

• Leadership and mentoring programmes

• Heritage buildingsfully refurbished

• Access to popular year-round outdoor activitiesinthe Nelsonregion

• Placesavailable Year 7toYear13



Youngmen taking their place in the world

Visit for further information or to enrol online

An International BaccalaureateSchool


Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020, Page 27

Supporting the community

96 Tancred Street,Ashburton.

Phone 3078317






knowabout your


...inthe Courier’s monthly

Baby Page completely free of charge.

Simply post or email aphotoofthe new

arrival along with the birth details to:

PO Box12Ashburton. Email:

Photos forMarch12 to

be received by 12 noon


March 10

Names areanimportantpartofour identityand culture

Thename Amelia mayhave been the most popular name given

to babygirls in 2019, overtaking the name Charlotte, but Oliver

remains New Zealand’s most popular babyname forboys.

It is followedbyNoah.

Among the most popular Maorinames chosen last year were

Nikau(forboys)and Mia(forgirls), followedbythe names Mikaere

and Aria.

Births,Deathsand Marriages registrar-general Jeff Montgomery

says atotal of 18,816 different first names were givento61,018

babies in 2019.

It wasanincrease on the 13,668 differentfirst names for59,302

babies in 2018.

Mr Montgomerysaysitwas theseventh year the name Oliver had

made the topofthe list forboy’s names.Although Amelia had

been in the top10names since2011, the names Charlotteand

Olivia had swapped first and second placemanytimesoverthat


‘‘Charlottetopped the list in 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018, and was

ranked second most popular this year.Isla came in third. Noah is

the second most popular name forboys and Leothe third.’’

Mr Montgomerysaysregistering ababyisanimportantstepto

ensureyour child has an official identityand canaccess their legal

rights as they growup. Doing so is noweveneasier as SmartStart

centralises those services in one easy to use site.

“The last thing new parents want to be doing is filling out araft

of forms-SmartStartisafree, fast,and efficientway to register

your child,receivethe $60 aweek BestStartpayment, obtain an

IRD number,and even adjust aMinistryofSocial Development

benefit.You can completethose tasks anytime,onany device,”Mr


Willowand Mila were new entries in the girls’ top10names,while

Sophie and Rubymadeare-appearance, as did Thomas and

Charlie in the boys’top 10 list.

Nikauremains number one forthe most popular Maoriboy’s

name,havingtopped the list forthe past fewyears.It’sthe second

year Miahas topped the list forgirls’names.

At Tiddlywinks Preschool

children areencouraged to

exploreand develop asense

of wonder through natural

resourcesand experiences.

In our new purpose built facility

teachers areable to “stepback”

and empowerchildrentomake

their owndecisions and take

responsibilityfor collaborative

playbut still be theretoguide

and supportwhenneeded.

We have separate under two’s

and over two’swith ashared

kaiareawhichfosters the

relationships between the older

and younger children as well as

the teachers which in turnmakes

the transition process relaxing

foreveryone. Our outdoor area

provides mud,water, sand,grass,

loose parts,hideyholes,rocks,

logs and nativetrees and plants

which allowthe children to gain


exploreand assess their ownrisk.

We provide wetweather gear

forthe children so they can be

outside in all types of weather

and enjoyrainy days as much as



307 0420 or visit our website

Taikaand Rawirientered thetop 10 Maoriboys’names,and Tui

and Ataahua make it into the top10Maorigirls’names forthe first

time sincerecords began.

Mr Montgomerysaysthe increased popularityofMaorinames

worldwide wasexciting to see.

“Our names areanimportantpartofour identity, our culture, and

often, our heritage.People of all differentbeliefsand cultures

recognise thatthe namingofachild is powerful and significant.

‘‘It’s greattosee moreMaori names being registered,” he says.

The top10list of girlsnames,indescending order,were; Amelia,

Charlotte, Isla, Olivia, Ruby, Sophie,Harper,Mila, Willow, Ava, and

boys names; Oliver,Noah, Leo, Jack, Lucas,George,James,William,

Thomas and Charlie.

Top10list of Maorigirls names: Mia, Aria, Maia, Amaia, Nina,

Manaia, Kaia, Aroha, Tuiand Ataahua, and Maoriboys names;

Nikau, Mikaere, Ari, Manaia, Mateo, Te Ariki, Taika, Ariki,Kauriand


If youare looking forafriendly,

family focused Preschool foryour

child please get in touch


available spaces foryour



Play is work

and work is fun

Where Children Learn


Contact: Kindergarten

Association Manager

Ph: 308 3779


We are taking enrolments

from 4months to 6years.

For further information

phone 308 0380 or call in to see us at

174-176 Chalmers Avenue, Ashburton

PHONE 03 307 2088

022 061 4672

Magnolia Drive, Netherby


us on

Asmall homely centre,

with anature based philosophy.

Stephanie Hansen Amanda Moore

Centre Directors

7Roxburgh Place Tinwald Ashburton

phone 03 307 0420




Page 28, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020

Local news at

open homes

orviewany of our homes in 3D from the comfortofyourhome!

191 Burnett St,Ashburton •ph308 6173

Trevor Hurley Real Estate Ltd LREA 2008 -MREINZ



From 10% Deposit $435pw (Conditions apply)

From 10% Deposit $370pw (Conditions apply)

46A Eton Street

(E662) 50 ABeach Road (E664)

• Generous open plan living

•Two bedrooms

• Easy care, lowmaintenancegarden

•Double glazed,heatpump plus gas fire

• Fully fenced

•Situatedfor all day sun

• Privaterear section

•All offersconsidered after2pm,18thFebruary 2020

Offers Over $399,000


OpenSaturday15February,1.00 -1.30pm

OpenSaturday15February, 12.00 -12.30pm

3 2 2

2 1 2

16 CountryPlace (W687)

•Sought afterlocation in Coniston

•Open planconcept

•Seamless indoor outdoor flow, captures all daysun

•Manicuredand established gardens

$PBNBIR $699,000 -$749,000

Open Saturday15February, 10.00 -10.30am

4 2 2

58 Oxford Street (E663)

•Agreatfamily homewith sleepout and sunroom

•Veryprivateand quiet corner section with subdivision potential

•Recentlyrepaintedin &out,new flooring throughout

•Heatedbyalog burner &heatpump,well insulated

Deadline sale: 2pm Wednesday12February2020

OpenSaturday15February, 10.00 -10.30am

3 1 1.5

From 10% Deposit $260pw (Conditions apply)

27 ClarkStreet (W686)

• Stop paying rent &get intoyour firsthome!

•Positioned forall daysun

•Fullyfencedand ample off street parking

•Close to shopping centre,school &preschools

$PBN BIR$239,000 -$259,000

OpenSaturday15February, 12.00 -12.30pm

4 1 1

From 10% Deposit $360pw (Conditions apply)

99 WillsStreet (W678)

•Superbly positionedfor thesun and outdoor living.

•Spacious lounge,living and kitchen to enjoy.

•Single car garaging plus large shed at the rear of the section

•Only ashortstroll to Domain


OpenSaturday15February, 10.00 -10.30am

3 1 1

From 10% Deposit $290pw (Conditions apply)

15 Charles Street (W688)

•Hiddenaffordable gemoffering plenty of scope

•Freshly painted


•Fantastic entry level home or investment

$PBNBIR $265,000 -$280,000

OpenSaturday15February, 1.00 -1.30pm

3 1 2

From 10% Deposit $380pw (Conditions apply)

4Andrew Street


•Lovely characterhomewith some renovations completed

•Two extrafullyinsulated rooms

•Several patios foryou to enjoy

•Close to schools &shopping centre

$PBN BIR $349,000 -$379,000

OpenSaturday15February, 11.00 -11.30am

4 1 2

1Catherwood Close


•Recentlyredecorated,premium underlay, carpet,vinyl &allnew

switches etc

•Conservatoryoffloungeand alifttothe second floor

•Man cave,two toilets,internal access garage

Offers Over $429,000

Open Saturday15February, 11.00 -11.30am

3 1 2

12,334m² -DevelopmentPotential

$PBN BIR $600,000 -$650,000


From 10% Deposit $280pw (Conditions apply)

98 George Street (T300)

Established Lifestyle


•Great property forafirst home buyer or investor

•Fantastic opportunityheretoexpand on this 5000m² lifestyle block.


•This 430m² home currently has twolarge bedrooms with plans

•Entertainersdeck and private, easy caresection

available to converttoafourbedroom home as partofthe sale.

•All Offers Considered after2pm,19February 2020

•Massive8car garage with workshop and loftstorage,secureyardarea

Offers Over $255,000

and plenty of extraparking.

OpenSaturday15February, 11.00 -11.30am

3 1 0 Lifestyle sectionclose to town



Proud supporters of Offers the HeartFoundation Over $2 25,000

of NewZealand! We donate from everypropertysold!

Trevor Hurley

0275 435 799

Tracey Henderson

027 405 8064

Manu Otene

022 308 6885

Linda Cuthbertson


Stephen Watson

027 433 9695

Julie Srhoy

021 354 885

Deborah Roberts


Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020, Page 29


117 Grove Street,Tinwald 9:45-10:15am 3 2 2 AHB22460

103 Forest Drive, Methven 10:00-10:30am 3 2 1 AHB22668

170 Seafield Road, Ashburton 10:00-10:30am 4 2 2 AHB22565

65 Buckleys Terrace, Tinwald 10:00-10:30am 6 2 2 AHB22626

18 Davidson Street, Ashburton 10:00-10:30am 4 2 2 AHB22681

11 Charlesworth Dve, Ashburton 10:30-11:00am 4 3 3 AHB22611

50 Elizabeth Street,Ashburton 10:30-11:00am 3 2 2 AHB22648

25 Wills Street,Ashburton 10:30-11:00am 4 2 2 AHB22627

8Camrose Avenue, Methven 10:30-11:00am 3 2 2 AHB22644

800 East Street,Ashburton 10:45-11:15am 3 1 2 AHB22679

82 Pages Road, Ashburton 11:00-11:30am 2 1 1 AHB22680

94 Spaxton Street, Methven 11:00-11:30am 4 2 2 AHB22643

26 Allens Road, Ashburton 11:15-11:45am 4 2 2 AHB22565

9Allison Street,Ashburton 11:30-12:00pm 4 2 2 AHB22661

119a Racecourse Rd,Ashburton 11:30-12:00pm 4 2 2 AHB22588

150 Milton Road, Ashburton 12:00-12:30pm 4 2 2 AHB22579

48 South Belt, Methven 12:00-12:30pm 4 2 0 AHB22632

65 Winter Street,Ashburton 12:00-12:30pm 4 2 2 AHB22667

5Cherry Lane, Ashburton 12:45-1:15pm 3 1 2 AHB22657

12 Charles Street,Ashburton 1:00-1:30pm 4 1 1 AHB22540

4Blackford Road, Methven 1:00-2:00pm 7 3 3 AHB22671

83B Forest Drive, Methven 1:30-2:00pm 2 1 2 AHB22676

Village Green, Lake Hood 2:00-2:30pm Sections AHB22309

Open Home

65 Winter Street, Ashburton

4 2 2



Relax or Entertain inyourown private peace ofparadise

right here !!

Complete with alarge in ground family swimming

pool, overseen from the sheltered BBQ area, this

becomes the hub of your long hot summer, this could

be the perfect property foryou to call home.

Complete with alarge in ground family swimming

pool, overseen from the sheltered BBQ area, this

becomes the hub of your long hot summer, this could

be the perfect property foryou to call home.


closing 22 February 2020, at

3:00pm (unless sold prior)


Saturday12:00 -12:30pm

Armandvan derEik

021 597 527

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

12 Charles Street, Ashburton

4 1 1

View our listings online at:

This lovely permanent material four bedroom home proudly

sits in the sought after Allenton area ona927sqm section,

with possible futuresubdivision potential. If youare thinking

about entering the investment property market or want to

relocate the family then this fantastic propertyismust see.


Offers over$359,000


Saturday1:00 -1:30pm

Mark Totty

021 664 113


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

101 ElizabethAvenue, Ashburton

3 1 0

800 East Street, Ashburton

3 1 2

Are you handy around the house?

Make moneywith your hidden talents on this sadly

neglected, but interesting bungalow. Alittle fixing &

you’ll have aGem. 2/3 bedrooms, modernised bathroom,

heat pump and log burner. Fully fenced section.


Offers over$170,500


by appointment

Mike Grant ncre

021 272 0202

Often admired from the street. This is afabulous

opportunity into the Property Ladder. Three bedrooms

plus alarge conservatory, pellet fire, heat pump, HRV,

newcarpet inthe lounge room and third bedroom,

double garagewith workshop, off-street parking.


Offers over$345,000


Saturday10:45 -11:15am

Dulcie Ellis

027 629 3260

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Jill Quaid


027 437 6755

Mark Totty

Sales Consultant

021 664 113

Kim Miller

Sales Consultant

027 236 8627


Sales Consultant

027 290 6606

Margaret Feiss

Sales Consultant

021 751 009


Sales Consultant

027 220 1528

Denise McPherson

Sales Consultant

027 242 7677

Cheryl Fowler

Sales Consultant

027 461 2614

Armand vander Eik

Sales Consultant

021 597 527

Lynne Bridge

Sales Consultant

027 410 6216

Mike Grant ncre

Sales Consultant

021 272 0202

Dulcie Ellis

Sales Consultant

027 629 3260


Sales Consultant

027 438 4250

Justin Waddell

Sales Consultant

027 437 1111

Jarrod Ross

Sales Consultant

027 259 4644


Sales Consultant

021 224 4214

96 TancredStreet, Ashburton 03 307 8317 Main Road,Tinwald 03 307 8317

36 McMillan Street,Methven 03 303 3032

Page 30, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020



Saturday2pm -2:30pm

Local news at

Truly Unique


Thevillagegreen is perfectly positioned forthose who

appreciate the fresh clean air of thecountrybut like to

livelifetothe fullestonly tenminutes from the centre of

Ashburtonand one hour from an international airport.

With viewstothe beautiful snowcapped mountainsof

Mt Hutt and 30 acres of farmland surrounding your own

large residential section, youare trulyspoilt.

With only 35 prestigious homes ever to be built in this

developmentofVillage Green it is “privateand exclusive”.

Thefarmland will be maintainedand grazedbythe

Village Green Developers so youget all the spaceofa

lifestyle block without the work.





• Interest free and NOrepayments for the first 16 weeks, from the first progress

payment draw down of construction.

• Interest rate applicable for the completion of the build will match the lowest home

loan floating rate on offer from the major trading banks.

• Competitive fixed rate options upon completion ofthe build.

Other Offers

• Land Loan to purchase your section.

• Deposit Facility upto$30,000 unsecured to assist with deposits.

• Bridging Loan -stay in your current home while you build.

• Spec Build Loan options available.

Why NBS?

• Decisions are made locally.

• Welive here, weknow the area, we have local knowledge.

• Relationship with local NBS staff.

• Wewill engage with your build project and make site visits.

House and Land


Architecturally designed four

bedroom,two living

area home with a278.9m2floor plan.

This beautifully designed homeisstill

at concept stageand can be adjusted

to suitapurchaser’s requirements.

Lot33Village Green Lake Hood

Enquiretoday-these exclusiveopportunities won’tlast long!

RayWhite Ashburton 03 3078317 96TancredSt, PO Box443,Ashburton7700, NewZealand

NBS Lending Criteria and Specific Terms &Conditions apply. Interest Free Build Loan available to owner occupied applicants only. NBS is not aregistered bank.

MidCanterburyReal Estate Limited Licensed REAA (2008)

Call David Jones 03 307 6381


Jill Quaid

027 437 6755

Kim Miller

027 2368627


Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020, Page 31

119A Racecourse Road,Ashburton




Peaceand Tranquility

This hidden gem hasawelcoming entrance leading to asunnylarge open plankitchen-dining -living.

• Flows to sun drenched patio andprivate courtyard

• Separateformal Lounge with featured vaulted ceiling

• Three doublebedroomsand aspacious officeorfourth singlebedroom

• Master en suite, main bathroom hasaspa bath, vanityand tiledshower

• Separatewheelchairfriendlywashroomwith hand basin

• Gas log fire and twoheatpumps.Storage packed laundry. Large double garage

• Thisbeautiful homeisnestled in 1983m²establishedlovely maturegrounds

• Thispropertyispricedtosell at $820,000 -underits current GovernmentValuation

Enjoying peaceand quietatthe endofaprivate driveway an oasis of maturetrees,this homeconstructed in 2004

deliverscomfortable and practical livingwith thesingle-level layout catering forevery age and stage.

Thegenerous floorplancomprises an interconnecting open plan zone andformal lounge,spacious bedroomswhich are

complementedwith twomodernbathrooms and excellentstorage throughout. Comfortableyear round temperatures

areassured thanks to agas fire, HRVand heatpump heating.

Summer barbecues andalfrescoget togethers will naturally occur on the patios, accessed from theliving areas and

master bedroom andleading youontothe beautifully maintained lawns and gardens thatoccupythe 1983m² section.

Abundantoff-street space conveniently supplements theoversizedouble garage.



Open Home

Saturday15February11:30am -12:00pm

Chrissy Milne

027 290 6606

RayWhiteAshburton 03 3078317 96TancredSt, PO Box443,Ashburton7700, NewZealand

MidCanterburyReal Estate Limited Licensed REAA (2008)


Page 32, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020



Musical Club




at 7.30pm

Seniors CentreLounge

Cameron Street

Allmembers and new

members welcome.

Enquiries 308 1996

Margaret Bean (Sec)


WIN acakefor your

special person with

Main South Rd, Tinwald. Phone 308 5774

Birthdays this week



Build customers,sales and

profits,with us ...

Over 16,065 copies delivered everyThursday





Local news at

MEDIUM No. 5207

1 2 9 5 7

Grey PowerAshburton

Monthly Meeting


February17 th


at the Senior Centre

Allwelcome to our

first meeting

of the year


MILL Creek Pony Club

Annual General Meeting,

Tuesday 18th February

2020 @7.30pm Ashburton

Showgrounds, Rugby Supporters

Lounge. We need

your support. Everyone


WE value the service we

provide - The Courier for

advice on how you can

reach potential customers.

Call us today on 308 7664.

MAKE money selling your

unwanted items. Up to 24

words for only $8. Can’t get

better than that. The Courier.

LOOKING to earn extra

money, even while you’re

out walking? Delivery

people required. Phone

The Courier 308 7664.

TALK to us today about ways

you can improve your business.

Professional, reliable

service with a smile. The

Courier 308 7664.



AvaFulton, 14th February, aged 6

Maureen Meanwell,14th February

MontyStoddart, 16th February, aged 4

Jessie Tang,17th February

Millar Copland,18th February, aged 5

Jonty Cooper,20th February, aged 24

Congratulations to last weeks winner!

Coby Kenny

If youhave aspecial friend who youwould like to see

win acake,put their name in the BirthdayBooks at Sims

Bakery, Tinwald or Ashburton’sThe Courier,199 Burnett St.

N.B: Names forbirthdays next week

must be with us by 10.00am TUESDAY



AshburtonClub &MSA

266 Havelock St, Ashburton.

Phone 308 7149



1. Out-and-out(8-5)

8. Goodbye (5)

9. Dilettante (7)

10. Bright (6)

11. Snuggle (6)

12. Idleness (5)

14. Fragment (5)

18. Nearly (6)

20. Ornament (6)

23. Think (7)

24. Depart (5)

25. Become crazy



1. Roofing material


2. Tree (5)

3. Wealthy (7)

4. Bite (4)

5. Serious (5)

6. Sluggishness (7)

7. Stone (6)

13. Backache (7)

15. Wine (7)

16. Bold (6)

17. Execute (6)

19. Rigid (5)

21. Rank (5)

22. Thin (4)



1. Facing left? (5,8). 8. Nick is not with the child (5). 9.

Says it’snot one’sday.The snow is settling (7). 10. Acold

“Tosucceed, you do your best” (6). 11.For about apound

in old money (6). 12. The leader, tostart with (5). 14.

Doctor Sue is different: atimid little thing (5). 18. Pop

back into the wood, running (6). 20. The girl set offinher

custody (6). 23. An exact counterpart, to aT,ofthe garment

(7). 24. Stick by the English (5). 25. What the chairman

leads? (9,4).


1. Note on return the wren flying about (6). 2. Do well to

strike up afriendship with (3,2). 3. They look nice and

cool, but have developed terrible thirsts (1-6). 4. Guards

the homes (4). 5. Give us alion rampant outside and a

bird (5). 6. Towards the centre, where the patients are (7).

7. Becoming less severe and letting the first fifty off (6).

13. Seize the naughty child and undo the knot (7). 15.

May prove, yes, to be avery generous employer (7). 16.

Pictures of chutes (6). 17. The “Don’t move” that makes

you go cold all over? (6). 19. Only beaten by one point,

which shows fibre (5). 21. Towards the street Igo, with

the composer (5). 22. It’s high time the girl came round


6 4 8 2

7 4 5 3

4 1

6 3 1 2

3 2 6 4

2 5 4 8 3

Solution to previous Sudoku




Fill the grid

so thatevery

rowand every

3x3 square

contains the

digitals 1to9

5 3 2 1 8 7 4 9 6

4 6 1 9 3 5 8 7 2

8 9 7 4 2 6 1 5 3

9 2 4 5 7 3 6 1 8

3 8 5 2 6 1 7 4 9

1 7 6 8 9 4 2 3 5

2 4 8 3 1 9 5 6 7

7 5 3 6 4 8 9 2 1

6 1 9 7 5 2 3 8 4

Solution to previous crossword


Across -1,Purchase. 6, Cash. 8, Duct. 9, Sycamore. 10,

Sprat. 11,Vulgar. 13, Versus. 15, Thrash. 17, Severe. 19,

Nomad. 22, Variable. 23, Toil. 24, Bent. 25, Emporium.

Down -2,Usurp.3,Cutlass. 4,Also. 5, Excavate. 6, Camel.

7, Surpass. 12, Assemble. 14, Elevate. 16, Rooster. 18,

Edict. 20, Adieu. 21, Leap.


Across -1,Pres-age-s.6,Sate (anag.). 8, Pa(stry)-pa(stry).

9, Thin time. 10, Stubs. 11,Handle. 13, Bridle. 15, Re-m-

Ed-y.17, B-lotto. 19, O-cc-ur.22, Disorder.23, Date. 24,

Ogre (rev.). 25, Rosem-ary.

Down -2,Re-act. 3, Stab-bed. 4, Gate (anag.). 5, Sl-ithery.

6, Sa-tin. 7, Tumbled. 12, Recorder. 14, Rolling. 16,

Mac-Adam. 18, Th-OS-e. 20, Utter.21, Iris (anag.).

ContactJann Thompson 03 308 7664


Ideal as an extra


Fully insulatedand

double glazed forwarmth.


Standard3.6m x2.4m,

Large 4.2m x2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x2.4m.

Visit our displaycabin

418WestStreet or callfor a



0800 58 78 22

STORAGE available, Ashburton.

Self storage, variety

of sizes. Phone Rainbow

Storage 03 307 0401.

STORAGE: Secure self storage

units available long or

short term at Ashburton

Storage Facilities. Contact

us on 027 436 2636 or www.


AshburtonClub &MSA

266 Havelock St, Ashburton.

Phone 308 7149


080916 2254505

15th to 23rd May :Fri/Sat 7:30pm,

Sun 17th 2pm, Tues-Sat 7:30pm

It’s the songs that you SING to DANCE to

LAUGH to and CRY to. With new and familiar

faces performing songs from Kiwiana to one

hit wonders you will like grooving throughout

this show.

Adults $59* /Senior or Student$49*


TheLookofLove–Ali Harper

Thursday 19th March 7:30pm

Burt Bacharach’s hit songs have asound like

no other ...Poignant, atmospheric, beautiful.

Spend an evening with award winning Ali

Harper as she weaves through the Grammy

award winner’s extensive collection –Close To

You, Alfie, That’s What Friends Are For, Walk

On By,Anyone Who Had AHeart and more.

Adult $45* /Senior $39* /Child $25*

It’s Only Rock “n’Roll Baby –




For more information

TheTen Tenors –Loveisinthe Air

Wednesday 15th April 7:30pm

The TenTenors are touring New Zealand to celebrate

their 25th anniversary and will charm you with their

irresistible selection of the best romantic pop songs,

ballads and arias of all time. With over 1.25 million

albums sold and having shared the stage with Lionel

Ritchie, Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson and more, this is a

show that is sure to move you.

Premium $119* /AReserve $89.90* /

Child $79.90* /Groups (A Reserve) 10+ $79.90*


Friday 3rd July 10am &11:30am

Captivating tamariki (2-9 years) this giant scale

glow in the dark puppet extravaganza is going

under the sea. This is an upbeat show that

will educate and entertain you in ajourney of

discovery across the Pacific to Aotearoa.

Tickets $12.50*

03 307 2010 211A Wills Street, Ashburton 7700 *Service fees apply




NEW season potatoes.

Nadine &Agria $2 per kilo.

Phone 308 3195 or 027 531

9103. 81 Elizabeth Street.

POTATOES - Ilam Hardys

freshly dug, $2 per kilo.

Minimum order 3kg. Large

$1.50 per kilo. Delivered

Friday afternoon Ashburton

and Tinwald. Phone 302



MEADOW Hay, good quality

conventional bales, shed

stored. Pick up near airport,

$6.50 each. Cash only.

Phone 308 6745.



Courtesy van

runs every

Thursday, Friday

and Saturday

from 4pm

Join the RSA (the friendly club)




RSA is nowhavingSundaylunch


12-14 Cox Street, Ashburton. Phone 308 7175

Members, guests and affiliates all welcome



9kg cylinders


Askabout our



17 Grey St,Ashburton

Phone 307 2707



Small LPG cylinders

Off Street Parking


Arthur Cates Ltd

26 McNally Street

Ph 308 5397

Riverside Industrial Estate




Square Pea Straw bales for

Sale $40 a bale delivery

$10 per bale. Conventional

Pea Straw Bales $6 per

bale Ph 02040233792



Gluyas motor Group has afull time vacancy for a

ServiceReceptionist/Advisoratour busy customer

focused dealership.

The successful applicant will need to be well

organised with computer and keyboard skills and

have agreat personality toassist customers face

to face, phone and online and also work well as a

team.Ifyou would liketojoin ourteam or findout

moreplease contactorapply with C.V.:

To the ServiceManager

P.O. Box144 Ashburton

Or drop into Dealership





Netherby Meats in Ashburton

is a traditional local

butchery in the heart of Mid-


Due to production demand

we are seeking a Butcher

Assistant with apassion for

the meat industry.

Key duties include but are

not limited to:

• Making of small goods

• Preparing quantity and

quality cuts of meat

• Customer service

The successful applicant is

expected to have some good

experience in the meat

industry. A comprehensive

understanding in the safe

food practices is essential,

as is aproven track record of

high productivity to handle

high demand in busy periods.

Must have physical stamina

and strength due to physically

requirements of this

role. Demonstrate confidence

and competence with a

passion to learn further in

the meat industry.

Also, the successful applicant

must have the following

attributes to be successful:

• A passion for the meat


• Exceptional customer


• Excellent personal presentation

• Self-starter with excellent

work ethic

• Flexibility to respond to

production requirements

• Proud of their trade and


• Able to work under pressure

at a fast pace but

maintain high quality at

all times

Please apply with your c.v.

with cover letter to:

OUR newspaper goes into all

RD’s so why not advertise

with us! The Courier, best

read in town.


Tru-Line Civil is amedium-sized civil engineering

contracting enterprise based in Christchurch

and Greymouth. We are engaged in arange of

civil projects including; drainage, earthmoving,

roading, directional drilling, water reticulation,

pressure sewer, vacuum sewer installations and

ultra-fast broadband installation. Tru-Line is a

successful family owned company headquartered

in Christchurch with astrong reputable name in the

industryfor the past 14 years.

Our team works to an extremely high standard

of health and safety with agreat culture shown

throughout the company.

We have an exciting opportunity for a hydro

excavatortruck operator position available with an

immediate startneeded.

1. Pay rate will be on an individual base’s and

experienceinthe trade.

2. Applicants for this position should have NZ


The ideal candidate willneed to haveexperience

in all or Some of Following

• Class 4-5 licence

• Truckmaintenanceexperience

• Wheels,tracks and roller endorsements

• Have a diverse skill set around other heavy


• Able to pass apre-employmentdrug screen

• Drainage experience

• Beable to completerequired basic paperwork

• Can work effectively unsupervised

• Flexibility to work extended hours when


• Flexibility towork inother locations within the

South Island forsmaller projects.

• Adhere toall health &safety regulations and



Tru-Line Civil is amedium-sized civil engineering

contracting enterprise based in Christchurch

and Greymouth. We are engaged in arange of

civil projects including; drainage, earthmoving,

roading, directional drilling, water reticulation,

pressure sewer, vacuum sewer installations and

ultra-fast broadband installation. Tru-Line is a

successful family owned company headquartered

in Christchurch with astrong reputable name in the

industryfor the past 14 years.

Our team works to an extremely high standard

of health and safety with agreat culture shown

throughout the company.

We have adrainage labourer position available with

an immediate startneeded.

The desired employee must be fit and reliable,

punctual, drug free and have full driver’s licence.

Good spoken and written English skills are also


1. This person, if suitable, could also have the

opportunityafter time to be trained in operating

earth moving machinery.

2. Pay rate will beonanindividual base’s and

experienceinthe trade.

3. Applicants for this position should have NZ

residencyoravalid NZ work visa.

The ideal candidate will need to have experience

in all or some of following:

• Wheels, tracks and roller endorsements

• Have a diverse skill set around other heavy


• Able to pass apre-employmentdrug screen

• Drainage experience

• Beable to completerequired basic paperwork

• Can work effectively unsupervised

• Flexibility to work extended hours when


• Flexibility towork inother locations within the

South Island forsmaller projects.

• Adhere toall health &safety regulations and




Property Officer

This isnot another real estate role, but arare opportunity. We’re looking for

an experienced property professional or graduate tojoin our Commercial

team.You’llgainpractical experiencewithadiversepropertyportfolio worth

over$120m ranging from public reserves to industrial business estates in an

environment which expectsand rewardsresults.

To find out more about these

vacancies and what the Ashburton

District Council has tooffer you -

visit our website.

Applications close




to deliver the AshburtonCourier

and Realtyevery Thursdayinthe

Ashburtonurban area.


just whatyou need

Tinwald Supervalue has aposition available for a


While a General Manager’s Certificate could be

an advantage, full training will be given tothe

successful applicant. It is alegal requirement that

applicants must be over 20 years of age for this


This position involves work in many departments

of our store including Checkout, Lotto, Grocery

and Produce. Four nights per week the successful

applicant will be responsible for supervising and

training junior staff,operation of the storeand store

lock-up.ThisisaTuesdaytoSaturdayposition, 37.5

hours per week.

An application form and job description can be

picked up from Tinwald SuperValue, 113 Archibald


Applications close: Monday17th February.


TREES wanted suitable for

logging/firewood. 20 ton

digger for clean-up. Phone

Shane James 027 611


Phone Leonie on

308 7664 or email




types, specializing in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not a problem. —

Spraymaster 027-433-7780.




available for

experienced cutter.

Phone 021 148 8942



WORK wanted outdoors,

anything considered.

Phone Andy 307 2273.


CASH BUYER: for Gold and

Silver. Pay up to the following

prices: $2,600 for Gold

Nuggets, $2,000 for Gold

Pocket Watch and Chains,

$550 for Sovereigns,

$2,000 for Crowns, also

wanting Gold, Silver Rings,

Bracelets, Bangles, Chains,

Brooches, Cameos, War

and Lodge Medals, old

Jewellery Boxes, custom

and damaged Jewellery. —

Phone Murray, 021-441-400.

METAL, heavy etc. Free

light-grade metal in-yard

dumping 9am-5pm weekdays

&9.30-11.30am Saturdays.

Ashburton Scrap

Metal Recyclers, 117 Alford

Forest Road (behind

Placemakers). Phone 03

308 8033 or 027 249 6625.

Page 34, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020


media sales




Allied Press Limitedemploysover450 people on apermanent basis

acrossour 15 sites in theSouthIsland.Weoperate across multiple

media platforms (print, on-line,digital) deliveringnews, information and

entertainment throughour variousregional and city publications, including

ourrural publications Southern Rural Life and CentralRural Life, andour

rural website:

The role

Reporting to the Timaru manager,the successful applicant willwork with

rural clients to give them thebestpossible options fortheir advertising


Someofthe keyaccountabilitiesinclude:

•deliver exceptionalcustomer service

•understand rural clients’ businessneeds

•workinthe MidCanterbury/Selwyn andChristchurchareas

Your skillsand experience

We arelookingfor asales consultantwith experience, preferably in the

rural sector.

In addition to yourinterest in rural mattersyou will demonstrate:

•strong time-management skills

•ability to worktodeadlines

•great spoken and writtencommunication skills

•ability to workindependently

Further details

Thisisafull-time permanent position.

As wellasagood salary,wecan offer an attractive commissionstructure

thatrewardshardworkand providesanincentivetogrowyour clientbase.

Withoffices in Christchurch,Ashburton andTimaru,you canchoose

wheretobaseyourself. Thejob requires some flexibleworkhours to fit

withclients’needs, but this also gives youthe opportunitytotailorhours

to suit yourlifestyle.Full backup, training andsupport aregiven by a

dedicatedand friendly team. Allied Pressisacompanythat believes in

equityand diversity.

If you think this role is foryou, please applybyway of CV and acover

letter to

Informal inquiriesabout therole arewelcome and shouldbeemailedto or phone 027 524 6968.

Acopy of the positiondescriptioncan be requestedfromHR


Applications will close on Friday 21 February 2020.

All applicationswillbetreated in the strictest confidence.

Please notethatyou must have the right to workin

New Zealand to apply for thisrole.

Disclaimer: AlliedPress does not accept unsolicited

agency résumés. Allied Pressisnot responsible

for any fees related to unsolicited résumés.

Group Fitness


Our Group Fitness Instructors deliver awide spectrum of fitness classes,

providing encouragementand motivation to help our customersachievetheir

health and fitness goals.

Preferablyyou’llalready be experienced in deliveringorakeen participant in

Balance, Body Pump or Attack/Stepclasses, howeverotherclasses, Gym Floor

and PersonalTrainingwill also be considered.

Working within an organisation that promotespositivityand growth,you will

have an outgoingpersonality,great communication skills as well as asound

knowledge of fitness and health.

To find out more about this vacancy

and what the Ashburton District

Council has to offer you -visit our


Applicationsclose Sunday, 16 February






Local news at

Having problems with your internal gutter systems?

Do your drains keep blocking,causing leakage into the soffits and even your house?

Areyour soffits falling out due to water rot?

We canconvert your internal gutters to standard external gutters.




•Garden Maintenance

•Gutter Cleaning

•Rubbish Removal

Call us TODAY

foraFREE quote


Ph 0800 4546 546

(0800 4jimjim)



that lasts!

Existing kitchens, doors,

furniture &appliances

The Finishing Company

03 307 8870 2238809


and trouser hemming, curtain

alterations and curtain

making. Call Michelle on

027 352 7248.

BUILDING and property

solutions. For your complete

alteration or renovation.

We project manage

the whole process. Home

and small commercial.

Qualified tradesmen.

Phone Kiwi Building &

Maintenance Ltd. Gary 308

4798, 027 207 1478 or

Cawte 027 418 7955.

CARPET cleaning -Powerful

equipment & fast drying.

Upholstery, mats and rugs.

Experienced owner/operator.

Phone John Cameron

at Supersucker, 027 435

1042 or 308 1677.

CARR’S Chimney Cleaning,

servicing Ashburton and

surrounding districts, $60

per chimney. Phone

Rodney on 03 324 2999

and leave amessage.

CHARLIE’S Blind Cleaning

Service -same day service

and repairs. Charlie can

supply new blinds and

tracks, will hang drapes.

Phone 03 307 1936 or 020

4169 0342.

COMPUTER problems? For

prompt reliable computer

servicing and laser engraving

contact Kelvin, KJB

Systems Ltd, 4 Ascot

Place, Ashburton. Phone

308 8989. SuperGold discount

card accepted.

CONCRETE pavers direct to

you - Best prices, many

sizes, textures and colours

- Paveco, 13 Robinson

Street, Industrial Estate.


COMPUTER repairs, sales,

training, setup -wireless -

networks, spyware cleanup.

On-site day or evening.

LOW FEES. Call Robin

Johnstone, Networks

Firewalls & PC’s Ltd, 308

1440 or 027 768 4058.


Rumping repairs existing

dentures and also provides

new dentures. Phone 027

220 9997.

FLY control and spider

proofing. For all domestic

and industrial pest control

needs phone AJ Kerr at

Ashburton Pest Control on

03 308 8147 or 027 432



Experienced and qualified

Electrician specialising in

domestic repairs, alterations

and additions —new

lights, plugs, sheds, kitchens

and bathrooms etc. Fast,

reliable and reasonable rates.

Call Simon 021-576-044.

FURNITURE removals -For

all your household removal

needs call Nudges Furniture

Removals, phone 027

224 0609.

GARDENING, mowing,

pruning, fertilising, projects

or general spruce ups? Call

Andrew at Spruce Gardens

to get the job done right.

027 765 2899 or 03 307 1693.


Bennett -Onsite hydraulic

hose repair service 24/7.

Stockists of Aero Quip

hoses &fittings, Commercial

hydraulics, Dynacool,

Spool valves etc., MP Filtri,

Walvoil. Call Justin on 308


LEGAL work -Phone Peter

Ragg (Ashburton Law) for

house sales, purchases

and refinances. Will call at

home evenings for wills,

enduring powers of

attorney. Phone 308 0327.

PAINTING wallpapering,

plastering - No job too

small. Interior, exterior.

Professional, prompt, competitive

service. Phone

Tony Sivier at Paint It Ashburton

on 021 878 794 or

307 7289.

PLUMBING, drainlaying,

blocked drains. Phone

Lindsay at Doaky’s Plumbing

on 027 555 5575 or 308

1248 (Master Plumbers &


SEWING alterations - anything

considered, reasonable

rates. Smoke and pet

free home. Retired wedding

seamstress. Phone Judith

308 3084, Allenton.

Allworkmanship guaranteed

Ben Kruger 021 808 739 or 308 4380


types, specialising in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not aproblem. Member

Master Painters &

Roofing Association NZ

Spraymaster 0274337780

SUN Control Window Tinting:

Privacy, UV, glare, heat

control for homes -offices -

and cars. Phone Craig

Rogers 307 6347, member

of Master Tinters NZ.

TILING - For all your tiling

requirements including kitchen

splash backs, flooring

etc. (full water proofing),

call Kevin on 027 496 8314.


block, glare, heat control,

safety, security, privacy,

frosting films, solar protective

window films. Free

quotes, 20 years local service.

Phone 0800 368 468

now, Bill Breukelaar, www.

TV Reception Specialists for

all your digital freeview

installations and repairs,

TV wall mounting, Smart

TV set-up, home theatre

installation. Call John at

Ashburton TV &Audio Ltd

03 308 7332 or 027 277



glass. Qualified flat glass

glazier now in-house. Anything

glass, give us acall.

Your place or ours. Wilson

Windscreens, 152 Wills

Street, Ashburton. Phone

03 308 8485.

WROUGHT iron gates,

fences, hand-rails and

ornamental products. Many

designs, but can work with

yours to suit. Contact Ashburton

Metal Arts, phone

022 187 2662.

232 BoundaryRoad,Ashburton


Being in

business and not

advertising is

likewaving in the

dark.... know you’re there

but no-one else does!

Don’t be leftinthe dark,

TheCourier Newspaper

has the key to your event,



Phone Jann, Roselle or Karen

on (03) 3087664



ARE you struggling to make

ends meet? Need extra

money? Why not sell your

unwanted items in The

Courier! Everything helps.

ARE you looking for a

flatmate, somewhere to

rent or a boarder? What

better place to advertise

than The Courier.

THE Courier is the best way

to advertise in Mid Canterbury.

Ask anyone who

regularly advertises with us

and they’ll tell you, they get


SPACE available for next

weeks Courier -bequick!

Talk to us about your advertising

requirements. Phone

308 7664 or call into our

office at 199 Burnett Street,


WHAT better place for a

public notice than Ashburton’s

The Courier! Simply

clip the form for a run-on

advert like this or telephone

us on 308 7664 if you

require adisplay advertisement.


MODERN town house

wanted in good condition in

Ashburton, separate

ensuite and garage. Phone

021 368 781.



painting of cars, trucks,

buses, horse floats &

motorhomes, caravans,

trailers, farm machinery, jet

boats. Light engineering

and aluminium welding.

Bus &Truck Bodyworks, 17

Range Street, Ashburton.

Phone 307 0378.

Local news at Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020, Page 35





Forall other medicalassistanceoutsideofnormal

hours please phone your generalpracticeteam, 24/7,

to speak with ahealth professionalwho will giveyou

free healthadviceonwhattodoorwheretogoifyou

need urgentcare.

If youdon’t have aregular general practice, call any

GP team 24/7 forfreetelephone health advice.

All non-residents and visa holders please bring your

passporttoyour surgeryappointment.

New Zealanders’tobring some form of ID.

TheAshburtonDutyPracticefor ...

Saturday15th February is

ThreeRivers Health, 7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 9139.

Sunday16th February is

ThreeRivers Health, 7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentplease phone 308 9139.

Methven and Rakaia: Formedical attention on the

weekend and public holidays please telephone

MethvenMedical Centre on 03 302 8105

or Rakaia Medical Centre on 03 303 5002.

Details foraccessing the afterhours services will be on the

answer phone.


Wises Pharmacy,CountdownComplex, East Street

will be open on Saturday from 9.00am until 1.00pm

Sunday from 10.00am until 1.00pm

and from 5.00pm until 7.00pm both evenings.

At Geraldine: TheGeraldine Pharmacywill be open

normal trading hours during the week,and on

Saturdaymorning from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Forfree24hour Telephone Health Advice

Phone the healthline on 0800 611 116


CountdownComplex, East Street, Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 6733 Fax: 03 308 6755



Mon, Wed, Fri8:30am-5pm


Fri8am -2pm;Sat appt only

03 308 9516


difi i





services in your area from





FREE Tai Chi Have A Go

class, Wednesday 19th

February. 9am -10am, St

John’s rooms opposite

Briscoes. All welcome, just

turn up. 027 498 7225.




NORFOLK Island presentation,

World Travellers, Ashburton,

36-40 Tancred

Street. Saturday February

22nd, 10.00am. Phone 03

308 8219 to confirm attendance.


NORFOLK Island; June

19-26. Historic, relaxing;

transfers, flights, D.B.B.

hotel, local tours, entertainment.

Early bookings

essential. Call for information.

John & Kathleen

Lawler, Rakaia. 03 302



PEASTRAW for sale, conventional

bales $5.00 each.

Ashburton Smallbore Rifle

Club. Bruce 308 4663.


Predictable pure-bred South Suffolk and

Texels.S.I.L. Recorded.

From hill countrybloodlines.

Dryland reared from ewes

thatare not drenched.

Bred forearly maturing with high yield.

PHONE 03 302 6055


Sue Cahill

Full range of engineering supplies and accessories forall your repairs

&maintenance. Kerrick hot &cold waterblasters &industrial vacuum cleaners.

Esseti welders &accessories. Stockists and distributors of Trailer Equipment.


South Street, Ashburton PHONE (03) 308-3147

Email FREEPHONE 0800 452 522


Call in atalk to the people who know...



Blacklows TradeZone Ashburton your locally

owned &operated family business for 67 years


9.00am, Saturday 29 February


Cakes,produce, crafts,household,furniture, collectables,antiques,garden,

workshop,sports,children’s entertainment, sausage sizzle,craft stalls

*Cash or eftpos available

Donations of good qualityitems gratefully accepted

Items to be collectedfromWednesday 26 Februaryorplease drop off

at Racecourse,9.00am -4.00pm Wed26February-Fri 28 February

*No TVs, heaters or computers please

Phone Trevor 307 2629. Jim 975 8277. Dave 3074349. George 307 2243



4WD and slab lifts available

for daily or weekly hire.

Pickup or delivery. Phone

North End Engineering 308

8155 for abooking.

AshburtonPakekeLions Charitable Trust

Serving our Community. Helpinglocal Charities.




Areyou committed to continuing

your leadership growth?

Do youcareabout our districtand want to

make adifference?

Apply forthe $10,000 Leader’s Scholarship.

Forapplication and eligibilitycriteria go to


10.00 Emma

10.00 Little Women

10.00 Midway

12.20 Birds of Prey

12.25 Like aBoss

1.50 Emma

2.30 1917

4.00 Sonic

4.45 Midway

5.40 Birds of Prey

7.50 Sonic


10.00 Midway

12.15 1917

12.20 Little Women












140 Amp.

10 Amp plug.



9MARCH 2020



HOSPICE Mid Canterbury -

Here when you need us. If

you, or someone you care

about has a life limiting

illness, phone 307 8387 or

027 227 8387.


Sunday 16 th

February 2020, 2pm

@AshburtonClub &MSA

All welcome -Nocovercharge



GARAGE sale Saturday 8am

-12noon, 16 Falcon Drive.

Garden tools, books, furniture,

hand tools, reel

mower, linen, microwave,

washing machine, utensils,

table & chairs, computer

desk, single bed & mattress.


From before to after.

You’ll notice the difference

with The Courier, 308 7664.

ADVERTISING space available

in the next issue of The

Courier Newspaper. Call us

today 308 7664.

BUY ahome in Mid Canterbury

and receive The Courier

newspaper every week

to your letterbox. Local

news for local people.

Thur 13th

BadBoys forLife

Like aBoss

Jumanji 2


VanGogh in Japan

Birds of Prey




10.00 Shaun the Sheep -Farmageddon

10.00 Playing With Fire

11.40 Sonic

11.45 Dolittle













Jumanji 2


Little Women





Birds of Prey









Sun 16th

10.00 Shaunthe Sheep -Farmageddon G

10.00 Dolittle

11.30 My Spy

11.45 Sonic












Jumanji 2


Little Women



Bad Boys forLife











Mon17th, Tues 18th

&Wed 19th

10.00 Little Women

11.00 Emma

12.20 1917

1.10 Midway

2.20 Sonic

3.30 Jumanji 2

4.10 Bad Boys forLife

5.45 Sonic

6.10 1917

7.40 Emma

8.10 Birds of Prey


Birds of Prey,Emma, Sonic

My Pick This Week

Helena Ratten Mobile 027 457 7998

TheCancer Societyoffering

supportfor people

with acancer diagnosis

and their families


TheMackenzie Centre,

122 Kermode Street,Ashburton

ContactAnnie on 03 307 7691











7Smitheram Street Price $280,000

•Permanent material

•Three bedrooms

•Easycare section

•Close to schools and shops
























Open Home: Saturday 15th, 10:30am -11:00am

We put you first


Licensed AgentREAA 2008



Page 36, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday February 13, 2020

Local news at








$ 1 OFF




Prompt installation available No obligation in-home consultation Ashburtonowned &operated(shop local) Finance Terms


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