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We don’t go out to dinner all that often, so recipes and interesting foods I can make at home always catch my eye. I shall channel my inner Irish and attempt to make Boxty (for the recipe, see page 57). It looks relatively easy to make. I’ll report back next month to let you know how it turned out! Hopefully a little luck ‘o the Irish will help me create this yummy dish.

Do you hobby? Yup, I just made that noun into a verb. I guess my hobby is exercise, but more than a hobby, it’s a lifesaver—reduces stress, keeps me healthy, and my bones strong. I am not very crafty, although I’ve tried different things over the years but nothing I could really stick with except exercise and reading. My mother was into needlepoint for a few years and was SO into it she needlepointed a wall hanging that is bigger than any wall she had to hang it on! Check out some ideas for you to hobby it up on page 40.

There’s so much more in this issue of Boomer. Visit some fabulous local museums (most have free days once a month and senior discounts). Maybe you’ll even find a passion for volunteering at one of them. And if you want to travel someplace “out of the box,” immerse yourself in a story about the trip-of-a-lifetime to Turkey. I won’t be visiting there anytime soon (haven’t saved quite enough coins in my little jar), but I’ll enjoy reading about it while sipping a cup of Irish coffee. There just happens to be a recipe for it on page 54. Happy St. Patty’s Day! We’re all Irish on March 17!

By Debra Linn
Associate Publisher





Hobbies to

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Museum Spotlight

3 Irish-Inspired Recipes




7 Hobbies to

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day



7 Tips for Optimal Eye



Local Museum Roundup


Easy Ways to Save Big


What’s Hot in Home



5 Turkish Delights


//54 3 Irish-Inspired Recipes

//58 5 Stellar Stouts

//60 Cool Coffee Find











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Oops, We're Only Human

In our February issue's "Cafe Society: 4 Cool Coffee Shops" article, we mistakenly printed the incorrect copy under Old Soul Co.

To read about the expanding Sacramento company that was once a warehouse for another Sacramento pioneer

(Eppie’s Restaurant), turn to page 60.

4 | March 2020

Cover photo courtesy of ©mimagephotos -

Proudly Serving Sacramento

County for Over 25 Years

Complete Healthcare for

Seniors Living at Home

Sutter SeniorCare PACE provides

personalized healthcare and

transportation to help seniors live

independently in their homes and

remain engaged with family and


Call us toll free to schedule a tour!

(833) 560-7223

H5406 SSC_0319

Participants must receive all needed health care services through

the PACE plan network, except in the case of emergency services.

Participants may be fully and personally liable for the cost of

out-of-network services or services without prior approval.

Your Next AdveNt ure...

Let Us Serve You With A View

Restaurant & Bar

MeridianS reStaurant & Bar

965 orCHard Creek Ln.



For aLL your event Booking and

Catering needS CaLL uS at

965 orCHard Creek Ln.



...Is rIght outsIde Your WINdoW!

tHe Spa at kiLaga SpringS

1187 Sun City BLvd.



Sun City LinCoLn HiLLS | 965 orCHard Creek Ln. | LinCoLn, Ca. 95648

916-625-4000 |


Even though I am not yet retired I still find the

articles in Boomer Magazine to be pertinent to

me. I often find I’m not doing what the experts

say I should be doing, but I’m trying! One of

the biggest issues my husband and I have (and

have heard the same from some of our friends),

is that by this time our kids should be on their

own—but more and more they are still needing

financial help from parents—even kids in their

30s. With the cost of housing going through the

roof it’s very hard for millennials (and even some

Gen Xers) to save enough to buy a house. Some

of our kids are working two and three jobs just

to make ends meet. California is an expensive

state to live in. This brings me to my point that it’s difficult for me to save

what I should be saving for retirement, as I find myself contributing to my

kids every month. The money that should go into my savings goes to help

with their rent or car payments or even groceries. Should I cut them off?

Some people say yes, let them sink or swim on their own and if they have to

live in their car for a month or two, well, it’s a good lesson. Seriously? No.

I’m not going to do that. I do tell them to ask their dad, not me! That way

they still get the money, but they have to endure a lecture to go along with

it. They tend to ask less often that way! I worry that I won’t have enough

money to enjoy retirement when it does happen, so I shall continue to follow

the suggestions in our “Easy Ways to Save Money” article on page 34. It’s

absolutely true that if I shop with cash rather than a credit card I spend

less. I don’t understand the psychology of it, but it works! I also save coins

and last year I had a nice little stockpile of coins that added up to several

hundred dollars (don’t tell my kids).

"May your pocket be

heavy and your heart

be light. May good

luck pursue you each

morning and night.”

— An Irish Blessing

We don’t go out to dinner all that

often, so recipes and interesting foods

I can make at home always catch my

eye. I shall channel my inner Irish and

attempt to make Boxty (for the recipe,

see page 57). It looks relatively easy

to make. I’ll report back next month

to let you know how it turned out!

Hopefully a little luck ‘o the Irish will

help me create this yummy dish.

Do you hobby? Yup, I just made that noun into a verb. I guess my hobby

is exercise, but more than a hobby, it’s a lifesaver—reduces stress, keeps

me healthy, and my bones strong. I am not very crafty, although I’ve tried

different things over the years but nothing I could really stick with except

exercise and reading. My mother was into needlepoint for a few years and

was SO into it she needlepointed a wall hanging that is bigger than any wall

she had to hang it on! Check out some ideas for you to hobby it up on page


MARCH 2020


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Jarrod Carroll

There’s so much more in this issue of Boomer. Visit some fabulous local

museums (most have free days once a month and senior discounts). Maybe

you’ll even find a passion for volunteering at one of them. And if you want

to travel someplace “out of the box,” immerse yourself in a story about the

trip-of-a-lifetime to Turkey. I won’t be visiting there anytime soon (haven’t

saved quite enough coins in my little jar), but I’ll enjoy reading about it while

sipping a cup of Irish coffee. There just happens to be a recipe for it on page

54. Happy St. Patty’s Day! We’re all Irish on March 17!

By Debra Linn

Associate Publisher

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6 | March 2020

Friday, April 24, 2020 ♠ 6 PM – 10:30 PM

Benefiting Local Youths, Seniors, and Veterans

Join us for heavy appetizers, cocktails, music, and gaming fun!

Empire Ranch Golf Club • 1620 East Natoma Street • Folsom

• • • • •

$50 Ticket: Admission for one person includes one drink,

raffle ticket, food and a gaming voucher. Tickets available

at or contact Jesus Garcia at or (916) 549-3229

bet_on_rotary_boomerad-opt2.indd 1

2/7/20 6:22 PM

3-Day Fly Away ‘N’ Play



Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


By Tara Mendanha


McKeever photo courtesy of the Harris Center. Other photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.

Wondering what to do this

Paddy’s Day? Lucky for you,

we’ve found various ways to celebrate

the patron saint of Ireland. From

“Dúlamán” to dancing, you’ll be

painting the town green in no time.

Listening to lilting Irish music is one

way to celebrate the day. Cosumnes

River College Music Department’s CRC

Chamber Singer, College Chorus &

Gospel Choir, presents Dúlamán: St.

Patrick’s Day All Choirs Concert on

March 17 at 7 p.m. in the Recital Hall

(on campus). “Dúlamán” is traditionally

an Irish folk song relating to the Irish

practice of gathering seaweed back

when it was a valuable defense against



Sample Ireland and its rich culture with

Folsom’s Harris Center as they bring

you their St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

show on March 15 at 2 p.m. Principal

dancer Connor Reider (The Chieftains)

and four multi-instrumentalists from

the Kerry Traditional Band will regale

you with traditional Irish music while

dancers of the McKeever School of

Irish Dance in Sacramento will deliver a

toe-tapping performance. harriscenter.


Hoist a pint in Old Town Auburn as

you celebrate St. Patrick's Day from

10 a.m.-10 p.m. with friends and family.

Merchants and restaurants will be open

and featuring special offers and happy

hour deals. You’ll find a hearty meal

of corned beef and cabbage along

with green beer. Make sure to wear

green and keep an eye out for sneaky



If you’ve had one too many corned

beef sandwiches, then maybe it’s time

to participate in the Luck of the Irish

Connor Reider

3.17-mile (5K) Virtual Race. Done

from any location you choose, you

can run, jog, or walk on the road, trail,

treadmill, or even at another race.

Run your own race anytime in March

and time it yourself. Your medal will

be shipped directly to you. What’s

more, 15% of every registration goes to

the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Head to the Blue Goose Event

Center in Loomis for the St. Paddy’s

Celebration on March 15 from 10

a.m.-4 p.m. There will be live music,

green beer, local wine, entertainment,

and corned beef sliders, of course.

After you’ve had your fill, shop from

creative local vendors with Lucky

Find Market. Souvenir mugs will also

be available for purchase in advance.

March 2020 | 9

A feast for the eyes, the 24th Annual

St. Patrick’s Day Parade brings

marchers dressed in green, Irish and

Highland dancers, pipe and drum

bands, and historic reenactors on

March 14 at 1 p.m. (the entire event

is from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.) from Neasham

and Front Streets, through the Old

Sacramento Waterfront District.

For the best view, head to L Street,

Front Street, J Street, and 2nd Street

boardwalks. Then, swing by the Vendor

Village on K Street to explore fun, local



Amidst all the revelry of the holiday,

how about you pause for a cause

on St. Patrick’s Day? New Helvetia

Brewing Co. in Sacramento is

hosting a St. Baldrick's Head Shave

event on March 15 from noon-4

p.m. Whether you decide to shave

your head, volunteer, or donate, be

a part of the excitement. The St.

Baldrick's Foundation funds more

in childhood cancer research grants

than any organization except the U.S.


Grab a partner and put on your

dancing shoes as The Associated

Square Dancers of Superior California

invites you to their Mavericks St.

Patrick’s Day Frolic on March 14 from

6:30 p.m.-10 p.m. at the Veteran’s

Hall at Royer Park in Roseville. Enjoy

refreshments, cash door prizes, and

lots of dancing, of course. All are


UC Davis’ Mondavi Center is hosting

Sharon Shannon & Socks in the Frying

Pan as part of their celebrations on

March 17 at 7 p.m. A complimentary

beer tasting featuring a selection of

Mavericks St. Patrick’s Day Frolic

local breweries will precede acclaimed

accordionist Sharon Shannon and

Socks in the Frying Pan, a young

Irish traditional trio.


Big bagpipe fan? Head to Flower Farm

Café in Loomis where Jason Briggs

will perform on the 16th from 11 a.m.-

1:30 p.m. Then dig in to the café’s Irish

offerings that include delicious corned

beef and cabbage with all the fixings

and Irish soda bread. flowerfarminn.


24th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Old Sacramento photo courtesy of Old Sacramento Waterfront. Other photo courtesy of its

respective company or organization.

10 | March 2020


A Great Estate

Lake Tahoe’s Vikingsholm



trip up the West Shore of

Lake Tahoe passes several

former estates, many now

operated by California State Parks. In

days gone by, these were the summer

homes of some of the wealthiest

families in California. Guests would

visit for a week, or the entire summer,

and enjoyed swimming, hiking, fishing,

horseback riding, and boating. Each

estate was run by a bevy of servants—

from cooks and chauffeurs, to maids,

laundry women, and groundskeepers.

Vikingsholm, one of these estates, is

nestled at the end of Emerald Bay and

was the summer home of Mrs. Lora

Josephine Knight for 15 years.

Lora was born in Illinois and the

daughter of Edward A. Small, a

corporate lawyer. Two of his partners,

brothers James and William Moore,

held controlling interests in several

large companies including National

Biscuit, Continental Can, Diamond

Match, and Union Pacific. The brothers

also garnered the interest of Lora and

her sister Ada, marrying the young

ladies in the 1880s.

Together, Lora and James made

many trips—both to California and

abroad—and purchased a home in

Santa Barbara in 1915. James passed

away a year later, and Lora eventually

married a stockbroker from St. Louis

named Harry French Knight. The

Knights were major financial backers

of Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic

flight. The marriage, however, ended

in divorce a couple years later.

Photo by Oscar Vasquez.

12 | March 2020

Lora was generous with her wealth,

making contributions to youth

groups in California and Nevada and

providing educational opportunities

to students who could not otherwise

afford them. She was a major backer

of the Christian Science churches in

Santa Barbara, Reno, and South Lake


For many years, Lora maintained a

summer home at Observation Point

on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe

(now known as Dollar Point). In 1928,

she purchased 239 acres at the head

of Emerald Bay from the William

Henry Armstrong family for $250,000.

The Armstrongs had several cabins on

the property that they used as their

summer residence. Lora had grander

visions for the picturesque bay,


Emerald Bay reminded Lora of

the Scandinavian fjords, and she

envisioned her summer home built in

the Nordic style. She commissioned

Lennart Palme, her nephew by

marriage, to design Vikingsholm.

Together they toured Norway,

Sweden, Denmark, and Finland

to gather architectural ideas from

wooden churches, homes, and stone


The foundation for Vikingsholm

was laid in the summer of 1928, with

construction of the building beginning

the following year. Over 200 skilled

workmen were brought to Emerald

Bay and housed in barracks on the

property. Much of the material used

in the house was gathered in the

Tahoe Basin. Timbers were cut on the

property and hand hewn, granite was

quarried from behind the home, and

metal fixtures, hinges, and latches

were hand forged on site.

Details include intricate carvings

around the doors and entrances,

carvings along roof ridges, and a

sod roof. On the interior, delicate

paintings adorn the ceilings and

walls. What’s more, all of the carefully

chosen furnishings complement

the Scandinavian theme; many

are antiques, others are detailed

reproductions of authentic pieces

found in museums.

Vikingsholm consists of 39 rooms—

including 19 bedrooms—and is

comprised of a main house facing

the lake and three wings that form a

rectangle. The teahouse on Fannette

Island was used for afternoon tea

during the summer months by Lora

and her guests.

Vikingsholm, one of the finest

examples of Scandinavian

architecture in the U.S., is open daily

for tours in the summer.



Vikingsholm front photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Vikingsholm interior photo courtesy of Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority.

Vikingsholm lake photo courtesy of Aramark-Rachid Dahnoun. Vikingsholm exterior photo courtesy of California State Parks.


Santa Cruz Sentinel, Volume 94, Number 254, 24 October 1949

March 2020 | 13


Take a Hike

Explore Colfax

By Pamela Biery

If you’re looking for a great day-trip destination

or just a few new hikes, Colfax has a mix of mild and

challenging trails within a stone’s throw of Interstate 80.

Stevens Trail photo by Megan Wiskus.

March 2020 | 15

Ask the


Stevens Trail

Just outside of Colfax is one of the

most popular trails in Placer County,

Stevens Trail, which conveniently

begins at a parking area on North

Canyon Way, just outside of Colfax.

The trail is downhill all the way out,

which means it’s a moderate uphill

climb all the way back. Stevens is

a varied trail with opportunities to

see wildlife, Manzanita, laurel, oak

woodlands, shale, a historic mine

shaft, and even a view of Cape Horn—

an early and critical section of the

Transcontinental Railroad largely

built by Chinese laborers. The trail

provides history pay dirt with many

seasonal variations and is ideal during

mild winters or in wildflower season

come April and May.

At the bottom of the trail, hikers are

rewarded with stunning emerald

pools of the North Fork of the

American River and a cool dip in

the summer. Visit Placer describes

this trail as 3.2-miles out, with time

doubling for the 3.2-mile return.

Stevens Trail is listed on the National

Register of Historic Places.

Note: This trail is not recommended

for small children or dogs, as the hike

back can be demanding.

Pennyweight Trail and Mineral Bar

Pennyweight is a short out-and-back

hike of around 1.7 miles in the Auburn

State Recreation Area with a day-use

fee of $10.

The trail runs concurrent with mining

remnants and offers a chance to

pan for gold, with “hands and pans,”

or take a dip in the summer. In the

winter, pay attention to the cold and

swift current and enjoy the sounds

of the river.

From Interstate 80 in Colfax, exit at

Canyon Way, head north and then

turn right onto Iowa Hill Road. It’s 3

miles of paved road to campsites and

river. You’ll see the sign on the left

for the trailhead about 2 miles out.

Proceed to Mineral Bar Campground

for a day-use parking permit and

trail access before returning to the

trailhead. Take time to admire the

historic Iowa Hill Bridge, constructed

during 1928, before your hike.


Head to Colfax's Historic Downtown

District, the Railroad Museum, or out

Highway 174 less than 1 mile or so

toward Grass Valley for a look at the

Cape Horn historic marker (great

views into the canyon from the rustic

Red Frog), and take some time to

revisit history while enjoying the

great outdoors.


Day Hiker: The Gold Country Trail Guide by

Mary West

Yuba Trails 2 by Hank Meals

Do you have a favorite trail

in the region you’d like to see

featured? Tell us all about it at

Q: How do I know if my insurance covers

medical equipment?

A: For the most part, it’s best to reach out

to your respective insurance provider to

find out what durable medical equipment

(DME) they cover. If you qualify for

Medicare Part B, your DME might be

covered as long as it’s deemed to be

medically necessary.

Vanessa Grenyion, PharmD, Owner


8141 Greenback Lane, Fair Oaks,


Q: How do I know the amount of

milligrams (mg) needed when it comes

to vitamins?

A: Trying to determine what supplement/

vitamin is the right choice can be very

confusing, which leads to the follow-up

question of “How do I know the amount

of mg I need?” When choosing a basic

multivitamin, you’ll typically receive

a lower dosage of mg per individual

vitamin/mineral. However, if you decide

to take, say vitamin D3 all on its own,

you might want a higher dose per mg.

Talking to your doctor will help determine

the amount best suited for you. Most

respected supplement companies have

taken the guesswork out for you. When

you take according to the directions, they

have already supplied you with the exact

amount according to the efficacy of their


Dianna Singh, Integrative Health Coach,


Cameron Park Vitamins

3342 Coach Lane, Suite 8453, Cameron

Park, 530-558-4202,;

Elk Grove Vitamins

9647 East Stockton Boulevard, Elk Grove,


Old Iowa Hill Bridge photo by Pamela Briery. Stevens Trail photo by Gary Zsigo. Vitamins photo courtesy of ©1989STUDIO -

16 | March 2020

Imperial Health Plan of California


New for 2020

monthly premium

Do you Have Medicare?

With benefits like these, Imperial may be the right plan for you!

• $0 Premium

• $0 Primary and Specialist Care Dr. visit*

• $0 Urgent care**

• $0 Transportation (to plan approved health-related locations)

• $0 Fitness center membership

• $15 Routine eye exam*

• $0 Dental services

• Part D Drugs included

*009 has coinsurance of 20%.

*20% $65 maximum

Call Imperial at


to learn more!

*009 has coinsurance of 20%. This information is not a complete description of benefits. Call 1-800-838-8271 (TTY: 711) for more information

Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. Benefits, premiums and/or copayments/co-insurance may change on January 1 of

each year. Imperial Health Plan is an (HMO) (HMO SNP) with a Medicare Contract. Enrollment in Imperial Health Plan depends on contract

renewal. Imperial Health Plan of California (HMO) (HMO SNP) complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the

basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

ATTENTION: If you speak English, language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call 1-800-838-8271 (TTY: 711). ATENCIÓN: si

habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-800-838-8271 (TTY: 711).

注 意 : 如 果 您 使 用 繁 體 中 文 , 您 可 以 免 費 獲 得 語 言 援 助 服 務 。 請 致 電 1-800-708-5976 (TTY:711).

H5496_185 Newspaper 2020_M ENG Accepted 10/20/19


Yard Maintenance and Landscaping

“I can always count on

Dave and his crew to

keep my yard looking

like the best yard in the


—Terry C., Folsom

Professional Yard


• Mowing

• Blowing

• Pruning

• Edging

• Weeding

• Fertilizing


• Yard Clean-up

• Plants/Planing

• Drainage

• Hauling


Installation &


• Bark Replacement

...and more!




Locally Owned and Operated Since 2005



March is National

Celery Month

By Tara Harbert

Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughn,

and Charlie Musselwhite

Chicago Musical photo courtesy of Harris Center. Other photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.

1Mixed Media: Collage and

Acrylic Painting. From 10:30

a.m.-4 p.m. at the Crocker Art

Museum, explore mixed media and

learn the basics of acrylic painting

(color complements, tints, and

shades). The class is inspired by

Mickalene Thomas, a contemporary

African American artist known for

her rhinestone-encrusted portrait



3Byhalia, Mississippi. This

comedic play about Jim

and Laurel, a young married

couple struggling with

employment, parental

interference, and the

impending birth of their

first child will have

audiences rooting for

their heroes while wiping

away tears of laughter.

Show times vary.


4Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan,

and Charlie Musselwhite.

Three blues masters—Buddy Guy,

Jimmie Vaughan, and Charlie

Musselwhite—join together for a

triple bill of legendary proportions in

this can’t-miss blues summit

beginning at 7 p.m.

5Chicago the Musical. Set

within the spectacular

decadence of the 1920s, this musical

has all the stuff that makes

Broadway memorable:

knockout dancing, a



about scandal, and

one show-stopping

song after another.

Show times vary.


This Month

In History

1 st , 1961

President John F. Kennedy established

the Peace Corps, an organization

sending young American volunteers

to developing countries to assist with

health care, education, and other basic

human needs.

5 th , 1770

The Boston Massacre occurred as a

group of rowdy Americans harassed

British soldiers who then opened fire,

killing five and injuring six.

10 th , 1862

The first issue of U.S. government paper

money occurred as $5, $10, and $20

bills began circulation.

24 th , 1989

One of the largest oil spills in U.S.

history occurred as the oil tanker Exxon

Valdez ran aground in Prince William

Sound off Alaska, resulting in 11 million

gallons of oil leaking into the natural

habitat over a stretch of 45 miles.




March 2020 | 19

6Shrek the Musical. This one-ofa-kind

musical presented by the

Roseville Theatre Arts Academy

follows an unlikely hero who finds

himself on a life-changing journey

alongside a wisecracking donkey and

a feisty princess who resists her

rescue. Throw in a short-tempered

bad guy, a cookie with an attitude,

and over a dozen other fairy tale

misfits, and you've got the kind of

mess that calls for a real hero named

Shrek. Show times vary.

(ALSO 7-8, 13-15, & 20-21)

St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving Event.

Support children battling cancer at

the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer

Center from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. as barbers

from Supercuts shave heads to raise

awareness and money for Keaton’s

Child Cancer Alliance in partnership

with St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

National Geographic Live! Brian Skerry

7Chocolate Lover’s Ball. This

four-course, chocolate-infused

dinner with chocolate-themed

cocktails (available for

purchase), raffles, a silent

auction, music, dancing,

and more is sure to

be sweet. The fun

begins at Orchard

Creek Lodge at 6

p.m.; formal/

semi-formal attire

is encouraged.



Clay Animal Workshop for

Veteran Families. Veterans and

four members of their immediate

family (ages 8+) are invited to join

artist Marsha Schindler from 11:30

a.m.-4:30 p.m. to learn basic clay

sculpting techniques while creating

a clay animal. Space is limited,

and workshop is complimentary.

Behind the Cellar Door. Wine

enthusiasts and newbies alike

are invited to this weekend filled

with delectable food pairings,

educational seminars, and hardto-find

wines—all in an intimate

Amador wine country setting.

The Mikado

Guests receive a commemorative

wine glass, as well as thoughtful

food pairings, themed seminars,

entertainment, and demonstrations.

(ALSO 8)

9National Geographic Live!

Brian Skerry. Don’t miss the

inspiring presentation by this 11-time

“Wildlife Photographer of the Year”

winner who dives eight months of

the year—often in extreme conditions

beneath Arctic ice or in predatorinfested

waters—live at the Harris



The Mikado. Acknowledged

as one of musical theater’s

most popular works for over 130

years, this two-act comedic opera

pleases audiences of all backgrounds.

Shows are at 7:30 p.m. with a

Thursday matinee at 2 p.m.

(ALSO 12)

Admissions. Sherri Rosen-Mason is

head of the admissions department

at a New England prep school,

fighting to diversify the student

body. Alongside her husband, the

school’s headmaster, they’ve largely

succeeded in bringing a stodgy

institution into the 21st century, but

when their only son sets his sights

on an Ivy League university, personal

ambition collides with progressive

values with convulsive results. Show

times vary.


Chocolate Lover's Ball photo by Anthony Bersamin. Brian Skerry and The Mikado photos courtesy of Harris Center.

20 | March 2020

Dreamer' Circus

Dreamer's Circus photo by Kristoffer Juel Poulsen.


9 to 5 the Musical. Pushed to

the boiling point, three female

coworkers concoct a plan to get even

with their sexist, egotistical, and lying

boss. In a hilarious turn of events,

Violet, Judy, and Doralee live out their

wildest fantasy: giving their boss the

boot! Shows are at 7:30 p.m.

(ALSO 14-15, 20-22, & 27-29)

Dreamers’ Circus. Described as

ethereal Nordic folk music, Dreamers'

Circus is composed of three close

friends and members of the Danish

String Quartet whose bond informs

their powerfully connective music.

Don’t miss the riveting performance at

8 p.m.

(ALSO 14)


Got Talent Sacramento.

Christian Youth Theater (CYT)

is hosting a charitable evening of

entertainment and inspiration at Valley

Springs Presbyterian Church in

Roseville beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Proceeds will go toward scholarships,

theater rental, costumes, and other

CYT expenses.

On Tour Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

Protect American River Canyons

(PARC) presents an evening of awardwinning

films about nature, community

activism, energy and climate change,

wildlife, and more from 5-10 p.m. at

Auburn’s State Theatre. There will

be two screening sessions and a

60-minute dinner intermission (for

additional purchase).

Ji in Yang, violin

Lalo: Symphonie espagnole

Holst: The Planets

March 2020 | 21


Lottery for the Arts. This

annual fundraiser provides

art collectors with an opportunity to

acquire original works by

professional and emerging artists, all

while raising money for Blue Line

Arts. Beginning at 5 p.m. enjoy wine

and food while picking out your

favorite pieces of art, then partake in

a live auction, followed by the raffle

where all lottery tickets are drawn

from a spinner. Each lottery ticket

holder goes home with a work of art

valued at $200 or more. bluelinearts.



St. Patrick’s Day in

Ireland. This exciting music

and dance fusion show features

dancer Connor Reider and four

multi-instrumentalists from the Kerry

Traditional Band. Fiddles, uilleann

pipes, bodhrán, guitar, vocals, and

flutes will ring through as the band

shares its passion for the traditional

music of Ireland beginning at 2 p.m.



on This Island. This

Tony Award-winning musical

tells the tale of Ti Moune, a fearless

peasant girl in search of love and her

place in the world. Guided by the

mighty island gods, she sets out on a

remarkable journey to reunite with

the man who captured her heart.

Show times vary.




Spirit of Benny.

Beginning at 9 a.m. (10K)

and 9:15 a.m. (5K) at the El Dorado

Trail at Clay Street in Downtown

Placerville, wind your way through a

scenic course. Post-race, enjoy live

music, coffee from Caffe Santoro,

food trucks, a mini expo with sponsor

tents, and a raffle. Proceeds support

local children and families who are

seriously ill.

Stand Up & Dance with the Placer

County Stars. Stand Up Placer

presents an evening of fun, fine food,

auctions, and dancing with the Placer

County Stars (including Roseville

Area Chamber of Commerce CEO

Wendy Gerig and Mrs. Placer County

Breona Calvert) from 6-10 p.m. at

Lincoln's Orchard Creek Lodge.

Proceeds support Stand Up Placer's

mission of empowering survivors and

educating communities to stand up

to domestic violence, sexual assault,

and human trafficking. standupplacer.

Sip Into Spring. From noon to 5

p.m. both days, see the budding

vineyards and taste current vintages

along with a variety of varietals

grown in the Sierra foothills along

the Placer Wine Trail. Tickets include

a souvenir wine glass, and tastings at

participating wineries.

(ALSO 22)


Holocaust Lecture with

Ben Stern. Chabad of

Placer County invites you to a film

screening of the award-winning

documentary Near Normal Man

followed by a lecture with Ben

Stern—a 97-year-old who survived

two ghettos, nine concentration

camps, and two death marches. The

event begins at 7 p.m. at the Rocklin

Event Center.



Who’s Coming to

Dinner. The Drayton’s

proud liberal sensibilities are put to

the test when their daughter brings

home her African American fiancé.

The parents realize there’s a

difference between supporting a

mixed-race couple in the newspaper

and welcoming one into your

Once on This Island

family—especially in 1967. It’s not

long before a multi-family clash of

racial and generational differences

sweeps across the Drayton’s onceidyllic

San Francisco terrace. Show

times vary.



Seeds. In an evening of

“impeccable performances,

dynamic design, and swift pacing”

beginning at 7:30 p.m., the battle

between Saskatchewan farmer Percy

Schmeiser and Monsanto Inc. sets

the stage for an interesting

exploration of the food we eat: a

suspenseful labyrinth of scientific

showdowns about GM food, and

property clashes between farmers

and the biotechnology industry.

An Evening of Insight. Enjoy a meal

amongst friends from 5:30-9 p.m. at

Roseville's Timber Creek Ballroom

exploring what it might be like to

eat without sight. Darlene O'Brien,

inspirational speaker who brings over

20 years of experience navigating

her own life's journey with blindness,

will expertly and humorously guide

blindfolded attendees through

delicious food, outstanding

wine, scrumptious desserts, and

unexpected insights that will enrich

everyone's lives. Proceeds benefit

A Touch of Understanding, which

provides disability awareness

programs designed to educate

a new generation to understand

the challenges associated with

disabilities and to accept and respect

all individuals. touchofunderstanding.



Funny Bones Comedy

Show & Awards Night.

Local people, businesses, and

animals will be recognized for their

courageous and heartfelt actions at

this annual presentation hosted by

the Placer SPCA. From 5:30-9:30

Lottery for the Arts photo by Beth Baugher. Once on This Island and Seeds photo by courtesy of Harris Center.

22 | March 2020


p.m. at Timber Creek Ballroom in Sun

City Roseville, enjoy dinner, drinks, live

and silent auctions, a grand prize

drawing, and a live comedy show by

Brad Upton.

WinterWonderGrass. Squaw Valley

Resort in Olympic Valley is hosting

this three-day, Grateful Dead-infused

festival featuring over 25 bands and

artists with three hours per day of

local craft brew and tea sampling.



The Tap Pack. They sing.

They dance. They joke.

Inspired by the infamous “Rat Pack” of

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy

Davis Jr., The Tap Pack is a high-energy

performance of mind-blowing tap,

smooth vocals, swinging live jazz, and

witty on-stage banter from Australia.

Shows are at 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Book Signing with James Rollins.

Meet James Rollins, writer of the New

York Times bestselling book The Last

Odyssey, at Face in a Book from 6-8


WinterWonderGrass photo by Tobin Voggesser.




Lunafest. This fundraising film

festival is dedicated to promoting

awareness about women's issues,

highlighting women filmmakers, and

bringing women together in their

communities. Hosted at the Cameron

Park Community Services District’s

Community Center, proceeds benefit

Soroptimist International of Cameron

Park & El Dorado Hills and Chicken &

Egg Pictures, a nonprofit that supports

women nonfiction filmmakers

committed to social change. Doors

open at 6 p.m.

March 2020 | 23


Book Club:

What to Read This Month

It’s Not All Downhill

From Here

by Terry McMillan



Life is good for 68-year-old Loretha Curry.

She has a high-paying job that she loves,

a doting husband, and a group of best

friends. But when things take a turn for the

worse, Loretha uses all her strength and

determination to move on and figure out her



Unclutter your wallet by adding

all of your rewards cards to

this app—from CVS and Starbucks, to

Walgreens and more. Scan each card

into the app and don’t worry about

digging through your wallet next time

you need to find your rewards.

Genius Scan

If you find yourself asking,

“Where did I put that receipt?”

you need this app, which scans receipts

and documents while removing

shadows and correcting distortions.

Little Women

by Louisa May Alcott

Read this classic for the first time or the fifth.

Follow sisters Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy as

they grow up in New England with their mom

while their dad is off to war. The women,

no matter how different they are from each

other, are bound with love and strength.


This app contains meditation

and breathing exercises as well

as “sleep stories” to help you fall asleep.

You can also listen to soothing nature

sounds or music to help you relax.


Whether you need some

encouraging words, help

conquering a fear, or motivation for

achieving a goal, this app will help with

positive reminders.

Vrbo Vacation Rentals

Search from over two million

vacation homes in over 190

countries. Plan your vacation, book it,

and then enjoy!

24 | March 2020

The Sun Down Motel

by Simone St. James

When Viv Delaney starts working as the

night clerk at the Sun Down Motel in Fell,

New York, strange and scary things start

happening to her. Years later, her niece,

Carly, takes the same job hoping it will help

her find her aunt who disappeared from the

motel 35 years earlier.

Articles by Julie Ryan

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.

Hobby Spotlight: Water Aerobics

Grab your swimsuit and get ready for a heart-healthy,

low-impact, calorie-burning workout that’s fun and

helps improve circulation.

Local places to make a splash:

• Folsom Wellness & Sports Conditioning

Center, Folsom

• Mike Shellito Indoor Pool, Roseville



• Spare Time Sports Clubs,

various locations


• Roseville Health & Wellness

Center, Roseville,

916-677-1200, rosevillehwc.


• City of Sacramento (Clunie Pool,

Doyle Pool, Mangan Pool, Pannell

Meadowview Pool, Tahoe Pool)






916-804-8578 //

March 2020 | 25

Hair/Makeup, Cake and Flowers not included, but aren’t they cool?

Thanks to: |










S -


26 | March 2020

7 Tips for


Eye Health

By Kourtney Jason

As you’re reading this, let me give you a

quick reminder: blink!

Shawn Palmer, MD, an eye physician and surgeon in

Folsom, says forgetting to blink is one of the most

common mistakes people make when it comes to

taking care of their eyes. “You may notice your eyes

feeling dry after staring at a screen or reading for

a long time,” he says. Other common concerns?

“Skipping eyelash hygiene, especially if you’re

wearing mascara; not wearing your sunglasses, even

on cloudy days and in the winter; and thinking you

don’t need safety glasses,” he states. Keep reading

for seven simple tips to maintain optimal eye health.

Get your eyes checked every year

1 Jennifer Wademan, OD, eye doctor and owner of

Bidwell Optometry in Folsom, says your checkups

should be prioritized. “How important is your vision?

Most people would say it’s their most important

sense, yet they go years without eye exams,

updating glasses and contacts, or just plain ignore

symptoms that could indicate eyesight problems.”

How often should you get checkups? “Your eyes

should have a routine vision check once every year,

unless recommended otherwise by your optometrist,

or if you notice changes such as blurred vision,

flashes of light, floaters, or black spots,” says Amber

Bingham, optician at Roseville Vision Center.

2Know that your physical health

impacts your eye health

“Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high

cholesterol, and thyroid problems directly affect your

eyes,” says Bingham. “If you aren’t managing these

diseases and being compliant by taking medications

and making lifestyle changes, it can have irreversible




Dental implants,

Oral surgery,


dentistry, and



Ask about our In

Office Savings


7803 Madison Ave.

Citrus Heights



Precision Dental Group,

Eric J. Steinbrecher, DDS, Inc



March 2020 | 27

3Be diligent with wearing sunglasses

“Sunglasses are necessary to block harmful UV rays that can lead to

premature cataracts. They protect the delicate skin around our eyes from

being burned, which can lead to skin cancer. Your eyes also need protection

from the sun and can get sunburnt as well,” states Bingham. When purchasing

sunglasses, Dr. Palmer suggests looking for ones that block out 100% of both

UVA and UVB radiation.

4Eat a healthy diet

Dark leafy greens, colorful

vegetables, and fish oils aid in

keeping your eyes strong and help

fight against certain diseases,

including macular degeneration, says

Allisyn Feucht, OD, at El Dorado Hills

Optometric Center. If you’re suffering

from dry eye, Dr. Wademan suggests

adding an omega-3 supplement to

your diet. “Diet is monumental,” she


5Be wary of eye drops

“Not all over-the-counter drops

are good for your eyes,” Bingham

cautions. “Usually redness to the

conjunctiva (or white part) of your

eye is a sign there may be something

going on, such as dry eyes, allergies,

or an infection. Drops, like Visine,

don’t correct the problem—they

mask it by ‘getting the red out.’

Speak with your optometrist about

what drops will work best for you.”

Sunglasses photo courtesy of ©Drobot Dean - Salad photo courtesy of ©william87 -

28 | March 2020

6Step away from the screens

“When we’re focusing on our phones and screens for

long periods of time, we tend not to blink as often and

our eyes dry out,” Dr. Feucht says. “Screens can cause eye

strain and we need to take breaks from the long periods of

time we spend in front of them.”

Photo courtesy of ©fizkes -

As for the pesky blue light emitted from screens? It can

lead to eye discomfort and make it harder to fall asleep.

“Blue-light-blocking filters on screens or in glasses can

be helpful to protect the eyes and to view screens more

comfortably,” she adds.

7Maintain your prescriptions

“Have your prescription glasses and contact lenses

checked every year,” suggests Dr. Feucht. Typically, glasses

prescriptions expire two years after the refraction, or

prescription check, while contact lens prescriptions expire

in one year. Since contact lenses come in contact with the

eye, they do come with more risks than glasses. “Contact

lenses need to be cared for diligently and differ depending

on the length of wear-time. If contact lenses are over-worn,

the risk of complications and eye infections goes up,” she

says. “It’s important to follow instructions with contact

lenses and if something does not feel right, get it checked

right away.”

March 2020 | 29


California Museum



Local Museum Roundup

By Julie Ryan

Museums are the perfect place

to learn about our past and

about the people who paved

the way to where we are now. As

Sacramentans, we’re lucky to have

some of the nation’s best—ones

that help foster our appreciation

and interest in the arts, science,

history, and more. Spend a few

hours exploring or volunteering

your time, while learning something

new or expanding your knowledge

on something you already have an

interest in. The following are just 10

of some of the gems we have close

to home.


California Museum

Home of the California Walk of

Fame and also a great place to

learn about our state’s history or

find inspiration to pursue your own

California dream.

Volunteer: They’re always looking

for people to volunteer as guides,

classroom presenters, and more.

1020 O Street, Sacramento, 916-653-



California State Capitol Museum

The Capitol is both a working

government building and a museum

where visitors can learn about our

state's history and witness history

being made.

Volunteer: Help with tours, greet

visitors, or participate in “Living

History” events while wearing

costumes from the past.

1315 10th Street, Sacramento, 916-



Crocker Art Museum

Sacramento History Museum

Explore the history and stories

of the area’s first inhabitants, the

pioneers who settled here during the

Gold Rush, life on the farm, and more

via interactive exhibits, galleries, and

guided tours.

Volunteer: Opportunities include

California Museum photo by Kent Lacin, courtesy of the California Museum. Other photo courtesy of its company or organization.

30 | March 2020

California State Railroad Museum

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.

assisting with educational programs and special events,

providing administrative support, and recreating

Sacramento’s early days with their Living History Program.

101 I Street, Sacramento, 916-808-7059,

Crocker Art Museum

Known for their California art, as well as diverse

exhibitions, films, concerts, and classes, it’s the only

museum in the Sacramento region accredited by the

American Alliance of Museums (AAM), a recognition given

to fewer than 1,100 of the nation's 33,000 museums.

Volunteer: The next Volunteer Open House is scheduled

for this summer. Contact them via their website to be put

on a list to receive information.

216 O Street, Sacramento, 916-808-7000,


California State Railroad Museum

Steam engines, railroad cars, exhibits, and even train

rides! Spend the day learning about the history of the

railroad in California.

Volunteer: They’re always looking for people who have

a genuine interest in the railroad and want to inspire and

educate the younger audience. There will be a volunteer

open house on April 11 from 1-3p.m.

125 I Street, Sacramento, 916- 323-9280,


March 2020 | 31

Wine/ Lashes?

Why not both?

Enjoy that Lash Nap with...



*$260 OFF ($161 off of full set & $99 waiver on membership

enrollment) for first time guests who sign up for membership starting at

$129/ month. Limited time offer of $89 lashes covers a Classic-Natural

Full Set in faux mink/ silk, with paid options for Hybrid/ Volume upgrade.

No hassle membership cancellation with 30-day notice. Membership perks

include 2 refills/month + 10% off all products & service upgrades.

Sacramento - DOCO 916.620.9100

Roseville - Nugget Plaza 916.620.9200

Folsom Prison Museum

Photos courtesy of Anthony Osun.

32 | March 2020


Experience Mexquite.

Aerospace Museum photos by Cheryl Holkan.


Aerospace Museum of California

Explore the wonders of flight and

technology and find out how it feels to

fly a plane in one of the museum’s flight


Volunteer: Many opportunities are

available, including administrative,

marketing, flight zone instructors,

landscaping, and more.

3200 Freedom Park Drive, McClellan, 916-643-3192,


Powerhouse Science Center

Dig up fossils, learn about Earth and other galaxies, and

engage in STEM (science, technology, engineering and

math) activities at this museum that sits on 14 acres of

natural parkland and also features a public planetarium.

Volunteer: All ages and experience levels are needed

to assist with special events and programs and lend a

helping hand behind the scenes.

3615 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento, 916-674-5000,


Folsom Prison Museum

Learn how the prison was built from gray granite

from nearby quarries; and view weapons made by the

prisoners, and of course memorabilia from Johnny Cash’s


Volunteer: They need docents, people to help with

research and archiving, and help with special events.

312 3rd Street, Folsom, 916-985-2561 x. 4589,


Roseville Telephone Museum

View their collection of phones and phone technology—

from the wooden box and pay phones, to cradle phones,

rotary, and novelty phones.

Volunteer: Show your passion for telephone history by

volunteering as a docent.

106 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-786-1621, consolidated.



California Automobile Museum

Drive through 120 years of automobile history while

looking at over 120 types of cars.

Volunteer: Help in the library and gift shop, assist as a

docent, or put your passion for cars into action as part of

their detail, road, or pit crew.

2200 Front Street, Sacramento, 916-442-6802,

March 2020 | 33


On the


Easy Ways to Save Big

By Lorn Randall

Are you looking to tighten the monthly budget but aren’t

sure where or how to start? It could be anything from cutting

that $8 daily latte to mowing your own lawn. Take a look at

what some of our financial professionals are doing in their

everyday spending.

34 | March 2020

Clint Herndon of Next Peak CPA


• “We take out cash at the beginning

of the month. Spending cash instead

of using a card hurts more, so it’s

easier to be more judicious!”

Kimberly Foss of Empyrion Wealth

Management (

• “I use American Express to pay for

everything and use the rewards points

to buy things for the house or for gift

cards that I give for my son’s friends’

birthdays. Note: It doesn’t have to be

American Express; it can be any card

that gives you points or cash back

for your spending habits. One year

we even paid for a trip to Disneyland

for three days for a family of six. I

purchased everything—from groceries

and gas to installing my solar panels,

which was huge.”

• “Whenever I buy gifts for Christmas,

clothes, items for the house, etc., I

buy everything through topcashback.

com. It’s free money, and you receive

anywhere between 2% to 15% back on

everything you buy.”

• “I use to save for vacations,

property tax, emergency funds,

etc. It rounds my purchases up and

deposits the money in an interestbearing

checking account. It learns

my spending habits, so it knows how

much money to take out and deposit

into my separate accounts so I don’t

go over budget.”

Dianna Laney of Ideal Life Financial

Advisors (

• “I was finding the convenience

of Amazon Prime pushing up our

spending. Especially with two kids,

it’s easier to pop onto my phone and

buy something at the moment that

I 'think' I need. To try to counter this

impulse buying, I’ve set up a Wishlist

for each month of the year. We can

add anything we think of or want

during the month, but we only order

from Amazon once a month

on a pre-selected date. It’s

significantly cut down

on our impulse buying,

because many of the

things sounded good

at first but aren’t

really necessary.”

• Save your coins—literally. Putting

aside just $.50 a day over a year

will get you almost halfway to an

emergency fund. Check with your

bank or credit union, and research

apps that offer programs that round

your purchases up to the nearest dollar

and put the difference into a separate

savings account.

• Brown bag your lunch. The reason

you hear this tip so much is that it

works! If buying lunch at work costs $5

but making lunch at home costs only

$2.50, then in a year, you could afford

to create a $500 emergency fund and

still have money left over.

• Save money without sacrificing

your lifestyle by committing to

eating out one less time each


March 2020 | 35


Trending Now


By Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID

Each year, fashion inevitably leaves

a strong impression upon the design

industry and its offerings for the

season. For 2020, the vibe is made

up of authentic handmade and

sustainable organic details paired

with the sparkle of a ’70s disco club

and luxurious, velvety softness of

the ’80s. But beyond the nostalgic

hints that those artistic impressions

carry, what lies ahead for interiors?

How will we change and evolve in our

home environment? Read on and see

what speaks to your design style.


Lately, many manufacturers,

designers, and architects have

focused their products and projects

on a sustainable, environmentally

friendly, recycled approach.

Thanks to modern technology and

innovations, however, eco-friendly

doesn’t mean inferior quality,

comfort, or design; in fact, these

products celebrate green versions of

modern or traditional designs in both

elevated and affordable versions.

While products like cork flooring

may have been long forgotten, they’ll

see a strong comeback this season

thanks to their natural characteristics.


Items made by hand using

sustainable materials like jute, rice

paper, and clay will be all the rage

this year. These elements go far

in grounding a home, allowing its

inhabitants to be in touch with

the earth and their roots. The

incorporation of natural materials

popular years ago—like caning, rope,

seagrass, and bamboo—has a strong

and easily incorporated influence

Photo by Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

36 | March 2020

Couch photo by © - Bathroom photo by ©LUGOSTOCK -

over modern furniture silhouettes

and décor details such as occasional

pieces, area rugs, and wall coverings.

Elaborately embossed wall coverings,

like gold rivets and metallic accents,

give surfaces a beautiful tactile

sensation and modern ambiance.


The early rise of digitally printed

fabrics has created a true

appreciation for real embroidery,

thick wool bouclés, linens, and other

artisan-inspired elements. Rich

textural expressions are the theme of

the upcoming season—think velvet

upholstery, hemp drapery, cork

walls, wicker, and jute—and have us

thinking opulent and organic when

it comes to furniture and finishes.

Speaking of furniture, classic pieces

will be re-envisioned with retro

elements and new materials.


Sparkle is still on the design scene

for living room décor compositions.

Adding a hint of disco glamour and

luxury by introducing bronze, gold,

and chrome metallic details through

decorative accents, furniture inlays,

hardware, lighting, mirrors, and

accessories is right on point with the

mood of modern interiors.


The rising awareness and social

consciousness related to ecological

challenges threatening our planet

have influenced the design industry

to produce products accordingly.

Plastics are being used for indoor

and outdoor furniture frames while

water bottles are being used to

create outdoor rugs and accents. For

a more luxe look, acrylic products

are having a comeback too, giving

March 2020 | 37

a room the architectural structure it

needs without taking up visual real

estate. Acrylic is seen as a unique

foundational piece in a small space,

like an entryway or sitting area, to

provide a surface that can be layered

with more organic items and not feel



The traditional beauty of floral

patterns, either abstracted or

straight-up chintz, will continue to be

the pattern to use, especially when

paired with deep, luxurious velvets

and maximalist-styled spaces. But

home designer beware: Chintz can be

tricky. Its bold, old-fashioned prints

can easily turn to frilly English bedand-breakfast

if you're not careful.

When done right, however, the floral

theme can add color, texture, and just

the right touch of classic elegance to

your interior.


The surge of minimalism and

Scandinavian design, characterized

by neutral colors and simple

materials, is finally declining. In its

place, bright colors and graphic

patterns are becoming more

prevalent in the home. Don’t be

afraid to mix colors, patterns, and

textures. Take a gallery wall to the

next level by having it cover an entire

wall, or add a dramatic, large-scale

piece to your space. In this case,

more is more.

Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, is an awardwinning

interior designer, author,

product developer, and multimedia

consultant helping brands reach the

interior design community. To contact

her, visit or call


Photo by © -

38 | March 2020

“I’ve ascended

to a tennis level

I never dreamed

of reaching”

“I found a


Chethan Swanson

Happiness Haslem

Member since 2013

Member since 2014

It’s Who We Are

“A closeness you

don’t find at

other clubs”

Greg Spinosi

Member since 2008

been a club member 7 years. And now that I’m

retired, I’m able to take full advantage of all the club


has to offer. I especially like the group exercise

classes as they always keep me motivated and moving -

and the instructors are the best! Plus, there are plenty of

class options available for those of us who are “of a certain

age” and still want to get in a good workout!”

Sue Taylor, Member since 2012

The best part of your day






Join in March and Save $20 a Month!

Broadstone Sports Club

Folsom • (916) 983-9180

El Dorado Hills Sports Club

& Asante Spa

El Dorado Hills • (916) 933-4929

Gold River Sports Club

Gold River • (916) 638-7004

Johnson Ranch Sports Club

Roseville • (916) 782-2600

Rio del Oro Sports Club

Sacramento • (916) 488-8100

Natomas Sports Club

Sacramento • (916) 649-0909

Laguna Creek Sports Club

Elk Grove • (916) 684-8855

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Get Busy

By Kourtney Jason

7 Hobbies to Keep You Happy

Reaching retirement is quite an accomplishment. You’ve spent

decades working hard to provide for your family, and you’ve planned

ahead for the financial changes that come with leaving the workforce.

But without the structure of waking up and going to the office every

day, boomers often feel bored at home with all the free time they now

have day after day and week after week. That’s where hobbies come

in! Discovering new activities and interests you can do alone, with

friends, and/or with your spouse are great ways to challenge your

mind and keep your body active through this next chapter of life.

Photo courtesy of ©sergign -

40 | March 2020


Retirement means working

around the house, right?

With all this free time,

you can finally fix the

temperamental window

that gets stuck when

you’re trying to open it,

get rid of the squeaking

hinges on the front door,

and repair the kitchen

drawer that always gets

jammed. As you make

your way through the

house to-do list, you can

consult local experts

to help as you tinker

around. From small quickfix

projects to tackling

larger home renovations,

such as a new kitchen

backsplash, you’ll feel

quite accomplished when

you work with your hands

to both repair and build

new things.


AR Workshop Sacramento

1221 19th Street, Suite 200


AR Workshop Roseville

1426 East Roseville Parkway,

Suite 170


Workshops include plank +

framed wood signs, canvas

wall hangings + pillows, ped

beds, clocks, blanket ladders,

trays, centerpiece boxes,

chunky knit blankets and



9523 Folsom Boulevard,

Sacramento, 916-362-9664,


Classes include Intermediate

Woodworking: Build An

End Table, Adirondack Side

Table/Foot Stool, and Inlay


The Home Depot

Multiple locations throughout

Greater Sacramento,

Workshops include

Bathroom Refresh, Installing

Tile Backsplash, and Interior

Painting & Drywall Repair

American Slim Pen

Class at Woodcraft

AR Workshop

Slim pen photo courtesy of Woodcraft Sacramento. Other photos

Courtesy of AR Workshop.

March 2020 | 41

2 Knitting

Knitting doesn’t have to be a

seasonal hobby that’s solely for

winter. Boomers can grab their yarn

and needles to make beautiful knitted

creations, such as hats, scarves,

mittens, slippers, blankets, and

more—year-round. Classes and meetup

groups are offered throughout

town, many of which note whether

they are open for beginners or

those with more experience. Yarn is

available in a variety of colors and

sizes, so you can get as creative as

you want with your projects. If you’re

looking for knit patterns, a quick

Google search will point you in the

right direction for free projects. As

you develop your knitting skills, you

can also craft personalized gifts for

your loved ones and grandchildren

for their birthdays and/or for the





Rumpelstiltskin Yarn

1021 R Street, Sacramento,



Multiple locations throughout Greater



8739 Elk Grove Boulevard, Elk Grove,


JOANN Fabrics and Crafts

Multiple locations throughout Greater


Lofty Lou’s Yarn Shop

263 Main Street, Placerville,


Photo courtesy of ©kostikovanata -

42 | March 2020

Chef and demonstration photos by Mike Shively. Dicing Carrots photo by

Kylie Vega. Other two photos courtesy of Dane Henas Design.

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Good Eats with Paulette

3 Cooking

Whether you have a reduced work

schedule or are fully retired, you

might realize you have more time and

energy to cook intricate meals for

you and your family. Myriad cooking

classes are available throughout town

and in a variety of cuisines. Plan a

date night with your spouse, and

sign up for a cooking class where

you might learn how to make a more

adventurous meal. For a reasonable

cost, these classes will provide all the

ingredients as well as an instructor to

help you craft stunning and delicious

dishes, which you’ll get to enjoy at

the end. You might also learn some

new kitchen tips, chopping tricks, and

techniques that you can take home

with you. Some classes might even

help you learn more about where

your food is coming from on a local

level. If you feel even more inspired

after the class, you can keep the

momentum up by looking online for

creative new recipes you want to try.

Before you know it, you’ll be having

more fun in the kitchen than ever




Good Eats with Paulette

522 North 12th Street,

Sacramento, 916-498-9804,

Classes include Classic Italian-

American Creations, Date Night, and

Weeknight Cooking

Murer House

1125 Joe Murer Court, Folsom,


Classes include Cheese-making Class,

Hand-Made Gnocchi di Patate, and

Minestrone Soup

Napoli Culinary Academy

1401 Fulton Avenue, Suite B,

Sacramento, 916-971-0600,

Classes include A Taste of Mexico, A

Taste of Italy, A Taste of Thailand, and

A Taste of Germany

Sacramento Natural Foods Coop

2820 R Street, Sacramento,


Classes include Date Night: Italian

Calzones, Spring Wine Tasting,

French Croissants, and more.

March 2020 | 43

4 Traveling

Now that you’re retired, it’s much

easier to plan vacations! No more

worrying about taking time off from

work, no more stress about coming

back to a daunting inbox postvacation,

and no more counting and

tracking how many vacation days

you’ve used and how many you

have left. Every day of retired life

is a vacation day, which means you

can plan as many trips as you’d like

throughout the year. From weekend

getaways to Tahoe, Napa, or San

Francisco; and weeklong road trips

throughout California (or up to

Oregon or Washington); to Caribbean

cruises with the whole family and

extended excursions to Europe, every

escape you plan has the opportunity

to be the trip of a lifetime. And locally,

the resources for planning your next

trip are unlimited. Outdoor stores like

REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods are

stocked with all your camping gear

necessities, while Camping World

is the place to go if you’re looking

to hop into an RV and explore the

country. Local travel agents are also

available to help you book cruises as

well as group travel, where you can

visit destinations all across the globe.



Multiple locations throughout Greater


NOTE: They also offer guided trips

around the world, via REI Adventures,

including women’s trips and bike


Dick’s Sporting Goods

Multiple locations throughout Greater


Camping World

Multiple locations throughout Greater


Travel Store Sacramento

1750 Howe Avenue, Suite 320,

Sacramento, 916-929-5555,

Sacramento Travel

1755 Creekside Oaks Drive, Suite 110,

Sacramento, 916-454-2858,

Torii gate photo by Megan Wiskus.

Other two photos courtesy of REI.

44 | March 2020

The Painted Cork

Photos courtesy of the Painted Cork.


5 Painting

From “paint and sip” workshops to

artistic technique painting lessons,

local art classes will allow you to tap

into your creative side, whether you

think you have drawing skills or not.

Sign up for these fun classes with

friends or relatives, and you’ll leave

with your own original artwork you

can showcase in your own home.

Instructors and professional artists

will provide step-by-step directions

to create the paintings, as well as

tips on which brushes to pick up,

which colors to mix, and how to

paint on different surfaces, including

canvas, wood, and more. If you’re a

beginner and want to see if you enjoy

painting, start by taking a class with

guided instructions. If you feel you’ve

discovered a new passion, then it

will be a worthwhile investment to

get art supplies to keep at home for

whenever inspiration hits you.


University Art

2601 J Street, Sacramento, 916-443-


Classes include Pet Protraits with

Carrie Posey, Oil Pastels: Level 2 with

Laura Schofield, and Big Sky: Sunset/

Sunrise in Acrylic with Jaya King

The Painted Cork

1624 J Street, Sacramento, 916-442-

2675; 726 Sutter Street, Folsom, 916-


Classes include Tahoe Vista, Rustic

Birches on Wood Panel Surface,

Paint Your Pet, Day at the Beach, and

Funky Starry Sacramento

The Art Bistro

Rocklin, 916-472-0252,

Classes include on-the-go mobile

services for Wood Sign Making

Workshops and Canvas Painting


March 2020 | 45

6 Exercise

Working out and staying active are

important life habits to maintain,

no matter your age. For boomers

specifically, the health benefits of a

regular workout are key to staying in

the best shape as you age. Not only

does exercise keep your mind sharp,

but it’ll help keep your heart healthy,

regulate blood pressure, improve

your mental health and mood,

maintain your muscle mass, keep

your bones strong, and much more.

Additionally, with so many options for

working out, including solo activities

as well as group exercise, you can

find something you’ll enjoy doing.

Whether you prefer going for a walk

every day or want to train to run a

marathon, finding activities you enjoy

will make your workouts something

you look forward to rather than

dread. And certain exercises, such as

swimming, yoga, or tai chi, are low

impact, and therefore safer options

for boomers who may notice more

aches and pains in their normal dayto-day


California Family Fitness

THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness


Spare Time Clubs

Multiple locations throughout Greater


Classes offered include Water

Fitness, Yoga, and Zumba

California Family Fitness

Multiple locations throughout Greater


Classes offered include Gentle Yoga

and Pilates, Silver Sculpt and Stretch,

Sit & Fit, Young at Heart, and Zumba


Ethel MacLeod Hart Senior Center

915 27th Street, Sacramento,



Classes offered include Tai Chi for

Better Balance, Chair Yoga, Sand

Strength and Balance

Sacramento Yoga Center

2791 24th Street, Room 6,

Sacramento, 916-996-5645,

Classes offered include Adaptive

Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Yoga for

Mature Bodies

THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness

8200 Sierra College Boulevard,

Suite D, Roseville, 916-258-5425,

Classes offered include Martial Arts

for Seniors, Full Body Fusion,

and Zumba

Roseville Health & Wellness Center

1650 Lead Hill Boulevard, Roseville,


Classes offered include Senior Aqua

Fit, Yoga Stretch, Tai Chi, and Forever


Studio photo by Howard Photography. California Family Fitness photo by Beth Baugher with True Love Photography.

46 | March 2020

Carrot photo by ©mimagephotos - Soil Born Farms

photo by Rebecca Le.


7 Gardening

Gardening is good for the body and

soul. Planting seeds and the regular

upkeep are physical tasks that will

keep your heart rate up. If you’re

planting flowers and plants, you’ll

get to enjoy your gorgeous blooms

throughout the seasons. If you’re

planting seeds to grow fruits and

vegetables, you’ll get to eat and

enjoy the fruits of your labor—literally.

Gardening could also be a shared

activity with your grandchildren. You

can put the kiddos to work whenever

they visit, asking them to help you

water. These shared experiences can

even help teach the kids discipline

and to appreciate the hard work that

goes into long-term projects like



The Home Depot

Multiple locations throughout Greater



Soil Born Farms

2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova,


Classes include Spring Gardening

Clinic, Beginning Home Gardener

Course, and Growing Medicinal and

Culinary Herbs

University of California, The

California Garden Web

Soil Born Farms

As you embark on exploring new

interests and hobbies, you’ll learn

it’s never too late to learn a new

skill and take on a new challenge.

It’s the open-mindedness to want

to try new things that will help you

continue to feel young, healthy, and


March 2020 | 47



of the




5 Can’t-Miss Turkish Delights

By Megan Wiskus

Photo courtesy if Megan Wiskus.

It’s dark, way too early, and my heart is thumping;

after 10 minutes on winding dirt roads, our driver

stops in a field that’s filled with hot air balloons—each

one marked with different colors and company names.

He parks in front of a ruby-hued blimp and tells us to

disembark. Cold and nervous, I’m tempted to ask if I

can stay buckled up inside the van, where it’s warm and

seems safe. But then I remember that I’m in Turkey—and

you only live once—so I say a little prayer, then jump out

of the vehicle and into the balloon basket. In what seems

perfectly plucked from a whimsical fairy tale, the sun

and balloon rise in perfect harmony—honeycombed hills

below, rosé sky above. Despite six others on the ride,

it’s completely silent, which only seems appropriate as

we’re suspended in the air witnessing Mother Nature’s

landscape at her finest.

Touching down in Turkey, my expectations were a blank

slate. What I quickly discovered is the vast land—slightly

larger than Texas, with Mediterranean and Middle

Eastern neighbors—boasts a history as rich as baklava

and a vibrant patchwork of people (some of the kindest

you’ll ever meet), places and culture, with a cuisine

that’ll leave you hungry for more.

March 2020 | 49




Ambling along Istanbul’s

cobblestone, cat-filled streets

you’ll find mosques mingled amidst

churches and ancient ruins nuzzled

next to modern high rises, resulting

in a juxtaposition of old and new

that draws wanderers immediately

in. Spanning two continents—

Europe and Asia—and sited along

the Bosphorus, Turkey’s largest

city is home to roughly 18 million

people and has plenty of sights—

and hammams (bath houses)—to

soak in.


Hagia Sophia

You’ll feel right at home the

moment you enter The House

Hotel Karaköy. Blending classic

and contemporary features, the

boutique property—housed within

an old bank whose original vault still

exists in the hotel’s wine

cellar—is located in one

of Istanbul’s hippest hoods,

with easy access via foot to

popular tourist destinations

such as Galata Tower,

the Spice Bazaar, Istikal

Street, and the Bosphorus



The Turks take

their morning meal

seriously, and Karaköy’s

doesn’t disappoint. Rise

and shine with an impressive

spread of fresh-squeezed juices

(my favorite was the ever-present

pomegranate), dolmas, roasted

eggplant, just-picked tomatoes,

cheeses, olives, heavenly slabs of

honeycomb, pastries, figs, sucuk (a

dry, spicy sausage), yogurt, jams,

Spice Bazaar


made-to-order egg dishes,

and more…truly giving

guests a taste of what

Turkish breakfast is all

about. Fun fact: Although

Turkish coffee (which

comes in six varieties

of sweetness) is widely

consumed, locals

typically start their day

with tea and wait until

after breakfast before

imbibing in a jolt of java.

It’s impossible not to

be stirred when setting

foot on the Hippodrome

(rectangular arena and site of

chariot races during Byzantine

times), stepping inside the aptly

named Blue Mosque (boasting an

azul-tiled interior and curvaceous

exterior with cascading domes

and six slender minarets) and

Hagia Sophia (a cathedral-turnedmosque-turned-museum


dates back to 537 AD), wandering

through Topkapi Palace (one of the

major residences of the Ottoman

sultans between the 15th and

The House Hotel photos courtesy of The House Hotel. All other photos by Megan Wiskus.

50 | March 2020

19th centuries), and exploring the

enormous expanse of labyrinthine

alleys at the Spice Bazaar (one

of the largest and oldest covered

markets in the world). A personal

tour guide guarantees you won’t

get lost and are shown around

by someone with a wealth of

knowledge and genuine passion for

the place they live; what’s more,

they always know the best “local”

spots to dine and can help when

haggling at the bazaar.


Just 90 minutes by plane from

Istanbul, you’ll be swept into

what feels like an extraterrestrial

planet—a place whose lunar

landscape is dotted with “fairy

chimneys” (rock formations

created by volcanic eruptions)

and serpentine valleys with

undulating cliffs in a rainbow of

colors. Welcome to Cappadocia,

where luxury boutique inns are

built into ancient cave dwellings

(we recommend the Museum

Hotel, featuring in-room wine taps,

supernatural views, and service fit

for a sultan), subterranean cities—

where up to 10,000 Christians

hid from hostile forces—can still

be explored today, and plenty of

outdoor adventures await.

Uchisar Castle

If there’s one activity that should


immediately soar to the top of

your bucket list, let it be a sunrise

hot air balloon ride. Climbing over

craggy canyons, cone-shaped

configurations, and pink mountains

in a flame-fueled balloon basket, as

the sun awakens and creeps higher

and higher above the horizon, you’ll

literally be floating on cloud nine.

Hike to Goreme

Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel photos courtesy of the Museum Hotel. All other photos by Megan Wiskus.

March 2020 | 51


Despite the region’s barren-looking land, the soil is

richly fertile, thus yielding the cream of the crop when

it comes to produce, meat and dairy. And there’s no

better way to experience true Turkish cuisine than by

taking a cookery class with Cappadocia Home Cooking.

Upon entering the traditional stone dwelling of Tolga,

Tutba, and Havva, you’ll be welcomed with open arms—

and plenty to eat. As Grandma guides you through a

bevy of traditional dishes, she allows you to chop, sauté,

stir, and more—all the while making you feel like family.

Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel photo courtesy of the Museum Hotel.

NOTE: The above journey—including all hotels and excursions—was tailor-made by award-winning tour operator

Audley Travel. For more info and to book your own trip, visit

52 | March 2020



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Corned beef and cabbage is the Irish-

American variant of the Irish dish of

bacon and cabbage.

The original Guinness Brewery in Dublin

has a 9,000-year lease. Although no

longer the largest brewery in the world, it

remains as the largest brewer of stout.

Tea was introduced during Ireland's

time as part of the United Kingdom and

became increasingly popular, especially

during the 19th century. Irish people are

now amongst the highest per capita tea

drinkers in the world.

Before the potato was introduced to

the country in the 16th century, grains—

such as oats, wheat, and barley (cooked

either as porridge or bread)—served as

mealtime staples.

Source: Wikipedia

54 | March 2020



3 Irish-Inspired


Compiled by Megan Wiskus

You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate the

country’s hearty cuisine. Forget the corned beef,

cabbage, and green beer this year, and put your

cooking chops to the test with one of these

Emerald Isle recipes.


Recipe by Doyle’s Pub and Taproom, 312 East Bidwell Street, Folsom,


5 oz. fresh-brewed coffee

2 tsp. brown sugar

1 1/2 oz. Irish whiskey

1-2 oz. heavy cream, lightly whipped

Pour hot coffee into warmed glass until it’s about 3/4 full. Add the

brown sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Blend in Irish whiskey.

Top with a collar of the whipped heavy cream by pouring gently over

the back of a spoon.

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.

March 2020 | 55



Recipe by Randy Peters Catering & Event Center,

105 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-726-2339,

Cream butter and powdered sugar till smooth. Beat in

egg, vanilla, and almond extract. Add pudding mix, flour,

baking powder, and baking soda. Stir in the chocolate


Roll dough into 1-inch balls, then roll in pecans. Place on

lightly greased cookie sheets.

1 cup butter, softened

2/3 cup powdered sugar

1 egg

1 tsp. vanilla

3/4 tsp. almond extract

1 (3.4 oz.) box pistachio pudding


2 cups flour

1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

1 1/2-2 cups pecans, finely


1 bag Hershey’s Kisses

Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. Immediately press a

Hershey’s Kiss into the middle of each cookie.

Transfer to cooling racks and cool


Cookie photo by Ray Burgess.

56 | March 2020

1 cup raw potato, grated

1 cup previously boiled and

mashed potatoes, chilled

1 cup flour

1/4 cup milk

2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. fresh thyme,


1/2 tsp. fresh rosemary,


1 tbsp. onion, minced

1 tbsp. button mushrooms,


1 1/2 tbsp. salt, plus more

for serving

1/4 tsp. pepper

1 tbsp. butter


Recipe by The Monk’s Cellar,

240 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-786-6665,

An Irish potato pancake, boxty has been around for

hundreds of years in Ireland and is often eaten as a side

dish at breakfast. Nowadays, it's dressed up quite a bit,

often layered with meats and vegetables.

Place grated potatoes in cloth (or cheesecloth) and

squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Combine cold

mashed potatoes with grated potatoes, flour, milk,

baking powder, herbs, minced onion, mushrooms, salt,

and pepper.

Roll dough into a 3” x 2” log or cylinder. Try to pack

your potato mixture into this log shape tightly,

which can be done by spooning the mixture onto

cheesecloth and rolling into the log, then patting

and molding, or simply by patting or molding with

your hands.

Fill a stockpot (at least 6 quarts) with water and

bring to a rolling boil. Turn down to a simmer and

add the tightly packed potato log. Simmer for 1

hour. Remove and let cool in refrigerator overnight.

Once cooled, and prior to serving, slice into desired

thickness, typically between 1/4” to 1/2" rounds. Place

butter into a skillet and fry each round until golden

brown. Lightly salt and serve as desired.

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.

March 2020 | 57

Sip on This

Compiled by Megan Wiskus

Forget Guinness. Our region is overflowing with a variety of flavor-packed stouts that are

crafted locally with love. Grab a growler to go or post up for a pint and celebrate

St. Patrick’s Day in style. In no particular order…

1 2 3 4

Auburn Alehouse

Irish Dry Stout

ABV: 3.9%

True to style, with a beautiful

deep mahogany hue and

an off-white creamy head,

this beer is nitrogenated to

ensure a smooth, creamy

experience. The pairing

options are endless, too—

from beef and oysters to

cake and ice cream.

289 Washington Street,

Auburn, 530-885-2537,

Loomis Basin Brew

Daddy Oatmeal


ABV: 4.5%

This deep ebony brew with

chocolate overtones is made

with an abundance of oats

to give it a smooth, creamy

mouthfeel along with a

gorgeous, fluffy head. A hint

of roasted coffee comes

through at the end for a

great finish.

3277 Swetzer Road,

Loomis, 916-259-2739,

Outbreak Brewing

Waking the Dead

ABV: 11.4%

Don't let the high alcohol

content of this imperial stout

scare you. It drinks extremely

smooth, while being wellbalanced

between malt,

hops, chocolate, and roast.

640 Main Street,

Placerville, 530-748-3258,

Tower Brewing


ABV: 9.2%

A collaboration brew

with Touchstone Brewing

Company, this flavor-packed,

holiday-spiced stout is made

with seasonal ingredients

like toasty notes of hazelnut,

cinnamon, peppermint, and

orange peel, ensuring you

feel warm and fuzzy with

every sip.

1210 66th Street, Unit B,

Sacramento, 916-272-4472,

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.

58 | March 2020


Red Bus Vanilla

Night Sky

ABV: 6.9%

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.

Made with locally roasted

cacao nibs from Cru

Chocolate, Madagascar

vanilla beans, milk sugar,

and a hint of sea salt, Vanilla

Night Sky is a smoothdrinking

chocolate shakeinspired

beer that’s good to

the last drop.

802A Reading Street,

Folsom, 916-467-7790,

March 2020 | 59

Cool Coffee Find:

Old Soul Co.

The Alley: 1716 L Street (Rear Alley), 916-443-7685;

Weatherstone: 812 21st Street, 916-443-6340; 40 Acres

in Oak Park: 3434 Broadway Sacramento, 916-453-

8540; 555 Capitol Mall: 555 Capitol Mall, 916-890-1555,

The original location for this expanding Sacramento

company was once a warehouse for another

Sacramento pioneer: Eppie’s Restaurant. Now with four

local sites, they’re a Sacramento success story. Not just

a coffee house, the “Alley” is home to their baking and

roasting operations, retail café, educational center, and

event venue. Old Soul Co. emphasizes and practices

local, artisan craftsmanship in brewing, roasting, and

just about everything they do (and that’s pretty cool!).

Old Soul photos by Go Gold Media.

60 | March 2020







Nikki Ozawa





B&ABC-Style-Half.indd 2

2/15/20 2:40 PM


Cars and Coffee

Palladio at Broadstone, Folsom

January 4

Car enthusiasts gathered at the

Palladio at Broadstone’s parking lot for

a morning of perusing automobiles—

ranging from a WWI tank to the

Ferrari featured in The Art of Racing

in the Rain—while sipping coffee. The

event takes place, rain or shine, every

Saturday from 7-9 a.m.

Photos by Robert Baller

Passions Art Show

Art League of Lincoln

January 15

1 2

The Art League of Lincoln—a nonprofit

that provides the City of Lincoln and

the surrounding area with opportunities

for artists and art lovers—hosted this

two-dimensional juried show featuring

original works in varying mediums

(watercolor, oil, pastel, encaustic, and


Photos by Maggie Rose McGurk Photo


1. Kristine L. Mollenkopf

2. Judy Dillon

3. Diane Pargament, Lucille O'Dea Ratermann,

and Deborah Hill

4. Lucille O'Dea Ratermann

5. Dr. Phil Matin, Barry Stigers, and

Dr. Bette Dow


4 5

62 | March 2020

Jose’s Culinary Adventure

Sienna Restaurant, Roseville

December 16

Local Make-A-Wish kid, Jose, had his

wish of becoming a chef granted,

thanks to the team at Sienna

Restaurant. After arriving in a limo with

his family, he spent the day learning

how to make his favorite dish, pozole,

alongside Chef Paul Thompson. He also

made a creative Texas toast sandwich

in a waffle maker and was gifted his

own chef coat and a very special knife.

Photos by Dante Fontana

March 2020 | 63

Bowling Classic

Strikes Unlimited, Rocklin

January 5

The Fox Whole Family Foundation,

with De’Aron Fox and teammates of the

Sacramento Kings, gathered with the

community for a night of bowling and

fundraising to serve women whose lives

have been impacted by breast cancer.

The organization—whose mission is

to advocate for increased awareness,

testing, and treatment for women

fighting the disease—is inspired by

Fox’s mother, Lorraine, who is a breast

cancer survivor.

Photos by Carlos Jimenez

Art & Wine with

Something MORE

El Dorado County Fairgrounds, Placerville

January 18

Guests gathered for tastings from

local wineries, breweries, distilleries,

restaurants, and caterers; enjoyed a

raffle, live and silent auctions, and

music; and purchased original art

created by MORE's artists. Proceeds

benefited MORE, whose mission

is to find solutions to ensure equal

opportunities and acceptance for

adults with developmental disabilities.

1 3

2 4

Photos by Samantha White

1. Ebony Pessoa, Cole Cardwell, James

Shoemaker, and Rianne Acord

2. Emcee Dave Bender

3. Joe Stoddard and Lena Cull

4. John Sanders of Old Town Grill and staff

64 | March 2020


Brain Food



1. Bloom

4. Renewal of interest

11. Diva's song

12. Lyrical poem

13. Partner of either

14. Half a dance?

16. Radium symbol

19. Showy, bell-shaped flowers

21. Protectors from a drizzle

22. Em follower

23. Something hatching

25. Exists

26. Peruse

28. Mess hall food

30. Merriment

31. Sharp pain from a bee

32. CBD source

34. Comes after heave

35. That thing

37. High time?

39. Certain cup-shaped flower

42. Place to work things out?

44. What bug and nugget have in


46. Vernal _______

48. Elegance of manner

49. Utterance of hesitation

51. ER worker

53. Spider's creation

55. Particular radiating light

57. Underwriter's Laboratory, shortened

59. Beginning

60. Short for purchase order

61. Indian lute

63. Solitary

64. More than a breeze

66. Mrs. Kettle

67. ____ well that ends well

69. Springtime bird

70. Certain sequence of changes (2 wds)

71. Symbol for tin


1. Monarch, for one

2. Water partner

3. Spring mo.

4. Artificial intelligence, shortened

5. Heating up

6. Boxing initials

7. Trim the sides of the lawn

8. SW opposite

9. Negative reply

10. The _____ is always greener…

14.Seasonal tidying: Spring _______

15. ____sight is 20/20

17. Certain six-packs (abbr)

18. Colorful plant parts

20. Spring, for one

24. No pain, no ____

27. Europium symbol

28. Particular hatchling

29. I see...

33. Light colors of spring

34. It's where the heart is

36. Between la and do

A Custom Crossword by Gail Marie Beckman


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13

14 15 16 17 18

19 20 21

22 23 24 25

26 27 28 29

30 31 32 33

34 35 36

37 38 39 40 41

42 43 44

45 46 47 48

49 50 51 52

53 54 55 56 57 58

59 60 61 62

63 64 65 66

67 68 69

38. Expression of dismay

39. One with habits

40. Time past

41. New plant

43. Change direction

45. Delivery result?

47. Rev up, for example

50. Horse handle?

52. Place for future fliers?

54. College respite: Spring _____

55. Sea or nut ending

56. Sweetie; darling

58. Young sheep

62. Precipitation

65. Night opposite

68. Yes, to Pedro

69. About (abbr)

70 71

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66 | March 2020



Long identified with the

legendary Bob Fosse, Chicago

has won six Tony ® Awards,

two Olivier Awards, and a

Grammy ® . Eight shows.



Co-written and directed by Tim Robbins,

this intensely physical production finds

actors telling their own ancestors’ stories of

immigrating to America, “holding a theatrical

mirror to the nation” (LA Times).




America’s preeminent G&S ensemble performs

the popular musical “while stripping away the

irrelevant junk that has crept into productions

over the years” (New Yorker).



Spend St. Patrick’s Day with a true prodigy—

he won four All-Ireland Championships on four

different instruments at 14 — and the founding

member of Solas.




The 2018 Tony Award winner for best revival of

a musical: a tale of a fearless peasant girl on

a remarkable journey to reunite with the man

who captured her heart. Five shows.



A fascinating look at our food and “who owns

life.” The legal battle between farmer and

Monsanto Inc. becomes documentary theater,

with “impeccable performances and swift

pacing” (The Coast).




Experts in martial arts, gymnastics, ballet,

juggling, and street dance perform in perfect

harmony with computer graphics. “They have

stumbled upon magic” (Huffington Post).




Meet Judge Barry:

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