Park Street Principal Opportunity Profile




Dear Prospective Principal Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in Park Street School and the position of Elementary School Principal! It is with

much excitement and anticipation that we look forward to seeing how God will continue to build our program

with the skills, talent and heart of our next Elementary School Principal. As we are sure you have committed

your next position to God, know that we are also praying for and trusting Him to bring someone who will be

the right fit for our school and community.

We know that preparing students for the future extends beyond providing them with knowledge and skills.

At Park Street School (PSS), we develop the whole child. Since our founding 20 years ago, we have had one

overarching mission: to equip each child with a love of learning, a passion for truth, a heart for others, and an

understanding of God’s love. Our students are valued as unique and created by God, a belief that guarantees

each is cared for with love and respect.

Located in Beacon Hill in downtown Boston, almost 75 percent of our students live within 1.5 miles of the

school. In the warm and stimulating environment of our neighborhood school, our remarkable students, faculty

and families work together to create a vibrant community where our students thrive. Our families come

from a variety of religious, racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Park Street School was founded and

established by Christians seeking to provide an excellent education. Our faith in Jesus Christ is our cornerstone.

From this foundation, we seek to provide an environment of respect, balance, and fairness regarding

faith and its questions. We believe that it is within this nurturing environment that learning takes hold. With

a content-rich curriculum, knowledge is deepened, connections are made across disciplines, skills are developed,

and curiosity is sparked!

We are blessed to have passionate and engaging teachers who inspire students to explore new possibilities,

solve problems creatively, think critically, communicate their thoughts, collaborate with others, and see beyond


As founding head, it has been a privilege to work alongside so many talented and dedicated individuals committed

to seeing Park Street School flourish and become a school that provides a quality education. Watching

the school grow over the years and particularly observing our students’ transformation into young men and

woman who are poised, confident, and prepared for the future, has been a joyous experience. We invite you

to read through our Opportunity Profile and to further explore our website

to learn more about what makes Park Street School unique. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity,

please reference the Process of Candidacy page at the end of this document to begin the application process.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Coverstone or Ed Poff at 615-261-4623, the JobfitMatters

Consultants who are assisting Park Street School in our search for an elementary school principal.


Tracy Bradley


Located in Boston and serving over 300 Preschool through 6th grade students, Park

Street School is grounded in a content-rich curriculum that lays a foundation of

knowledge, built upon and expanded in each grade. Children engage in hands-on

activities, learn to think creatively and solve problems methodically. Their growth as

unique individuals – academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically – is fostered

with intention in a nurturing environment. They develop a strong sense of

self and place, learning to invest in their communities and the world around them.

Embarking on the search for its next Principal, Park Street School seeks a leader who

will join an exceptionally strong team and make it even better. Emphasizing high

academic standards, innovative learning and character development, this Principal

will equip Park Street School faculty to fully prepare students to flourish in competitive

secondary schools. The PSS leadership will cultivate a school known for its

caring environment as staff members are recruited not only for their professional

credentials, but also for their transparent love for children with whom they will be

entrusted. This Principal will also value parental involvement, understanding the

importance of working in conjunction with families to help children excel. The right

candidate for this role will also appreciate collaborating with an experienced Head

of School and be passionate about working as a team.

For more information on Park Street School, visit


The History of Park Street School

The formation of Park Street Kids, Inc. (now Park Street School, Inc.) was the culmination of

more than two years of planning to create a new preschool alternative for families in Boston.

After months of research in the community, it was not difficult to discern the need for a new

program in the neighborhood: long waiting lists at nearby programs provided convincing

evidence that the demand for high quality preschools far exceeded the supply.

A collaborative effort led by a group of mothers at Park Street Church, Park Street School, Inc.

became a ministry affiliated with Park Street Church (PSC). In the fall of 1999, Park Street

School, Inc. was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the moral,

spiritual, and educational development of preschool age children. Thanks to the generous

financial support of Park Street Church and a private donor, the Park Street Kids building was

renovated both to comply with state regulations and to create a safe and innovative learning

environment for children. A wonderful staff was hired, and an incredibly motivated and talented

board of trustees was assembled.

As a result of the success of Park Street Kids during its first three years of operation and a recognition

of the need expressed by community leaders and families, a decision was made in

the fall of 2002 to expand, offering an elementary school to the community. In September

of 2005, the elementary school moved to its own newly renovated building at 67 Brimmer

Street. Park Street School, Inc. now offered a continuous academic excellence with a content-rich

curriculum and exposure to the arts, science, technology and literature for toddlers

through sixth grade. In the fall of 2011, Park Street School opened an additional campus just

down the street on Brimmer at the Church of the Advent, to provide a bright, airy space for

its Kindergarten class. The board of trustees, governing both Park Street Kids and Park Street

School, has labored for more than 20 years in order to fulfill its vision for quality education

in downtown Boston. The board has encompassed a rotating group of dedicated men and

women who offer their expertise, time and wisdom to the school. In 2016-2017, a survey

was conducted with a variety of constituents, including current families. With much positive

and fruitful feedback, several initiatives were set forth, one of which was the rebranding of

the school, particularly bringing more clarity to its name. While the school remains the same

in structure and character, in the spring of 2018, the board of trustees voted to simplify the

school’s name from Park Street School/Park Street Kids to Park Street School.



Strategically located in historic Beacon Hill, Park Street School is a neighborhood school that

seeks to unite children of diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds from Greater Boston

in a nurturing school of the highest academic standards. Through an engaging, content-rich

curriculum, we strive to empower and equip each child with a love of learning, a passion for

truth, a heart for others, and an understanding of God’s love and grace for us in Jesus Christ.

Core Values

At our core, we believe each child is a unique person created by God. It’s our privilege to

work alongside parents to build a fundamental framework for their children. Our community

is a place where children are loved – and know they are loved. In this caring environment,

our children encounter a wealth of experiences and acquire knowledge that will help them

reach the potential of who God has made them to be. At Park Street School, we are committed

to providing a high-quality education with values – as expressed in our school’s crest – of

“character, truth and excellence.”

PSS Statement of Faith

We believe in God, the Father Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ,

His only Son, our Lord: Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered

under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended into hell. The third

day He rose again from the dead. He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God

the Father Almighty, whence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. We believe in

the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the

resurrection of the body, and life everlasting.


ENROLLMENT 2019-2020















14 +


15 Admin. Staff


100 percent of PSS graduates

are awarded placement in

top middle schools in Greater

Boston. From 2015-2018,

100 percent of our students were accepted to

Boston Exam schools; 80 percent were accepted

at Boston Latin School.




70 4-5TH



PRE-K: $20,475




1ST-6TH: $29,975












Around 23% of PSS students received financial aid for the

2019-2020 school year. The average award was

$24,070 (tuition range which could include

after school programs were up to $34,000).






Over the past four years, three

Park Street School graduates

have been accepted to Harvard

and two to MIT. Others were

accepted by schools with

acceptance rates below 25 percent including

Amherst College, Bowdoin College, Colby

College, Columbia University, Middlebury

College, Tufts University, University of

Southern California, and Williams.


The preschool is licensed by the EEC. The

elementary school has been approved by the

Boston School Committee.

Memberships: AISNE, NAIS


One Park Street, Boston, MA

Located within Park Street Church, which is featured on

FreedomTrail maps.

Bright, Sunny Classrooms

In spacious, sunny classrooms with floor to ceiling windows,

our curious Toddlers to Pre-Kindergarten learners interact

with valuable information. Students receive a strong

foundation of knowledge through purposeful play, games,

STEM activities, song, stories and interactions.

Spacious Gymnasium

When not playing outside, students utilize our 1,945

square-foot gym.

Boston’s Top Green Spaces are

Steps Away

Children regularly benefit from fresh air while participating

in engaging activities at the Esplanade Playspace, Boston

Garden, and Boston Common.


67 Brimmer Street, Boston, MA

Located one block behind “Cheers,” the inspiration for

the TV series.

Designed for Today’s Learners

Spacious, bright classrooms offer personal space for

individual and collaborative group work. All are wired

for today’s technology—iPads, projection, teaching, and

Skype, which brings the world to Park Street School. PSS

also features a Science Lab, a colorful art room, and an

inviting library.

State-of-the-art Gym Primed for Athletics

PSS has a spacious gym, a rarity for Boston schools,

where children play and compete in athletics. It features

a 40-foot climbing wall, basketball hoops, electronic

scoreboard, and new sound system.

Boston’s most famous green spaces

steps away

PSS students play ball games, including football and soccer,

in the Boston Common; climb, run, jump, and strengthen

at the Esplanade Playspace; and explore, have class,

walk, paint on canvas, and read after recess in the Boston

Public Garden.

Kindergarten at the Advent

Beginning and ending the day at the elementary campus,

Kindergarten students walk to the Church of the Advent

to enjoy activities in their own spacious floor. Filled with

natural light from large windows, the airy space fosters

a unique Kindergarten community, one where students

grow together and gradually transition into the larger

Elementary School.


The Principal reports to the Head of School of Park Street School and is responsible for day-to-day

management of the K-6 faculty in collaboration with the Assistant Principal. This person is a key

spiritual and academic leader of the school, shaping and nurturing the faculty, students, parents,

and the school community. Currently, the Principal oversees the Assistant Principal, K-6 Faculty,

and Specialists.


















The Principal’s responsibilities include the following:

• Actively support the mission, vision and promotion of Park Street School to the internal and

external community

• Promote a positive and supportive climate that fosters academic success for all students

• Direct and coordinate the efforts of teachers and specialists to support the intellectual, physical,

social and emotional needs affecting students’ success

• Oversee and assure the development, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive

integrated curriculum and the implementation of student assessment

• Work with staff to plan, coordinate, and support special events and parent meetings

• Develop positive collaborative relationships between families, staff, school, and community

• Oversee faculty, including recruitment, selection, evaluation, supervision, retention, and


• Support and monitor the professional growth of teaching staff including professional development,

staff observations, and staff communication

• Manage scheduling and program decisions

• Cultivate consistency among staff in enforcing the school-wide objectives and policies

• Help oversee school-wide strategic planning and problem solving

• Keep the Head of School informed regarding student, parent and/or staff issues

• Perform other duties as assigned by and in support of the Head of School

• Stay current in educational practices and actively pursue new initiatives and integrate those into

the curriculum

• Communicate regularly to parents regarding curriculum, events and student enhancement


• Some night and weekend work required



• Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree is preferred

• At least 5 years of teaching; and 4 years of a supervisory position is required

• Reflective practitioner who demonstrates continued growth professionally

• Dynamic Instructional leadership with knowledge of how to effectively develop, implement

and integrate curriculum

• Experience using data and research to drive decision making

• Commitment to 21st century learning skills for all students

• Knowledge and application of instructional technology

• Collaborative leadership style – committed to developing and supporting a collaborative


• Clearly and effectively communicates verbally and in writing

• Strong interpersonal skills with students, parents, colleagues, and community members

• Strong organizational and management skills

• Strategic thinker with strong analytical and problem-solving skills

• Belief and alignment with the Park Street School’s mission – a commitment to Christian

education and academic excellence - must be able to sign the school’s Statement of Faith


• Successful leadership in an educational institution is judged by how well its Principal meets

the expectations of the Head of School, meets the needs of its students, and collaboratively

leads and supports faculty, administration, parents, and other constituent groups. Some

short term (3-5 year goals) for the Principal include the following:

• Establish and Implement Curriculum Review System Cycle

• Oversee the integration of robotics and programming into the Technology Curriculum

• Fully implement the Educator Evaluation Process

• Integration of Universal Design for Learning throughout all subject and grade levels

• Stay abreast of latest proven educational developments and bring those best practices to


• Assist in evaluating the use of space at the PSS facilities to best support the academic


• Develop ongoing partnership and relationships with local organizations (MIT, Emerson

College) to complement to curricular and co-curricular programs (e.g. experts supporting

teacher or speaking in classes, drama experts leading plays, etc.)


Where is the Ideal Candidate Today?

The ideal candidate may come from a high-performing Christian, public, or independent

elementary school, and the right leader may approximate one of these descriptions. This list is not

meant to be exhaustive, but rather to encourage potential candidates to understand the breadth

of experiences that may fit well in this position:

• A successful Christian school leader who has been an administrator of an elementary school

of at least 200 students.

• A successful secular private or public-school administrator who has a strong and active personal

walk and faith journey with Christ, believes strongly in Christian education, has a solid

education background at the elementary level.

• A successful Christian, public, or independent school leader who has been an assistant Head

or an administrator for at least 4 years with significant K-6 teaching experience.


Boston, MA

Boston is the largest city in New England and ranks among the top cities globally as an economic

hub. At the heart of Boston’s character is a legacy built on innovation and creativity centered on

neighboring Cambridge. Anchored by MIT and Harvard and peppered with a total of seven Top

50 schools, world renowned research institutes and teaching hospitals, the metro Boston area is a

true knowledge economy. Driven by the education, healthcare, life science, finance, and high-tech

business sectors, Greater Boston has evolved into a diverse and stable economy earning an enviable

global reputation. The Boston metro area continues to attract top talent, businesses and

investors who choose Boston as their place to live, work, invest, and play.

Greater Boston is home to more than 50 higher education establishments that generate thousands

of graduates every year. Roughly 50% of these graduates stay in the Greater Boston area,

bolstering the city’s highly educated workforce. This intellectual infrastructure is a stabilizing economic

force and will invariably continue to propel economic activity and attract new businesses,

students, and families to Boston.

The highly educated workforce and innovative environment were specific factors cited recently

by General Electric for why it chose to relocate its global headquarters to Boston in 2016. “Massachusetts

spends more on research & development than any other region in the world, and Boston

attracts a diverse, technologically fluent workforce focused on solving challenges for the world. We

are excited to bring our headquarters to this dynamic and creative city.”

Boston is known as an avid sports town with the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox bringing people

out in droves to celebrate the Great American pastimes - and multiple championships over the last

decade. With easy access to beaches, lakes, and mountains, as well as a world-renowned cultural

center for the arts, the Boston area offers unlimited activities, entertainment, and history.


If, after reading this Opportunity Profile, you sense that the gifts and experience

God has given you are an initially good match for Park Street School, we invite

you to begin the inquiry process. We handle all candidate information and

conversations confidentially. You may contact Laura Coverstone at any stage of the

process for more information and to ask questions (see contact information below).


• A current resume

• Responses to the following essay questions:

1. Please describe your personal faith and how you incorporate that into

your professional career.

2. Using what you have learned about Park Street School from the PSS

website, this Opportunity Profile, and any other research you have

conducted, describe how your life and career have prepared you to lead

and serve at PSS.

• Provide the names and contact information (telephone numbers and email

addresses) for four references who know you and your career well enough to

comment on your suitability for the Principal position at Park Street School.

(References will only be contacted after we have requested and received

your permission to do so.)

Submit this information in one document or .pdf to:

Laura Coverstone



Phone: 615-261-4623

In the subject line of the email, please write “Principal-Park Street School”

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