2019 Theo Impact Report


Theo Impact Report

workplace & responsible


At Theo, there are two elements we focus on to foster a great work environment: our culture and responsible

manufacturing. At the end of 2019, Theo employed 97 people, 7 of which were seasonal. All employees are central

to achieving our mission.


We are proud to be the only chocolate company in the United States that is Fair for Life fair trade certified. This

certification is unique in that it not only checks how the producers of the ingredients we buy are treated, but it also

annually audits our own office and production facility to ensure people who work for Theo are paid and treated fairly.

Our current workplace score from the October 2019 audit is 194 out of 240 points for base standards. We received 27

bonus points for areas above the base standards.

Please learn more about our Fair for Life certification audit results at fairforlife.org


Theo’s workplace culture is honest and inclusive. To involve all employees in how the company is run, we have a group

that meets every other month called TheoLink. This provides a way for employees to collaborate, communicate and

enact new ideas to improve the company and community. In past years, TheoLink has been responsible for identifying

and implementing the following workplace improvements:

• Enhanced alternative transportation benefits

• Waste reduction opportunities, including new compost bin locations

• Ways to encourage volunteerism

• Improvements for annual company employee events

Additionally, the company shuts down once every three months for an All Team Meeting to ensure critical communications

reach everyone. At the end, the Leadership Team sets aside time to answer any questions or take new ideas.


As a manufacturing facility, safety for Theo employees is a top priority. In 2019,

we invested heavily in improving safety in our factory. A new cocoa bean roaster

not only increased our production capacity, but also provided significant safety

enhancements versus the previous roaster. New engineering improvements,

manufacturing processes, and safety training were also put into place.

When a safety incident does occur, our Safety Committee identifies new ways

to fix concerns. This resulted in workplace adjustments in 2019, like changing

out knife styles after accidental lacerations and reducing compost barrel sizes

to lessen weight being lifted.


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