Viva Brighton Issue #85 March 2020




#85 MAR 2020




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I wasn’t sure what to expect when we started

exploring ‘care’ – our theme for this month’s issue.

The word is all too often couched in terms of a

broken, costly and overburdened system. Would we

find lamentable stories of the forgotten, beleaguered

and downtrodden?

Of course not. Quite the opposite in fact. We

found people who consider their caring role to be

a privilege and who know that in caring for others

we care for ourselves. Like the extraordinary team

at the Martlets hospice, whose work with the dying

reminds them of what’s truly important about life.

We discover the stories of Helen Boyle – Brighton’s

first female GP and a pioneering mental health

doctor, and the philanthropic Mrs Marriott – who

arranged for almshouses to be built for the poor.

And then there are those who care for the carers:

the Young Carers Project who support kids whose

lives are affected by the health condition of a loved

one, and the psychologist who developed an inhouse

counselling service for NHS workers. We

meet people listening out for the lost and the lonely

and the unsung: a series of books putting underrepresented

voices in the Spotlight, a social worker

who’s helping young and unaccompanied female

migrants to navigate their futures, and the people

at Grassroots Suicide Prevention charity who are

throwing a lifeline to those at their lowest ebb (and

teaching others to do the same).

It’s true that caring roles can be woefully underpaid

(if they are paid at all), but the stories in these pages

remind me that care, compassion and kindness are

still free and, mercifully, in abundant local supply.

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