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Stem cell therapy now

available in Tinley Park

Claudia Marban


Private Wealth Advisor

Claudia Marban & Associates

A private wealth advisory practice of

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

10261 West Lincoln Highway, Frankfort, IL 60423




CA Insurance #OF24575

Retirement Planning and Multi-Generational Wealth Management

Tax Planning, Wealth Preservation, and Estate Planning Strategies

Planning Dreams Beyond Numbers

19 Years of Experience

Dr. Ed Beyer, of Beyer

Natural Health Solutions,

has partnered with Dr.

Navpaul Singh, MD, of

Little Company of Mary

Hospital and Predictive

Biotech labs, to offer

FDA-regulated human

umbilical cord stem cells

to patients suffering from

chronic degenerative arthritis,

osteoarthritis and

rheumatoid arthritis that

can cause debilitating pain

in the following areas:

• knees

• hips

• neck and low back

• shoulders

• elbows

• hands and feet

Dr. Beyer has been practicing

functional medicine

in Tinley Park for over 30

years. When asked why

he decided to venture

into stem cells he said, “I

have had my eye on the

potential of stem cells to

regenerate broken down

joints ever since my father

passed away from the

consequences of an FDAapproved

drug he was

taken for arthritic pain. At

that time, stem cells were

in their infancy stages.

With the advancement of

research, that is no longer

the case.

“Now, when it comes to

proper, and I emphasize

proper, stem cell therapy

for regeneration of arthritic

joints, there is simply

no better option. Research

now confirms this, and

we are seeing it on a daily

basis in our clinic. People

with ‘bone on bone’ joints

told they need surgical replacement

are finding relief

and avoidance of surgery

with proper stem cell


He went on to say even

Mayo Clinic uses stem cell

and regenerative medicine.

He further states that “the

future of joint repair is

here now.”

Dr. Beyer and Dr. Singh

know that there exists a lot

of false information and

misunderstanding when it

comes to stem cells. For

Are you prepared for whatever life brings you-both the expected and the unexpected?

I will work with you to thoroughly understand your goals and review your current financial

situation in order to create a personalized financial plan that suits your specific needs, both

in the short and long term. Please give me a call if you or anyone you care about might benefit

from a second opinion.

Ameriprise Financial, Inc. does not offer tax or legal advice. Consult with a tax advisor or attorney.

Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial

Services, Inc., a registered investment advisor. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA

and SIPC. © 2019 Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

this reason, Dr. Beyer is

holding free informational

seminars in the area that

answers the following


-What science and research

say about what

stem cells can help and

what can’t they help?

-Is the FDA involved in

stem cell therapy?

-Which type of stem cells

should be used to regenerate

arthritic joints?

-Are there any dangers to

stem cell therapy?

-Does insurance cover this

type of therapy?

-What kind of results can

be expected, and how

long will they last if I

am a good candidate for

stem cell therapy?

These one hour seminars

are being offered free

of charge at the following


• 11 a.m. Feb. 29 at the

Hampton Inn in Carol


• 6:30 p.m. March 3 and 11

a.m. March 7 in Tinley


• 6 p.m. March 10 at the

Beverly Arts Center.

• 6:30 p.m. March 17 at the

Hilton Oak Lawn.

• 11 a.m. March 21 at the

Chicago Marriott in Naperville.

The Tinley Park seminars

will include a discussion

on stem cells, as well

as erectile dysfunction.

Seating is limited, so register


Submitted by Dr. Edward

Beyer and Dr. Navpaul

Singh, MD. For more information,

call (708) 315-2151,

or visit beyerstemcellinsti


Rubi Agave to hold benefit

to aid firefighting nonprofit

Firefighter Hearts United

is a nonprofit organization

that provides quality

training in firefighting

tactics and emergency

medical training to underfunded

fire departments

in Latin America and now

Puerto Rico.

Their mission is to provide

quality training in

firefighting tactics and

emergency medical training

to fire departments in

Ecuador and South America.

Our goal is to provide

Chicago firefighters and

emergency medical technicians

the opportunity

to experience working,

teaching and learning from

their counterparts in Latin


Homer Glen Village

Trustee Ruben Pazmino

is asking for local support

on behalf of Firefighter

Hearts United. Trustee

Pazmino has brought together

several organizations

to work together for

a fundraising event called

“United 4 Puerto Rico” on

at 7 p.m. Saturday, March

7, at Rubi Agave Latin

Kitchen in Homer Glen.

Submitted by Rubi Agave

Latin Kitchen, 12622 W.

159th St. in Homer Glen.

For more information, email

Ruben@Rubiagave.com or

call (708) 301-8006.

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Are STEM CELLS the Answer

To Knee, Hip, Back & Shoulder Pain?

Avoid Surgery...Regenerate before you operate!


If you suffer from ANY of the

following symptoms YOU


• Knee Pain

• Arthritis

• Back Pain

• Hip Pain

• Neck/Shoulder Pain

• Swollen, Stiff & Sore Joints

• Elbow, Wrist and Hand Pain

• Ankle and Foot Pain



To reserve your place, please call

(708) 315-2469

Beyer Stem Cell Institute

17023 S. Harlem Ave • Tinley Park, IL


Sat. 2/29 Hampton Inn Carol Stream 11:00am

Tues. 3/10 Beverly Arts Center 6:00pm

Tues. 3/17 Hilton Oak Lawn 6:30pm

Sat. 3/21 Chicago Marriott Naperville 11:00am


Tuesday 3/3 at 6:30pm

and Saturday 3/7 at 11:00am

(The Tinley Park seminars will discuss stem cells and erectile dysfunction)

Visit our website at www.beyerstemcellinstitute.com

for details and other upcoming seminars.

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(708) 957-3338

A Realtor with an

eye for design



“We provide comprehensive lower

extremity evaluation, treatment and

products for athletes, injuries and

conditions affecting adults, seniors,

and children of all ages”





Achieve a



Join us for 4D Pro

Bungee, Bootcamp,

Torch Pilates, Power

Pump, Strength Training,

Transform Live,TRX,

Zumba, and Pound.

Achieve a healthier lifestyle! Whether it’s losing weight or

just toning up, we have a class and program for you.

THREE WOLVES FITNESS is a personal training and

group fitness gym.

We are strongly committed to personalized service

and individual attention. Join us for a single class

or take advantage of our packages available.

I began my career in real estate over 25

years ago, and during that time received a

degree in interior design and space planning

from Harrington College of Design

in Chicago. Combining my passions for

real estate and design allows me to work

closely with my clients to sell their home

quickly and for a higher price point due

to my home staging abilities. If you are a

buyer looking for your dream home, I will

listen intently to your wants and needs

while discussing your living specifications.

My promise to you is to value your

time, use my strong negotiating skills and

work with the highest integrity. I look forward

to exceeding all your expectations.

Submitted by Christine McCarthy, 16101 S.

108th Ave. in Orland Park. For more information,

call (815) 735-4724.

Nancy Putman


Illinois and Indiana licensed Residential Mortgage licensee

MB6760826 | NMLS 230331 | Company NMLS 478647

• Spouse passed? Need extra income?

I can help!

• 62 years old or older-ANY credit

score and ANY health situation


• You CAN have an existing mortgage!

• You continue to own your home and

leave it accordingly in your will!

• Allow me to put your fears to rest

and answer all your questions!

Call Nancy at 708-497-5192


For more info visit 22ndcenturymedia.com/events




708-995-1367 • 630-476-4242




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★ ★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Deuser for State Senate

August Deuser is the 2nd

Precinct Committeeman in

Frankfort Township and is

running for State Senate in

the 19th District on March

17. He is running as a

write-in candidate because

he was knocked off the

ballot by the bad guys. August

was a third-generation

police officer before he

went back to the University

of Illinois an earned his

teaching degree. He taught

special education students

for 25 years while earning

his master’s in educational

administration from

Lewis University. His wife

of 38 years and their two

sons also graduated from

Lewis University. Deuser

is pro-second amendment,

pro-life, pro-education and

pro-police. Visit his website

at deuser.us.

Paid for by Citizens for

August Deuser.

Submitted by Citizens for

August Deuser. For more

information, visit deuser.us.

TheraCORE offers vestibular

rehabilitation therapy

Do you or a family member

experience dizziness,

vertigo, unsteadiness on

your feet, or loss of balance?

Physical therapy can help.

A specialty area of physical

therapy known as vestibular

rehabilitation therapy could

be just what you are missing

to help with any of the

above listed problems or related


Vestibular rehabilitation

therapy involves a comprehensive

examination by a

licensed physical therapist

with special training followed

by exercises and

maneuvers to address any

deficits found in the examination.

Similar to how

conventional physical therapy

involves stretching and

Please see core, 15

August (O’Neill) Deuser

for Senate 2020


19th District State Senate

On March 17, 2020 ballot:

Pro-Life &

Pro-Second Amendment.




can’t no more


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From Regenerative &

Functional Medicine

to Specialized

Chiropractic Care

One of the most innovative and exciting areas of healthcare is

the field of Regenerative medicine, which is the science of using

specialized cells to not only reduce inflammation, but also actually

stimulate tissue healing and regeneration.

At Beyer Functional Wellness we’re proud to offer to our patientsts two of the most

innovative and effective regenerative medicine procedures available: Stem Cell Therapy, and

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy.

What Conditions can Stem Cells Help With?

There are many uses for stem cell therapy, but due to the ability of

Mesenchymal stem cells to cause tissue regeneration, it’s especially useful

for degenerative joint conditions (including arthritis) throughout the body,

including of the:

• Knees

• Hips

• Shoulders

• Ankles

• Elbows

• Wrists

Stem Cell therapy can literally be the solution to someone living with chronic

pain in these joints, who either doesn’t want, or isn’t a candidate for surgery.

New patient consultation,

exam, and needed X-rays



There is hope. We can help.

Certified in




Call 708-478-0690 today!








Beyer Functional Wellness - Mokena

10012 W 190th Place | Mokena, IL 60448

708-478-0690 | beyerfunctionalwellness.com

Dr. Stephen Beyer












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Palos Hospital

If heart health is a concern for you or a loved one, the Cardiovascular

Institute at Palos Health is not only close by, but nationally recognized

for excellence in cardiac care by Healthgrades®.

With exceptional facilities, state-of-the-art technology and decades of

experience in the detection, treatment and prevention of heart disease,

cardiovascular experts at Palos Health collaborate to provide expert care

customized for your specific needs.

Palos Health Cardiovascular Institute

To learn more, call (708) 226-2300 or visit paloshealth.com.


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Will County Coroner’s Office

candidate has needed experience

A man carrying four

badges on his shirt is willing

to trade them all in

for one powerful badge:

the gold badge of the Will

County Coroner. Bolingbrook

Police Sergeant

Sean Talbot has been

serving Will County as a

first responder for nearly

30 years. He hopes that

his lifetime of career preparedness

will earn the

votes of Will County voters

on March 17.

Democrat candidate

Sean P. Talbot, 53, has

spent the last 29 years

of his life wearing many

hats, serving Will County

as a first responder on

many different levels. He

is currently a sergeant at

the Bolingbrook Police

Department. He began his

law enforcement career at

Shorewood Police Department

in 1990. Police work

was not enough for him,

so Talbot began his volunteer

firefighter career as a

Troy fireman/EMT, then

moved to Plainfield and

became a Plainfield fireman.

The growth of Will

County caused these departments

to hire part-time

employees and eventually

full-time firefighters. Talbot

continued to work as

a part-time Plainfield fireman

and is currently employed

as a part-time Troy


Talbot has spent the past

30 years as a volunteer

and part-time firefighter/

EMT, holding the rank of

lieutenant in Will County.

He is a state-certified fire/

arson investigator through

the University of Illinois

Fire Service Institute and a

member of the Division 15

Fire/Arson Investigations

Task Force.

Like all police officers,

Talbot began his career

in the patrol division. He

eventually was assigned

to the Investigations Division

where he became lead

homicide certified. He also

became a special investigator

with the Will/Grundy

County Major Crimes

Task Force. This is a position

every area detective

strives to be selected

to be a part of. Talbot has

also held the title of crime

scene investigator, attending

Northwestern University

Center for Public

Safety Crime Scene Investigations

I, II, and III. Talbot

also held the position

of SWAT and sniper team

leader for Bolingbrook Police


As an investigator, Talbot

was one of the first investigators

to successfully

obtain charges against

drug dealers on two drug

induced homicide cases

in Will County. Talbot

said the heroin epidemic

continues to plague Will

County, and his firsthand

knowledge in handling

these cases will assist him

in his new role as the Will

County Coroner.

The Joliet Catholic

Academy and Purdue University

graduate believes

his lifetime experience

has more than prepared

him for his next journey as

serving the county as the

coroner. He’s played a part

in investigating more than

1,000 deaths throughout

his career.

Until recently, Talbot allowed

time to be employed

part-time by the Will

County Coroner’s office

for 18 years as a deputy

coroner. This part-time job

furthered his career into

the studies of death investigations.

The Will/Grundy

County Major Crimes

Task force sent Talbot as a

representative of the Coroner’s

Office to the University

of Tennessee’s forensic

anthropology outdoor

recovery course, commonly

referred to as “the body

farm.” At this week-long

training, Talbot learned the

extensive research behind

body decomposition and

many causes of deaths.

Talbot and Detectives

from all over the United

States spent the week recovering

bodies from the

surface, as well as a full

exhumation, studying the

many different levels of

decomposition, as well as

trauma and possible causes

of deaths. They gained a

better understanding of the

decomposition process,

developed techniques for

extracting information on

timing and circumstances

surrounding the death of

the human remains they

recovered from the burial

sites. Talbot also learned

the proper ways to document

the recoveries in

preparation for criminal or

civil litigation. Talbot described

this experience as

both eye opening and life

changing, a “once in a lifetime


If elected, Talbot has

plans to bring the Coroner’s

Office into the 21st century.

This would include technology

updates, training

updates, physical plant updates

and expanding the office

to better cover the east

side of the county. He also

aspires to hire more coroner’s

deputies, which would

reduce response times for

families and law enforcement,

and adding a facility

for holding decedents in the

east side of Will County. He

strives to have full transparency

of all of the coroner

operations for Will County

Please see coroner, 21






30 years as Will County

First Responder

30 years as a Will County


29 years as a Law Enforcement

Officer in Will County

18 years as a Deputy Coroner for

the Will County Coroner’s Office


Friends to Elect Sean Talbot for Coroner


Work with local Law Enforcement to address the opioid

epidemic in Will County through education, prevention

& enforcement.

Work with other Will County Professionals to transition

the Coroner’s office into the 21st century.

Working with Local Law Enforcement and Medical

Professionals to provide timely and comprehensive

investigations into deaths falling under the Coroner’s


Strive to provide complete and full transparency of all

Coroner operations for Will County residents.

Explore grant funding to upgrade the current Coroner’s

Physical Plant.

Paid for by Friends to Elect Sean Talbot



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for Varicose and Spider

Vein Treatment!

Mention “Active Aging”

when you call

815-824-4406 for your

FREE varicose vein

treatment consultation.

Offer expires March 31, 2020.

Get back into

swimsuits, shorts,

and dresses with

your beautiful,



Courtesy of

Vein Care Institute

Your legs deserve the very best, university-level

vein care available, from specially-trained vascular

surgeons. At Vein Care Institute, our surgeons have

years of advanced education and training to provide

the best vein care possible.

Our fellowship-trained, board-certified vascular surgeons

Dr. Eugene Tanquilut and Dr. Sanjeev Pradhan are

specialists in the entire vascular system, meeting

remarkable standards for care and providing

hospitality that is second to none.

Enjoy the spa-like atmosphere of our

NEW state-of-the-art clinic in Tinley Park.

• In-office Ultrasound

• Venefit®,

• Varithena®

• VenaSeal®

• Sclerotherapy

• Non-Thermal Vein Treatment

Call today for a FREE consultation.

Because you deserve the Vein Care Institute,

the very best choice for vein care.

8505 - 183rd Street, Suite A

Tinley Park, IL 60487



Tinley Park’s Vein Care

Institute is the better

choice for varicose

and spider veins

When a bone breaks,

patients automatically turn

to an orthopedic surgeon,

a specialist who has been

intensely trained and educated

to give bones and

muscles the very best care

possible. In that same way,

when varicose and spider

veins appear, the very best

care is provided by a vascular


Unlike vein “centers”

or “clinics”, where physicians

receive a few hours

of treatment training, a


surgeon is board-certified

and fellowship-trained,

going through years of additional

education to fully

understand how veins and

arteries work, how disease

like venous insufficiency,

which causes varicose

veins, begins and evolves,

and how to treat disease

while protecting the rest

of the vascular system and

the patient’s overall health.

In healthy veins, tiny

valves inside them close

between heart beats, to

force the oxygen-depleted

blood back to the heart. In

spider and varicose veins,

these valves don’t close

and blood pools inside the


Spider veins can be very

tiny and very few - or they

can be quite visible, turning

legs into a web of purple,

blue or red lines. They

can appear as thin lines,

threads, tiny branches or

webs, which give spider

veins their name. Spider

veins - which are small

varicose veins - are usually

painless, and they may be

flat or just slightly raised

above the skin. They occasionally

itch or burn.

In larger veins, enlarged

and twisted varicose veins

can be a serious health

problem, leading to deep

vein thrombosis, ulcers,

stroke, possible amputation

and a drastic decline

in your quality of life.

Women are more at risk

for varicose veins than

men, and if Mom or Dad

had varicose veins, you

will likely have them too.

While the development

of varicose veins may be

slowed by quitting smoking

and other tobacco

products, achieving and

maintaining a healthy

weight and avoiding sitting

or standing for prolonged

periods, varicose

veins cannot be prevented

and they will not improve

without medical treatment.

The Vein Care Institute

at Vascular Specialists

provides the very best vein

treatment in the southwest

suburbs, in a spa-like setting

fitted with the finest

equipment available. With

fellowship-trained, board

certified vascular and endovascular

surgeons Dr.

Eugene Tanquilut and Dr.

Sanjeev Pradhan leading

the way, Vein Care Institute

medical professionals

are experts at treating not

only varicose veins, but

the entire vascular system.

Your overall health is their


Vein Care Institute offers

onsite ultrasound and

the latest evidence-based

spider and varicose vein

treatments including:

• Venefit

• Varithena

• VenaSeal Vein Treatment

• Sclerotherapy

• Non-Thermal Vein


Until March 31, Vein

Care Institute in Tinley

Park is offering free

consultations. Call (815)

824-4406 and mention

“Active Aging” to make

an appointment for a free

vein consultation. Dr. Tanquilut,

Dr. Pradhan and all

the medical professionals

at Vein Care Institute will

be delighted to answer any


Submitted by Vein Care

Institute, 8505 W. 183rd St.

Suite A in Tinley Park. For

more information, call (815)


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Mill Pond Dental Group offers full array of services

Dr. Eric Young knew he wanted

to be a dentist after growing

up in Panama and seeing the

need for improving oral health.

“Poor oral health affect your

teeth and gums but it can also

affect the rest of your body and

quality of life,” Young said.

“Since I was in high school, I

knew I wanted to work in dentistry

to help people with their

oral health and in effect improve

their overall well being”

Young attended Loyola University

for a bachelor’s degree in

biology, Northwestern University

for a master’s in biotechnology

and Marquette University for

his doctorate in dental surgery.

He worked as an associate dentist

in Chicago and the southwest

suburbs but now owns a private

practice at Mill Pond Dental

Group in Mokena.

Mill Pond Dental Group is a

general dental office that provides

a full array of services

from preventative care, such as

general cleanings, to advance

services, such as same-day implant

supported dentures. Boardcertified

periodontist and oral

surgeon are also part of the Mill

Pond team.

After more than a year at

Mill Pond Dental Group, Young

wants to help patients learn and

practice preventative health care.

“It is important not to put off

your dental work because then

it becomes more expensive and

more involved,” Young said.

“As dentists, we are very good at

fixing and replacing teeth, but I

want prevention to be a standard

of care”.

Young said that many times

people wait until they have a

problem to come in for dental

work, when they should come

in regularly so they can keep up

good health.

One of the biggest keys to

maintaining healthy teeth and

gums is to make an appointment

at the dentist at least every six

months for checkups and cleanings.

Young suggests people should

begin seeing a dentist when they

begin getting teeth, which is as

early as the first year of life.

The first visit at Mill Pond

Dental Group will always start

with a comprehensive exam.

During a comprehensive exam,

Mill Pond Dental Group will

take a full series of digital X-rays

to check everything from gum

and bone health to tooth health.

After a thorough examination,

Young will review all treatments

options so that patients have sufficient

information to make educated

decisions about their oral


“After the comprehensive

exam we will establish what your

needs are and customize a plan

that fits your needs and budget,”

Young said. “For any patient,

regardless of their age or condition,

a comprehensive exam is

always a good place to start. We

will help create a personalized

treatment plan for you.”

The staff at Mill Pond Dental

Group also help patients maintain

good oral hygiene by providing

at-home oral hygiene instructions

as well as providing

nutrition tips.

“We can always give pointers

on how you can improve oral

hygiene and give you tips on

other oral hygiene instruments

to keep your mouth nice and

clean,” Young said. “Nutrition

is also important. We can look

at the type of diet you have and

see how it is affecting your gums

and teeth.”

Mill Pond Dental Group prides

itself on putting the patient first.

“Providing a positive patient

experience is the most important

thing for us,” Young said. “We

always put our patients first from

the moment you call our office

to the moment you leave the office.”

Young said communication is

also essential. Patients can text

directly with Young and his staff.

He is also regularly available by

email or phone.

“I make myself available to

talk on the phone with patients

directly,” Young said. “Personalized

care is huge.”

Mill Pond Dental group is currently

accepting new patients.

Take advantage of their $79 new

patient special and their free implant

denture consultation this

fall. Senior discounts are also


Submitted by Mill Pond Dental

Group, 18700 Wolf Road Suite 200

in Mokena. For more information,

call (708) 722-1600, or visit mill


Enjoy the convenience of a Dental Office in your neighborhood.

Open Evenings & Saturdays!

“Dr. Young is the

nicest dentist I’ve ever

been to and I love his

new, modern office!

Never thought I’d say

it, but now I actually

look forward to seeing

the dentist.”

— Will M.




Implant, Dentures, Partials


Call for details. Offer expires in 4 weeks.

Exam, X-Ray & Cleaning

New patients only in the absence of periodontal disease.

Offer expires in 4 weeks.

Call Today!


We offer in-house discount plans

& Senior discounts

18700 WOLF RD., STE



30-40% OFF



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New audiologist joins South Suburban

Hearing Health Center in Homer Glen

Clinical audiologist

newest addition to

South Suburban

Hearing Health


South Suburban Hearing

Health Centers is pleased

to announce that Terry

Corso-O’Boyle, Au.D.,

CCC-A has joined the

practice and will be seeing

patients at its Homer

Glen location located at

14316 S. Will-Cook Road

in Homer Glen.

“I am very excited

to welcome Dr. Corso-

O’Boyle to our practice,”

said Jonathan L. Wright,

ACA, BC-HIS. “She provides

a great blend of

top- notch clinical education

and knowledge with

a strong passion for providing


care. I also expect that she

remains an active member

of the community and that

will be evident over the

course of the months and

years to come.”

Corso-O’Boyle is a licensed

audiologist. She

graduated from Wayne

State University in Detroit

with a master’s degree in

audiology. Corso-O’Boyle

received her doctorate in

audiology from Arizona

School of Health Sciences

in Mesa, Arizona. She has

been awarded the ASHA

Certificate of Clinical

Competency in Audiology,

and is a member of

the American Academy

of Audiology, American

Speech-Language Hearing

Association and Illinois

Academy of Audiology.

Corso-O’Boyle is joining

South Suburban

Hearing after practicing

with Rush Copley Medical

Group for the past 21

years. She enjoys working

with people and helping

them hear better. She is

the first woman president

of the Lemont Lions Club

and an active member of

the community.

South Suburban Hearing

Health Centers are hearing

healthcare facilities

in Homer Glen, Mokena,

Burr Ridge and Crestwood.

For more information

on the practice or to schedule

an appointment with

Dr. Terry Corso-O’Boyle,

please call (708) 966-4724.

Submitted by South Suburban

Hearing Health Centers,

14316 S. Will-Cook Road in

Homer Glen. For more information,

call (708) 966-4724,

or visitsouthsuburbanhear


Better Hearing, Better Relationships

Hearing loss can take atoll on relationships, often leading to

social isolation 1 . People who treat their hearing loss maintain

connections better and live fuller,happier lives 1 .

Join us in welcoming the newest member of our

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1: National Center forHealth Statistics, Inter-University Consortium forPolitical and Social Research. (1989) National Health InterviewSurvey.United States Department of Health and Human Services. Doi: http://doi.org/10.3886/1CPSR09583.v1

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22nd century media | February 27, 2020 | 13

Compassionate and convenient senior care at Evergreen Senior Living

Evergreen Senior Living

in Orland Park is an active

community filled with

residents and staff who

love life and live each day

to the fullest. It’s a special

place where independence

is encouraged, dignity is

maintained, and seniors

are loved and appreciated.

With person-centered

programs and purposeful

campus designs for both

assisted living and memory

care, we offer local seniors

and their families the

opportunity to experience

daily joy and peace.

Evergreen Place Assisted


Evergreen Place Assisted

Living in Orland

Park offers an unmatched

experience for seniors

who desire to live freely

and comfortably, knowing

that customized care is always

available if needed.

With assisted living, loved

ones can enjoy countless

benefits, including private

apartments, 24-hour individual

support as requested,

routine medication

management, and more.

Our trained staff is flexible

to meet a variety of

needs and preferences and

always strives to exceed

senior and family expectations.

There is never a shortage

of things to do at Evergreen

Place. We keep our

residents healthy, active

and socially engaged. Seniors

can visit with family

and friends in our spacious

common areas, work out

in our Senior Flex fitness

center, watch a movie in

the Critic’s Reel Theater,

or enjoy a chef-prepared

meal at one of our first-rate

dining destinations. Life is

good at Evergreen Place.

The Legacy: Memory


The Legacy: Memory

Support at Evergreen Senior

Living offers a warm

and safe environment for

seniors experiencing dementia,

Alzheimer’s, and

other types of memory

loss. Our memory support

staff is prepared to meet

the physical, social, and

emotional needs of seniors

and families. Residents

receive compassionate 24-

hour care, nutritious restaurant-style

meals, medication

management and

more. Additionally, seniors

can engage with programs

that stimulate the mind and

body and encourage social

interaction. We ensure that

the transition to Legacy

living is smooth, and that

seniors are living each day

as independently and joyfully

as possible.

At The Legacy, we understand

the challenges

family caregivers face

each day. That’s why

we’ve adopted a unique

philosophy called Life

Unrehearsed that fosters

senior joy, peace and independence.

This compassionate

approach focuses

on meeting each senior in

the moment with personalized

care. Legacy Living

allows you to fulfill your

promise to care for your

loved one.

Valuable information for

current caregivers

We understand the extensive

financial planning

required when it comes to

moving a loved one into an

assisted living or memory

care community. We are

happy to work with you

to help you decide on the

right plan of action for

your senior. At Evergreen

Senior Living, you do not

have to buy in to our community.

Instead, we simply

charge a small reservation

fee. Once your loved one

moves in, this will be applied

to the first month’s

rent. Month-to-month contracts

are also offered for

the sake of resident and

family comfort and convenience.

Evergreen Senior Living

in Orland Park is a vibrant

community where seniors

can live each day to the

fullest and find comfort

in close by care. You can

contact Evergreen Senior

Living by calling (708)

479-1082 or visit our campus

at 10820 183rd St. in

Orland Park. Learn more

or schedule a tour online

at EvergreenSLC.com/


Submitted by Evergreen

Senior Living, 10820 183rd

St. in Orland Park. For more

information, call (708) 479-

1082, or visit evergreenslc.





Experience assisted living with joy and ease at

Evergreen Place, where independence thrives, and

compassionate care is always close by.

Our cozy campus offers assisted living at its finest,

with plenty of social and physical activities to keep

your loved one vibrant and flourishing.

Learn more about our friendly community by

giving us a call or visiting us online.


(708) 479-1082 • 10820 183rd Street • Orland Park, IL

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New Lenox-based

business works to make

clothes dryers safer

Hidden buildup in

clothes dryer vent

is fire hazard



If your dryer takes longer than one cycle

to dry your clothes, then you may have a

fire hazard in your vent.

Dryer Vent Cleaning





SAVE $ 10




Call Today!




Most people know they

need to clean out their

dryer lint tray between

each cycle, but what lurks

behind the wall is just as

important for safety and

avoiding fire traps, as well

as fully efficient dryer performance.

Joe Enzenberger,

owner of Dryer Vent

Wizard, opened his New

Lenox-based business in


Lint is the villain —

lint that has been allowed

to build up and linger too

long in the dryer exhaust


It is estimated by the

U.S. Consumer Product

Safety Commission and

the U.S. Fire Administration

that 15,500 fires associated

with clothes dryers

occur annually. These fires

account for an average of

20 deaths, 370 injuries and

more than $88 million in

property damage.

“Failure to clean the

dryer vent” was the leading

factor cited in U.S. Fire

Administration reports.

“It is something very

few people know about or

think about,” said Enzenberger,

whose company

specializes in dryer vent

cleaning, repair, alteration

and installation. “It is

the leading cause of dryer


Lint accumulation also

can cause dryers to stop

working or to work inefficiently.

A dryer vent

clogged with lint can add

as much as $18 to $24 per

month to energy costs.

“Improper venting

causes problems, as well,”

he said. “The dryer exhaust

duct and connections

should be made of rigid

metal or semi-rigid metal

and secured with metal

heat-resistant tape rather

than duct tape. I often find

plastic or foil accordiontype

material, which can

easily trap lint and is more

susceptible to kinks and


Warning signs include:

• Clothes are taking more

than one cycle to dry, especially

jeans & towels.

• No lint visible on lint


• Dryer repeatedly stops

during a cycle.

• Clothes have moldy

smell after dry cycle.

• Clothes are very hot after

a dry cycle.

• The top of your dryer hot

to the touch while running.

• There’s excess lint left on

your clothing.

“This has been a consumer

education process,

but it’s hard to get the

word out,” Enzenberger

said. “Most don’t call until

they have a serious problem

with their dryer.”

He suggests people

treat clothes dryers as a

household item in need of

regular maintenance. Consumers

can protect dryer

performance and promote

safety by cleaning the lint

screen between each use,

ensuring the connection

between the dryer and

wall is made of compliant

material and remains

un-kinked, and having the

dryer exhaust duct cleaned

regularly. Dryer manufacturers

recommend inspection

and cleaning at least


Now is the perfect time

to have an inspection and

cleaning of clothes dryers

and dryer vent systems.

Another important tip:

Never let your clothes dryer

run when you are out of

the house or asleep.

For more information,

visit dryerventwizard.com

or call (815) 215-2090.

Submitted by Dryer Vent Wizard.

For more information,

call (815) 215-2090, or visit


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22nd century media | February 27, 2020 | 15


From Page 5

strengthening to address

your mobility restrictions,

VRT addresses weaknesses

and disturbances in your

vestibular system.

What is your vestibular

system? It is comprised of

your inner ear and is one of

three components in addition

to your vision and feet

sensors that help maintain

your balance. A weakness or

disturbance in your vestibular

system can come from a

variety of causes including

concussion, advancing age,

ear infections and other diseases.

This can cause you

to have headaches, visual

disturbances, dizziness and

loss of balance, all which

increase your fall risk.

Your physical therapist

will work to determine the

cause of your dizziness and

develop an individualized

plan of care to address that

cause. Depending on what it

is, some issues can be fixed

in as little as two to three

visits. Dizziness can be very

debilitating, and with a potential

simple fix available,

there is no reason to continue

to limit your independence.

The vestibular system also

follows the “if you don’t use

it, you lose it” principle very

similar to muscle weakness.

You need to challenge and

activate your vestibular system

regularly to keep it functioning.

This is yet another

reason to not let dizziness

last before seeking help.

If you feel you, a friend,

or a family member can

benefit from vestibular rehab,

please come see us at

our Lockport or Burr Ridge

facility. Visit theracorept.

com or call (815) 838-5070

to get scheduled today.

Submitted by TheraCORE

Physical Therapy, 16622 W.

159th St. Suite 503 in Lockport.

For more information,

call (815) 838-5070, or visit


Here to help with Medicare

Gary Gnade, owner of Gnade Insurance

Group, makes it his main

mission to help people through the

Medicare process. He knows how

overwhelming it is to receive so

much propaganda on Medicare as

people approach their 65th birthday.

He also understands how confusing

it is to try a chose what the right plan

is for each individual person.

You qualify for Medicare if:

• You are turning 65 or are 65 and


• You are at any age with renal disease;

• You are of any age with a severe


• You have been receiving Social

Security benefits for at least 24


There is an open enrollment for

Medicare Oct. 15-Dec. 7, 2021,

where you can join or switch to a

Medicare Advantage plan or Part D

drug plan; however, if you are turning

65 you do not need to wait for

this time table.

While Gnade Insurance Group has

been in business for more than 30

years, Gnade has been doing Healthcare

and Medicare supplements for

40 years. He started with Medicare

during his years at Prudential, saw

how much guidance people need

through the Medicare process and

knew he wanted to continue helping

customers navigate the program

when he opened his own business.

Gnade, along with two other employees

— Wendy Elmlund and

Nicole Pagano — keep up with certifications

in order to advise about

Medicare. The Medicare AHIP Certification

must be taken each year to

continually make informed decisions

on Medicare, including plan options,

marketing, enrollment requirements

and FWA guidelines.

“It is overwhelming to be approaching

retirement and not know what your

health insurance coverage will be,”

Gnade said. “Unfortunately, consumers

are inundated with ads, commercials

and mailings, which can lead

someone towards a Medicare plan

that may not be the best for them. For

something like Medicare, it is very important

to use a broker like us that can

walk you through the process.”

Submitted by Gnade Insurance Group,

219 N. White St. in Frankfort. For more

information, call (815) 464-8800, or

visit gnadeinsurance.com.

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Choose a comprehensive primary care practice with many services

Choosing a primary care

practice may be one of the

most important decisions

you can make in your life.

Without good health, does

much else matter?

So, what are the key

things to look for in a primary

care practice? Experience

should probably

top your list when making

that decision. As family

practice specialist Dr. Susan

Rife puts it, “Being in

practice for 28 years helps

me use my experience to

give my patients the best

care possible.” This January,

Dr. Kimberly McKinnon,

who is boarded in

both family medicine and

lifestyle medicine, has

joined the practice, bringing

her 10 years of experience

to the team.

Selecting convenient location

and hours is also a

good idea. With our busy

schedules these days, convenience

becomes very

important for us and our

families. At Rife and Associates

Family Medicine,

located at 10755 W. 163rd

Place in Orland Park, same

day appointments are welcome,

and with convenient

hours such as Saturdays

and evenings until 6 p.m.,

they are there when you

need them.

“There is certainly a

place for urgent care clinics

in our society,” Rife said.

“But seeing a different provider

each time a medical

issue comes up is not the

path to better health.”

The convenience of

Family Medicine itself is

also important to consider.

Family Medicine specialists

take care of all ages

and genders, from infants

to the elderly. It’s important

to note that internists

don’t see children, and

pediatricians don’t see

adults, so a Family Medicine

provider can take care

of you, regardless of your


Family Medicine providers

also perform many

procedures in the office,

like Pap smears, mole removals

and joint injections

that many people seek

from other specialty offices

outside of primary care.

Managing chronic conditions

like diabetes, high

blood pressure and back

pain are also handled right

in a family practice office.

Rife and Associates has

recently launched “Weight

No More” Medical Weight

Management as part of

the practice. According to

Rife, “We work with our

weight maintenance patients

as we would with

any of our family medicine

patients, from a sciencebased

medical perspective,

not from the latest diet or

exercise fads.”

She adds that “one of

biggest advantages of seeing

a medical professional

for weight loss is that we

can help you cut through

the clutter and confusion

of fad diets that seem to

pop up every day.”

There are other distinct

differences to a medical

weight loss program, too.

Only a medical professional

can design a plan for

you that includes medication

and prepare and clear

you for weight loss surgery,

should you and your provider

decide that surgery

would be the best option.

“There have been vast

improvements in safety

and efficacy in the past few

years in both weight loss

medications and surgical

techniques,” she added.

New patients with Rife

also get an initial physical

as part of the first visit to

help your medical provider

understand your specific


The medically based

Weight No More approach

can include medications

and includes advice and

counseling on diet and exercise

behaviors. In some

cases, surgery might even

become the best option.

However, studies have

shown that a reduction

of just 10 percent of your

weight can have a major

impact on your health.

For more information on

Rife Family Medicine or

Weight No More, visit our

website at RifeFamilyMed.

com or WeightNoMore

OrlandPark.com. You can

also call to make an appointment

at (708) 873-1187.

Submitted by Rife and Associates

Family Medicine,

10755 W. 163rd Place in

Orland Park. For more information,

visit RifeFamilyMed.

com or WeightNoMore

OrlandPark.com, or call

(708) 873-1187.

Introducing Weight No More - Orland Park! -



Obesity Medicine combines science-based medicine with

individualized treatment, for better, healthier outcomes

Our system uses some or all of Dr. Rife’s 5-point approach to weight management, including:

• Nutrition • Physical Activity • Surgery • Behavior • Medications

Start Your Journey to Healthy Weight Today!


Dr. McKinnon

Dr. McKinnon is

dually boardcertified


Family Medicine

and Lifestyle



pendently owned and


since 1999









• We manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and perform minor procedures, such as:

» Mole Removals » Skin Tags » Pap Smears » IUD Removals



10755 W. 163rd Place, Orland Park

www.WeightNoMoreOrlandPark.com • www.RifeFamilyMed.com

M: 8:30-6:00 • TU: 8:30-6:00 • W: 8:30-7:00 • TH: 8:30-5:00 • FR: 8:30-4:00 • SA: 8:30-12:00




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22nd century media | February 27, 2020 | 17

High satisfaction at Clarendale of Mokena

The new community on

Wolf Road just South of

Route 30 has undergone

significant changes since

its opening in October of

2015. Building a name and

a reputation in the area,

along with accomplishments

Best Assisted Living

for 2019 award through

senioradvisor.com (family

ratings) and Highest in

Customer Satisfaction in

the Senior Living Industry

as part of Life Care Services

Management for the

J.D. Power Award. Offering

independent, assisted

living and memory care,

the intentionally planned

community giving residents

a chance for residential

senior living as a rental

option. Condo-style apartments,

underground parking

and a pub reiterates the

philosophy that “Community

living enriches life; it

doesn’t detract or limit

you.” The philosophy is

consistent for those needing

care: Independence is

promoted, but additional

support is offered to allow

more carefree living and

peace of mind with staffing

and nurses available

around the clock.

Longevity and a longterm

perspective has differentiated

Life Care Services

communities in their

dedication and passion

to serving seniors for 50

years. While Clarendale

of Mokena has seen new

faces — including recent

changes of the leadership

team and Executive Director

Tricia Stoudt — many

familiar “founders” are

still present, including

Jimmy Johns, “The Face

of Clarendale” as the Life

Enrichment Transportation

Specialist, Marketing

Directors Bridget Fogarty

and Kathryn Dietrich, and

residents like Marie C.

Marie have called Clarendale

of Mokena “home”

for the last four years, and

have participated in more

than 300 round trips on

Jimmy’s green Clarendale


“I moved in, and it

didn’t take me long to fall

in love with the place,”

said Marie C., resident.

“…The food is very good.

The people here are wonderful.

There’s always

something going on, there

are things for us to do, play

cards and so forth. You’re

not lacking anything here.

If you are it’s your fault. I

just love it.”

Residents like Marie

C. have opportunities for

personal appointments and

off-site activities, such as

Starved Rock Boat Tour or

local restaurant outings.

The mission and signature

programs of Life Care

Services incorporated at

Clarendale of Mokena

creates distinction among

facilities providing Assisted

Living Memory Care.

At Clarendale of Mokena,

many residents stay

through hospice and end

of life care in their private

apartment without transitioning

to cost and environment

of skilled nursing.

Ken chose Clarendale for

that reason.

“I never realized how

little I rested and run-down

I was from being her caregiver,”

he said. “But when

[my wife] came to Clarendale,

I slept so soundly

knowing she was getting

the care she needed. I had

put it off knowing she

wanted to live at home

with me, but the move was

the best thing for both of


Clarendale of Mokena

can be the start of a new

lease on life, for you or

someone you love. Carefree

living options and

public events — including

educational lectures and

monthly support groups —

are just a few ways Clarendale

of Mokena supports

seniors and families in the

south suburbs. For more

information on purposed

living, a list of upcoming

calendar events, or employment


please visit Clarendale

OfMokena.com or call

(815) 464-4418.

Submitted by Clarendale of

Mokena, 21536 S. Wolf Road

in Mokena. For more information,

call (815) 464-4418,

or visit clarendaleofmokena.


18 | February 27, 2020 | 22nd century media active aging part one


Learn about Country Financial

Protection for loved ones

For an additional Country

Financial and Country

Life Insurance Co. offers

an optional Return

of Premium Rider for our

20-year and 30-year term

Life Insurance policies. If

someone dies while their

policy is in force, their

beneficiaries will generally

receive the tax-free

death benefit (subject to

the terms of their policy).

Get your premiums back

If ones policy is still

in force at the end of the

level-term period, their

premiums will be returned

tax-free. One may use

their returned premium

however they wish, such

as to pay for college or a

Life Term Life Policies

child’s wedding, to supplement

retirement income, to

pay off a mortgage, buy a

vacation home or to fund

or start a business.

• Take Cathy’s situation,

for example. She wants

to protect her family, but

also have the potential to

get something back.

• Cathy is 35 years old

and wants to purchase

$250,000 in 20-year

term life insurance. She

qualifies for the “Preferred,


health rating.

• At the end of the 20-year

term, with the Return

of Premium rider, she

would get back $10,250,

tax-free, to use to meet

whatever her needs are

at that time.

Convert to a permanent


As life goes on, one

might want to consider

coverage that lasts longer.

With a Country Term Life

Policy, one may be eligible

to convert to permanent

coverage. People can do

so before the end of the

level premium period or

age 65, whichever is earlier.

Even if one’s health

changes during their conversion

privilege period,

they can get a permanent

policy that we offer at the

time of converting, without

a medical exam if one

doesn’t increase the death

benefit. Further, before

the end of one’s term can

Learn Social Ballroom Dancing


Enjoy the Benefits of Dancing

Exercise in aFriendly


Enjoy Social interaction

Relieve Stress

Succeed with our Unique

System of Teaching

Developed by Fred Astaire Himself

Taught by our Certified Instructors

Guaranteed to Make your Learning Rewarding





elect to have the premium

amount paid toward the

new policy.

What happens if I die

before the level-premium

period ends?

One’s beneficiary will

receive the policy’s death

benefit (tax-free), minus

any outstanding loans plus

loan interest, subject to the

terms of the policy. The

premiums paid will not be


Certain restrictions apply

and one should refer

to their term life insurance

policy or rider, or speak

to their Country Financial

Representative, for availability

and further details.

This is not a statement of

coverage or offer of insurance.

One may not receive

the full returned premium

amount if they convert

at age 65 and have not

reached the end of the level-premium


Term Life Insurance

Policies and Return of

Premium Rider issued by

Country Life Insurance

Company, Bloomington.

Submitted by Gary Bronner

Country Financial, 827 S.

State St. in Lockport. For

more information, call (630)


Tinley Court Catered Senior

Living is all about family

No one should be alone

in caring for their senioraged

loved one. It literally

takes a village.

At Tinley Court Catered

Senior Living in Tinley

Park, we offer many support

resources so that you

or your loved one only has

to make the transition once

in your/their golden years.

Many of our residents are

long-term residents; some

have been here 12 years

and nine years even with

us through hospice care,

considering Tinley Court as

their home.

Our exceptional team of

caregivers offer personalized

care plans recognizing

that each individual is not a

cookie cutter circumstance.

We have the resources to offer

our residents, such as a

primary care doctor, nurse

practitioner, therapy group,

podiatrist, dentist, audiologist

and so much more IF

(not when) a need should

arise. Our residents are not

required to utilize these,

but it’s the convenience of

knowing these options are

available to them and it

gives their family members

a peace of mind knowing

that their loved one’s needs

are being met.

Throughout the years,

Tinley Court has refined our

services to our seniors so

they can be their best selves.

Our mission is to give our

residents a loving, safe and

caring environment in a

warm and homey setting.

If you’re looking for shiny,

new, all the bells and whistles

that is not Tinley Court.

At Tinley Court we feel we

excel in such areas as care,

detail to activities provided,

cleanliness, respect toward

the people that make up our

community and looking out

for the well-being of each of

our residents.

Not to mention the exceptional

financial aspect of it,

we are the best deal in town.

We are a private pay establishment

working with a

group that can help through

the process of obtaining financial

aid if you are a veteran

or surviving spouse of

a veteran.

In addition to providing

a permanent living environment,

we also offer respite

stay at Tinley Court, so if

you or your loved one is in

need of exceptional care for

only a short term period we

can help with that as well.

We believe in offering as

much as possible for the

best deal as possible. So

for one monthly fee we offer

not only the living space,

but three meals a day in a

dining room setting, all your

utilities (except for phone/

cable services), weekly

housekeeping, daily activities

that include outings and

live entertainment, staffing

24 hours/seven days a week

for the wellbeing and security

of all our residents.

Whether for a short term

stay or longer period of

time, Tinley Court Catered

Senior Living may be exactly

what one is looking

for. Tinley Court Catered

Senior Living in Tinley

Park is a community where

independence thrives and is

encouraged while compassionate

care and respect are

a given. Come see all that

Tinley Court Catered Senior

Living has to offer. Call today

to schedule a tour and

come feel the difference.

Submitted by Tinley Court

Catered Senior Living, 16301

Brementowne Road in Tinley

Park. For more information or

to schedule a tour, call (708)

532-7800, or visit tinleycourt.


22ndCenturyMedia.com active aging part one

22nd century media | February 27, 2020 | 19

Seek useful information

from a trusted family

law group source

We’re getting older, but

we still have options.

A certain football halftime

show featured a celebrity

who is also an athlete

and an entertainer. The celebrity

is 50 years old, but

she demonstrates her seemingly

ageless body and remarkable

skills. Of course,

we would need to make

physical training a full-time

job to even come close to

her much-talked about performance,

and that’s not

going to happen! We ordinary

people will age.

Sure, we’re getting

older, but we still have options.

What do we expect

to change this year? Do we

want to know how to improve

our quality of life?

Aging is a loss of function,

the function of our

bodies, the function of our

brains and the function of

our emotional reasoning.

But we can fight for improved

function of body

and brain through proper

nutrition and exercise. And

when we think of exercise,

let’s think of exercising

our brains every day.

Even if we have never

thought of exercising our

emotional reasoning, life

has a way of reminding

us: we have suddenly had

a loss due to divorce, illness

or financial collapse.

When we consider the depression

we risk in our twilight

age, we are motivated

to seek useful information

from trusted sources, such

as Gwendolyn J. Sterk and

the Family Law Group

P.C. to help us scrub off

the burdens of age (emotional

pain, financial illness,

divorce disaster).

Aging is natural, but we

don’t need to surrender!

In her book “Aging Backwards,”

Miranda Esmond

wrote: “If the gardener

tends to her garden, diligently

watering her plants

and ensuring they get the

right amount of sun, nutrients

and water, her plants

will flourish and grow.

If, however, she neglects

her garden, it will soon

become overgrown with

weeds, and, without nutrition

or water, the plants

will die. Both of these outcomes

are equally ‘natural.’”

The good news is that

if we seek help from our

trusted resources, we will

improve our quality of life.

Our bodies and brains can

heal and get stronger. We

can bring out much more

of our physical and cognitive

abilities and avoid becoming

old and helpless.

With increased awareness

of our physical and mental

needs comes control. From

control, we get order, reason,

comfort, peace.

To schedule a free, noobligation

consultation with

one of Sterk Family Law

Group’s Family Law or Estate

Planning attorneys, call

(815) 600-8950 or visit sterk


Submitted by Sterk Family

Law Group, 11508 183rd

Place in Orland Park. For

more information, call (815)

600-8950 or visit sterkfamily


To protect yourself and your loved one.

Having a plan in place ensures you are in control and all of your

concerns are addressed.

To save yourself and your loved ones time and


The costs of Estate Planning pale in comparison to the potential

attorneys’ fees and costs associated with probate.

To make your wishes known and leave guidance on

your affairs.

Designate a guardian for your children and spell out exactly what

you want.

To plan for the unexpected.

Estate Planning is not just about dying; having a plan in place in case

is necessary if you are temporarily or permanently incapacitated &

can’t take care of yourself.

To give yourself piece of mind.

Knowing that your Estate Plan is complete is a huge weight off your

shoulders. You can rest assured your loved ones will be best cared

for based on your wishes.

Sterk Family Law Group

Empower ourself With Options

Call Us for a Free Consultation

11508 W 183rd Place NW

Orland Park, IL 60467





20 | February 27, 2020 | 22nd century media active aging part one


Benefits of moving to a senior living community sooner rather than later

Being a senior isn’t what

it used to be. Advances in

medical treatments are

helping seniors live active

and healthier lives longer

than the generations before

them. Additionally,

retirees are more mindful

of taking steps to make

healthier lifestyle choices,

such as eating better and

exercising regularly to

help them stay strong and


While many seniors

still intend to live in their

homes as long as possible,

many more are electing to

move and enjoy their senior

years in a communitybased

setting that allows

them easy access to everything

they need to continue

to stay active, social and

cognitively sharp long into


Here are five benefits of

moving to a senior living

community sooner, rather

than later:

• No yard work or home

maintenance. Many retirees

simply don’t want the

responsibility of keeping

up with a large home. Yard

work and other maintenance

projects can be a

burden, taking up time

and money. When seniors

choose to live a maintenance-free

lifestyle, they

are free to devote more

time to the activities and

hobbies they love.

• There’s always something

to do. Staying active

and trying new things is essential

to healthy aging. It

can also help reduce your

risk for cognitive decline

and the development of

certain types of dementia,

including Alzheimer’s disease.

From wellness programs

and social events,

to recreational and leisure

activities, at a senior living

community, you’re never

without something to do or

something new to try.

• It’s easy to meet new

people. Regular socializing

is another key aspect

of healthy aging. In fact,

studies show that seniors

who partake in regular social

engagements are less

likely to develop feelings

of depression, anxiety,

stress and isolation as they

age. Senior living communities

make it easy for seniors

to make new friends

and develop new relationships.

Shared common areas,

regular social events,

on-site activities, and

community dining means

you’re never far from others

who share your interests.

• No need to cook—unless

you want to. Love to

eat but hate the process

of cooking and cleaning?

Senior living communities

offer delicious, home-style

dining options that ensure

residents eat well, without

the hassle. Still like

to cook occasionally? Not

a problem. Independent

living garden homes and

apartments include full

kitchens, so you can prepare

what you like, when

you like.

• You have peace of

mind for the future. No

matter what steps you take

to stay healthy as you age,

there may come a time

when you require more

assistance with tasks you

once did on your own.

Moving to a senior living

community while you’re

still active and healthy can

give you peace of mind

that you’ll have access to

the assistance you need,

should you ever need it in

the future.

Every senior wants to

stay active, healthy and

independent as they age.

At Franciscan Village in

Lemont and Marian Village

in Homer Glen, we

provide the programs,

amenities and services seniors

need to achieve the

retirement lifestyle of your

dreams. To learn more

about Franciscan Village

or Marian Village, visit


Submitted by Franciscan

Ministries. For more information,

call (800) 524-6126,

or visit franciscanministries.




Franciscan Ministries sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago


1270 Village Dr., Lemont, IL 60439


You can explore new opportunities while enjoying the perks of your

maintenance-free garden home or independent living apartment.

Our associates take care of all your home improvements and

landscaping needs. You don’t have to do a thing.

Relax and enjoy your retirement!



Franciscan Ministries sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago


15624 Marian Dr., Homer Glen, IL 60491


22ndCenturyMedia.com active aging part one

22nd century media | February 27, 2020 | 21

Palos Health

Cardiovascular Institute

offers specialized heart care

Heart disease is the No.

1 killer in he world, and

stroke ranks second. Even

when they don’t result in

death, they can cause disability

and diminish quality

of life. Palos Health is

committed to caring for

those with heart and vascular

problems in the southwest

suburbs by providing

quality care in a community

hospital setting. The

recently opened Cardiovascular

Institute, led by

cardiologist Thomas J.

Quinn, MD, strives to help

detect, treat and prevent

cardiovascular disease.

“The Palos Health Cardiovascular

Institute was

begun in order to expand

cardiovascular services

at Palos, from diagnostic

and screening through the

entire spectrum of therapeutic

services,” Quinn

explained. “In addition to

acute care, Palos provides

post-acute care services,

including cardiac rehab.”

Palos also offers less

invasive alternatives to

surgery, including TAVR,

a less invasive aortic valve

replacement and LAAC

implants for atrial fibrillation,

allowing certain

patients to come off blood


“When it comes to cardiac

care, access is key,

and receiving care in a

community setting makes

it easier for physicians to

develop a strong relationship

with their patients,”

Quinn said. “We get to

know the patient and can

develop a care plan tailored

to their needs.”

Patients should seek

care from an experienced

and integrated cardiac

team that can guide

them through appropriate

screening and diagnostic

studies. The ability

to diagnose a cardiac

problem and follow the

patient through their posttreatment

regimen is also

crucial to a successful outcome.

Quinn recommends

everyone define their individual

risk score for

coronary artery disease

(ASCVD) and ASCVDrelated

events and suggests

using an online app, such

as the ASCVD Risk Estimator


If one’s score is intermediate

or high-risk, he

suggests further noninvasive

testing, such as calcium

scoring, CT coronary

angiography, ultrasound

screening, stress testing

and a full lipid blood test.

These can help determine

whether further lifestyle

modifications and

medications should be

implemented to maintain

good heart health.

Submitted by Palos Health

Cardiovascular Institute,

12255 S. 80th Ave. in Palos

Heights. For more information,

visit paloshealth.com or

call (708) 923-4200.



10 Year Anniversary!

Tinley Park Convention Center

Feb 27 - 28th - 29, 2020

Bring in

this ad to receive

a FREE American

Silver Coin

One coin per person per


Dealers from around the country!

US & World Coins,

US & World Paper Money,

Gold & Silver Bullion,

Exonumia, & More!

Tinley Park Convention Center

18451 Convention Center Dr., Tinley Park


*Call for show room rates*

Thurs. 12PM to 6PM

Fri. 9AM to 6PM • Sat. 9AM to 3PM

Free Admission • Free Parking • Public Invited


From Page 9

residents. He wants to successfully

address the opioid

epidemic and plans to reduce

the number of opioid

deaths in the county. He

hopes to achieve all of the

above mentioned with government

grant funding, so as

not to impact the Will County

residents financially.

Talbot stated his opponent

in the primary election,

Democratic candidate

Laurie Summers, has no

previous death investigation

experience. Summers

was hired by the Coroner’s

Office only in October,

2019, as a deputy chief

coroner, a position Talbot

declined. Talbot will face

Summers in the primary

election March 17. Talbot

encourages voters to

educate themselves on the

experience between he and

Summers before casting

their vote.

Submitted by Friends to Elect

Sean Talbot for Will County

Coroner. For more information,

visit seantalbotforcoro


Dealers Contact: Bourse Chairman • Steve Harrison

5909 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60629

Email: kedziekoin@aol.com or call 773-771-1178


22 | February 27, 2020 | 22nd century media active aging part one


Join Phil & Amy

from Music & Travel

Use STPATS17 for online storecheckout

One coupon per person

must attachoriginal coupon to reservation form


Multi-talented husband

and wife team Phil & Amy

are well known entertainers

throughout Chicagoland

and Illinois as masters

of music. They have been

performing popular hits,

including selections from

Broadway Shows and

movies, old familiar standards,

patriotic tunes, and

holiday favorites, depending

on the season. They are

often joined by their longtime

musical colleague

and violinist extraordinaire,

Jodi. More recently,

Phil & Amy’s singer/songwriter

daughter, Lucie, and

their guitarist son, Luke,

have made appearances

in their show. The talent

is getting passed on to the

next generation.

If this has whet your appetite

for some outstanding

entertainment, then

there are opportunities to

see them this year. You too

can catch a one- day lunch/

show motorcoach or have

the option of enjoying an

overnight package at the

famous Lodge and surroundings.

In addition to their musical

repertoire mastery,

this affable pair host theater

outings, day excursions,

and overnight motorcoach

tours whether it

be for two or 12 days. For

2020 they will take groups

to the Grand Canyon and

Southwest Canyonlands

in June. Later in June, St.

Christopher Tours visits

one of their favorite treasures,

Mackinac Island,

Michigan, The Mackinac

Bridge, bikes, horses and

carriages, famous fudge

and the historic Grand

Hotel. There’s also a great

three-day Bavarian geta-way

to Frankenmuth,

Michigan, in October that

includes Bronner’s the

World’s Largest Christmas

Wonderland. Looking

ahead to 2021, plans

are included for a trip to

Nashville and Memphis to

experience country music

on its home ground. St.

Christopher Travelers say

that having the hotel accommodations

at the Opryland

Resort were simply

put, “The best ever!” The

Grand Ole Opry and so

many historic sights create

an American experience

like none other.

If you don’t have time

for an overnight trip, there

are theater outings, historic

route trips and so much

more. Whatever sparks

your interest, you won’t

be disappointed. You’ll

feel like you are one. The

company of family, dear

friends, and new friends

and travelers continue to

make wonderful memories.

For further information

check out their ad and

visit their website at phil


Submitted by Colony Productions,

5348 Forest Trail in

Oak Forest. For more information,

visit philnamymusic.


22ndCenturyMedia.com active aging part one

22nd century media | February 27, 2020 | 23

Alvernia Manor Senior Living a hidden gem

Is mom living alone? Is

the family concerned of

her safety? Is she able to

reach out quickly for assistance,

should something

happen? Is there worry

if dad is taking his daily

medications as prescribed

and eating nutritional

meals? Is the hired home

care provider giving that

special aunt all the care,

attention and socialization

she needs and deserves?

Alvernia Manor Senior

Living is the “hidden gem”

that can ease a family’s

concerns. The mission of

this unique senior living

community is to provide

seniors a loving, safe and

caring home. Alvernia

Manor has a warm, homey

setting, its walls brimming

of compassion, fulfillment

and fun. Amenities include

Christine’s Satisfied Clients . . .

three daily meals plus

snacks, staffed healthcare

services, 24-hour emergency

call system, housekeeping,

furnished private

rooms, and a calendar full

of activities and socialization.

In addition, there are

no annuities or endowment

fees. For over 45 years, the

School Sisters of St. Francis

of Christ the King and

their dedicated staff have

cared for seniors as their

own family with respect,

love and concern. Family

and friends refer Alvernia

Manor as their “hidden


Alvernia Manor is located

on a hilltop in the

southwest suburb of Lemont.

With its beautiful

bluff location, the vivid

colors of the four seasons

are played out annually in

“Christine went way beyond to help me sell my parents home. It was a

difficult time for me, she had compassion and I felt very comfortable with

her. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all she did for me.”

– Michelle, New Lenox, IL.

“Christine was outstanding! Very professional, honest, dependable and

knowledgeable. She’s up to date on market and trends, introduced us to

to workman, consignment shops, a great lawyer and was available 24/7.

Christine is a great Real Estate agent and a person that sincerely cares.

As good as it gets, and Better than the rest!”

– Patty and Mary, New Lenox, IL.

“We found Christine to be quite professional when handling the sale of our

family home. Since our mother was the seller of the home, Christine met

with us a number of times at the assisted living facility where she resides.

Her knowledge and expertise in the field of Real Estate made for a smooth

sale. We would highly recommend her services to potential sellers.”

– Chris and Mark, Tinley Park, IL.

panoramic view. The Little

Bit of Heaven pavilion

is a favorite spot for residents

to take in the scenery

and enjoy the fresh

air. Residents also have

the opportunity to enjoy

several other secured patios

or common areas, relax

in the privacy of their

room or spend spiritual

time in the Chapel. Keeping

a resident’s body and

mind healthy and active

is the goal the Sisters and

staff strive for. Games, exercise,

movies, bingo, best

buddy visits, shopping

trips, entertainment and

other special outings like a

trip to Brookfield Zoo are

among the many activities

on Alvernia’s monthly activity

calendar – definitely

fun times enjoyed by all.

Alvernia Manor’s Wellness

Coordinators and

healthcare staff ensures

residents’ medications are

dispensed, vitals taken and

daily health monitored.

Fresh meals are prepared

daily and all housekeeping

needs attended to. All this

adds up to no more worries

for you.

In addition, adult day

services or short term stay

are other available options

for families. Loved ones

receive the care and recreation

they need in a safe,

loving environment while

caregivers go to work or

get a much needed break.

Whether for a few hours a

day or a longer period of

time, Alvernia Manor may

be exactly what one’s family

is looking for.

Come see all Alvernia

Manor Senior Living offers.

The care, charm and

beauty are undeniable.

Submitted by Alvernia Manor

Senior Living, 13950 Main

St. in Lemont. For more

information, call (630) 257-

7721, or visit alverniamanor.


Your Transitional Living and Senior Real Estate Specialist


Serving Lincoln Way and

Surrounding Areas for

Over 25 Years

Specializing in out of state

moves, downsizing,

and estate properties


“Looking forward

to exceeding your



Staging Included

Christine McCarthy, CSC RENE SRES, Real Estate Broker

Cell: 815-735-4724 • Office: 708-798-1111 • christine.mccarthy@kw.com

KW #1 Real Estate Franchise

24 | February 27, 2020 | 22nd century media active aging part one





Tinley Court offers a Unique Lifestyle of Catered Senior Living

All Residents monthly fees include:

• 3 Chef Prepared meals served to you by professional wait staff

• Full Daily activity program which includes entertainment & trips

• Wellness Center offering podiatry, therapy, x-ray, lab, hearing

& dental services without having to leave the building

• Weekly housekeeping

• Utilities

• Library, chapel, café, beauty/barber shop

• Walking distance to Tinley Park shops & restaurants

• Veteran’s Financial Assistance available













It means we understand that each person

has unique needs and wants. At Tinley

Court those needs and wants will be met

with dignity, respect and support.

Tinley Court strives to nurture individuality with a sense of purpose in

hopes of enriching one’s life. We offer a support system like no other senior

community. Staffed 24 hours for the well-being and security of our residents.








Most Affordable Senior Living on the Southwest Side!!!

Call 708-532-7800


16301 S Brementowne Rd.,Tinley Park, IL 60477


Member of Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce Since 1994


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