AWC Going Dutch March 2020


The American Women's Club of The Hague's monthly magazine

Letter from the Editor

by Alex Moore

There is a saying that March goes in

like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

Or something like that. All I know is

that March signals the time of the year when

the weather improves a bit and maybe, just

maybe, singing Here Comes the Sun won’t

be so out of place. Not that there’s ever a bad

time for the Beatles. It’s quite nice not having

to go to work and come home in the dark. The

tulips might start to make an appearance as

will seasonal allergies. It’s all fun and games

until the whole office is startled by a chorus

of loud sneezing.

January’s intermittent sunshine made that

dreary month more bearable, so while we

may have braced ourselves for the winter

blues, the milder winter means that maybe

they weren’t so bad this year. My January

was spent resting from the madness of the

holiday season, but I’ve already kicked

off February with a concert in Amsterdam.

Since it’s unlikely Oasis will ever get back

together, seeing Liam Gallagher made me

happy even if I had to dodge flying beer

cups and moshing fans. The mosh pit was

quite fun, and I didn’t leave with bruises.

Unlike the last mosh pit I experienced in the

Netherlands, where I hid behind Diederik

because I got shoved onto the floor along

with a 6’4” Dutchman who landed on my

hip. It wasn’t Diederik, because he got

pulled by the mosh pit in the opposite direction.

At least the Dutchman who fell also

gave me a hand, but I learned my lesson

about mosh pits and Dutch music fans. I enjoy

concerts and living close to Amsterdam

is a huge advantage because I can catch a lot

of the shows I want to see.

January might be somewhat of a low-key

month at the Club, but March has quite a

few activities planned. One of them is a

Sushi-Making Workshop where you can

learn how to make Japan’s iconic food.

Maybe you’ll get on a roll and make enough

to feed Okinawa. I hereby solemnly swear

that I will never give up my penchant for

atrocious one-liners. Not when other Club

Members use them in their submissions

to the magazine. No, especially not then.

Game Night is also promising, especially

with a game like Cranium which is always

fun whether you’re 8 or 80. The Dutch

Etiquette class is bound to be informative,

clearing up any confusion you may have

over Dutch customs. If food workshops or

games aren’t your thing, then there is a tour

of the International Criminal Court and also

a tour of the Oranjehotel planned for April.

Quite a few new Members have joined

the Club, so we’d like to extend a warm

welcome to all of you. We’ve got plenty

of events this spring such as the Handbag

Auction, the Clothing Swap, and several

others where you can get to know various

Club Members. I hope to see you all around,

whether it’s at a Thirsty Thursday or another

event. Unless, of course, I find a concert.



MARCH 2019 11

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