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Tending to Zero (cont.)

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polystyrene, plastic or coated paper


• Unwanted packaging: Many grocery

stores are selling bulk food items, and

this allows you to fill your own reusable

containers and eliminate packaging.

• Paper napkins: Use washable cloth

napkins. Use cloth handkerchiefs instead

of paper tissues (unless you have

a very heavy cold).

• Fast fashion: Buy good quality classic

clothes which look good and last a long


• Air travel: This is a big one: refuse to

fly if there is a mass transit (high speed

train) alternative. Post-Cold War flight

paths travel over the Arctic and fuel residues

landing on the ice make it absorb

more sunlight which speeds melting. For

expatriates overseas, it may be easier to

“Reduce” flying rather than “Refuse.”

• Unwanted gifts in the mail: All kinds

of organizations seem to send “free”

gifts in order to persuade us to send

them money. They may be very worthwhile

organizations, but there is a limit

to how many calendars, notepads, address

labels, etc. we can use. Anything

that looks like a “free gift” can be placed

back in the mail with “please return to

sender” written above the crossed-out

address label.

• Disposable diapers and wipes:

Washable cloth diapers and wipes have

been used since time immemorial and

owning a washing machine and dryer

eases the process. Disposable diapers

are difficult to dispose of as they don’t

biodegrade easily or quickly. Consider

using them just for overnight and for

traveling with your baby. Wikipedia has

a good overview of cotton and disposable



Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don’t Know You Have by

Tatiana Schlossberg

50 Recycling & Trash Statistics That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Trash at www.

The Carbon Trust Standard for Zero Waste to Landfill at


FAWCO Corner

by Barbara Brookman, AWC the Hague FAWCO


Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, a United Nations NGO with

consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council

Luxembourg Interim Meeting

The FAWCO Interim Meeting will be

held in Luxembourg from March 20 to

March 22. FAWCO hosts a shorter and

less costly “Interim Meeting” between

Biennial Conference years to attract more

Club Members to learn about the ABCs of

FAWCO. It may be a shorter meeting, but

it’s sure not short on content! The agenda is

packed with workshops on the work of the

FAWCO teams, sessions for Club Reps and

Presidents, and lots of networking opportunities.

I’m really looking

forward to learning

more about


Toolkit which will

provide tools and

training for Member

Clubs like ours

to integrate the

UN’s Sustainable

Development Goal in

our communications and activities. Most of

all, this is another opportunity for you to join

me, as another FAWCO newbie, in learning a

whole lot more about the organization. Why

not join me and many other AWC The Hague

women? Our Club is always very well represented,

so plan to join us! If you haven’t

registered yet, you can do so by following

the link on the FAWCO website: www.fawco.


Target Project Update

At the Interim Meeting, the Member Clubs

will announce the fourth Target Project:

Health: Ensuring Healthy Lives and

Promoting Well-Being to Improve the Lives

of Women and Girls. In January, 3 projects

were shortlisted out of 15 submittals and the

Member Clubs voted on their favorite project

in February. You can get the latest update and

see the shortlisted projects here: www.fawco.



FAWCO 25th Anniversary

Friendship Quilt Raffle Tickets

There is still time to buy raffle tickets for

the 25th Anniversary FAWCO Friendship

Quilt: A Stitch in Time. Every year, Members

around the world create the squares to be included

in the quilt which will be raffled at

the FAWCO Interim Meeting to raise money

for The FAWCO Foundation’s programs and

charitable causes. You can buy raffle tickets

online by going to The FAWCO Foundation

website at or by

following this link: https://form.jotformeu.


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