Ventures that Will Bring Innovation with Mobile Apps in 2020


About the profitable nature of the solution and some popular market segments that have performed tremendously well adopting the solution. Finally, it shall provide you a list of some industries that are profiting through a mobile app and will do tremendously well in the year 2020 as well. for more info:

Ventures that Will Bring Innovation

with Mobile Apps in 2020

We live in an age of serious cut-throat competition where it is innovations that win the day.

In other words, depending on how innovative you are in terms of the services you offer your

business success shall be determined ultimately.

So, what was the reason for this innovation coming about in the first place?

Factors Supporting Startups Adopting Mobile Apps

The reason why major businesses went on to building an app was the creation of Uber in

2009. What was introduced to the world a ridesharing service provider went onto

encouraging many new businesses also into building similar solutions so as to make the

services they offer unique in nature and thereupon attract more and more customers

towards their business and thereafter build a brand as well as online presence successfully.

Today if you notice then almost every major industry you may see around has adopted an

app to make sure the services that they offer are unique and also supports them

successfully create an online presence for the services they offer.

So, which are the major industries to have seen the light of a mobile app. To explain the

same we have provided a list of the same below.

Major Industries to Have Adopted Mobile Apps in Recent Years

a. Taxi Industry – With the enormous success of Uber in the ridesharing segment, every

new taxi industry also went into building similar solutions to transform the journey

experiences of their riders and earn considerable profits along the way.

b. Food Industry – Courtesy the extremely busy life of people which killed their urge to

prepare meals for themselves or their loved ones led thereafter to the industry

developing the food delivery apps.

c. Tutoring Services – To make sure students got connected to a professional tutor who

was ready to support them in the problems they faced while doing a particular

assignment has led to the creating of many new tutoring apps. These apps in turn have

played a vital role in transforming the education experience to a great extent so as to


So now that you know about the industries to have seen a transformation through adopting

a mobile app you can understand clearly thus the solution is there for a long time. Also,

worth noting is, the apps will especially act as a great source of revenue for industries in the

years to come.

Now let us identify some industries that promise to do considerably well in 2020 adopting a

mobile app.

Industries Promising More Customers with Mobile App in 2020

Healthcare Industry

With the industry seeing innovations happening almost every passing day it goes without

saying thus in coming years as well it will go on to observing more and more revolutions.

Already you may know that the industry has apps to innovate the way they run and in 2020

as well it is presumed that you will have more and more solutions to transform the industry

to a great extent.

Massage Industry

The spa industry is an extremely profitable service industry which everyday earns huge

profits. Already the industry has seen itself adopting an app to make sure they do not miss

out on clients and it is predicted that in coming years as well it will make even more

revenues through the solution.

Grocery Industry

With life becoming very busy it becomes impossible for you to step out and go do grocery

shopping. Thus to make this task easy the industry has gone onto adopting a grocery

delivery app to make sure the customers receive the grocery at their doorstep without

having to do the tedious task at all. The industry already has made considerable revenue

through the solution and it is assumed in the year 2020 too it will continue to do profits

through the solution.

Apart from the industries mentioned above, others presumed to do well in 2020 through a

mobile app solution are the house cleaning service industry, towing industry, to name a


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