Modular Common Rail System MCRS for marine diesel engines

Modular Common Rail System MCRS for marine diesel engines

Diesel Systems

Modular Common Rail System MCRS

for marine diesel engines

Modular Common Rail System MCRS with CP9.1




Pressure sensor


pump with




Inlet metering valve

Tank with


Gear pump

High pressure Low pressure




Sensors Actuators


control unit

Customer benefits

� High injection pressure independent of

engine speed

� Lower operating noise

� Reduced fuel consumption

� Adherence to stricter emission limits

� Exhaust-gas treatment possible due to

time controlled multiple injections

� Long lifetime

Bosch is the only company worldwide to offer diesel

injection equipment for applications ranging from the

smallest passenger-car engines right up to the largest

medium-speed heavy-fuel-oil engines. Bosch offers

injection equipment for large diesel engines in all

regions and to a large number of well-known customers.

Large diesel engines are all off-highway engines

with a rated power of over 560 kW.

High-speed engines with a displacement of more than

2.5 liters per cylinder are equipped with the Modular

Common Rail System (MCRS) developed in Hallein.

This system features a wide range of possible applications

and offers all the benefits of Common Rail


Possible applications

The MCRS with CP9.1 high-pressure pump is the first

fully-modular Common Rail System for operation in

large off-highway diesel engines. Typical applications

for large high-speed diesel engines include, for

instance, yachts, fast ferries and service craft with

engine power up to 2.2 MW. In order to guarantee

reliable operation even with fuels of low lubricity,

high-pressure pumps and injectors are designed to

be particularly robust.

Operating principle

The MCRS-specific fuel-storage volume in the highpressure

pump and the injectors minimizes hydraulic

pulsation in the high-pressure system. This makes

it easy to design a modular system for requirements

ranging from a 4-cylinder in-line engine to a 20-cylinder

V-engine. The fuel accumulator in the injector

also ensures a nearly constant pressure even during

injection and maximum flexibility for multiple injections.

For reasons of robustness, the MCRS of the

second generation is equipped with a ball valve

which increases the injector’s robustness with the

fuel qualities available in the markets. For mediumspeed

diesel engines, one of the changes to the

MCRS platform is the addition of larger solenoid

valves and nozzles.

The MCRS opens potentials for the development of

fuel-efficient engines. This leads to a significant

competitive advantage for our customers. Further

increasing pressure to 2,200 bar enables engine

manufacturers to react even more flexible to upcoming

requirements regarding optimiziation of emissions and

fuel consumption.

Diesel Systems | Modular Common Rail System MCRS for marine diesel engines

Technical features (application example)

Max. system pressure 1,600 bar

Number of injections 3

Operating voltage 24 V

Control unit Engine manufacturer

or Bosch

Lifetime 20,000 h

Fields of application Marine diesel, generators

Engine power 1,500 – 2,200 kW

Engine speed 2,500 min-1 Max. number of cylinders 20

Engine displacement 60 l

Components of the MCRS





CP9.1 high-pressure pump

CRIN-LE injector

EDC 17 CV41 control unit

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System design

The Bosch MCRS is a Common Rail System in modular

design for large diesel engines which does not require

a separate rail. The electronically controlled and oillubricated

CP9.1 high-pressure inline pump generates

the high pressure. It can be used with two to five

cylinders and integrated high-pressure accumulator,

pressure sensor and pressure safety valve depending

on the performance requirements.

The fuel is injected into the combustion chamber

with CRIN-LE-type injectors. These are each equipped

with their own high-pressure accumulator, safety flow

limiter and solenoid valve for multiple injection. Our

CRIN-LE was developed for typical large-diesel applications.

Because the injectors are connected with one

another using short high-pressure lines (also doublewalled),

the MCRS is particularly versatile. Its special

design incorporating high-pressure accumulators

in pump and injector plus short high-pressure lines

minimizes pressure pulsation. This guarantees constant

injection pressure at the nozzle. The Bosch

EDC17 CV41 electronic engine control unit is suitable

for installation close to the engine.

Modular system

The system can easily be adapted to suit engines with

different numbers of cylinders as it does not require a

rail. The number of injectors and pump elements varies



In order to fulfill future emission targets, Bosch is

engaged in the further development of the existing

Common Rail platforms for large diesel engines with

a pressure increase to 2,200 bar.

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