February 2020 ROAR


Coverage of Rockford athletics at all levels.

“The amount of time that they sacrifice from their families

is unbelievable. We devote the spring, summer and fall to skill

development and closed the talent gap with the conference’s

best teams in two years.

Remtema, who has been an assistant at the varsity level for

seven years now is responsible for making sure the players are

ready for the games, not only strategically by watching film,

but preparing them both mentally and physically. She makes

sure they stay healthy, overseeing their care with the trainers.

She also does an incredible job on social media sharing the

team’s good news.

“I like to highlight our athletes on social media so we get

more attention as a team and to help our student athletes with

getting college scholarships more attention. All of our coaches

have a role with helping to get our girls scholarships to play

basketball if that is their goal. What I enjoy most about my

role is that I get to know the girls on a different level, because

I’m always making sure they are mentally okay. Asking them

how their day was and talking through the good and bad days

with them.”

Remtema continues, “I also like that I get to coach alongside

some awesome coaches in Coach Wilson, Coach Fehrle

and Coach Wypych. They are some of my best friends and the

fact that we get to coach together and be friends off the court

with our families too is something special. That actually trickles

down to our JV coaches and freshmen coaches as well. We

all get along so well and challenge each other in positive ways

to be the best coaches we can be, so our athletes can be the best

they can be.”

Wilson shares other key pieces.

“It has been an amazing start. There are so many things that

contribute to the success. I think it starts with the parents. We

have so many that instill the work ethic and character traits

that are needed to be successful at the varsity level. There are

also usually a couple of parents who take a grade under their

wing and teach them the fundamentals, teach them how to

compete and take them all over the Midwest to play when

the kids are growing up. Jason Banfield, Ryan DeKuiper, Marc

Whitford and Jenny Wypych have put in countless hours with

the current varsity group when they were younger.”

He also points to a number of programs for helping prepare

young players for high school play.

“We have re-vamped our Community Ed and summer basketball

programs and added the ROCK program. Ryan DeKuiper

is our youth program director, and those programs are


Rams senior captain Madi Kleefisch battles through a number of

Forest Hills Northern opponents to get to the hoop.

~ Photo by “Papa” Razzi Sports Photography

providing kids a chance to learn the fundamentals at a young

age and by the time they get to the high school level we have a

ton to work with.”

Just like his team, Wilson knows his program is only as

good as its leaders.

“In addition, I have also hired Marc Whitford and Kent

Graves as our JV and freshman coaches (respectively). These

two have a wealth of knowledge and experience and better

yet, are great with kids. I think building this staff has brought

the program to new heights. Lastly, I believe that coach Brent

Cummings and the entire physical education department do

an incredible job at strengthening our kids’ body and minds.

This has been a huge advantage.”

Despite how busy he is, Wilson is still taking time to enjoy

this year’s season.

“Rockford has such incredible tradition, and to me the best

part of this run we are making is simply getting the girls basketball

program playing to the standard of excellence that is

expected of us. Seeing how much these seniors are giving, I

would love nothing more than to send them out with a championship,”

Wilson concludes.

Proud to support our hometown athletes!


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