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The T-Shirt Co

The T-Shirt Co is an online on-demand apparel printing company that I managed as part of my

role at QTCo. It has grown to be one of the largest on-demand apparel printing companies in

Australia. Aiming to appeal to a young, trendy, customer base. The brand identity I designed

for The T-Shirt Co is youthful, contemporary and colourful. The logomark is simplistic, yet still

instantly recognisable, and can be easily reproduced at any scale.

Bundaberg Rum

Working for QTCo Creative Branded Products I had the privilege of designing various concepts

for the much loved and iconic Australian rum brand Bundaberg Rum. During my time at

QTCo i designed a multitude of innovative concepts for the brand ranging from give-away

promotional products to point of sale signage and fixtures. It’s a great feeling seeing a blue

sky idea, or a rough sketch turned into a reality and used to successfully promote such a well

respected and high-profile brand.

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan was another high-profile client I had the honour of designing concepts

for during my time at QTCo. This particular brief was my first foray into product design.

Captain Morgan required the design and production of branded vessels for top performing

bars and clubs. The vessels had to be food safe, dishwasher safe, and most importantly,

stackable. My design was made of glazed ceramic and inspired by antique Georgian era

horn beakers, and coconut cups. Unfortunately due to budget limitations the campaign

was abandoned before mass production could commence, and only a few prototypes were

made. However, I’m still really proud of the finished product.


Kovu is a new real estate startup aiming to revolutionise the property

sales industry in Australia. The brief for this project was to design a

corporate identity that is modern, bright and minimalist. The simplified

representation of a classic wooden fence is an element that can be

carried across a multitude of various collateral and is designed to be an

instantly recognisable part of the Kovu brand identity.

So Chic


So Chic Interiors is the Brisbane-based interior design business of

Lauren Price. The challenge I faced with this project was to create an

identity that matches the renowned elegance and sophistication of

Lauren’s interior design work. Lauren has a strong penchant for the

timeless tones of black and white, and uses it extensively in her work. I

obviously wanted to reflect this in her brand identity, resulting

in the strict black and white colour scheme.

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