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Save up to 20% in 2020

Winter has finally thawed into spring, and with it

comes your spring cleanup. The Cyclone family of

products are here to make your ever-growing

To-Do list easier.

Breeze through the left-over leaves from fall and

any debris blown over by winter storms so when

summer comes, you’re ready to mow. Choose the

Cyclone Rake model that’s the best fit for you and

your needs and get up to 20% off. Learn more

about these amazing products and some of the

best customer service in America in this catalog

and on our website at CycloneRake.com.

Easy Financing


We’re proud to be partnered with Bread ® Finance,

an industry leader in fast and easy financing for

your Cyclone Rake products. With Bread, in a few

minutes you can qualify for great financing

without having to get another credit card, and you

can choose the payment terms that fit your

budget and your payment schedules.

With no initiation fees.

See our website for all the details.

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“I should have bought this long ago”

Welcome to the Cyclone Rake Spring 2020 Catalog!

Each year we receive thousands of communications from our customers telling us

about their experiences with our products. We’re so thankful for the time each person

spends sharing their feedback and this past year, like many before, one of the most

often heard comments was, “I should have bought the Cyclone Rake long ago.”

Using is Believing

In today’s world, it can be hard to believe everything you see or read. When buying any product, there is a sense

of the unknown. “Will it work like they say? Will it do the job? Will I regret my purchase?”

Well, we’re pleased to tell you that after the first use, Cyclone Rake customers come back and tell us that they

wished they had purchased our product years ago – and that makes us very happy. It’s confirmation that all

the things we try to tell you about our products and our company ring true in the eyes and hearts of the most

important people – our customers. Once you get your Cyclone Rake, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Enjoy the Catalog and please know that there’s an entire company dedicated to your satisfaction.

Welcome to Spring 2020!


Matthew Coz




“Love it. Sorry I waited so long(3 years) to buy it. Directions were very precise

and easy to work with. Machine works better than expected. Looking forward

to Spring clean up!!”

– Walter H. Manchester, NH

Look for these QR codes throughout the catalog!

We’ve included several QR codes that allow you to learn more about the Cyclone Rake. To read these codes visit the

Apple App Store or the Google Play store to download a QR code reader. Whenever you see these QR codes, just

scan them with your mobile phone or tablet, and immediately watch a Youtube ® video.


Packed into every Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum are features and benefits that you won’t find on products costing a lot more,

and definitely not on products that cost less. So, before you purchase just any leaf and lawn vacuum, compare these features and

benefits that are only found with the Cyclone Rake.

Easiest Mower Connection...

Zero Turns = No Problem!

Your Cyclone Rake is engineered to fit your

mower or tractor. As long as it has a

right-handed discharge, we can connect to

it. Yes...that even includes your zero-turn

mower! Our dual pin hitch, incredible

Mower Deck Adapter, and short deck hose

make it possible — No "ZTR KIT" needed.

A Full 1-Year Risk-FREE Cyclone Rake Guarantee

It’s our guarantee that if during the first 12 months (or 6 months for commercial

use) you decide to return your Cyclone Rake for any reason, we’ll refund every penny

you paid, including any shipping, (minus taxes after 90 days) and even pay for you to

ship it back to us from the contiguous US. No restocking fees, no hidden costs, no

fine print, no stress. The Cyclone Rake is the only worry-free choice. Compare that

with any other company.

Our Bumper to Bumper Worry-Free Warranty

We understand things come up. It’s rare but sometimes things go wrong and we

want you to feel absolutely comfortable in that unlikely event. Our Standard Models

come with the XR950 Engine and FREE 2-Year, Worry-Free Warranty. Our

Premium models come with Vanguard Engines and a FREE 3-Year, Worry- Free

Warranty. When you upgrade your Commander or Commercial PRO to the 6.5HP

Vanguard Cyclonic Engine, as part of that upgrade you also upgrade to a full 3-Year,

Worry-Free Warranty.

Folds Up Flat for Storage

Every Cyclone Rake folds flat to just 8 inches thick - save space and

hang it right on the wall. Set it up for action in about 5 minutes, and

fold it up just as quickly. This means more space in your garage,

shed or barn. See page 6 for more!

The Most Advanced

Vacuum System Design

Each Cyclone Rake has a vacuum system

optimized for peak performance.

Aerodynamics isn’t rocket science…but it’s

close! That’s why we don’t take a one-size-fits-all

approach like other leaf and lawn vacuum companies

on the market. See how it works on page 4.

Proven Engines for Peak Performance

All our models come equipped with engines that have a name you can trust

— Briggs & Stratton ® — Proven in the toughest applications. Durable, easy

to start, and built for reliability year-after-year.

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Every Model is Optimized for Peak Performance

The only way to provide you with the smoothest running machine on the market is

by hand picking the engine, impeller, and hose size. A one-size-fits-all approach

doesn't work. Each Cyclone Rake has a carefully-tuned formula:

Engine Power + Impeller Size + Hose Length & Diameter

= The Absolute Best Performance.

Engine Power

Changing the engine size and model depending on the Cyclone Rake optimizes your model

for peak suction power. You're able to get the best fit for your needs with four different

engine sizes, and two different models.

All of our engines are Briggs & Stratton ® - the top of the line in commercial-grade quality.

We start with the XR950-PRO on the Classic, Commander, and Commercial PRO with an

optional upgrade to the 6.5 HP Cyclonic Vanguard for the Commander and Commercial

PRO. Then go all the way up to the 8 HP Vanguard on the XL, and 10 HP Vanguard on the

Z-10. We even have an electric start option for the XL and Z-10.

Miracle Impeller

Classic & Commander

The Miracle Impeller

How powerful your engine is won’t mean a whole lot if the impeller size doesn’t compliment

it. With three different sizes for your Miracle Impeller, we’ve designed the perfect impeller

size to pair with each engine.

Why does this matter?

Hi-Flow Impeller

Commercial PRO

Super-Flow Impeller

XL & Z-10

Think of it this way: If you have a metal impeller and you suck up a huge rock the blades are

going to get dented, bent, cracked, or even break off completely. Which will throw your whole

system off, causing serious damage to your engine. Nobody wants that. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about that with the Cyclone Rake.

Your Miracle Impeller is made from an extremely durable, flexible material.

If you happen to suck up something like a rock, the blades of your

Miracle Impeller bend and flex to absorb the impact, returning

to their original shape as they continue to spin. Simple.

Damage free.

Blades flex to pass harmful

objects, then straighten out

by centrifugal force.

9.5 ft. lbs. torque

B&S XR-950 PRO

4 Visit CycloneRake.com for Special Offers!

10 Horsepower

B&S Vanguard

Hose Length & Diameter

Hose size matters - don't let anyone tell you differently. If the diameter of your deck hose

isn't just right, you could be losing suction power, or creating an environment fit for

clogging. Unlike other companies we match the diameter of the deck hose specifically to

the size of the engine and impeller.

Larger Flow Path

Cyclone Rake vacuum systems range from 7-inch diameter on our Classic model, 8-inch

diameter on our Commander, Commercial PRO and XL machines, and a massive 10-inch

diameter for our Z-10 model. These larger sizes allows the passage of sticks, branches and

heavy, wet debris that can wedge inside and clog smaller hoses.

Aerodynamic Design

Each aspect of the vacuum system is designed for smooth air and debris flow. Even the

couplings on the hoses are designed without sharp edges facing the debris stream, where

twigs or sticks might jam.

The Straightest Debris Path - Never Jackknives

The Cyclone Rake’s vacuum system doesn’t have the twists and turns found on other lawn

vacuums because it’s designed to stay aligned with the mower. For most installations the

Cyclone Rake vacuum system flow path is about half the length normally used. That’s

because our “never jackknifes” hitch design doesn’t require extra hose length and support

brackets when you turn. This short, straight path ensures optimal vacuum power.

Cyclone Rake

See how the

JetPath Vacuum

System Works.


6 inches

8 inches

10 inches


of 6-inch hose


of 6-inch hose

Shorter hose with The Cyclone Rake

“Never Jackknife” dual-pin hitch

Longer hose with single pin hitches that

jackknife when turning

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Without tools (or a sore back) the Cyclone Rake folds down to just 8 inches

thick, so you're able to store it virtually anywhere. Emma, from our

Customer Service Team, shows how.


With the pre-installed handles, lift the engine unit off the chassis

and roll it away on its own caster wheels.

2Fold down the collector


All the components come apart easily in about 5 minutes. The chassis and collector

hang on the wall and the rest of the components tuck away under the unit or out of

the way under a workbench. When it’s time to put it back together for the next use,

you still won’t need any tools and will be back up and running in another 5 minutes.

Rugged Quick Connections for Years of Service

All key sections of the Cyclone Rake can be connected and disconnected in a few seconds, without

any tools. We use rugged spring-loaded latches, solid steel clamp knobs and quick-release steel pins.

You don’t need a tool box to set it up or take it down for storage.


Lift the collector unit off the chassis and remove

the wheels. Since these units separate, they are

easy to handle individually.


Hang the collector

and chassis on the

wall mount brackets.

Elapsed time:

5 minutes!

Upset-forged steel clamp knobs hold engine frame to

main chassis.

Better yet, see how

easy it is to store.

Spring-loaded latches, with a clamp pressure of

70 lbs each, secure all components.

Cyclone Rake storage has been called nothing short of ingenious. You won’t need a separate shed or

an entire car bay to store these great units. All the folded frame components store within 8 inches

of the wall.

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The Economical Choice

for Smaller Homes and

Congested Properties.


The Classic is the perfect entry

level option to clear your small lot.

Maneuvering around obstacles like

trees and flower beds is easy with its

compact size and light weight. When

you're done, fold it down to just 8

inches thick to hang it right on the

wall. If you're tight on space but tired

of raking your property by hand, the

Classic is the Cyclone Rake for you.


⟩ XR950-PRO B&S Engine

⟩ 7" Diameter Vacuum System

⟩ 4-Blade Miracle Impeller

⟩ 200 Gallon Collector Capacity

⟩ Hitch Adapter**

⟩ Folds Flat for Easy Storage

The Classic’s 200 gallon capacity equals about

20 bushels of debris. That’s more than 6 big

32-gallon barrels.

Unloading the Classic's collector is as easy as filling

it. It lifts up and locks securely into a 60° angle.

Shown with optional Mower Deck Adapter. Frame color may vary. Mower not included. **Excludes 3-Point Hitch Adapter.

List: $1,220.00



Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 7



ALL The Compact

Power You Need

The Commander has the boost you

need to clear your small property

of debris. It's easy to handle while

still providing power. Its compact

285-gallon capacity size paired with

the 8 inch diameter deck hose make

it perfect for clearing all your debris

- even if you're tight on space. When

you're ready to empty, the Easy-Flow

collector bag makes the debris slide

right out.


List: $1,595.00



With 285 gallons, or 38 cu. ft. of collection capacity,

it's compact and easy to maneuver around your

property and large enough to handle all your leaves.

The 8" diameter and short flow path of the

Commander's JetPath Vacuum System lets you clear

more leaves and other debris at one time. Clog free.

Shown with optional Mower Deck Adapter. Mower not included. Frame color may vary. *6.5 HP Vanguard Cyclonic engine upgrade available. **Excludes 3-Point Hitch Adapter.

⟩ XR950-PRO B&S Engine*

⟩ 8" Diameter Vacuum System

⟩ 4-Blade Miracle Impeller

⟩ 285 Gallon Collector Capacity

⟩ Hitch Adapter**

⟩ Folds Flat for Easy Storage

8 Visit CycloneRake.com for Special Offers!


Huge Capacity

at a Great Price


Your mid sized property won’t

seem quite so challenging with

the Commercial PRO. The huge

415-gallon capacity collector will

make quick work of clearing your

leaves and the larger impeller gives

you 25% more suction power than

the Commander model. The heavy,

wet debris on your property won’t

stand a chance.


⟩ XR950-PRO B&S Engine*

⟩ 8" Diameter Vacuum System

⟩ 5-Blade Hi-Flow Miracle Impeller

⟩ 415 Gallon Collector Capacity

⟩ Hitch Adapter**

⟩ Folds Flat for Easy Storage

With 415 gallons, or 44 bushels, of capacity, you’ll

be able to clear your large property quickly and

efficiently with fewer trips to your dump site.

The Commercial PRO’s 5-Blade Hi-Flow Impeller will

help pull all your debris quickly and efficiently.


Blue Diamond



List: $1,945.00



Shown with optional Mower Deck Adapter. Mower not included. Frame color may vary. *6.5 HP Vanguard Cyclonic engine upgrade available. **Excludes 3-Point Hitch Adapter.

Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 9


Commercial Power

and Pro Capacity


The XL's intense suction power will

clear everything you throw at it.

Your most stubborn cleanup jobs

and fall leaves won't stand a chance

when you pair the XL with your large

mower or tractor. With 70% more

vacuum power than the Commercial

PRO, contractors and homeowners

alike will be amazed at the XL's debris

clearing performance.


⟩ 8 HP B&S Vanguard Engine*

⟩ 8" Dia. JetPath Vacuum System

⟩ 5-Blade Super-Flow Impeller

⟩ 415 Gallon Collector Capacity

⟩ Hitch Adapter**

⟩ Folds Flat for Easy Storage


⟩ FREE Dual-PRO Super Wheels

The XL comes equipped with the huge, 5-Blade,

Super-Flow Impeller to plow through your deepest,

toughest piles of debris.

When paired with the Impeller the 8HP Vanguard

Engine delivers 70% more vacuum power than the

Commercial PRO.

Electric Start

Engine Upgrade


See page 16.

Shown with optional Mower Deck Adapter. Frame color may vary. Mower not included. *Electric Start option available. **Excludes 3-Point Hitch Adapter.

List: $2,345.00



10 Visit CycloneRake.com for Special Offers!



Untouchable Power and

Capacity — "It's a Beast"

The Z-10 is the ultimate solution for

your largest, most daunting property

cleanup needs. Its massive, new &

improved, 10 HP Briggs & Stratton ®

Vanguard Engine, paired with the

10-Inch diameter deck hose will clear

your deepest pile of leaves, grass,

pine needles and other yard debris

without breaking a sweat. With the

Z-10 attached to your large mower or

tractor, the debris on your property

won’t stand a chance.

List: $2,745.00



Electric Start

Engine Upgrade


See page 16.

The Z-10 has a NEW & IMPROVED 10 HP Vanguard

Engine from Briggs & Stratton ® . This new Z-10 will

provide you with 13% more air flow.

The huge 10” deck hose allows air and debris to

travel smoothly. More airflow means less leaves on

your property. Isn't that the goal?

Shown with optional Mower Deck Adapter. Frame color may vary. Mower not included. *Electric Start option available. **Excludes 3-Point Hitch Adapter.


⟩ 10 HP B&S Vanguard Engine*

⟩ 10" Dia. JetPath Vacuum System

⟩ 5-Blade Super-Flow Impeller

⟩ 415 Gallon Collector Capacity

⟩ Hitch Adapter**

⟩ Folds Flat for Easy Storage


⟩ FREE Dual-PRO Super Wheels

Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 11






The Cyclone Rake Commander Bundle is the perfect combination of power

and maneuverability. With the Power Vacuum Pickup, Mower Deck Adapter

and Hitch Adapter you'll clear every inch of your property with ease. We've

even included shipping right to your door. What more could you ask for?


Mower Deck Adapter

Power Vacuum Pickup

Hitch Adapter*

*Excludes 3-Point Hitch Adapter.

Shipping to Your Door

12 Visit CycloneRake.com for Special Offers!

List: $2,172.00








The Cyclone Rake XL Bundle brings together everything you could ever

want in a leaf and lawn vacuum. We’ve taken our most popular upgrades

and accessories like the Mower Deck Adapter, 8 HP Electric Start Engine,

and PVC Power Vacuum Pickup (just to name a few), and added them to the

Cyclone Rake XL to provide you with the ultimate lawn clearing

machine. Even shipping right to your door is included,

so you don’t have to worry about a thing!


Mower Deck Adapter Electric Start Engine Blue Diamond Liner

Power Vacuum Pickup 3rd Wheel Jack Stand Tuff-PRO Deck Hose

Dual-PRO Wheels

Hitch Adapter*

*Excludes 3-Point Hitch Adapter.

To Your Door Shipping

List: $3,364.00



Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 13


Not sure which Cyclone Rake model is the perfect fit for you and your needs? The Cyclone Rake

will last a generation, so it’s important to make sure you get the correct model with the perfect

amount of power for you. Here are some of the things that Waymon, from our customer service

department, thinks about when he’s helping a customer decide which model will be best for them.





Consider the size of your mower.

A Cyclone Rake model that’s too small

for your mower will have trouble clearing

the large amount of debris your larger

deck stirs up – which only means

more work for you.

If you’re going to be

upgrading your mower in the

future, choose the Cyclone Rake

with enough power to compliment the

new mower not the one you have now. You don’t

want to short change yourself down the road

by not considering that mower upgrade

you’re planning.

One of

our more compact models,

like the Commander, is great if you need

to maneuver around lots of flower beds,

trees, out buildings, and other tight

areas around your property.

14 Visit CycloneRake.com for Special Offers!


: I have a forest full of trees. Why shouldn’t I be

able to use a Z-10 or another larger capacity

Cyclone Rakes with my 8-10 HP mower?


: Our larger capacity Cyclone Rakes can get very

heavy when full causing stress or damage to a

smaller less powerful mower.


: Can I use a larger Cyclone Rake with my ZTR

that has a 50-inch mower deck?


: Sure. We connect to virtually all ZTRs and if there

are any special conditions, we'll inform you of them

during the buying process.


: I have a mower with a 60” mower deck.

Can I use it with a Classic?


: Yes you can. But... We recommend our larger models

for larger mowers. The Classic and Commander are

better suited to mowers with smaller mower decks.

The size of your property plays a

huge part in which model is best for you.

To clear your large property quickly and

thoroughly, the first time, you’ll need a larger

Cyclone Rake. The XL and Z-10 are fit to handle

everything you throw at them and won’t leave

you wondering if you could have made

a better choice.

A larger

collector bag means less time spent

emptying. A larger engine and impeller mean more suction

power. And a larger diameter deck hose means more leaves and

debris collected at one time. If you want your work done quickly

the simple rule of thumb is: the bigger the Cyclone Rake,

the more efficient it will be.

Make sure

you’re choosing a model that

will make the most of your time, all

year. Even if it’s mainly for seasonal leaf

collection, you want to choose the

Cyclone Rake that’s able to make quick

work of any job you have at hand

– all year round.

Meet Waymon!

He’s been a valued member of the

Customer Service team since 2017.

Give him a ring, he’d love to chat!

He’s known around the office for his

big, infectious laugh and easy-going

personality. When Waymon isn’t

working he likes spending time with

his wife, Tricia, and cheering for the

Dallas Cowboys.

Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 15


Factory Installed for Super-Duty Workloads

These PRO Upgrades are tried and true and installed right here at our factory. Keep in mind the Electric Start option and Blue Diamond Liner cannot be purchased

separately down the road. If you intend to give your machine a real work-out, they are well worth the investment now.


Commercial-Grade Performance

Upgrade your Commander or Commercial Pro engine to

the new, premium 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard

Cyclonic Engine for peak performance. This upgrade

provides you with an additional year on your warranty,

making it a 3-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty. It also

features a 600-hour replacement Cyclonic Air Cleaner,

and acoustically designed air cleaner, fuel tank, and

muffler to reduce noise.

• Only available for Commander & Commercial PRO models

16 Visit CycloneRake.com for Special Offers!


Start Your XL or Z-10 with a Turn of a Key

For maximum convenience and ease of use, equip your

XL or Z-10 with an Electric Start Engine. With the turn

of a key, your Cyclone Rake springs to life with Briggs &

Stratton ® Vanguard engine reliability. The Electric Start

Package comes complete with a maintenance free battery

and a specially designed microprocessor controlled,

switch-mode battery conditioner for off-season storage.

This setup will give you years of uninterrupted, easy

starting for your Cyclone Rake.

• Only available for XL & Z-10 models

• Electric Start feature cannot be added to an existing engine


Maximum Wear Protection

The Blue Diamond Liner provides superior protection for

extreme uses like sandy soil, lots of hard debris, or

commercial users. The Blue Diamond Liner’s hardened

alloy steel is heat-treated and tempered for a tensile

strength of over 200,000 psi with a hardness rating of

46 Rockwell C. That’s six times the tensile strength of the

standard steel liner found in the Cyclone Rake!

• Blue Diamond Liner cannot be added to an existing

blower housing.

• Factory Installed and Ordered with Your Cyclone Rake

6.5 HP Vanguard Engine Upgrade: $100.00 Electric Start Engines Upgrade: $299.00

Blue Diamond Liner Upgrade: $64.50

Tough Upgrades for Tough Jobs

Save now, and get an added boost, by adding these upgrades to your Cyclone Rake order. For increased performance and added durability these upgrades are a rugged

addition to any new Cyclone Rake.


Optimum Vacuum Performance

The Mower Deck Adapter (MDA) maximizes debris flow,

eliminates constriction points, and reduces the chance

of debris clogs. Stronger than bagger boots, the custom

MDA is highly recommended for all Cyclone Rake

installations, giving you the best fit and performance

available and comes at a great price with the purchase of

your new Cyclone Rake.

• Available for all Cyclone Rake models

• Included with the Commander & XL Bundles


Maximum Load Capacity

With twice the contact area of single wheels, they offer

added stability and control in soft or sandy areas and

when backing up to unload. Constructed from heavy

gauge steel with two 10-inch pneumatic tires per wheel

fork, these “gentle giants” handle the heaviest collector

loads while protecting your lawn.

• Available for all Cyclone Rake models

• Included with the XL & Z-10 Models


20 Times the Abrasion Resistance

Developed for commercial users, this hose upgrade is

a great option for all Cyclone Rake owners. Made from

industrial-grade urethane polymer that is 20 times more

abrasion resistant than standard PVC hose material.

Tuff-PRO hoses offer added puncture and tear resistance

with improved protection from damaging UV rays or

gasoline spills.

• Available for all Cyclone Rake models

• Included with the XL & Z-10 Models

Mower Deck Adapter: $109.00

(When ordered with a Cyclone Rake)

Dual-PRO Super Wheel Upgrade: $139.00

(When ordered with a Cyclone Rake)

Mower Deck Hose Upgrade: $34.00

(When ordered with a Cyclone Rake)

Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 17


Versatility to Get More Work Done. Easier & Faster.


Clears Places Your Mower Can’t Go




With 17 feet of reach, the Power Vacuum Pickup is

specially designed so you can comfortably vacuum all

types of debris from places your mower won't go.

• New and Improved Ergonomic Vacuum Wand

• Connects to any Cyclone Rake in seconds, without any tools

• Adjustable, padded shoulder strap for comfort and control

Power Vacuum Pickup – Standard PVC Hose: $289.00

Power Vacuum Pickup – Tuff-PRO Super Hose: $399.00


Unload to Places You Can’t Drive to

Empty your debris anywhere you want. With 15 feet of reach you can blow everything over a

wall, fence, or deep into the woods. The Power Unloader chute can be connected to face either

direction for maximum debris control.

• Must be used with the Estate Vacuum or Power Vacuum Pickup

Power Unloader – Standard PVC Hose: $259.00

Power Unloader – Tuff-PRO Super Hose: $349.00


Go Farther with 32 ft. of Reach

The Estate Vacuum is the perfect solution for those really

hard-to-reach areas. Reach up to 3,000 square feet

without moving the mower. With two 15 ft. hose sections,

the Estate Vacuum can be used at 1/2 or full length.

• Two sections of hose

• New and Improved Ergonomic Vacuum Wand

• Connects to any Cyclone Rake in seconds, without any tools

• Adjustable, padded shoulder strap for comfort and control

Estate Vacuum – Standard PVC Hose: $359.00

Estate Vacuum – Tuff-PRO Super Hose: $559.00

18 Visit CycloneRake.com for Special Offers!





Helps You Unload with the Push of a Button

Unload with the Power-Lift Unloader by backing up, open

the collector bag flaps, press a button, and let gravity, do

the work. For even more convenience it's weatherproof,

comes with an on-board battery meter and the charger.

• Microprocessor-controlled intelligent charger charges rapidly

and is smart enough to know when to shift to a trickle charge

for perfect power supply and long battery life

Power Lift Unloader: $285.00


Fast Hitch-up and Storage

The 3rd Wheel Jack Stand is specially designed to

support the Cyclone Rake when it’s not on your mower.

It’s made with welded steel construction and has a mirror

chrome finish. The adjustable height and oversized, locking

caster wheel make it the easiest way to hitch up to your

mower. No lifting required.

3rd Wheel Jack Stand: $99.00


Carries Hoses and Tools

The Roof-Rack Carrier attaches to any Cyclone Rake

to help carry your vacuum hoses and other tools around

the property.

• Heavy-duty front and rear struts connect with

quick-release knobs

• Includes two extra-long bungee cords to secure your hoses

Roof Rack Carrier: $64.00


Built for Bigger Tractors

If you have a larger tractor with a 3-point hitch, we make

it easy to connect your Cyclone Rake. Built of heavygauge

steel with custom welds and a beautiful, rust

resistant powder-coated finish.

3-Point Hitch Adapter: $129.00


Hang Your Cyclone Rake on the Wall!

The Cyclone Rake is the only lawn vacuum that folds flat

for storage. With our heavy-duty Wall Mount Kit, you can

hang the collector and chassis right on the wall of your

garage or shed. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel with

a powder coat finish.

Wall Mount Kit: $34.00


Convenient Engine Care

Keep your engine running season after season. The Engine

Maintenance Kit gives you all the parts and tools you need

to easily take care of your Cyclone Rake engine in one

convenient pack.

• Air Filter

• Spark Plug

• Spark Plug Socket

• Oil

Engine Maintenance Kit: $59.00

• Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer

• Funnel

• Cyclone Rake Shop Towel

• Oil Change Tray

“The Cyclone Rake (Commander) works great!”

“I purchased it along with the engine upgrade, dual wheels upgrade, urethane hose

upgrade and roof rack accessory! It is everything they say it is and more! The people

that I dealt with at Woodland are terrific. Their customer service is second to none!

Thanks Woodland.”

– Michael H. Wolcott, CT

Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 19


One Nut Rake to Rule Them All

(All the nuts, that is)


Nothing can ruin a walk on your lawn faster than

a yard full of nuisance nuts. The Cyclone Nut

Rake is the only tool you’ll ever need again to

clear them all away.

Simply roll over the nuts and like magic, the

Cyclone Nut Rake’s pickup wheels grab onto

the nuts and the ejector fins toss them into the

removeable collection bins for easy disposal.

The new and improved design of the Ejector

Fins keeps the pickup wheels spinning on track

without debris clogging the system, nuts being

missed, or the wheels getting jammed.

On top of all the nuts listed below your Nut Rake

will collect pinecones, golf balls, crab apples,

bullet casings, shotgun shells, and so much

more. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is!


Almonds Chestnuts Crab Apples Golf Balls

Hickory Nuts Pecans Pine Cones Sweet Gum Balls Walnuts

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Versatility to Get More Work Done.

Easier & Faster.

■ 2-Bin

Tow-Behind Model

■ 36.5” pickup width

■ Comfort Grip

■ 18” pickup width

■ 73 no-break pickup

wheels & 48 spacers.

■ UV Stabilized, Polypropylene

Copolymer Ejector Fins. Flat,

fully closed surface guides

pickup wheels, removes

nuts, and prevents debris

from clogging.


As Easy as Walking Forward

With the Cyclone Nut Rake Walk Behind model you can easily clear an 18-inch

path just by walking forward - putting your squirrels out of business. With the

included spacer package, you'll collect everything from the smallest acorns to

the largest black walnuts. When you're done, simply pick up the bin and dump it

to empty. We didn't think it was possible, but this tool makes nut collection fun!

Walk Behind Model: List: $699.00 SPRING SALE PRICE: $629.00

■ Easy release clip to

change wheels & spacers

■ 37 Rugged, no-break

Polypropylene pickup

wheels & 24 spacers.

■ Durable, powder

coated, steel frame

■ Removable 1 cubic foot level

capacity per bin …unload

wherever you want!


Double the Width - Twice the Nuts!

More than double the width of the walk behind model, the Cyclone Nut Rake

Tow Behind model is the perfect solution for your big nut collection jobs. With

a 36.5-inch width and spacing to handle any nut that falls, you’ll make short

work of this tough job. Attach it to a tractor, golf cart or ATV and you’ll be

amazed at what happens.

Walk Behind Model: List: $899.00 SPRING SALE PRICE: $749.00

Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 21


Up to the Task on All Your

Heavy Hauling Needs


Every aspect of the Cyclone SuperHauler was

created with hard work in mind. Designed

from the ground up, our Engineering team

researched and combined the highest quality

and toughest components available.

Whether you are doing masonry, landscaping,

farm chores, or property maintenance, the

SuperHauler will move your heaviest loads

with ease.

The Cyclone SuperHauler has hundreds of

uses. This workhorse is perfect for farms,

ranches, construction sites, nurseries, even

the toughest homeowner jobs. Here are a few

to consider.

Farm/Ranch Materials Arborist/Landscaping Cleanup Masonry Materials Construction Sites

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Factory Installed for Super-Duty Workloads

We thought of everything to make working with the Cyclone

SuperHauler simple while not compromising durability. Check

out some of the unique details that go into the construction of

the SuperHauler.

Heavy Duty Kohler HD775

electric start engine with

7.75 ft. lbs. of torque. Easy ■

starting, and smooth, quiet

power delivery. Overhead

Valves and cast iron cylinder

for 2 times longer engine life.

“Deadman” brake eliminates roll-away accidents.

If your hands leave the controls the SuperHauler

stops and brakes in place.

■ High-performance Absorbent

Glass Mat (AGM) battery

for reliable turn-key electric

starting. Onboard alternator

keeps your battery charged

and ready all day.

Hydro-Gear hydrostatic

transmission, made in the

USA. Go forward, neutral, and

reverse with a single smooth

control – right from the handle

bars. No need to stop to change

gears or reverse.

Easy, no mess oil changes.

We’ve included a detented

ball valve and hose to let

you drain your oil directly

into any container.

Dump release handles

on both sides. No

need to walk around to

■ Terra-Traction locking

release the bin.

differential drive eliminates

wheel spin-out and gives full

traction on the steepest slopes

or in muddy or sandy terrain.

Engages with a quick foot pedal

tap, without taking your hands

off the controls. Easy!

Four large pneumatic tires give

you complete load stability and

eliminates tip-over accidents

common with wheelbarrows

and three-wheel designs.

Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 23


Power to Move Anything - Anywhere

No matter your transportation needs, the Cyclone SuperHauler is

the workhorse you need. From farms, ranches, construction sites,

nurseries, and even the toughest homeowner jobs, you’ll find no end to

the applications.


Huge Holding Capacity with

Extreme Durability

The Bulk Bin model is the answer to transporting all your

loose and heavy materials like soil, gravel and mulch.

Featuring a heavy-duty Kohler HD775 electric start

engine, and a high-density polyethylene bin with massive

carrying capacity. Move up to 800 pounds of materials!

Bulk Bin Model

List: $1,999.00 SPRING SALE PRICE: $1,599.00


Maximum Carrying Flexibility and Capacity

The Flexi-Deck edition allows you to easily transport up

to 800 pounds of your largest, and hardest to handle

materials wherever they’re needed. Built with solid steel

construction, the Flexi-Deck converts in seconds from a

bin style down to a massive carrying deck.

Flexi-Deck Model

List: $2,299.00 SPRING SALE PRICE: $1,799.00

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The Ultimate Option for a

Versatile Workhorse

If you want the ultimate option for hauling all the

different materials you work with, this Combo Pack is

the option for you. We combined the Bulk Bin and the

Flexi-Deck in one great package. Seamlessly transition

from bin-to-bin (without any tools!) in less than a minute.

Bulk Bin Model

List: $2,398.00 SPRING SALE PRICE: $1,910.00


Huge Holding Capacity with

Extreme Durability

Our Concrete Bin is the perfect solution for mixing and

moving all your loose, wet, and granular materials. Its

seamless, solid steel construction makes it perfect for

scooping and unloading. Paired with the Bulk Bin this pack

is the perfect option for all your loose transporting needs.

Concrete Combo Pack Model

List: $2,149.00 SPRING SALE PRICE: $1,710.00


Both Sets

of Tires to

Suit Your

Work Site

All-Terrain Tires

Our All-Terrain Tires (shown on the

SuperHauler) are built with an aggressive

tread design for the tough spots in fields,

rocky terrain and hill country.

Turf Tires

Our Turf Tires are gentle on

manicured lawns while still

being tough enough to go off

the beaten path.


Easy, Flexible

and Healthy Gardening

The EarthBox Gardening System was designed

by commercial farmers to make growing fresh

herbs and vegetables fast and easy.

This effortless gardening system ingeniously

combines a peat-based growing media,

custom-fitted aeration screen with a built

in water reservoir for low-maintenance and

maximum growth. You’ll love how quickly

you can have your own personal garden –

anywhere you like!

The EarthBox Garden Kit includes everything

to get you up and growing your own garden

quickly and easily.


⟩ 4 Piece Growing System:

(Container, Aeration Screen,

Water Fill Tube, 2 Mulch Covers.)

⟩ 1 lb. Organic Fertilizer

⟩ 1 lb. Dolomite

(Delivers needed nutrients to the soil)

⟩ 4 Casters

⟩ Instruction Manual



Items Available


EarthBox Organic Garden Kit — Hunter Green: $52.00

EarthBox Organic Garden Kit — Terracotta: $52.00


Garden Stand: $38.00 Insect/Bird Netting: $19.00 Staking System: $32.00

Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 25


Every Cyclone Rake, SuperHauler and Nut Rake is built right

here in our Connecticut Factory

The Woodland Power Products Team

Our operations, including our national sales and service team, are located at the Cyclone Rake

manufacturing plant in Connecticut. During our customer service training program, each customer

service representative learns about every aspect and component your Cyclone Rake. They learn

every part of the Cyclone Rake inside out and backwards before they're allowed to take your calls.

Our dedicated Cyclone Rake specialists are knowledgeable, friendly and always ready to help.

Quality is Engineered into

Every Detail and Every Part

Every aspect of the Cyclone Rake is designed by our

engineers and manufactured for superior performance.

We control every step of the design, manufacturing, and

production processes to ensure the Cyclone Rake stays

the best property clean-up machine available.

Built to Order at the Factory

When you order a Cyclone Rake, our team of manufacturing specialists will assemble the machine

just for you. Each member of the manufacturing team is highly trained and committed to providing

uncompromising product quality at every step of the production process. You’ll notice the difference

when you unpack your order, but you’ll really feel it once you start using your Cyclone Rake. Call

today and let us build one for you.

“A satisfied customer full of gratitude!”

“The customer service that I received from Woodland Power Products was

superb from beginning to end with transparency being its hallmark. Brittany

was cordial, extremely patient, knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of the

purchase. The expertly packaged product was received undamaged and in a

timely manner. The clear and easy instructions for assembling the Cyclone

Rake facilitated and expedited its assembly. And the product itself performed

efficiently this past fall (2019) with no problems experienced.”

William B. – Mechanicsburg, PA

26 Visit CycloneRake.com for Special Offers!



We’ve partnered with the best carriers in the country to get your Cyclone Rake

products to you as quickly as possible.

As always, we’ll ship your order out in 2-3 business days.

FedEx Ground Delivery

For maximum convenience, choose our FedEx delivery option and we’ll ship your Cyclone

Rake right to your door via FedEx Ground. This option allows you to sit back and relax while

FedEx does all the work to get your Cyclone Rake to you fast. No need to worry about

pickup trucks, making appointments, or tractor trailers.

Motor Freight Delivery

Some of our products are best shipped via common

carrier because of the weight or size of box. This

means they will be delivered via a tractor-trailer to the

end of your driveway and you will be required to

receive the package there. Note, these packages can

be heavy and will require someone to be home to

receive and sign for them. Call our Customer Service

Team if you have any questions.


Motor Freight


on a Pallet

Fed-Ex Ground


to Lower 48

All Others

Cyclone Rakes Not Applicable $199 $179 Call for Quote

Cyclone SuperHaulers $149 Not Applicable Call for Quote

Cyclone Nut Rakes FREE: Tow Behind FREE: Walk Behind Call for Quote

Please note all prices in this catalog are subject to change.

Try It For a Whole Year!

During the first 12 months (6 months for commercial use) you own your

Cyclone Rake if you decide to return it for whatever reason, we’ll refund every

penny you paid, including any shipping, (minus any taxes after 90 days) and

we'll even pay for you to ship it back to us if you’re in the contiguous US. No

restocking fees, no hidden cost, no fine print.

Bumper-to-Bumper Protection!

Every Cyclone Rake is warrantied to be free from defects in materials and

workmanship. Owners are responsible for routine maintenance including oil

changes, air filters and spark plugs. Collision damage is not covered.

Our Standard models the Classic, Commander, and Commercial PRO come

with a free 2 Year Warranty from the date of delivery for residential use, and

6 months for commercial use.

When you upgrade to the 6.5HP Vanguard Cyclonic Engine on the Commander and Commercial PRO you get a

3-Year Warranty from the date of delivery for residential use, and 6 months for commercial use.

Our Premium models the XL and Z-10 come with a Free 3-Year Warranty from the date of delivery for residential

use, and 6 months for commercial use.

Easy Financing Available

Have you had your eye on a Cyclone Rake, Cyclone SuperHauler, or accessory and have

just been waiting for the right time?

We are pleased to offer you a financing option for our whole Cyclone line of products.

We have partnered with Bread, one of the leaders in consumer finance options.

Applying and being approved through Bread takes only minutes and being pre-approved

won’t have any effect on your credit score. This is a great way to get what you’ve been

looking for and split up the purchase into convenient monthly payments. With no upfront

fees, and no prepayment penalties, Bread is the finance company that wants to

work with you.

You are able to finance any order over $200 in just minutes and choose the duration

of your repayment plan. With options of 12, 24, or 36 months available you’re able to

choose the plan that’s right for you.

Visit www.CycloneRake.com/financing to get pre-approved.

Call Toll-Free 1-888-531-7253 27


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