Pebblebeach Fundraising Consultancy and Fundraising for Hospices

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Consultancy and Fundraising

for Hospices

Pebblebeach is proud to be the partner agency for the hospice

movement. Since 2008, we‘ve served adult, children’s and joint

services in all corners of the UK; working together to develop

stronger organisational and fundraising strategies – and

dramatically increase income.

We’ve helped to raise millions for new-build hospices – and

millions more to fund ongoing care services. Our work has won

multiple local and national awards.

This catalogue showcases the breadth and depth of our

experience. We’re here to help – and would be delighted to

speak to you, freely and without obligation, about how we could

add value to you.

Whatever the challenge – Pebblebeach can offer you a solution.

We hope to hear from you soon.



Consultancy 4

Organisational Consultancy 4

Fundraising Consultancy 6

Capital Appeal Consultancy 7

Events Fundraising 8

Trusts Fundraising 10

Corporate Fundraising 12

Individual Giving Fundraising 14

Major Donor Fundraising 16

Giving in Wills Fundraising 18

Cash and Christmas Campaigns 20

Light up a Life and In-Memory Fundraising 22

Lottery and Raffle Campaigns 24

Regular Giving Campaigns 26

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The strongest hospices are those with a clear, focused vision for

the future – for both care services as well as income generation.

There are times in every organisation where it helps to have

analysis and support from someone outside. Our team are

skilled charity senior management team/executive members

with decades of experience – including within major national

charities and the hospice movement.

Organisational Consultancy

Pebblebeach is a valued ‘critical friend’ to many of our hospice

clients. Our organisational consultancy work includes:

Organisational-strategy review

A deep and thorough review of your hospice’s organisational

strategy – plus help developing clear, defined objectives for

the future.

Crisis-management support

Help for hospices needing immediate, direct support in an


Capital-development consultancy

From feasibility of the project through to a case for support, we

offer short- or long-term tailored consultancy.


We offer training, guidance and mentoring for trustees and/or

senior management team/executives.

Interim management

Pebblebeach can provide interim-management solutions at CEO

and Director level.


The knowledge and insight into the hospice

fundraising sector Pebblebeach has gained after

being the market leader for so many years, means we have

turned to them again and again for appeals and campaigns.

When Rowcroft went through a funding crisis in 2016, their

advice and expertise were invaluable. Acting as our ‘critical

friend’, their honesty and support was invaluable and gave us

the confidence to go to the people of South Devon and ask

for their help, resulting in £600,000 raised for Rowcroft’s

crisis appeal.”

Rachael Bryett, Head of Fundraising, Rowcroft Hospice

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Fundraising Consultancy

Income generation is a core strategic objective for every hospice.

The best hospice fundraising teams are those with overarching

goals and a clear narrative – which support a defined plan for

each area of income.

Pebblebeach works with you to create the right strategic plan.

Because, getting the ‘thinking’ right makes the ‘doing’ so much

easier – and more successful.

Offering a national perspective to a local organisation, our

fundraising consultancy service includes:

Audit of current activities

A detailed audit of your fundraising programme: meeting the

team, analysing your results – completed by a thorough review

with recommendations for improving income and performance.

Interim support

We can offer highly skilled and experienced fundraisers who

can take over a fundraiser’s role and ensure that the fundraising

programme is delivered in full and on time.

Mentoring and support

Personal mentoring for individual fundraisers and fundraising

leaders in the growth and development of their role.

Focused consultancy for specific income streams

We provide consultancy and support for most areas of hospice

fundraising – including Trusts, Corporate, Events and Individual


Clinical and Fundraising collaboration

Many clinical and fundraising teams have benefitted from

our engagement – building stronger relationships, breaking

down barriers and empowering clinical colleagues to become

passionate advocates of fundraising.


Capital Appeal Consultancy

A live capital appeal is likely to be the most important element

of a hospice’s income-generation programme. A well-planned

campaign can raise the money needed to reach targets and

create a platform for new, re-energised revenue fundraising in

the future. A badly planned campaign will fail – and create a

negative legacy for fundraising for years to come.

Pebblebeach supports hospices through the entire

capital journey:


An initial feasibility report helps set a confident, but realistic,

income generation goal and timescale. Through our forensic

approach, providing evidence and experience, we’ve helped

hospices set and then achieve what had previously been

considered unachievable goals.

Case for Support

A solid appeal is based on a comprehensive case for support;

a document that clearly states the goals of the appeal – and

the stages needed to meet them. Pebblebeach works with the

fundraising team to create this master document – as well as

supporting film and online materials.

Campaign materials

We can deliver a fundraising programme throughout the life of

the capital appeal – with bespoke materials for each ‘stage’ of

the campaign; for instance, preparation, build and equip.

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Events Fundraising

Events fundraising is an essential element of every hospice’s

fundraising mix. We offer a complete support service and

provide expertise in five key ways:

Eventers Data Analysis

Pebblebeach has developed a unique benchmarking analysis

– offered for free to every UK hospice. We’ll review recruitment

and look in-depth at your most profitable eventers alongside

overall income.


We offer two levels of events fundraising audit. The first is a

four-day exercise, which takes an overarching look at your

programme and includes a day spent on-site with your events

fundraising team. The second takes 10 days and goes into

significant depth for each of your main fundraising events. Both

audits culminate in a written report with clear recommendations

for future action.

Event-management support

We work alongside your team to deliver a successful event, from

initial planning and marketing through to the event delivery

itself – and then beyond, to ensure your participants benefit

from a journey and relationship that will make them want to

engage again.

Event delivery

There are times when a hospice is unable to deliver an event

internally – or is launching a new event for the first time. We can

take full responsibility for the entire process – and ensure that

your activity delivers the best possible result.

Bespoke events

We offer a fully bespoke consultancy and delivery service –

designing and delivering an event tailored exactly to your needs;

a large corporate supporter looking for a dynamic, engaging

staff activity, for example.


We have worked with Pebblebeach on several

occasions and have found the team to be extremely

professional, knowledgeable and creative. The team work hard

to ensure that they complete all projects on time and under

budget whilst delivering maximum results. We would highly

recommend the team to any charity who are looking for new

ideas to raise more money.”

Amy Ratcliffe, Fundraiser, Katharine House Hospice

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Trusts Fundraising

Grants from trusts and foundations represent a vital source of

income for many hospices. However, it is a challenging income

stream to develop from scratch and to run well. Plus, recruiting

an experienced fundraiser to take your trust fundraising to the

next level is rarely straightforward.

With this in mind, we offer a comprehensive Trust fundraising



We undertake a full analysis of your historic trust fundraising

activity – reviewing your database and your past performance to

reveal the size of grants you’ve received, who’s funded you and

the type of work they’ve supported. We then provide a detailed

report highlighting how you could generate more income.

Feasibility report

Once we understand the bigger ‘strategic’ picture and the

context of your trust fundraising, we will conduct research into

local, regional and national funding opportunities for your cause

or project – and then calculate a specific expected-income

figure to guide your planning and budgeting.

Programme delivery

For some clients, we provide a comprehensive Trust fundraising

service, where we take on the role of the trust fundraiser. For

others, our work is restricted to larger applications where our

experience and expertise make the most impact, and where you

are likely to see a higher ROI.

Consultancy and mentoring

We act as a ‘critical friend’ and sounding board to many

hospices – offering advice and support as and when fundraising

teams need us.


We’re now two years into this new structure with new

established income streams. This wouldn’t have

been possible without Pebblebeach. We cannot recommend

the team enough to undertake this type of work for other

charities; the wealth of knowledge and experience you receive

from them is so valuable in shaping the future of

your fundraising.”

Veronica McBain, Head of Fundraising and Marketing,

St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Corporate Fundraising

Hospices are, by their nature, well-respected, high-profile, caring

community organisations, which makes them attractive partners

for local and regional businesses. However, to succeed in this

competitive arena, hospices must be able to offer each company

a distinctive partnership that not only inspires their staff, but

that also works for them on a business and strategic level.

Pebblebeach has considerable experience leading and advising

corporate fundraising teams and can offer support in a number

of ways:


We analyse your existing and past corporate relationships – then

produce a report showing where we think you can improve


Consultancy and mentoring

Pebblebeach provides a full consultancy and mentoring

programme – helping your team maximise the potential of

existing partnerships and develop new corporate propositions

and relationships.

Charity of the Year applications

These are often the most complex – and profitable –

relationships a hospice can have, but the application process

can be intricate and time consuming. We can help your team

develop your approach – and we can be there for key interviews,

meetings and pitches.

Programme delivery

We can create and deliver strategic corporate-partnership

programmes. For example, this might see us working alongside

your trust, major donor and community fundraising teams

to ensure a seamless relationship with your most important

supporters, or it could involve carrying out in-depth research into

local businesses or prospective partners.


Pebblebeach has always added value when involved

in fundraising projects, whether through data,

creatively or simply their perspective gained from their

extensive fundraising experience. They have significantly

increased net income on projects and most recently given

me clarity and vision for a forthcoming capital fundraising

campaign. Everyone at Pebblebeach is easy to work with and

that’s key, they work with you as a team.”

Neil Harman, former Director of Fundraising, Thames Hospice

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Individual Giving Fundraising

Pebblebeach has the most experienced, expert and successful

hospice individual giving fundraising team in the UK. Over the

last 12 years, we’ve delivered hundreds of appeals for hospices

of all shapes and sizes. These campaigns have raised millions

of pounds of net profit, funding vital care services. It’s often the

case that a hospice’s ‘best-ever’ appeal is one we’ve delivered.


We offer a complimentary Individuals Data Analysis to all

hospices, which includes a comparison to our unique national

database – comprising the anonymised giving history of almost

100 hospices. This unique resource allows us to make highly

detailed selections for fundraising campaigns – only including

supporters who are likely to donate. In this way, we minimise

cost and maximise income for every appeal.


Successful campaigns depend on our ability to tell the story of

hospice care in a powerful, direct and honest way – motivating

the supporter to give. Our extensive experience and knowledge

of hospice care enables us to write appeals appreciated by

nursing staff and patients alike – delivering the results the

fundraising team needs.


Presenting a campaign to the audience in the right way is

critical. Our start-to-finish design service ensures each campaign

has a strong yet unique look and feel – one which matches a

regional, professional organisation. We also offer a rebrand or

brand refresh service.

Account Management

Our highly regarded account management team in Brighton

provide a friendly, expert service that delights our hospice

clients. Our goal is always to be the agency we would want to

work with ourselves.


It was a pleasure working with Pebblebeach on

our summer appeal for Rennie Grove Hospice Care.

Their excellent knowledge of the hospice sector and their

creative flair resulted in an innovative campaign from the

perspective of one of our patients. A first for us. This so

inspired their family and friends that they wanted to get

involved and took on an outdoor challenge for us. It was great

to see what an exciting campaign can do to inspire others.”

Debbie Matthews, Individual Giving Manager,

Rennie Grove Hospice Care

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Major Donor Fundraising

Most of a hospice’s income is provided by individuals – and the

majority of this income comes from a very small pool of key

supporters. And yet, many hospices often struggle to allocate

the resources needed for this vital audience.

Our services include:

Review, audit and feasibility

We review the existing relationships you have on your database

– and produce a report detailing your most valuable supporters.

We can also help to wealth profile your database (privacy and

data-usage policies allowing), which is critical during capital

appeals. We use this information – and our extensive experience

– to provide a guide to the income levels we believe are available

for your hospice to access.


Pebblebeach can help to create new Fundraising Committees

by working with your existing donors to maximise their ability to

support you. We can even create individualised ‘communicationand-ask

plans’ for your best prospects.

Proposition and product delivery

With a successful track record of developing strong high-value

giving products that allow your team to make tangible, focused

asks, we support the delivery of a rich, engaging relationship

with these key supporters.

You only need to spend a little time with Pebblebeach

to understand that you are in very capable and

experienced fundraising hands. The team are fabulous – they

are friendly, helpful and keep you to your deadlines. This all

ensures a successful appeal or campaign. We will definitely be

using their services again. We are inspired!”

Phillipa Watson, Philanthropy Manager and

Sarah Dodd, Legacies, Trusts and Philanthropy,

Dorothy House Hospice Care


















A typical day at

The Donna Louise

One of our Children’s Nurses

walks you through the type

of day your support could



All of the day-staff arrive and gather with

the night team for an individual handover

for each child. This is so each member

of staff knows every tiny detail from the

night before, no matter how minuscule, so

they can provide the very best care.


Our night staff arrive to meet those working

during the day for a handover – just like in

the morning. Each of the day staff will be sure

to include every single detail, so they know

exactly how every child is feeling and what they

might need or be looking forward to doing the

next day.

This is the quietest you’ll ever find the hospice,

so it’s a great chance for us to catch up on

some paperwork for the next day. Though it’s

night-time, not all the children will be sleeping;

some of the children’s conditions make

sleeping a real struggle for them – and so we’ll

be there through the night to give them the

care and attention they need.


Most of the children who are staying with

us are awake now. There’s such a variety

of needs, so we take each day as it comes

– so if someone wants a little lie in then

they’re more than welcome to snooze for

a bit. Occasionally some children will need

to go off to school, but mostly everyone

stays to enjoy a fun-filled day!


All the younger children will slowly get

changed into their pyjamas and ready for

bed – but before we tuck them up, there’s

still a bit more fun to be had. There’s plenty of

games and treats, then some of the children

have baths and a bedtime story. Children of all

ages will be staying with us, so they all go to

sleep at different times; we just make sure that

everyone’s ready at a time that suits them. We

encourage everyone to bring their favourite

toys – so when it’s time to doze off, they’re just

as comfy as they would be at home.

Often, we’ll stay up with the older kids until

midnight playing video games; they get to feel

like normal teenagers, unrestricted by their

medical requirements or an exhausted Mum

or Dad.


Time for the day-care children to arrive – this is usually when things start to get a bit noisy! After

we’ve got everyone settled in together, we take our time choosing from the many activities

on offer, planning each child’s perfect day based on their needs, likes and how they’re feeling.

There are so many things to do here, so we always find something fun for everyone!

Sometimes, we’ll all hop into our vehicles and go on a big adventure together (we even went

to Blackpool for the day!). Or, more often, we’ll just go for a stroll around The Trentham Estate.

12.00pm Lunchtime!

For a lot of our children going for a short walk is major exercise, so we take pleasure in our little

This is everyone’s favourite time; it’s when the

journeys to the park. Many children simply love going to the canal to feed the ducks.

hospice really comes alive. We all gather in the

dining room; the children and their families,

We have a wonderful play team here, who are great at making sure there are endless

admin staff, volunteers, the Chief Executive –

opportunities for fun in the hospice and that each activity is tailored to each child. Play sessions

everyone mucks in! It’s such a bright bubbly

are full of glitter, glue, bubbles, jelly and paint – and plenty of giggling too!

place to be. The children have such a wide

We regularly have a musical activity for everyone to get stuck into – these are really popular!

range of dietary requirements – but the kitchen

There’s plenty of traditional instruments for everyone to have a go on (drums are a real

staff are excellent, they’ll make absolutely

favourite); but we also have interactive equipment that turns notes into colours and pictures, so

anything so that everyone’s happy. Some

children can feel or see the music even if they can’t hear it!

children are unable to eat, so for those children,

we’ll be caring for them in other ways, making

Once a month, we have our ‘Stay and Play’ group, for children under four and their families to

sure no one is left out.

come and play. For a lot of the families, they’re unable to attend parent and toddler groups, so

it’s an incredibly special session to be part of.


If we have more children joining us overnight, they’ll begin to arrive around this time. We’ll have


a chat with Mum and Dad about their child’s stay, and what their wants, needs and likes are

Time to say goodbye to our day-care children.

while they’re here.

After a whole day of having a huge fuss made

If it’s a child’s first visit, their parents will stay with them. After that first special night, parents

of them, hanging out with their friends, playing

are welcome to stay or go. For some, this will be their first chance to spend time with their child

games and collecting moment beads, which

without the responsibility of caring full time, so they finally get to enjoy just having cuddles,

mark memorable milestones to show Mum and

without worrying about medication and tubes. If parents are making the most of a rare night

Dad, they’ll often tell us they’ve had the best

off, then it’s a big kiss goodbye and off to play.

day ever.











Pay for a Day

of hospice care for children

in your community

Pay for a Day

of vital care and outstanding support

for people in your community

Jennifer and Kirsty,

Day Patient Services Nurse,

in the Day Patient Unit

“Dorothy House provides a ray of light to people and families in need in our

community; Pay for a Day of their care – and achieve something amazing.”

Stephanie Cole

Photo: Simon Annand

It’s my absolute privilege to

be supporting the vital care

Dorothy House provides –

allowing peace and comfort

during a person’s final days.

For the past 20 years I have had the pleasure

of living in Bath and being a part of our

compassionate community. The joy and

generosity throughout the area is abundant

and Dorothy House, our local hospice, is a

perfect example of this.

I have been a proud ambassador of Dorothy

House ever since my husband, Peter, fell ill

and I witnessed first-hand the incredible care

their lovely nurses provide. They really are

heroes, providing support to patients and

their families, in so many different ways, for

however long they’re needed.

They’re a charity, which receives very little

government funding, so it’s only with our

support that they’re able to do this.

This is why whenever I can, I support their

fundraising activities and I encourage

everyone to do the same. I always donate to

their annual Light Up A Life appeal. I even

had the honour of doing a reading in Bath

Abbey at one of their past services.

They provide a ray of light to people and

families in need in our community. When

you receive a life-changing diagnosis, things

can be very tough. Being able to access this

invaluable source of companionship, care and

support really does change everything.

Pay for a Day is a perfect way to support

them – you can give or raise money in a way

that suits you. No matter what, you’ll achieve

something amazing; you’ll be funding kind

and professional end of life care for local

people just, like you and me.

Stephanie Cole

10 11

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Giving in Wills Fundraising

Income from legacies has been the backbone of hospice

fundraising for the last 50 years. But the entire charity sector

has seen this income stream shrink in recent times. Hospices,

who’ve often relied more than most on legacy income, have

been particularly hit.

Our track record is in developing simple plans to keep the need

for legacy income in the front of donors’ minds – and providing

materials that make promotion of giving in wills easy and

straightforward for the entire organisation.

Product delivery

We create honest yet sensitive Giving in Wills campaigns. It’s

our preference to demonstrate commitments from previous

testors and show how their gift will provide future care. We can

also offer guidance on the ‘journey’ of a legacy pledger – so that,

once someone has made the decision to support in this way,

the hospice can deepen and protect that relationship, tailoring

communications appropriately.

Pebblebeach developed a very thorough legacy

communication for us. The results spoke for

themselves. 71 people told us they were leaving a gift in

their Will – a further 12 considering. We’re extremely happy

with Pebblebeach’s expert support – and the outcomes. The

investment was extremely worthwhile for our long-term

legacy strategy.”

Tricia Cavell, Fundraising Director,

St Richards Hospice


rity Number: 298164

Why a gift in your Will

is so important to your

local hospice

Gifts in Wills are absolutely vital to

the care we provide; 1 out of every 8

patients’ care is paid for through these

significant, thoughtful gifts. These special

legacies mean that we can plan and

build our services to reach more local

people. A gift in your Will can help us

ensure the future of local hospice care;

the care we would all want for our loved

ones; the care our community deserves.

Why do I need a Will?

Kent Hospice


0 7PU




An information

guide on supporting

Heart of Kent Hospice

through a gift in

your Will

Heart of Kent

Hospice – the

heart of a caring


Our goal is to enable each person we

support to live every day to the fullest and

to bring comfort, compassion and dignity

to all those we meet.

Heart of Kent Hospice is an

As a charity, all of our special services

independent charity providing are provided free of charge. Only 18%

specialist care for people with a of our Hospice costs are contributed by

life-limiting illness, and support for the NHS; this means that we rely on the

their families. We care for people generosity of our community to enable us

living in Maidstone, Aylesford, to be there for patients and their families

Tonbridge, Malling and the

when we’re needed the most.

surrounding villages.

A Will is a very important document

that ensures those you care about are

provided for after your death. Without a

Who can help me make valid Will, a person’s estate is said to be

‘intestate’ and can mean that the specific

sure my Will is valid and

wishes you may have for your family or


loved ones are not carried out.

An experienced solicitor can ensure that

your Will is valid; they can also help you

make any changes you might wish to an

existing Will. The Law Society provides a

free, impartial find-a-solicitor service that What about Inheritance

will help you to identify a solicitor near


you who can help.

Your beneficiaries will need to pay

Just visit solicitors.lawsociety.org.uk or

Inheritance Tax if your estate is over a

call 020 7320 5650 (local rates apply).

certain value; in this case, 40% will be

taken from the portion of your estate that

is over the threshold. Gifts to charities

are exempt from Inheritance Tax and the

value of your estate is calculated after the

value of gifts like these are deducted.

We look after over 1,000 patients and

their families each year in their own

homes, in the community and in the

Hospice; improving their quality of life

and helping to make every day precious.

More information is available on the

HMRC website:


2 3

Caring for the Future

Doris’ generous gift

in her Will has helped to care for patients and

families right across Sheffield

Lisa in the St Luke’s

garden, telling us why

she chose to support

St Luke’s in her Will.

Leaving a gift

to St Luke’s in

your Will

£144,943 into our

Inpatient Centre – enough

to pay for the care of 14


£41,149 into our

Community Team – enough to

pay for 216 home visits from

our community nurses to deliver

tailored palliative care to patients

in their own home.

St Luke’s

benefitted from the

sale of a property that

Doris left to St Luke’s in her

Will. The £200,000 we have

received so far has touched

the lives of so many

people in our city.

We invested:

£8,218 into

our Therapy and


Centre – enough to

pay for 43 sessions

of physiotherapy or

occupational therapy.

£5,479 into our

Bereavement and Social

Care teams – enough to pay

for 15 days of bereavement

support for a family who has

lost a loved one.

Lisa’s legacy

‘St Luke’s is part of our family’s past and future’

Over the last 15 years, St Luke’s has become such an

important part of our lives.

My husband Lee and I have spent pretty much our

entire lives in Sheffield – all our family are here.

In 2000, St Luke’s looked after Lee’s grandad, just

briefly. But even back then I remember thinking

how surprised I was by how warm and welcoming

St Luke’s was. Then, in 2015 Lee’s Nannan came to

be cared for at St Luke’s and she stayed with them

for her final week.

We really got to see St Luke’s work in detail that

second time – to see the incredible effort everybody

involved put in to make Nannan’s days as peaceful

as possible and give us all the support we needed.

Mike, their wonderful Chaplain, was so supportive;

we ended up asking him to take her funeral service.

Our son Haydn was born in 2011 and we recently

made our joint Will, taking advantage of St Luke’s

Will Month. We wanted to secure his future –

but we wanted to include a gift to St Luke’s as well.

Not to pay for nan and grandad’s care – we know

that was given freely; but remembering St Luke’s in

our Will ensures that St Luke’s can continue to be

there for our family in the future. It’s also the easiest

way for us to give a significant gift to St Luke’s.

It feels great to know that others in ‘our’ city will

benefit from that.


The remaining £211 funded 4 patients to

record their life story for their family through our

Oral History project.

4 5

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Cash and Christmas Campaigns

Cash Campaigns

A core part of our work with many of our hospice clients – we

bring over 12 years and over 200 campaigns’ worth of experience

to every appeal we create. We work alongside the fundraising

team to create a multi-media campaign that gives donors the

opportunity to make a specific, tangible gift to the hospice.

Our approach has seen appeals generate over £145,000 from

mailings sent to as few as 7,000 supporters – that’s an ROI of

almost 10:1.

Christmas Campaigns

Christmas is a crucial time for hospice fundraising – and yet

this is often an under-exploited area for income generation and

growth. We have developed a range of successful Christmas

campaigns for both adult and children’s services – and have

helped many hospices to evolve Christmas as a key

fundraising time.

We have worked very successfully with Pebblebeach

since 2009. I know that when I ask them to produce a

piece of work it will be extremely good, that they will deliver

it quickly and, importantly, I know it will be inexpensive.

Pebblebeach’s costs are less than half of what I’d expect to

pay for a full-service agency, but their service is the best I

have seen.”

Stephanie Smith, former Director of Income Generation and

Marketing, St Barnabas House and Chestnut Tree House


These new mattresses will give

absolute comfort to every patient who

comes to stay at our hospice.

If undelivered, please return to:

Fundraising Office, Martlets Hospice, Wayfield Avenue, Hove BN3 7LW

Charity Registration No: 802145

If undelivered, please return to:

Weldmar Hospicecare, Hammick House, Bridport Road, DORCHESTER DT1 3SD

Registered charity 1000414

<Mrs A B Sample-Name>

<123 Any House>

<Any Street>

<Any Town>

<Any County>

<AB1 2CD>

Di Sketchley,

Senior Staff Nurse IPU



Comfort and pain relief for our patients

These mattresses are fully automated and

fitted with alarms that will tell us if something

isn’t working as it should. The electric pump is

practically silent – our current models are much

louder and disturb both patients and family

members alike, especially overnight.

‘Please, help me to buy urgently

needed pressure-relieving

mattresses for our patients.’



Vital time saved for the nursing team

At the moment, far too much of our time is taken

up with moving patients in and out of bed, sharing

the hired-in mattress between patients. Having 14

brand new mattresses will end the need to move

our patients. That’s better for them and gives us

more time to spend nursing.

If undelivered, return to: Thames Hospice, Pine Lodge, Hatch Lane, Windsor SL4 3RW

Charity no. 1108298

The best pressure-relieving mattress

available today

The mattresses we would like to buy are made by

ArjoHuntleigh, a specialist manufacturer at the

forefront of developing new mattress technology.

Each mattress has its own computer that

monitors, many times per second, the air pressure

in each of the separate air cells and then adjusts

each cell in turn.

The mattress is wonderfully comfortable, relieving

pain and preventing pressure sores on even the

most at-risk patients. Our older mattresses only

have air cells that are positioned in the central

core and therefore do not offer complete pain

relief from pressure. The cells in these new

mattresses run from side to side and so actively

prevent pressure sores in every position.




The Snowman Spectacular Appeal 2019

for Chestnut Tree House

ree. It costs over £4

children they support;

f their care costs from

as, Chestnut Tree

spice open over the

r day – to provide care

support across Sussex

n help local life-limited

e will you make a

hildren and their

mple, one hour of

ts £35.70. A two-hour

the road every day

of £285 would pay for

e children and

y letter. Raymond

a Snowman

l appearance at the

corate the hospice.

esigned by Raymond

Chestnut will send

r children like Theo –

Our lovely family


The Snowman Spectacular Appeal 2019

for Chestnut Tree House

This Christmas please help Raymond Briggs’ beloved creation,

The Snowman, to bring care, joy and wonder to children at

Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice.

Dear Friend,

ur son Theo lived for six weeks and two days. The

Olast four weeks and two days were spent at Chestnut

Tree House, your local children’s hospice. I’m Chantelle,

Theo’s mum, and I’d like to tell you about the incredible,

passionate care Chestnut gave to my son and ask for

your help in bringing a spectacular, magical, Snowman

Christmas to every child cared for at your local children’s

hospice this year.

Theo was our first child and everything was fine until the day

before he was born. There was a problem with the umbilical

cord, which meant he was starved of oxygen. I was rushed in for

a caesarean, but it was too late. The doctors told me and my husband

Lewis that his brain had been severely damaged, that he wouldn’t survive.

I asked, “How long will he live?”. They said, “We don’t know.”

Our precious baby, Theo

Theo was in the hospital, but not responding to outside stimulation,

only breathing with the help of a machine. After one week we

decided to withdraw his breathing tube and let him slip away. But

incredibly, Theo began breathing on his own.

We had no idea what to do. We couldn’t take Theo home – so Lewis

and I were stuck in hospital, in Theo’s little room, for hours at a


That was when one of the nurses told us about Chestnut Tree House

and suggested we go and have a look. I remember driving there with

Theo and being amazed to find this huge house tucked away in the

trees (we live locally – I must have driven past

Chestnut hundreds of times and never

realised it was there).

It felt like a home. There were no sterilised corridors, no tubes, no

machines beeping. We were greeted by a lovely nurse with a smile

and shown to what would become Theo’s room – the ‘Hedgehog’


Chestnut gave Theo a brand-new cot and a teddy bear to put

next to him (we’ve still got the bear!) The nurses came and

tucked him in, talked to us about Theo, how we wanted to care

for him. They gave Lewis and me a room upstairs, but there

was a sofa-bed in Hedgehog that we could use whenever

we wanted.

If undelivered, please return to: Chestnut Tree House, 2 Titnore Lane,

Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, West Sussex, BN12 6NZ

Registered charity number 256789

The Snowman © Snowman Enterprises Ltd 2019

Help provide the very best care and support

for local hospice patients this Christmas

Little Stars



If undelivered, please return to:

Northern Ireland Hospice, Head Office, 18 O’Neill Road, Newtownabbey, BT36 6WB

Northern Ireland Hospice is a Company Limited by guarantee incorporated in Northern Ireland

and is a charity registered by the Inland Revenue. Company Registration No: NI 14817 Charity No: NIC102337

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Light up a Life and

In-Memory Fundraising

Light up a Life

A standard part of almost all hospice fundraising programmes,

we have delivered hundreds of Light up a Life (or equivalent)

campaigns – and have seen significant uplift in donations

and participation as a result. We offer expertise on both the

fundraising and event delivery aspects.

In-Memory Fundraising

In almost all cases (especially for the adult hospice sector), the

motivation behind an individual’s support is the care given to

their loved one. We’ve developed a wide range of fundraising

campaigns and products that give friends and family a way

to achieve a tangible, positive benefit for future care – in their

loved one’s name. These include summer remembrance and

celebration campaigns, memory trees, tribute funds and

materials for Funeral Directors.

Working with Pebblebeach for Northern Ireland

Hospice’s Lights to Remember Campaigns from

2017-19… what can I say? It’s been an epic adventure alongside

a team that is super talented in copy writing, design, data and

print management and much, much more. Together we’ve

generated over £573,250 from almost 14,700 gifts and hung

3,347 memory tags on our twinkling trees. Phew! Thank you

Pebblebeach for your professionalism, hard work, enthusiasm

and going the extra mile, every time!”

Elley Martin, Donor Development Manager,

Northern Ireland Hospice


Registered Charity no. 254402

Registered Charity no. 254402

Registered Charity no. 254402

Registered Charity no. 254402

StLH_FOL2015_C5Window.indd 1 24/08/2015 16:12

StLH_FOL2015_C5Window.indd 1 24/08/2015 16:12

Proudly supported by

Registered charity no. 293968

STC Memory Tree 8pp A5 brochure 2.indd 5-8 15/11/2013 17:07

15/11/2013 17:07


If undelivered, please return to:

Northern Ireland Hospice, Head Office, 18 O’Neill Road, Newtownabbey, BT36 6WB

Northern Ireland Hospice is a Company Limited by guarantee incorporated in Northern Ireland

and is a charity registered by the Inland Revenue. Company Registration No: NI 14817 Charity No: NIC102337

We invite you to

Light up a Life

I want to tell you about my husband,

Roger, who died in February; I wanted to do

everything I could for him so that when he

died, I could have as few regrets as possible

– and St Luke’s helped me to achieve that.

Festival of Light














If undelivered, please return to:

St Luke’s, Little If undelivered, Common please Lane, Sheffield, return to: S11 9NE.

St Luke’s, Little Common Lane, Sheffield, S11 9NE.

Roger was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2002;

in 2015, he was told he had terminal bowel

cancer. He simply couldn’t face chemotherapy.

It sounds strange now, but he saw the cancer as

a release from Parkinson’s.

As he became more unwell, his balance went

and he became confused and forgetful. It was

then that St Luke’s sent Karen to us and she

was an absolute joy – so gentle and caring.

Karen just talked to Roger about how he felt,

sorted his problems with pain, listened to his

endless questions about how he was going

to die.

I trained as a nurse but honestly, when it’s your

own family it’s not always as easy to be as

loving and patient as you’d be at work. When

Roger was admitted to St Luke’s for the last

two weeks of his life, I suddenly became aware

that I didn’t have to be a nurse anymore. I

could just sit and hold his hand and be his wife.

Which was so precious. I told the nurses ‘You’ve

given us the space to love him and not worry

about how to care for him.’ And they did it with

bravery and grace.

Roger and me

When someone’s really poorly, you can’t wish

they’d stay like that – you long for them to be

free from the pain and distress. When Roger’s

time came, our children were all there and my

son said to me, ‘Just get on the bed, Mum, get

on the bed with him.’ So I did.

He died in my arms surrounded by his family.

How amazing and special is that?

It’ll be my first Festival of Light this year

– a chance for me and my children and

grandchildren to remember Roger, to talk about

him together. I hope that you will join us on

what I’m sure will be a very special evening.

Mira nda

Dedicate a light to

remember and celebrate

the life of someone special

Celebrate life and share the memory

of a loved one on a St Luke’s Daisy

St Luke’s, Little Common Lane, Sheffield, S11 9NE

t: 0114 236 9911 e: info@hospicesheffield.co.uk w: www.stlukeshospice.org.uk

Dedicate a light in memory of someone special – and support

Sheffield’s Dedicate a hospice light in memory of someone special – and support

Sheffield’s hospice

INSIDE 147.5 mm BACK COVER 148.5 mm FRONT COVER 148.5 mm

St Clare’s Memory Tree – a place to honour

and remember the lives of our loved ones

Why I am Supporting Create the your St Clare Memory Tree...

by The One Show’s gardener, Christine Walkden Tribute Fund

Pilgrims Hospices,

Care for our Community

It’s so easy to place a leaf on the

Gianimus ea dus ius, initaque inverovid Itas experiti occatet veles apicipiet qui

este necaecati blatempore St Clare res Memory tem dolutatum Treeate volliqui quam, quia

Our Memory Tree is in a central position at the heart of St Clare and will be seen

Until you’ve had personal It’s experience simple to set of up hospice an Always Loved Tribute Fund to honour your loved one. To create an

daily by all who come to the Hospice.

care you don’t realise just online how fund wonderful where family the and friends can contribute their gifts, messages and memories,

St Clare Hospice – delivering outstanding

My beautiful wife Janet died in 1999, but I

care and support is. I think please anybody visit alwaysloved.pilgrimshospices.org. who has

If you would like more information please

The Memory Tree is a piece of art that covers one of the main walls in our reception

still miss her every day. She was diagnosed

had that association will




always support

or call us on 01227 782062 and we will talk

area. It is an Olive tree (symbolising peace care and harmony) for made local up of people a handcarved

trunk and branches, with hundreds of leaves. We offer three types of leaf:

knew she couldn’t be cured the Hospice apis nimaxim iliquatem quam, quia commodi tiusandus, aut vendem quatece

and creating positive you through how to get started.

with cancer in 1995 and as soon as we

the hospice movement. My experience

memories for ones was amazingly positive. Or, My if friend you prefer received to create an offline fund, please fill in the form below and return to us by

gold, silver and bronze. Each leaf carries an inscription – the name of your loved

became a vital part of both our lives.

post. We will write to confirm that everything is in place and send you an Always Loved update

voluptinciet verionem is sit eossincius archil ea consed ulloris ipsapit atquodit,

unbelievable support not only for him but also

one – and is a simple, beautiful tribute to the memory of someone special.

every six months.

eium incti voluptis dolum lis et et velia quis illabori ut rat quame conescim

Janet enjoyed coming into the Hospice

St Clare is the hospice for local

for the whole family; they made the experience

et peri simolor eptatio ritatus enihit voluptaquiae volorem fugitias escium ut

Your leaf will stay on our Memory Tree for one year. At the end of this time, you will

weekly to see the Day Therapists, have a

people across West Essex and the

as peaceful and pain-free First, as possible. please tell us the name of your loved one:

ini apidunt audigen imoluptum quo liqui doluptatur?

be offered the chance to renew your leaf for a further year, or we will return your

massage or Memory things like that – it allowed us to Tree

East Hertfordshire border. Since

moluptatet occus.Quaspis ulpa nobis

leaf for you to keep.

cope with the disease better and lessened

1990, over 6,000 people have come

volore ditium rerrum que laut il et qui ut

Cipidunt erio omnis elendist fugia

any discomfort Janet had. I retired early to

through our doors and we’ve treated

Please tell us about your relationship to them (e.g. wife, father, friend): Place a loved quiae. one’s name

conseni amuscimus maximi, iunte am,

Every leaf delivers care

look after her and the Hospice helped me to

cones in prae dolore peliberupta sitaese

each and every one as an individual,

on the St Clare

understand what was happening to Cipidunt Memory

her and erio omnis elendist fugia quiant omniet qui teni dolorempedis aut

We offer three types of leaves and ask for a each minimum life as contribution a life to be celebrated. for each leaf.

Were they a patient at Pilgrims Hospices? Yes No taught me how to look after her changing conseni amuscimus maximi, iunte am, archit aped et harum, tem. Aquiasimaios

Every single leaf will help to pay for the costs Our of simple care for objective our patients. is to bring Hospices are very

Tree and help to grow

needs. I also went for counselling your local and cones hospice I still in prae dolore peliberupta sitaese nus a volupti corest, corupis totaquam il

peace and happiness to the lives of

Now, please let us know your contact details:

Bronze: £85

Silver: £220

Gold: £480

find the need sometimes to sit down quiant with omniet qui teni dolorempedis aut

special places

mos sant quos re voluptatur?

our patients for their final days and

care service

someone and talk, even now.

archit aped et harum, tem. Aquiasimaios


First Name:

give their families positive, lasting

nus a volupti corest, corupis totaquam il

memories of their loved ones. Our


After Janet died I made a donation to mos the sant quos re voluptatur?

dedicated team of nurses, support

Hospice but it wasn’t until I had come to

staff and volunteers work tirelessly


Qui temporemquam ut eos apient et

terms more fully with her passing that I

quam, temperro minvelles ab iurio. Cabo.

to provide the very best end-of-life

decided I wanted to volunteer. I’ve been


This will be the name of your loved one, friend or someone dear to you. If you

care. We believe that there is no finer

coming to St Clare now for the last six or

Bronze Silver


have a question or would like some advice, please call our team on 01279 773750.

care available.

Email: My leaf will honour so years and I do what I can to help the



(minimum contribution £480)

staff, as a volunteer driver and also on the

contribution £85) contribution £220)


A gold leaf pays for a full 24

my wife’s memory reception desk on Wednesdays.

A bronze leaf

A silver leaf pays for hours’ care for one of our

Funds received will be used in

We will send you an update That about desk your is just Always across Loved from the Memory

pays for the whole all of our day therapy Inpatients here at St Clare.

accordance with Pilgrims





to care

Fund every six months Tree wall and and let you I was know determined how to have one

Once we receive and accept your order form (opposite) we will send you a

cost of a home care here at the Every day at the Hospice is

vision to ensure that people with a your support is making a

for people just

of difference the very at first Pilgrims, leaves usually for Janet. In a way,

terminal illness and their family and by letter or email. We’d also like to tell you about

certificate to confirm the spelling of your inscription. Please check this very

visit from a clinical Hospice for one hour. memorable and important. For We rely on

it’s me showing her that I’m still thinking

friends are supported and empowered the different ways you can get involved at Pilgrims

carefully and let us know within 10 days if you would like to make any changes.

nurse specialist. This allows patients some families, it will be the last

to live well in mind and like body until her the Hospices and grow your


fund. If









this time. I’ll be able

In this time we can living with cancer time they can all be together your support

very last moment of their life.

to receive this information, to see please it every tick here. time I come in. And, it’s a

make our patient and other life-limiting with their loved one. Our

real comfort to know that my contribution

comfortable, review conditions to have dedicated, professional nursing St Clare is an independent charity,

Please let us know how you heard about Always Loved Tribute is Funds: going to pay for just a little bit of the care


Canterbury Thanet

their medication soothing massage, team ensure that everyone not part of the NHS and we fund

Hythe Road 56 London Road Ramsgate Road

Nurses/Care team At an event that was so important to me and Janet.

the majority of the care we provide

Leaflet at Hospice Website

and help family aromatherapy or who stays with us receives the

We will call you Willesborough to let you know Canterbury when your leaf is placed Margate on the tree and you are


St Clare

In fact,


for every


single Social Road, Media Hastingwood, Essex Word CM17 of mouth 9JX

members to give physiotherapy – all best possible care and that


welcome to come Ashford to St Clare’s Hospice CT2 8JA building in CT9 Hastingwood 4AD and see the

General Enquiries 01279 773700

their loved one treatments that greatly our patients can face their last £1 we spend, we need to raise

Memory Tree TN24 – and 0NE your leaf – for yourself.


the best personal improve their quality of days in peace, with dignity and 70p through donations and other

St Clare Hospice is a registered charity Now, No. 1063631 please turn over to start


life and well-being. without pain.

voluntary St Clare sources. Hospice So, is a we registered rely upon company No. 3398955

your Always Loved Tribute Fund.

www.pilgrimshospices.org Supporter Relations: 01227 782062

the generosity of local people and

Tony Shattock

organisations to keep our doors open

to local people who are approaching

After a year, we will write to you automatically and ask you whether you

the end of their days and in need of

would like to renew your leaf or whether you would like us to take it

our support.

down from the tree and send it back to you to keep.

Your inscription here

Your inscription here

Your inscription here

Marion Jutta

Ivy Aldred

Michael Trench

Daisy Haylock

Simon Boyce

Phoebe Lace

Archie White

Edward Smith

Sandra Be l

Jeff Whittick


1. Choose your leaf

Your inscription here

2. Write your inscription

3. Confirm your inscription

4. Come and see it

5. Renew or keep

Your inscription here

Your inscription here

To dedicate a leaf on St Clare’s Memory

Tree, please fill in the form below

Your choice of leaf (please tick one):

Bronze (minimum contribution £85)

Silver (minimum contribution £220)

Gold (minimum contribution £480)

Your inscription:

Please write the name you would like to be engraved in the boxes below.

You have a maximum of 26 characters per leaf, including punctuation and spaces.

Please indicate clearly upper and lower case and leave a blank space between

each word.






Celebrate a life

Please write your inscription here:

Tribute Funds

If you would like to order more than one leaf, please use a photocopy of this form,

or call our Fundraising Team on 01279 773750 and we will be happy to send out

additional forms.

Please complete your details on the next page.

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



Lottery and Raffle Campaigns

Raffle campaigns

We’re expert in the creation and delivery of raffle campaigns

– and have delivered significant income increases for many

hospices. Beginning with audience selection, we identify the

best raffle prospects and determine how many tickets each

individual should receive via our sophisticated ticket-book logic

methodology. Our raffle campaigns are bright, positive and

cost-effective and contain a range of selling points to maximise

take-up. We’re also able to advise on new supporter recruitment

through raffle campaigns.

Lottery campaigns

We offer a full range of lottery support services. From initial

recruitment, through to a welcome and communication process

to lapsed reactivation activities and materials. We also offer

insight into how to diversify lottery player giving – providing

opportunities to become event participants, cash donors and

even legacy pledgers.

The team at Pebblebeach are fantastic to work

with and have become an extension of our small

fundraising team. They are always on hand to share their

knowledge and expertise with us, from data segmentation

and copy writing to design and print mail production. They

recently lead on the development and delivery of our New

Year raffle mailing, offering fresh perspective and ideas

resulting in an eye catching design, achieving great

financial results.”

Linzi Warburton, Head of Fundraising, Trinity Hospice


Registered Charity no. 511009

Registered Charity no. 511009

To the Manager of:


Building Society



Funds raise

provide spe

Registered C

If undelivered, return to: Prospect Hospice, Moormead Road, Wroughton, Swindon SN4 9BY

Registered Charity No. 280093

Spring raffle


£5,000 in cash prizes to be won!


<Address 1>

<Address 2>

<Address 3>

<Address 4>


Join our spring raffle – and

help local people get the care

they need in 2020


If undelivered, please return to: Trinity Hospice, Low Moor Road, Bispham, Blackpool, FY2 0BG

<Title> <Firstname> <Surname>






Supporter Reference No: <ConstituentNo>



in 2020!

te of


only be

just the

ply call us

. Please read

y for more





nds raised

et out in its

alliative care

and see how


r the Gambling

ty Hospice &

ore information







Christmas Trinity Hospice Appeal

Chestnut Low Moor Tree Road House

2 BLACKPOOL Titnore Lane




BN12 6NZ

Welcome to the

Brian House


Registered charity

no. 256789

CTH Xmas DM 2014 115x162.indd 1 03/10/2014 08:53

Charity Registration

No: 511009

Part of the

Trinity Hospice


Win up to


Registered Charity No. 511009. Licensed with the

Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005

(www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk). Promoter: D. Houston,

CEO, Trinity Hospice & Palliative Care Services, Low Moor

Road, Bispham, Blackpool, FY2 0BG. For more information

or to view our Terms & Conditions please visit


01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com


Join the

Trinity Hospice Lottery!

We promote responsible gambling. If gambling is causing

you a problem, for confidential support and advice contact:

GamCare UK on 0845 6000 133 or visit www.gamcare.org.uk.

Be in with a chance to win £1,000 each week –

You can also sign up to our lottery online at:

Yes, I want to join the Trinity Hospice Lottery for my

The Trinity Hospice Lottery www.trinityhospice.co.uk/support-us/lottery.

– your

Macy’s story

and help local people with chance life-limiting to win each conditions

week – and help provide hospice

The Trinity Hospice Lottery covers both our adult and

receive the care and support care they to special need people across the Fylde coast.

chance to win £1,000 every week! 1st Prize

Mum was my best mate. She was lovely and

For just £1 per week, you could win children’s the top prize hospices, of however, funds raised from your

so funny. She’d help you with anything.

1. Please tell us about you:

£1,000 – or one of 12 other cash prizes! membership Join today will be directed £1,000

towards Trinity Hospice.

We used to go out every weekend together, for

Title: First Name: Surname:

and soon you could be celebrating a big win!

coffee, just to talk about things.


And, each time you play, you help patients and families

But Mum got cervical and lung cancer.

across the Fylde coast receive the care Trinity and support Hospice they


desperately need.

When she went into Trinity, I was

Email address:

Low Moor Road, Bispham, Blackpool, FY2 0BG doing my GCSEs and it really

Please tick here if you are happy for us to contact you by email.

scared me. But Trinity was all

t: 01253 359362

right actually. We were there

w: www.trinityhospice.co.uk 2nd Prize

2. Now, tell us how many chances you’d like to win £1,000 and how you’d like to

every day and all the nurses

pay for your Trinity Lottery Membership:

Playing the Trinity Hospice Lottery £300 helped me through a lot.

I’d like this many chances to win each month:

makes a world of difference to

I passed my exams thanks

1 play, for £4.34 per month 2 plays, for £8.68 per month 3 plays, for £13.02 per month

to them.

local people.

Please fill in the form below to start a Direct Debit to the Trinity Lottery

We welcomed our first patient to Trinity Hospice in 1985

On Prom night, I wanted to be

(Direct Debit is the best way for us to receive your joining fees – it means we don’t need to send

– and we are the only hospice serving the Fylde coast.

there with mum before I went; the

reminders and also makes it easier for you to budget. Alternatively – please contact us on

We offer a wide range of clinical and supporting services,

nurses put up banners and I got

01253 359362 to discuss other ways to pay for your Lottery membership.)

all completely free of charge, to enable local people 3rd Prize

ready in her room, and they even

with life-limiting conditions to live full, rewarding lives –

helped with hair and makeup. Mum

Me and Mum on 3. Instruction to your Bank or Building Society to pay by Direct Debit

for however long they have. We’re there for the patient £100

was very ill but it was a good day – because

my prom night Please fill in the form below and send it to: Trinity Hospice & Palliative Care Services,

through the whole of their end-of-life journey; and there

Low Moor Road, Bispham, Blackpool FY2 0BG

for the family after they have passed.

we got to be together.

Name(s) of account holder(s)

Service user number.

It costs more than £8 million to keep Trinity Hospice’s

Mum is gone now, but Trinity has become

2 5 0 3 6 0

doors open every day of the year – and that’s why each

a big part of my life. I go back in now and

Bank or Building Society account no.

again, to see everyone and to talk. It’s nice to

Reference (For office use only)

£1 play adds up; last year alone, our hospice Lottery

helped pay for the care of over 250 patients in our

10 win see all the friendly faces there and to think of

community and here at the hospice.


my wonderful Mum.

Instruction to your Bank or Building Society

Branch Sort Code: - -

Please pay Trinity Hospice & Palliative Care Services

There will be more people, more families, who’ll need our


Direct Debits from the account detailed in this

Name and full postal address of your

expert, specialist care in the years to come. Your Lottery

instruction subject to the safeguards assured by

bank or building society:

the Direct Debit Guarantee. I understand that this

membership will help us to be there for them when they

instruction may remain with Trinity Hospice & Palliative

call on us.

Care Services and if so, details will be passed

It’s easy to be a life-changer…

electronically to my Bank/Building society.

Join the Trinity Hospice Lottery today and you’ll get

the chance to win – and the chance to support vital

Just fill in the form opposite with your details,

local hospice care.

fold, stick and pop in the post!

Postcode: Date:

You can choose from one, two or an extremely lucky

three plays per week and pay for this however you like –

by Direct Debit, cheque, credit/debit card or in cash here

at the hospice.

Win up to


Banks and Building Societies may not accept Direct Debits for some types of accounts.

Please note: your Direct Debit will be taken on the 1st of each month. We will send you notification of your

Direct Debit guarantee along with your membership card. Thank you.


4. Are y

I con

I am

5. Trini

From tim

your su

Please t



We will n

own use

a specia

the exte

care and



If you w



would p

6. Now

in touc

Thank y


Low Moo

t: 01253

w: www.t

Regular Giving

The ultimate ambition for most hospices is to move individual

supporters onto a regular giving platform – providing

predictable, long-term income that’s easy to maintain and

administer. We can provide the audience targeting, the

communications programme and the materials to maximise this

important income stream.

Support your

local hospice

service with a

regular gift

Help us to care

for people near

you every day

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Specialist In-Patient care,

the very best available

We provide dedicated In-Patient Care

at our centres in Lincoln and Grantham.

These bright, homely centres offer

highly specialist residential end-of-life

care for people – right across

Lincolnshire – whose conditions are

serious or complex enough to require

intensive, round-the-clock nursing care.

Our centres are warm, non-clinical

places of care, with no strict rules or set

visiting times, even pets are allowed!


per month will help to

fund the exceptionally

specialist care some of

our patients need

The patients we welcome to our

hospice In-Patient Units are increasingly

those with highly complex conditions,

often people with multiple terminal

diagnoses. Also, over the last few years,

we have seen a significant increase

in patients living with dementia. The

medical needs of these patients present

us with enormous challenges. But, our

goal remains the same – to alleviate

their symptoms as much as we can and

allow each person to live their life as

fully as they are able.

Our In-Patient nursing teams work 365

days of the year, 24 hours every day.

Your regular gift will give them the

support they need, helping them to

welcome more seriously ill people

into a welcoming, positive care


“It’s wonderful when

we can help someone

to feel so much better that

they can go home again

– that’s a real victory for



Mary Willis, Staff Nurse


“Our hospice buildings

are lovely places to be.

So light and airy, windows

looking out over the garden.

Patients love those views.”


Judy McLaughlin,

Deputy Team Leader


8 9

We worked with Pebblebeach to create and launch

our first dedicated Regular Giving Appeal. Their

cohesive service was invaluable. Their practical no nonsense

approach, reaching out to specific supporter segments,

proved highly effective. With Pebblebeach’s support we were

able to increase Direct Debit sign ups significantly within

weeks of the launch and have the resources to continue to

promote Regular Giving.”

April Whitehead, Individual Giving Manager,

Weldmar Hospicecare


Whatever the challenge your hospice faces –

Pebblebeach offers a solution.

All our specialist hospice consultancy and fundraising services

are available to you. We’d love to discuss any aspect of your

fundraising needs.

Just give us a call or drop us an email. Our friendly team will be

very happy to speak to you.

01273 323129 hello@pebblebeachfundraising.com



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