Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - March 2020


Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - March 2020

The Central Valley Corvette Club was

chartered in 1991 for the owners of the only

real AMERICAN sports car, the awesome

CORVETTE. It's a social organization with

activities that provide enjoyment for the true

Corvette lover.










Club activities include monthly meetings,

car shows, weekend Club activities,

overnighters, picnics, road rallies, summer

cruises, holiday get-to-gathers and more!

Eligibility for membership in CVC is

defined in Article III, section 1 of the

bylaws in part as follows: "Membership in

Central Valley Corvettes shall be open to all

Corvette owners who are sponsored by a

member in good standing. Additionally, a

prospective member must, within a three

month period, attend two consecutive

meetings, participate in two club sanctioned

social activities, pay current membership

dues and initiation fees, and be approved by

two-thirds vote of membership present at a

general membership meeting by secret


Sponsors shall be responsible for advising

prospective member of results. All members

must submit proof of personal insurance in

accordance with California State Law upon

application for membership, and all

members must be a member of the

association providing club liability insurance


A prospective member who does not have a

sponsor will be provided one by the

membership committee. Non-members may

not participate in more than three meetings

or two sanctioned activities as per CVC


CVC membership dues are $67.00 plus an

initiation fee of $35.00. Membership entitles

two members at the same address voting

privileges at meetings (provided they are in

good standing) and membership rights.

Please feel free to contact the membership

chairperson, LeighAnne Severance @

593-0208 or any officer on the following



Mike Lebda




Jeff Engelman




LeighAnne Severance




Kathy Marine




Lynne Henenfent



Mission Statement / Officers..... 2-3

A Word from our President.......... 4

Secretary’s Minutes.................. 5-6

Birthdays & Anniversaries............ 7

In the Garage w/Charlie……….. 8-14

CVC Activities............................ 15

CVC Event Flyers.................. 16-24

San Luis Wildlife Run Pics…….25-26

Sweethearts Run Pics……...... 27-28

From our Sponsor, Ed Dena....... 29


Dick Danielsen




Chuck Laningham




Linda Laningham




Charlie Fosnaugh



…a word from our President!

Here we are and another month on the

books. The mystery tour is still a mystery but

hopefully things will come together soon.

Things are picking up when it comes to

events so let’s keep them coming. We are

also welcoming new members each month

which is also a good thing.

A lot of our members are talking about

buying a C8 corvette. I wonder who will

receive the first one in our club and how

many will actually take the plunge. I want a

convertible myself and have not been able to

talk to a dealer about ordering one.

I am still trying to get my handle around this

job, and I ask that you bear with me as I

learn how to do it. Hopefully I will get it

down pat by the end of the year. It isn’t a

real hard job, and anyone can probably do

this, but I want to do it right.

As we enter the Easter season, keep those

who are dealing with health issues in your

prayers. Be safe and until next time, zoom,

zoom, zoom!

Michael Lebda, President






The General meeting was called to order by Mike

Lebda at 6:30 PM. Mike opened the meeting by

reminding members that minutes will no longer be

read at the meeting. Several copies of January’s

minutes were available for members’ review.

Effective March, members will be asked to approve

or amend minutes as published on website.

Secretary – Kathy Marine – Mike Hayes made a

motion to accept the minutes as published on

website. Leighanne Severance seconded the


Treasurer’s Report - Lynn Henenfent gave the

Treasurer’s report. She also stated $265.00 was

collect in raffle ticket sales. Freida is very busy as

members eagerly purchase raffle tickets in hope of

being a winner.

VP of Public Relations/Membership – Leighanne

Severance announced 5 birthdays which were

cheerfully serenaded to and 3 anniversaries for

February. By a quick luck of a draw and a moment of

riveting pause, Bob and Kathy Marine had a little

more reason to celebrate as winners of a $25.00

Yosemite Falls Café gift card.

New club members, Randy and Cori Ray (sponsored

by Larry and Janet King); and, Araceli and Wayne

DeCamp (sponsored by Steve and Lydia Garcia)

were initiated and awarded with their membership

bag and club badges. Larry and Janet King, and,

Steve and Lydia Garcia earned a $50.00 Yosemite

Falls Café gift card for new member referral.

Guests Ron and June Dawson (brother and sisterin-law

of Dave and Lupe Dawson) were welcomed

at the meeting. They drive a 2005 yellow corvette.

VP of Activities – Jeff Engleman informed the

members of upcoming runs and activities. Each run

leader gave a brief synopsis of either their future

planned run or described the highlights and

memorable moments of their recently held run.

See Run/Activity Schedule published in the

newsletter for planned runs or contact run leaders

with any questions regarding their run.

Parliamentarian: Mike asked Dick Danielsen for his

input or comments.

Old Business - Mike queried the room for old

business. After a brief discussion, Mike proposed to

increase club donation to Kroekerville picnic from

$1,000.00 to $2,000.00. Keith made a motion to

accept proposed increase. Charlotte seconded the

motion. Increase donation was accepted by

unanimous vote.

May’s general meeting will not have a quorum

since majority of Board members will be traveling.

Mike presented several options for members’

consideration: (1) have meeting 1 week early, (2)

hold meeting at picnic, or (3) forgo May’s general

meeting. To be discussed further.

Jennie Schwan contacted club. Her membership

fees will be reimbursed. Charlie is continuing his

efforts evaluating a program to simplify CVC’s

newsletter publication, members’ website access

and club transactions. A trial period access has been

provided to the Board. More information to follow.

New Business: Mike queried the room or new

business. Mike explained his thoughts of CVC

serving the community by either sponsoring or

helping at charity events. He asked for members’


Sunshine and Clouds: Linda Laningham – It was the

month of hearts and thoughts of loved ones. Good

news and memorable moments were shared.

Sergeant-of-Arms: Chuck Laningham – Alias, “twobuck

Chuck” was foiled again. All members wore

their badge.

Next General Meeting: To be held at Yosemite Falls

Café, March 17, 2020, at 6:30 PM.

Next Board Meeting: To be held at Engleman

home, Wednesday, February 26, 2020, at 3:00 PM.

Members are welcome to attend Board meetings.

Please inform Club President of your attendance.

General Meeting Adjourned: Joyce made a

motion to adjourn meeting at 7:17 PM. Tom

seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathy Marine, Club Secretary

Thank you to the following members for their raffle prize donation: Danielsen, DeCamp, Engleman,

Fosnaugh, S&L Garcia, J&S Garcia, Garrahan, Garrison, Henderson, Henenfent, Jarvis, M&J King, Kroeker,

Laningham, Lebda, Marine, Null, Piercy, Ray, Renna, Severance, Tavares, Tjerrild.

Congratulations to Randy and Cori Ray, and, Ron and June Dawson on their $50.00 winnings!

Congratulations to Bob & Kathy

Marine for winning the Anniversary

Gift Card drawing!

Congratulations to Randy & Cori Ray

Receiving their New Members bag

from sponsors Steve & Lidia Garcia!

Fred Parks Mar 3 Patricia Garrahan Mar 4

Debbie Anderson Mar 8 Bob Marine Mar 8

Mike Henenfent Mar 11 Andy Anderson Mar 14

Vickie Garrison Mar 20 Jeff Engleman Mar 22 LeighAnne Severance

Stephanie Engleman Mar 22

Darlene Derringer Mar 27 V.P. Public Relations

Joe Garcia Mar 27 Jill Rosen Mar 29 and Membership

Steve & Jill Rosen Mar 19, 2000

20 Years

Remember to wear your name badge or CVC shirt with your name on

it to all club meetings and events. 50 cent fine without it at meetings.

Support your club raffle by bringing a raffle

prize and thanks for that.

Recommend our web site as you get a chance.


‘In the Garage’ w/Charlie

'Flying Car Mode' and other Secrets

of the 2020 Corvette Stingray

LAS VEGAS — Evading helicopter surveillance and channeling the spirit of the

“godfather of the Corvette” were business as usual for GM engineers developing the

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, code-named C8 because it’s the eighth-generation

of the sports car. The first mid-engined production car in Corvette history, the new

Stingray had near-mythic status before it ever turned a wheel, and has won nearly

every major new car award since it debuted in 2019. The first production models will

arrive at dealers in late February or early March.

Chevrolet engineers and designers wanted to make a mid-engine ‘Vette since at least

1960, when legendary engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov led creation of Chevrolet

Engineering Research Vehicle No. 1, or CERV I. Zora, a brilliant engineer and racing

driver who transformed the 1950s Corvette from a car that was lovely but slow into

America’s great sports car, wanted to move the engine from the nose to behind the

passenger compartment. Called mid-engined, that arrangement lets cars use more

power than the traditional front-engine layout because the engine’s weight over the

rear wheels keeps the tires from spinning when the driver floors it.

“We could add horsepower, but we weren’t making the car faster,” chief engineer Ed

Piatek said of front-engine Corvettes. Through the decades, GM engineers and

designers created one proposal after another for mid-engine ‘Vettes. None made it to

production. After a saga like that, it’s no surprise the 2020 Corvette Stingray generated

stories of its own.

‘Nothing to see here. I’m just an Australian pickup.’

Plans to build a mid-engine Corvette were closely held even within GM. Around 2014,

the team built a card-access only room inside an already-secure corner of GM’s tech

center for the first prototype. Code name Blackjack, the two-seater hid the C8’s

chassis and suspension under what appeared to be the body of the Holden Ute, a

sporty car-based pickup made by GM’s Australian brand. “It was a convenient shape

to hide a mid-engine layout,” C8 lead development engineer Mike Petrucci said.

The only actual Holden parts on Blackjack are the brand’s chrome badge, headlights,

outside mirrors and taillights, but the ruse worked. The one-of-a-kind “mule,” as

development vehicles are sometimes called, served for two years of development

drives — frequently at night, so not even other GM engineers would see it — at GM’s

proving grounds in Milford and Yuma, Arizona.

Building Blackjack — by hand, of course — took eight months. The interior came from

the C7 Corvette that was in production. Its body panels were handmade fiberglass,

carefully shaped to look like a Ute while covering the C8’s bones. Those bones,

incidentally, were milled from 7,000 pounds of aluminum ingots, work done secretly at

other GM facilities. In addition to Blackjack, the C8 team considered mules that looked

like station wagons and vans, two other body styles that would allow them to hide the

fact that the engine compartment was behind, not in front of, the passengers.

‘Incoming. Hide the ‘Vette!’

Despite GM’s secrecy, rumors leaked out that a mid-engine ‘Vette was again under

consideration. It immediately became the top target for spy photographers, who

specialize in getting pictures of vehicles automakers are developing. Confirmation that

a mid-engine ‘Vette was coming, and good photos of the fabled project, could make

somebody’s career, not to mention a stack of dough higher than the car. In addition to

staking out GM’s proving grounds and areas automakers develop vehicles — Death

Valley in the summer, Finland in winter — some photographers hired helicopters to fly

over the Milford proving grounds. Buzzing Yuma was verboten, its air space restricted

because of nearby U.S. military installations.

By this time, Blackjack had been replaced by mules that, while still disguised, were

clearly for a two-seat sports car. A single clear photo would let the cat out of the bag.

The answer was a better bag: A fabric car cover designed to be folded and stowed

between the development car’s seats. You can hear helicopters before you see them

in Milford’s wooded, rolling landscape. Development drivers were told to keep the

windows open a crack, pull over, leap out and unfurl the car cover over the mule at

the first sound of rotors. They drilled to perfect covering it quickly and refolding the

cover precisely for fast deployment next time. They succeeded, standing next to the

covered car and waving at choppers overhead on at least a dozen occasions.

A wing like no other

A close look at the tall black wing rising above Blackjack’s tailgate reveals that it’s

upside down, the exact opposite of the profile you see on race cars. While most

automotive wings generate aerodynamic downforce — air pressure that pushes the

vehicle down so it doesn’t leave the ground at high speed — Blackjack’s wing actually

creates aerodynamic lift, like a plane’s wing.

That’s because wind tunnel tests showed Blackjack’s cobbled together body had

aerodynamic lift at the nose. That’d be unacceptable in a production car, but since

Blackjack’s body would never be built, the only thing that mattered was that its

aerodynamic profile be equal front and rear. Creating downforce would be the

production body’s job.

In addition, the two stanchions supporting the wing double as air intakes to cool the

engine mounted under what appeared to be a tonneau cover on the pickup bed.

The C8’s performance targets — speed, aerodynamics, braking, fuel efficiency, etc.

—were set during hundreds of thousands of computer tests before Blackjack was built.

What would Zora do?

GM had never built a car like the C8, so the engineering team had to invent many

processes on the fly. “At every turn, we asked ourselves, ‘What would Zora do?’ ”

Piatek said.

Zora Arkus-Duntov, widely called the godfather of the Corvette because he led the

car’s development for an unprecedented 20 years, pushed the performance envelope

at GM from the day he joined the company in 1953, first and foremost by making

Corvettes faster and better.

Never afraid to ruffle feathers, while working at GM, Duntov took time off to drive for

Porsche at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race, winning once. Legend has it he got

company approval by promising to bring back competitive intelligence about Porsche,

but he also helped the German automaker improve its performance with suspension

modifications. When he retired in 1975, Duntov’s parting words to Dave McLellan, his

successor as chief engineer, were reportedly that the mid-engine Corvette was now in

his hands.

To ensure every member of the C8 team understood the legacy they had the

opportunity to complete, they wore bright yellow — the color of Corvette race cars that

have won many Le Mans races — and “What Would Zora Do?” wristbands, making

that the standard for decision making.

Flying car mode

The optional adaptive Magnetic Ride Control shock absorbers talk to the Corvette’s

traction control system, a feature that comes in handy at high speeds on the track,

vehicle performance manager Alex MacDonald said.

Why? Because when a car goes airborne at very high speeds, normal traction control

senses the rear wheels spinning and responds as if they were on ice or another

slippery surface: It slows them.

That’s a handy feature in normal driving, but slowing the powered wheels costs you

time on the race track. That’s why, in performance traction mode, the front shocks

communicate that they’ve got no weight on them — meaning they’re in the air.

The rear wheels will inevitably follow, but the traction control is told to ignore it and

keep sending power when they start spinning, because it knows all four wheels will be

on the ground again momentarily. The result, a quicker lap time.

Memory for obstacles

Front bumpers and air splitters that hug the ground look good and improve

performance, but they’re easy to damage on steep driveways and tall parking blocks.

The Corvette’s suspension can raise the nose an inch to avoid such obstacles.

An optional feature called GPS-based front lift can remember up to 1,000 spots where

you raised the nose. When you approach one, it raises the nose an inch at up to 25

mph. A front camera can also be used to look down from the nose to spot obstacles

when parking.

2020 Corvette Stingray fun facts

74% of orders so far are for the coupe, 26% for the convertible, which doesn’t go into

production til April.

The most popular color is Torch Red.

GT2 seats with carbon fiber trim are most popular.

There are 2,600 C7 Corvettes left at dealers, expected to fall to 2,000 by March 1 st .

“Corvette Academy” features 24 videos on the 2020 Stingray’s development and features!

Article by: Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press Published Feb. 21, 2020

Contact Mark Phelan: 313-222-6731 or mmphelan@freepress.com. Follow him on Twitter

@mark_phelan. Read more on autos and sign up for our autos newsletter.




Spring is here, time to see the west in our Corvettes! Check out the great events planned

below. But, there is always room for more! If you are thinking about a run for the first time

myself and the board are available to help. You can also think about teaming up with someone.

I can also help you with the flyer for the newsletter if needed. Before locking in a date for your

run be sure to let me know so I can make sure there are no conflicts with other events.

Thank you!

Jeff Engleman, VP Activities, Central Valley Corvettes

Date(s): 2020 Upcoming Events: Meet at: Run Leaders:

Mar 7 Cars and Coffee, Harris Ranch 6:30 am King's

Mar 25-29 Laughlin/Oatman Run 8:30 am Garrison's

Apr 10 David Dukes Birthday Visit TBA Duke's

Apr 22 Spring Lunch/Ice Cream Run 11:30 am Henderson’s

Apr 25 Clovis Rodeo Parade & Lunch 7:45 am Fosnaugh’s

May 3 7 th Annual CVC Kroekerville Picnic Noon Null/Henderson

May 28-31 Sonoma Speed Festival TBA TBA

TBA CSUF Downing Planetarium TBA Engelman’s

Jul 18 Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater 5:30 pm Henenfent’s

Oct 18-23 Nevada / Vegas Run TBA Engelman/Hansen

Dominos 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month



Cars and Coffee, Harris Ranch

Saturday March 7, 2020

We will leave from Fresno at 6:30 am from the parking lot of Carl's

Jr. at Jensen and Hwy 99 in Fresno. Then head to Harris Ranch in

Coalinga for a 'Cars and Coffee' event. The event will be held at the

Harris Ranch Inn parking lot. Complimentary coffee will be

provided. There will be prizes, raffles and more! These events draw

large numbers of cars and enthusiasts. It starts at 8 am and ends at 10

am. You will also be free to have breakfast/lunch at Harris Ranch if

you wish. There is no charge to bring a car or attend the event. All

cars are welcome, you are free to bring your Corvette or another

vehicle if you wish.

Contact Larry King 908-0495

Talk to Larry King for more information.



Meet at Carl's Jr, Jensen & 99, at 8:30 AM for a drivers meeting!

March 25, 2020March 29, 2020

Leaving at 9:00 AM on the 25th!!








Rate $35.00 $89.00

Resort fee $15.00 $15.00

Occ. Tax 12.5% 12.5%

Total Per Night $56.26 $117.01




For other information contact Debbie Garrison 355-9548



**If you use a debit/credit card to check in, a hold may be placed on your card account for the full anticipated amount for 72 hours

from the date of check out or longer at the discretion of your card issuer. Must be 21 or older.

All your Corvette

buddies will be



Great afternoon

spring outing


APRIL 22,2020


Event Description Heading

We will be headed to Three Rivers for lunch at Sierra Subs and

salads. The best sandwiches around with a nice view of the river

from the upper deck. The place is rated 5 stars on Yelp. After

lunch we will head up the road to Reimers ice cream shop for our

usual ice cream fix. We then have a choice of going to the Three

Rivers Historical Museum just down the road a little, or just

heading towards home. Everyone can decide at that time what

they want to do.

You have to try

one of their great




You know you

want to go with

your friends


Driving Corvettes

on scenic twisty


If coming by way of 99 Fwy, exit at Sierra St and go East at the

end of the ramp. Cross the railroad tracks and Save Mart is on the


MEET AT 11:30 AM

909 Sierra St. Kingsburg,CA

Save Mart Parking Lot North

East end across the street

from ACE Hardware. For

more info Glenn Henderson



In the Clovis Rodeo’s

Annual Parade!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Meet at:



Judy’s Donuts in The Trading Post Center on the SE corner of Herndon & Clovis Ave.

Donuts & Coffee from 7:45 to 8:00 am - No later than 8:00 am, Saturday morning.

We leave at 8:05 am to the parade staging area (Barstow, just west of Sunnyside).

We MUST be in place on Jefferson before 8:30 am as they close all of the streets in the area.

We will wait on Barstow approximately ½ to 1 hour until we are called on to line up.

Parade Theme: Looking to the Future!

Wear/Bring: You’re Patriotic Cap & CVC Shirt / “Future” Decor, Water, Chair, Umbrella, etc.



ABSOLUTELY NO BURN-OUT OF TIRES. If one car spins its tires, we will all be escorted off

the parade route and never be invited back again. No throwing of candy or trinkets.

(Only walkers may hand out goodies). Yes, you MAY honk, wave, smile and sing!

We will meet up after the Parade at Red Robin, SE corner Shaw/Clovis for Lunch / Ice Cream

Contact: Charlie Fosnaugh at fosnaugh@comcast.net or 281-2876

Sign up by the April 21 th Meeting!

Please Join us

For our 7 th Annual

Central Valley Corvettes

Spring Picnic!

At “Kroekerville”

Sunday May 3 rd

Starts 12:00 noon

Lunch at 1:00 pm

Kroeker Inc.

4627 S Chestnut Ave

Fresno, CA 93725

There will be a salsa contest and a dessert contest with prizes!

Balloon Toss, left-right-center game, and other games with prizes!

Includes a Catered Rib and Chicken Lunch

with green beans, rice and a roll

$5.00 per person by April meeting

Sign up at the Club Meetings

Info: 269-2283 Freida Null

786-9781 Glenn Henderson

The Sonoma Speed Festival is an Immersive and

exciting experience for all. Local cuisine and car

culture will be on display alongside special exhibits

celebrating the Evolution of Speed that will feature

Brass Era to contemporary racing vehicles.

May 28 th thru 31 st

• Over 200+ elite, historic cars will participate

• Ten invited race groups spanning the history of motorsports from the Brass Era to the

modern age competing on track

• Vehicle simulators & Virtual Reality

• Special vehicle demos and new car displays

• Curated exhibits featuring vehicles from notable museums and private collections

• RPM Foundation Judging display highlighting Restoration and Preservation

• Academy of Art University drawing competition, clay model concept car display, and car

designer Q&A

• Wine Country food park with local favorites, plus live streaming video on large displays

so you won't miss any of the racing action!

• Sip & Savor Pavilion


Coming soon !

Downing Planetarium show at CSUF

Waiting for their spring schedule to come out. We will

probably see a Saturday afternoon show. The Planetarium has

74 seats and a 30 foot dome. They have many different shows

and they usually run just under a hour in length. Then we can

go to Campus Pointe for an early dinner if you wish. Hope to

have a date and more information by our March 17 th general


See Jeff for more information

2020 Vegas Run October 18th to 23rd

See something else in Vegas besides the big hotels on the strip. Staying at

the Suncoast Hotel in Summerlin next to Tivoli Village (lots of shopping)

the rate is just $32 per night and just under $60 when including resort fees

and taxes. Can't beat five nights for $300.

Depart Fresno Sunday October 18 and return either Thursday Oct 22 or

Friday Oct 23 as Thursday is an open day.

With private tours of the Nevada Test Site temporarily suspended, we will

visit the Atomic Testing Museum, the Mob Museum where I will try and

reserve the recently opened Speakeasy just for us. We will do an evening

tour of the Neon Museum, take a rafting cruise down Black Rock Canyon,

visit an old gold mine near Nelson, take a dinner cruise on Lake Mead on a

paddle wheeler, stop by the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and maybe have a

picnic at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. I am looking into a tour of

Allegiant Stadium home of the Las Vegas Raiders and maybe another

surprise or two.

Please sign the interest sheet put out by Jeff and once we see the level of

interest I will lock in the activities.

For more info call Craig Hansen at 209-363-7811.


Photos by LeighAnne Severance

Photos by Debbie Garrison

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