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April 20 2019

Issue #6


THE 2000’s ISSUE

Relive the worst decade in modern history

You’ve Got Mail!

Letter from the editor





Latest news


Latest tech




From Top 8S To Mutuals; Myspace’s Forgotten

Impact On How We Interact With The Internet


Despite what you may think, MySpace still exists. While the site may not be as popular as it once was, its influence can

Online Ethics

OP-Ed on the ettiquite of teh interwebz


still be felt in 2019 through our celebrity obsession, today’s social media networks and music discovery.

CatKnight Interviews Chris-Chan


Meme History

Get schooled on

Cryptocurrency Watch

Keep your eye on the money

Digital Trends

Latest Trends


All things pop culture





Hi, I’m Clippy, your office

assistant! You seem to be having

trouble navigating a magazine.

Do you need assistance?

Sonichu fan CatKnight/MasterDisaster AKA Arthur Spatchcock of England interviews our TRUE AND HONEST hero,

posing as an interested English entrepreneur. Naturally, numerous tangents that are totally inappropriate occur.

How To Access The Dark Web Safely And


So, you want to get on the dark web? Don’t worry; we’re not judging. There are lots of perfectly legitimate

reasons you might want to access all that shady content.

Tumblr’s Porn Ban Is The Middle Of The End

Of The Old Internet

The internet culture of the 2000’s has been dying off for years, and the march to the digital grave is speeding up.

The Gif Is 30 Years Old. It Didn’t Just Shape

The Internet - It Grew Up With It.




Here’s how your favorite image format evolved into a cultural staple

2 2





In this Issue...


Get your fill of garbage

submitted by the human filth that

read this magazine

Editor in Chief

Mike Tripoli



Ricardo Milos

Art Director:






Staff Writers:

Spurdo Spärde

Spongebob Squarepants

Chief Consultant:


Our mission here at E-1337 is to inform, enlighten and

obfuscate readers on the wonders of the digital landscape.

We chase the waves of this cultural experience

wherever they lead, scouring the dank corners

of the web to keep you informed. Often crass, loud and

unapologetically challenging, but always genuine.

In this issue of your favorite piece of

Portuguese zen poetry, we take a look

back at a simpler time in the digital landscape.

A time before memes made daytime

news headlines and Facebook connected the

world. This is a time of rage comics, snaillike

downloads, chaos and funneh cats: the

2000s. The era immediately after 9/11

can best be described as a period of great

disruption in the fabric of American culture.

The destruction of the World Trade

Center thrust the US out of the affluent

bliss of the 80s and 90s and into a world of

rampant violence, political

uncertainty and economic freefall. At

the same time, the technologies that would

shape our future were new and

unfamiliar. The internet of the mid-

00’s was very much the wild west in this

way–with no unified laws or customs, people

on the fringes of society formed unique

micro-communities on the image boards and

forums of the early web. Sheltered by

a sense of anonymity rarely seen in today’s

world, being involved with the internet

at this time felt like being in on a joke few

would understand.

chaotic stupidity, hostility, irony

and middle school tier toilet humor feels

perhaps a little more human. This culture

reinforced total expression, for better or

worse, and provided an escape from a reality

that seemed like everything was falling apart.

For this issue’s features, we take a look

at how everyone’s cringy Myspace page

shaped the way we interact with each other

online. We’ll look at the mysterious dark

web, a place mention only in hushed tones

around the web, to tell you everything you

need to know to get there (if you dare). Then

we’ll talk about an ongoing crisis that’s been

rocking the Tumblr community–the

so–called porn ban and how it’s contributing

to the loss of valuable internet history.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got a

feature many of our True and Honest fans

have been waiting for; an interview with the

creator of Sonichu, Chris Weston Chander,

better known as Chris Chan.

So kiddos, dust off your image macro

collection and take a sip of that sweet nostalgia.

All your magazine are belong

to us.

Meme History

Today we take a look at some of

the most foul and infamous

images to ever grace the internet.


The revolutionary effects of

windows XP on the future of OS’.

Also included; get ready to hit

shuffle-our recview of the

Ipod Nano 3

Cryptocurrency Watch

Is the Dogecoin boom

sustainable, and what is the future

of cryptocurrency? Our top

analysts give their thoughts

6969 cool street

weedsport NY, 13166




Of course most of these memes seem

stupid now, in an era where even your

grandma can see what you’re doing through

social media. But reveling in the sea of

Editor in Chief

Mike T.

4 5


Big chungus Jr. esq alpha :

SO is porn hylib free or do I have to pay the performers beforehand


You can’t just throw ketchup on a piece of toast and call it a Bruschetta.

Your mother:

I aborted my sone and now all he dos is play Minecraft in his bedroom


Im not saying that the new ghostbusters was unrealistic, im just saying how

would they stop ghots with titties in the way

Ndoro Alisan:

“Does Bruno Mars Is Gay?

Bruno Mars is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago.

Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what

is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his

gay. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor.

The public, especially his fans are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor

which is spread massively. This time is not about his music career, but his bad

rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this

singer revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not, this rumor is

really much talked by people even in a person of his fans.”

Benet :


In this month’s issue, our readers take

a swing at writing erotic fanfiction.

discuss the finer points of online

etiquette and The KEv returns

with another light beer review...



Stop shitting up your favorite

social media platforms with

your ebic hot takes and low

effort bait and start shitting up

your favorite magazine!

Send your quality funposts

to e1337@gmail.com and see if

you can make the cut.

The KEv:

“Review: Natural Light

So this beer is one that me and the boys

all fuck with and i wanted to write a full

review for all of the other detla’s to see.

Natty fucking owns, its cheap and it

tastes like Saturdays (are for the boys).

Flavor 10/10

Cost 10/10

Gay Factor 10/10

I would reccomend anyone looking to

throw a sick Kutz Paddys day party to

grab a keg-boy of this shit.

-The KEv”


Actually sir, you are wrong about Donald J. Trump.

I have three doctorates in economics from really

big schools and i can tell you he is scientifically

the best president. Im sorry that you’re too dumb

to get it. Why dont you try facts or rven logix to

figure out who to vote for next time. Try listening

to someone smart like Ben Shapiro or Jordan

Peterson you fucking libtard


Grape jelly is cultural appropriation


“Garfield comes home from a long day at the

lasagna factory. He is pooped, it’s a Monday.

Garfield is ready for a cat nap but that is not what

Dave has in mind. As Garfield lays down and spits

out a big har ball Dave brings him a plate of Garfields

favorite food, lasagna. You would think after

a day of making lasagna garfeild wouldn’t want any,

but you’d be wrong. Garfeild was in heaven, that

wouldn’t be the first time tonight Dave brought

him there.

Garfeild was finished eating, he had sauce all over

his whiskers.

“”Let me help”” Dave whispers as he leans in for a

saucy kiss....

To be Continued”


u may be wondering why im like this,,,,the answer is, we will never kno for sure


sometimes my roommates get annoyed @ me for saying nut butt too much

but i think its kinda funny and unexpected. i shortened the word peanut

butter one day and havent looked back


oh yeah? you love your girlfriend? name three of her albums

Beatoff My O’pourke:

Aunt jemima was an eco-terrorist













While Huey is one of the worlds greatest singers of all

time you have to give it up for The News. They gave

the backbone to America’s hit tunes for like 20 years.

Huey Lewis is my favorite singer, but the News is the

greatest band.


“hELLo WeLcOMe tO MiKe’S sHitPoSt dePaRTmeNt,

GivE mE uR UsERnAmE anD WriTe WhAteVer You

waNt, LiTerAllY aNytHinG, I nEed FriEndS, I aM sO

LonELy AnD thE inTerNeT iS My OnLy FriEnD...

get a life ur prolly 12 nerd”

next issue:





So is sleeping with your

twin gay if he is Identical to me ?



The JeWs did thr halocost

SEND US YOUR SHIT // e1337@gmail.com // BE A FRE@KIN’ LEGEND


Hi, I’m Clippy, your office

assistant! This seems to be

a completely useless filler page.

Do you need assistance?





LCD Soundsystem released one of its first

proper singles in nearly seven years: “American

Dream,” a shiny bit of sad-sackness that, like

many of the group’s best tracks, feels both

elegiac and ecstatic. “In the morning, everything’s

clearer/when the sunlight exposes your

age,” sings 47-year-old frontman James

Murphy, as groggy synth-beats and

shooting-star keyboards cascade underneath.

“Dream” is a song about the cruelties of aging—

the way time robs us of our heroes and burdens

us with regrets—and if you’ve been a fan of

LCD Soundsystem since the group’s 2002

“It’s not quite arrested

development, but it is

a remarkably specific

pop-culture spree”

inception, you can likely relate to its theme of

middle-aged malaise. Because, whether like it

or not, you and all your friends are starting to

get at least kinda old.

Article by xxxGAmErLulz69

went multi-platinum, streaming was just

a glitch-ridden daydream, and the phrase

“prestige TV” meant, “Hey, I just saw an ad

for *The Prestige *on TV!” LCD’s return, for

example, took place the same week that

Interpol—once the dapper downers of New

York City’s post-9/11 scene—announced dates

for a tour in celebration of its 2002 debut

album. Shortly after that, a casting notice

appeared for Tina Fey’s forthcoming *Mean

Girls *musical, which will open next year on

Broadway (where it will likely join another

early-’00s-indebted stage effort, School

of Rock). There’s also a forthcoming

James Franco-directed biopic

about The Room, which

was one of two beloved

2003 movies about

a long-haired, gibberish-spouting

rapscallion (the

other, Pirates of

the Caribbean,

unveils a new

sequel this


WHAT ELSE? The return of Gilmore Girls.

Last winter’s Napoleon Dynamite reunion. An

entire book, out this week, about the Strokes,

the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and their downtown-NYC

peers. (I’ll be reading it in the back room of the

Cherry Tavern all summer.) The ads for

*Baywatch* (a franchise launched in 1989)

being anchored by DMX’s “Where the Hood

At” (a song from 2003). And just last week,

the story of a beloved, Bluth-enterprising

early-’00s network sitcom once again being

revamped by Netflix.

IT’S NOT QUITE arrested development, but it

is a remarkably specific pop-culture

spree, and if you were...

Continued on pg 19

NOT THAT YOU NEEDED another reminder,

as the last few months have seen a sudden,

near-cyclonic amount of early-’00s

revivalism—one that’s especially fixated on the

years between 2000–2006, when albums still

16 17 18






Interview by Arthur Spatcock

Illustrations by Christine Chandler

Christine Weston Chandler (a.k.a. Chris-

Chan, CWC), formerly known as Christian

Weston Chandler, is a YouTube vlogger and

creator of the webcomic Sonichu. Since

late 2007, Chandler became a trolling

target by Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan

and Kiwi Farms who frequently mocked her

artwork and online behavior.

While attending college, Chandler was

expelled for a year after attempting to find

women by posting signs in public places.

Over the course of this expulsion, Chandler

began work on the first issue of Sonichu,

completing it in March of 2005. Although

it had originally focused on the Sonichu and

Rosechu characters, the comic eventually

turned focus toward his life.

23 24




Arthur: It is my distinct honor to be

talking to you. As you know,

I’m Arthur Spatchcock.It’s a pleasure,

really it is.

Chris: Thank you.

Arthur: I’ve been a long-time fan of

Sonichu. I mean, implacably so.

Chris: Hm.

Arthur: My favorite character,

actually, is Magi-Chan, to be honest.

Chris: Oh, do tell me why?

Arthur: Magi-Chan, it’s because of

his-- you know, he wants to help all

of his friends, and with his ability to

contact them all simultaneously

at the same time, it’s an amazing

ability to have.

Chris: Quite, he is the psychic

type, after all.

Arthur: Right, yes. And I absolutely

love the fact that, you know, he can

plan things accordingly and contact

everyone, simultaneously,

and get that plan out.


The Medallions (also called “Medals” by

Chris) were a result of Chris’s infatuation

with his original character Sonichu. Due to

the frequency of wearing his medallions in

videos, photos and in public, it has become

one of his more memorable characteristics

along with his trademark striped shirt

"But then also the way my

hair turned out,

after the semipermanent

hair color, kind of makes

me look like Sailor

Nep – Neptune."


Sonichu is the namesake and

intended primary protagonist

He is a combination of Sonic

the Hedgehog and Pikachu.

He goes on adventures and

“zaps to the extreme!”


Rosechu is the second

Electric Hedgehog

Pokémon created by

Chris, and the girlfriendturned-wife

of Sonichu.

Chris: He can also see into the future

a bit as well.

Arthur: How far into the future can he see,

actually? He doesn’t want to ruin

his own future, right?

Chris: Hm. Not enough to, uh... Well, he

knows quite – he can see quite a bit far into

the future, but although there are details

of which you might not be able to see,

a point or two.

Arthur: Right, he wouldn’t want to time-logic

himself, accidentally mess up the future by

trying to affect it.

Chris: Quite.

Arthur: Yes. Also a big fan of Rosechu;

I think every, I think every Sonichu

fan loves Rosechu.

Chris: Thank you.

Arthur: Of course. Now, as I said,

I’m interviewing you because I want to get

some personal information about Sonichu and

a little bit about yourself.

Chris: Uh–


Blake, originally called

Black Sonichu

(and occasionally Blachu),

was once the archnemesis

of Sonichu.


Jiggliami is Blanca Weiss’s

“original” character that Chris

claimed after she broke up

with him. It is hinted that she

was Sonichu’s girlfriend while

he was still a regular Pikachu.

Arthur: For example, I cannot

wait to see some more pages of the

latest eleven — great, the Christmas

special was fantastic; loving Kevin

as a character, by the way.

Chris:...Okay, thank you.

Arthur: But uh, are there more coming?

Because I can tell you right now, I know

a few rabid fans, my niece included, who

can’t wait to see some more.

Chris: Yes, uh, yes, more pages will be

coming and are still, are still in the, uh,

works, it just, uh, depends on my mood,

and how I feel in a days, ‘cause...

Arthur: Oh yes, we all get the frumps.

Chris: Nobody’s perfect.

Arthur: Yes, we all get the frumps.

Chris:...Quite. But they’re still – they’re

still in my mind, and in the processes, and

everything. I just take it one moment

at a time and I do what I can when I’m able.

Arthur: Absolutely, you go at your pace,

that’s what I expect. I don’t want

you to rush yourself.


"there will be a part in

a future story where

he — where pretty much

in a dream scenario, he

has to swim in a river

of essentially pickle


Arthur: And as for your medallions and

stuff, I’m still thinking about getting one, but

honestly, I just don’t know where

I could ever wear it.

Chris: Ha! I know: you could always, display

it at the very least.

Arthur: Yes, very true. And your Amiibo

collection is getting quite large, actually.

Chris: ...Well I have a wide variety

of characters, and uh, a few more to come

out, there’s — to expect.

Arthur: Have you considered releasing

a box set at some point, with a special

edition? Maybe — ooh! How about this: a

Christian — a Christine Weston Chandler

ultimate box set, the first edition set, all ten

of the original completed comics, and a medallion

of your choice, for a hundred dollars.

Chris: [minor stress sigh] For a hundred

dollars? Th-that’s, that’s quite, that’s

uh, it’d take more

funds for me to,

more funds than

that for me to be

able to acquire the

material figures...

Arthur: Oh, well we can worry about those

details in the uh, the process, the manufacturing

aspect. I’m talking about after we

make this stuff BIG, Christine. Not right

now. Once you get some-- once you actually

get some, uh, CLOUT behind Sonichu, you

won’t have to worry about things like funding


Chris:...Well... Uh I’ll just, I’ll just wait and

see how it comes about, and when it comes

about I’ll be able to plan better.

Arthur: Precisely. So, okay, I guess we

should get to the question part. This conversation’s

great, but I don’t want to waste all

of your time, you might — you must be very

busy working on smaller projects as is.

Continued on pg 29

26 27

Ipod Nano 3

Review by Donald Bell

Now in its third generation, Apple’s iPod

Nano gets a substantial redesign to

accommodate games and video playback.

Despite its changes--and Apple made many-

-the iPod Nano is still one of the smallest,

thinnest, and most exquisitely designed MP3

players on the market. It’s also one of the

most affordable, with a 4GB (silver) model

offered for $149, and an 8GB (silver, black,

red, green, or blue) model for $199. While the

updated iPod Classic and the new iPod Touch

are equally intriguing, the revamped Nano

delivers the most bang for the buck.


The Good

The third-generation iPod Nano offers crisp,

bright video playback, an exceptionally thin

all-metal body, above-average battery life,

built-in games, and an advanced

user interface.



The redesign of the iPod Nano has drawn

plenty of criticism. Its detractors call it

chubby, squat, and awkward looking. We

certainly had our reservations, but in the

hand, the latest Nano makes the secondgeneration

Nano look like a skyscraper.

The Nano’s most dramatic design change

is, of course, its larger, brighter screen. The

2-inch color screen packs a dense, crisp

320x240 video resolution that looks richer

and brighter than that of any iPod to date.

It’s not often that we deem a

screen smaller than 2.5 inches worthy

of video playback, but with a

The shape may have changed, but Apple’s relentless attention to detail

remains. The third generation of the iPod Nano provides loads of

entertainment for a down-to-earth price.

tightly packed 204 pixels

per inch, the Nano looks

incredibly sharp. Unlike

the Apple iPhone or the

iPod Touch, however, the

Nano’s screen is covered

with a scratch-prone

plastic that will quickly

show wear.


The third-generation Nano’s piece de resistance

is its support for video playback. Like

the Video iPod (now iPod Classic), the iPod

Nano supports H.264 or MPEG4 video in

either MOV, MP4, or M4V file formats, with

a maximum resolution of 640x480

at as much as 30 frames per second. You can

buy videos through the iTunes online store or

import them into iTunes and convert them

for playback. (Many third-party software

video converters also do a great job converting

videos for the iPod.) Despite its size, the

Nano supports video features we seldom find

on portable video players twice its size.


The Bad

We’re not crazy about the wider body, the

smaller scroll wheel, the lack of video output,

and the average-sounding audio quality.

Despite the major interface overhaul, the

iPod Nano’s sound quality still sounds just

middle-of-the-road. Although middling

sound quality doesn’t seem to affect iPod

sales, you’d think Apple would eventually

We certainly had our

reservations, but in the

hand, the latest Nano

makes the secondgeneration

Nano look like

a skyscraper.

address this chink in the

iPod’s armor, if only out of

pride. Users do get more

than 20 equalization presets

to choose from, ranging

from subtle enhancement

to dramatic bass boosting.

Compared to products such

as the Creative Zen V Plus,

the Cowon iAudio 7, or the Toshiba Gigabeat

U, however, the iPod’s sound quality still

leaves room for improvement.

Is it worth upgrading?

Considering that the iPod Classic and the

iPod Nano are now nearly identical aside from

storage capacity and screen size, the Nano is

less a product unto itself and much more like

a “light” version of the iPod Classic.

Hi, I’m Clippy, your office

assistant! You seem to be stupid.

Do you need assistance reading?

36 37

Bonsai Kittens was an Internet hoax

website claiming that kittens could

be made into decorative ornaments by

sealing them in glass containers, which

forced their bodies to mold into various

shapes. The site became the subject of

controversy online in 2001 after many

animal rights groups filed complaints for

its removal, while others defended the

existence of the website as a work

of satire protected by free speech.

On December 20th, 2000, a group of

MIT graduate students launched

the website BonsaiKitten under the

alias “Dr. Michael Wong Chang.” The

site featured a how-to guide for making

Bonsai Kitten sculptures and a gallery

of fabricated Bonsai Kitten images.

Blue Waffle is a bait-and-switch type shock image.

Victims are told to search for an image of a blue waffle on

Google’s Image Search, only to be surprised by a close-up

shot of what appears to be a diseased vagina. The original

blue waffle shock site was uploaded in 2008, and

consisted of just a picture of what appears to be a

diseased vagina, with a small description. Eventually, this

was used as a form of bait and switch, baiting people into

searching it on Google images. These mainly came in the

form of images, showing a literal blue waffle, followed by

the text “bet you can’t find me on Google images”.


Short History of




Shock Sites are websites that are designed to offend or startle

the viewer. According to description provided by Wikipedia, such

sites are typically of a “pornographic, scatological, extremely

violent, insulting, painful, profane, or provocative nature.”

A person may be linked to a shock site directly, asked to

view one “as a challenge,” or through Bait and Switch.

“Traditional” shock sites are intended to get an

immediate reaction. Here are some of the Internet’s

most infamous images...

Goatse (site domain: Goatse.cx) is a shock site

featuring an image of a naked man stretching

his anus with both of his hands. One of the most

widespread shock media on the web, the site has

been notoriously used for bait-and-switch pranks

or website vandalisms to provoke reactions of

disgust. Although the original domain was taken

down in 2004, the image continues to circulate

online through mirrored sites. The site was first

launched in 1999 under the domain name Goatse.

cx. According to the Wikipedia entry the earliest

known instance of the shock image was uploaded

circa 1997 as “gap3.jpg” in a set of 40 additional

images compressed into a single zip file named

“Gap.zip.” According to Gawker’s investigative report

published in April 2012, the photo set initially

spread across gay porn communities on Usenet

and was later picked up by The Stiles Project.

Meatspin is a shock site featuring a clip from an adult film set to

the 1985 Dead or Alive song “You Spin Me Round”.

According to BMX Board user ruthlessrobbie, the original clip was

taken from the transsexual adult film TSBitches starring

Cristina Bianchini. The clip was used in a YTMND page titled

“Ridin Spinnaz” created on May 5th, 2004, which featured the

2003 rap song “Ridin Spinnaz” by Three 6 Mafia.

Lemon Party (domain: lemonparty.org) is a shock site displaying an image

of three elderly males in a bed kissing and performing oral sex.

It is commonly used as a bait-and-switch link by trolls in discussion forums

and imageboard communities. The domain name Lemonparty.org was

registered on October 3rd, 2002, according to DomainTools. The entire

site consisted of the pornographic image set to the 1963 doo-wop song

“If You Wanna Be Happy” by Jimmy Soul. As early as November 21st

that same year, the site was updated with a hyperlink to a picture of a cat

which read “omfg crazy! Click here to wash your eyeballs!”

The phrase, “2 Girls 1 Cup,” refers to the trailer for the Brazilian fetish

film Hungry Bitches made by MFX Media in 2007. The extreme

fetishistic nature of the clip as well as the dramatic piano music playing in

the background caused it to go viral in late 2007, with many internet

users posting their own or others’ reactions to seeing the video for the first

time. This phenomenon received significant attention from the media.

As a result, 2girls1cup.com, hosting the most viewed mirror of the trailer,

would become one of the most famous shock sites in internet history.

The name, “2 Girls 1 Cup” has also been subject to parody, exemplified

in shock sites such as 3Guys1Hammer.

42 41 43 42

Disaster Movie

a Flailing Free Fall Through Pop Culture

by Anonymous

“Disaster Movie,” the latest disposable parody

of disposable Hollywood movies, has a shelf

life of about five minutes, tops, which may

be slightly longer than it took to come

up with most of its’ gags.

Scribbled and slapped together by Jason

Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, this flailing free

fall through recent pop culture begins with

a parody of “10,000 B.C.” featuring “Amy

Winehouse” as a saber-toothed tiger who

pulls a crystal skull from her beehive hairdo.

It winds up with “Kung Fu Panda” (dude in

a furry suit) and “Beowulf” (naked dude who

keeps yelling, “I am Beowulf!”) running amok

through “Night at the Museum.”

and gastrointestinal dysfunction. And there

is a “Juno” figure who says things like “That is

so LL Not Cool J.”

Do you get it, Home Skillet? “Disaster

Movie” does little more than congratulate its

audience on recognizing the source of its riffs.

“High School Musical” — ha ha ha! But it does

manage a moment or two of chuckleworthy

dementia: in one scene Alvin and the

Chipmunk puppets appear out of nowhere for

a heavy-metal number under the influence

of rabies, then settle on Juno to feast on

her spine. “Disaster Movie” is rated PG-13

(Parents strongly cautioned).

Next Issue...

OI, Youze got a loiscence fer dat?

How will the EU’s new copyright laws

change the way memes are born?


Take a look at Russia’s troll empire

Very Currency, Much Boom

Where is Dogecoin now?

Making of a Mass Shooter

Does the internet weaponize radicals?

...And Much More!

Photography by Deez Nutz

Along the way, jokes fly on movies no one

cared about the first time around (“Jumper,”

“Speed Racer”), obvious celebrity targets

(Michael Jackson, Sarah Jessica Parker)

Hi, I’m Clippy, your office

assistant! What the fuck did you

just fucking say about me, you

little bitch? I’ll have you know I

graduated top of my class in the

Navy Seals, and I’ve been in-

72 73

For Educational Purposes Only

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Saved successfully!

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