Shalva National Center - 30yrs of Changing Lives

Shalva leads the way the world understands, cares for and embraces disability. For more information - www.shalva.org

Shalva leads the way the world understands, cares for and embraces disability.

For more information - www.shalva.org


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we began Shalva with six children in one after


school program; we were quite frankly overwhelmed.

Never did we believe that thirty years later we would

be serving thousands of children and their families in a

world class center; our children and adults respected

as contributing members of society.”

Kalman Samuels, Shalva’s Founder and President

Tal Kima

Has been attending Shalva every day since he was six years old and

his talent for music was discovered during music therapy. Today he is

a percussionist in the Shalva Band and perfromed simultaneous sign

language translation at Eurovision 2019.

This year Tal received the Presidential Badge of Honor from

the President of Israel for being a role model to so many.

We’re on a mission

to provide quality care for people

with disabilities, empower their

families, and promote social inclusion.

4 SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives

Because we believe all people

deserve the opportunity to

maximize their personal potential.

We develop programs, pioneer therapy and wellness solutions, and create

global communities around the common goal of inspiring hope and changing

the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives






Shalva provides a holistic continuum of services for

thousands of people with disabilities from infancy through


Shalva’s comprehensive, life-cycle programs include leading-edge therapies, inclusive educational

frameworks, social and recreational activities, employment training, and independent living.

Support and respite programs enable families to raise their children with disabilities within the

family framework. A thread of inclusion runs through all of Shalva’s programs, empowering people

with disabilities to become contributing members of society. Shalva gives equal access and

opportunity to all participants regardless of religion, ethnic background, or financial capability.

Standards of Management and Partnerships

Shalva’s award-winning programs are authorized by Israeli government ministries and are

certified to provide professional care for every category of disability. Shalva partners with

government bodies, municipalities and cultural establishments to provide optimal care and unique

opportunities for its beneficiaries. Shalva’s excellence in operations, program development,

financial accountability and transparency receive esteemed recognition. In 2018 Shalva was

awarded consultative status to the United Nations.

Charity Navigator

4 Star Rating




Organization of



Midot Seal of


United Nations

Consultative Status

משרד החינוך

מינהל חברה ונוער



National Lottery

of Israel



National Insurance


Shalem Fund

Ministry of Labor,

Social Affairs and

Social Services

Ministry of


Ministry of Health

IDF Home Front


Israel Border Police

SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives 7

Programs for Children & Families

Ages 0-18 months



Me and My Mommy in Memory of

Maurice Lowinger

Arriving just weeks after birth, infants

with disabilities are guided to achieving

their first developmental milestones

through intensive parent-child therapy

sessions. Parents struggling with

the foreign and isolating reality of

raising a child with disabilities receive

professional guidance to cultivate

fortitude and hope as co-therapists in

their child’s rehabilitative process.

Ages 1–6



Inclusive Day Care and Preschools

Shalva’s Inclusive Day Care and

Preschools offer an enriching

curriculum that promotes the values of

inclusion, individualism, and appreciation

of diversity. A staff of educators, social

workers, and therapists collaborate to

create a vibrant program which nurtures

physical and cognitive growth while

inspiring inclusive friendships. The

preschool prepares children with and

without disabilities for integration into

the mainstream education system by

first grade.

Ages 6–21

Overnight &

Weekend Respite

Dedicated by Susan and Leonard


Children between the ages of 6-21

sleep over at Shalva’s Respite Center

one night a week and two weekends

each month. They receive individualized

guidance in personal care, enjoy

fun evening activities and master

independence skills while their families

receive a rare opportunity to rejuvenate

their spirits and focus on personal


Ages 6-21



After School Activity Center in Memory

of Sima & Rubin Wagner

The After School Activity Center is

where Shalva’s children, together

with peer volunteers from the broader

community, enjoy daily therapyoriented

activities such as sports,

drama, arts, music and swimming.

The program’s experiential learning

curriculum prepares children with

disabilities for the transition to

adulthood and the world beyond.

8 SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives

Ages 6–21

Summer Camp

During summer vacation, 300 children

with disabilities participate in day

camps and overnight camps at the

Shalva National Center. Shalva’s camps

uniquely demonstrate both inclusion

and reverse inclusion by enabling

children with disabilities to experience

public attractions and activities

together with peer volunteers from the

broader community.

All ages

Sports and


On a daily basis, Shalva’s state-ofthe-art,

disability accessible sports

facilities are utilized by hundreds of

children with disabilities either as

part of Shalva’s core programs or

collaborative initiatives. They enjoy a

range of rehabilitative fitness activities

such as hydrotherapy and swimming

lessons, therapeutic workouts, as well

as inclusive basketball, soccer and


Hydrotherapy supported by Canadian

Friends of Shalva

All ages

Oral Health for


OHEV provides a unique wellness

solution to increase the quality and

accessibility of oral health for children

with disabilities by encouraging

life-style based interventions

and preventative care. Dentistry

professionals conduct individual

intervention programs and teach the

children proper oral hygiene practices.

Educational initiatives for parents

explore pediatric oral healthcare needs

for children with disabilities.

All ages

Family Support

Shalva supports parents to raise their

children with disabilities at home within

the family framework. A staff of social

workers and disability professionals

provide personal counseling and

conduct ongoing support groups for

parents, grandparents, siblings, and

disability caregivers. Shalva empowers

parents to find hope and belonging,

create family cohesion, and lead

thriving lives.

SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives


Hope for a

Bright Future

Programs for Adults

Shalva provides a nurturing framework for adults with disabilities

to live independently and benefit from meaningful employment and

leisure opportunities. Shalva’s multifaceted adult services structure

ensures that adults with varying levels of independence can expand

their potential for personal development and social inclusion.

10 SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives


Living in the


Shalva operates independent living

apartments in the community for men

and women with disabilities. Enveloped

by professional and social support,

the residents foster cohesive familylike

relationships and successful

integration into community life.


Shalva serves as a model for

successful workplace inclusion.

We employ adults with disabilities in

various positions and departments

such as teaching assistants in the

inclusive preschools, musicians in

the Shalva Band and waiters at Café

Shalva. Some employees work in

Shalva’s creative workshop where they

produce tea packages, ceramics and

other marketable products.



Shalva’s vocational training program

prepares adults with disabilities for

inclusion in the mainstream workforce

through formal study, interactive

practicum and supervised employment.

The program is operated in partnership

with local colleges and the Ministry of

Labor, providing graduates with official

certification and the opportunity to

enter the mainstream job market with

equal qualifications to counterpart

candidates without disabilities.

Rising in Rank

Rising in Rank is Shalva’s volunteer military

service program for young adults with

disabilities. Program participants reside

at the Shalva National Center and are

escorted every day to their volunteer

military service at local army bases.

The program integrates an educational

component which takes place at the

Jerusalem College of Technology.

Circle of Support

Circle of Support is a program designed

for adults with lower functioning abilities

who currently reside with their parents

in the community and seek social

leisure activities. They attend weekly

outings with professional counselors

and benefit from a personally tailored,

experiential learning curriculum geared

toward advancing their independence


SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives


Magic Happens


The Shalva National Center is one of

the largest centers for disability care

and inclusion in the world. Since its

inauguration in 2016, the center has

opened new doors of opportunity for

people with disabilities and their families.

Its expansive, state-of-the-art facilities

and unique programs have enhanced

the standard of disability services and

monumentally impacted the lives of

people far beyond those in our direct care.

12 SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives

SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives


Every detail of the Shalva National Center was

designed with intention to optimally advance

Shalva’s programs and welcome the broader

community into the world of inclusion.

The center is a model of

excellence and a beacon of hope.

Leon and Leesa Wagner Family Atrium

Shalva Park for Inclusion in Memory of Ambassador Roland E. Arnall

Henry Schein Cares Oral Hygiene Clinic

Steven Diamond Sports and Wellness Center

The Recanati-Kaplan Auditorium

14 SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives

Shalva was founded in 1990 by Kalman and Malki Samuels, but its story begins thirteen years

earlier when their son, Yossi was rendered blind and deaf among other challenges as a result

of injury during his early infancy. At the age of eight Yossi experienced a communication

breakthrough, miraculously learning sign language in the palm of his hand. Malki remembered

a promise that she made during those isolating and exhausting years; that if G-d would help

her son she would dedicate herself to helping other families in similar situations. With six

local children in a small apartment, the Samuels’ established Shalva. Responding to the needs

of children and their families, program followed program; resulting in a holistic continuum of

services to support individuals with disabilities and their families throughout the life cycle, from

infancy through adulthood.

A Mother’s


Ful illed

SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives


Research and Education at Shalva

Through ongoing research and education projects, Shalva is effectively shaping

social policy and changing the standards of disability care and inclusion worldwide.

International partnerships with medical centers, universities and organizations impact

the world beyond the individuals and families in our programs.


Shalva’s therapy models and rehabilitation

methods are presented at educational conferences

in Israel and around the world. Shalva’s research

and development department hosts educational

conferences on disability care topics, sharing

Shalva’s expertise and knowledge with local and

international disability care professionals.

Research Collaborations

Shalva’s research collaborations with leading

academic institutions and corporate startups are

advancing the fields of disability healthcare and

special education. Articles authored by Shalva’s

faculty have been published in academic journals

and continue to serve as a foundation for developing

methodologies. Shalva also partners with medical

centers and disability care institutions around the

world to share knowledge and expertise in an effort to

better serve the disability demographic globally.

16 SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives

Local & Global


Educational Tours

Throughout the year approximately 18,000 people from

the broader community visit Shalva for educational tours.

Delegations include dignitaries, government and community

leaders, and university students from around the world. They

come to experience Shalva’s programs first-hand and learn

about the world of disability care and inclusion.

Therapy Training

Certi ication Courses

Shalva’s Snoezelen Therapy training courses certify over

50 disability care professionals from across Israel every

year. Originally developed in the Netherlands yet widely

popular in rehabilitative environments around the world,

Snoezelen Therapy takes place in a specially designed

environment with various sensory stimulating installations.

SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives 17

The Enormous Power of Good

Every year, over 200,000 people participate in Shalva’s inclusion initiatives and social enterprises.

Our greater Shalva family is made of people with extra-large hearts who promote values of human dignity

and the inclusion of people with disabilities in the broader community.

Inclusion Initiatives

Team Shalva in

the Jerusalem


Shalva’s team of over 1,000 runners

infuses the Jerusalem Marathon with

“Shalva purple” and an irresistibly

inspiring energy. Together with

hundreds of runners from abroad,

celebrity and national heroes,

volunteers, sports stars and of course

Shalva’s children and their families,

Team Shalva annually kicks off the

marathon’s “community run”.




Hundreds of gap year students

volunteer at Shalva on a weekly basis,

providing backbone support to our

programs and friendship to Shalva’s

children. Their genuine care and positive

energy are invaluable components of

Shalva’s magical inclusion. They are

Shalva’s ambassadors in their home


The Shalva

National Park

for Inclusion

In memory of Ambassador Roland E.


Located at the entrance of the Shalva

National Center campus, the National

Park for Inclusion is comprised of

three expansive, disability accessible

installations that are suitable for

various levels of challenge. Open to

the broader public, the park is visited

by hundreds of children every day and

creates a unique haven of inclusion and


Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Families from around the world make

Shalva a meaningful part of their Bar/

Bat Mitzvah celebrations. They engage

their communities in chesed projects

on behalf of Shalva’s children, dedicate

gifts to support our programs, or

celebrate with a party at the Shalva

National Center in Israel.

18 SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives

Social Enterprises

Shalva Band

The Shalva Band is comprised of eight

talented musicians with disabilities who

are employed by Shalva and perform by

invitation with celebrity artists and at

cultural events. Inspiring crowds with

their professional musical repertoire

and charm, the band is an acclaimed

model of inclusion for audiences across

the globe.

Café Shalva

Donated by the Mayberg Foundation

Café Shalva is a boutique restaurant

that is also an inclusive equalopportunity

workplace, simultaneously

offering a high-end, delicious culinary

experience as well as the opportunity

to participate in a meaningful inclusion


Shalva SHOP

The Shalva National Center gift shop

offers visitors a selection of artistic

and unique items for sale, such as

jewelry, homeware, toys, and Judaica;

some of which are produced by adults

with disabilities at Shalva’s creative

workshop. Purchases serve as

meaningful souvenirs and all profits

directly support Shalva.

Cultural Events

and Conferences

Helen Sarah Steyer and Thomas Mark

Steyer Education and Training Center

IIn addition to housing Shalva’s

rehabilitative programs, the Shalva

National Center hosts external cultural

events and educational conferences

several times a week.

SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives




Projected Expenses: $19,931,000


Programs for Children and Families 58.5%

Programs for Adults 11.5%




Early Intervention (Me and My Mommy) 3%

Inclusive Education 21%

Rehabilitative Recreation and Respite 19%

Sports and Wellness 4%

Oral Health, Courses 0.5%

Value of Volunteer Work 11%

Social Enterprises 19%

Cafe Shalva 11%

Independent Living 8%

Employment 2%

Circle of Support 0.5%

Rising in Rank 1%

Research, Education, and

Outreach Programs 6%

Research and Development 1%

Outreach and Advocacy 5%

Events and Conferences 1%

Shalva SHOP 0.5%

Shalva Band 4%

Management Expenses 2.5%

Management and

Fundraising 5%

Management, Finance 4%

Fundraising 1%

Note: Programs 76%, Social Enterprises 19%, Management and Fundraising Expenses: 5%




Projected Income: $20,024,000

Donations 30%

Israel 14%

American Friends of Shalva 12%

Abroad 4%

Social Enterprises 21%

Cafe Shalva 14%

Events and Conferences 1%

Shalva SHOP 1%


Government 38%

Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services 28%

Ministry of Education, Others 10%

Shalva Band 5%

Value of Volunteer

Work 11%

Note: 84% of total income comes from Israel, including donations, government, value of volunteer work,

and social enterprises

Budget reviewed and approved sustainable

by Ernst and Young.

In accordance with Israeli law, value of volunteer work is

calculated in both the expenses and income of the budget.

American Friends of Shalva

EIN: 56-2676533

British Friends of Shalva

Charity Commission

Registration Number: 1081887

Canadian Friends of Shalva

ID: 13577 3943 RR0001

Shalva Israel

Charity Registration Number


20 SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives


Reuven Rivlin

President of Israel

“Every time I meet members of Shalva’s staff,

volunteers, and the extended Shalva family,

I come to understand what is love, what is

endless dedication, what is giving. And for this

I thank you.”

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel

“We salute what Shalva is doing in Israel

which I think is a beacon to the entire world.

What Shalva recognizes is that each human

being has a soul.”


Shlomo Karp

proud to be a Shalva parent since 2002

“For years we were on a rollercoaster when

we didn’t even know what kind of disability our

daughter had. The most difficult feeling was

isolation. Shalva is a place that we, and many

other parents, trust with our eyes closed.”

Alin Asyag

proud to be a Shalva parent since 2018

“I was completely lost until I came here. From

the first moment, there was a feeling of

coming home. They believe in children. Every

mother who walks through Shalva, without a

doubt, falls in love with her child.”

Ivegenia Friedman

proud to be a Shalva parent since 2016

“It’s a kind of loss you have to find the strength

to reconcile with. My daughter’s difficulties

and challenges are always with her. But when

she comes to Shalva, they are sidelined. Shalva

is so good for her and so good for us. I know

that I’m not alone in this battle.”

Yossi Elimelech

proud to be a Shalva parent since 2010

“Every day the doctors told us it would be the

last day, and every day we collapsed all over

again. When we first came to Shalva we saw

the volunteers with the children full of life;

and I said, ‘this is where we need to be.”

SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives


shalva thEn & now

30 years ago we began with 6 local

children in an after school program.

Today we serve over 2,000 individuals

with disabilities who represent the entire

spectrum of Israeli society.

In 1990 we were a family of volunteers.

Today we have 450 staff members,

of which over 300 are disability care

professionals, and an additional 400

trained, regular volunteers.

In 2000 we opened the Me and My Mommy

program with 13 mothers and their babies.

Today we have over 120 mothers and

their babies attending weekly. Some travel

several hours from all over Israel.

In 2010 we started our first basketball team.

We partnered with the Hapoel Jerusalem

basketball club and introduced an inclusive

element to their youth league.

Today we have:

4 basketball teams with Hapoel Jerusalem

4 soccer teams with Beitar Jerusalem

Football Club

2 groups in our rehabilitative Judo school,

headed by Olympic medalist Ori Sasson

And 7 therapeutic fitness groups for our

young adults


22 30 Years of Changing Lives





Shalva opened with

6 children in a local


Canadian Friends of

Shalva established

First summer camp

American Friends of

Shalva established


Overnight and Weekend

Respite program began


Original facility

expanded to include

adjacent apartment

British Friends of Shalva


Officially recognized by

Israeli government to

receive National Service



Moved to Shalva Beit

Nachshon Center in Har



Recognized by the

Ministry of Social

Affairs and Social

Services, enabling

Shalva to receive

government support


Shalva Beit Nachshon

was renovated to

include Shalva’s first

hydrotherapy swimming



Shalva Gush Etzion

opened in response to

compromised safety

during the Second



First International

Down Syndrome Day

Conference hosted

in partnership with

the Hadassah Medical


Me and My Mommy

program began

Rehabilitative Day Care

opened for children

ages 1-3


SHALVA \ 30 Years of Changing Lives



Shalva’s International

Academic Research

Committee was

officially established by

Prof. Malka Margalit


First FestiShalva

musical performance


Property for Shalva

National Center granted

by the Jerusalem



First basketball

team established in

partnership with the

HaPoel Jerusalem

Basketball Club


The Shalva Band was


Received certification

of management

standards from ISO


First Team Shalva in the

Jerusalem Marathon


Shalva National Center officially established by IDF

as National Crisis Center for people with disabilities

Oral health for Everyone (OHEV) program and

clinical research project launched

Café Shalva opened to the public

First soccer team established in partnership with

Beitar Jerusalem Football Club

Rehabilitative Judo School established by Olympic

medalist Ori Sasson


Granted consultative status by the United Nations

First vocational training course in partnership with

Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor

First independent living apartment in the community


Circle of Support program opened for adults

Horizon program opened



Received Midot

Seal of Outstanding



Shalva’s advocacy

film, Special Interview,

shown at film festivals

around the world

Inclusive preschools

open and receive

authorization of

Ministry of Education

Street leading to Shalva

National Center named

“Shalva Road” by

Jerusalem Municipality


First Kilimanjaro Climb

to support Shalva


Shalva opens the school

year at the Shalva

National Center


First Snoezelen Therapy training course graduation, authorized by

International Snoezelen Association (ISNA)

Shalva Band releases first single in social awareness campaign with

Bank Hapoalim and Google Israel

The Shalva Band performed at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest



our 30th


Kalman Samuels authored his personal memoir, Dreams Never Dreamed

Rising in Rank program opened in partnership with IDF


Shalva National Center

1 Shalva Road

POB 34449, Jerusalem 9134302

T +972-2-651-9555

F +972-2-653-5787

E info@shalva.org


American Friends of Shalva

New York

315 Fifth Avenue, 6th Fl.

New York, NY 10016

T +1-212-725-0900

F +1-212-725-5624

E leo@shalva-usa.org


78 S.W. 7th Street, Suite 500

Miami, FL 33130

O +1-786-814-5368

M +1-954-536-8481

E lauren@shalva-usa.org


British Friends of Shalva

Suite 174, Kinetic Business Centre

Theobald Street, Borehamwood

Hertfordshire, WD6 4PJ

T +44 020 8387 1221

E info@shalvauk.org


Canadian Friends of Shalva

201 Bridgeland Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M6A 1Y7

T +1-647-884-3636

F +1-416-256-4003

E canadianfriends@shalva.org


Mexican Friends of Shalva

Hacienda del Ciervo #27 - 504

Hacienda de las Palmas

Huixquilucan Edo de Mexico

CP 52787, Mexico City

T +52-55-52163542

E stevanjennifer@gmail.com


The Israel Association for Care and

Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

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