Fly Fishing destinations worldwide - FFTC.club Magazine issue I-2020

This digital magazine is made for those fly fishers, who loves to explore new destinations. You can explore new fly fishing destinations everywhere. This is the passion we love to share with you! We at FFTC love to travel for fly fishing. The FFTC presents 100+ pages full of information about worth-to-know fly fishing destinations around the globe. We invite you to read our digital magazine, and the best thing is that it will be totally for free for all readers. No registration or subscription is needed. Please share this magazine with your fishing buddies to get inspired for your next fly fishing trip. Always tight lines, Alexander Founder of the FlyFisher Traveller Club - worldwide

This digital magazine is made for those fly fishers, who loves to explore new destinations.
You can explore new fly fishing destinations everywhere. This is the passion we love to share with you!
We at FFTC love to travel for fly fishing. The FFTC presents 100+ pages full of information about worth-to-know fly fishing destinations around the globe. We invite you to read our digital magazine, and the best thing is that it will be totally for free for all readers. No registration or subscription is needed. Please share this magazine with your fishing buddies to get inspired for your next fly fishing trip. Always tight lines, Alexander
Founder of the FlyFisher Traveller Club - worldwide


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No. I-<strong>2020</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

The <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Traveller Club<br />

<strong>Fly</strong><strong>destinations</strong> <strong>worldwide</strong><br />

<strong>Fishing</strong><br />


Europe<br />

Argentina<br />

USA<br />

Brazil<br />

Canada<br />

Africa<br />


Seychelles<br />

Belize<br />

Cuba<br />

F F T C<br />

<strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Traveller Club<br />

est. 2017<br />

© ℗ <strong>FFTC</strong>.<strong>club</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Get inspired for your next trip!

No. I-<strong>2020</strong><br />

2 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

Cover photo:<br />

Alexander Dachlauer - Rainbow trout - secret lake, Central Patagonia April, 2019<br />

<strong>destinations</strong><br />

Europe<br />


Norway - NFC, The Rogstadmoen Lodge....................6<br />

Ireland - River Moy, Maloney´s Lodge..........................9<br />

Argentina<br />

Central Patagonia - El Encuentro Lodge...................11<br />

Tierra del Fuego - Estancia Maria Behety | La Villa....20<br />

USA<br />

Alaska - Alaska Rainbow Lodge.................................24<br />

Montana - First Cast Outfitters...................................29<br />

Brazil<br />

Ecolodge Da Barra.......................................................34<br />

AGUA BOA Lodge.......................................................38<br />

Canada<br />

Gaspé - Quebec, St. Jean Pavilion..............................41<br />

Labrador - Minipi River, The Anne Marie Lodge.........44<br />

Africa<br />

Botswana - Zambezi Queen.......................................48<br />

Zambia - The Royal Zambezi Lodge...........................58<br />

The <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Traveller Club<br />

<strong>Fly</strong><strong>Fishing</strong><strong>Fishing</strong><br />

The <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Traveller Club<br />

<strong>destinations</strong> <strong>worldwide</strong><br />

trip memories<br />

Seychelles - Cosmoledo atoll<br />

"Cosmoledo - The GT Capitol of this world"<br />

by Dr. Ueli Zellweger..................................65<br />

<strong>destinations</strong><br />


Seychelles<br />

Alphonse and St. Francois Atoll..............................71<br />

Cosmoledo Atoll.......................................................76<br />

Belize<br />

Mothership - The Rising Tide...................................85<br />

Cuba<br />

North Cuba - Cayo Cruz, Cayo Santa Maria............89<br />

South Cuba - Cayo Largo, Isla de la Juventud,<br />

Jardines de la Reina<br />

videothek...........96<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


The <strong>FFTC</strong>.<strong>club</strong><br />

Founded for the <strong>worldwide</strong><br />

passion to travel for fly fishing<br />

Editor's letter<br />

Editorial<br />

February, <strong>2020</strong><br />

Our passion is the same as<br />

yours: traveling for pure flyfishing!<br />

All <strong>Fly</strong>Fishers have their home spots and for sure we love<br />

to fish and spend our fishing time there. We know every<br />

stone, sometimes every fish in every pool. For sure we<br />

are all in love with our home spots but there are so many<br />

other foreign and attractive spots all over the world.<br />

Some of them are either in the direct neighborhood not<br />

far away from our home or just over the next border and<br />

you can reach them either by driving or flying for a<br />

couple of hours.<br />

Others are overseas, in a completely different country<br />

with a foreign language, far away from home. The charm<br />

to explore new <strong>destinations</strong> or to catch a new species of<br />

fish is enormous for the TRAVELLING FLYFISHER. We<br />

spend hour by hour in internet to organize and book a<br />

trip. The <strong>FFTC</strong>.<strong>club</strong> helps you to get this done quickly.<br />

The idea of founding the <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Traveller Club was<br />

born in March 2017 and it's growing very, very fast in my<br />

head and in my heart! I decided to use different<br />

professional resources to realize the idea and to make<br />

the dream come true that the <strong>FFTC</strong> will be the biggest<br />

<strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Club and the fastest growing <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher<br />

Community <strong>worldwide</strong>. A well organized membership<br />

The <strong>FFTC</strong> Members Area will offer a direct access to a<br />

huge number of the most experienced <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Guides<br />

and all the worthwhile freshwater and saltwater<br />

Destinations all around the globe. There are so many<br />

great Destinations out there - we are hungry to explore<br />

them - hand in hand with a Guide who is familiar with the<br />

Water to make our visions of unforgettable moments<br />

become real!<br />

We are proud to present a selection of worth-to-know fly<br />

fishing <strong>destinations</strong> around the globe in this digital<br />

magazine. We hope you enjoy reading our brand new<br />

magazin. For more details about the <strong>FFTC</strong>.<strong>club</strong> please<br />

visit www.fftc.<strong>club</strong> - our BLOG or register for free to get<br />

unlimited access to the <strong>FFTC</strong> Members Area.<br />

Always tight lines, Alexander<br />

F F T C<br />

<strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Traveller Club<br />

est. 2017<br />

We are very proud to present the first <strong>issue</strong> of our<br />

brand new <strong>FFTC</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>. This digital magazine is<br />

made for those fly fishers, who loves to explore new<br />

<strong>destinations</strong>.<br />

You can explore new fly fishing <strong>destinations</strong><br />

everywhere.<br />

This is the passion we love to share with you!<br />

We at <strong>FFTC</strong> love to travel for fly fishing. Not only to<br />

get an idea about foreign cultures, to meet interesting<br />

new people, see impressive landscapes and chase<br />

new fish species.<br />

The all-in-one experience drives us.<br />

With this publication we will present you some<br />

worth-to-know <strong>destinations</strong> around the globe in a<br />

traditional way - as a magazine.<br />

We hope you will enjoy the first <strong>issue</strong> of our<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>. Our digital magazine is clickable.<br />

Do not hesitate to use this feature, watch embedded<br />

videos, and follow links to get more details about the<br />

particular country or destination.<br />

Meet you at the water.<br />

Always tight lines,<br />

Alexander<br />

Dear Reader<br />

Dear <strong>FFTC</strong> Member<br />

Publisher<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong>.<strong>club</strong> - <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Traveller Club<br />

powered by<br />

andante media DIGITAL<br />


3 Cavendish Row, Dublin 1<br />

D01 KV26 Dublin / IRELAND<br />

Register No. 643231<br />


andante media DIGITAL<br />


Leopoldstrasse 2-8<br />

32051 Herford<br />

VAT ID/Umsatzsteuer ID:<br />

DE32291620<br />

phone/fax<br />

toll free (national DE)<br />

0800 - 724 3205<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong>.<strong>club</strong> office (south of Germany)<br />

phone international<br />

+49 (0)8151 952 871<br />

email: contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

editor in chief & director<br />

Alexander Dachlauer<br />

email: alexander@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

4 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


EUROPE<br />

N<br />

orway<br />

NFC - The Rogstadmoen Lodge<br />

Today still hundreds of guests from all<br />

over the world come here and hope to<br />

catch one of the Gaula giants. In 2017<br />

the biggest fish weighed over 23kg,<br />

and every cast can bring such a beast<br />

to your fly.<br />

Norway - Big Atlantic Salmon<br />

Country.<br />

Sooner or later every salmon angler<br />

comes to a state where it's more<br />

about quality than quantity - a big fish<br />

usually values more than many small<br />

ones. If you are after the 10kg, 15kg,<br />

or even 20kg+ fish, Norway is the<br />

place to go to.<br />

The Norwegian <strong>Fly</strong>fishers Club offers<br />

12km private water on the Gaula<br />

River.<br />

The Rogstadmoen lodge is built new<br />

and on the highest standard you will<br />

find in Norway. Single rooms with en<br />

suite baths are standard. There also is<br />

a Spa area in the lodge.<br />

The Gaula is a famous salmon river.<br />

First fished by the Brits, it offers miles<br />

and miles of private water.<br />

The Gaula is a rather fast flowing river<br />

which runs through unspoiled<br />

surroundings starting from the<br />

mountains near the Swedish border,<br />

just past the historic mining town of<br />

Røros, Norway, and enters the sea at<br />

the Trondheim Fjord. The Gaula,<br />

translated as the “Golden River”<br />

because of its ironic golden hue has<br />

always been one of the finest and<br />

most productive salmon rivers in the<br />

world.<br />

The Gaula River flows through the<br />

Gauldal valley in Sør-Trøndelag<br />

County, Norway.<br />

The river valley and its surrounding<br />

landscape are both stunning and<br />

varied in nature. In the upper part the<br />

Gaula valley is quite narrow and<br />

mountainous, and the water is<br />

shallower with big boulders both on<br />

the banks and in the water. In the<br />

lower stretches the valley is wider,<br />

and the big boulders are replaced by<br />

gravel banks. The further down the<br />

river you venture the more you feel like<br />

you are getting closer to the sea. In the<br />

south it starts from the lake Gulhåen at<br />

the Rørosvidda. On it’s 150km length,<br />

it is joined by a number of tributaries,<br />

of which the largest are the Bua (joins<br />

in Kotsøy) and the Sokna (joins in<br />

Støren village) before it runs into the<br />

Trondheim fjord.<br />

...<br />

SEASON<br />

Season is from June to August, the biggest<br />

fish run first. Prime weeks are weeks 25-29,<br />

and these are much sought after.<br />

RATES<br />

Depending on runs and service - from<br />

EUR 1.120 - 3.750/week<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

2,5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

6 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


EUROPE<br />

EUROPE<br />

I<br />

reland<br />

River Moy - Maloney´s Lodge<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />

pukka <strong>destinations</strong><br />

Owner Carsten Dogs<br />

Nernstweg 5<br />

22765 Hamburg / GERMANY<br />

phone: +49 1778086466<br />

email: info@pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />

web: www.pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />

Ireland is a destination you can easy travel to from Europe.<br />

You fly into Dublin and head for the<br />

County Mayo. Our trips start<br />

in Foxford, base usually is a Bed &<br />

Breakfast which offers comfort as a<br />

lodge.<br />

Packages can be tailored to the needs<br />

of the guests - for example the stay at<br />

the Maloney´s Lodge.<br />

The River Moy has a huge run of<br />

Atlantic Salmon, annually<br />

approximately 15.000 fish run the<br />

river.<br />

The Atlantic Salmon can be caught in<br />

fly-only beats as well as mixed<br />

zones. The Moy is especially suited<br />

for the young salmon anglers, as the<br />

prices are comparatively low. ...<br />

8 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


EUROPE<br />

At all the lakes in the area of the<br />

County Mayo you will have also a<br />

great Brown Trout and thrilling Pike<br />

fishery. We recommend a combination<br />

of River Moy and the Lough<br />

Mask or Lough Corrib.<br />

EEFF - El Encuentro Lodge<br />

SEASON<br />

River Moy: You can catch springers from<br />

February onwards, and grilse from June.<br />

Lakes: The season starts from February and<br />

ends at end of October.<br />

RATES<br />

Several packages available - from<br />

EUR 1.190/week<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

2,5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

10 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

At both lakes you can catch the Forex<br />

trouts, which can be very huge with<br />

over 20 pounds. The traditional way of<br />

fishing at the lakes is from boat. The<br />

lakes are really big.<br />

For this reason we recommend an<br />

experienced Guide.<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />

pukka <strong>destinations</strong><br />

Owner Carsten Dogs<br />

Nernstweg 5<br />

22765 Hamburg / GERMANY<br />

phone: +49 1778086466<br />

email: info@pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />

web: www.pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />


P<br />

atagonia<br />

If you have a passion for fly fishing,<br />

Argentina has always been on your<br />

list of 'must-see' <strong>destinations</strong>.<br />

Its unique combination of outstanding<br />

wild trout fishing, jaw-dropping<br />

scenery, and a dynamic culture is<br />

unmatched. But with so many<br />

options, where does one start in<br />

planning the ideal trip?<br />

El Encuentro <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> has been<br />

hosting travelers for decades, having<br />

spent countless hours and miles in<br />

search of the best fishing<br />

opportunities, best lodges and<br />

accommodations, and most<br />

appealing experiences for our guests.<br />

A Warm Welcome in the Heart<br />

of Central Patagonia<br />

El Encuentro was the first outfitter to<br />

provide fly fishing trips in Central<br />

Patagonia. For over 30 years, El<br />

Encuentro Lodge and the Beale family<br />

have been welcoming anglers from all<br />

over the world, most of whom return<br />

year after year to enjoy more<br />

extraordinary fishing experiences.<br />

Staying at El Encuentro Lodge lets<br />

you experience Argentine hospitality<br />

at its most authentic – warm, genuine<br />

and familial.<br />

The lodge has an exquisite setting<br />

right on the banks of the Rio<br />

Futaleufu.<br />

Hosted by the Beale family, guests of<br />

El Encuentro are made to feel right at<br />

home in the comfortable lodge. It’s an<br />

ideal setting for a small group of<br />

friends who want to enjoy the privacy<br />

of the small, intimate setting. With<br />

four rooms in the main house and two<br />

rooms in an adjacent cottage, El<br />

Encuentro can comfortably<br />

accommodate up to eight guests.<br />

WiFi is available at the lodge.<br />

At El Encuentro, the Beales proudly<br />

grow most of the organic vegetables<br />

in a one-acre kitchen garden and<br />

serve eggs from their own chickens.<br />

Lamb, beef and other products are all<br />

locally sourced from family and local<br />

markets. Breads are baked daily at<br />

the lodge. Not to be forgotten, superb<br />

Argentine wines are served at lunch<br />

and dinner, even when you have lunch<br />

on the riverside. ...<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />



El Encuentro <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> has spent<br />

over 30 years building relationships<br />

with only the top fishing<br />

<strong>destinations</strong> in central Patagonia and<br />

northern Argentina.<br />

The region in which we work<br />

encompasses dozens of superb<br />

fisheries for both trout and golden<br />

dorado, with a mix of public and<br />

private waters. We know when each<br />

fishes best, which lodges and<br />

estancias are the right choice for you,<br />

and will custom plan your itinerary to<br />

match your priorities and<br />

expectations so your trip is just as<br />

memorable as you imagined.<br />

Guests are treated to a traditional<br />

Patagonian “asado” (barbecue) with<br />

the family and all the guides—a most<br />

memorable culinary experience!<br />

The <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

The lodge’s location on the banks of<br />

the Rio Futaleufu opens that river to<br />

both full and half day floats including<br />

being able to go out late in the<br />

day right from the lodge to enjoy the<br />

evening hatch! With side channels,<br />

deep pools, gravel bars and hidden<br />

banks, the Rio Futaleufu is renowned<br />

for trophy sized rainbow and brown<br />

trout. It fishes well all season.<br />

There is such a variety of waters in the<br />

Esquel-Trevelin area, that El<br />

Encuentro can design fishing<br />

experiences to meet any angler’s<br />

interests. El Encuentro guides have<br />

access to private lakes and small<br />

streams and spring creeks;<br />

in addition, they can take anglers to<br />

the Rio Frey and lower Rio Corcovado<br />

for float fishing. El Encuentro offers a<br />

desirable base from which to fish in<br />

any season, without requiring too<br />

much driving (and in some cases, no<br />

driving at all).<br />

And to best accommodate those<br />

needs, our unique approach offers<br />

the option for multiple <strong>destinations</strong> as<br />

part of your trip.<br />

Whether it's staying at our own El<br />

Encuentro Lodge, or one of our<br />

network of hand-selected lodges and<br />

estancias in the region, we're able to<br />

'build' each trip based on your fishing<br />

preferences, time of year, budget,<br />

preferred non-fishing activities, and<br />

just about any other variable that is<br />

important to you.<br />

...<br />

12 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />



The<br />

Beauty<br />

of Patagonia<br />

14 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong> www.fftc.<strong>club</strong> 15


afari tents at theBrook Trout Base Camp<br />

on the banks of RioCorcovado<br />

17<br />

16 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

S<br />



SEASON<br />

November - April<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

RATES<br />

Weekly program (7 nights/ 6 1/2 days<br />

fishing):<br />

USD 5.950 in double base occupancy<br />

Single angler supplement: USD 210<br />

Price per week:<br />

single angler<br />

(your own room and guide): USD 7.420<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

10 % OFF the regular rates<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />

El Encuentro <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

Beale Family<br />

Phone: 0294 154534155<br />

(within ARGENTINA)<br />

18 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

Trip report available - for <strong>FFTC</strong><br />

Members only - please LOGIN<br />

Phone: +54-9-294-45 34 155<br />

(outside ARGENTINA)<br />

E-mail: info@elencuentroflyfishing.com<br />



io Grande<br />

REstancia Maria Behety & La Villa<br />

The one and only - the Rio<br />

Grande.<br />

Nowhere in the world you will<br />

encounter such a fishery for sea-run<br />

browns as here. We catch big fish (over<br />

30 pounds) as well as a lot of fish.<br />

Stocks are healthy, and you can target<br />

these fish with a variety of techniques.<br />

From classic fishing in the swing to dry<br />

fly fishing, even nymph fishing for these<br />

brutes is possible.<br />

The Estancia Maria Behety is a traditional Estancia having access<br />

to every part of the Rio Grande.<br />

It shares it's water with the other lodges; compared to them<br />

though, Maria Behety has access to the lower, middle and upper<br />

river, which means you will always have water to fish where the fish<br />

are.<br />

The two lodges - Maria Behety Lodge<br />

and La Villa offer superb service and<br />

great guides.<br />

The rooms in the lodge normally are<br />

double occupied, and offer en suite<br />

baths. In the La Villa lodge every guest<br />

will have a single room as standard.<br />

20 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />



Estancia Maria Behety Lodge and La Villa offer superb service and great guides, as well<br />

as rates far lower than the other lodges.<br />

The rooms in the lodge normally are double occupied, and offer en suite baths. In the<br />

La Villa lodge every guest will have a single room as standard.<br />

SEASON<br />

Season is from December - April, prime<br />

fishing usually is January - March.<br />

RATES<br />

USD 6.900 (prime time EMB Lodge) or<br />

USD 7.900 (prime time La Villa Lodge)<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

2,5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />

pukka <strong>destinations</strong><br />

Owner Carsten Dogs<br />

Nernstweg 5<br />

22765 Hamburg / GERMANY<br />

22 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

phone: +49 1778086466<br />

email: info@pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />

web: www.pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />


USA<br />

A<br />

laska<br />

Alaska Rainbow Lodge<br />

Alaska <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> in Bristol Bay is<br />

the best on the planet…<br />

And we know it!<br />

Alaska Rainbow Lodge offers Alaska<br />

salmon fishing for all five native<br />

species; King salmon, Silver salmon<br />

(Coho), Sockeye salmon, Chum<br />

salmon and Pink salmon<br />

(Humpback). With our vast<br />

knowledge and superb location, you<br />

will have access to almost every<br />

salmon fishing location in<br />

Southwestern Alaska. Get ready to<br />

live your dream of Alaska <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong>!<br />

Experience the Finest in Alaska <strong>Fly</strong><br />

<strong>Fishing</strong><br />

We fish by wading, drifting, casting, or<br />

plugging. You can fly fish or use<br />

conventional gear; that’s up to you.<br />

There are streams that are protected<br />

as fly fishing only areas, and there are<br />

rivers that allow either fly fishing or the<br />

use of spinning tackle. Alaska<br />

Rainbow Lodge guides practice fly<br />

fishing only for Rainbow Trout, Arctic<br />

Char, & Grayling, and all are catch and<br />

release.<br />

Depending on the river, the season,<br />

and the weather – we fish in one of<br />

three ways after a short 15-25 minute<br />

flight in one of our 3 Beaver floatplanes.<br />

We hike many of the smaller streams,<br />

trying different runs and holes<br />

throughout the day.<br />

We will find fantastic fishing with<br />

short, easy walks or with longer,<br />

adventurous hikes for those looking<br />

to explore rugged Alaskan beauty.<br />

These are the true wilderness streams<br />

where it’s unusual to see another<br />

fisherman. We take small rafts on<br />

some of the mid-size rivers, which<br />

allows floating long sections of river. A<br />

scenic float trip with a pick-up 3-5<br />

miles downstream will allow you to<br />

cover lots of water while still getting<br />

out to wade the best spots. You will<br />

experience one of the best fly-fishing<br />

trips in Alaska.<br />

On 14 different rivers, we have jet<br />

boats stored for quick, easy access.<br />

Whether fishing out of the boat or<br />

using it for transportation from hole to<br />

hole before wade fishing, these rivers<br />

are usually good bets to find Rainbow<br />

Trout of unbelievable size.<br />

...<br />

Much of our Alaska salmon fishing,<br />

particularly the King salmon, is done<br />

by boat – with lures or plugs. You may<br />

fly fish for Kings on the Alagnak River<br />

where you can sight fish with a fly rod.<br />

All other salmon fishing – Silver,<br />

Chum, Pink, & Sockeye are accessed<br />

by a combination of aircraft, jet boat,<br />

and wade or bank fishing.<br />

As our guest you’ll have access to<br />

more than 30 different rivers and<br />

streams, enjoying some of the world’s<br />

best Alaska fishing for Trophy<br />

Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Silver<br />

Salmon, King Salmon, Sockeye<br />

Salmon, Grayling and more across<br />

3,000 square miles of the Iliamna-<br />

Katmai watershed into Bristol Bay.<br />

Alaska Rainbow Lodge is a riverbased<br />

fishing lodge PLUS we fly out<br />

daily with multiple aircraft. You are<br />

assured of finding rivers with the<br />

highest concentration of fish. You<br />

have the greatest river in Alaska as a<br />

back up should the weather turn bad,<br />

since we are located right on the bank<br />

of the Kvichak. There’s no such thing<br />

as a bad day of fly fishing at Alaska<br />

Rainbow Lodge. Combined with the<br />

experience and dedication of our<br />

certified fishing guides and your<br />

hosts, Chip and Amanda Ferguson,<br />

there’s no better base of operations to<br />

have spectacular and unforgettable<br />

Alaska fishing trips.<br />

...<br />

24 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


USA<br />

Alaska Rainbow Lodge is the most<br />

modern remotely located Alaska<br />

Luxury <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Lodge. We have<br />

gone to great lengths to assure that<br />

your Alaska <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> trip is<br />

comfortable and enjoyable as<br />

possible.<br />

We have five double bedrooms inside<br />

the lodge plus six single bedrooms in<br />

private guest cabins. At the Alaska<br />

Rainbow Lodge, you will discover<br />

Alaska <strong>Fishing</strong> Accommodations like<br />

no other. Our remote location allows<br />

for plenty of solitude and amazing<br />

scenery, not to mention our trophy<br />

caliber fishing.<br />

SEASON<br />

June 8 until September 28<br />

RATES<br />

Loding & Guiding Rates available for:<br />

7 Nights Lodging, Includes Charter<br />

Flight from/to Anchorage<br />

6 Days guided Alaska <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Trip<br />

for USD 9.550<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Voucher available - 100 USD<br />

off for <strong>FFTC</strong> Members / fisherman /<br />

booking lodging & guiding services<br />

Many lodges claim they are fly-out<br />

lodges. With some you’ll only fly out<br />

two days out of seven, or the lodge<br />

only has enough airplanes for half the<br />

guests. Other lodges in southwest<br />

Alaska operate on a program they call<br />

“Daily <strong>Fly</strong>-out <strong>Fishing</strong>.” What this<br />

means is that every day, ALL the<br />

guests pack up into an airplane and fly<br />

to a different destination to spend the<br />

day fishing. But if the weather is unflyable,<br />

you’re stuck without a place to<br />

fish. Some lodges are river-based<br />

lodges (no fly-out fishing). They state<br />

that they never have to depend on the<br />

weather to go fishing. They don’t<br />

mention that if their river is flooded, or<br />

the fish run has moved on, you’re out<br />

of luck. But there’s no need to risk<br />

your hard-earned vacation time.<br />

You’ll never have those concerns with<br />

Alaska Rainbow Lodge.<br />

We’re proud to offer an<br />

unsurpassed, premium Alaska<br />

fishing trip experience, helping<br />

our guests maximize their<br />

fishing fun and success each<br />

and every day!<br />

26 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


USA<br />

M<br />

Guide<br />

USA<br />

ontana<br />

First Cast Outfitters<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />

Alaska Rainbow Lodge - phone<br />

contacts<br />

toll free: 001 800 451 6198<br />

phone: 001 907 246 1504<br />

Out of season (October - May)<br />

phone: 001 972 544 2050<br />

First Cast Outfitters is located in the<br />

heart of the best fly fishing on the<br />

planet.<br />

Montana is considered THE mecca of<br />

fly fishing. With world class Montana<br />

fly fishing in every direction, First Cast<br />

Outfitters is perfectly poised to offer<br />

any variety of angling experiences.<br />

Whether stalking trophy trout or fly<br />

fishing for northern pike, First Cast<br />

Outfitters can ensure your Montana<br />

fly fishing experience is top notch.<br />

First Cast Outfitters hires only the best<br />

and most professional guides. Our<br />

guide staff all boasts many years of fly<br />

fishing and guiding experience and<br />

are able to teach anglers of any ability<br />

new skills. Whether it be rods and<br />

reels, flies, casting instruction or even<br />

insect education, our guides will have<br />

you taken care of.<br />

Home Waters<br />

First Cast Outfitters guides on many<br />

of the waters in Montana, for a variety<br />

of species. But our home water will<br />

always be the Missouri River. We<br />

call Craig, MT “Home” for most of our<br />

summer months. With large, technical<br />

trout, feeding on excellent hatches,<br />

there is truly no place we would rather<br />

be.<br />

While First Cast Outfitters may call the<br />

Missouri River home, we also fish a<br />

number of other waters in Montana. We<br />

regularly spend a considerable amount<br />

of time at the Land of Giants, Blackfoot<br />

River, and running Montana Pike trips.<br />

Whether you prefer to sight fish for<br />

technical feeding trout or work on newer<br />

fly fishing skills, First Cast Outfitters can<br />

craft the perfect Montana <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> trip<br />

for you.<br />

28<br />

Email: info@alaskarainbowlodge.com<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


USA<br />

Guide<br />

The Home Waters<br />

Missouri River<br />

The Missouri is truly a remarkable fishery. Boasting the highest trout population in the<br />

state, over 8,000 fish per mile, and the largest average fish size, around 17″, it offers<br />

anglers an experience that they will not find anywhere else. Fish here grow fast and<br />

STRONG! It’s not uncommon to have an “average” fish send an angler deep into his<br />

backing.<br />

We have 40 miles of amazing tail water fishing at our fingertips on the Mo. This allows<br />

us to float multiple stretches of river and give anglers a different look at our water each<br />

and every day.<br />

Special Stay and Fish packages are offered for the Missouri. Lodging can be very hard<br />

to come by during the busy summer months. So plan ahead and contact us for help in<br />

planning your Missouri River fishing vacation.<br />

Dearborn River<br />

The Home Waters<br />

Originating in the Scapegoat Wilderness high in the Lewis and Clark Range of the Rocky<br />

Mountains, the Dearborn is a relatively unknown river when compared with nearby<br />

waters such as the Missouri, Blackfoot, or Yellowstone Rivers. This is arguably the most<br />

scenic river in Montana. And certainly one of the less crowded.<br />

We are only able to float this river during a brief run-off window, usually occurring in May<br />

and June. After this, the water levels are too low to navigate with a raft, leaving only<br />

limited wade fishing access. The most popular section of this river will take you on a 19<br />

mile float from the Highway 287 bridge, through a magnificent canyon, before its<br />

confluence with the Missouri River downstream of Craig, Montana. It is not uncommon<br />

to launch your raft in the morning, and not see another person until the confluence.<br />

Land of Giants<br />

Running between the Hauser Dam and Gates of the Mountains on Holter Lake, is a<br />

stretch of the Missouri that has earned the name, Land of Giants or L.O.G., and rightfully<br />

so. Plain and simple, there are big fish here. Lots of them.<br />

The fish in this stretch, comprised mostly of rainbows and a few browns, move into the<br />

lake for part of the year and then back up into the river. Because of this, they tend to<br />

grow a bit larger than the average fish we see below Holter Dam on the lower Missouri<br />

River. The average rainbow can be around 22″, with the ever elusive browns being even<br />

larger.<br />

Blackfoot River<br />

The Blackfoot River is, truly, classic trout water. Winding its way 146 miles, before its<br />

confluence with the Clark Fork River near Missoula, you will find endless deep pools,<br />

riffles, shelves, undercut banks and pocket water. The Blackfoot is every bit fishy as it<br />

is scenic. With good numbers of rainbows, browns, west slope cutthroat, brook trout<br />

and bull trout.<br />

30 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


USA<br />

Guide<br />

Carp on the <strong>Fly</strong><br />

For those looking for a slightly different challenge while fishing the Missouri River, we<br />

suggest you test your skills and casting precision on our carp.<br />

This fish is becoming increasingly<br />

popular to fly anglers, as it presents<br />

a challenge most similar to that of<br />

fishing to tailing redfish or bonefish<br />

in the salt water. These carp can<br />

feed much the same way, and<br />

average around 10 pounds.<br />

Montana Pike <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

Have you ever heard someone use<br />

the word VORACIOUS? It is a word<br />

usually used to describe something<br />

that is really hungry and ready to eat<br />

anything in sight.<br />

It’s also a pretty good way to describe the Northern Pike found in many of our Montana<br />

waterways. The northern pike is a fish that always seems to be in a voracious mood and<br />

willing to eat large flies presented to them.<br />

Missouri River Stay and Fish Packages<br />

First Cast Outfitters is proud to be able to offer all inclusive fishing packages for the Missouri<br />

River. We have partnered with the Missouri River Ranch, the only luxury lodging option on<br />

the Missouri River. Enjoy luxurious accommodations, fine dining and of course epic fishing,<br />

all in one place. These stay and fish packages can be customized to meet any length of stay<br />

desired.<br />

Loding & Guiding Rates available for:<br />

2 Nights stay / 1 Day guiding for USD 800 up to 6 Nights stay / 5 Days guiding for USD 2890<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Voucher available - 75 USD off for <strong>FFTC</strong> Members / fisherman / booking lodging services<br />

The Missouri River Ranch<br />

Relaxation, outdoor adventure, luxury accommodations, and gourmet meals are all part of<br />

the experience at the Missouri River Ranch, a private lodge located just south of Craig,<br />

Montana, on the banks of the Missouri River.<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

First Cast Outfitters<br />

Capt. Jeff Johnson<br />

PO Box 148<br />

Cascade, MT 59421<br />

Phone: 001 406-219-1232<br />

32 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

Email: jeff@firstcastoutfitters.com<br />


BRAZIL<br />

B<br />

razil<br />

Ecolodge Da Barra<br />

The Unique 'Ecolodge Da<br />

Barra' Amazon Floating Lodge<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Trip<br />


founded by a group of hard-core lure<br />

and fly anglers who joined forces to<br />

provide adventure-seeking anglers<br />

with the best infrastructure for fishing<br />

in South America.Apart from being<br />

the only floating Lodge in Brazil, it also<br />

provides the most modern and up-todate<br />

comfortable, intelligent and<br />

ecologically-minded approach to<br />

sport fishing.<br />


located where the Rio Tapajós is<br />

formed, at the confluence of the Rio<br />

Teles Pires and Juruena, presenting<br />

an enormous area to fish for over 20<br />

species of sport fish.<br />

This fantastic floating Hotel/Lodge<br />

gets our No1 thumbs up for the angler<br />

who wants complete comfort and<br />

pampering while able to catch a<br />

bundle of big fish in Brazil. We would<br />

classify this amazing floating hotel<br />

and fishing trip as our top five-star<br />

destination.<br />

All fishing boats are fitted with two<br />

fishing seats, front deck, 4 stroke 40<br />

HP outboards, trolling motor, all<br />

necessary fuel, and an assortment of<br />

local Brazilian flies lures should<br />

anglers like to use something other<br />

than what’s in their box!<br />

34 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

All guides are native to the area, fully<br />

trained and will do their upmost to<br />

make sure anglers catch as many fish<br />

as possible, to take some great<br />

memories back home.<br />

The Lodge<br />

There are 16 luxury apartments<br />

sleeping 24 anglers at any time. All are<br />

spacious, air conditioned and have a<br />

veranda overlooking the river and at<br />

2.7m above the waterline. Each ensuite<br />

bathroom has hot water and<br />

pressurized showers for that intense<br />

massage at the end of a hard day’s<br />

fishing!<br />

The deluxe climatised restaurant<br />

provides our guests with breakfast,<br />

lunch and dinner with traditional and<br />

regional menus and cuisine.<br />

...<br />

The ‘open’ bar is nearby and serves<br />

snacks, selected wines, spirits, hot<br />

and cold drinks and cocktails, all<br />

included. There is ample room with a<br />

walk-around Veranda.<br />

The Hotel also has Cable TV with<br />

more than 200 channels, Radio,<br />

Internet connection with WiFi<br />

covering the whole of the Hotel, 30<br />

cameras for security (filming &<br />

recording 24 hours), Voipe and<br />

Satellite Telephones. Laundry is<br />

made daily and sheets and<br />

pillowcases will also be changed<br />

daily.<br />

There is also a tackle store at the hotel<br />

providing hooks, rods, reels, lines and<br />

even fishing clothes should any<br />

luggage be lost by airlines etc.<br />

The Hotel also lends tackle to guests<br />

without any cost. Note that this needs<br />

to be ordered well beforehand.<br />

The <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

This is a year-round destination,<br />

although the very best time for fly<br />

fishing is from May to October when<br />

the water visibility makes the fishing<br />

with bright streamer flies and poppers<br />

fantastic, particularly for the peacock<br />

bass.<br />

In this particularly productive and<br />

varied watershed, there is a huge<br />

diversity of species to be caught. With<br />

over 150 lakes and lagoons, three<br />

main rivers and many other<br />

tributaries, this is a huge fishing area.<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> fishing at this destination is the<br />

very best that we have ever<br />

experienced at any lodge and anglers<br />

can target huge Peacock Bass,<br />

Payara, Arowana, Bicuda and may<br />

other species with amazing results in<br />

the lakes, river, rapids and tributaries.<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


BRAZIL<br />

Special Gift - The <strong>FFTC</strong> GIFT VOUCHER for <strong>Fly</strong> Fishers<br />

"A small gift with a great value for every traveling <strong>Fly</strong><br />

Fisher"...<br />

If you are searching for a really special gift for a fly<br />

fishing buddy or family member - here it is!<br />

36<br />

SEASON<br />

Year round for various species but fly fishing<br />

best through summer until late October<br />

RATES<br />

Weekly program (7 nights/ 6 full days<br />

fishing):<br />

USD 4.950 per angler<br />

• Included: Six full days of fishing; 7 nights at the<br />

Lodge, based on double occupancy; all meals while<br />

at Hotel; open bar;<br />

return flights MAO/Ecolodge/MAO; daily laundry;<br />

fishing licenses, guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat);<br />

overnight at Hotel in city 1st night on arrival; airport<br />

assistance and transfers.<br />

• Not Included: International and National air<br />

transportation to and from cities to Manaus in Brazil or<br />

unless specified above;<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />



Suite 205A<br />

Saffrey Squarem Bank Lane & Bay<br />

Street<br />

P.O. Box N-4244, Nassau, Bahamas<br />

EU & rest of the world: +351 917812328<br />

US and Canada toll free: 1 866 920 2814<br />

email: info@amazon-angler.com<br />

The <strong>FFTC</strong> <strong>Fly</strong> Fisher Membership Gift VOUCHER<br />

Today we announce the possibility to buy online a <strong>FFTC</strong> GIFT VOUCHER for 1, 3 or 5 years of <strong>FFTC</strong><br />

<strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Membership. The <strong>FFTC</strong> <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Membership starts at USD 59.00 and it´s a perfect gift for<br />

any traveling <strong>Fly</strong> Fisher in the world. The value of the present is more than the <strong>FFTC</strong> Membership fee<br />

you pay. As you know the <strong>FFTC</strong> Membership contains many different advantages. It starts with the free<br />

and unlimited access to the <strong>FFTC</strong> Members Area, which inspires every <strong>Fly</strong> Fisher for the next trip and ends<br />

with some attractive discounts on regular rates.<br />


It is just as simple as it can be. Please follow the link and select the <strong>FFTC</strong> <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Membership you like<br />

to choose for your friend. Follow the instructions to the checkout. After you purchased the <strong>FFTC</strong> Gift<br />

Voucher you will get two emails. The first is the standard confirmation for your order. With the second email<br />

we provide you a link to a separate online form. At this webpage you enter the email address of your friend<br />

(the person you purchased the <strong>FFTC</strong> Gift Voucher for), and you can also leave a personal message.<br />

You submit this data to us - it´s done - nothing else is needed! Your friend will get an invitation email<br />

including your personal message and a <strong>FFTC</strong> VOUCHER CODE for the amount of the <strong>FFTC</strong> <strong>Fly</strong> Fisher<br />

Membership fee you have chosen, including the instructions on how to handle this online - that´s all - that<br />

simple! You can select as many <strong>FFTC</strong> Gift Vouchers as you like during one checkout for all your <strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

buddies you intend to surprise on Christmas. The only thing is that you have to enter the details (email<br />

address and personal message) separately for every single <strong>FFTC</strong> Gift Voucher.<br />

The <strong>FFTC</strong> GIFT VOUCHER for <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher is the perfect gift for every <strong>Fly</strong> Fisher, who loves to travel for<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> fishing around the globe.<br />

F F T C<br />

<strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Traveller Club<br />

est. 2017<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


BRAZIL<br />

B<br />

The Amazon, a truly unique spot<br />

for a fly fishing adventure - and<br />

adventure definitely applies to<br />

this trip.<br />

razil<br />

AGUA BOA Lodge<br />

What we enjoyed the most about this<br />

trip is that it was so different from all<br />

the other salt water or fresh water trips<br />

we’ve taken.<br />

The Agua Boa Lodge is the finest<br />

facility in the Peacock Bass world.<br />

The Peacock Bass is a terrific sport<br />

fish on a fly.<br />

It grows to large sizes (15 and 20+<br />

pound fish are not uncommon) and is<br />

a beautiful finned creature. They are<br />

aggressive takers and, when the<br />

water levels are right, the norm is 150<br />

to 300 fish weeks.<br />

Of the many other species that<br />

are available, the Arowana is the most<br />

spectacular because you can stalk<br />

them near the surface and take them<br />

on top.<br />

Our destination of choice is a “fly<br />

fishing, catch and release only” lodge<br />

– the only one of its kind in<br />

the Amazon. It is located on a unique<br />

clear water river which facilitates sight<br />

fishing and, because its located in a<br />

special nature preserve, can only be<br />

fished by clients of this particular<br />

lodge located at the Agua Boa River.<br />

38 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

Protection For The<br />

Fishery<br />

The Agua Boa is a special Amazon<br />

river, running clear water most of the<br />

time which makes sight fishing<br />

possible. So many of the Amazon<br />

waters are “black water” and are<br />

hammered by gear fishermen<br />

chucking large plugs. There are<br />

government restrictions in place for<br />

the unique waters of the Agua Boa<br />

limiting it to fly fishing, catch/release,<br />

single hook barbless fishing only.<br />

The upper 7/8’s of the river are<br />

covered by these permits. They are in<br />

the process of getting these same<br />

restrictions placed on the lower 1/8.<br />

There may be limited places in the<br />

Amazon where more Peacock Bass of<br />

a few pounds over 20 are available.<br />

However, no where is the fishery,<br />

wildlife, and overall Amazon<br />

experience for a fly rodder as<br />

predictable and proven as the Agua<br />

Boa.<br />

...<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Program<br />

The largest of the Peacock species,<br />

the Temensis, is a primary target. But<br />

there are several other species<br />

including an active surface popper<br />

target, the abundant Butterfly<br />

Peacock, with the distinctive three<br />

markings on their side.<br />

Caiman, the Amazon crocodile, are a<br />

constant part of the scene.<br />

Amazon wildlife is an important part of<br />

the adventure and the remote area<br />

surrounding the Agua Boa is an<br />

excellent place to find it.<br />

The Jaguar is the primary predator;<br />

river otters are playful wherever they<br />

are found; a variety of monkey’s swing<br />

in the trees. Strange things that crawl<br />

can be colorful; unusual creatures of<br />

the Amazon include the Tapir.<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


CANADA<br />

G<br />

aspé<br />

St Jean Pavilion<br />

Who is the atlantic salmon?<br />

40<br />

SEASON<br />

Water levels are the key to successfully<br />

fishing the Amazon. January, February,<br />

and March are generally considered the<br />

most dependable for stable water levels<br />

with the rainy season beginning in April.<br />

The Agua Boa’s season runs from<br />

October through mid-April.<br />

RATES<br />

5.950 USD - Januar-March - per<br />

person for a shared room and guide<br />

4.950 USD - October-Dezember - per<br />

person for a shared room and guide<br />

The rates includes the charter flights<br />

between Manaus and the lodge.<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

2,5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

Clients stay in well-furnished, air-conditioned<br />

bungalows. A main room with two double<br />

beds, a reading area, frigobar, and a large welldesigned<br />

bathroom. The bungalows have hot<br />

(by solar panels) and cold running water,<br />

flushing toilets, and enough space to store all<br />

fishermen's gear.<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Adventures<br />

Don Muelrath<br />

Phone: 888-347-4896<br />

001-707-254-8684 (outside USA)<br />

Fax: 001-707-255-3812<br />

E-mail: flyfish@napanet.net<br />

The Atlantic is considered by many to<br />

be the ultimate freshwater gamefish,<br />

known for its spirited runs and size<br />

attained. Additionally, in the crystal<br />

clear rivers of Gaspe, they can be<br />

sight fished with floating lines.<br />

The Atlantic is born as a “parr” and<br />

stay in freshwater for their first two<br />

years reaching 4 to 6 inches in length.<br />

They go to the ocean as a smolt and<br />

return as a 3 yr old (sometimes 4 yr<br />

old) grilse of 4 to 6 pounds. Second<br />

year returnees are 10 – 12 pounds and<br />

third year (now 5 – 6 years old) are in<br />

16-24 pound neighborhood.<br />

The 30 and 40+ pound fish are<br />

probably fourth year returnees,<br />

however some believe there are no<br />

fourth year fish. All fish return to the<br />

ocean to die as 6-7 year old fish.<br />

The Eastern Canadian Atlantic<br />

Salmon sport fishery had been<br />

diminished over the years due to<br />

commercial netting of the species.<br />

Some years ago:<br />

the Canadian government took<br />

aggressive action to save the fishery<br />

by paying the commercial fisherman<br />

NOT TO FISH.<br />

Since that time, the fishery has been<br />

recovering successfully. While not<br />

back entirely to the days of old, the<br />

numbers of returning fish annually<br />

make sport fishing in many rivers once<br />

again productive.<br />

Where is<br />

the atlantic salmon?<br />

Gaspe, Quebec is a charming,<br />

predominantly French speaking town<br />

with around 16,000 citizens isolated<br />

on the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula. It is<br />

an untarnished and wholesomely<br />

industrious community of 16,000<br />

Canadians on the shore of Gaspe<br />

Bay.<br />

There are three primary rivers within<br />

short driving distance of Gaspe –<br />

Dartmouth, St Jean, and York. Each<br />

one of them is broken into pools –<br />

gathering spots where salmon stop<br />

while making their way upstream to<br />

spawn. The rivers are further broken<br />

into sectors/zones. Sectors can be<br />

either “limited” or “unlimited.”<br />

“Limited” sectors have a maximum of<br />

2, 4, 6 or 8 fishermen allowed per day.<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


CANADA<br />

That smaller percentage of grilse<br />

gives the angler much better odds of<br />

getting fish of 15, 20 pounds or larger<br />

– simply more large fish present in<br />

relation to the number of grilse. Our<br />

outfitter has three excellent guides - all<br />

good at spotting fish.<br />

They can be as long as 10 miles (like<br />

sector 1 we fished on the St. Jean) or<br />

as short as less than a mile like sector<br />

2 on the Dartmouth (the “falls”).<br />

Depending on the time of the season,<br />

it’s generally accepted that the pools<br />

in unlimited sectors see more<br />

fishermen each day, although this is<br />

not always the case. One of the top<br />

guides told us he has many unlimited<br />

pools on the Dartmouth that he finds<br />

very worthwhile and are some of his<br />

favorite spots. Some of the sectors are<br />

spectacularly beautiful with canyon<br />

stretches, waterfalls, and crystal clear<br />

pools over varying rock formations<br />

carved out by nature throughout the<br />

centuries.<br />

The Fishery<br />

A good Gaspe guide will have you fish<br />

waters only where he has spotted fish.<br />

42 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

That doesn’t mean you’ll get the<br />

Atlantic to eat the fly, but at least, you<br />

know you are fishing “live” water. He’ll<br />

also observe the fish (New Zealand<br />

style) and advise you on your drift to<br />

get the best possible shot at<br />

attracting a fish. This would be<br />

classified as a “trophy fishery” which<br />

means success is not measured in<br />

numbers of fish, but size and the<br />

overall experience. Even with a good<br />

guide, if you average a fish a day<br />

released, you’re doing well.<br />

However, most of the fish you’re<br />

casting to are over 10 pounds with a<br />

good number of 15 and 20+<br />

pounders. The first year returning<br />

grilse make up a smaller percentage<br />

of the total returning Gaspe rivers fish<br />

count than most of the famous<br />

Atlantic fisheries.<br />

...<br />

SEASON<br />

The season runs June 1 to the end of<br />

September<br />

RATES<br />

Two basic packages are available. Both<br />

of the Gaspe based programs include<br />

guided fishing on the Dartmouth, York,<br />

and St. Jean, lodging, and meals. The<br />

most popular stays are four days of<br />

fishing and six days of fishing.<br />

1. There are different lodging options in<br />

the town of Gaspe. Using mid-priced<br />

lodging, pricing would be approximately:<br />

Five nights with four days of fishing:<br />

USD 2,800 pp based on shared<br />

room and guide;<br />

USD 3,800 pp for a single.<br />

Seven nights with six days fishing:<br />

USD 4,400 pp shared;<br />

USD 5,600 for a single<br />

2. The second option is the world class<br />

fishing lodge, St Jean Pavilion. The<br />

Pavilion has over 20 miles of private<br />

water on the St Jean River available for<br />

it’s maximum of 8 to 10 anglers.<br />

USD 1,300 per day, single or double<br />

If space is available, you could do a<br />

combination package of three days<br />

fishing at one of the “in Gaspe options”<br />

coupled with three days at the Pavilion.<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Voucher available - 100 USD off for<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Members / fisherman / booking<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Adventures<br />

Don Muelrath<br />

Phone: 888-347-4896<br />

001-707-254-8684 (outside USA)<br />

Fax: 001-707-255-3812<br />

E-mail: flyfish@napanet.net<br />


CANADA<br />

L<br />

aprador<br />

Minipi River - The Anne Marie Lodge<br />

Brook Trout Paradise - The<br />

Minipi River<br />

This is simply the best dry fly fishing<br />

for large brook trout in the world. It's a<br />

special environment which produces<br />

hatches that defy the imagination and<br />

is home to a special strain of brook<br />

trout.<br />

From the west coast of the USA, it’s<br />

not easily accessed. The only reason<br />

that warrants the travel hassles (and<br />

the variable weather of Labrador) is<br />

the opportunity to take large, native,<br />

brook trout of over five pounds on a<br />

dry fly.<br />

Some of us are old enough to<br />

remember the old outdoor adventure<br />

TV series, The American Sportsman.<br />

Probably the most famous of their TV<br />

shows was the one in which Lee Wulff<br />

flew Curt Gowdy into an isolated river<br />

system in Labrador. They would take<br />

video of Lee and Curt catching these<br />

big, beautiful brookies on dry flies.<br />

Several times during the series, they<br />

featured this river system and it’s<br />

tremendous brookies. What made<br />

this particular series so fascinating<br />

was Curt Gowdy and the entire show<br />

staff were sworn to secrecy and not<br />

allowed to divulge the location of this<br />

river. Lee Wulff had vowed not to let<br />

the location be known until the<br />

Canadian government had set up a<br />

method of protecting the uniqueness<br />

of these fish and their habitat.<br />

44 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

Today, this is one of those special<br />

places that fishes "the way it used to"<br />

because of the protections that have<br />

been established and enforced by<br />

Lorraine and Jack Cooper, who<br />

operate three lodges on the system.<br />

Where is<br />

the atlantic salmon?<br />

Gaspe, Quebec is a charming,<br />

predominantly French speaking town<br />

with around 16,000 citizens isolated<br />

on the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula. It is<br />

an untarnished and wholesomely<br />

industrious community of 16,000<br />

Canadians on the shore of Gaspe<br />

Bay.<br />

There are three primary rivers within<br />

short driving distance of Gaspe –<br />

Dartmouth, St Jean, and York. Each<br />

one of them is broken into pools –<br />

gathering spots where salmon stop<br />

while making their way upstream to<br />

spawn. The rivers are further broken<br />

into sectors/zones. Sectors can be<br />

either “limited” or “unlimited.”<br />

“Limited” sectors have a maximum of<br />

2, 4, 6 or 8 fishermen allowed per day.<br />

...<br />

Hatches you have never seen<br />

before<br />

We have experienced drake hatches<br />

that were so intense that they covered<br />

the water as far as we could see. At<br />

times, it has been an incredible<br />

experience!<br />

During one particular hatch, I tried to<br />

count the number of drakes sitting on<br />

my fly line and got to 27 before losing<br />

track of where I was! In addition to the<br />

drakes, there is a large variety of other<br />

mayflies and caddis. Timing is the key<br />

<strong>issue</strong> if you are going to hit the<br />

hatches right.<br />

The wilds of Labrador, northeast<br />

Canada... ...the Minipi River<br />

watershed.<br />

One of those rare places on earth<br />

where things still are as they were<br />

hundreds, maybe thousands, of years<br />

ago. The large mayflies and caddis<br />

still hatch in overwhelming numbers<br />

and the giant brook trout still come to<br />

the surface to feast on them.<br />

The toothy pike still chase all the<br />

moving creatures, including the<br />

brookies, leaving their teeth marks as<br />

their calling card.<br />

It can be a beautiful environment<br />

although at times harsh, especially<br />

brutal during their winters. This is a<br />

long trek from the west coast and<br />

what draws us back every other year<br />

is the chance to stalk and cast dry flies<br />

to sighted trout of 5 to 8 pounds in a<br />

wilderness that “is the way it was.”<br />

Where to go?<br />

Over the last 15 years, we have made<br />

eight trips to this remote area by<br />

ourself. It seems as if every trip<br />

encountered some different<br />

conditions and circumstances, each<br />

with its own challenges. One of the<br />

attractions of revisiting a destination<br />

you’ve enjoyed many times in the past<br />

is that you begin to develop a sense for<br />

the fishery and its challenges.<br />

...<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


CANADA<br />

The Lodge<br />

You can evaluate situations and<br />

conditions and just maybe draw some<br />

meaningful conclusions (of course,<br />

guessing as to why fish respond in the<br />

way they do is just speculation, but<br />

with many years to draw from, at least<br />

the speculations are more<br />

considered).<br />

Unusual conditions for our last trip<br />

were caused by record hot<br />

temperatures through mid June (this<br />

to contrast our trip two years before<br />

when they had the wettest June in<br />

history and waters everywhere were<br />

the highest ever).<br />

The result of those higher than normal<br />

June temps was twofold:<br />

The toothy pike still chase all the<br />

moving creatures, including the<br />

brookies, leaving their teeth marks as<br />

their calling card.<br />

It can be a beautiful environment<br />

although at times harsh, especially<br />

brutal during their winters. This is a<br />

long trek from the west coast and<br />

what draws us back every other year<br />

is the chance to stalk and cast dry flies<br />

to sighted trout of 5 to 8 pounds in a<br />

wilderness that “is the way it was.”<br />

The Minipi River<br />

If you could pinpoint the center of the<br />

Minipi Watershed, it would have to be<br />

Anne Marie. The headwaters flow<br />

together into compact, smaller<br />

bodies of water, and on a jutting<br />

peninsula that gives the most<br />

breathtaking view, we have built the<br />

Anne Marie Lodge. Some 6,000 sq.<br />

feet of modern day amenities, this<br />

lodge is the perfect jumping off point<br />

for anglers wanting to cast their line on<br />

any corner of the Minipi Watershed.<br />

The lodge itself was designed so that<br />

all bedrooms have large windows and<br />

an unobstructed view of Anne Marie<br />

Lake.<br />

The eastern wing has 5 double<br />

occupancy bedrooms, all with ensuite<br />

bath. Sitting in the common room<br />

with a cup of coffee under one of Derek<br />

deYoungs stunning fish art paintings,<br />

one can watch a glorious sunrise, and<br />

watch that same sun set on the<br />

dimpling rises of feeding brookies<br />

during the evening meal.<br />

• The brook trout is a cold water<br />

oriented species and prefers<br />

temps in the mid 50’s. It was<br />

high 60’s and even 70 degrees<br />

in many of our favorite sections.<br />

The warm water in many of our<br />

preferred spots appeared to<br />

have the brookies somewhere<br />

else pursuing cooler<br />

temperatures.<br />

• Hatches came off earlier than<br />

traditional times. We benefited<br />

from this in the later part of our<br />

week as the massive green<br />

drakes, which don’t normally<br />

hatch until late July or early<br />

August, were in full bloom.<br />

46 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

The Minipi watershed is a series of<br />

shallow lakes and large ponds with<br />

sections of river connecting them.<br />

There are massive weed beds which<br />

are alive with bug life which provide<br />

the prolific hatches that are as much<br />

an attraction as the giant brookies.<br />

The lakes have a current moving<br />

through them – not traditional lakes.<br />

The larger fish, for the most part, are<br />

found in the slow moving “lakes”<br />

where they can feast on the life cycle<br />

of the drakes, caddis, and other<br />

mayflies (over 25 species of mayflies<br />

have been verified here). The smaller<br />

brookies find refuge in the riffles<br />

where they can avoid the pike and the<br />

jaws of the adult brookies.<br />

RATES<br />

The world class fishing lodge Anne Marie<br />

Lodge offers a direct access to the Minipi<br />

watershed.<br />

The basic packages are 7 nigths and six<br />

days of fishing. The rate includes the<br />

charter flight form Goose Bay to the<br />

lodge<br />

Seven nights with six days fishing:<br />

USD 6,595 pp shared room and guide<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

2,5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Adventures<br />

Don Muelrath<br />

Phone: 888-347-4896<br />

001-707-254-8684 (outside USA)<br />

Fax: 001-707-255-3812<br />

E-mail: flyfish@napanet.net<br />


AFRICA<br />

B<br />

otswana<br />

Zambezi Queen<br />





Moving along the banks of the great<br />

Chobe River, Zambezi Queen is a 5-<br />

star, 42-metre long luxury houseboat<br />

offering unparalleled sophistication in<br />

one of the most remote locations on<br />

the planet. Best of all, as a guest on<br />

the vessel, you can enjoy a truly<br />

unique and adventurous river safari<br />

holiday while still being surrounded<br />

by complete comfort and elegance.<br />

Each of the 14 suites on Zambezi<br />

Queen features air-conditioning and<br />

your own private balcony, where you<br />

can enjoy unobstructed views of the<br />

Chobe River and African landscape<br />

beyond. Wake up to the sight of an<br />

elephant drinking from the river, or<br />

watch a fish eagle take flight – all from<br />

the comfort of your own luxurious<br />

bed.<br />

Unlike a land-based lodge, Zambezi<br />

Queen navigates roughly 25km of the<br />

Chobe River, allowing you to explore<br />

different vantage points and enjoy<br />

unparalleled game viewing. In fact, the<br />

banks of the Chobe National Park<br />

boast one of the densest populations<br />

of elephant on the African continent –<br />

estimated at approximately 120 000.<br />

48 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

The Park is also home to a large<br />

number of buffalo, leopard and lion,<br />

along with a variety of antelope and<br />

abundant birdlife.<br />

Celebrated South African fashion<br />

designer Jenni Button created the<br />

luxury houseboat’s classic yet<br />

contemporary interior, using<br />

understated tones that make the<br />

wildlife on the banks of the river the<br />

star of the show. And, just like at any<br />

contemporary hotel, you can expect<br />

first class service at every turn.<br />

Whether you’re enjoying a gin and<br />

tonic on the upper deck at dusk or<br />

attempting to land your very first tiger<br />

fish, our highly experienced team will<br />

be on hand to meet your every need.<br />

Uniquely Africa. Unmistakably<br />

Elegant. Extraordinarily.<br />

Comfortable.<br />

From the moment you step on-board<br />

the Zambezi Queen, it becomes<br />

apparent that no expense was spared<br />

in creating one of the world’s most<br />

unique river safari experiences.<br />

Zambezi Queen offers luxury<br />

houseboat accommodation in the<br />

form of 14 tasteful and luxurious<br />

suites – ten standard suites and four<br />

master suites, all with outer decks so<br />

you can soak up the revitalising<br />

Chobe River breeze and appreciate<br />

uninterrupted views of the unique<br />

African landscape beyond. While<br />

both types of suites let you relax in a<br />

luxurious setting, our master suites<br />

are slightly bigger, and have larger<br />

balconies that house two deckchairs<br />

and a table. Our master suites also<br />

feature both side and front sliding<br />

doors for a truly panoramic view of<br />

your surroundings.<br />

With stylish interiors created by<br />

celebrated South African designer<br />

Jenni Button, each suite was<br />

designed with the warm climate in<br />

mind: clever use of shutters, airconditioning<br />

and a fan ensure you<br />

keep cool, even during times of the<br />

year when temperatures soar.<br />

All suites come with en-suite<br />

bathrooms (shower only) and full<br />

length sliding shutters for both<br />

privacy and protection from the sun.<br />

Hairdryers, toiletries, gowns and<br />

slippers are provided for your<br />

comfort, while electronic safes in<br />

each room are ideal for storing your<br />

valuables. All suites accommodate<br />

two adults, and two of the larger<br />

standard suites can take a maximum<br />

of three adults. Suites can be<br />

configured with either one double or<br />

two single beds.<br />

...<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


AFRICA<br />

A Culinary Experience in its<br />

own right<br />

From a creamy bowl of warming<br />

porridge in the morning to a helping of<br />

decadent white chocolate parfait at<br />

night, dining on Zambezi Queen is an<br />

indulgent treat, all on its own. Using<br />

seasonal ingredients sourced from<br />

local markets, meals on board our<br />

luxury houseboat consist of a full<br />

English breakfast, a buffet lunch and a<br />

choice of two plated menu options for<br />

dinner. Every mouthwatering dish is<br />

prepared by our locally trained<br />

Namibian kitchen staff, who combine<br />

authentic local flavours with their<br />

passion for creating sophisticated<br />

meals suited to discerning palates.<br />

50 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

Take a seat at your own private table<br />

and enjoy panoramic views of the<br />

wildlife during breakfast and lunch.<br />

Come evening time, settle in and<br />

enjoy an African themed dinner on one<br />

night of your stay, trying out traditional<br />

local food such as moroho and pap.<br />

Special dietary requirements can be<br />

catered for, but we ask that you specify<br />

this when you book – our remote<br />

location means that we need a bit of<br />

time to source ingredients that may be<br />

out of the ordinary. Unfortunately this<br />

also means that we’re not able to cater<br />

for Halaal and Kosher guests.<br />

THE BAR<br />

The bar on the upper deck is open<br />

until 10pm and stocks a selection of<br />

local and imported spirits, wine and<br />

beers. Included in your<br />

accommodation rates are all locally<br />

sourced wines, beers, soft drinks and<br />

water, while spirits, sparkling wine<br />

and dessert wine are for your own<br />

account.<br />


On the upper deck of Zambezi Queen<br />

you’ll find our dining room, bar and a<br />

comfortable lounge with unobstructed<br />

views of the unique African landscape<br />

that surrounds you. Beat the heat on<br />

the forward deck with a dip in the<br />

plunge pool, and then relax on inviting<br />

sun loungers while you dry off, or kick<br />

back on the sumptuous couches.<br />

Amid the muted African colour tones,<br />

you can’t help but relax as you gaze<br />

upon elephants, antelope and other<br />

wild animals strolling along the banks<br />

of the Chobe.<br />



A stay on-board Zambezi Queen is a<br />

different kind of safari. It’s the kind<br />

where you get to decide if you want to<br />

be up with the birds, or prefer to laze<br />

all morning watching game from the<br />

comfort of your bed.<br />

Our itinerary is flexible so while we<br />

have a range of activities on offer, you<br />

can choose just how much you want<br />

to pack into your holiday or how<br />

relaxed you want to be.<br />

Don’t think of your time on Zambezi<br />

Queen as a river cruise. Instead, think<br />

of it as a floating boutique hotel that<br />

departs and returns to the same point,<br />

navigating roughly 25km of the Chobe<br />

River weather permitting. You’ll first<br />

arrive at the Zambezi Queen via a<br />

short tender boat ride from the<br />

Kasane Immigration Office. We offer<br />

staggered transfer times on the hour<br />

between 13:00 and 16:00, so you can<br />

arrive at your own pace and don’t<br />

have to worry about missing the boat.<br />

...<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


AFRICA<br />

The <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

The legendary Tigerfish is well known<br />

for being one of the most thrilling<br />

challenges for any fly fisher.<br />

Renowned for their speed and<br />

strength, these ferocious predators<br />

never fail to put up a spectacular fight.<br />

But what exactly does it take to catch<br />

these powerful prey? We spoke to<br />

Jonathan Boulton from Mavungana<br />

<strong>Fly</strong>fishing, who shared some of the<br />

expert insights he’s learned over 25<br />

years of fishing the waters of the great<br />

Chobe River region.<br />

When is the best season for a<br />

Tigerfishing safari?<br />

While it’s true that Tigerfish can be<br />

caught throughout the year, I’ve<br />

found that late May through<br />

September have the best conditions.<br />

The water is clear and starts to warm<br />

up just after winter.<br />

As water recedes back off the<br />

floodplains it causes baitfish to be<br />

drawn back into the main channel,<br />

providing the perfect hunting ground<br />

for Tigerfish.<br />

Is there a preferred time of day to go<br />

Tigerfishing?<br />

Absolutely. We call it the Golden Hour,<br />

just before and after sunset and<br />

sunrise. Tigerfish are opportunists<br />

and hunt using the element of surprise<br />

in low light. Tigerfish can hunt their<br />

prey far more effectively in the low<br />

light.<br />

What else do you take into<br />

consideration before planning a trip?<br />

At Mavungana <strong>Fly</strong>fishing, we only<br />

book trips during a new moon.<br />

Tigerfish struggle to hunt in complete<br />

darkness, so when there’s no light<br />

from the moon they’re less likely to<br />

catch any prey. In the morning when<br />

the sun starts to rise, they’re ravenous<br />

and readily attack anything that looks<br />

like prey. ...<br />

Where are some of the best places to<br />

go Tigerfishing in the Chobe River<br />

region?<br />

It depends on the season, but there<br />

are a few hot spots I’ve discovered<br />

over the years. In May and June, when<br />

the water levels are high, the main<br />

Zambezi is a very active area for<br />

Tigerfish. I often head upstream for<br />

Golden Pond and Jojo’s Village.<br />

Alternatively, in August, the water<br />

levels in the Kasai Channel get very<br />

low, and the mini Barbel run begins.<br />

Barbel hunt in packs and prey on<br />

baitfish hiding beneath the papyrus<br />

reeds. The Tigerfish take the<br />

opportunity to follow the run and feast<br />

on all the leftovers in the Barbels’<br />

wake.<br />

At the same time, water levels just<br />

south of Impalila Island can be very<br />

low, and Tigerfish can concentrate<br />

around rapids south of Ichingo Chobe<br />

River Lodge where the Kasai and<br />

Chobe Rivers meet.<br />

What kind of boats do you use?<br />

You want a lot of deck space to move<br />

around freely when you hook the<br />

Tigerfish. Ichingo Chobe River<br />

Lodge‘s boats have space for two<br />

anglers on each boat, and plenty of<br />

storage room to keep your gear and<br />

other belongings out of the way.<br />

Lastly, what’s one of the most<br />

amazing things you’ve seen on<br />

your Tigerfishing expeditions?<br />

What always impresses me is just how<br />

savage these fish are. I once landed a<br />

Tigerfish that was cut clean in half by<br />

one of its own kind driven into a<br />

feeding frenzy. They’re not known as<br />

the most voracious freshwater fish for<br />

nothing.<br />

...<br />

52 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


AFRICA<br />

Ichingo Chobe River Lodge is located on secluded Impalila Island, making it the perfect<br />

base to launch your unforgettable Tigerfishing adventure. All rods, flies, lures, lines,<br />

leaders, reels and other fishing equipment are included with every fishing safari package.<br />

Stay in one of eight air-conditioned Meru safari tents, dine on world-class African-inspired<br />

cuisine, and spot a myriad wildlife and birds on the river banks from your private deck.<br />

Combination Options<br />

Ichingo Chobe River Lodge<br />

Staying with the Zambezi Queen Collection will be the highlight of your trip to<br />

Africa, whether you stay on one of our four houseboats or at our tented Ichingo Chobe<br />

River Lodge.<br />

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge<br />

Our suggested combination package includes a stay at the award-winning Victoria Falls<br />

Safari Lodge which offers guests an unforgettable experience.<br />

SEASON<br />

LOW SEASON: Januar - Februar<br />

HIGH SEASON: March - December<br />

RATES<br />

Rates are per person sharing. Departs for 2<br />

nights on Monday & Wednesday. Departs for a<br />

3 night stay only on Friday.<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

Experience the Big 5<br />

A stay at Hwange Bush Camp ties in perfectly with a stay on board one of the Chobe<br />

Princess houseboats or Ichingo Chobe River Lodge within the Zambezi Queen<br />

Collection.<br />

Special rates on request - it depends on your individual travel plans. We will help you to<br />

organize your stay to explore the beautiful African <strong>destinations</strong> you wish.<br />

As a guest on the Zambezi Queen, you’ll enjoy a truly unique and luxurious river safari<br />

holiday in complete comfort and elegance. We offer two-night and three-night itineraries<br />

that depart every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.<br />

54 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

LOW SEASON: Januar and Februar<br />

aprox. USD 575 in Standard Suite or aprox. USD<br />

680 for Master Suite per person per night<br />

(sharing)<br />

HIGH SEASON: March to December<br />

aprox. USD 640 in Standard Suite or aprox.<br />

USD 755 for Master Suite per person per night<br />

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5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

The Mantis Collection.<br />

Zambezi Queen Collection.<br />

1st Floor Westlake Lifestyle centre<br />

Westlake, Cape Town<br />

Kirsty Coetzee -Sales Managerkirsty@zqcollection.com<br />

Phone: +27 21 715 2412<br />

51 55


It is really easy to become a member in our <strong>club</strong>.<br />

There is no entry regulations or any committee you have to pass and<br />

every active <strong>FFTC</strong> Member enjoys the same privileges.<br />

We invite every <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher in the world to be a part of the fastest<br />

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You love to travel for flyfishing - perfect - we do too!<br />

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AFRICA<br />

Z<br />

ambia<br />

The Royal Zambezi Lodge<br />

High class at the jungle! You<br />

are looking for a luxury Africa<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> adventure?<br />

The Lower Zambezi offers one of the<br />

finest fresh water angling experiences<br />

in the world. Although it is a yearround<br />

activity, the best time to catch<br />

tiger fish is between September and<br />

March.<br />

Expert resident guides lead fishing<br />

excursions on new, fully-fitted<br />

aluminium boats. For guests who are<br />

new to fishing or fly-fishing, our<br />

guides provide expert instruction and<br />

assistance. All fishing is on a catch<br />

and release basis.<br />

The Lodge<br />

Royal Zambezi Lodge, an intimate<br />

family-owned property, is situated on<br />

the banks of the mighty Zambezi River<br />

on the edge of the unique Lower<br />

Zambezi National Park, directly<br />

opposite Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.<br />

The design of Royal Zambezi Lodge<br />

allows nature and the environment to<br />

play a leading role in ensuring<br />

the relaxed place and magical<br />

experience enjoyed by guests.<br />

Royal Zambezi Lodge is an ideal place<br />

to stay when combining a visit to<br />

Victoria Falls. It works perfectly for a<br />

family safari holiday or fishing trip, yet<br />

also as the romantic setting for<br />

honeymoon couples. The lodge offers<br />

the ultimate in comfort & luxury, with<br />

unrivaled game viewing<br />

accompanied by professional<br />

guides, a luxury spa and world-class<br />

lure and fly fishing.<br />

With a classic design of thatched roofs<br />

and an open plan reception, dining<br />

and lounge area, the Royal Zambezi<br />

also offers a relaxing environment for<br />

anglers with a touch of luxury. The<br />

open veranda gives shade from the<br />

midday sun and the hardwood deck<br />

terrace extends over the shallow<br />

banks of the Lower Zambezi River. In<br />

the evenings, guests can gather at the<br />

Sausage Tree Bar for drinks before<br />

dinner is served, bragging and storytelling<br />

about the day's activities or<br />

simply relaxing and taking in the<br />

sounds of being in the middle of the<br />

National Park. The Zambian lions can<br />

often be heard calling the<br />

Zimbabwean lions across the river!<br />

The Bush Spa<br />

The Royal Zambezi Bush Spa has<br />

been inspired by the natural beauty<br />

surrounding the lodge and<br />

is Zambia's first and only bush spa. Its<br />

minimalist design exudes an air of<br />

complete balance, peace and<br />

tranquillity offering you the ultimate<br />

refuge to restore the mind, body and<br />

spirit.<br />

We pride ourselves on the<br />

attentive team of qualified<br />

therapists who are on hand to provide<br />

you with a wide variety of massages,<br />

facials and a host of other therapeutic<br />

and beauty skin care treatments.<br />

Many of these use local indigenous<br />

ingredients from the African bush<br />

further emphasising its beauty and<br />

enchantment.<br />

The spa is positioned around the<br />

central courtyard where the inviting<br />

aroma of burning scented candles fill<br />

the air from the two treatment rooms.<br />

You are also invited to use the cooling<br />

plunge pool and outdoor Jacuzzi with<br />

its breathtaking vista across the river<br />

- the perfect way to while away those<br />

lazy afternoons.<br />

There is also the beautifully appointed<br />

lounge area where you can sip fresh<br />

juices accompanied by the<br />

remarkable sights and sounds of the<br />

resident flora and fauna. ...<br />

58 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


AFRICA<br />

The <strong>Fishing</strong><br />

Africa’s No1 freshwater game fish has<br />

to be the tiger fish. These native<br />

African fish are found in many rivers<br />

and lakes over the continent.<br />

The tiger has an elongated silver/gold<br />

body with stripes running horizontally<br />

along its flanks. In clear water, it has<br />

red/orange tail and fins. BUT, the<br />

most striking part of a tiger fish is its<br />

jaws. With 10 upper and 8 lower<br />

interlocking, razor-sharp dagger-like<br />

teeth on an outwards-hinged mouth,<br />

it is truly a sight to behold.<br />

The hard-fighting species we fish for is<br />

Hydrocynus vittatus and is commonly<br />

found in the Okavango Delta, the<br />

Zambezi River and its tributaries, in<br />

some rivers in Tanzania, in the two<br />

biggest lakes along the Zambezi<br />

(Lake Kariba in Zambia/Zimbabwe<br />

and Lake Cabora Bassa in<br />

Mozambique) and also in the Jozini<br />

dam in South Africa.<br />

Tiger fish are incredibly fast-striking<br />

and hard-fighting. They can be caught<br />

on streamer flies - fun is guaranteed.<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> with lures, bait and flies is the<br />

norm here but guests can also catch<br />

tigers fish and other species with<br />

cutbait. Small fish called 'Chessa' or<br />

'Bulldogs' are found in abundance on<br />

the banks of the river and will be<br />

prepared for use on board. Sharptooth<br />

Barbel and Vundu Catfish are caught<br />

with heavier tackle, cutbait and also<br />

using a local soap called Chik as a<br />

bait. Rods, tackle and flies are<br />

provided although enthusiasts may<br />

bring their own gear.<br />

The Wildlife<br />

Royal Zambezi Lodge is situated only<br />

five minutes drive away from the<br />

Lower Zambezi National Park, and in<br />

a Game Management Area (GMA)<br />

which is home to huge herds of<br />

elephant and buffalo, and offers<br />

frequent and reliable lion and leopard<br />

sightings.<br />

Our qualified and enthusiastic guides<br />

have over 50 years of experience<br />

guiding in the Lower Zambezi Valley.<br />

The river is an ideal place to view both<br />

wildlife and birdlife - the riverine<br />

ecosystem hosts spectacular birdlife.<br />

Clients can opt for open vehicle drives,<br />

night drives, walking safaris or boat<br />

trips for game-viewing or photographic<br />

safaris.<br />

The Lower Zambezi National Park<br />

covers an area of 4092 square km.<br />

Most of the game however is<br />

concentrated along the valley floor<br />

due to the escarpment along the<br />

northern end acting as a physical<br />

barrier to most of the park’s animal<br />

species. The park is home to large<br />

herds of elephant and healthy<br />

populations of lion, leopard, sidestriped<br />

jackal, hyena, hippo, buffalo,<br />

zebra, waterbuck, and many other<br />

antelope. Less common but a very<br />

special treat are the African wild dog<br />

and aardvark.<br />

The Lower Zambezi National Park is<br />

an IBA (Important Bird Area) and<br />

therefore of global conservation<br />

significance. Over 300 species of<br />

birds can be found here. The African<br />

fish eagle, Zambia's national bird, is<br />

commonly seen and heard.<br />

...<br />

60 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


AFRICA<br />

One of the most memorable sights to<br />

be seen in the Lower Zambezi valley is<br />

that of elephants swimming across<br />

the enormous Zambezi River. This,<br />

along with buffalo and waterbuck<br />

"island hopping", can all be viewed<br />

from the comfort of the lodge. As the<br />

lodge is unfenced it is not uncommon<br />

for game to wander through, in<br />

particular elephants are often found<br />

meandering their way down to the<br />

water, halting occasionally to help<br />

themselves to the leaves on the<br />

sausage trees.<br />

Hippos are everywhere in these<br />

waters, along with resident<br />

crocodiles. Hippos and Antelope are<br />

often seen from the deck of your<br />

accommodation and lions are never<br />

far away. This part of the National<br />

Park is a hot spot for the elusive<br />

leopard. Bird life on the river is<br />

spectacular and best seen on the<br />

early morning excursions.<br />

62 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

Other Activities<br />

One of the best ways to experience the<br />

true beauty of the river and get up<br />

close to animals on the river banks is<br />

by canoe. These trips are arranged<br />

with professional guides who have a<br />

vast knowledge of the wildlife and<br />

birdlife of the area.<br />

There are few things more relaxing<br />

than drifting gently down the river in a<br />

canoe. Whether exploring the<br />

hyacinth studded channels, getting up<br />

close to elephant, buffalo and hippo or<br />

bird watching, this is the best way for<br />

guests to experience the Zambezi.<br />

There is the option of morning,<br />

evening or full day excursions.<br />

SEASON<br />

Year round for various species but fly fishing<br />

best through summer until late October<br />

RATES<br />

Weekly program (7 nights/ 6 full days<br />

fishing):<br />

USD 4.950 per angler<br />

• Included: Six full days of fishing; 7 nights at the<br />

Lodge, based on double occupancy; all meals while<br />

at Hotel; open bar;<br />

return flights MAO/Ecolodge/MAO; daily laundry;<br />

fishing licenses, guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat);<br />

overnight at Hotel in city 1st night on arrival; airport<br />

assistance and transfers.<br />

• Not Included: International and National air<br />

transportation to and from cities to Manaus in Brazil or<br />

unless specified above;<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />



Suite 205A<br />

Saffrey Squarem Bank Lane & Bay<br />

Street<br />

P.O. Box N-4244, Nassau, Bahamas<br />

EU & rest of the world: +351 917812328<br />

US and Canada toll free: 1 866 920 2814<br />

email: info@amazon-angler.com<br />


Advertisement<br />

With the Field & Fish waders<br />

rediscover the pleasure of<br />

going fishing!<br />

T<br />

rip memories<br />

by Dr. Ueli Zellweger<br />

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phone: +33 (0)4 50 09 01 92<br />

Cosmoledo – The GT<br />

Capital of this World<br />

Way out in the Indian Ocean roughly<br />

1000km to the Southwest of the main<br />

Seychelles Islands and some 500km<br />

up from Madagascar there is the<br />

Aldabra Coral Island group.<br />

Magnificent Aldabra itself is a World<br />

Heritage Site; next door is Cosmoledo<br />

with Astove and Assumption<br />

completing this group. Apart of a<br />

smallish newly built fly fishing lodge<br />

operated by Alphonse <strong>Fishing</strong> Co. all<br />

islands are uninhabited and display a<br />

fantastic scenery, gin clear waters,<br />

wildlife as good as it gets and some of<br />

the very best flyfishing on this planet.<br />

Cosmoledo itself is of volcanic origin;<br />

its slightly rectangular shape has a 10<br />

– 14 km wide lagoon which is fringed<br />

by 10 or 12 bigger coral islands and<br />

some weird looking coral heads in<br />

between.<br />

It is in absolute pristine condition and<br />

mainly filled and drained by one<br />

massive channel.<br />

The tides can vary from o.2 to 2.4m<br />

hence huge water volumes can be<br />

flowing in and out twice every day.<br />

There are endless flats of white sand<br />

interspersed with turtlegrass patches<br />

and easy wadable coral grounds. The<br />

variety of fish species is extraordinary<br />

and Cosmoledo is well known for big<br />

surprises..<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


Trip memories<br />

by Dr. Ueli Zellweger<br />

I feel extremely privileged to have<br />

fished in this paradise 3 times by now;<br />

first time was in 2003. Soon<br />

afterwards all these outer atolls of the<br />

Seychelles were closed due to the<br />

Somali pirates but reopening took<br />

place in 2014 as there have been no<br />

piracy <strong>issue</strong>s for over 7 years with the<br />

area well patrolled by radar.<br />

While most flyfishermen are visiting<br />

Cosmoledo to catch a bounty of GTs<br />

it is the entity of unique scenery,<br />

remoteness, spectacular birdlife,<br />

huge numbers of wild turtles and of<br />

course first class flyfishing which<br />

makes every trip another special<br />

experience giving me enormous<br />

pleasure and long lasting memories.<br />

All trips out there are run on a weekly<br />

basis and Cosmoledo nowadays is<br />

served by a wonderful 85 feet<br />

Catamaran called Lone Star. Totally<br />

refitted in 2015 it offers comfortable<br />

room for 8 anglers in 3 double and 2<br />

single cabins.<br />

There are 4 guides, the skipper and a<br />

crew of 3 on board as well. A big<br />

advantage is that the Lone Star can<br />

enter the lagoon to be positioned in<br />

the lee of a nearby island in sheltered<br />

waters. 4 brand new skiffs are ankered<br />

a few hundred yards out.<br />

The approach happens with a dual<br />

prop engine 12 seater from Mahé - the<br />

main island in a 3 hours flight with a<br />

quick touch down for refueling on<br />

Alphonse.<br />

School of feeding Milkfish<br />

Cosmoledo is certainly not<br />

overfished.<br />

There is no commercial fishing<br />

for hundreds of miles<br />

...and flyfishing happens only for 4 or<br />

5 weeks in late autumn and 9 or 10<br />

weeks in early spring – each week<br />

limited to 8 rods.<br />

After landing on the grassstrip of<br />

Astove our group was swiftly moved<br />

across the island to embark Lone Star.<br />

A smooth 3 hours sailing over to<br />

Cosmoledo was used by the<br />

headguide and the skipper to brief us<br />

what we would do and what we<br />

should not do. As soon as we had<br />

anchored within the lagoon all tackle<br />

was set up and for there was daylight<br />

enough left some ventured out for a<br />

recce which was very nice but<br />

amazingly unproductive.<br />

The next morning the daily routine set<br />

in with full breakfast at 7am outside on<br />

the afterdeck and taking off for fishing<br />

at 8am with 2 anglers per guide in his<br />

skiff. Before motoring away we would<br />

get a perfect plan explained how the<br />

day would be run. With the prevailing<br />

tides and wind directions proper<br />

planning out there is absolutely crucial<br />

to get it all right and make the very best<br />

of when approaching which flat or<br />

area to hit it hopefully right and enjoy<br />

some good sport for the different<br />

species like GTs, Bonefish, Milkfish,<br />

Triggers and Permits. GTs for sure<br />

rule the day because there is an<br />

abundance either sitting on the rays<br />

which are gliding over the flats,<br />

patrolling the beaches most of times<br />

in smaller groups or then feeding in<br />

the roaring surf out near the reef. Day<br />

one started right with a big bang for<br />

me. Our guide for the day took us<br />

ashore next door where we patrolled<br />

along the beautiful sandy beach for a<br />

good mile in fantastic conditions;<br />

under blue sky the air was clear and<br />

we had unhindered view out to a<br />

medium surf. We could not see any<br />

fish but at one point my partner started<br />

to cast out blind with his 12# and<br />

bushy fly. He soon was into a bigger<br />

fish but sadly lost it after some 15<br />

seconds because his line got<br />

somehow tangled. Well I thought I<br />

better start fishing too; I headed<br />

another few hundred yards close to a<br />

weird looking coral head where I had<br />

noticed a slight cross current. Second<br />

cast I was in a fish with no clue<br />

whatsoever what it was. Dave the<br />

guide came over, felicitated and<br />

released the GT 5 minutes later. Three<br />

or four casts later I had a better fish<br />

and at about 9’30 we wandered back<br />

to the tender me having caught 3<br />

GT’s and a real trophy Bluefin<br />

Trevally - all 4 fish hooked or casted<br />

for from the very same 20 yards of<br />

beach. Another most memorable<br />

moment I had on day four. The<br />

youngish Seychellois Alex was my<br />

guide. The previous day he had got it<br />

slightly wrong tidewise, that means<br />

his skiff was sitting high and dry on a<br />

sandy flat when he returned from the<br />

surf with his 2 guests. Hence they had<br />

to sit it out and we had to postpone<br />

dinner. Of course he was teased a lot<br />

about this mishap and punished with<br />

some extra drinks kindly offered by the<br />

guests and fellow guides.<br />

66<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


Trip memories<br />

by Dr. Ueli Zellweger<br />

On my very day he took most apt<br />

revenge on his fellow guides in his<br />

own style by making me catching a<br />

Grand Slam on the flats. The next day<br />

he returned 2 lucky guests with a<br />

double slam with Milkfish. On my day<br />

the 6lbs bonefish was not all too<br />

difficult. The 1 st GT was sitting on a ray<br />

and I managed to hook and safely land<br />

it with my #8 Sage on a bonefish-fly.<br />

Alex just shook his head and muttered<br />

that he had never seen a GT landed on<br />

#8 before. After another GT on my #11<br />

Hardy Proaxis we headed out for a<br />

Trigger. It took us a long while to find<br />

one and when I saw this fish I thought<br />

it is “mission impossible” for it was<br />

intensively tailing in a huge patch of<br />

deep and dense turtle grass. The 1 st<br />

cast was about 1m off due to the light<br />

breeze but the second cast 20 yards<br />

out was spot on. The fish noticed my<br />

fly on my second twitch, followed over<br />

½ yard and when I felt him slightly I set<br />

the hook. 3 minutes later I was over<br />

the moon with my 1 st Grand Slam<br />

ever. My partner for the day who<br />

witnessed it all from close by<br />

commented wryly: “ when all the stars<br />

are lining up it all looks so damn easy”.<br />

Another most memorable experience<br />

I enjoyed with hooking and landing a<br />

nice GT which was sitting on the back<br />

of a lemon shark. After wading another<br />

huge flat we were on our way back to<br />

the skiff because the tide was<br />

pushing. Almost there we noticed a<br />

2m shark swimming at leisure in knee<br />

deep water but out of reach. My guide<br />

said let us wait and see what he does<br />

and sure enough he turned and came<br />

close enough.<br />

68 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

On my second strip I hooked this 25<br />

lbs GT and started to play it. A very<br />

short while into this my guide<br />

suddenly got nervous and told me to<br />

crank down my reel. Turning my head<br />

to ask why I noticed a bigger shark not<br />

far off but this one was very obviously<br />

swimming far more agitated. Hence I<br />

used highest strain ( GT RIO line and<br />

120 lbs leader ) on the fish and we<br />

managed to release it safely because<br />

it luckily was hooked in the scissors<br />

only.<br />

The tally for the week and all 8 rods<br />

was a respectable 98 GTs, 2<br />

Milkfish, about 10 Triggers,<br />

numerous Bonefish, a large dog<br />

tooth Tuna, uncounted Bluefins<br />

and a whole number of different<br />

species like Jobfish, Groupers and<br />

Snappers. The biggest GT was<br />

caught off shore and measured<br />

124cm! 5 rods have been wrecked<br />

and numerous flylines did not make it<br />

back to the boat. The weather did not<br />

play ball all the time; in the afternoon<br />

we sometimes had high clouds or<br />

then the occasional heavy tropical<br />

down pour. In better weather<br />

conditions I am convinced we could<br />

have easily landed 12o GTs which still<br />

would not have raised too many<br />

eyebrows. Cosmoledo in a good week<br />

repeatedly delivers 200 or more GTs.<br />

Amazingly the fishing for bones was<br />

rather slow this time with good sizes<br />

though ( up to 8 or even 9 pound fish )<br />

whereas I counted at least 500<br />

milkfish on the flats alone.<br />

Mind all this happens in untouched<br />

nature. It is quite common that there<br />

are up to 20 turtles ( Green and<br />

Hawksbills) feeding next to you and on<br />

some of the islands ...<br />

there are huge bird colonies – 3 different species of boobies mainly - roosting or<br />

breeding. They are not shy at all. Sometimes Greater Fregates are chasing a booby until<br />

it regurgitates his fish whereupon the Fregate picks it up midair. I also saw a pair of the<br />

very rare red tailed tropic bird.<br />

Cosmoledo is managed by Alphonse <strong>Fishing</strong> Company which also provides superb<br />

fishing on Astove, Alphonse Island, the fantastic atoll St Francois nearby and on Poivre<br />

which is world famous for Permit. I fished Poivre years ago and remember to have<br />

overlooked a huge flat in watermirror conditions. There were at least 40 good sized permit<br />

tailing – not youngsters in one or two schoals but very nice fish in singles or doubles. There<br />

is also superb Bluewaterfishing on offer, mainly for sailfish, wahoo, dorado and tuna. And<br />

there are plans for more live aboard adventures on islands nearby.<br />

The whole enterprise is extremely well managed. There is a fine crew of some 50 people<br />

with age average about 35 years working very hard and fully inspired all along one single<br />

motto<br />

“do your very best that your guest is having the trip of his life ….<br />

and if he does not smile in the evening try harder”.<br />

I recommend this trip at best; do it if you can, you will not regret.<br />

Trip memories written by Dr. Ueli Zellweger, Somerset UK © all photos of this report by Dr. Ueli Zellweger<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong>. <strong>club</strong> <strong>Fly</strong>Fisher Member since June 2018<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


Advertisement<br />


S<br />

eychelles<br />

Alphonse and St. Francois Atoll<br />

With a history going back to 1860 we’re one of the most established brands in fly fishing,<br />

we still make every box with the same level of handmade care from our workshop in<br />

Derbyshire. Although the Wheatley factory has moved and modernised, we still continue the<br />

same standard of craftsmanship set by Richard Wheatley almost 160 years ago.<br />

Our boxes over the years have not only become<br />

collectors items they have become synonymous<br />

with quality fly fishing products and that’s a<br />

tradition we will continue. As well as our traditional<br />

3”,4” and 6” boxes we offer a range of compact,<br />

ergonomic, tough and waterproof options with<br />

some innovative additions such as the ‘Easy Grip’<br />

foam for dry fly storage where delicate dressings<br />

and hackles are undisturbed. We are also able<br />

to fully customise your orders with engraving and<br />

finishings for special occasions!<br />

Take a look at some of our products at<br />

www.richardwheatley.co.uk<br />


*USING CODE <strong>FFTC</strong><strong>2020</strong>FOCENGRAVE Expiry 31/3 2021<br />

In the Indian Ocean, off the east coast<br />

of Africa, lie a collection of 115 islands<br />

and atolls, over half uninhabited,<br />

known as the Seychelles. The<br />

spectacular Seychelles’ sister atolls<br />

of Alphonse and St. Francois could be<br />

your home for a week of quality salt<br />

water flats fishing.<br />

Using a very comfortable five star<br />

tropical resort as your home, this rich<br />

and protected marine environment<br />

provided outstanding opportunities<br />

for bonefish, giant trevally, trigger<br />

fish, milkfish (a 20 to 40 pound fly rod<br />

trophy fish which belies it’s somewhat<br />

tame name) and a host of colorful<br />

coral reef fish.<br />

The Atolls<br />

The two sister atolls of Alphonse and<br />

St. Francois are separated by a deep<br />

channel less than a mile wide. The<br />

unique currents and structure of these<br />

two atolls with the channel between<br />

them helps create this ultra-rich<br />

marine ecosystem. The small island of<br />

Alphonse has been home for several<br />

years to the five-star Alphonse Island<br />

Resort. Currently, the resort is not<br />

operating except to cater to and<br />

service fly fishers and spouses –<br />

maximum of 12 per week. This is a salt<br />

water environment which pulsates<br />

with life providing sustenance for sea<br />

turtles and masses of crustaceans,<br />

reef and coral fish and, of course, a<br />

great number of sport fish.<br />

In the photo, the expansive flats of St.<br />

Francois atoll are in the foreground –<br />

barely visible on the left above St.<br />

Francois is the Alphonse Atoll with the<br />

narrow and deep channel separating<br />

them.<br />

Protection for the Fishery<br />

Before the government recognized<br />

how unique these atolls were and put<br />

protection in place, they were subject<br />

to the usual array of human abuse that<br />

can diminish special natural<br />

paradises such as this. At one time,<br />

plug fishermen were filling freezers<br />

and natives were netting the flats.<br />

About fifteen years ago, restrictions<br />

were put in place and since then, only<br />

“catch and release” fly fishing is<br />

allowed inside the lagoon systems<br />

and only the guests staying at<br />

Alphonse have access.<br />

...<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />



www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />



Since then, the fishing has improved<br />

dramatically every year and continues<br />

to develop as the most reliable and<br />

consistent of all the Seycheles<br />

<strong>destinations</strong>. While fishing the flats,<br />

there are days you’ll see 40 to 50 or<br />

more sea turtles, large sharks,<br />

massive rays, and hundreds of<br />

bonefish – all signs of a vibrant marine<br />

ecosystem.<br />

The deep water, just outside the reef<br />

system, was home to a small pod of<br />

Humpback Whales. As a salt water<br />

environment, this is an amazingly rich<br />

aqua-paradise – truly one of the few<br />

places we would label among “the<br />

fishiest places in the world.”<br />

<strong>Fishing</strong> Program<br />

Most of the bonefishing is done while<br />

wading on hard bottomed, grassfree,<br />

sand flats. The larger species<br />

(GT’s and milkfish) can be stalked on<br />

foot near dropoffs, but are most often<br />

pursued from a flats skiff that allows<br />

for covering more and deeper water,<br />

with better vision than wading – also,<br />

the skiff is handy for pursuit when a GT<br />

or milkfish is hooked.<br />

You are transported between the two<br />

atolls on a comfortable catamaran<br />

(below center) – a 30 minute run. The<br />

catamaran anchors for the day in the<br />

lagoon at St. Francois, serving as your<br />

base. You have the option of returning<br />

to the cat for lunch or eating on your<br />

skiff. The Dolphin flats skiffs are kept<br />

in the St. Francois lagoon where you<br />

anchor.<br />

RATES<br />

9.560 USD per person for a shared<br />

room and guide.<br />

The basic packages are 7 nights and six<br />

days of fishing. The rate includes the<br />

charter flight between Mahe and<br />

Alphonse.<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />


74 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

There will be this additional fee which can be<br />

paid at the island in cash. It will be either<br />

USD 25 or USD 35 a day per person.<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

2,5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Adventures<br />

Don Muelrath<br />

Phone: 888-347-4896<br />

001-707-254-8684 (outside USA)<br />

Fax: 001-707-255-3812<br />

E-mail: flyfish@napanet.net<br />



S<br />

eychelles<br />

Cosmoledo Atoll<br />

"<br />

Enjoy one of the best saltwater <strong>Fly</strong> fishing<br />

destination in the world - a remote atoll<br />

called Cosmoledo"<br />

"<br />

Cosmoledo enjoys the reputation of being an<br />

explosive saltwater flats fishing experience. It’s<br />

here you’ll find enormous white sand flats, lagoon<br />

edges and channels, all ruled by the incomparable<br />

giant trevally. This GT capital of the world also<br />

boasts impressive numbers of other fish, including<br />

big bonefish, bluefin trevally, bohar snapper,<br />

barracuda, milkfish, the finicky indo-pacific permit<br />

and a host of triggerfish species.<br />

"<br />

Cosmoledo is just a stone’s throw away from the World Heritage Site of Aldabra, often<br />

described as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. The atoll’s pristine and untouched<br />

ecosystem boasts vast, wadeable sand flats, beautiful islands of different shapes and<br />

sizes as well as a wonderful lagoon. With humans having placed very little pressure on<br />

its environment over the years the encounters you’ll experience are proof of how remote<br />

and preserved this magnificent atoll is.<br />

76 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

"<br />

The sheer numbers and variety of fish species has amazed<br />

the fly fishing world, with anglers from across the globe<br />

sampling the ultimate fishing playground. The hard white<br />

sand, turtle grass or coral flats of Cosmoledo make for easy<br />

wading, thus separating it from other <strong>destinations</strong> in the world.<br />

" 77

C<br />

osmoledo holds the seychelles'<br />

largest colonies of all three species<br />

of booby seabirds.<br />

78<br />


Dining<br />

and<br />

cool hangout tent.<br />

80<br />



The Accomodations<br />

With its commitment to the conservation<br />

and preservation and protection of the<br />

natural resources, this is where nature<br />

meets creative hospitality and<br />

understated luxury. The distinctive eco<br />

camp has a sense of serenity and<br />

adventure from its surroundings, whiles<br />

conveying a unity with its location.<br />

The 8 recrafted air-conditioned Eco Pods<br />

blend in the natural wilderness. Equipped<br />

with modern amenities, the eco pods are<br />

decorated in soft neutral colors.<br />

You’ll love the dining: a fantastic mixture<br />

of Creole and international food, featuring<br />

fresh fish at any time.<br />


The season at Cosmoledo are split with a<br />

break over the festive season. The first<br />

part of the season traditionally runs from<br />

early November until late December and<br />

the second part of the runs from late<br />

February to late April.<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


RATES<br />

One week (7 nights / 6 days fishing)<br />

shared guide and room: USD 14,950<br />

Included<br />

• 7 Night package with all meals included<br />

in shared accommodation<br />

• Scheduled return charter flight<br />

• Six days fully guided fishing with 2 anglers<br />

to 1 guide<br />

• Tender boat and fuel<br />

• <strong>Fishing</strong> License and Landing Fees<br />

• Water, soft drinks, coffee and tea<br />

• Wine with dinner<br />

• <strong>Fly</strong> fishing rod and reel rental<br />

Excluded<br />

• Single supplement of USD 3.150<br />

• International Flights<br />

• Ground transfers on Mahé<br />

• Conservation Donation of USD 175<br />

• All alcoholic beverages<br />

• Laundry, items of a personal nature, telephone<br />

and email charges<br />

• Travel and medical insurance<br />

• Tackle and flies<br />

• Gratuities<br />

BELIZE<br />

B<br />

It’s the water – and in Belize, it’s<br />

definitely the water and the<br />

world’s second largest barrier<br />

reef that makes this destination<br />

special.<br />

Lots of options here – it does depend<br />

on what sort of experience you’re<br />

looking for and the make up of your<br />

group or family.<br />

To begin, there is what many believe<br />

to be the top saltwater adventure<br />

anywhere – the Belize Mothership<br />

Trip.<br />

elize<br />

Mothership - The Rising Tide<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

2,5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />

pukka <strong>destinations</strong><br />

Owner Carsten Dogs<br />

Nernstweg 5<br />

22765 Hamburg / GERMANY<br />

phone: +49 1778086466<br />

email: info@pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />

web: www.pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />

Staffed by Captain Dean Myers and<br />

his able crew, you and your group of 2,<br />

3, 4, or 6 live on the shallow waters<br />

inside the reef on your own personal<br />

floating lodge – i.e., a comfortable,<br />

air conditioned, live-aboard yacht.<br />

Behind the mothership your flats<br />

skiffs are towed, from which you will<br />

pursue tarpon, bonefish, snook, barr<br />

acuda, and can access the world’s<br />

finest permit flats.<br />

There are a variety of coastal options<br />

in Belize.<br />

For a top-of-the-line couple’s island<br />

get-away, there is Cayo Espanto.<br />

Ambergris Caye, as well as some of<br />

the other cayes, offer different forms<br />

of island family getaways.<br />

The eastern edge of the Turneffe<br />

Islands is one of the most beautiful<br />

spots in the world. Both Turneffe<br />

Island Lodge and Turneffe Flats<br />

Lodge provide slightly different<br />

experiences.<br />

...<br />

84 www.fftc.<strong>club</strong> 85

BELIZE<br />

Features of "Rising Tide"<br />

• Will sleep 2 to 6 guests in three staterooms.<br />

• 3 bathrooms, each with hot and cold water shower<br />

(tub in Master stateroom).<br />

• Master stateroom has queen bed (below left).<br />

• Upgraded air conditioning throughout the spacious living (below, rightmiddle)<br />

and dining areas.<br />

• Quality furniture and fixtures<br />

• built-in entertainment center with a color TV, VCR, stereo system,<br />

cassette deck and CD Changer.<br />

• Horizon VHF and GPS unit.<br />

• Engines are twin Detroit Diesel 8V92TI - 650 Horsepower each.<br />

• Kohler 20 Kw generator with sound shield for quiet operation,<br />

The "Rising Tide" - Mothership<br />

Your mothership, the Rising Tide, comes with an experienced captain (who doubles<br />

as the head guide) and the steward/cook who basically spends the day doing the<br />

housekeeping and preparing meals to meet the fishing schedule.<br />

Since there is no one else on board but the people you bring with you (and the crew),<br />

the nature of this trip is such that it is a great experience for small groups of friends and<br />

family that enjoy spending time together.<br />

Your mothership, the Rising Tide, comes with an experienced captain (who doubles<br />

as the head guide) and the steward/cook who basically spends the day doing the<br />

housekeeping and preparing meals to meet the fishing schedule.<br />

Since there is no one else on board but<br />

the people you bring with you (and the<br />

crew), the nature of this trip is such that<br />

it is a great experience for small groups<br />

of friends and family that enjoy spending<br />

time together.<br />

...<br />

86 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


BELIZE<br />

CUBA<br />

C<br />

uba<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> around the Island<br />

88<br />

RATES<br />

Party of two: with 1 skiff and guide –<br />

USD 5,645 each per person<br />

Party of three: with 2 skiffs and guides<br />

– USD 4,795 each per person<br />

Party of four: with 2 skiffs and guides<br />

– USD 4,195 each per person<br />

Party of five or six: with 3 skiffs and<br />

guides – USD 3,895 each per person<br />

Extra skiff and guide – USD 1,700<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

2,5 % OFF the regular rates<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> Adventures<br />

Don Muelrath<br />

Phone: 888-347-4896<br />

001-707-254-8684 (outside USA)<br />

Fax: 001-707-255-3812<br />

E-mail: flyfish@napanet.net<br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />


CUBA<br />

Cayo Cruz<br />

Cuba. Famous for cigars, rum,<br />

mojito, ...? Not only this, but also<br />

for it's saltwater fly fishing!<br />

The island in the Caribbean is not<br />

subject to strong fishing pressure due<br />

to the economic situation and this<br />

makes Cuba to one of the top<br />

<strong>destinations</strong> for fly fishing for<br />

Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit and other<br />

fish such as Barracuda, Snapper,<br />

Jacks, Snook, and much more.<br />

The packages we can offer take our<br />

guests to the south and north of the<br />

island. There you will fish in an<br />

exclusive, limited access Marine<br />

Park.<br />

We can offer you the <strong>destinations</strong> with<br />

different types of accommodation. If<br />

you travel with your partner or family,<br />

we recommend you the lodge-type<br />

hotels, which you will find in the<br />

<strong>destinations</strong> Cayo Cruz and Cayo<br />

Santa Maria in the north of Cuba, and<br />

Cayo Largo and the Isla de la<br />

Juventud in the south of the island. In<br />

the <strong>destinations</strong> of Jardines de la<br />

Reina and Isla de la Juventud in the<br />

south of Cuba, you have also the<br />

option of so-called live aboards. You<br />

stay here on comfortable mother<br />

ships directly in the fishing areas. You<br />

have the choice of following areas:<br />

...<br />

90 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong> www.fftc.<strong>club</strong> 91

CUBA<br />

Cayo Largo<br />

Cayo Largo offers guests fantastic fly fishing on flats that can be combined with family<br />

vacations. The fishing is mainly for Baby Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish. Cayo Largo is<br />

one of the <strong>destinations</strong> with great chances for a Grand Slam. Prime time is February<br />

to June. Guests are either accommodated in a resort, which makes Cayo Largo ideal<br />

for a combination of a family trip and a fishing trip. The other option is a liveaboard on<br />

a yacht.<br />

Isla de la Juventud<br />

The Isla de la Juventud is one of the top tarpon <strong>destinations</strong> in Cuba. You fish in deeper<br />

channels and flats as well as mangroves for fish up to 100 pounds. There are also flats<br />

for bonefishing and permit. The accommodation of the guests is offshore on two<br />

mother ships.<br />

Jardines de la Reina<br />

The Jardines de la Reina are a classic of fishing in Cuba. <strong>Fly</strong> fishing for all types of fish<br />

can be found here, and here too the Grand Slam is always possible. Accommodation<br />

in the “ Gardens of the Queen” takes place on floating lodges or mother ships. There<br />

are options for larger groups (up to 14 people), and more exclusive for smaller groups<br />

(4-8 people).<br />

Cayo Cruz<br />

Cayo Cruz (Cayo Coco) is also a relatively new destination in Cuba. Commercial fishing<br />

is prohibited here, the fly fisherman has 366 square kilometers of exclusively fishable<br />

area. Many of the flats can be fished for big bonefish and permit wading (similar to Los<br />

Roques). The bones weigh over 10 pounds, the permit over 30 pounds. The fishermen<br />

can count on daily shots on permit.<br />

Cayo Santa Maria<br />

Cayo Santa Maria is like Cayo Cruz in the north of Cuba. Santa Maria is best known<br />

for its tarpon fishing, both on flats and in channels. Large bonefish await the guest.<br />

Zapata Peninsula<br />

The Zapata Peninsula in Cuba has been a biosphere reserve since 2000. In addition,<br />

the 1,670 square kilometer area has been a World Heritage Site since 2003.<br />

Accordingly, this part of Cuba is natural, and fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon<br />

is world class.<br />

92 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong> www.fftc.<strong>club</strong> 93

CUBA<br />

HOTELS - from here you can start the morning on the flats, and in no other destination<br />

do you fish more than here (literally from morning to evening). Imagine sleeping close<br />

to a mangrove forest and being awakened by tropical birds ... Common to all are<br />

endless flats and seasoned guides.<br />

Yacht Lodging<br />

SEASON<br />

Prime time in Cuba is from April-June due to<br />

the Giant Tarpon Migration. But also the<br />

shoulder seasons offer great fishing for bones,<br />

Pemrit etc.<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Contact<br />

94 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

RATES<br />

Depends on season and <strong>destinations</strong><br />

- from approx. USD 3,299<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Member Advantage<br />

<strong>FFTC</strong> Voucher available -<br />

100 USD off for <strong>FFTC</strong><br />

Members / fisherman /<br />

booking<br />

We help you to plan your trip - just contact us!<br />

We appreciate to help you to make your<br />

dreams come true.<br />

pukka <strong>destinations</strong><br />

Owner Carsten Dogs<br />

Nernstweg 5<br />

22765 Hamburg / GERMANY<br />

phone: +49 1778086466<br />

email: info@pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />

web: www.pukka-<strong>destinations</strong>.com<br />



selected & written by Alexander Dachlauer<br />

F<br />

"Are<br />

ly fishing life<br />

you taking fly fishing too seriously?"<br />

... Maybe some of us would say: "Yes, sometimes!". But it´s really no surprise<br />

that we take certain important aspects of our lives a little too seriously.<br />

So, what can happen? In some cases we take a great deal of time in<br />

organizing a trip to a dream destination and while we´re investing all this time our<br />

expectations build and grow in the same way.<br />

Then the day of the departure arrives. We prepare to leave home and head out<br />

for our next fly fishing adventure. We´ve checked and re-checked all our luggage<br />

- is anthing missing? Do I have a full selection of lines with me, because last time<br />

I didn´t. We start to consider the species we will target and the methods we will<br />

use.<br />

If our travel runs smoothly without any unexpected blips we check in at<br />

our accommodation on time. Then comes the first opportunity to check out the<br />

water(s) we intend to be fishing over the following days, and what we experience<br />

is breathtaking. We inhale deeply and say to ourselves: YES!<br />

We rig our rod for the first time at this new destination.. we put the line trough the<br />

rings with nervous fingers.. we select the fly.. and then we focus on our first cast.<br />

And we cast, and we cast and we cast. We change the fly - the pool - the stretch.<br />

And we do this again, and again, and again. But what happens if we don´t<br />

connect with the fish we were determined to catch? What happens if we fail in<br />

our expectations? Fortunately, there is always one solution - and this film shows<br />

you two of them.<br />


orway<br />

NNFC - The Rogstadmoen Lodge<br />

reland<br />

IRiver Moy - Maloney´s Lodge<br />

96 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />




P atagonia<br />

EEFF - El Encuentro Lodge<br />

laska<br />

AAlaska Rainbow Lodge<br />

io Grande<br />

REstancia Maria Behety & La Villa<br />

M<br />

ontana<br />

First Cast Outfitters<br />

98 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />




B<br />

razil<br />

Ecolodge Da Barra<br />

G<br />

aspé<br />

St Jean Pavilion<br />

B<br />

razil<br />

AGUA BOA Lodge<br />

L<br />

aprador<br />

Minipi River - The Anne Marie Lodge<br />

100 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />




B<br />

otswana<br />

Zambezi Queen<br />

S<br />

eychelles<br />

Alphonse and St. Francois Atoll<br />

Z<br />

ambia<br />

The Royal Zambezi Lodge<br />

S<br />

eychelles<br />

Cosmoledo Atoll<br />

102 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />

www.fftc.<strong>club</strong><br />



B<br />

elize<br />

Mothership - The Rising Tide<br />

Members only - service<br />

We keep working on the content of our <strong>FFTC</strong> members<br />

area and additional service portfolio. Our goal is to get<br />

you inspired for your next fly fishing trip. But after you<br />

made your choice you need to book your flights to the<br />

destination you chose. We offer a great full service<br />

solution that allows our <strong>FFTC</strong> Members to book<br />

domestic or international flights including additional<br />

hotels before and after your fishing holidays - rental<br />

cars as well - without the need to leave the <strong>FFTC</strong><br />

members area.<br />

C<br />

uba<br />

<strong>Fly</strong> <strong>Fishing</strong> across the Island<br />

smart applications for<br />

direct booking<br />


104 contact@fftc.<strong>club</strong>

F F T C . c l u b<br />

e s t . 2 0 1 7<br />

T h e F l y F i s h e r T r a v e l l e r C l u b - w o r l d w i d e<br />

Get inspired for your next trip!<br />


℗© all rights reserved by <strong>FFTC</strong>.<strong>club</strong> - copyright <strong>2020</strong>!<br />

© photograph AD - Patagonia, Argentina - Rio Corcovado 2019!<br />

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