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2 | March 5, 2020 | 22nd century media camp guide part two


Wide range of programs help

children learn technology at iD Tech



AGES 3-12

iD Tech is the world

leader in summer STEM

education, with 450,000

alumni and over 20 years

of experience. Programs

for ages 7-19 are held at

150 prestigious campuses

in the United States, Europe,

and Asia, including

Northwestern University,

Loyola-University Chicago,

Lake Forest College, New

York Univeristy, California

Institute of Technology and

Imperial College London.

Summer tuition includes:

• An elite campus experience

• We’re trusted and hosted

by 150 of the world’s top


• Tech rockstar instructors

• We recruit all-adult tech

experts (never Counselors-in-Training).

• iD Small Class Guarantee

• Kids and teens experience

personalized learning

with 10 students max

per instructor.

• Gamified learning for

long-term success

• Students can achieve

L10 status to stand out

to colleges and future


• In-demand curriculum

and skill certification

• The hottest STEM


• 12 online iD Master

Classes ($300 value)

• Exclusive industry insights

from tech icons all

year long.

With our exclusive lineup

of courses in coding, game

dev, robotics, and creative

arts, students hone an impressive

skill set, flex their

creativity, and experiment

with the newest and best

tech tools.

Course paths include:

• Coding

Code a game or app,

experiment with AI, explore

data science, and

discover the secrets of cyber


• Game Dev

Create worlds, mod favorite

titles, design 3-D

levels, and learn the cycle

of game production.

• Robotics

Bring robots to life

with code, work with

sensors and microcontrollers,

and delve into

autonomous driving.

• Creative

Produce and stream

videos, edit photos, create

digital music, design 3D


Join us at the pool this summer!

This is Your Summer!

NO CARPOOL NEEDED Door to door bus service


PLANNING A TRIP? Choose your weeks

PEACE OF MIND Over 70 years of camping —

your kids are in great hands!

Please see id tech, 9

Summer camp enrollment is now open.

Camps available from June 9-August 27.


Exceptional Swim Program Fun-Filled & Unique Activities Exciting Theme Days & Events

Optional Specialty Camps (Tennis, Golf, Horseback Riding) Shortened Day Camp For Preschoolers

CALL US: 847-945-4455 | Decomadaycamp.Com

What is “Social Fit” and why

is it so important at camp?

When campers arrive for their first

day of camp, the first piece of information

they usually receive is the name of

the cabin group to which they have been

assigned. But how are these cabin groupings


At many summer camps, they are organized

by arranging campers into groups

based on age and gender. This method of

grouping, where birthdays represent the

key piece of information, is very similar to

class organization procedures at schools. If

one of the main goals in sending a child to

camp is to make friends, then organizing

cabins in this way does not make sense.

There are so many variables that contribute

to friendship-making, and age

tends to be fairly low on the list. Much

more important are factors such as interests,

abilities, social skills, and introversion

versus extroversion. Some 13-yearolds

are very active, competitive, and

athletic, while others are more shy, cautious,

or cerebral. If we want to maximize

a camper’s chances of making genuine

friendships at camp, we need to give him

a lot of opportunities to spend time with

like-minded peers, which means putting

them in the same cabin.

At Camp Kodiak, we call this “social

fit.” We build our cabins according to

which campers we think would get along,

have common interests, have similar

needs, and are closely related in age.

We know that youngsters with learning

disabilities, ADHD, and ASD have higher

incidences of experiencing social difficulties

than their typically-developing peers.

Anecdotally, we hear stories from parents

about difficulties their children have had

in the past. Many of them have been bullied

or excluded, made to feel peripheral

or unwelcome in existing cliques. Since

our campers are at greater risk of isolation

and friendlessness, trying an overnight

camp (or another camp after a previous

negative experience) feels scary, so it is

paramount that we set them up for social


Not all of our campers have social skills

difficulties; some are kids or adolescents

just navigating the regular social ups and

downs that come with growing up. These

campers, too, benefit from social fit because

they need peers who challenge them

and are good candidates for true, reciprocal

friendships. Creating cabin groupings

that offer our campers the best social fit

provides all of our campers with many

opportunities each day to practise and refine

their social skills. With the guidance

and assistance of Camp Kodiak’s trained,

professional staff, our campers (and their

parents) notice significant growth in their

level of confidence in social environments

and their ability to relate to others.

How do we determine the best social fit

and groupings for cabins? Find out more

at www.campkodiak.com.

Submitted by Camp Kodiak, 4069 Pheasant

Run, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5L

2C2, (877) 569-7595.

22ndCenturyMedia.com camp guide part two

22nd century media | March 5, 2020 | 3

Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts combines performing arts with the fun of camp life

One, three, and

six-week overnight

camp options for

ages 7-18

The renowned Harand

Camp of the Theatre Arts,

located on the campus of

Carthage College in Kenosha,

presents its 66th summer

of theater, fun and

friendship in 2020. To

register, or for more information,

contact (847) 864-

1500, harandcamp@gmail.

com or visit www.harandcamp.com.

Established in 1955, Harand

Camp was one of the

first residential camps to

combine musical theater

with the fun of traditional

camp life. Located on the

beautiful campus of Carthage

College in Kenosha,

Harand offers performing

arts training for campers

ages 7 to 18, plus sports,

activities, and camp fun in

a supportive, family environment.

Sessions run one,

three, or six weeks and

culminate with large-scale

performances in a 400-seat,

state-of-the-art theater.

In preparation for shows,

campers take daily classes

in singing, dancing, and acting

with occasional evening

rehearsals. Harand Camp

adheres to a non-competitive

philosophy where “no

man is an island” and everyone

is a star. It is the goal

for everyone to develop performance

skills while also

building self-confidence.

Harand is a second home to

thousands of alums worldwide

who have built lifelong

friendships and cherished


During the first threeweek

session (June 21 –

July 12) campers perform

in a major musical revue

featuring the entire camp.

Each group stars in two sections

of non-stop singing

and dancing wearing amazing

costumes. During the

second three-week session

(July 13 – August 2) each

age group prepares a fulllength

musical with every

camper performing a lead

role and in the ensemble –

ensuring everyone has the

chance to shine.

Campers may also attend

for six weeks (June

21 – August 2) or a unique

one-week session (June

21 – 27) exclusive to new

campers, ages 7-12. This

option is perfect for children

who have never been away

from home. Space in the

one-week program is very


In addition to the theatre

program, campers take

three electives per day. Options

include a variety of

sports, fitness, fine arts and

activity classes as well as

additional performing arts

and production electives.

Every evening features an

exciting schedule of cabin

nights, events, all-camp

games, concerts and trips

bowling, skating, or to a local

entertainment park.

Campers also enjoy the

comfort of modern facilities,

residing in dorms overlooking

Lake Michigan.

Delicious meals are served

in a renovated dining hall

with an extensive menu by

Sodexo. Accommodations

can be made for special dietary

needs. Other amenities


An Olympic-size pool,

a dance and fitness center,

on-campus security, a nurse,

low camper/staff ratio, and

ACA Accreditation (Program

Excellence Award).

Harand Camp strives to

make the camp experience

affordable for all families

and offers a variety of discounts,

payment plans and

scholarships. Need-based

scholarships are awarded

through the Harand Camp

Scholarship Fund, a 501c3


For more information

contact (847) 864-1500,


or visit www.harandcamp.

com. Follow “Harand-

Camp” on Facebook,

Twitter, Instagram and


Submitted by Harand Camp

of the Theater Arts, 1569

Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL,

60201, (847) 864-1500


Region 425

Sign up for any camp by Feb 25th

and receive a$25 discount

go to


for more info

JULY 13 TO 18 AUGUST 17 TO 21

Corwinpark ::winnetkaIL

Corwin park :: winnetka IL

4 | March 5, 2020 | 22nd century media camp guide part two







Soccer organization provides fun,

competitive environment for youth

American Youth Soccer

Organization (AYSO)

425 was founded when

the recreational soccer

leagues from Glencoe, Kenilworth,

Northfield and

Winnetka combined their

youth soccer programs and

joined AYSO.

Today, more than 1,200

children between the ages

of 4-14 participate in the

program. AYSO 425 is one

of the strongest AYSO regions

in the country.

AYSO is celebrating its

53rd year as the largest

youth soccer organization

in the USA. AYSO was established

in the Los Angeles

area in 1964 with nine

teams. It was the dream of

a group of devoted soccer

enthusiasts who started the

organization in a garage.

Today, AYSO has 50,000

teams and more than

500,000 players nationwide.

Its goal is to provide

world-class youth soccer

programs that enrich children’s


AYSO is supported by

125,000 volunteers. Parents

donate their time as

coaches, referees, team

parents, administrators and

sponsors. Along with being

a volunteer-run organization,

AYSO is a partnership

of the area parks

departments, schools and

the community.

As a youth sports organization,

AYSO recognizes

the importance of providing

a safe and healthy

atmosphere for children.

Over the years, AYSO has

Please see ayso, 7




Camp Nicolet for Girls


22ndCenturyMedia.com camp guide part two

22nd century media | March 5, 2020 | 5

Feel the performer’s spirit at Music Theater Works

On five Mondays this

summer, a group of young

people will gather, and

they will share a single

thought: “Five days to


At the Music Theater

Works Summer Workshops,

performers ages 8

to 13 gather for a week of

rehearsals, singing, dancing

and acting in preparation

for a musical performance

on Saturday for

their friends and family.

Each week is a separate

session, and this year the

shows include The Wizard

of Oz (July 6-11), Seussical

(July 13-18), Legally

Blonde (July 20-25), Guys

and Dolls (July 27- Aug. 1)

and Cinderella (Aug. 3-8).

Putting together a show

in five days makes for an

exciting week, as all are

assigned parts, learn their

songs and practice their

dances until everything is

ready for the big show. It’s

a lot of work, but that has

never seemed to bother the

workshop participants —

they’re having too much


For many kids, the

workshops give them their

first taste of performing

in musical theater. Many

have gone in as absolute

beginners and emerged as

enthusiastic performers,

eager for their next challenge.

After last year’s workshops,

one mother wrote

to us that her daughter

“was completely taken by

her experiences in camp

last summer. It unlocked a

beautiful part of her and it

has allowed her to blossom

like nothing else she’s ever

experienced. Truly lifechanging.”

Workshop manager

Anya Plotkin is a big fan

of the workshops’ “tagteam”

casting style, in

which everyone is guaranteed

a part.

“Of course, we all want

to be the star of the show.

In our program, each and

every student has an equal

solo. All our kids get their

chance to shine, regardless

of prior experience,”

Plotkin said. “When we do

‘Annie,’ we may have seven

Annies and four Daddy

Warbucks and six Miss

Hannigans. The kids learn

that being part of a team is

a vital element to a great


But Plotkin is convinced

the most important part of

the program is how it fosters

self-confidence in the

young performers.

“The rehearsal room is a

safe place for all our kids

to explore who they are,

without fear of censure or

discouragement,” Plotkin

said. “As they grow as

performers, they also grow

as people. They step into

someone else’s shoes, they

make new best friends,

they learn things they never

thought possible before,

we open them up to new

experiences and new ways

of thinking.”

“We help our students

every day, through a love

of music, dance, acting,

and each other,” Plotkin


For more information,

call Music Theater Works

at (847) 920-5360. Workshop

classes are held at

516 4th St. in Wilmette.

Each workshop is Monday

through Friday from

9 a.m. to 3:30 pm, with

a final dress rehearsal on

Saturday at 2 p.m. and a

public performance at 4

p.m. Registration can be

made online at MusicTheaterWorks.com.

Submitted by Music Theater

Works, 516 Fourth St., Wilmette,

(847) 920-5360.

All ages, all abilities.

www.studionorthacademy.com • 847-251-7627

6 | March 5, 2020 | 22nd century media camp guide part two


Learn to code this summer at Codeverse Summer Camps

From creating video

games and 3D models, to

building and navigating

robots around a futuristic

lab, Codeverse summer

camp located in Wilmette

is an out-of-this-world

experience for kids ages


This summer, launch

your kids into a universe

of fun and learning at

Codeverse’s week-long

day camps.

Spend a week exploring

their interactive studio,

creating multi-level video

games, building real robots,

designing 3D printed

projects, learning to code

and more. The Codeverse

summer camp program is

designed for first through

eighth graders and is

packed with hands-on

STEM activities and challenges

for beginner and

pro coders alike.

An interactive camp


The Codeverse studio is

a futuristic, digital wonderland.

Every aspect —

from the furniture to the

hardware — is designed

to encourage play, inspire

creativity, pique curiosity

and promote collaboration.

Each day of camp is assigned

a theme (game development,

robotics, 3D

printing, circuitry, etc.)

and is comprised of exciting

and educational adventures,


• Program concert-hall

lights and speakers, robot

arms, and TVs using

real code. Bring the studio

to life.

• Build your own robot

and compete in highspeed

robot races on obstacle

courses designed

by campers.

• Create jaw-dropping

3D printed designs with


• Design multi-level

video games. Play and

share with friends and


Throughout the week,

campers embark on explorations

(field trips) to nearby

businesses. Past explorations

include the Apple

store, Children’s Museum

and Whole Foods.

To cap it off, campers

show off their coding

creations to family and

friends during Demo Day,

a celebration that is held

every Friday afternoon

during camp.

Award-winning curriculum

At Codeverse, campers

build games and apps, as

well as program dozens

of gadgets featured within

the Codeverse studio, using

KidScript. KidScript

is a real programming

language that draws inspiration

from (and acts as a

gateway to) other languages,

including JavaScript,

Ruby, Python, C++, and

Visual Basic. It includes

all the key concepts of

programming and enables

untethered creativity for

each kid that attends camp.

Summer Camp Schedule

Weekly summer camps

run Monday through Friday

from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

(with late pick-up available).

Lunches, beverages,

and afternoon snacks are

included in the camp, with

flexibility in dietary restrictions.

The camp is located

at 517 Green Bay Road,

Wilmette. Call or Text for

more information at (844)


Early Bird Pricing

Right now, Codeverse

is offering $200 off 2020

Summer Camps until

3/31/20. To reserve your

child’s spot, visit codeverse.com/camps/

and use

code EARLYBIRD-200.

Submitted by Codeverse, 517

Green Bay Road, Wilmette,

(844) 644-2633.

Chinese Full-immersion Summer Camp

•Camps run 6/15-8/21, 9:00-3:00

•Before and after care available

•No minimum week sign up requirement

•We accept children between 3.5 and 16 years old

•Lunch is included in the summer camp tuition

(325-dollar per week)

•A 25-dollar discount per week for a signup

before March 15

•A 1:6 teacher-to-child ratio or less

3220 Big Tree Lane, Wilmette, IL 60091




22ndCenturyMedia.com camp guide part two

22nd century media | March 5, 2020 | 7

SNAP’s maintaining structure in a free environment

Studio North Academy of

the Performing Arts is a community

like no other. With

both musicians and dancers

communing and supporting

each other, the studio is a

thriving center for the arts.

Thousands of students have

passed through the doors of

SNAP. Owner Pamela Sue

Fox makes it a priority to

know each child and family,

establishing a lasting relationship

for years to come. The

studio, established in 2011,

evolved from Ms. Fox after

teaching dance and voice in

Wilmette for over 11 years.

Currently in her 20th year of

instructing in the community,

SNAP pupils have gone on to

study the arts in exceptional

programs, such as Eastman

School of Music, Berkelee

College of Music, Cornish

College of the Arts, and Ohio

State University, Joffrey Ballet

SI, Interlochen, and North

Carolina School for The Arts,

to name a few.

The dance and voice programs

at SNAP are carefully

graded, presenting a strong

progression of building blocks

for success and an absence

of injury. From the tiniest

dancers at age 2, to the most

advanced teenaged students,

dancers study with careful

instruction and age-appropriate

progressions, music and

costuming. SNAP offers an

Academy Track for more serious

students, in which ballet

is required, to help build

technique, strength and stamina.

There is a recreational

track for students who wish

to dance for fun, yet the levels

consist of the same careful

and focused instruction. Adult

classes are plentiful and recreational

in nature, but have

dedicated students who have

studied for years together.

Performance opportunities

are abound at SNAP. Recreational

students can opt to

participate in the annual Nutcracker

production and the

opening number of the recitals.

Students can also choose

to audition for the three dance

companies – the Snappies

mini dance company, the Apprentice

dance company, and

the competitive SNAP Company,

which perform all over

the region, including at festivals,

retirement homes, dance

competitions, theme parks,

and more! Summer programs

end with an in-studio performance

each week.

SNAP faculty is handpicked

for their teaching ability.

Each of SNAP’s instructors

forms a bond with their

students, encouraging them to

be their best and work to their

fullest potential. The staff is

dedicated to teaching to the

presented syllabus and regular

evaluations are presented

to Academy students to help

them grow and improve.

The long-term benefits of

a serious arts education are

incomparable. Students who

study the Performing arts create

habits of perseverance,

dedication, problem-solving,

teamwork, regular practice,

patience and so much more.

Call to learn what SNAP can

offer your family, your child

and their future.

Submitted by SNAP - Studio

North Academy of the Performing

Arts, LLC, 414 Linden Ave.,

Wilmette, (847) 251-7627


From Page 4

created many valuable pro-grams and concepts.

Most notably, AYSO revolutionized

youth sports with its Everyone Plays and

Balanced Teams philosophies.

In AYSO, each child who registers is

guaranteed to play at least half of every

game. AYSO recognizes that games

are more fun when the teams are evenly

matched, so teams are balanced teams

based on each player’s skill level and the

overall ability of the team.

AYSO 425 teams up with international

and American professional soccer trainers

to provide top notch soccer instruction for

AYSO’s players and expand the pro-grams

that AYSO 425 offers. Throughout the year

AYSO 425 provides professional trainers

with fall and spring training programs for

all ages, team coaching, coaches clinics and

after-school clinics.

AYSO’s camps for 2020 will run between

July 13-18 and Aug. 17-21.

If you are interested in learning more

about AYSO 425 and registering your child

for soccer, visit www.playsoccer.org.

Submitted by AYSO 425, P.O. Box 565, Winnetka,

(800) 872-2976




8 weekly sessions - $205/week

from June 22 – August 14

Morning Art Discovery Camp

9:00-11:30am ages 5-7

Afternoon Adventure Camp

1:00-3:30pm ages 8-11

Register for one, two or all 8 weeks. New projects each week—no repeats!

Sign up online at Northshoreartleague.org

For children

ages 5-11

For more information: northshoreartleague.org or call 847-446-2870

8 | March 5, 2020 | 22nd century media camp guide part two









The Ultimate Adventure technology day camp is beloved

by our community and is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

In one week, your child will apply their learning to construct

robots using Lego EV3, model and print structures in 3D,

build mobile applications and websites, create virtual reality

worlds, design video games, hack Minecraft and make







June 8th -August 14th 2020




Tennis Camp 5-7 9:00-10:00am North Shore RC Weekly Sign up M-F

Tennis Camp 8-13 9am-12:00pm and/or New Trier/Northfield (am) Weekly Sign up M-F


North Shore RC(pm)

Tournament Tennis Camp 11-15 9:00am-12:00pm North Shore RC Weekly Sign up M-F

High School Tennis Drills 13-18 1:00-3:30pm New Trier/Northfield Package/Per time M-F

High Performance Tennis Drills By Ability 7:00-9:00pm North Shore RC Per Time T/Th

Basketball Camp 5-7 10:15-11:15am North Shore RC Weekly Sign up M-F

Basketball Camp 8-13 9:00am-12pm and/or North Shore RC Weekly Sign up M-F


Tennis/Basketball Combo 5-7 9:00-11:15am North Shore RC Weekly Sign up M-F

Tennis/Basketball Combo 8-13 9:00-3:30pm North Trier/Norhtfield Weekly Sign up M-F

North Shore RC

CONTACT US TODAY: 847-729-0450 or NorthshoreRC.com

North Shore Racquet Club 2860 Old Willow Rd.,Northbrook

New Trier High School/ Northfield 7 Happ Road, Northfield





North Shore School of Dance

505 Laurel Avenue, Highland Park

Visit www.northshoredance.com for

more information & registration!

22ndCenturyMedia.com camp guide part two

22nd century media | March 5, 2020 | 9

North Shore Art League offers Art Camps

Each summer, scores

of children flock to the

North Shore Art League’s

art camps. The camp team

includes experienced art

teachers who are excited

for the chance to provide

more in-depth projects and

lessons to the campers.

For eight weeks, the

League becomes a destination

for students to delve

into their creativity. The

League is a 96-year

old community of artists,

working and learning together.

We pride ourselves

on our professional staff,

imaginative instruction

and personal learning

experiences. The NSAL

provides a nurturing environment

for the campers.

Our art curriculum

bridges many disciplines.

Research shows that participation

in the arts at a

young age helps children

in all areas of learning.

We make the summer

easy for you. The camp

will run for eight weeks,

with campers able to register

for one week, two

weeks or all weeks, depending

upon their schedule.

Morning camp is designed

for the 5- 8 year

olds… with projects including

painting, drawing,

clay, mixed media, miniature

worlds, watercolor

and more… no two weeks

are the same, projects will

not repeat! Children 9-11

years old are welcomed

to the afternoon camp

sessions where more advanced

materials and projects

will be explored.

Arts activities are

unique– they bring people

together. Their benefits

help the participant

not only learn new skills,

but also practice many

STEAM-based aspects

such as problem solving,

coordination and social interaction.

The North Shore Art

League is located on the

second floor of the Winnetka

Community House

at 620 Lincoln Avenue

in Winnetka. This year’s

camps begin on Monday,

June 22nd and will run

through the week of August

10th. For more information

or to register

for the camp, please visitwww.northshoreartleague.


Submitted by North Shore Art

League, 620 Lincoln Ave.,

Winnetka, (847) 466-2870

id tech

From Page 2

models, and kick-start a


While most programs are

weeklong (with optional

overnight stays at many locations),

teens can enroll in

two-week, pre-collegiate

Academies for an extra immersive


Programs include:

iD Tech Camps: Our flagship

camp offers courses

for every interest in a wellbalanced,

fun environment.

Alexa Café: Our all-girls

program features a unique

mix of tech and social impact

in a stylish, empowering


iD Coding and AI Academy:

Teens get immersed in

a startup environment in this

intensive, pre-collegiate dev

shop experience.

iD Game Dev Academy:

Teens kick-start dream careers

with an intensive, precollegiate

game industry


AcademyNEXT: In this

machine learning and AI

bootcamp, our most experienced

students solve realworld

challenges and network

with top recruiters.

Online Private Lessons:

Kids and teens can prep for

a summer course, continue

learning afterwards, or dive

into a new topic anytime.

Join us and see firsthand

why over 450,000 camp

alumni are raving about our

programs. Visit iDTech.

com for more information,

or call our Camp Specialists

at 1- 888-709-8324 for

a personalized course recommendation.

Submitted by iDTech, 910 E

Hamilton Ave., Campbell, CA,

(888) 709-8324

10 | March 5, 2020 | 22nd century media camp guide part two


Looking for Chinese Language Immersion Program? Look no further

Creating Chinese




Chicago North Shore

Chinese Center was founded

in 2017. We are located

in Wilmette. From our

Chinese immersion summer

camp to our Chinese

immersion after-school

program, we have just the

language immersion program

to fit your needs. Our

past summer camp programs

are really a big success.

Parents came to us by

word of mouth.

The center aims to create

lifelong language learners

through encouraging the

development of exceptional

Chinese language

skills early in life. To this

end, the center offers a rigorous

10- week language

immersion experience for

students between ages of

3.5 and 16 years old.

Speaking in Chinese

while engaging in meaningful

cultural exploration

projects, students

make unrivaled strides in

language acquisition in

only 10 weeks. Through

the learning experience,

students become linguistically

proficient and culturally

versed, gaining the

language skills and global

awareness to succeed in

school and beyond. We

will group children based

on their language level and

give them different assignments.

The key difference between

our organization

and others is that we advocate

the full language

immersion concept. Our

teachers are experienced

and authentic Chinese

native speakers. We create

an authentic Chinese

speaking classroom. We

also request our students

to communicate with our

teachers and between them

in Chinese. Our immersion

program focuses on

improving learners’ writing

skills, reading skills,

conversation skills and

listening skills of Chinese,

expanding their Chinese

vocabularies, and providing

them in-depth exposure

of Chinese culture.

Our Chinese language

immersion camp is a

place for both fun and

knowledge where we advocate

learning through

play and by doing. We

have five themes: Exploring

Nature, Rising Stars,

Time to Shine, Chinese

Brush Painting and Little

Chef. Each theme runs

two weeks. In the past

two years’ summer camp,

students learned and improved

their Chinese

through singing, dancing,

performing, writing, reading,

cooking and brush

painting. Students choose

their favorite weeks to

sign up. One-week sign up

is permitted.

Our immersion summer

camp possesses the

following characteristics:

• Camps run June 15 -

Aug. 21, 9:00 a.m.- 3:00


• Extension camp: Aug.

24 and Aug. 25

• Before and aftercare


• No minimum week

sign-up requirement,

can sign up for one day

or one week

• Lunch is included in the

summer camp tuition

($325 per week)

• A $25 discount per week

is available for a sign-up

before Mar. 15

• Your cost with us is tax


• A 1:6 teacher-to-child

ratio or less, with the

most experienced Chinese

teachers imaginable

• We accept children between

3.5 and 16 years


• Students will be grouped

based on their proficiency

levels and given different


For more information,

contact us at info@chicagochinesecenter.com,


visit us at https://www.chicagochinesecenter.com.

Submitted by Chicago North

Shore Chinese Center, 3220

Big Tree Lane, Wilmette,

(847) 380-0018

June 8-July 10 and July 27-July 31 Ages 7 and up

22ndCenturyMedia.com camp guide part two

22nd century media | March 5, 2020 | 11

Phones down. Tools out.

The summer camp that

unlocks creativity and

sparks wonder is here

When we first began running

summer camps at BitSpace, Chicagoland’s

premier youth-only

makerspaces located in

Wilmette and Lincoln Square

five years ago, our goal was to

inspire kids to be producers, not

just consumers of technology.

As parents started coming back

to us and relaying stories of children

who were forgoing screen

time to continue building rocket

ships, robots, and forts in their

living rooms, and we watched

kids not want to leave our camps

at the end of the day, we knew

we were on to something.

Then came the local area

schools who noted the depth and

breadth of technologies in our

makerspaces - and the expertise

of our world-class guides - and

wanted to bring students in for

field trips.

As the maker ed movement

began to take root in Chicagoarea

schools, teachers asked us

to help train them on the tools

and apply the maker mindset

to help them achieve classroom

goals. 6,000 students and 100+

schools later, we remain obsessed

with unlocking creativity

and sparking wonder and awe

in students. We do that by providing

immersive experiences

directly to young people in the

Chicago area based on the absolute

best practices that we’ve

honed over time in the form of

summer camps, day-off camps,

and enrichment programs.

And, we support teachers

in their quest to revolutionize

education and integrate maker

ed into their school days by facilitating

field trips, providing

professional development, offering

enrichment programs at

schools, and helping schools to

design and build their own makerspaces.

Having seen the heights that

children go to when they are

given the opportunity (and just

enough support) to lead the way

with no agenda at the table aside

from creation for the joy of it,

this year we have decided to

double down on what we know

works and level up the camp experience.

Our week-long immersion experiences

into design-thinking,

collaboration, and making spark

curiosity in our campers and help

them flex their creative muscles

like never before. This year, our

campers are supported by an unprecedented

camper- to-guide

ratio of 5:1. In small groups, they

go through the process of dreaming

up ideas, moving through the

kind of planning stages that architects,

engineers and designers

go through and then they engage

in authentic design experiences

using virtual reality, 3D printing,

laser cutting, and so much more.

By the end of the week our

campers have turned their vision

into a tangible product.

And without even realizing it,

they will have developed critical

thinking and time-management

skills, have learned a ton of new

technology, and explored inquiry-

based design thinking on a

level that will set them up for a

future they’ll be ready for.

Submitted by Bit Space, 1131

Greenleaf Ave., Wilmette, (224)


12 | March 5, 2020 | 22nd century media camp guide part two


Camp Birchwood’s Countdown to Confidence

Camp values that

make a difference

No. 10. Girls make their own


Camp engages girls in their own

decision-making process. Yes,

without mom or dad there, it’s up

to them to make their schedule and

live out their every day. Sometimes

they make mistakes. But

those gentle set-backs show them

they can persevere and face more

challenges in their future.

No. 9. Girls do cool stuff

Studies indicate that girls tend

to base their self-worth on their

relationships rather than “hard

skills” or actual accomplishments.

At Birchwood, girls get

off the roller coaster of “what

others think” and start doing.

What they gain is a kind of

“know how” no one can ever

take away.

No. 8. Girls gain those indispensable

“soft skills”

Unlike hard skills that are

based on the ability to perform

a task, soft skills relate to how

well you conduct yourself within

a group. At Birchwood, girls develop

crucial soft skills living in

a cabin of 10-12 their peers. In

doing so, they learn to share, use

good manners, listen well, speak

with respect, tolerate differences,

and come together as a team

to accomplish goals.

No. 7. An all-female setting is


Our all-female setting minimizes

distractions and invites

girls to communicate openly and

authentically. There’s no competition

about appearance, or

status, or popularity. Girls can

let go of “who they think they

should be to impress others”

and focus instead - on who they

truly are - unique, valuable, and

worthwhile individuals capable

of greatness.

No. 6. At Birchwood, girls

stop, look, listen, and reflect

At Birchwood, our counselors

incorporate intentional learning

moments into every day. Girls

are asked to reflect on their efforts

(big or small) so they can

appreciate their own progress

(rather than compare it to others).

Crystallizing their growth

turns the simplest moment into

an epic confidence booster.

No. 5. Social media takes a

back seat to soulful socializing

At Birchwood, all the gadgets

are put away. Girls focus on what

is happening in the moment.

Life is not measured by selfies.

It is measured by shared laughs,

outdoor adventures, meaningful

conversations, challenges

overcome, and real connections

made with friends in real time.

No. 4. Time in the outdoors

is the best time of all

At Birchwood, girls depart the

blitz and chaos of modern life

and enter a space where they can

breathe fresh air, dive into cool

waters, and sit with the earth.

A calm simplicity weaves itself

into their everyday experience.

Stresses dissipate. Their world

becomes smaller. More manageable.

Better. Happier. Healthier.

No. 3. Real role models who

make a real difference

Sometimes it takes someone

who isn’t your adoring parent to

motivate and inspire you as you

grow up.

At Birchwood, girls are surrounded

by female role models

worthy of emulation. These college-age

ladies empower girls to

celebrate their individuality, take

on brand new challenges, express

their opinions with respect, and

appreciate uniqueness in others.

No. 2. Friends really are

friends forever

As girls share their most joyful,

honest self with one another,

a binding connection is made.

At Birchwood girls learn what

it feels like to live kindly and

respectfully with one another.

From start to finish, they are encouraged

to care for their own

self, and for others. The kindred

connection that is built within

this setting lasts a lifetime.

No. 1. Resilience and

strength is learned

Whether sailing, camping,

shooting an arrow, or making

art, every day at Birchwood girls

are active, soulful participants

in their own lives. The live big.

They learn hands-on. And they

stand taller and prouder – and

stronger - when they go home

because of it.

Submitted by Camp Birchwood,

6983 N. Steamboat Lake Drive NW,

Laporte, MN, (800) 451-5270

Hang with us

this summer!



Located in Mexico, Missouri



Summer campsfor ages8-18.

Build confidence, learn to leadand have fun.

Paintball, rappelling and more!

Confidence, leadership and academic camps for boys.

Newin2020!Sports camp (boys)

andband/choir camp(co-ed).

“Everett can’t stop talking about

howmuchheloved MMA! Thank you

for whatyou do and helping my son

develop into aleader and adisciplined

young man. I’m sure it won’tbethe

lastyou see of us!”—Jennifer L.

22ndCenturyMedia.com camp guide part two

22nd century media | March 5, 2020 | 13

Irina Makkai Classical Ballet and Dance School offers professional training

The Irina Makkai Classical

Ballet and Dance

School, home of the Ballet

Makkai Nutcracker and

Ballet Makkai Youth Company,

presents our 2020

Summer Dance Intensive.

The Irina Makkai Classical

Ballet and Dance School

originally brought the

Russian-based Vaganova

Ballet Method to the North

Shore and have been safely

and successfully training

our students in Vaganova

for over 35 years. Over the

past 35 years our students

have attended Harvard,

Yale, Princeton, Stanford,

Northwestern, Dartmouth,

Barnard, Vanderbilt, and

Washington University

— to name but a few. Our

students have danced with

the Joffrey Trainee Program,

Harid Conservatory,

University of Cincinnati

Conservatory of Music,

Texas Ballet Theater,

Madison Ballet, Civic Ballet,

Vanderbilt Dance Theater,

Dance Alive National

Ballet, and Ballet Nacional

Peru among others.

Moreover, the talent of the

students grew every year,

and accordingly we keep

up with the demands of

their talent. Dancing with

us this summer is perfect

way to see what it’s like to

dance at Ballet Makkai.

Our Ballet Makkai

Summer Intensive is designed

to bring out the best

in every dancer. This summer

you can train with our

professional award-winning

staff along with guest

teachers from the Joffrey

Ballet, Elements Contemporary

Ballet, River North

Dance Company, Hubbard

Street and more. Our Summer

Intensive will inspire

and challenge all dancers

to improve their technique

in a fun and positive environment.

Daily classes

include Ballet, Pointe,

Partnering, Variations,

Modern, Jazz, Acting,

Body Conditioning and

Student Choreography.

Classes will be held in our

spacious 12,000 square

foot facility complete with

four studios, lunch room,

waiting area and multiple

dressing rooms. Open to

dancers ages 7 and up.

Dancers can take all four

and a half weeks or one

week at a time. Can’t

make it to our camps, you

can check out our Summer

Afternoon classes. Come

see what it’s like to dance

at the North Shore’s Premiere

Dance School and

Recipient of the Mayors

Award for the Arts. Camps

run June 8-July 10 and

July 27-July 31, 2020. For

more information go to

www.balletmakkai.com or

call (847) 433-1449.

Submitted by The Irina

Makkai Classical Ballet and

Dance School, 2126 1st St.,

Highland Park, (847) 433-


14 | March 5, 2020 | 22nd century media camp guide part two


For ages 6-18

with and without:


2:1 Camper-to-Staff ratio

Social Skills Program

Academic Program

Professional Staff

50+ Exciting Activities

Located in beautiful

Parry Sound, Ontario

Missouri Military Academy offers

boys ability to compete and thrive

Since 1889, thousands

of parents have looked to

Missouri Military Academy

(MMA) to give their

boys the structure, responsibility

and love they

need to grow, compete and

thrive — and ultimately

become young men who

are in full command of

their lives.

Students come from

across the United States

and around the world to attend


Focused on the education

of boys in grades 7

through 12 and post-grad

year, the

Academy is a collegepreparatory


school with a military

tradition. MMA’s comprehensive

360° Education

empowers boys and young

men to unlock their full

potential. Through MMA,

families give their boys

gifts of courage, strength,

heart and pride — an edge

to triumph in college and

in life. “We have known

what potential he has and

he is now seeing for himself,”

say MMA parents

Bob and Jennifer Wever.

“MMA has been the best

decision we have ever

made for our son.”

MMA understands and

embraces how boys learn

and what inspires and

challenges them. Through

MMA’s tight-knit environment,

supported by peers,

teachers, and mentors,

boys learn personal accountability,


and self-discipline.

“MMA has given my son

the ability to think about

his choices and to take

responsibility for them.

He has learned that he is

in charge of his freedom,

privileges, and future,”

says MMA mom Dr. Victoria

Thompson. “He said

to me, ‘I know I don’t tell

you enough, but I am very

grateful for the opportunity

you have given me to be

able to go to MMA.’”

Known for their sense

of character and strong

leadership traits, MMA

graduates consistently

achieve 100 percent college

acceptance and earn

an impressive number of

scholarships. Recent graduates

have been accepted

to Loyola Marymount

University, Case Western


Savannah College of Art

and Design, the Citadel,

the U.S. Merchant Marine

Academy, University of

Washington, and more.

MMA’s unique Triumph

Program gives students

an early start on college.

Qualifying students can

finish high school with one

year of college -- or even

earn their associate degree.

Supported by MMA’s

structured environment,

students take classes with

William Woods University

faculty on MMA’s campus.

Parents and students

benefit from a map to college

graduation, starting as

early as middle school, to

help understand their college

investment and academic


Located in central Missouri,

approximately six

hours from Chicago, Missouri

Military Academy’s

248-acre campus provides

a safe, supportive, and scenic

setting for learning and

growth. Visit missourimilitaryacademy.org

for more


Submitted by the Missouri

Military Academy, 204 N

Grand St., Mexico, MO,

(573) 581-1776



In today’s day and age, it’s tough being a parent.

Can you imagine how much harder it is

to be your kid?

There are so many unknowns and we

are trying to do our best to prepare our

children for the future. In just five years,

more than one-third of the skills we believe

are essential for today’s workforce

will have changed. The future workplace

is going to demand new ways of thinking

and the ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn

new skills. So how do we help our

kids stay ahead of the curve? How do we

nurture their gifts and encourage them to

pursue their interests, in a healthy, joyful,

and meaningful way? And most importantly

how do we do this without creating

anxiety or burning them out?

At Digital Adventures, we believe that it

Please see digital, 15

22ndCenturyMedia.com camp guide part two

22nd century media | March 5, 2020 | 15

Banner Day Camp offers

campers unique opportunities

Banner Day Camp is proud to

offer the North Shore’s premier

day camp experience and is so excited

to celebrate its 56th summer

in 2020. When camp was opened

in 1964, Banner’s desire was to

build a community centered on

compassion, kindness and joy.

This remains our desire. Over the

years Banner has become home to

so many campers; a place where

they are nurtured, accepted and

a part of an amazing camp community.

The growth our campers make

socially and emotionally is life

changing. There is nothing more

important during their formative

years of life than to give them a

place where they develop deep

and genuine self-confidence by

learning and mastering new skills,

become increasingly independent,

increase resiliency, practice empathy

and grow in social skills

like friendship, sportsmanship

and teamwork – all while having


The facilities and activities at

Banner are second to none. The

wide variety of activities at camp

provide unique opportunities

for campers to experience new

things. From adventure activities

like the high ropes course, bungee

trampoline and bumper boats to

swimming in our pool complex or

at our lake, Banner has it all.

Our team is dedicated to creating

a fun, growthful summer and

an experience that will be cherished

for a lifetime. Our Leadership

Team – made up of teachers,

school administrators and camp

professionals – provide unsurpassed

supervision while developing

partnership with the parents

and providing the very best care

of the campers. Banner’s amazing

camp staff undergo extensive

training allowing them to lead

groups and specialty areas with

enthusiasm and skill.

We encourage you to visit camp

and see for yourself. Banner’s

office is open weekdays all year

long. Call us at (847) 295-4900 to

schedule a personal tour to see the

facility and meet our team.

Submitted by Banner Day Camp,

1225 Riverwoods Road, Lake Forest,

(847) 295-4900


From Page 14

is critical for educators to partner

with parents and develop

programs that draw from our

children’s interests, curiosities,

thirst of knowledge. And what

is everyone drawn to nowadays?

Technology. But aren’t

screens bad? This might just

be my opinion, but as a mother

of a 6-year-old who loves to

play Roblox, don’t most of us

this that it is our job to say no

to screen time? Guess what?

We’ve been misinformed. The

American Academy of Pediatrics

revised their guidelines

around children and media a

few years back, and in a nutshell,

the latest research shows

that spending media time together

with kids is good for

them. That includes gaming,

robotics, and believe it or not,

watching TV (I still struggle to

wrap my head around TV being

good for my kid).

In January, I joined the brilliant

team at Digital Adventures

because they’ve managed

to create an incredible coding,

robotics, and game design program

that accomplishes this

and more. And as a parent that

doesn’t know enough about

how to support my child’s interest

in Roblox, robotics, coding,

and gaming, I’m grateful

to have them as a partner. Our

educators have figured out

how to harness the power of

emerging technology to help

parents and kids of all ages to

have fun while developing the

social-emotional intelligence,

a problem-solving skill set,

and an entrepreneurial mindset

to live a healthy, happy, and

successful life.

So what are you waiting for?

I hope to see you in class soon.

To learn more about Digital

Adventures, visit our website,

follow us on Facebook, or sign

up for a free trial class.

Submitted by Digital Adventures,

406 Linden Ave., Wilmette, (844)


Northern Minnesota Summer Camp -2and 4Week Sessions areAvailable






for boys



16 | March 5, 2020 | 22nd century media camp guide part two


Mention this ad and SAVE $50 off 3 or 6 weeks!

Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts



Singing, Dancing, Acting & All the Fun of Camp Life!





Coding. Game dev. Robotics. Digital arts.

This isn’t just a camp. It’s an experience

unlike any other. Here, you push past the

expert instructors, you will build the skills


Request your brochure today!

iDTechCamps.com | 1-888-709-8324

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