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BRIDDHI’S In-House Training on:


..... Taking the Team & Company One Step Ahead

21 st M 21 st – 24 th March, 2020

Training Programs

“An organization’s ability

to learn, and translate

that learning into action

rapidly, is the ultimate

competitive edge.”

Jack Welch

সাধারণ মানুষই অসাধারণ ননতৃত্ব দিয়ে থায়ে।


When we think of leaders, we think of people like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. or

Mahatma Gandhi. But all of us have the potential to be leaders – at school, in our communities,

and at work. Many people have no desire to be leaders; they are content to be contributors.

However, in much of today’s world, teamwork is necessary to get things done. And team without

leaders usually are ineffective in achieving their goals. They flounder without a leader’s help to

focus on the goal and to make choices that will move the team toward that goal.

In school and extracurricular activities, you may be able to avoid the responsibilities of leadership.

Someone else usually will step forward. But in the work place, the choice will not always be yours.

When you are assigned a project, you will most likely need to rely on the help and support of

others. These people, in effect, become your team. To get the most out of their efforts, you will

need to exercise good leadership.

A leader inspires others to act by setting a good example. His drive & perseverance spurs others

on. He strives to be the best he can be – not to out compete with others. a leader’s job is to help

others make their best contribution toward a shared goal. A leader motivates others through

mutual trust. Leader trusts in their ability & willingness to pursue the goal; they trust in leader’s

ability & willingness to give them the support they need. This mutual trust is essential in building a

team that will be successful in reaching its goal.

The success of Leadership training:

1. Target Oriented – Achieving through Team

2. Commitment through consensus

3. Create Vision among team members

4. Development of sense of Belonging

5. Become Coach & Counselor

6. Create healthy atmosphere

7. Reduction of difference of opinions & focus on goal

8. Develop personnel & Companies

BRIDDHI- At A Glance:

BRIDDHI – A School of Professionals & School of Knowledge is a sister concern of BRIDDHI -

Industrial & Marketing Consultants, which is a leading multi sector consulting house in Bangladesh

which was established in the year 1998 with a group of knowledgeable, experienced, and business

professionals (IBA MBA’s) mainly for the Organizational Development in the Industrial Sector

and Human Resource in the country. BRIDDHI – A School of Professionals & School of

Knowledge is a training institute associated with a group of Knowledge professionals with track

records in MNC’s who are devoted for the development of Professionals & skilled Human

Resource. It offers a set of solutions in the development tools and techniques in the phase of human

resource development, which in turns brings growth and prosperity in any organization. The

effectiveness of an individual is accelerated through proven training methods and principles.

BRIDDHI offers a broad range of training on different subjects in the field of: Marketing & Sales;

Management; Organization Development; Career Planning; Textile & Garments; Industrial

Management. Supply Chain Management; Production Management etc. and applications of

computer to develop an individual in achieving professional goals. The institute is ornamented by a

highly professional and experienced group of people, who have worked in Corporate World (MNC’s)

Management, training and disseminating knowledge to cater the needs of an organization to grow. The

organization is not only resourceful in terms of its qualified personnel; also equipped with all kinds of modern

communication facilities required for training. Briddhi believe in providing added value in the form of additional

information and coaching. This helps the client to make accelerated progress towards self-reliance.

Conducted more than 1000 + training in the corporate world in 21 years. Created 1450

video clips.

Training Objectives:

When there is a team, brain storming and group work have more muscle to pull. This should not be

ignored rather should be cultivated. Generating effective team work is equally important in industry,

commerce and the public services as it is in the world of professional sport, if not more so.

The aim / objectives of the training is to help a manager to become a team leader in building a team.

People who have the potential of developing the personal qualities of a good leader, we strongly

believe mastery of the practical insights and guidelines will be provided in the training will vastly

increase their changes of resolving differences and achieving satisfactory solutions.

Training Approaches:

Participative approach

Lecture methods

Power point presentation

Video Clips

Case Study

Group Discussion

Topics to be covered:


... Inspirational Role to Foster Growth

7 Traits of Leadership

... Leadership….. a power of people

Developing Leadership


... Leadership is Action not Position

Selling Leadership

... Ways to Achieve in Sales

Leadership’s common


... Create disaster


... Create Bonding

Vital Communication


... Touch the mind to inspire

7 Keys to Building Great

Work Teams

... Great is Always One Step Ahead

Leading the Team

... Looking Forwards

... Managing Team performance

... Motivation what a leader do?

... Leadership is an influence

Practical oriented Training

rather than mere theories

Movies on Leadership:

6 Traits of Leadership

LEADER Inspires


LEADER's Charisma

Don't DISCRIMINATE your Team

Role of a LEADER

LEADER Touches Emotion


Must Appreciate the Job

Should know how to Motivate TEAM

Don't Humiliate your Team Member

Anticipated Results:

The outcome of the training:

Understand the Essence of Teambuilding

Development of techniques of effective team leader

Understanding better ways of setting team

Duration of Training:

Days :4 Half Days Program

Dated: 21 st March – 24 th March, 2020

Time: 2:30 am – 6:30 pm.

Total Seat: 25 only

Target Groups:

The target groups are:


Mid-level managers of any organization both private and public

Executives of all sectors can participate in this training program

Business Enterprises

NGO’s and

Any kind of Managers of Different departments of the Organizations


Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will be awarded with CERTIFICATE.

Course Fees:

Tk. 6,500.00 per person excluding taxes Including deliverables &


Amount to Be Paid in Cash or Account Payee Cheque in favor

of BRIDDHI – Industrial & Marketing Consultants

Chief Resource Person:

Md Akbar Hassan MBA(IBA), MPA Dhaka University

1. Philips Bangladesh Ltd. (Dutch MNC)

2. Youngone Corporation (Korean MNC)

3. MOBIL OIL (USA based MNC)

Visiting Faculty member of BRAC University & IUBAT

Member of Bangladesh Society for Total Quality


Resource person of (DCCI) & (MCCI)

Resource person of BRIDDHI – A School of Professionals &

School of Knowledge

Acted as a National Consultant of World Bank activities for Silk


Chief Consultant of BRIDDHI – Industrial & Marketing


Worked in Senior Management position for three World

reputed Multinational Companies (MNC)

Attended many training courses both home & abroad in regards to Quality

Specialization on “Organizat

ion Development”

Management Consultants.

Resource Person:

ILO (International Labor Organization) – MCCI BEF/ILO

Training on: “Workshop on Enterprise Competitiveness”

ILO (International Labor organization)

Training on: “Organization Structure of Garments Sector”

Li & Fung (Bangladesh) Ltd. Training on: Managerial Skills

BRAC Bank Limited. Training on: Managerial Skills

SQUARE Toiletries Limited Training on: Selling Skills

Leadership & Teambuilding

SQUARE Consumer Products Limited

ORION Laboratories Ltd Development of Managerial Skills

Leadership & Teambuilding

BERGER Paints Bd Ltd. Professional Managers

BRAC BANK LIMITED Professional Managers; Leadership & Teambuilding

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd Leadership & Teambuilding


Police Staff College

Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC)

Planning Academy


Training Folder

ID Card &

Name Card

Pen & Pad





Group Photo

1 Refreshment


gistration Form:

Training Room:

Training Room Front View

Training Room Rear View

Feedback of training …

BRIDDHI received

prestigious award from WORLD


Contact Persons:

1. Mr. Md Akbar Hassan

CEO & Managing Director

2. Ms Farida Yasmin

Chief Operating Officer

BRIDDHI - School of Professionals & School of Knowledge

A Sister Concern of:

BRIDDHI - Industrial & Marketing Consultants

Road No. 8/A, House No. 72

Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205 Bangladesh

Tel: 9133167, 48110707 Cell: 01819-218044, 0713457021

E-mail:; Youtube: BriddhiNetwork

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