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A word from the Principal...


The biggest talking point of the moment is the COVID-19 virus that is spreading across the world.

We have held whole school assemblies and the teachers have been reinforcing their expectations

to the children so that they are aware that whilst the virus should not cause panic, it is in our best

interest to try and prevent and delay the spread where possible. Please help us reinforce the recommended

hygiene protocols from Public Health England on the next page.

Thank you to all of you who attended Parent’s Consultation Day this week and took the time to

complete the Local Academy Committee questionnaire. There was a huge amount of information

that we will share to you after they have been analysed, but I want to briefly mention the most

commonly suggested area for improvement – parking. We are aware that this is an issue but unfortunately,

it is very unlikely that we will be able to provide designated drop off spaces or a school

car park large enough for this purpose. However, there is a large car park at the Community Centre

with a path that leads directly into the school grounds. This walk takes no more than two minutes

and is perfectly safe from traffic.

This week we welcomed Dr Lynn Jones and her husband to our school to speak with Y1, Y2 and

Y3. Lynn and her husband are both doctors and have spent much of their lives working in refugee

camps across the globe. They spoke about the lives of refugees and shared stories for children that

she has met through her work. We welcome Lynn and her husband back next week to work with

Y4, Y5 and Y6.

Kind regards,

Adam Anderson


A word from the Principal...

Advice on the coronavirus

for places of education

How serious is the coronavirus?

• i tcancauseflu-likesymptoms,includingfever,


• theinfectionisnotseriousformostpeople,


• thereiscurrentlynovaccine

• mostpeoplegetbetterwithenoughrest,


How likely are you to catch the virus?

• youcanonlycatchitifyouhavebeenclose


• thechanceofbeingincontactwiththevirus


• ifyouhavetravelledtoareaswheremanypeopleare



How can you stop coronaviruses spreading?

If you need to cough or sneeze

You should wash hands with soap & water or hand sanitiser

Catch it

with a tissue

Bin it

Kill it

by washing

your hands with

soap & water or

hand sanitiser

After breaks

& sport




& eating

On arrival at

any childcare

or educational


After using

the toilet




Try not to touch your

eyes, nose, and mouth

with unwashed hands

Do not share items that come

into contact with your mouth

such as cups & bottles

If unwell do not share items

such as bedding, dishes,

pencils & towels

Stop germs spreading with our e-Bug resources on hand and respiratory hygiene lesson plans

for KS1, 2 and 3:


What should you do if you feel unwell?





NHS 111foradvice.FollowtheUKGovernmentadviceforchildcareoreducationalsettings

ParentscanvisitNHS.UK tofindoutmoreinformation.Teachersandsupportstaffshould





See NHS.UKforadviceoncoronavirus.

If there is an emergency, call 999 immediately

Broad and balanced...


This half term the Early Years children

are learning about growing. We are finding

out what plants need to grow. They

have enjoyed planting runner beans,

cress and sunflower seeds. They listened

to the story of The Tiny Seed and we

learnt all about the different seasons.

The whole class was amazing at retelling

the story of the Little Red Hen with

actions and we even had a go at making

our own bread!

Yesterday, the children had a fun packed

day learning about Saint Piran. They listened

to the story, made Cornish flags,

pasties and heavy cake


Y6 Digital Art:

In Year 6, we have had a go at creating

some digital art. We were inspired

by pictures drawn by children who are

refugees, which represented the journeys

they have taken. They worked

hard on adding lots of detail to their

pieces and creating emotive pictures.

We have also become more confident

at creating and uploading documents

onto Seesaw.

Broad and balanced...


Class 3 have been creating beautiful art related to our refugee topic. We used

water-colours to create an effective background and poster paint for the foreground

image that gave a silhouette effect. We have also attached our Quatrain

poems which gave an emotive idea of the hardship that some refugees face on

a daily basis.

Can you imagine,

Walking for miles.

Hot and burning.

Sand piles and piles.

Can you imagine,

Running from war.

Bombs dropping.

No respect for law.

Can you imagine,

Your family in fear.

Walking, walking, walking all day.

Is it safe here?

Can you imagine,

Being alone and scared.

Crying out loud

As if nobody cared

Can you imagine,

Ripped clothes and no leather.

Darkness feels like ice.

Bitterly cold weather.

Can you imagine,

Walking for hours.

Further and further, non-stop.

No home to call ours.

Can you imagine,

relentless bomb blasts.

Fearful and trembling,

how long will this last?

Can you imagine,

Fleeing by boat.

Will we survive?

Will it stay afloat?

Can you imagine,

Finding a safe place.

Welcomed and treated well,

no matter your race.

Broad and balanced...


Year 1 have been learning how many

tens and ones are in different numbers.

We went into teams and had to race to

the maths resources to make a given

number before returning to our team,

who would check it was correct, before

sitting down to show the task was complete.

If our team decided we had made

an error we had to race back and try

again. It was lots of fun!

Year 1 had a relaxed story afternoon

for world book day. The children that

brought in books to share had the

opportunity to read these with their



This week Class 5 have created a

piece of art out of recycled plastic.

They all worked together as a team to

make the finished product which we

will hang in the school. We were really

impressed with their teamwork skills.

Next week they will being learning

about healthy diets with a qualified

dietitian and making healthy foods.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 4 were fantastic representatives of Ludgvan School at the St Piran’s Day

parade in Penzance. They danced through the rain and sunshine with smiles on

their faces before singing Trelawney with hundreds of other people!


On Tuesday 3rd March our Year 3 and 4 swimming team competed against

other schools in the Primary School Games swimming gala. This was the first

time this team had competed in a gala and they all gave their best efforts and

swam well. Well done to Addison, Seth, Felix, Sophie.M, Rowan, Elijah, Bella,

Ezra, Ena and Alana. We had three children making the finals from their heats

and two of these children got medals. Well done to Sophe Crehan and Finley

Osborne for their medal positions.


On Thursday 5th March some of our Year 1 and 2 children took part in a Continuous

Cricket festival at Mounts Bay Academy. For most of the children this

was a new sport. They played 6 games against other schools in which they

were working as a team to bat and then field. The children worked brilliantly

as a team and showed some good skills. They also showed great sportsmanship

towards the other school teams. Most importantly they had fun and developed

a new skill and excitement for a different sport.

Well done to Zara, Quinn, Martha, Alex, Teddy and Hugo.

What’s been going on...

Other news...

Science Week

10th-13th March

Throughout the week, every child will engage in lots of Science based activities for

our school Science Week.

During this week, every child will be asked to send in a ‘Science selfie’ (before Thursday)

which will then be shown in assembly on Friday to the whole school and some

will be included in the next newsletter. These can be any form of Science that you see

in your day to day lives and the more imaginative, the better. There will be Science

prizes for the most imaginative Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 selfies. Please add all

selfies to the correct dropbox by following the links below.

Key Stage 1 using the link;

Key Stage 2 using the link;

During the morning of Thursday 12th March, the annual boat race will take place. All

children are asked to design a boat at home and to bring to school on this morning.

After racing the boats class by class in the local stream, we will reward 1st place with

a prize and certificate, and 2nd and 3rd places with certificates. We will then take

each class’s winning boat to race once more to find an overall whole school winner

who will win the school cup and a Science prize. As well as this, there will be Science

prizes for the best dressed boat for each class so make sure your boat not only races

well, but also looks fantastic too!

During the afternoon on this day, classes will pair up together to work collaboratively

on a joint science based activity including; making lava lamps, making balloon rockets,

creating energy transfer rockets and/or creating fruit/vegetable circuits.

On Friday 13th March, the children are invited to come to school dressed appropriately

for the theme ‘Science is all around us’. They can dress up as anything that is related

to Science such as; robots, flowers, bees, scientists, stars, doctors, animals etc.

Again, the more imaginative, the better! The children will be completing more in class

based Science activities on this day too.

We are looking forward to a Science filled week!

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Wheeler

What’s been going on...

Other news...

Expectations and Standards

Apologies for the nature of this page of reminders, but it is important to clarify the

expectations that remain in place so that we can retain high standards throughout.

• Large JoJo bows and other hair accessories are not appropriate headwear. Hair

should be tied back with simple hairbands.

• Blue hoodies with the school logo on are excellent for outside PE sessions or clubs,

but are not to be worn in place of a school jumper or cardigan as part of the uniform.

• School PE kit consists of a coloured Ludgvan PE T-shirt (the colour of their team)

and black shorts or leggings. Tracksuits or other warm clothing can be worn for

outside PE.

• PE kit should be in school every day. The classes have set days for PE each week,

but there may be changes to the schedule or the opportunity for extra sessions.

Children without PE kit will be unable to participate in PE lessons.

• The school register is taken at 8:55am. Children not in their classrooms by this

time will be marked as late. A punctual start to the day is vital for your child to ensure

they are settled and prepared for their learning to begin.

• Clubs finish at 4:15 unless otherwise stated and it is important that children are

collected at this time. There have been a number of occasions where children have

been collected significantly later than this and this puts an unfair expectation on

staff who need to stay to ensure your children remain safe. We appreciate that

circumstances can sometimes be out of your control, but should this happen more

than once, a £5 fine per 15 minutes may be applied at the Principal’s discretion.

School Parliament

A big thank you from our School Parliament to those that supported our Jumble Sale.

We made £55.83 towards some new play equipment.

Marazion Messy Church

Sunday 15th March 4-6pm in Marazion Community Centre. We’ll be hearing the bible

story of Baby Moses – a story about loving and caring. We’ll then be staying with that

theme while we make things, sing, pray and eat together. Messy Church is for families

who want a different sort of church. Find us on Facebook and at

Sport Relief

To support sport relief this year, during the week beginning 9th March, each class will

take part in a sponsored sporting challenge, please see your children’s sponsor form

for a date and activity etc

This year, it links really strongly with our refugee topic as:

‘£2 could buy a warm blanket for a child living in a refugee camp’

‘£10 could buy a pair of warm winter shoes for a child living in a refugee camp in


Important Dates

What’s been going on...

Term Date Event

17 th – 21 st February

Half Term

4 th March

Parent Consultation Day

9 th March

Inset Day



18 th March EYFS High Tea

19 th March

23 rd March 1:30-3 @ Ludgvan

Community Centre

Thursday 26 th March @ 9:30am

Friday 27 th March

Opera Holland Park


Global Empathy


Easter Service at

Ludgvan Church

Break up for Easter

Tuesday 14 th April

Return to School



Friday 8 th May (not Monday 4 th )

Bank Holiday

1 st June

Inset Day

25 th – 29 th May

Half Term

30 th June

Sports Day

13 th July KS1 Summer Show

14 th July

Y3 and Y4 Summer


15 th July

Y5 and Y6 Summer


Thursday 23rd July

Break up for Summer

What’s Congratulations... been going on...

Y6 responsibilities, Stars of the week, Dojo winners and Pen License awards.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have celebrated various

successes, including name our Head Boy and Girl,

Team Captains and Librarians.

Congratulations to:

Head Girl: Jenna Morrall

Head Boy: Gabrield Tswei

Red team captains – Harry and Darcie

Green team captains – Kacey and Oliver N

Yellow Team captains – Evie and Max

Blue team captains -Tristan and Nina

Lirarians – Oliver M and Isabella

What’s Congratulations... been going on...

Stage Struck Theatre Company, Penzance


What’s Congratulations... been going on...



The Centre, Newlyn

March 21st & 22nd 2020

21st at 2.00pm & 7.30pm

22nd at 6.30pm

Adults £7.50 (matinee £6.50)

16 & under £5.50 (matinee £5)

Box Office 01736 368953

Book by Charles Lovett & Judith Nicholls

Music & Lyrics by Bill Franceur

By arrangement with Pioneer Drama Inc

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