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<strong>March</strong> 8 - 21, <strong>2020</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XLI, No. 2<br />

Protecting CW’s<br />

public buildings<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

After an incident at the Diley Ridge Medical Center on Sept.<br />

13, 2019 that took the lives of two people, Canal Winchester<br />

Mayor Mike Ebert and a safety committee are investigating the<br />

use of safety devices to prevent a similar occurrence around the<br />

city’s municipal buildings.<br />

Last year, a 44-year-old Baltimore man drove his truck into the<br />

center’s emergency department entrance, hitting two people. One<br />

hospital employee died shortly after the crash and another died a<br />

few days later.<br />

The driver was later indicted on two counts of murder by<br />

Fairfield County.<br />

As a result, the safety committee is investigating the use of bollards–devices<br />

placed at strategic points around a building/structure<br />

that prevent/mitigate crashes. A bollard, constructed out of<br />

steel or concrete, can be as simple as a short, vertical post or as<br />

elaborate as a sphere or bell.<br />

Committee member Steve Smith said Ebert asked the committee<br />

to look at 36 S. High St., 10 N. High St., the community center,<br />

the interurban station, the water plant, the new public works<br />

building and the water reclamation plant and report their findings.<br />

“I have directed the Safety Committee to look into this due to<br />

the recent tragedy…where an individual drove a pickup truck into<br />

the main entrance at an estimated speed of 80 mph and resulted<br />

in two fatalities, a senseless act,” said Ebert. “We plan to have<br />

safety bollards or other safety devices in place this year. This is<br />

something we never had to consider in the years past, but this<br />

type of act seems to be in the news, weekly occurring somewhere,<br />

and I want to make sure we have done whatever we can to avoid<br />

the possibility of it happening to our city buildings, but first and<br />

foremost our valuable city employees.”<br />

Ebert said the only safety means currently in place are cameras,<br />

which only provide after-the-fact information.<br />

“I expect to see that nearly every city facility to have a safety<br />

issue when it comes to this type of security,” said Ebert. “I expect<br />

the committee will identify those weaknesses and make safety<br />

recommendations for each facility for updated needs.”<br />

Once the committee<br />

submits its<br />

results and recommendations,<br />

Ebert<br />

said he expects bollards<br />

or another type<br />

of heavy duty decorative<br />

barrier to be<br />

installed within close<br />

proximity to all vulnerable<br />

entry ways at<br />

all city buildings.<br />

While costs cannot<br />

be established until<br />

the report is completed,<br />

Ebert guessed the<br />

See CW, page 2<br />

Each office independently<br />

owned and operated.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Linda Dillman<br />

Long-time Canal Winchester business owner Jim Shaw hopes the city can help alleviate on-street parking<br />

issues in the downtown shopping district.<br />

On-street parking woes plague<br />

downtown Canal Winchester<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Growth has its price and, in downtown Canal<br />

Winchester, that cost involves on-street parking<br />

issues that impact retail businesses.<br />

The problem is people are parking their vehicles<br />

in on-street curb side parking spots much longer<br />

than the two hours allowed by law.<br />

“In some ways, it’s crippling our business,” said<br />

Jim Shaw, owner of Shaw and Son Family Jewelers,<br />

a family-owned High Street store for more than 70<br />

years. “We have a lot of older, mature citizens who<br />

will drive by looking for a place to park. If they can’t<br />

pull up close or nearby, they will not stop. I’m hoping<br />

city council can get us designated parking spots with<br />

20 minute drop-off and pick-up.”<br />

Shaw said the city commissioned a study around<br />

1994-95 that estimated each on-street downtown<br />

parking space annually generates approximately<br />

$50,000 in revenue.<br />

“That was 25 years ago. Imagine what it could be<br />

now,” Shaw said.<br />

According to Fairfield County Sheriff’s<br />

Department Sgt. Jesse Hendershot, signage posted<br />

throughout the city center limits on-street parking to<br />

two hours before 6 p.m. for 69 marked spots. All other<br />

on-street parking and parking lots are 72 hours.<br />

Despite the restrictions, drivers often ignore the<br />

two-hour limit and leave their vehicle in the same<br />

spot for more than two hours, sometimes for the<br />

entire day.<br />

Hendershot said parked vehicles are not chalked<br />

by his officers for time compliance.<br />

“A complaint would need to come in,” said<br />

Hendershot, “Then the deputy would visually<br />

observe the vehicle being there and would have to<br />

come back two hours later, time permitting, and<br />

issue a warning or ticket.”<br />

People parking all day long in two-hour spaces is<br />

a common complaint for businesses that depend on<br />

customers, some of which have mobility restrictions<br />

and base their visits on the availability of nearby<br />

parking.<br />

Hendershot said parked vehicles are not chalked<br />

by his officers for time compliance.<br />

See PARKING, page 2

PAGE 2 - EASTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 8, <strong>2020</strong><br />

Madison Township Police statistics<br />

February crime statistics for Madison Township, according to<br />

the Madison Township Police: 64 assist/mutual aid, 4 animal complaints,<br />

3 burglary, 20 domestic complaints, 4 missing persons, 45<br />

suspicious persons, 11 larceny/thefts, 4 assaults, 5 threats or<br />

harassment, 204 traffic stops, 2 DUI, 5 accidents with injuries, 22<br />

property damage accidents, 3 shots fired in area, 7 vandalism, 7<br />

hit-skip accidents, 1 officer in trouble, 22 parking, 1 stolen vehicle.<br />

Capital Improvement Plan<br />

Copies of the <strong>2020</strong>-24 Lithopolis Village Capital Improvement<br />

Plan are available fo viewing at the Lithopolis Village Office,<br />

11820 Lithopolis Road, NW, Lithopolis.<br />

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CW sets road work program;<br />

plus help with local taxes offered<br />

Road work will begin in spring<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

The <strong>2020</strong> Canal Winchester street program will<br />

cost the city approximately $40,000 less than expected<br />

to renovate streets and extend the pool parking lot.<br />

After reviewing five bids, EMH&T Engineer Shane<br />

Spencer recommended the city award a contract to<br />

Columbus Asphalt Paving. The agreement for<br />

$889,709 was approved by Canal Winchester City<br />

Council on <strong>March</strong> 2.<br />

“Columbus Asphalt Paving did a great job for us<br />

last year and I look forward to working with them this<br />

year,” said Public Works Director Matt Peoples, who<br />

added the city worked at least four times in the past<br />

with the company.<br />

Road work includes a portion of West Waterloo<br />

Street near the cemetery, Williamson, Hilliard and<br />

Saylor in Ashbrook; Hemmingford Drive in<br />

Westchester; expansion of the pool parking lot to the<br />

west and a path along the Tussing Ditch.<br />

“It will be at least a month before they start,” said<br />

People, “and it’s usually about a 120-day contract.<br />

Assistance with local taxes<br />

Finance Director Amanda Jackson discussed a taxpayer<br />

assistance event sponsored by RITA (Regional<br />

Income Tax Agency) at the Frances Steube Community<br />

Center, 22 S. Trine St., on <strong>March</strong> 12 from 11 a.m. to 6<br />

CW<br />

Continued from page 1<br />

price tag to be somewhere in the $40,000 to 50,000<br />

price range.<br />

“Costs don’t matter as long as we are protected,”<br />

said Ebert.<br />

With the recent purchase of the former McDorman<br />

building as a new municipal complex and approval of<br />

funds to renovate the structure, plans will include bollards<br />

or a similar type of security in the design-build<br />

construction request for proposals.<br />

According to Ebert, the city’s safety committee was<br />

formed a few years ago and is composed of public<br />


Continued from page 1<br />

“A complaint would need to come in,” said<br />

Hendershot, “Then the deputy would visually observe<br />

the vehicle being there and would have to come back<br />

two hours later, time permitting, and issue a warning<br />

or ticket.”<br />

People parking all day long in two-hour spaces is a<br />

common complaint for businesses that depend on customers,<br />

some of which have mobility restrictions and<br />

base their visits on the availability of nearby parking.<br />

Hendershot said people needing to park longer than<br />

two hours should use the larger city lots located<br />

throughout downtown.<br />

“There’s plenty of space,” said Hendershot, who said<br />

Fairfield County deputies issued only seven parking<br />

violations last year, along with a number of warnings.<br />

“A parking violation costs $50 and a handicap violation<br />

is $250.”<br />

A group calling itself the Downtown Business<br />

Association recently placed fliers on vehicles known to<br />

p.m.<br />

Anyone who is required to file a local income tax in<br />

Canal Winchester and/or other local municipalities<br />

including Amanda, Carroll, Pleasantville, Baltimore,<br />

Lithopolis, Sugar Grove, Bremen, Millersport and<br />

Thurston, is invited to attend. Agents will be on-site to<br />

answer questions and assist with RITA municipal<br />

income tax return preparation.<br />

According to the agency, in order to receive assistance<br />

preparing a municipal income tax return, bring<br />

all of the following applicable information: Social<br />

Security Numbers for yourself and your spouse, W2(s)<br />

from all employers and Form 1099(s), Federal<br />

Schedule(s) C, E, & F, Federal forms K-1, 2106, & 1040<br />

and addresses and dates for each location in which you<br />

resided during 2019.<br />

RITA agents will work with taxpayers on a first<br />

come, first serve basis. Depending on the number of<br />

people attending, wait times may occur; please plan<br />

accordingly. For more information regarding this<br />

event, please contact RITA Customer Services at 1-<br />

800-860-7482.<br />

Bumpus steps down<br />

Long-time Street Tree Advisory Board member<br />

Gary Bumpus resigned from the board due to a move<br />

and was replaced with Pat Burks.<br />

“It was a luxury with Mr. Bumpus and his extensive<br />

background (in landscape architecture),” said Peoples.<br />

“Mr. Bumpus shared quite a bit of knowledge with the<br />

board.”<br />

works employees from water, waste water and street<br />

departments.<br />

“Typically, they have monthly meetings and training<br />

on equipment and proper procedures when facing<br />

job-related hazards,” said Ebert, “Proper use of safety<br />

equipment, when and why and many other safetyrelated<br />

circumstance that each department faces on a<br />

daily basis. They also prepare themselves for a disaster,<br />

such as flooding, tornados, vehicle and machinery<br />

safety and safety apparel.”<br />

abuse the two-hour parking limit.<br />

The flier reads, “With the arrival of new businesses,<br />

the parking spaces have become increasingly valuable<br />

to the vitality of downtown, but are frequently misused<br />

by downtown employees and residents for long-term<br />

and all-day parking, although the signage indicates a<br />

limit of two hours. We are asking that the spaces be<br />

used only for quick drop-offs and our vehicles be moved<br />

to all-day parking.”<br />

Public parking spaces not subject to the two-hour<br />

limit are located in front of the McDorman building on<br />

Waterloo Street, behind both the Shade on the Canal<br />

and Barrel and Boar Restaurants and near the<br />

Washington Street and Groveport Road intersection.<br />

“If they continue (violating the two-hour parking<br />

signs), they (the association) are going to start calling<br />

us with vehicle information and plate numbers,” said<br />

Hendershot. “During the week, if I’m available, I’m<br />

more than happy to investigate the complaints.”

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Friendly rivals square off for charity<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Eastside</strong> Editor<br />

Fans of the Canal Winchester Indians<br />

and Groveport Madison Cruisers came<br />

together to continue their friendly rivalry<br />

and to help fund a good a cause.<br />

The fan cheer sections of both schools -<br />

Canal Winchester’s TheTribeCW and<br />

Groveport Madison’s The Red Sea - met on<br />

Feb. 20 at Groveport Madison High Schools<br />

to play a basketball game to help the<br />

BrockStrong Foundation.<br />

“The kids who regularly attend the basketball<br />

games came up with the roster. It<br />

was made up of seniors only,” said<br />

Groveport Madison Athletic Director Steve<br />

Petros. “The Cruiser and Indian fan sections<br />

have a Twitter account and they have<br />

fun going back and forth talking some good<br />

natured smack talk and came up with the<br />

idea for the game.We were glad to ask for<br />

donations at the game that will go to the<br />

BrockStrong Foundation. BrockStrong has<br />

showed up to some Cruiser events for random<br />

acts of kindness. We are glad to give<br />

back to a group of people who has a mission<br />

of kindness. We hosted the game, but<br />

Canal Winchester Athletic Director Pat<br />

Durbin approved the game and helped<br />

shape their roster.”<br />

Petros said he agreed to the game<br />

because he thinks that neighboring districts<br />

should be able to get together and<br />

just have a fun event.<br />

“That is what this was,” said Petros. “A<br />

good time was had by all. I was a little surprised<br />

by the crowd size. It was the size of<br />

a regular Tuesday night varsity basketball<br />

game. I don’t know if this is something we<br />

will do again, but I was glad we did it this<br />

year.”<br />

When asked if there could be a rematch<br />

next year in Canal Winchester, Durbin<br />

said, “Absolutely!”<br />

Like Petros, Durbin said the event was<br />

a positive thing for the Canal Winchester<br />

and Groveport Madison communities.<br />

“A game like this is great for our two<br />

communities,” said Durbin. “Any time you<br />

have neighboring communities part of a<br />

friendly rivalry it’s a good thing for both<br />

locations. As long as we can compete with a<br />

mutual respect it’s awesome. It gives our<br />

student-athletes an opportunity to develop<br />

friendships that otherwise may not have<br />

occurred.”<br />

Groveport Madison senior Eusebio<br />

Manglona, who is a student section leader<br />

for the Cruiser cheer section, The Red Sea,<br />

said, “We, as The Red Sea, thought it would<br />

be a good idea to play our rival Canal<br />

Winchester in a friendly game of basketball.<br />

We decided to play for charity. The<br />

BrockStrong foundation was chosen<br />

because Brock went to Canal Winchester<br />

and a lot of us knew him through baseball,<br />

so we thought it would be nice and it would<br />

bring us together by donating to the organization.”<br />

Manglona said it is estimated the game<br />

raised about $350 for the BrockStrong<br />

Foundation.<br />

Photo courtesy of Groveport Madison Schools<br />

Members of the Canal Winchester and Groveport Madison cheer sections faced off<br />

recently for a charity basketball game.<br />

“A game like this is great for our two<br />

communities. Any time you have<br />

neighboring communities part of a<br />

friendly rivalry it’s a good thing for<br />

both locations. As long as we can<br />

compete with a mutual respect it’s<br />

awesome. It gives our student-athletes<br />

an opportunity to develop friendships<br />

that otherwise may not have<br />

occurred.”<br />

- Pat Durbin<br />

Canal Winchester athletic director<br />

“On behalf of The Red Sea, we want to<br />

thank everyone who came out and donated<br />

to make it a fun, memorable night for the<br />

seniors,” said Manglona. “During the game<br />

a fellow senior, Tyrus Slone, unfortunately<br />

was hurt and won’t be able to play his senior<br />

year of baseball, so if the community<br />

can keep him in their thoughts and prayers<br />

for a quick and healthy recovery it would<br />

be greatly appreciated.”<br />

Manglona said the Cruiser seniors who<br />

coordinate student section activities for<br />

The Red Sea, are himself, Jake Benline,<br />

Either Pacheco, Austin Gautier, Austin<br />

Evans, and Trey Mantle.<br />

Groveport Madison parent Rita<br />

Manglona said, “To watch an amazing<br />

group of students get together and play a<br />

friendly game of basketball and request<br />

donations for a fundraiser that will help an<br />

organization continue to give to others, was<br />

absolutely heartwarming. BrockStrong<br />

Foundation is based out of Canal<br />

Winchester. We as a community are so<br />

proud of this group. It was the first ever<br />

Groveport vs. Canal student section game<br />

and I hope the upcoming classes continue<br />

this friendly game between these two<br />

schools.”<br />

Petros said The Red Sea came away<br />

with a tight win over the Canal Winchester<br />

cheer section in the game.<br />

Petros, who along with some Cruiser<br />

athletes officiated the game, said, “My<br />

takeaway is that I may never question an<br />

official again! Officiating is a tough job<br />

even in a good natured game. I think our<br />

athletes who officiated came away with a<br />

new found respect for the job officials do. It<br />

was a good natured game, but the kids<br />

came to win and got after each other. We<br />

wouldn't want it any other way. The kids<br />

played hard and then shook hands after.”<br />

Visit brockstrongfoundation.com for<br />

information on the BrockStrong<br />

Foundation.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 8, <strong>2020</strong> - EASTSIDE MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

Lithopolis Garden Club<br />

Lithopolis Garden Club meets the first<br />

Tuesday each month at 1 p.m. in the<br />

Community Building at Wagnalls<br />

Memorial in Lithopolis.<br />

Anyone interested in gardening and<br />

meeting other gardeners are invited to<br />

attend the meetings.

PAGE 4 - EASTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 8, <strong>2020</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

column<br />

Historian George Bareis left a lasting legacy<br />

I come to sing the praises of local historian<br />

George Bareis.<br />

Bareis was born in 1852 and was a resident,<br />

businessman, historian and more in<br />

Canal Winchester. While he did many<br />

things of note in his life, to me, the book he<br />

authored, “The History of Madison<br />

Township: Including Canal Winchester<br />

and Groveport, Ohio,” published in 1902,<br />

has had the longest lasting impact.<br />

Bareis’ thoroughly researched, highly<br />

detailed, wonderfully descriptive, and well<br />

regarded book remains an excellent<br />

resource and inspiration for any historian<br />

studying the local history of Madison<br />

Township, Canal Winchester, and<br />

Groveport. The comprehensive book is<br />

packed with facts and remains the go-to<br />

reference for the early history of this area.<br />

It took him 12 years to complete the<br />

research and writing for the book and, in<br />

the preface to his masterpiece, Bareis<br />

wrote that it was “no easy task, especially<br />

when the time required must be snatched<br />

from a busy life.”<br />

In an interview with the <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

newspaper two years ago, Ronald Weaver,<br />

whose own book on local history, “Canal<br />

Winchester,” published by Arcadia<br />

Publishing in 2018, said of Bareis, “He<br />

was significant in preserving the history of<br />

Editor’s Notebook<br />

Rick<br />

Palsgrove<br />

the area.”<br />

Weaver pays homage<br />

to Bareis by<br />

including in his book<br />

a photo of Bareis’<br />

home, which once<br />

stood near the corner<br />

of<br />

Canal<br />

Winchester’s High<br />

and Columbus<br />

streets. The site of<br />

Bareis’ home is now<br />

the parking lot<br />

behind<br />

the<br />

Huntington Bank.<br />

I discovered Bareis’ book when I was a<br />

boy, and I was awestruck at how his words<br />

brought the 19th century history of the<br />

area to life. It helped me make sense of the<br />

modern world by understanding the old<br />

world of our ancestors and how their past<br />

efforts laid the foundations to what our<br />

communities became today.<br />

Bareis’ book contains thorough information<br />

about the early pioneer days, the coming<br />

of the Ohio and Erie Canal, the railroad,<br />

fairs, farming, churches, town life,<br />

the forming of local governments<br />

and towns, town<br />

founders, businesses, the<br />

movers and shakers who<br />

propelled growth, schools,<br />

roads, the toll of diseases,<br />

graveyards, and more. The<br />

book is illustrated by historic<br />

photos and detailed<br />

maps.<br />

Bareis’ book is highly<br />

readable as the writing is<br />

clear and direct. It flows,<br />

such as this passage where<br />

he writes about wilderness<br />

the area’s first pioneers<br />

encountered:<br />

“Blazed trees showed the<br />

way from cabin to cabin. The woods were very<br />

dense and one could easily get lost. Bells<br />

were put on cows and sheep so that they<br />

could be found. Few sheep were kept on<br />

account of wolves...”<br />

Or this passage where he writes about<br />

train conductors:<br />

“The railway conductor, like the coach driver<br />

of old, is a very important personage. He is<br />

charged with the safety of the travelers; he<br />

must furnish every passenger a seat even<br />

when there is scarcely standing room; he<br />

must listen to the complaints of the patrons,<br />

but is helpless to remedy the evils complained<br />

of - he must be civil and courteous to<br />

the rudest and most offensive or hear the terrible<br />

(?) threat, ‘I’ll report you!’ Whatever that<br />

means. His knowledge of patience in dealing<br />

with human nature and especially his never<br />

failing civility and gallantry to women commands<br />

the respect of every sensible individual.”<br />

One of Bareis’ goals for the book was to<br />

Letters policy<br />

The <strong>Eastside</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong> welcomes letters to<br />

the editor. Letters cannot be libelous. Letters that<br />

do not have a signature, address, and telephone<br />

number, or are signed with a pseudonym, will be<br />

rejected. The <strong>Messenger</strong> reserves the right to edit<br />

The collection and administration of<br />

local income tax is handled by the Regional<br />

Income Tax Agency (RITA).<br />

RITA is the largest administrator for<br />

municipal income taxes in the state of<br />

Ohio. Tax forms are available through<br />

their website at: https://ritaohio.com/ Their<br />

phone number is: 1-866-721-7482.<br />

A RITA Taxpayer Assistance Event will<br />

be held <strong>March</strong> 12 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at<br />

the Canal Winchester Community Center,<br />

22 S. Trine St., Canal Winchester.<br />

The Regional Income Tax Agency<br />

(R.I.T.A.) invites all taxpayers who are<br />

required to file a municipal income tax<br />

return for any RITA municipality to attend<br />

this free event. Agents will be on-site to<br />


preserve information for<br />

future use and reference. He<br />

achieved that.<br />

My own efforts as a local<br />

historian with the Groveport<br />

Heritage Museum, my historical<br />

documentary films about<br />

Groveport, and the books I<br />

wrote on Groveport history,<br />

were inspired by Bareis’ work.<br />

Bareis passed away in<br />

1932 and is buried in Canal<br />

Winchester’s Union Grove<br />

Cemetery. His fine book can<br />

still be found today in our<br />

area libraries and historical<br />

societies. Take some time to<br />

give it a look. It’s worth it.<br />

Rick Palsgrove is editor of the <strong>Eastside</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong>.<br />

Editor’s note, for further reading and<br />

viewing: Another fine book, that builds on the<br />

area history preserved by George Bareis<br />

(which covers 1810-1900), is Lillian Carroll’s<br />

and Frances Steube’s, “Canal Winchester,<br />

Ohio: The Second Ninety Years.” This book<br />

covers Canal Winchester history from where<br />

Bareis left off from 1900-1990. I also highly<br />

recommend all of David Meyer’s books on the<br />

history of the Ohio and Erie Canal in this area<br />

and beyond as well as Ronald Weaver’s book,<br />

“Canal Winchester.”<br />

For Groveport history, you can view the<br />

two documentary films, “Groveport: A Town<br />

and Its People” and “The Story of John S.<br />

Rarey and Cruiser” online on YouTube. The<br />

films were written by me and produced by the<br />

Groveport Heritage Society and Midnet<br />

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column<br />

“Mischief” at Hamilton Township<br />

Places<br />

I love the way something as simple as a<br />

song, smell, or photograph can rekindle a<br />

memory and make it as unexpectedly fresh<br />

as the day it was first formed.<br />

“Brandy,” a song nearly 50-years-old<br />

and gaining popularity because of a car<br />

commercial and inclusion on a “Guardians<br />

of the Galaxy” soundtrack, jettisons me<br />

back to 1972 and a summer filled with<br />

theme parks, parades and the blushes of a<br />

young crush.<br />

The first Lily of the Valley to show its<br />

face in the spring has me longing for my<br />

grandma and I can’t hold the bait-casting<br />

fishing rod that first belonged to my daddy<br />

without wishing he was by my side on a<br />

summer morning on Brevoort Lake in<br />

Michigan.<br />

When Johnny Mathis’ “Chances Are”<br />

drifts out from my CD player, I cannot help<br />

but think about “Close Encounters of the<br />

Third Kind” and Richard Dreyfuss crafting<br />

a replica of Devil’s Tower in his living<br />

room.<br />

A couple of weeks ago, my mother and I<br />

were “culling the herd” so to speak of old<br />

photos with blurred faces and long-forgotten<br />

names. I came across a photo my daddy<br />

took in 1984 when scenes of the movie<br />

“Mischief” was filmed at my old high<br />

school, Hamilton Township, which was<br />

torn down more than 10 years ago.<br />

The picture was taken from his car and<br />

was filled with images of movie trucks<br />

parked at the side of the 1939 portion of<br />

the school. I missed all of the excitement at<br />

the time because we were stationed on an<br />

air base in Wichita, Kansas.<br />

Years later, while watching a late-night<br />

showing of “Mischief,” I was shocked to see<br />

students in 1956 attire walking down hallways<br />

I trod for six years, sitting in seats<br />

that, until 2009, still existed and scenes<br />

shot in a classroom where I taught for five<br />

years.<br />

When I found that picture, I thought<br />

about many things…me as a freshman trying<br />

out for the drill<br />

team, pizza at Cardo’s<br />

before a Friday night<br />

football game and<br />

stowing away to the<br />

lighting booth to eat<br />

Twinkies during study<br />

hall.<br />

When I got home, I<br />

Googled “Mischief”<br />

and discovered, in<br />

addition to scenes at<br />

Hamilton, many exterior<br />

shots were filmed<br />

just down the road in<br />

Canal Winchester. I<br />

got on the Canal<br />

Linda<br />

Dillman<br />

Winchester Connection page on Facebook<br />

and asked if anyone remembered when the<br />

movie crews came to town.<br />

More than 100 posts later, I was surprised<br />

at all of the responses with people<br />

sharing their memories of watching the<br />

film crews go through their paces, being<br />

contacted as potential locations or actually<br />

working as an extra.<br />

Clif Spruill and his beautiful red ’55<br />

Chevy made it past the cutting room floor<br />

and onto the big screen, as did Marcella<br />

Taylor as a cinematic “mom.” Sandy<br />

Packer recalled her house was considered<br />

for a location shot and Mike Ebert, with his<br />

family in tow, would spend summer<br />

evenings watching the filming downtown.<br />

I checked IMDb, an entertainment data<br />

base, for other movies or shows filmed in<br />

Canal Winchester and was shocked to find<br />

listings for five more films or shorts. Sadly,<br />

“Mischief” was the only listing for the area<br />

where I spent my childhood, but the memories<br />

sparked by that photo will last a lifetime.<br />

Linda Dillman is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff writer.<br />

Movie trucks line the driveway in 1984 at the former Hamilton Township High School<br />

building during filming of interior shots for the movie “Mischief.” Many exterior shots<br />

were filmed in Canal Winchester.<br />

CW Library Branch<br />

The Canal Winchester Branch of the<br />

Columbus Metropolitan Library, 115<br />

Franklin St. (located in the rear portion of<br />

the former school at 100 Washington St.),<br />

is open Monday through Thursday from<br />

noon to 7 p.m. and Friday and Saturday<br />

from noon to 6 p.m.<br />

Think Safe, Feel Safe, Be Safe.<br />

A LERT<br />

LARMS Inc.<br />

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Theresa<br />

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Andy Andrews II, President, 40 Years Experience<br />

www.alertalarmsofohio.com | andyatalertalarmsinc@yahoo.com

PAGE 6 - EASTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 8, <strong>2020</strong><br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library, 150 E.<br />

Columbus St., Lithopolis, is open Monday -<br />

Thursday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday: 10<br />

a.m. to 2 p.m. and closed on Friday and<br />

Sunday. Call (614) 837-4765 or visit<br />

www.wagnalls.org.<br />

th<br />

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Lithopolis. Visit www.lithopolis.org for<br />

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LUCK!<br />

around Canal Winchester<br />

Dr. Bender Scholarships<br />

Canal Winchester City Council will<br />

award two $1,000 scholarships in honor of<br />

the late Dr. John Bender, former council<br />

member, educator, and coach.<br />

Graduating seniors are encouraged to<br />

review eligibility requirements and submit<br />

applications at www.canalwinchesterohio.gov.<br />

Applications will also be available<br />

in the guidance offices at Canal Winchester<br />

High School and Bloom-Carroll High<br />

School. The deadline for applications and<br />

completed materials is April 1. Recipients<br />

of the Dr. John Bender scholarship will be<br />

recognized at the April 20 city council<br />

meeting.<br />

Scholarship spotlight<br />

The deadline for accepting Wagnalls<br />

Memorial scholarship applications is<br />

<strong>March</strong> 12.<br />

Whether you’re a Lithopolis, Bloom<br />

Township, or Canal Winchester resident,<br />

there’s a scholarship for you - with eight<br />

different scholarships being offered in all.<br />

This year there are scholarships for volunteering,<br />

arts and literature majors, and<br />

even a four-year scholarship.<br />

Visit www.wagnalls.org for information.<br />

Hopeful Hearts<br />

Hopeful Hearts Free Children’s<br />

Clothing Ministry - a free baby clothing<br />

distribution for sizes infant to 5T, as well<br />

as shoes, blankets, bibs, small toys and<br />

other baby needs - is open the third<br />

Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to<br />

noon at Hope United Methodist Church, 83<br />

E. Columbus St. in Canal Winchester.<br />

Everyone is welcome to come in and shop<br />

for your free children’s summer clothing<br />

needs in sizes Infant to 5T. Everything is<br />

free and all are welcome. Drop off donated<br />

items at the church. Clothing for all seasons<br />

is needed. Call (614) 837-7548.<br />

Barber Museum<br />

The National Barber Museum in Canal<br />

Winchester is located at 135 Franklin St.<br />

(behind the former CW High School building).<br />

The museum, housed in approximately<br />

5,000 square feet, showcases art, artifacts,<br />

and memorabilia from decades of the<br />

barbering profession. Regular hours are<br />

Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.<br />

or by appointment (614) 837-8400.<br />

Drug Drop Box<br />

The Madison Township Police<br />

Department provides an opiate prescription<br />

“Drug Drop Box” for the community.<br />

This drop box is located in the lobby of the<br />

Madison Township Police Department,<br />

4567 Madison Lane, and is accessible to<br />

the public Monday through Friday 8 a.m.<br />

to 5 p.m. Any person can walk-in and dispose<br />

of new or old pills, including prescription<br />

medications, or any other illegal substances<br />

and place them into this box with<br />

no questions asked.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

letter<br />

Movie memories<br />

I thoroughly enjoyed Linda Dillman’s<br />

article, “When CW went Hollywood,” in the<br />

Feb. 23 <strong>Eastside</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong>. It was well<br />

written, had a lot of good background information,<br />

and was interesting.<br />

Like others mentioned in the article, I<br />

watched as much of the filming in Canal<br />

Winchester as time and work would permit,<br />

as well as photographed what was<br />

going on during the approximately two<br />

weeks the crew was working in the area.<br />

As mentioned, the original title was “Heart<br />

and Soul,” and was a completely different<br />

movie than what was released. It was more<br />

like “Rebel Without a Cause,” with a goodhearted<br />

juvenile delinquent in love with a<br />

nice girl. A climatic scene involving two<br />

1955 Chevys being wrecked while the characters<br />

were playing “chicken” to see who<br />

would swerve first, was filmed at night on<br />

Cedar Hill Road in front of Faler’s Feed<br />

Store in Lithopolis.<br />

Other scenes involving the boy and the<br />

girl, at the girl’s house, were shot on East<br />

Mound Street in Canal Winchester. The<br />

blonde haired boy played by Doug McKeon<br />

was the younger brother of the girlfriend,<br />

and learning about life and teenage angst<br />

from the kind delinquent boyfriend.<br />

Three quarters of the way through filming,<br />

the studio decided that instead of a<br />

drama, more money could be made by converting<br />

the film into a teenage gross-out<br />

movie in the same vein as the “Porky’s”<br />

three film series, the last installment titled<br />

“Porky’s Revenge,” was being filmed at<br />

about the same time as “Heart and Soul.”<br />

New scenes were filmed, and the whole<br />

script was re-written. Huge parts of what<br />

had already been shot, including the night<br />

scenes on West Mound Street, the car<br />

wreck in Lithopolis, and many others, were<br />

cut. The cast and crew were shocked and<br />

disappointed. A production assistant told<br />

me what was happening and swore me to<br />

secrecy because everybody had not been<br />

informed, and it was not to be leaked to the<br />

press. The car wreck scene becomes a fender-bender,<br />

filmed in Nelsonville. The<br />

wrecked cars from the scrapped scene shot<br />

in Lithopolis were sold at auction at the<br />

Hilton East Hotel on Hamilton Road,<br />

which was the production crew headquarters,<br />

after filming wrapped.<br />

The final released movie, renamed<br />

“Mischief,” is barely recognizable by any of<br />

the local residents who spent much time<br />

around the set as the film was shot.<br />

However, as a B movie, it is not terrible,<br />

but it unfortunately it could have been<br />

much better had the original version been<br />

adhered to. It has been released on DVD,<br />

and for locals in Canal Winchester, Rock<br />

Mill, Lancaster, and Nelsonville, it is a<br />

blast from the past to watch. Sorry<br />

Lithopolis, you were left on the cutting<br />

room floor.<br />

Thanks for reminding me of the fond<br />

memories from a summer back in 1984.<br />

Fred Rutter<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Much of what goes into the landfill could be recycled<br />

SWACO released a study documenting that up to 76 percent of<br />

the material currently being sent to the Franklin County Sanitary<br />

Landfill could be recycled or composted. The study also found that<br />

of those discarded materials, the items presenting the biggest<br />

opportunities for increasing diversion were food scraps and corrugated<br />

cardboard.<br />

The study was completed last year and conducted over the<br />

course of four seasons by Cascadia Consulting Group and MSW<br />

Consultants. During the study period, 180 commercial and residential<br />

trash samples, weighing 39,000 pounds in total, were collected<br />

and analyzed. The materials were sorted into 64 categories<br />

and evaluated based on weight, material type, and recyclability to<br />

determine what’s being thrown away and how much of it has the<br />

potential to be diverted from the landfill.<br />

The top 10 items most commonly found in Franklin County’s<br />

waste stream are: food scraps, corrugated cardboard, other compostable<br />

items and fiber, magazines, newspaper, office and other<br />

paper, bulky and durable goods, construction and demolition, plastic<br />

containers, wood pallets, textiles, and yard waste.<br />

Combined, these items make up 68 percent or 772,234 tons of<br />

the material being landfilled.<br />

The three most prevalent items in Franklin County’s waste<br />

stream are food scraps, corrugated cardboard and compostable<br />

items and fiber. All of these items can either be recovered through<br />

currently offered programs or have the potential to be captured<br />

and diverted if new programs and services were established.<br />

“While we weren’t surprised to learn that so much food was<br />

coming to the landfill, we remain committed to decreasing landfill<br />

disposal of all types of materials, and we’re already at work helping<br />

to support rescuing edible food and redirecting it to families<br />

and individuals in need. We’re also working to increase opportunities<br />

for composting of inedible food and encouraging waste reduction<br />

practices to avoid the creation of waste in the first place,” said<br />

Kyle O’Keefe, SWACO’s director of innovation and programs.<br />

In fact, when evaluating Franklin County’s potential to<br />

increase diversion based on the waste stream, the study found that<br />

of the 76 percent of the material currently being sent to the landfill<br />

which could be recycled or composted, 41 percent could be diverted<br />

today through existing programs and an additional 35 percent has<br />

the potential to be diverted with new programs and infrastructure.<br />

In November 2019, SWACO reported that Franklin County had<br />

reached a 50 percent diversion rate which is one of the highest<br />

rates in the Midwest and exceeds the national average yet, the<br />

county still landfills over a million tons of waste every year.<br />

SWACO has set a goal to help residents and businesses in<br />

Franklin County divert 75 percent of their waste from the landfill.<br />

In order for the community to reach those goals, SWACO is<br />

using the data from the waste characterization study to make<br />

informed decisions regarding the creation of new programs aimed<br />

at increasing the diversion of a wide range of materials. In the last<br />

year alone, SWACO introduced new programs to help thousands of<br />

residents recycle more of the materials generated at home, facilitate<br />

reducing food waste occurring in school cafeterias and to promote<br />

the composting of food scraps at home and at area businesses.<br />

Those programs include the Recycle Right, Make a Difference<br />

campaign, Residential Recycling Cart Initiative, SWACO’s<br />

Community Consortium Program and the Central Ohio Food<br />

Waste Initiative.<br />

The study also assessed the value of the materials being landfilled<br />

and which are currently accepted for recycling through<br />

Franklin County’s curbside, drop-off, and other recycling programs<br />

(which include: paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and jugs, glass<br />

bottles, metal cans). Those materials are estimated to have a market<br />

value of approximately 23 million dollars.<br />

“It’s easy to connect how reducing our waste and increasing our<br />

recycling is good for the environment, but what isn’t always immediately<br />

obvious is the economic benefit of recycling too,” said<br />

O’Keefe. “When we throw away items that have the potential to be<br />

recycled, we miss the opportunity to create the jobs needed to turn<br />

those materials into new products as well as the millions of dollars<br />

that could be reinvested right here in the central Ohio region.”<br />

Later this year, SWACO will launch new educational programs<br />

for capturing and recovering food waste, including funding dropoff<br />

composting sites in a number of Franklin County cities, and<br />

will unveil new<br />

resources to assist<br />

area businesses<br />

start up and expand<br />

recycling programs.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 8, <strong>2020</strong> - EASTSIDE MESSENGER - PAGE 7<br />

Keep tabs on the latest news and<br />

events in Canal Winchester<br />

Look for the <strong>Eastside</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong> on<br />

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eastside<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

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Rick Palsgrove................................<strong>Eastside</strong> Editor<br />

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The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Co.<br />

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pets of the week<br />

Piper is a 6-year-old young lady who’s looking<br />

to find her forever<br />

home. She’s a little<br />

nervous here at the<br />

shelter and was very<br />

uncomfortable in playgroup.<br />

She should<br />

probably meet any<br />

future companions in<br />

the home. The right<br />

home for Piper is out<br />

there. If it’s you, head<br />

on over to the Franklin<br />

County shelter and meet this lovely lady.<br />

FYI: 614-525-3647 or www.franklincountydogs.com<br />

Max is 136 pounds of<br />

pure love. He is an 8-<br />

year-old senior looking<br />

for a comfy forever<br />

home. He has been in<br />

playgroup and should<br />

probably go to a home<br />

with calmer dogs. He<br />

would also do best in a<br />

home with older kids.<br />

Max is a staff and volunteer favorite and it<br />

ready to meet you today.<br />

FYI: 614-525-3647 or www.franklincountydogs.com<br />

Louie is a 2-year-old<br />

beagle that was found<br />

in a rural area with a<br />

leg injury. With cage<br />

rest, he recovered and<br />

is doing well. He likes<br />

to bury toys. He walks<br />

well on a leash and is<br />

working on house<br />

training. Louie is up to<br />

date on his vaccinations<br />

and ready for his forever home. Adopt<br />

him from Colony Cats and Dogs.<br />

FYI: www.colonycats.org<br />

Bara is a sweet girl<br />

who is about 3 years<br />

old. She will follow<br />

you around the house<br />

waiting for affection.<br />

She is spayed,<br />

microchipped and up<br />

to date on vaccines.<br />

You can meet her at<br />

the Colony Cats cage free adoption center.<br />

FYI: www.colonycats.org

PAGE 8 - EASTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 8, <strong>2020</strong><br />

Special Olympics<br />

A local chapter of Special Olympics Ohio formed in the<br />

Groveport/Canal Winchester area. The mission of Special<br />

Olympics Ohio is to provide year round sports training and competition<br />

in a variety of Olympic type sports for intellectually disabled<br />

individuals. For information contact local coordinators<br />

Penny and Cassandra Hilty at<br />

groveportspecialolympics@gmail.com or at (614) 395-8992 or 395-<br />

6640. Donations may be sent to Groveport Special Olympics, P.O.<br />

Box 296, Groveport, OH 43125.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />





in The <strong>Eastside</strong> or Southeast <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

The page will print in our April 5th issue<br />

The deadline for the Easter Church Page is<br />

Friday, <strong>March</strong> 27th at 2:00 pm.<br />

Call Kathy for<br />

More Information<br />

614-272-5422<br />

Grace Ministries<br />

464 Rathmell Rd., Columbus, OH 43137<br />

Visit us at www.graceministries.org<br />

Easter Sunday, <strong>March</strong> 27th<br />

Sunrise Communion Service - 7:00 am<br />

Easter Service - 10:30 am<br />

Easter Egg Hunt immediately following 10:30 service<br />

with over 5,000 eggs and prizes<br />

Youth tournament champs pull an upset<br />

Coach Kent Long’s Canal Winchester Joint Recreational District boys basketball team won the<br />

fifth/sixth grade division tournament with a 29-21 victory over Coach Shawn Cassady’s previously<br />

undefeated team. Cassady’s team had beaten Long’s team twice during the regular season and had won<br />

most of it games by a wide margin. However, Long’s team, which finished with a 6-8 record, made defensive<br />

adjustments that allowed them to win the tournament title. “Our defense is what did it,” said Long.<br />

“We had been playing a 2-3 zone during the season, but switched to a 1-3-1 zone for the tournament,<br />

which enabled our team to attack at different angles and control the game. Defense wins games.”<br />

Members of Long’s tournament title team (above left) are: Colton Adams, Triston Ellis, Ethan Fout, Grant<br />

Hamilton, James Hocking, Ian Johnson, Karson Long, and Gavin Phelps. Head coach is Kent Long and<br />

assistant coach is Whitney Hamilton. (Above right) Karson Long shoots a successful three point shot<br />

during the tournament title game. (Photos courtesy of Kent Long.)<br />

Scouting for food<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Linda Dillman<br />

Canal Winchester City Council President Mike Walker presents the city’s annual<br />

Scouting for Food Proclamation to Troop 103 Boy Scout Elijah Holden during a<br />

<strong>March</strong> 2 city council meeting. Behind Holden, left to right are Cub Scout Pack 103<br />

scouts Brayden Dennis, Carolyn Marker, Ethan Steelsmith and Sean McKnight.<br />

Adults, left to right are Cubmaster Curt Dennis and Den Leader James Steelsmith.<br />

Scouting for Food co-chair Amy Holden said the Saturday morning event takes<br />

place on <strong>March</strong> 28 from 9 a.m. to noon. “Scouts will canvas door-to-door for non-perishable<br />

food items and hygiene products such as toilet paper and soap,” said<br />

Holden, who said scouts will also accept monetary donations. “If people won’t be<br />

home, they can place their donations in a bag, marked for the scouts, on their front<br />

porch by 9 a.m. They can also drop off donations at the food pantry and mark them<br />

for the Scouting for Food drive.”

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

entertainment<br />

<strong>March</strong> 8, <strong>2020</strong> - EASTSIDE MESSENGER - PAGE 9<br />

Moss elevates material in “e Invisible Man”<br />

As Marvel began its takeover at the box<br />

office, competing studios decided they too<br />

wanted in on that sweet cash flow with<br />

their own expanded universe.<br />

The goal, besides raking in that sweet<br />

cash, was to re-introduce the audience to<br />

their famed properties via stand-alone<br />

films and then tie those threads into a larger<br />

feature with all of its popular creations.<br />

The problem with this, they would soon<br />

learn, is that not all of those creations were<br />

as popular as Marvel superheroes.<br />

One such studio that tried its hand at<br />

replicating Marvel Studios’ success was<br />

Universal Pictures. In 2014, the Dark<br />

Universe was launched with “Dracula<br />

Untold” and then “The Mummy” with Tom<br />

Cruise followed three years later. In<br />

between came an announcement that<br />

Russell Crowe was in talks to portray “Dr.<br />

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” while Johnny Depp<br />

was set for “The Invisible Man.” Then all of<br />

those plans came to a screeching halt when<br />

the studios realized that the audience<br />

hated those two films and weren’t all that<br />

excited about the potential of the latter<br />

ones either.<br />

In 2018, the studio was forced to<br />

announce the death of the Dark Universe<br />

but one could make a strong case that it<br />

The Reel Deal<br />

really started with the<br />

uninspired “Dracula<br />

Untold.” That was a<br />

true stinker of a film<br />

and those who have not<br />

seen it should consider<br />

themselves fortunate.<br />

But, much like its<br />

famed vampire, the<br />

plans did not stay<br />

dead and a rebirth of<br />

sorts was announced<br />

via a partnership<br />

Dedra<br />

Cordle<br />

with Blumhouse Productions. Together,<br />

their first step was the launch of “The<br />

Invisible Man” sans Depp.<br />

In a somewhat inspired move, writer<br />

and director Leigh Whannell transformed<br />

this H.G. Wells creation by turning him<br />

into a true 21st century nightmare — the<br />

tech bro who hates privacy.<br />

In the film, Elisabeth Moss plays Cecila<br />

Kass, the long-suffering girlfriend of tech<br />

genius Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-<br />

Cohen). After years of emotional, mental<br />

and physical abuse, she decides to spring<br />

herself free of him with the help of her sister<br />

Emily (Harriett Dyer).<br />

While hiding out in the home of a childhood<br />

friend, Cecila learns that Adrian has<br />

killed himself. Just as she is trying to wrap<br />

her head around these events, she learns<br />

via his equally slimy brother Tom (Michael<br />

Dorman) that he has left her $5 million in<br />

his will with the odd stipulation that she<br />

not “commit any crimes.”<br />

As Cecila makes progress in her recovery,<br />

she begins to experience strange occurrences<br />

such as misplaced items, bed sheets<br />

that roll off the body without any thrashing<br />

and the feeling of eyes all over her body.<br />

After she sees footprints on the floor one<br />

night, she begins to suspect that Adrian is<br />

still alive and has used his vast knowledge<br />

in the field of optics to render himself invisible.<br />

When no one believes her theory, she<br />

decides to takes steps to try to rid him of<br />

her life once and for all.<br />

A positive in this film is the acting from<br />

Moss, who elevates the material from the<br />

occasional clunky dialogue and the unfortunate<br />

unraveling of the latter half. This is<br />

not a movie that holds up well upon deeper<br />

thought but her acting saves the film from<br />

its lesser parts.<br />

Another positive is the use of lingering<br />

shots of inconspicuous furniture and doorways<br />

to ratchet up the tension in lieu of a<br />

physical being. That aspect of the film<br />

works, which makes the unveiling of the<br />

invisibility all the more confusing.<br />

A negative of this film is with the computer<br />

graphic imagery, which ranges from<br />

bad to laughable at points throughout. The<br />

director made a great decision with the use<br />

of angles but not so great ones as it pertained<br />

to the unveiling of the invisibility<br />

cloak. “The Invisible Man” is not funny, but<br />

one cannot help but laugh at some of the<br />

CGI.<br />

All in all, “The Invisible Man” is a<br />

decent thriller that surprisingly manages<br />

to take the trauma of domestic abuse survivors<br />

seriously. With a deft hand by Moss,<br />

it’s a compassionate film that is elevated by<br />

her performance despite iffy dialogue and<br />

several gaping plot holes. I’m not sure<br />

where they plan to go with this property<br />

next, but if she’s there leading the way, I<br />

think I would be too.<br />

Grade: B-<br />

Dedra Cordle is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff writer<br />

and columnist.<br />


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Robinson roofing & repairs<br />

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resident. Lic./bonded/Ins.<br />

Reas rates. Member of<br />

BBB. Dennis Robinson<br />

614-330-3087, 732-3100<br />


REPAIR<br />

REPAIR all makes 24 hr.<br />

service. Clean, oil, adjust<br />

in your home. $39.95 all<br />

work gtd. 614-890-5296<br />


TROTT<br />


Tree Trimming<br />

& Removal<br />

Also Stump Removal<br />

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Trimming, Removal &<br />

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LOOK TO<br />


IN OUR<br />


For Service<br />

“That Is Out Of This World”<br />

3/20<br />

A<br />

12/11 A/M

PAGE 12 - EASTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>March</strong> 8, <strong>2020</strong><br />

Local History<br />

•Canal Winchester Area Historical<br />

Society,meets the first Tuesday of the<br />

month <strong>March</strong> through November at 7:30<br />

p.m. in the Hocking Meeting Room at the<br />

O.P. Chaney Elevator, located at North<br />

High and West Oak streets in Canal<br />

Winchester.<br />

Senior Centers<br />

•Canal Winchester Senior Center, 22 S.<br />

Trine St. For information call 837-8276.<br />

•Groveport Senior Center, is located at<br />

the recreation center, 7370 Groveport<br />

Road. For information call 836-1000.<br />

Senior Transportation<br />

•Canal Winchester Human Services Van,<br />

to register, call the Canal Winchester<br />

Community/Senior Center, 837-8276.<br />

Local author story time<br />

Wagnalls Memorial, 150 E. Columbus<br />

St., Lithopolis, will host its free <strong>March</strong><br />

Family Story Time on <strong>March</strong> 19, at 6:30<br />

p.m. in the Wagnalls Memorial Library<br />

Loft.Sylvia Lynch will read her picture<br />

book, share snacks, and do a craft with the<br />

children. All ages are welcome. To sign up<br />

call the children’s desk, or register in person<br />

in the children’s library.<br />

Visit www.wagnalls.org for information.<br />

Abrakadoodle Art Night<br />

Abrakadoodle Art Night is where adult<br />

and child paint their own canvas together.<br />

For kids ages 5-12. Cost: $3 per adult and<br />

child plus $1 each additional child. Class<br />

on <strong>March</strong> 16 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at<br />

KidSpace, 630 Wirt Road, Groveport. Pay<br />

and register by <strong>March</strong> 13. Call 614-836-<br />

3333.<br />

APRIL 5, <strong>2020</strong><br />




Has your business<br />

been in the community<br />

for years?<br />

Has your business<br />

recently been<br />

established?<br />

Share your business’<br />

unique story with<br />

the local community.<br />

1/4 Page (5.1875” W x 5.75” H) = $185.00<br />

1/2 Page (10.5” W x 5.75” H) = $285.00<br />

Business Profiles will feature the growth and progress of businesses and<br />

organizations in your communities!<br />

To get involved and learn more about advertising opprotunities tailored<br />

for you, contact Theresa Garee - eastads@columbusmessenger.com or<br />

call 614-272-5422<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> file photo<br />

Maple sugar<br />

time on the farm<br />

Late February and early <strong>March</strong> is<br />

maple sugaring time at Metro<br />

Parks’ Slate Run Living<br />

Historical Farm, located near<br />

Canal Winchester. Weather conditions<br />

of freezing temperatures<br />

at night and sunny days of<br />

around 40 degrees are needed<br />

for the sap to run in the trees so<br />

it can be collected in buckets<br />

that hang from the tap that is<br />

placed in the tree. The trees are<br />

tapped and the sap is slowly collected<br />

drip by drip in buckets.<br />

The sap is then placed in a tank<br />

and boiled to remove the water<br />

in the sap to get the maple sugar<br />

to make maple syrup. It takes 40<br />

gallons of sap to make 1 gallon<br />

of maple syrup. Pictured here is<br />

Dave Trotter, of Metro Parks’<br />

Slate Run Living Historical Farm,<br />

as he hammers a hole in a maple<br />

tree to tap it to access its maple<br />

sap so it can be collected and<br />

made into maple syrup.<br />

Later gator<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Photo courtesy of the Madison Township Police<br />

On Feb. 27, the Madison Township Police received a report of an American alligator<br />

being kept in the basement of a Groveport home. According to the police, the<br />

Ohio Department of Agriculture confirmed the residents did not possess a valid<br />

exotic animal permit as required by Ohio law. State wildlife officials responded to<br />

the scene where the property owner voluntarily surrendered the animal. The 25-<br />

year-old alligator is retiring to an animal sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

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