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In this issue: exclusive interviews with international actress Sarah Barlondo, Michelin star chef Adam Byatt and Michael Jackson's former bodyguard Simon Newton plus features on Baby & Toddler, Beauty & Grooming, Expert Articles, Food & Drink, Health & Wellbeing, Home & Garden, Product Round-ups, Sport & Fitness and lots more including SLOAN! Easter Gift Guide.

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Sloan Sheridan-Williams

We discover the woman behind the successful entrepreneur,

media personality and international speaker to find out what

makes the celebrity life coach stand out from all the rest!

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach who has

worked with rock stars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients

include Hollywood actors, professional athletes and reality TV stars. She

also works with brands from start ups to global leaders such as Unilever,

BMW, Honda, David Brown Automotive, eHarmony, Whirlpool, Hotels.

com and to name a few.


Sloan Sheridan-Williams is known for her work as one of the leading

“diagnosticians in the complementary therapy world” She is often

commended for having the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling

problems that have yet to be solved by others. Sloan achieves this using

over a decade of experience and is unique in the fact that she has trained in

so many different areas using their diversity to fix problems that a single

qualified practitioner may not be able to address. She talks about all these

area in the press on a regular basis both in the UK and globally.


Sloan was originally known in her capacity as an experienced therapist and

success coach, but she is impossible to pigeon hole. Over the last 18 years,

she has had the opportunity to work in many different arenas from legal to

political, medical to media, and corporate to academia. Educated at Oxford

University where she originally read Medicine,

Sloan then attended University College London

before converting to Law. Sloan has collaborated

with some of the finest institutions and brands in

the UK, if not the world, and has had the pleasure

to work with some very talented individuals.

Sloan’s latest work is her new book, “Slap Fear

In The Face” which is available in e-book and

paperback at

Visit to learn more

about Sloan and her extraordinary work.


Sloan has worked with rock

stars to royalty and politicians to

CEOs. Her VIP clients include

Hollywood actors, professional

athletes and reality TV stars


As a respected relationship

expert, Sloan has appeared in

the UK and international media

over 200 times. She is also a

charismatic media personality,

radio host and trained presenter.


Sloan is an engaging and

inspirational world class

international speaker and has

shared the stage with some

of the top business experts

and entrepreneurs in the UK

including John Lee, Vincent

Wong, Andy Harrington and

Shaa Wasmund MBE.


Sloan has a combined social

media following of over 450K on

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and

LinkedIn. She is also Founding

Editor of SLOAN! Magazine.

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2020 has got off to a great start.

From my latest TEDx talk and

new London radio show to

working with such inspiring

clients and celebrating the

continued success of SLOAN!,

there has so much to feel blessed

and grateful for in life. In just the

last couple of months I've had the

privilege of collaborating with

some amazing luxury brands

in the UK and further afield

including Tempur and Lombok

in addition to working with a

host of inspirational celebrities,

exceptional experts and some of

the best brands I know to ensure

that this issue continues to offer

our readers and fans all the

different options and possibilities

you have come to expect from


I'm delighted to present the 22 nd

edition of SLOAN! introducing

international actress Sarah

Barlondo to an even greater

audience from her native France

and her raving fan base from

Mexico's adored telenovelas. In

this issue we've also interviewed

the late Michael Jackson's

bodyguard, Simon Newton to

discover what life is really like as

personal security to Hollywood

and international royalty.

As always a big thank you to my

team who have worked as hard

as ever to bring you another issue

filled with quality content we're

sure you'll love that (as always)

isn't lost in a sea of distracting

advertisements. A big thank you

also to you our readers, for your

continued support. The team and I

love your feedback.

This year also sees the launch

of an exciting new project set to

transform countless lives both here

in the UK and abroad. I can't wait

to share it with you!

Continue to be inspired!


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Fabulous Fragrances


Miss Dior Rose N Roses EDT

100ml £93.50 The Fragrance Shop


Guilty Love Pour Femme EDP

90ml £92.50 The Fragrance Shop

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No.02 Eau de Parfum 30ml



Light & Dark Original EDP 70ml



Exquisite Peony EDT 100ml



Opulent Rose EDT 100ml



Signorina Ribelle EDP 50ml



Bad Boy EDT 100ml

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Idôle EDP 75ml

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In Love With You Freeze EDP

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Spirit Of The Brave EDT 200ml

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Black Opium Neon EDP 75ml

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An Insider's Guide

To Launching A

Wellness Retreat

Jordan Ashley

While embracing New York

City’s fast-paced yoga culture,

Jordan Ashley recognized a

need for experiences which give

perspective to the self through

selflessness. She also wanted to

raise awareness & funds for girls

all over the planet who are denied

essential human rights.

Jordan launched Souljourn Yoga

in 2016, a US 501(c)3 non-profit

inspired by seva, the Sanskrit

word and yogic principle of

selfless service. Souljourn Yoga

creates opportunities to explore,

practice, and educate through

yoga both on and off of the mat by

offering a spectrum of workshops,

teacher immersions, and global

retreats to continue to promote

female empowerment and

education in communities where

equal opportunities aren’t always

readily available.

Ensure you have

a clear intention and

authentic messaging

when launching your


Jordan Ashley, founder of Souljourn Yoga,

shares seven top tips on how to launch a

successful wellness retreat business

While everyone and their mom

are running wellness retreats, this

ever-expanding and oversaturated

market can seem overwhelming

and played out. Nevertheless,

while more and more people are

gravitating toward conscious

travel, it’s important to ensure

you have a clear intention and

authentic messaging when

launching your offering.


The more lead time you have to

get the word out on your retreat,

the better not only for marketing

purposes but also to appeal to

those who plan early versus those

who are last-minute travellers.

Everyone loves an early bird

special, so what better incentive

to get a sign up then by offering a

little discount for planning ahead.



As most people in the work sector

will already be getting the bank

holiday off, capitalise on this

work-free day as everyone will

already be in the travel mindset

with a freebie day. With that being

said, plan accordingly to ensure

that it makes sense geographically

(especially if over a 3-day

weekend) so people are spending

more time on the ground then in



Knowing who your retreat will

appeal to is essential when

planning. Based on the price

point, destination, and time of

year, your program will attract

individuals who want to make

the most of their holiday in the

work-life balance. An example

of this would be if you work in

education, your colleagues will be

most inclined to travel if it’s over

summer break. Be strategic!

8 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



When planning the logistics of

your retreat, it’s important to

include some additional overhead

to ensure that you and your guests

feel taken care of. You never know

when spontaneous will strike,

so it’s best to have a little bit of

cushion so that you feel confident

and relaxed hosting without

counting coins. Additionally,

make everyone sign a waiver and

get travel insurance as you always

want to be prepared and covered.


I personally feel like this is the

most vital part of any wellness

retreat in creating opportunities

for a cultural immersion and

ultimately and educational

experience. Team up with a local

charity and have your participants

get involved be it a beach clean

up, help out at a turtle sanctuary,

or create an art project with local

students. Including a donation in

the retreat cost is also a great idea

to have a greater impact then just

dropping into a charity. Obviously,

do your due diligence before

volunteering anywhere being

aware of child protection policies

to make sure you are working with

people who are above board and

have reputable NGOs.



I can’t stress this one enough.

Expect hiccups on your retreat

as it’s an inevitable part of travel.

Maintaining a “go with the flow”

attitude is essential to maintain

expectations and also giving

space for any lateness. However,

if something does have a specific

start time like a departure, it’s

more than fine to emphasize the

importance of punctuality.



It needs to come from your heart

and be authentic to you. Highlight

what you love and what you are

confident in offering and leave the

rest behind.

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1 2

BlueberryActive from ActiveEdge is made

from 100% blueberries in a concentrated

juice. The daily 30ml serving contains 185

blueberries and is 1 of your 5 a day.

Nutritionist Patrick Holford of the Food

for the Brain Foundation says, "Studies

with blueberry juice such as Blueberry

Active have consistently shown memory

improvements. Blueberries are exceptionally

high in anthocyanidins, a type of flavonoid

which enhances nutrient circulation into the

brain and is associated with lower risk for


BlueberryActive is £9.99 for 237ml and £15.99

for 473ml from Holland and Barrett





7 8 9

10 11 12

Prices & Stockists: 2. VITHIT Vitamin Drinks, £1.40, Sainsbury’s, WH Smith, Boots, Tesco and www.vithit.

com | 3. High Strength Collagen Ultra, £19.95, | 4. New Nordic Apple Cider Gummies,

£17.95, and Holland & Barrett | 5. USN Focus X, £34.99, Holland & Barrett, Amazon., Very | 6. USN LIPO X, £34.99, Holland & Barrett,, Very | 7. USN Vegan Diet Fuel,

£26, | 8. Efamol High Strength Evening Primrose Oil, £9.99, Boots and |

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Jane Plan is one of the UK’s leading pre-prepared weight loss delivery

services. Winner of Good Housekeeping’s “Britain’s Best Diet

Delivery” Award 2014 and featured in Channel 4’s highly acclaimed

How to Lose Weight Well, Jane Plan delivers delicious calorie and

portion controlled meals developed by leading nutrition and weight loss

expert Jane Michell. Set up in 2010, Jane Plan has helped over 65,000

people to successfully lose weight with over 16 million meals sold.

Jane Plan provides you with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and one snack

plus weekly phone calls with your personal nutritionist who talks

you through adding essential fruit, vegetables and salad to

each meal. With no artificial preservatives or additives,

the food stays perfectly fresh using a method very

similar to the popular sous vide method, which seals in

both flavour and nutrients to each dish. You can also eat

the meals on the go as you don’t need to store them in the

fridge. Our reviewer tried the 1-Month Plan and lost 9 lbs

in 28 days. For more information, go to



GoFigure is a science-backed weight management range of meal

replacement shakes, flapjacks and muesli. What makes GoFigure

unique is that it contains SlimBiome® – a revolutionary, multi

award-winning ingredient which has been scientifically proven

to help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

SlimBiome® is a combination of three scientifically-backed

ingredients – glucomannan to help you feel fuller for longer &

aid weight management; Chromium to maintain blood sugar

levels and reduce food cravings; and chicory root to improve

gut health. GoFigure’s meal replacement shakes and flapjacks

are proven to help you lose weight as part of GoFigure’s 2-2-go

diet plan, while the convenient and tasty GoFigure muesli pots

are ideal for busy breakfasts on-the-go and keep you feeling fuller,

helping to avoid those annoying hunger cravings mid-morning. Our

reviewer lost 7lbs in only 3 weeks. For more information about the GoFigure

range, go to



Health experts have warned that the burden of joint health problems is set

to place an unprecedented strain on society and an already overstretched

NHS. Consultant Rheumatologist Dr Rod Hughes says, "Adding a

clinically proven joint specific supplement such as the galactolipid

GOPO® to your diet has been shown to help protect and repair joints and

should certainly be considered at the early onset of even mild joint pain.”

Clinical trials with GOPO® suggest that it reduces joint pain by 64%,

has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which are as effective as

ibuprofen and has a role in cartilage protection and regeneration.

GOPO® Joint Health contains high levels of the galactolipid compound

GOPO®. For your chance to win a four-month supply of GOPO® Joint

Health, go to and enter our prize

giveaway before 31 March 2020.

9. A.Vogel Atrogel, £7.25 (50ml), Holland & Barrett, Boots, | 10. Tempo Active Nutrition,

£26, | 11. HerbScience Bio-Sorb Turmeric, £18.95, | 12. Igennus

Triple Magnesium Complex, £16.99, | 13. Jane Plan, from £199 per month, 14.

GoFigure - 3-Week Weight Loss Bundle, £133.49, and Amazon | 15. GOPO®

Joint Health, £19.52 for 120 Tablets. £29.60 for 200 Tablets, Boots, supermarkets and chemists nationwide and

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Karl Rollison

Karl Rollison is an

internationally renowned Harley

Street therapist, life coach,

author, stress consultant and


He is also a 3rd Dan Martial

Arts and Women’s self-defence


Karl noticed a distinct

correlation between his fearful

students and his stressed-out

clients. This led to his first

book ‘Stress Ninja’ in which

he outlines the concept that

stress is caused not by external

circumstances but our response

to those circumstances.

Karl has also worked at the

sharp end of some of the biggest

investment banks and financial

institutions in the world.

To find out more, please visit

Remember, there isn’t

a Sat Nav for Life.

Sometimes you have to

ask for directions.

The Secrets To

Overcoming Stress

Hackney born Karl Rollison is an

internationally renowned Harley Street

therapist, hypnotist and life coach.

Ever been in a situation where

you are so stressed that you

can’t think? Of course you have

– exams for example. You’ve

studied hard and know all the

answers, then the nerves cut

in and the questions become

hieroglyphics… our brains seem

to abandon us when we need

them most! Well, that’s exactly

what happens and if it didn’t

humans would have gone extinct

long ago. When we are in danger

we need instinct and reflexes,

not intellect. This is our ‘fight or

flight ‘response. It’s fantastic at

keeping us alive but it hasn’t had

time to evolve to differentiate

between potential death and the

demands of modern life. So what

can we do?


“What gets measured gets


This is a great quote and it

usually applies to business or

engineering, but I like to apply it

to stress.

Answer this question: "On a scale

of 0 to 10, 0 is totally relaxed

and 10 is extreme panic – how

stressed are you right now?” A

number will present itself.

In all my years as a stress

consultant, I’ve never met anyone

who couldn’t give me a clear

number. You’re below 7 right

now, if you weren’t you wouldn’t

be reading this article.


Now, I want you to ask yourself

this question constantly

throughout the day. Very soon,

you will see your stress as a

number rather than just a feeling.

We are analogue machines so our

readings are constantly changing.

We need to try to keep the

number away from the high end

and around the middle – this is

called the ‘Flow Zone’.

When we go into fight or flight

the Sympathetic side of our

Autonomic Nervous System is

engaged. Our breathing, heart

rate and blood pressure increase

to oxygenate our muscles. We

are then producing the stress

hormone ‘Cortisol’. This process

is designed to last a short period,

any longer and it’s bad for our


To counterbalance this we need

to employ our Parasympathetic

system. We do this by producing

Oxytocin also known as the ‘Love

Hormone’. Cortisol and Oxytocin

have a distinct relationship, as one

goes up the other comes down.


We can promote the production of

Oxytocin by breathing out longer

than we breathe in. Next time

you are stressed, make a note of

your stress reading. Sit down and

breathe out for the count of 12.

Really empty your lungs, pause

and then breathe in for the count

of 5. Repeat this a few more times

but stop if you get dizzy. Note

your level again. The number will

have diminished.


If your reading is high for a

sustained period, chew a good

quality gum, it’s great at reducing

stress levels. When we were

cavemen we only chewed when

we were safe and it still has a

calming effect on our physiology


Stress techniques are fantastic but

knowing when to employ them

and having a gauge as to their

effectiveness is key! What we

measure we can manage!

12 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Recharge & Rediscover

Learning to let go of that which is holding you back gives you

time to relax, recharge and rediscover the things that spark joy

in your life. Here are some suggestions on things that will help

The Power of Letting Go by John Purkiss

When we let go, we live intuitively with a great deal more ease and flow. The irony

is that when you feel stuck in any part of your life – be that career, relationships,

purpose, health or money – letting go can seem very hard. You cling on for dear

life just at the moment you need to take the leap. In The Power of Letting Go, John

Purkiss combines the why and the how to let go, with proven techniques that will

help you make things happen. £12.99 published by Aster

Edifier TWS1 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Relaxing is easy with the Edifier TWS1 boasting true wireless stereo and advanced

audio features for a killer combination of portability, comfort and audio quality.

Equipped with Bluetooth v5.0, aptX, and IPX4 splash & sweat proof protection, these

fully wireless earphones are perfect for when you're on the go or just relaxing. Built to

be comfortable for all ear sizes, the multiple included ear tips provide the perfect fit.

£49.99 from Amazon

AlcoSense Elite 3

Get peace of mind with AlcoSense Elite 3 personal breathalyser featuring upgraded

Semi-Conductor alcohol sensor technology for unrivalled accuracy. Designed in

the UK and easy to use, it gives your alcohol reading in seconds with colour coded

results, alerting you when you are near or over your chosen drink drive limit. It also

automatically performs a sensor clean every time it is used and periodically performs

a deep clean, helping to keep the sensor in top condition and readings accurate.

£69.99 from Halfords

Woods of Windsor

Gardening is a wonderful way to recharge and rediscover nature but with yearround

maintenance and constant exposure to the elements, all too often our hands

are neglected in the pursuit of creating a garden to be proud of. Woods of Windsor’s

new Gardeners Range from exfoliating scrubs to intensive balms contains extra

conditioning and moisturising ingredients with the refreshing fragrance of Blackberry

& Thyme, evoking the sweet aromas of an English country garden.

£4.99-£7.99 from

English Tea Shop

We love the new range of organic wellness teas from English Tea Shop offering

the ultimate ‘me time’ remedy. Designed to bring sunshine into your life, our

favourite tea is Happy Me - an invigorating blend of organic apple, marigold petals,

lemongrass and orange peel with subtle notes of spice, ginger, cardamom and

cinnamon. If this doesn't put the spring back in your step, try Energise Me.

Happy Me is £6.87 and Energise Me is £2.88. Both from Amazon

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Home Is Where The Spa Is

Enjoy some indulgent Me Time from the comfort

of your own home with these spa-worthy treats








8 15



1. Sensica - SensiMatch £149.99 | 2. Lava Moments - Blanc Noir Collection - Moonlight Candle

£78 | 3. Olverum Bath Oil 125ml £35 | 4. Aromatic Face Mask £34.95 www. | 5. Tropical Blossom Duo (Body Polish and Body Butter) £32 | 6.

Vitality CBD Muscle Balm £29.99 | 7. Spike Lavender, Ginger & Marjoram Massage Balm

£22.95 | 8. Geranium & Lemon Hand Wash £15.95 | 9.

ishga Hebridean Sea Salt Scrub £15.50 | 10. CBD Bath Bomb 100mg £15 | 11.

The Double Hair Mask £13.31 | 12. Vitality CBD Bath Salts £12.99 | 13.

Victorian Flora Bath Salts £11.99 | 14. Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Foaming Bath £10.99 Superdrug,

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Boots & Asda | 15. Vitality CBD Bath Bomb £9.99 | 16. The Semi-Permanent Shine Spray £8.65 | 17. Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Pre & Post Workout £7.99 Superdrug, Boots &

Asda | 18. Victorian Flora Bath Foam £7.99 | 19. Malki Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense

Oil £7.79 | 20. The Body Building Foam Conditioner £5.99 | 21. 2 Step Hyaluronic

Acid + Collagen Face Mask £4.99 | 22. The Overworked Hair Shampoo £5.32 www.superdrug.

com | 23. The Scalp Scrub £5.32 | 24. Byre Bodycare Body Wash £5 each Sainsburys | 25. Magic

Exfoliating Foot Mask £3.95, Moisturising Foot Mask £3.95, Moisturising Hand Mask £3.95, So Jelly Watermelon Sheet

Mask £2.99 - all from

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Eddie Le Vian

Adding Coloured Gemstones

To Your Jewellery Collection

Eddie Le Vian gives the inside track on what to look

for when choosing colour-popping precious gems

From my own experience, trying to raise a young

family at the same time as advancing your career

can seem an impossibly tall order. It’s not just that

time and energy is in short supply, but emotions and

relationships can be put under immense strain.


99% of Le Vian’s stunning designs feature fancy

colour precious gemstones and/or fancy colour

diamonds. Our gemologists continually scour the

most noteworthy mines around the world to source

the highest quality ethically sourced gems possible.

Our jewels are available in practically every colour

you could imagine. Our world-famous Chocolate

Diamonds are constantly sought after due to their

innate beauty and wearability, and even more so now

that their supply is near exhausted.


2020 brings ever more popular combinations in

jewellery trends. Think colour combinations like

ombré inspired designs with big and bold rings, and

pendants in unusual elongated, concave shapes, and

layers of black, chocolate and nude diamonds for an

ultra-chic look. Our Diamonds of the Year for 2020

are the stunning combination of Chocolate and Nude.

More unusual than standard diamonds, and

increasingly rare due to their ever-dwindling finite

supply, only 5% of the very best brown diamonds

in a select range of colour, cut, and inclusions are

rare enough to enter into the category of Chocolate



This year, jewellery buyers will also be thinking about

the all-important cut of the stone. We’ve seen a move

towards pear-shaped gems, in diamonds of course,

but also in our precious gems, and even pear-shaped

settings and designs. Strategically placed gems will also

reveal the wings of a butterfly or the petals of a clover.


Halos are set to take our jewellery cabinets by storm

too, which is why we’ve nominated the classic halo

design as our Theme of 2020: We’ll be launching

several Heavenly Halo collections that accentuate

the centre stone as the centre of attention, using

unusual halo designs.


It’s important to remember that every gemstone can

be assessed using the same set of characteristics

usually reserved for diamonds; meaning colour,

clarity, cut and carat. The colour of a gemstone is

considered to be the most defining characteristic.

Coloured gems are thought of as a good investment,

as prices often increase due to demand, but our

suggestion is that you buy what you love, and chose

pieces you will wear year-in, year-out.


Prized by great civilisations throughout history,

going back as far as the Aztecs and Ancient

Egyptians, for centuries emeralds were thought of

as a promise of good luck, and as having healing

properties. Today emeralds are more popular than

ever, symbolising prosperity, rebirth and serenity for

many of our clients; but many just want to wear an

eye-catching gem. We predict a peak in demand in

emeralds in 2020, with our Costa Smeralda Emeralds

featuring in show-stopping pieces.

Emeralds get their green hue from small amounts

chromium and sometimes vanadium within the


What to look for in emeralds Hue, saturation and tone

are what you’ll hear about; emeralds appear in hues

ranging from yellow-green to blue-green, with the

primary hue necessarily being green. Only gems that

are medium to dark in tone are considered emeralds.

Coming in at close second in assessing emeralds is

clarity. If no visible inclusions are apparent, the gem

is considered flawless. These are extremely rare, and

as such, almost all emeralds are “oiled”, or treated to

enhance their apparent clarity.


The range of green stones is so broad, that we’ve

forecast it as 2020’s spring trend Nature’s green gems

are just as plentiful as the greens of spring - their

arrival signals the start of beautiful colours.

You might come across gems like Mint Julep

Quartz, an ideal gem for large stone designs,

Pistachio Diopside® believed to reinvigorate the

body and soothe the soul, it’s found only in the icecold

reaches of Siberia.

We think it’s one of the most captivating green gems

in the universe. It has a very high refractive index

and a brilliantly deep forest green colour, making

diopsides a timeless favourite.

16 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Forest Green Tsavorite is a deep green garnet of

exquisite colour and depth, formed in metamorphic

rock near the Tsavo National Park and the Tsavo



The ruby has the distinction of being the most valued

gemstone throughout most of recorded history.

Regarded the stone of love, nobility, passion and

power, their popularity has been constant through

most of recorded history. Ancient Sanskrit referred

to the ruby as the "king of precious stones" whilst

the bible found only wise and virtuous women more

precious than rubies and the Persian sage al-Biruni

wrote about rubies the first place in colour, beauty

and rank" among all gems. The name Ruby comes

from the Latin word ruber for its hue.

Rubies achieve their red colour from high levels of

chromium. If you’re buying rubies, the ideal colour

is a vibrant, medium-dark red to slightly purplish

red with a medium to medium-dark tone and either

strong or vivid saturation. Like emeralds, rubies are

graded and viewed by eye; a high clarity ruby would

be considered "eye clean."

Our responsibly sourced rubies are from

Mozambique and embody a sense of passion due to

their brilliant red hue and high transparency. The

Mozambique ruby is more valuable than the rubies

found in other African mines.


Few people realise that tanzanite, discovered in

Tanzania in 1967, is even more rare than sapphire,

and often more striking a gem when set on its own

or surrounded by other gems. What makes tanzanite

so popular is its vivid colour, high clarity and trichronic

qualities, meaning it shows different colours

when viewed in different directions.

Le Vian has collected more than half of the world's

production of tanzanite for decades, and we’ve

sourced gem-quality tanzanite that strikes the perfect

balance between blueberry, lilac and orchid tones,

featuring in stunning pieces in our collections.


My final tip is something I’m really passionate

about. Like most consumers, the ability to trace the

ethics and good business practice of every stage of

everything we buy, right back to source is really

important, and precious gems are no different.

The route to market can be complex, but we’re

proud to be members of The Responsible Jewellery

Council, the industry body setting standards for

ethical business and standards throughout the entire

jewellery supply chain. This means our collectors can

be sure they are buying an ethically sourced product.

Find Le Vian in 185 Ernest Jones stores in the UK, in

the USA at leading stores including Macy’s, Jared and

Kay and on Starboard Cruise Services.

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Curvissa are a plus-size fashion brand

who offer clothing, footwear and

accessories in sizes 14-32 to ensure all

women feel empowered and confident. Many

women can feel intimidated by vibrant prints and

colours, but Curvissa have a beautiful variety of

styles to ensure that women can feel confident

and on trend this spring.

We love this gorgeous embellished maxi dress

designed in a flattering A-line cut with angel

sleeves and princess seams. Fully lined, the

intricate detailing means that the dress is hand

wash only but we think something this lovely is

worth the extra work in your laundry room!

£119 from


Cloudflow is a lightweight,

fully-cushioned training and

racing shoe and the secondgeneration

of the podium-topping, recordbreaking

shoe from On that is loved by

elite athletes.

The Swiss-engineered mesh upper is

primed for race pace. Lightweight and

reinforced to support tired feet, with

zoned ventilation to let air flow through.

An elastic strap keeps laces out of the

way, and a new rubber compound in

an advanced traction pattern offers

superior grip on wet roads. 18 adaptive

Cloud elements and Helion superfoam

combine with the re-engineered

Speedboard to turn impact into

acceleration. The curved heel unit means

better hold, durability and comfort.

Strategic taping and a new lacing

configuration offer sure-footed freedom

and support for high-speed goals.

£130 from


This Chain Print Wrap

Dress by Kaleidoscope

Curve is a mock wrap

look maxi dress finished with

a stunning chain print and

colourful patchwork design.

The flattering style

is perfect for plussize

ladies and

comes in sizes

16-32. The dress

features waist tie

detailing and

three quarter

length sleeves for

a modest and

forgiving silhouette.

£65 from

18 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

4 5


Revamp Professional is a new hair styling range developed

and designed by leading hair professionals. The new range has

styling tools for every hair type, all of which feature Progloss

super smooth Keratin, Argan and Coconut oils for ultimate smoothness

and protection against damage. The Revamp Progloss 5500 hairdryer

features ionic jet technology that allows for smooth, voluminous hair and

offers ultimate air velocity and power while staying kind to even synthetic

hair. Use the diffuser bowl for getting those

perfect curls or the concentrator nozzles for

accurate styling and salon-style shine.


The W Kirkwall II

raincoat is a modern and

feminine take on the

classic Helly Hansen Fisherman's

raincoat. This windproof and

waterproof jacket for women has

a great retro design and is both

stylish and practical. Full-stretch

HELOX+® fabric ensures full

weather protection and freedom

of movement. Features include

welded seams, back yoke with

ventilation holes underneath for

extra comfort and front placket

with snap button closure. The

removable tie belt allows for a

customized fit.

£120 from

£99.99 from



Sleep in style wearing

these gorgeous bamboo viscose

pyjamas in delicate pink.

They are beautifully soft and

feel luxurious on the skin.

Bamboo viscose is eco-friendly,

hypoallergenic and antibacterial,

and it also adapts to

the body's temperature, keeping

you comfortable at all times

throughout the night. The long

sleeve and long trouser duo is

so comfortable that you'll be

wearing them both in bed and

around the house!

£45 from



Nourish London is an award-winning range of vegan, organic,

ethically sourced and cruelty-free skincare powered by ingredients

from nature that are kind to your skin and the planet. The

luxurious Ultimate Skin Hydration Gift Set is packed full of minerals,

superfoods, antioxidants and probiotics, combined with the rejuvenating

powers of Frankincense and Myrrh. It contains Nourish London’s KALE

3D Cleanse (100ml), ARGAN Skin Renew Moisturiser (50ml), ARGAN

Anti-Ageing Serum (30ml) and PROBIOTIC Multi-Mineral Repair Mask

(30ml) to pamper you to perfection.

All Nourish London skincare is alcoholfree

and excludes unfriendly chemicals

such as synthetic colours, TEA, DEA,

parabens, phenoxyethanol, sulphates,

mineral oils, PEGS and silicones.

£60 from


The Shape Away

Body from

Miraclesuit is a step

in style you can wear with

your favourite bra, this body

shaper contours your midriff,

tummy, waist and hips with

extra firm control panels to the

front and through the sides.

Designed with revolutionary

Back Magic® technology,

this shaper contours the torso,

and provides better waist

shaping with flexible and

fabric stability whilst staying

comfortable to wear.

£72.95 from

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Sumissura is an ethical fashion brand that creates made to

measure garments for women. Through the website you can

design your own clothes, choosing more than 300 fabrics

and thousands of style combinations. Once your order is placed, your

garment is made just for you according to your measurements and

shipped in only 15 days. Choose from trouser suits and skirt suits,

tuxedos, dress shirts, jackets, trousers, dresses, coats, and trench coats.

Sumissura launched in 2013 and develops new products every day.

Last year the brand launched a collection of formal dresses in response

to customer requests.

The company sees themselves as ethical as they control each part

of the production process knowing where every piece of garment

is tailored. In order to allow for a responsible production system,

Sumissura places great importance on being able to offer a price that

is both affordable and fair at the same time. The brand also claims

to be eco-friendly by definition because they do not produce any

exceedings. Every single garment that comes out of their facilities has

been specifically made for a customer. Plus they continue to optimize

processes so the environmental footprint is smaller and smaller as an

e-commerce business.

Sumissura sell their clothes all over the world with the UK and the

USA being the biggest markets. Their goal for 2020 is to expand to

France, Germany and Italy whilst continuing to offer more and more

feminine options in their unique 3D product designer on their website.

Find out more at



This beautiful silk-covered clutch bag is

inspired by the artwork of Gustav Klimt. It

features magnetic closures and hidden chain shoulder

strap with a Colour coordinated suede gusset and Satin

lining. There is also a handy zip pocket.

Fox & Chave pride themselves on creating unique and

sustainable silk accessories. As a refreshing alternative,

in an age of fast fashion and disposable clothing, their

products remain pieces of enduring style.

£50 available from



The Curl & Straight Confidence

Hairdryer from Remington has

a powerful fast-drying 2200w airflow in a

lightweight design. The extra wide 109mm

slim tapered nozzle gives quick and effective

smoothing results for straight hair whilst the

unique curling nozzle helps even beginners

create beautiful bouncy curls with ease. Ionic

conditioning with 90% more ions produces

frizz free shine and the 45mm ceramic coated

barrel brush with nylon bristles

is the perfect size for creating

volume and curls. Also includes

a diffuser.

£49.99 from Amazon, Boots

and Very

20 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

12 13


Enjoy the large spread and blissful heat from the YuYu

Bottle. Measuring 81cm the YuYu is the world's first

long hot water bottle, that can stay warm for up to

6 hours. The rubber is sourced from Sri Lanka, where the finest

rubber trees are grown - eco-friendly,

biodegradable, fair trade and flexible.

The bubbles on the surface of the bottle

count not only as a massaging feature but

also create air pockets allowing the bottle to

stay warmer for longer. The elongated shape

ensures it can be wrapped around your body thanks

to the extendable strap.

£45 from



Curl Revolution Mist creates weightless

curl enhancement to revolutionise the look

and feel of your curls with no stickiness,

heaviness or crispy crunch. Quench your curls' thirst

for moisture and create beautiful definition, natural

volume and texture with a healthy-looking shine.

Weather-shield technology delivers all day frizz control

and humidity resistance to protect curl integrity and

improve manageability. For best results, spray liberally

into hair and either air-dry or diffuse dry. A recent

survey found that 85% said Curl Revolution Mist gave

them crunch free curls.

£15.50 from Amazon,,,, and


The eco-friendly Sanda

Aromatherapy Eye

Pillow is hand made

in the UK using 100% organic,

unbleached linen which is dyed with

plant based dyes in small batches.

This means there are no nasty

substances or unnecessary extras, so

they are kind to your skin as well as

being kind to nature.

Using the ideas behind aromatherapy

wisdom Sanda have combined

together whole plant ingredients,

such as dried herbs and flowers that

can help to ease anxiety, calm the

nervous system or uplift the mind

and senses, while gentle pressure

on the eye lids relieves tension and

improves relaxation.

£22 from

15 16


WetBrush Shine

Enhancer Detangle

is a detangling

brush that brings out your hair’s

natural shine. Natural boar bristles

distribute natural oils, leaving

hair shiny and smooth. Exclusive,

ultra-soft IntelliFlex® bristles

glide through tangles with ease.

Minimises pain and protects

against split ends and breakage.

Perfect for use with dry shampoo.

£12.99 from Superdrug &


Let the lady in your life be captivated by Cameron

Mackintosh's epic musical Les Misérables at

Sondheim Theatre in London’s West End. Set in

19th-century France, it has touched the hearts of many with its

story of justice. Follow Jean Valjean as he attempts to begin a new

life after 20 long and difficult years as a prisoner. Meanwhile, an

uprising is on the horizon in Paris. This emotive musical is a heartrending

tale that captures the reality of social injustice and political

struggles faced in society throughout this time. Head to a choice of

Prezzo restaurants

for a three-course

meal with a glass

of wine. Savour a

selection of Italian

dishes in a stylish

and modern setting.

£135 from buyagift.

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The team on the

Wonder Woman

1984 set were

impressive, humble

& supportive. I was

working with the

best of the best and

it was incredible.


22 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

SLOAN! chats to international actress & polymath

Sarah Barlondo on her rise from Mexico’s beloved

telenovelas to Wonder Woman 1984 and Framed


You are the first and only French actor

S to make it on Mexican television, tell

us how this came about. What was

the experience like for you, moving from

France to Mexico at such a young age?

It was all very sudden and never

S planned. I was a young tennis player,

traveling the world. I always enjoyed

playing in Mexico, the tournaments and

the people are great so I would go there

often. One day when I was 16, I happened

to be scouted for Mexican television. They

offered me an audition for their drama

school the C.E.A. (Centro de Educación

Artística). I didn’t even speak Spanish at

the time! I had to decide if I was going

to go to college with a tennis scholarship

and drop my professional status or stay

professional and keep playing at my own

risk. I didn’t think twice, and I said yes to

the audition. I stayed in Mexico training

for 2 months learning Spanish, went to the

audition and got accepted. Now that I think

about it, it was my first chance to diversify

my skill set and not rely on a single career.

I was living in Florida at the time, as a

tennis player, and moved from there to

Mexico. It was a huge step and it wasn’t

easy, learning the language, adjusting

to new customs, food, everything, but I

loved every moment of it. I love learning

languages and discovering new cultures,

it was such a great adventure! The friends

I made helped me feel at home right away.

If I had to go back in time, I would make

the same decision. I do feel Mexican in my

heart now as I moved there so young.

Congratulations on your upcoming

S role in the new DC film Wonder

Woman 1984. As part of a number

of Mexico’s leading telenovelas, how

does the experience compare to filming a

Hollywood blockbuster?

Thank you! The experience was

S surreal. I had to pinch myself.

Television work is very different as the

turn-around is quicker. You shoot one day

and then the episode is out a couple weeks

or months later. You see the audience’s

reaction and its impact on the public much

faster. You can sometimes get your script

the night before filming or on the morning

of the shoot and you have to be ready no

matter what. It is great training and I have

learned a lot. In comparison to cinema, I

finished filming Wonder Woman 1984 in

December 2018 and the trailer has only just

come out, a year later! The wait is much

longer and you have no idea how it will

turn out until the Premiere!

The team and crew on the Wonder Woman

1984 set were really impressive, humble

and supportive. Most of the crew had

awards, Emmys, Oscars; my make-up artist

did Ramy Malek’s make-up in Bohemian

Rhapsody, and she worked on The Danish

Girl. It felt as if I was working with the best

of the best and it was incredible.


You will be appearing as the leading

role in indie film Framed, what is the

film about?

Framed is about an aspiring

S photographer (Karl played by Thomas

Law) who starts taking pictures of

his unaware neighbour (Cam played by

myself), even when she is with her lover

Richard (played by Edmund Kingsley). The

movie touches on various topics such as the

issue of privacy nowadays and the will of

a man to express himself at any cost. The

story takes many unexpected turns and I

cannot wait to share it with you!

You have appeared in a number of

S French feature films including Chanel

& Stravinsky, what do you like about

French cinema? Would you like to star in

other French movies?

French cinema has its own identity and

S aesthetics, which I love. I got to share a

scene with Mads Mikkelsen in Chanel

& Stravinsky when I was 20 or 21. It was

fantastic to work with him. I would love

to star in French movies and with French

directors and actors. Unfortunately, because

I did not start out there and have not lived

there for the past couple of years, it seems

a bit difficult to get noticed in the industry.

Also, I don’t have the typical profile of

a French actress, I am from the South of

France and look Mediterranean, so I am

usually typecast as a Hispanic woman.

Working in a French production would be

a dream come true. Hopefully being in

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 23

Wonder Woman 1984 will get me on the radar for

French productions!


You’re a trained forensic architect, tell us more

about this. What interested you in this particular


I studied law and politics in my first year of

S University at Parsons. I was always interested

in humanitarian architecture and wanted to find

a way to combine law and design. When I got into

architecture school in London (the Architectural

Association and finished in 2018 at Central Saint

Martins) and had to find a research topic and a focus

for my thesis, I literally googled ‘legal architecture’

and forensic architecture came up. It was a perfect fit.

A forensic architect’s job is to reverse engineer and

reconstruct areas of conflicts which could be areas

that have been affected by environmental disasters or

where human rights have been violated. To give you

an example: if a religious building is bombed and a

governmental organisation issues a statement giving

the reasons why (for example, a threat), the United

Nations will then commission a forensic architecture

practice to build evidence for their court case

against that government. This discipline combines

everything I love researching and practicing as a

designer, investigative work, journalism, technology,

mapping, anthropology, history, and of course 3D


I have always wanted to do more humanitarian work,

so I entered the Design for Peace competition at

Central St Martins in 2018 and won. Before getting

the part in Wonder Woman 1984, I had started

another research degree in Forensic Architecture

research at Goldsmith University, but I felt that it was

time for me to take a chance at casting again. My

first one was for Wonder Woman 1984, and then I got

the part, so I believe it was a sign for me to continue

what I have always wanted to do! I have no doubt

that what I have learned as a forensic architect will

be useful one day, hopefully to practice humanitarian

architecture as an actor and designer.

From top-ranking professional tennis player to

S forensic architect and international actress, you

are an accomplished polymath. What is it about

acting that means you have chosen it above all your

other professions? Do you think it is important to

have a varied skill set?

First of all, thank you for your kind words.

S I have always known that acting was what I

wanted to pursue as my main career but having

other interests and not relying on it 100% is essential

to me. I believe it is a much healthier way of living

and a much more peaceful lifestyle. You never know

when your big break is going to happen, no matter

how hard you work. Keeping your feet on the ground

and being realistic is important, and to me the best

way to do so is to keep living a normal life, going to

school, university, and discovering other passions and

interests. At the age of 19, I happened to be in a car

accident, which ended my tennis career. I learned the

hard way that having a varied skill set is essential.

Being a tennis player taught me discipline and gave

me the tools I needed to succeed. There is so much

to learn from other art forms, people and types of



You recently moved to London, why have you

chosen to settle here? Do you find there are more

opportunities for the kind of roles you want?

I actually moved to London for architecture.

S I was studying at Parsons in New York and

my dream schools were here. I applied to the

Architectural Association and got in, so again I didn’t

think twice and moved! I settled here in London

and it feels like the perfect home for me, in between

‘my two worlds’ France and Mexico. I graduated

from Central St Martins in 2018 where I finished my

studies and went back to acting almost straight away.

London feels right for me, I am French after all and

it is a good platform for me to find opportunities as a

French actress, but also as a Hispanic looking one.


What does your typical day look like? Where are

your favourite places to eat, drink and relax in


24 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

There is no typical day in the

S life of Sarah Barlondo! One

day I could be running from

one casting to another, the next

I could be working from home

studying my lines or sending

casting tapes to my agents or I

could be on the phone all day

doing interviews for Mexico. On a

day off I usually go kickboxing, to

the park or watch movies all day.

When my day ends in London,

my work for Mexico starts! I am

basically living in two time zones.

At 4pm my Mexican team gets

into the office and my agents send

me casting or press news.

I am a big foodie and love

discovering new restaurants in

London. I also love going to the

Tate Modern and the Victoria &

Albert Museum.

Will you be pursuing more

S roles in television or focusing

on your career in cinema?

Who do you aspire to work with?

Who are your favourite actors and


Yes, I will definitely keep

S pursuing roles in television as

well as cinema, and hopefully

I’ll be back on stage one day. I

would love to do more movies but

also be on a streaming platform

such as Netflix, Amazon Prime

or Apple TV. They have so many

great productions these days. It

would be a dream to work with

Meryl Streep, Leonardo di Caprio,

Natalie Portman, Javier Bardem

and Penelope Cruz and one of my

favourite actors is Christopher

Walz. I would also love to work

with the Coen Brothers, Alejandro

Iñarritu, Almodovar and Guy

Ritchie. I recently finished

watching Peaky Blinders and

another one of my dreams would

be to work on a series that ends up

on the BBC. TV, cinema and the

stage are all part of my training

as an actress and would make

me happy either way. I worked

with Patrice Leconte in France

and would love to work with him



Can you tell us anything

about your upcoming

projects? What’s next for you?

I have been auditioning for

S new projects for the past

few months and doing press

for Framed and Wonder Woman

1984, which are both coming out

in 2020. It’s now casting season

again and I will hopefully have

more news to share with you

for upcoming projects I have

been working on! Keep an eye

on my social media for more

announcements (I am quite active

on Instagram @sarahbarlondo)

where I will be sharing more news

soon, as well as upcoming dates

and releases for Wonder Woman

1984 and Framed!

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26 SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

The Top 10 Skincare Worth

Investing In This Spring

1 2

3 4



7 8



1. Institut Esthederm Intensive AHA Peel Serum 59 Feel Unique, Look

Fantastic | 2. Frances Prescott Tri-Balm 46 and Liberty

London | 3. Frances Prescott Tri-Spritz 45 | 4. Beautycoll

Drinkable Collagen 39.99 | 5. Champo - Vata Hydrating

Collection 38.50 | 6. Grounded Vitamin C &

Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Ageing Serum 34.99 www.groundedbodyscrub. | 7. Embryolisse Youth Radiance Care 29.99 | 8.

Weleda - Skin Food Body Butter 18.95 | 9. Embryolisse

Gentle Night Peeling Care Radiance Secret 18 | 10. Oregon

Intensive Serum 14.95




The Bio-Perfector Mask is a

high-tech instant skin reviver

formulated using powerful

bio-actives, peptides, plankton

extract, minerals, antioxidants

in a tri-bentonite clay base.

This mask in the perfect skin

pick-me-up to detox, oxygenate

and revive skin. Note that a

mild tingling sensation may

occur due to the

potency of

the active


£160 from




Prestige Oil is a nourishing oil

with the lightweight texture of

a serum incorporating a blend

of olive, carrot, pomegranate,

hazelnut and sweet almond

bio-oils. The LP22 lipid

antioxidant complex

promotes overall

skin radiance

and tackles

the signs of


£125 from




An IMAGE bestseller, VITAL

C hydrating anti ageing serum

works effectively on all skin

types to soften the appearance

of wrinkles, support collagen,

and protect skin against

oxidative damage. It acts as

a wake-up call on the skin

to fight the visible signs of

stress and fatigue that

commonly appear in

aging skin.

£83 from www.


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Health &


Dr Zaeem Jafri

Established in 2009, ‘Advanced

Dental Practice’ is a leading dental

practice based at London Bridge.

Founded by Doctors Christopher Orr

and Zeynep Ayhan, the practice is

situated in a converted warehouse

with a sleek, modern finish, located

in a mews just off the popular and

vibrant Bermondsey Street.

The practice prides itself on the

latest technology and materials and

is at the forefront of new techniques

providing patients with tailor-made

oral healthcare from their in-built

treatment rooms. Patients travel from

all across the UK and Europe for

the latest treatments available at the


Alongside the main practice is

Europe’s largest privately-owned,

independent post-graduate dental

training centre run by, Drs Orr and

Ayhan, called ‘Advanced Dental


Dr Orr has been voted by peers

as the most influential private

practitioner in the UK and is

recognised as a key opinion leader.

Advanced Dental Practice prides

itself on being known as "the

dentists' dentist", with over a

quarter of all patients being dentists

themselves and their families.

A Visit To The

Dentist's Dentist in


Conveniently located at 11C Bell Yard Mews, Bermondsey Street,

London, SE1 3TN, just 10 minutes away from London Bridge station,

Advanced Dental Practice has become synonymous with the hashtag


As a new patient l was booked in for a 45-60 minutes exam. This is

to make sure that the consult can be extremely thorough and you can

have a good conversation about any concerns as well as the findings

of the examination. When you arrive, you are asked to complete a

comprehensive medical and dental history form to find out if there is

anything about your general health that the clinic needs to consider

when planning the treatment as well as understanding your specific

dental concerns.

I was greeted by Dr Zaeem Jafri to go over the medical history form

and I was able to discuss any initial concerns, questions with him

in more detail before proceeding with the exam. The dental exam

consisted of:


I was told that these were extremely important clinical records for the

clinic to document any findings and are used to plan treatment. Dr

Jafri went through these photographs with me to explain his findings

so that he could get a good understanding of what is going on in my



Dr Jafri checked to make sure that everything is functioning properly

and there are no signs of disease around my jaw area.


I was told that every patient the clinic see is screened for oral cancer

and other mouth diseases using VELscope – a device that uses natural

tissue fluorescence to enhance the way clinicians detect oral mucosal

abnormalities that might not be apparent or even visible to the naked



The clinic records the health status of each tooth as well as the

conditions of the gums and any findings are noted down.


I had some x-rays taken to assess underlying supporting structures of

my teeth it also highlighted any decay that cannot be seen visibly.


Advanced Dental Practice evaluates your teeth and smile from all

angles. Position of the lips during smiling and speech is noted and

they record the colour of the teeth plus the details about the shapes,

proportions and alignment. This helps them to inform the patient

about any aesthetic improvements that they might be interested in – or

reassure them that their teeth look better than they imagine!

Read the full online review including details of the 3D Digital Scan,

go to

28 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

London Ex p e r t

A Revolution in Oral Healthcare

Get ready for a transformational pain-free oral hygiene

experience using revolutionary GBT from London Hygienist's

Anna Middleton at her clinics in Chelsea & Clapham

Anna Middleton

Our teeth are covered in a sticky

and colourless film made up of

bacteria, known as biofilm. If

this biofilm is not removed, it can

build up around the area between

the teeth and the gums, resulting

in gum disease (the first sign of

which is bleeding gums)

. the bacteria in biofilm can

also break down enamel when

it comes in contact with sugary

foods and drinks, ultimately

causing tooth decay.

As someone who always dreaded

hygienists with their scraping and

polishing, I was keen to visit Anna

Middleton who uses the latest

technology to deliver effective and

pain-free dental hygiene care.


Anna uses the Swiss innovation

of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

at her London Hygienist clinics in

Clapham and Chelsea. GBT has

transformed the patient experience

by exchanging old-school methods

for a revolutionary system that

offers a lifetime of pain-free and

fear-free oral healthcare for all

ages. What's not to love about that!

GBT is done during regular cleans

and uses AirFlow technology

to remove all bacteria (biofilm)

in the mouth that contribute to

tooth decay and gum disease,

while reducing your time in the

hygienist chair to just 7 minutes. I

loved this even more!

GBT is highly effective,

minimally invasive and gentle,

meaning that even people with

gum disease, braces, crowns,

bridges, veneers and implants can

experience the treatment. These

procedures are so gentle they

can be used on natural teeth,

restorations, orthodontic braces,

implants, the tongue and gums.

For an avid Starbucks fan like

me, GBT is a great way to remove

coffee and tea stains as well as

tobacco and red wine stains. It

is also great just before tooth

whitening as it allows for better

results and a brighter smile.


First, Anna checked my mouth

to identify any dental decay or

gum disease - luckily for me she

didn't see any signs of this. Next

my teeth were "disclosed" with

a purple dye that makes biofilm

visible. It looks hideous but seeing

problem areas in such a visual

way really helped me understand

where I needed to improve my

oral hygiene routine. The colour

also guided Anna for the biofilm


Everyone's needs vary but

Anna used a combination of

three cleaning systems to gently

remove biofilm, staining and light

deposits. These gentle procedures

didn't hurt one bit despite Anna

checking with me if they did.

Anna then performed a final

check to ensure all biofilm and

deposits had been removed and

screened one last time for any

decay. To protect my teeth, she

then applied a fluoride seal.

Anna recommended I start using

a single tufted brush to get at the

nooks and crannies my electric

toothbrush couldn't reach and she

kindly gave me one for free to try

at home.

I was very impressed with Anna's

technique, technology and rapport.

For someone who normally hates

the dentist I was surprised to find

taking down her details to book

my next appointment in 6 months!

You can find out more about Anna


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Marvellous Makeup

Check out our top makeup picks

this season... including a couple

of options for the man in your life!


Colour Palette



Hydrating Dew Toner



Eye Makeup Remover



£14.25, MyBeautyBrand and



Pure Crushed Minerals

Powder Foundation





30 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Amazing Base® Loose

Mineral Powder SPF20



Hydro Facial Spray



PurePressed® Base Mineral

Foundation Refill



Age Defy Skin Perfector



Cheek Tint






3 in 1 Foundation



Kôhl Eyeliner



CODE FFL £18 & CODE VLM £19.95,




Skinny Mini Micro Eyeliner £4.95,

Organic Bulgarian Centifolia

King Kohl Pencil £3.95,

The Longwear Lipstick

Rose Water



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Dr Ippokratis Sarris

Dr Ippokratis Sarris has written

two-dozen peer-reviewed

academic papers, four book

chapters and two Oxford

University Press textbooks

in the field of obstetrics and

gynaecology. He has tutored

and lectured in graduate and

postgraduate Medicine and

continues to mentor trainee

doctors. An active member of

numerous medical organisations,

Ippokratis is on the Training

Subcommittee at the British

Fertility Society, having previously

been on the Executive Committee.

He was also co-founder and

chairman of Maternity Training


Embracing the ethos of the Fetal

Medicine Foundation, Ippokratis

joined the organisation to set

up and lead King’s Fertility -

London’s longest standing fertility


Dr Sarris breaks

down the stigma


male infertility

Let's Talk About


King's Fertility Clinic's academic

department is part of King’s College

London and the clinic is supported both

privately and is part of the NHS. Fertility

consultant Dr Ippokratis Sarris discusses

male infertility and the stigma around it

Take a stroll down to your local

pub on the weekend and perk

up an ear to the groups of men

conversing over their pints.

Generally, it’s a conversation

fuelled by a shared interest of

balls. Rugby, football, cricket –

no sport is off-limit. A subject

that rarely, if ever, enters the

conversation, is on the topic of a

different set of balls. The kind that

produce sperm.


Infertility affects an estimated

15% of couples globally,

amounting to 48.5 million

couples. Of all infertility cases,

males make 20-30% of cases and

contribute to 50% of infertility

cases overall. Being infertile

can result from complications

of the reproductive system after

the failure to achieve clinical

pregnancy following 12 months

or more of regular unprotected

sexual intercourse. There is also

a wide variety of other factors -

such as illnesses, injuries, chronic

health problems, and lifestyle

choices, that play a contributing


A dark cloud of uncertainty and

stigma surrounds male infertility,

in a society that stereotypes a man

to be sexually active and virile,

the diagnosis of being infertile can

have severe implications on the

mental health of a man. Men and

women have different emotional

responses to grief, and men who

are infertile might feel a pressure

to conform to masculine norms

by supressing their emotions

– whether it is to save face in

the pub or by being the pillar of

strength for their partner. Male

infertility is a subject that lingers

in the shadows, swallowed by

male pride since traditionally,

fertility is regarded as a ‘woman

issue.’ This can also be attributed

to the common misconception

that male infertility is a result of

impotence, although it is common

knowledge that infertility has no

impact on the physical aspect of


Further to this, scientific

knowledge of the emotional

repercussions of infertility on

men remains limited and has

only recently become the focus

of social science research. If

academic publications have

a limited perspective on the

subject, where does that leave

mainstream media? Media reports

sensationalise male infertility

in order to promote for men to

focus on ‘the sperm decline’ or

‘stock up your sperm,’ neither

of which provide an accurate

picture of what couples should be

doing in order to conceive. Men

should be encouraged to have

a healthy sex life and lifestyle,

whilst acknowledging their own

emotional vulnerability if they are

struggling with infertility.

Whilst our society is becoming

increasingly open-minded - male

fertility remains a taboo subject,

making it an underacknowledged

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problem from which

approximately 1 in 20 men suffer



Male infertility is commonly

attributed to deficiencies in

semen – whether that’s low sperm

production, abnormal sperm

function or blockages that prevent

the delivery of sperm. There are

other factors - such as illnesses,

injuries, chronic health problems,

and lifestyle choices, that play a

contributing role.

Semen quality can vary widely

case by case for a multitude of

reasons. Male fertility can be

caused by a number of health

issues and medical treatments,

the most common one being

varicocele, which causes the

swelling of veins that heat up the

testicle as much as four degrees,

causing damage to the sperm.

Luckily, varicocele is a reversible

cause of male infertility and

sperm numbers can be improved

when using assisted reproductive


The same goes for infections,

from the inflammation of the

epididymis or testicles, to sexually

transmitted infections, there is

still possibility that sperm can be

retrieved if the issue is caught in

time. However, if left untreated it

can lead to permanent testicular

damage. By addressing the stigma

surrounding sperm, men are more

likely to perform the necessary

tests required, beyond the standard

semen analysis and pick up on

prior health conditions which they

may have not been aware of.



As doctors, we caution limiting

alcohol and quitting smoking for

those who are trying to conceive,

which might seem a bit unfair

if your drinking companion is a

record pint sinker with a family

of six at home. It’s not just a

cautionary tale, alcohol does lower

testosterone levels and can cause

erectile dysfunction and decrease

sperm production. It’s also a good

reason to quit smoking, since

sperm count is lowered for the

nicotine lovers - a cigarette a day

will certainly keep the sperm


There are other lifestyle choices

that couples need to keep in mind

on their fertility journey. The

possibility of children might be

good enough reason to finally

shed off those remaining few

kilos and trim your waist line,

since obesity can directly impact

fertility. On the flip side, if you’ve

dabbled with anabolic steroid

use for muscle gains, apart from

a long list of other side effects,

the use of the drug can cause

testicles to shrink and sperm

production to drastically decrease.

The best approach is to reduce

compromising lifestyle hazards

and maintain a healthy diet with

plenty of fruits and vegetables

alongside a fitness regime, as

well as partake in a vitamin

supplement routine under the

guidance of your doctor.


Our society takes pride in childbearing,

placing emphasis on

young couples and the miracle

of new life. How children are

conceived is usually a question

that is only acknowledged behind

closed doors, or the office of

a gynaecologist. We need to

address the stigma associated with

infertility and have patients open

up and share their problems, not

only for research purposes but to

help others realise that they are not

alone in their struggle. Solidarity

will always break down stigma.

At King’s Fertility Clinic, we have

a unique proposition where we

function as an academic institute

that is also privately-funded by

the Fetal Medicine Foundation

(FMF) and is part of NHS. We are

invested in the journey of all of

our patients, from start to finish,

albeit there are moments when the

outcome is not always positive.

Couples who have been told they

are infertile are the ones who need

significant emotional support and

we do not want them to carry the

burden alone, which is why we are

with them every step of the way.

Next time the pub conversation

turns to sports, perhaps ask your

friends how they’re doing on the

pitch. Everyone has blips when

they go through a rough year, not

just Chelsea F.C.

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SLOAN! Dadventures

For dads and lads who enjoy spending

time together from on the mountain to

navigating around the urban jungle

Celebrating fathers

who share their

enthusiasm for the

Great Outdoors

with their boys

Haglöfs - L.I.M Crown Jacket

In the wild, staying dry is the key to comfort. That’s why you need protection

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The L.I.M Crown jacket can withstand the shifting weather on long hiking

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On - Weather Jacket

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The Cloud is famous for its unmatched step-in feel, thanks tothe

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Proudly made in Portland, Oregon,

the new Leatherman FREE K4

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A new locking system also helps to

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Dads and lads will love the Geo Court

lifestyle barefoot shoe in Bright White

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profile and clean yet distinct silhouette

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silhouette sitting on the VIVOBAREFOOT statement hexagonaltextured

rubber sole. Featuring subtle embossed branding on the

sidewall, this shoe is designed for everyday wear with organic

shoelaces and a premium leather lining to finish the shoe in style.

High performance foam made using algae biomass which cleans

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foam. Through a flexible design, wide toe box, and thin sole, all

shoes provide maximum sensory feedback and ultimate protection,

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Active Affluent


Perfect For Offshore Racing

The ÆGIR Race Smock is the lighter variation of Helly Hansen's

Ocean line making it perfect for Dads & Lads into offshore racing.

This offshore smock offers full protection from punishing waves

and wind with tight latex seals in neck and cuffs. We love the sturdy

but weight-conscious construction with the latest HELLY TECH®

3ply fabric technology and composite membrane lamination. We

also appreciated the smock's freedom of movement when taking on

hard work on deck. The tall protective collar and facemask makes

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Perfect For Getting Up Close To Nature

The RSPB Avocet compact 10 x 25 binoculars offer a great balance between

both power & performance and size & weight. With upgraded optics delivering

a broader, brighter and sharper field of view than you'd usually find at this

price, these sleek compact binoculars feature a fully waterproof design and fully

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BAK-4 prisms provide a premium crisp, clear and bright image in addition to

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close. Nitrogen filled to prevent fogging, the strong TPU armoured body is lighter

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Perfect For Active Pursuits In The Mountains

The ODIN 3D AIR is Helly Hansen's latest 2.75L shell jacket that's extremely

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We were impressed with the 3D backing which gave dry touch comfort when

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Perfect For Boys Who Never Want To Grow Up

The unpublished original manuscript of J.M. Barrie's 1911 novel

'Peter Pan & Wendy' has been reproduced for the first time in

his own handwriting. Peter Pan has entered millions of readers’

hearts with a touch of fairy dust and a lot of brilliance, inspiring

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But Barrie’s version is much more complex than some of the

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Perfect For Staying Cool In The Wet Season

The Men's Nature Dye Drayden Long Sleeve Crewe is a natural

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Cool-Lite fabric for comfort in cool to hot conditions with Corespun

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Perfect For Being Immersed In Sound

The Lindy BNX-100 Bluetooth active noise cancelling headphones

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Perfect For Olympic-Winning Strategies

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? tells the inspiring story of how Ben Hunt-Davis

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Second Edition £14.99, released on 28th March 2020, pre-order from Amazon now

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Outdoor kit for dads & lads



Don't be fooled by its appearance!

The Duffel by Protest is not your

regular fleece. Part of the Geotech

series of superior functional clothing,

this tech fleece is warm, highly breathable and

quick drying. The body and hood are made

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We also like the

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The Duffel fleece

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A travel shirt with a difference, the

Balbour Shirt by Craghoppers is the

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handy drying loops, sunglasses

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effective odour control

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keeping you cool and

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The Galactic ExtremeSki Jacket offers a modern

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Pass Pocket in the sleeve allows

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The Galactic Extreme Mens

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The Explorer Parka waterproof jacket by Muddy

Puddles is perfect to keep children warm and

dry. Made from a durable, premium quality twill

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Waterproof, breathable and warm with a

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Features reflective details and zip

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This lightweight, temperature-regulating Beanie

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Odour- and wrinkle resistant, the beanie has fast-drying

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with your insulation.

Perfectly blending elevated style, function

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an effortless statement as an everyday

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These waterproof and super warm snowboots

are perfect to keep feet warm and dry. They will

make a great addition to your child's wardrobe.

They have a removable thermal lining to make sure they

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The Humany by Protest is the

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This mid layer features fabric

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The Raptor Kids Snow Jacket is just what

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The integrated snowskirt helps

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Multiple pockets for safe storage

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Papa & Pooch

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1. Dura Monster Bison Bone

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2. Lifelong Grain Free Dry Dog Food

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Things to consider when choosing

an independent school


Headmaster of the Royal Hospital School

Simon Lockyer, headmaster of the Royal Hospital School in Suffolk,

a co-educational boarding school for children aged 11 – 18, provides a

checklist for parents when thinking about an independent education for

their child.

To find out more about the Royal Hospital School in Suffolk, please


Independent schools can offer

children a great start in life. By

providing a high standard of

education and subject specialist

teachers, a plethora of extracurricular

activities and a

dedicated, nurturing environment,

independent schools help pupils

achieve their full potential

academically and as an individual.

It may well be that you were

privately educated and keen

for your child to follow in your

footsteps by attending the

same establishment as you did.

However, even if you’ve made

up your mind to send your child

to your old school, it’s still

worth visiting several others for

comparison as places change over

time, often due to the influence of

the current leadership.


Location is always going to play

an important role when selecting

a school, especially If you want

your child to attend as a day

pupil. Is it within reasonable

distance for a daily commute? Is

there a direct train or bus service

or does the school run its own

bus service? Bear in mind that

independent schools usually

have numerous activities taking

place in the evenings, some have

Saturday morning school and

sports fixtures on a Saturday

afternoon - if you’re not prepared

to make these regular school runs,

boarding might be a better option.

Many parents considering

boarding may wish to have the

opportunity to attend fixtures

and performances so being

within striking distance is still

a consideration. If you opt for

weekly or flexi-boarding, you’ll

need to ensure the journey to and

from home is practical. Make

sure the school is close to a train

station and not too far from a

major road network. Easy access

to an international airport is a

must for parents who live abroad

or might be considering such a

move in the future.

Finally, take the school

surroundings into consideration.

Space is one of the greatest things

we can give children. Does it

have acres of grounds, trees and

access to space where children

can run around and enjoy the great

outdoors? How close are they to

the sea or a lake if they want to

participate in water sports such as



Every independent school has its

own unique ethos and philosophy,

often dependent on its heritage

and how it came into being.

Some schools have close ties

to organisations such as livery

companies or the armed forces

because of their origins, others

might have links to the church or

one of the London tradesmen’s

guilds whilst numerous schools

grew through charitable status.

Whilst schools have changed

beyond recognition over the

centuries, their uniform, their

traditions and their routines will

often have a resonance with their

past. As a parent it is important

to be aligned with the principles

and values to which the school


Don’t forget to arrange a visit to

meet the head teacher – they will

influence the feel of the school

more than anyone and will give

you a good take on the current



Whilst an impressive building

with the air of a stately home

might look good on a brochure, it

doesn’t mean it makes for a great

school. Visit in person to assess

the use a school makes of its space

and the room allocated to each of

the academic departments – are

there enough classrooms to enable

sixth formers to undertake more

advanced projects? A library, and

how it is used by the staff and

pupils, speaks volumes about the


Visit the art, design and

technology facilities to look at

the range of different mediums

the pupils are offered to explore

their creativity. Music is another

area to focus upon – what range

of instruments does the school

teach, are there plenty of practice

rooms, does the school have space

40 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

As k The Ex p e r t

for children to perform, are there

bands and choirs they can join?

Outdoor playing fields should be

a given for rugby, cricket, netball,

tennis and hockey. Does the

school have a gym, a swimming

pool and other dedicated facilities?

As an example, here at the Royal

Hospital School we have a vast

climbing wall and a martial arts


Even consider areas like the

dining hall and indoor sports’

facilities. Do they provide enough

space for the size of the school?


Parents often opt for independent

over state schools because of their

excellent academic track record.

When considering different

schools, it’s always worth looking

at their GCSE and A level results

but don’t forget to ask about their

alumni and what they are doing

now. Whilst a strong set of exam

results is impressive, the careers

former pupils have gone on to lead

can be even more telling.


What makes a well-rounded

education is often those things

pupils spend their time doing

outside the classroom. A good

independent school will offer a

host of activities to choose from,

giving them many new and unique


Beyond the sports field, look

for a school whose clubs cover

a wide variety of tastes and

interests such as Model United

Nations, debating, chess, baking,

Greek, horse riding and ukulele

to name but a few. Ask about the

school’s Combined Cadet Force

and whether it encourages pupils

to participate in the Duke of

Edinburgh Award Scheme.

In addition, find out whether the

pupils get involved in charity and

community events where time is

spent helping other people and

focusing on real-world issues.


Leaving your child in the hands of

virtual strangers can be difficult

for parents, especially if they are

going to be boarding for the first

time. Understandably, you’ll want

to make sure your child is going

to have the best possible care at all


A good place to begin is with

the houses of the school which

will be your child’s home-fromhome.

One of the most important

relationships for parents is with

the housemaster or housemistress.

The house staff and matrons are

almost surrogate parents and

finding out their position on

well-being and support will help

you with your choice of school.

Ask about health and wellbeing

policies, whether there is a doctor

and dentist on site, how does the

school cope with bullying. Good

schools involve pupils in the likes

of anti-bullying committees to

ensure a grass roots approach to

tackling issues from the ground up

Ultimately, your instinct and that

of your child will dictate your

choice but make sure your head,

as well as your heart, plays a part

in the decision.

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SLOAN! Books For Babies

Reading to your little one is important for baby’s development

even from a very young age and should be included in their

daily educational play and is a proven step in bedtime routines

Goodnight Baby Moon

A wonderfully charming bedtime story to share with children 2

and up. The perfect introduction to our moon for young children,

featuring a beautiful light-up LED Moon on the book jacket. Learn

about the different phases of the moon in Goodnight Baby Moon as

you follow a family of little rabbits taking a night-time stroll through

the woods. With easy-to-follow text, simple repeated phrases and

beautiful spread designs, young children will be fully engaged by

this delightful story that is perfect for reading aloud. See the crescent

moon change to a full moon and discover tiny surprises along the

way, such as friendly owls in trees and fluttering butterflies.

£11.99 published by DK (

I Love You Little One

Snuggle up with your little one and discover a host of adorable

animals and their babies as they gaze at the same glowing moon

from beautiful habitats around the world. Meet a mummy cat and her

cuddly kitten, a daddy elephant and his playful calf, and many more

loveable animal families hidden in the pages of this light-up book for

2 year olds. With striking silhouettes throughout, this heart-warming

book celebrates the loving relationship and special bond between

parents and children, making it a fantastic gift and the perfect

bedtime book for you to read and share with your toddler.

£8.99 published by DK (

Pop-Up Peekaboo! Space

Take your toddler on a pop-up, space rocket adventure, and fly to the

Moon in this lift-the-flap baby book with pictures that pop off the

page! This imaginative pop-up peekaboo picture book follows two

little astronauts, Daisy and Danny, who are rocketing into space, past

the stars and planets, and heading for their first Moon landing. The

lively, read-aloud rhymes encourage literacy and early learning, while

the pop-up space scenes hold the attention of curious preschoolers.

Appeals to both parents and children and is certain to keep little ones

entertained time and time again!

£6.99 published by DK (

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Sing with Mizzie - Nursery Rhymes

'Sing with Mizzie - Nursery Rhymes' describes itself as the best

nursery rhymes sound baby board book on the market. It certainly is

different to the other sound books we've seen recently.

This wonderful and interactive sound book was designed especially

to awaken and ignite children’s love of singing, listening skills and to

encourage the love of reading.

Press the button and hear 6 favourite nursery rhymes, all beautifully

sung by Aussie Queensland school children!

£12 from

Mizzie Likes To Help Bella-Boo...

Mizzie Likes to Help Bella-Boo At the Beach is all about the fun and

safety at the beach, with Mizzie helping Bella-Boo through fun and

interactive beach scenes. The thick board pages are especially made

for little hands with touch and feel components to discover, have fun

and interact with books.

‘Mizzie Likes to Help Bella-Boo Be Active’ shows the fun in being

active, indoors and outdoors, with Mizzie helping Bella-Boo be active

in different activities from football and swimming to playing in the

park and ballet dancing.

£9.95 from

Noisy Farm

Noisy Farm is written & illustrated by Rod Campbell, the creator of

the preschool lift-the-flap classic Dear Zoo, who has been a trusted

name in early learning for over thirty years.

With bright, bold artwork, a simple, engaging text and a whole host

of favourite farm animals and their babies, this is a perfect first farm

animal story book - and the thick board pages, chunky cased cover

and sturdy flaps make it great for small hands.

£5.99 from

Five Minutes' Peace by Jill Murphy

A stunning 30th anniversary board book edition of a family picture

book favourite, this is the story of Mrs Large the elephant - who

just needs five minutes of peace and quiet away from her boisterous

children! So, taking refuge in the bathroom, she fills herself a hot,

foamy bubble bath and takes in a tray of her favourite breakfast and

the morning paper. But there's never a dull moment with the Larges,

and it soon becomes clear that mum's quiet time is to be very shortlived!

Family life is beautifully observed in this warm and funny

modern classic from Jill Murphy, one of Britain's most treasured


£5.99 from

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Promote story telling,

role play and creativity

with this breakfast set

Includes tray, cutlery,

salt and pepper shakers,

plate and cup with egg

and toast.

£20.99 from


A world of weaning and finger foods and

snacks with shapes, textures and tastes to

fuel their wonder with a No Junk Promise.

Go to for stockists


This non-spill cup has

an integrated night

light so children can

find it easily at night.

£9.99 from


This organic baby

food range has

been created with a

nutritionist to deliver

maximum nutrients

for babies aged 6+

months. From £3.25 at


This Baby Dinner Set has a Plate,

Spoon & Fork, Cup and Bib. The

eating utensils are easy for little

hands to hold and the non-tip plate

and cup ensure easier and less

messy mealtimes.

£33.99 from


This Large Landscape

Photobook is the perfect

size for baby's first year

or as a family photo


£28.99 from

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With a new green

strategy revamping the

Magicube Collection

with 100% recycled

materials, the cutting

edge construction

system turns building

blocks into something


£19.10 from Amazon



designed with a

unique slant that

allows your child to

see the level of the

liquid in the cup as

they tilt to drink.

£3.80 from


Personalised fabric photo album designed specifically

for babies and toddlers made using a completely safe

printing process and non-toxic ink, making this handwashable

fabric book a great first photo album for your

baby. Photos may be cropped to fit the square pages.

Extra Large 18-page photo album is £50



This Multi-Purpose

Coverall is the best option

for messy children who

love to play with their

food! Designed with long

sleeves for extra coverage

and Velcro closures to

the back.

£15 from


Options+ Anti-Colic 270ml

bottles are clinically proven

to reduce colic and can be

used with or without vent

as baby grows up.

Four Pack for £28 from


This Push and Push

Fresh Box Square

Container 230ml is the

perfect size to store

portions of batch cooked

baby food.

£3.05 from Amazon


The Andes Stacking Tower is

made up of a collection of 8

wooden mountain animals, and

a little ‘Snowy Mountain’, scaled

for toddler hands. It includes a

handmade fabric draw string bag.

Perfectly portable, play with them

anywhere and everywhere!

£14.95 from


This musical set

includes castanets,

maracas and a rattle.

Promotes motor skills

and hand eye coordination,

dexterity &


£14.99 from

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Mizzie The


Made from 100% natural rubber,

Mizzie The Kangaroo baby teething

toy is designed for infants’ sore gums

and sensory development to stimulate

babies’ sense of sight,

touch, smell and hearing.

And of course, she


Free from PVC, BPA,

nitrosamines and

phthalates, the awardwinning

teether from

Queensland, Australia

uses water-based nontoxic

dyes so it is as

safe as it is colourful.

£16.80 available from

Happiest Baby

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great

Sleep is a parenting self-help book

that focuses on helping to get the best

night's sleep for both parents and babies

and toddlers. Written by renowned US

paediatrician Dr Harvey Karp, whose

landmark theories provide parents

with the tools to understand and

nurture their babies and toddlers and

relieve many stressful issues such as

new-parent exhaustion, The Happiest

Baby Guide to Great Sleep is the ideal

companion for all parents.

£12.95 from


Ragtales is a beautiful collection of

British designed toys each made with

gorgeous handpicked fabrics, the softest

velour, hand knitted clothing and all

presented in distinctive quality packaging.

We love Alfie Rabbit - a high quality,

soft velour, cute and cuddly 35cm soft toy

Rabbit with an embroidered face, beige

patch eye and soft ears with contrasting

spotted lining. He is dressed in baby-soft

corduroy dungarees and a long, tealcoloured

knitted jumper.

Weighted in the base so that he can perch

on any shelf, he makes the ideal gift.

£21.99 from


Nibbling's latest Henley Teething

Necklace is available in 3 colour

ways with round textured silicone

beads made from 100% foodgrade

silicone which is safe and

soft enough for babies to chew..

This design has a smooth cord

which sits around mum's neck for


£18 from


Babies will love this Jungly Tails

book from Jellycat with lots of fun

textures, colours and patterns to

explore. The bright colours and

hard-wearing nature make this

an ideal first book suitable from


£13.50 available from


The Sensory Sound and Light Ball has textured

areas for sensory learning, teaches colours and

plays 4 catchy melodies with 7 colours, lights and 6

textures to discover. Baby will love playing with this

soft sensory ball and when it stops, it will change

colour and identify the colour.

£12.99 from Argos

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Little Butterfly

Little Butterfly London luxurious

organic skincare is exclusively

made in England and dermatologist

approved for sensitive and eczemaprone

skin. The product range

is derived from natural organic

ingredients which are safe to use

on the most delicate and sensitive

of skins. The Soft as Moonlight

nappy cream is the brand's hero

product and soothes dry, delicate

and irritated skin, and is even great

for bumps and scratches.

£25.50 available from


Frugi is one of the UK’s leading organic children’s wear brands best known

for being an ethical company, creating gorgeously bright, durable and fun

organic cotton clothes for babies, kids and adults. Their GOTS & Soil

Association certified organic cotton is not only super soft, but kind on

sensitive skin. With no nasty pesticides or chemicals, the cotton is far less

likely to trigger common allergies like eczema. The latest collection ‘Little

footsteps a happy life’ – is inspired by happiness and the Japanese concept of

Ikigai, bringing beautiful, colourful designs to new parents.

We love Super Special 3 Pack Body (£24), Lovely Babygrow (£19), Wilfred

Knitted Jumper (£32) & Little Socks 3 Pack (£12) from

Taking you

from Bump

to Baby and


Ten Things You & Your Little

Ones Won't Want To Roll Over

Poco Nido

Introducing a truly whimsical range of shoes for little feet, bursting

with colour and pattern! With designs ranging from vibrant

Sunflowers to quirky Pool Floats, little toes are sure to ready for spring

and summer adventures in the bare-foot friendly designs. Available in

sizes UK 1- 8 and ideal for the tiniest of toes, the gorgeous designs

feature the brand’s unique pull on-stay on technology, alongside the

barefoot friendly, grippy suede soles which ensure ultimate comfort

and support as little ones take their all-important first steps.

The stylish boat origami shoes are perfect for your little adventurer.

£19 from

Bizzi Growin

Little ones are sure to love their super soft, new friends from

the Bizzi Growin cushion range! The quirky characters include

a magical unicorn, fluffy clouds and a funky flamingo – the

perfect companion for little one’s bedrooms and newborn’s

nurseries! The beautiful Flora Flamingo shaped knit cushion is a

real keepsake and will dress and finish any bedroom.

With sparkly legs and knotted knees, the Flora Flamingo

cushion will remind your child that they can be a flamingo

amongst the pigeons!

£25 from

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Pop My Way

Pop My Way is a London-based a luxurious organic pima cotton

baby brand with a difference. The versatile mix and match

collection comes with resilient poppers, allowing clothes and

accessories to be layered securely to each other, creating a never

ending array of outfit choices, while also offering convenient

and quick changing options in the event of food or drink spills.

Base items include sleepsuits, bodysuits and trousers, while

accessories include bibs, bow tie or Peter Pan collars, dummy/

teether straps, socks, and hats. Outfits and accessories are all

available in a choice of 7 pastel shades.

From £8 available from

aden + anais

The magic of soft, breathable muslin meets the wonder of

Disney in the latest collaboration from aden + anais and

Disney Baby.

Let your little one feel the love tonight with the jungleinspired

100% cotton muslin collection based on The

Lion King. Vibrant hues thrive in hand-drawn sketches

that illustrate young Simba’s carefree childhood with

romps through the jungle and memorable moments with

his father by his side. The epitome of safari chic, tropical

prints and leaf prints give a nod to the classic’s African


Available as swaddle 4 pack, muslin squares, burpy

bibs, snap bibs and sleeping bags, our favourite in the

collection has to be the snuggly dream blanket at £46.95


Sleepy Silk

Sleepy Silk is a boutique online store, with a beautiful

range of pure silk pieces to give everyone in your

family better skin, hair and sleep. Sleeping on silk

tackles problems such as baby bald spots, hot flushes,

eczema, split ends and sleep creases to name but a few.

Melbourne based and family owned, Sleepy Silk ships

worldwide and was conceived by husband and wife

team Jason and Danni Tan who design all the products.

Made from pure 100% Mulberry silk at the highest

grade of 6A, and woven in a charmeuse weave with a

density and weight of 25 momme silk for liquid smooth

finish that's incredibly soft and frictionless.

Naturally hydrating, non-toxic and dust mite resistant,

we love the silk fitted cot sheet that's kind to baby's skin

and provides the perfect sleeping surface.

£141 from

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Nanit Plus

Named one of the Best Inventions of 2018 by TIME Magazine,

the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor utilises the most advanced

and secure camera technology ever introduced to the home.

Nanit’s overhead HD camera tracks and understands everything

happening in a baby’s cot (sleep patterns, parent visits, room

conditions), and then provides personalised, scientificallybacked

sleep guidance to help babies - and parents - sleep better.

Parents are kept in the loop with real-time sound and motion

notifications, two-way audio, a sleep dashboard, activity tracker

and more. The monitor comes with a wall mount or a floor

stand, to work with any room style. Additional key features

include a crystal-clear view of the baby, sleep tracking and

analytics, secure cable management system and Alexa Skills


Additionally, Breathing Wear uses a customised

pattern on the fabric that is scientifically engineered

to be read by the Nanit Plus camera from any angle.

Seeing their baby’s breathing motion in real-time,

on their phone, offers parents the peace of mind

they need when leaving their baby in the cot.

£299 from

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Out of my comfort

zone in Iraq, I knew

very quickly how to

control and use my

confidence to my



50 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

SLOAN! talks to Simon Newton about Michael Jackson,

life as a bodyguard, confidence & fitness tips for over thirties


What’s your favourite moment/experience/

story from your time as a bodyguard (that

doesn’t break any NDAs!)?

I would think working for Michael Jackson,

S the following he had was huge. Fans

following us around 24hrs a day, hiring taxis

for the day to keep up with us, paying for rooms in

the same hotel as him, they had travelled from all

four corners of the world to be with us on his visit

to London. In terms of security it was a big job

and prestigious for any bodyguard to be involved

in a job like that. There will only ever be one

Michael Jackson and to date he still has millions

of fans even though he is no longer alive.


What have been the biggest challenges you’ve

had to face working in private security?

I worked in the Middle East for many years.

S Mainly between Afghanistan and Iraq. Both

very hostile countries and operating in such

places as a bodyguard you have your work cut

out. Some days can be relatively easy, others

you can be fighting for your life. Unfortunately,

bodyguards working in such environments can

and do lose their lives protecting others.

In safer parts of the world, sleep deprivation is

always a big challenge for any bodyguard. You

wake up before your principle and you go to bed

after them. Often you will carry out a 16 to 18

hour day 7 days a week for the duration of the job.

If you’re someone that can’t be organised, think

clearly, act quickly with only 4 hours sleep and

smile while doing it, then this job probably isn’t

for you. You may have only had 6 hours sleep in

the last 48 hours but in front of the principle a

bodyguard is never tired, end of.

What skills or knowledge are important

S when working as an effective bodyguard and

how does the job differ between high profile

clients like royalty and celebs compared to other

clients like British Embassy and News crews?

Every principle you look after is different to

S the next. Equally they can all bring unique

challenges. On top of that the environment or

country you are working in is often different.

Some principles go for a run in the mornings,

some like to shop a lot, some are in the office

most days, some may ski or horse ride. Whatever

it is they do you have to be up for it equally.

Diplomats and Corporate principles are fairly

easy to take care of depending on the country you

are tasked to look after them. A-list celebrities

always have the extra challenge of excitable fans

and relatively often stalkers. News crews always

hold a unique challenge, you would normally

have a reporter and a cameraman, so two people

to look after. On top of that one is unaware of his

surroundings as he is glued to his camera lens.

Always lots to think about when taking care of

news crews. Royalty is different again, we only

get involved with foreign royalty as the UK Police

deal with the security for the UK Royal family. If

we have a state visit from any royals we take care

of, often we will have a full team of UK police

officers with us too.

One thing that’s the same working for any type

on principle, you always have to take into account

their likes and dislikes. As quickly as possible you

need to operate and conduct yourself in the way

that they personally expect to see, and everyone

likes different things believe me!

Do you think confidence is a skill that anyone

S can develop? Where does your confidence

come from? How do you keep your

confidence rock solid during tough times?

Confidence is something everyone has and

S everyone has the ability to be as confident

as the next person. The only difference is

some people are better than others at using their

confidence. A question I get asked a lot is ‘do you

ever get scared?’. Simple answer is of course I

do, the only difference is as a bodyguard you still

need to think clearly and act quickly while you’re

scared. Also do your best to look in control, if a

principle sees their bodyguard is scared it will

make the situation a whole lot worse.

Confidence is all to do with working well under

pressure and at times immense pressure. If I ever

feel I’m losing my confidence with something I

have to carry out the first thing I will ask myself

is ‘what is the worst thing that can happen?’.

Unfortunately for a bodyguard that could be

losing their life. So then I break it down again,

what’s the chances of me being killed doing this?

I can always make sense of it all in the end to

regain my confidence in doing something.

Losing your life isn’t something most people who

don’t have confidence will have to worry about.

However, it still works the same way, think what’s

the worst that can happen? One thing is for sure,

you don’t know you have lived until as an adult

you take yourself right out of your comfort zone.

But the day you do, you see what you manage to


I was first taken out my comfort zone as an adult

when I was a 23 year old solider operating in Iraq.

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It was then I knew very quickly how to control and

use my confidence to my advantage. I have never

looked back.


What advice would you give our readers about

tackling things that are out of their comfort


One of the things I always try to do if there is

S something I don’t really want to do is to do it

as soon as possible. Don’t leave it, get it out the

way. It’s not always possible but if you can then just

get it done. If you’re being taken out of your comfort

zone just ask yourself why? Whatever the answer

is, work extra hard on carrying out the thing that’s

making you feel uncomfortable.

Whatever it is, head down and smash through it.

Things don’t always work out how you wanted them

to but you still learn a lot from it. Then you just go

back and try again even more determined.

Normally being out of your comfort zone will mean

you are scared of failure or scared of what other

people think. Failure is learning, and what other

people think is up to them, you know the truth, and

the truth is you will have another go and succeed.


If you could be someone else for a day, who

would it be and why?

To be honest I grew up without having any

S heroes. Wanting to be others has never really

been my thing. If I want to be like someone else,

I would change my life to be the same rather than just

watch what they are getting up too. All I wanted as a

child was be a solider so that's what I became.

That being said I get mistaken for Jason Statham

often, even stopped in the street on occasions then

people notice it’s not him. It would be nice to catch

up with him one day, have a cup of tea and ask him

what it’s like to look like me.


What favourite books, films or quotes have

influenced your life? Do you have a fictional or

real-life role model who inspires you?

I’m not a big book or film person. When I was

S younger I did watch a film called Proof of

Life. It starred Russell Crowe and he was an ex

special forces solider that was employed privately

by an oil company to find and retrieve one of their

kidnapped oil engineers in the jungle. I always used

to think the job Russell Crowe had in the movie

appealed to me. Little did I know when I was older I

would be contracted privately by the same types of



If you had a superpower or could be any

superhero, what/who would you be?

Superman. The ability to fly and not sit in traffic

S appeals to me massively. I love cars and drive

everywhere even when living in central London.

However if I could swap my car for a cape I would.


You have a keen interest in men’s fashion. What

should every chap own in their wardrobe?

Shoes, watches and belts. Also, I wear the

S odd baseball cap if it fits my outfit. Suits

should always be three piece and tailored to fit

correctly. I wear a lot of designer brands and spend

a lot of money on clothes etc. However, it’s not all

about the cost, you can buy a good outfit for very

little money, It’s all about choices. Same with the suit,

you don’t have to spend a fortune on a suit or blazer.

Spend an extra £50 having it tailored to fit correctly

and a £200 suit can look like a £2000 suit. Two of

my favourite brands at the moment are Tom Ford

and Gucci. My last purchases were some Valentino



What are your top health & fitness tips for men

over 30 to keep in shape when dealing with the

demands of work, fatherhood and modern life?

Diet is one of the biggest keys to keeping in

S shape. Stay away from sugar and keep the carbs

low and you will notice a big difference without

even training. Drink plenty of water also, if you are

only drinking when you’re thirsty you’re probably

not drinking enough. Try and do some cardio for half

an hour first thing in the morning, 30 mins that’s all

it needs. A fast walk or slow jog around the block,

if you can get to a gym even better. Cardio 30 mins,

keep the sugar and carbs as low as possible and

plenty of water. That alone will improve your health,

fitness, tiredness and mental health.


What favourite charities would you like to bring

our readers' attention and why are they close to

your heart?

There is one that particularly stands out for me

S and I hoping to get my company involved and

do something for it at some stage. Epidermolysis

Bullosa is a genetic condition that results in blistering

of the skin. The severity can be mild to fatal. Young

children having to be bandaged every day, in total

pain from the day they are born until the day they

pass away.

There are many disorders and conditions in this

world that often have fatal results and take people’s

lives far too early. But to be born into the world in

absolute pain, will never lead any sort of normal life

due to being in outrageous pain then finally losing

your life again, most likely early.

Luckily there isn’t loads of cases in the UK, but if I

could help them all I would do it in a heartbeat.

DEBRA is the national charity that supports

individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis

Bullosa. Find out more at

Simon Newton is co-founder and Director of Askari

Secure Ltd - a Private Security Company based in

Belgravia. To find out more, please visit

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Dapper Chap

Here are some

gift ideas from

SLOAN! for

the man in your

life or to treat

youurself if you're

a dapper chap

Billy Ruffian

We've fallen in love with Billy

Ruffian's classic Chelsea Boot

in rich chestnut polished

leather. Both durable and

desirable, these boots

are perfect for wearing

both casually with jeans

or going out to town

in. Made from finest

European calf leather

with an Italian double

leather sole and full

contrasting leather lining

in signature purple. With

deep side gussets and

pull-up tabs, getting ready

to look good has never been

so easy.

Chelsea Boots are £180 from


The Jack Italian Merino Wool

Cardigan is rendered in 100%

Italian Merino wool and

features a blazer style notch

lapel, three patch pockets and

a button-down design ideal

for any smart casual occasion.

£170 from


The Style Series B5 Beard

Trimmer boasts an Adjustable

Comb for 17 Trimming Lengths

(0.4mm-18mm), Self-Sharpening

Titanium Coated Blades which are

Removable and Washable, a Zoom

Wheel Length Adjustment for

Easy Precision plus an Anti-Slip

Grip and handy Travel Pouch.

£34.99 from Amazon


The Sphere Short Sleeve Crewe is an ultralight

men's T-shirt made from cool-lite

fabric, in a soft and durable 130gm

merino jersey blend. Cool-Lite

combines two lightweight, natural,

performance fibres - premium

merino wool and TENCEL®, a

wood fibre. The naturally breathable

fabric keeps you cool in even the most

hot and humid conditions by wicking

moisture and regulating your body


£60 from

Mr Marvis

These high performance sport

shorts are made out of 88% recycled

plastic bottles creating the perfect

combination of stylish and functional

with a clean design. The Sports don't

have inner briefs, making them perfect

for post-workout activities.

The Rileys Sports Shorts

are £69 available from

54 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Saunders & Long

The Long Weekender is a gentleman's

travel essential combining shampoo,

conditioner, bodywash, shaving cream

and grooming cream in one multifunctional

bottle for convenience and

efficacy when on your travels.

£26 from


From the connoisseur of sartorial British

socks, comes a new range of environmentallyconscious

socks knitted with yarns made

from recycled bottles and leftover cotton in a

move to create more environmentally-friendly

socks. Lightweight and super soft, in ocean

inspired shades, the Eco Luxe socks do not

compromise on style or the luxury finish

associated with the finest socks in the world.

The heritage brand is still designing and

making all socks in its family owned factory

in Leicester. All Pantherella socks have

fine-linked toes for seamless comfort and

reinforced heels and toes for durability. Each

and every single pair of socks is checked

and hand finished by its experienced team to

ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

The Eco Luxe socks are £15.50 per pair from or in-store at Harrods,

Selfridges or Liberty plus the very finest

independent retailers.

Joe Browns

A favourite of our chaps at SLOAN!,

Joe Browns spring collection is

all about mixing and matching to

create your own style. This fantastic

Confident and Cool Waistcoat is

perfect for layering up bringing a pop

of colour to your look. Perfect over a

smart shirt or just paired with a T-shirt.

£45 from


Solespun is about craftsmanship, design

and integrity applied to a love of footwear

and the qualities they represent. In their

bespoke, luxurious packaging, Solespun

socks are sourced from the world’s

finest hosiery houses and specialist

retailers, carefully curated by the team

and beautifully presented for personal

enjoyment or for gifting. They strike the

right balance between the material, the

performance and the beauty of the design.

Black Label Cashmere Socks are £45



From the new collection of high quality

timepieces from Lokdale England, this

Goldcrest watch is inspired by the UK's

smallest bird.

Whilst they are tiny and appear delicate,

the Goldcrest is always active and

bravely defends its territory. The bird's

strong accents of black and gold inspired

this watch design.

Designed for both comfort and

aesthetics, the Japanese Miyota

movement is encased in high grade

stainless steel with a hardened mineral

crystal lens and a vintage

brown leather strap.

For each watch sold

Lokdale will donate

5% of the profits

to the RSPB.

£109 from


Launched in 2019, Solespun is the brainchild of fashion photographer

Nick Kelly and a creative collaboration with London based stylists,

photographers and creatives. Solespun offers access to some of the finest

sock makers available, a growing list of designers and brands including

Paul Smith, Pantherella, Jonhnstons of Elgin, Sunspel, as well as

Solespun’s own Orange (Sea Island Cotton) and Black Labels (Cashmere)

socks. They offer the very best in design and manufacture, ranging from

casual to dress, always beautifully conceived and executed.

Orange Label Sea Island Cotton Socks are £18 from

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Toyota RAV4 Design

Refined and individual, the new RAV4

combines true SUV character with style

and technology. It is the ‘go anywhere’

vehicle that's perfectly suited to both

country roads and city streets

In 1994, Toyota’s launch of the

original RAV4 introduced a new

kind of car to the world, one

that combined the go-anywhere

performance and rugged stance of

an SUV with compact dimensions

and handling more akin to a


The same pioneering spirit is

witnessed in the all-new fifth

generation RAV4, a model which

opens a new era of improved

performance, capability and safety.

These advances are underpinned

by the first use of Toyota’s new

GA-K platform in an SUV.

With its low centre of gravity

and significantly increased body

rigidity, the new RAV4’s platform

directly contributes to superior

handling, ride comfort, a spacious

interior, class-leading load space

(580 litres VDA with rear seats in

place) and the freedom to produce

a strong, eye-catching design with

lower roof and bonnet lines and

higher ground clearance.

As well as providing more space

and comfort, the cabin displays

exceptional quality and finish


The new RAV4 remains unique in

its class in offering customers a

self-charging, hybrid powertrain

– the choice of an overwhelming

majority of drivers for the model

in Western Europe (85 per cent

in 2018). The new 2.5-litre petrol

hybrid Dynamic Force engine,

offering 215bhp in front-wheel

drive form and 219bhp with allwheel

drive, strengthens driver

appeal, delivering step-changes

in power, responsiveness and

efficiency, with best-in-class fuel

economy and emissions levels.

At the same time, the allwheel

drive system has been

comprehensively improved to

achieve a “drive on any road”

capability. The new RAV4

Hybrid’s electric AWD-i system

has been re-engineered and

enhanced to provide much

stronger performance in

challenging conditions and secure

handling on slippery surfaces.

The new RAV4 is also the first

Toyota model to benefit from

additional Toyota Safety Sense

features that extend the use of

advanced technologies to help

prevent accidents and provide

greater driver assistance, including

systems that introduce a degree of

automated driving functionality.

The foundation of the new RAV4’s

dynamic qualities is its all-new

TNGA GA-K platform. This gives

the car the core strengths of a low

centre of gravity, light weight

and a strong, rigid and balanced

chassis that delivers exceptional

handling, stability and driver


For the driver this makes the car

more fun to drive, while at the

same time enabling great design

inside and out, enhanced safety

performance that gives greater

peace of mind, and more comfort

for everyone on board.

56 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Brand Collaboration

You wouldn't drive a car

only looking at your rear

view mirror so why live life

focused only on your past?

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

The lowest possible centre of

gravity has been achieved by

making every component lighter

and locating them lower down in

the vehicle – everything from the

engine to the seats in the cabin.

The platform also allows for a

57 per cent increase in RAV4’s

body rigidity, which contributes

to a stable, flat ride with superior


The GA-K platform underpins the

“confident and natural” driving

quality Toyota has sought for the

new model: “confident” in not

reacting adversely to disturbances

and communicating a sense of

stability, and “natural” in its

intuitive, natural response to the

driver’s inputs.

Beyond the benefits of the chassis

itself, further detailed measures

make important contributions to

its overall quality, with Toyota’s

top engineers leading the

development of the new RAV4’s

dynamic performance, fine-tuning

its handling and driveability.

The new 2.5-litre Hybrid Dynamic

Force engine combines fuel and

emissions efficiency and quiet

operation with more power and

greater responsiveness.

The Toyota RAV4 Design AWD

starts from £34,280 OTR. To find

out more information, please visit

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Tech-tastic Treats

Here's some top gadgets & devices to

take you and your life to the next level



The iStorage diskAshur PRO² USB 3.1 portable hard drive is available in a stylish graphite housing and

is the ultimate secure data storage device. Designed for the more demanding user, the diskAshur PRO²

portable hard drive and the diskAshur PRO² SSD is certified to NCSC CPA, NLNCSA BSPA & NATO

Restricted Level, making iStorage the world’s first and only company to have all these certifications.

Incorporating a secure microprocessor, which encrypts the encryption key, diskAshur PRO² is available in

capacities of up to 5TB (HDD) and 8TB (SSD) and is supplied with a protective carry case.

Starts from £209 - £489 for 500GB - 5TB (HDD) and from £179 - £1749 for 128GB - 8TB (SSD). Available

from a wide range of retailers including Amazon.



The EZVIZ Indoor Security Cam is the perfect entry-level device for those

looking to protect their home and keep an eye on their property when away

or on holiday. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT

devices, the Indoor Security Cam allows users to view live streams via the

Echo Show/Spot and Google hub devices, all whilst offering a 110/130-degree

viewing angle on each model respectively. With easy set-up via Wi-Fi and

installation support available on the EZVIZ app, this device is a great first

purchase for anyone interested in upping their security.

£39.99 (720p) & £59.99 (1080p) respectively from Amazon



The myFirst 3D Dolphin Pen is the perfect way to inspire creativity in children, as

the wirelessly operated device enables them to create, design and draw anywhere

and everywhere. Completely safe to touch, there are no hot parts and the low heat

used to melt the filament ensures are no accidents. The pen only takes 30 seconds

of preheating to be ready to use and rapid solidification keeps the creativity

happening. Due to the filament also being non-adhesive, it is easy to clean should

they make a mess! Using dual action push and pull technology, one button controls

multiple functions. Available in Blue & Pink in a dolphin design, and comes with

6 metres of assorted filament in the dolphin model. £36.99 from Amazon



The STYLSMILE Lighten Up! includes a sonic blue

light toothbrush, special toothpaste and accelerator tray.

The quick and easy 2-in-1 process cleans and gradually

whitens teeth for a brighter whiter smile in just 4 weeks.

Hydrogen Peroxide free and non sensitive on teeth.

£149.99 from

58 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



Designed for users to protect their homes and keep track of their loved ones, the

Tapo C200 security camera is equipped with 1080p resolution, 360° horizontal

and 114° vertical range, and up to 30 ft of night vision delivering a high-quality

live viewing experience day and night. The Sound and Light Alarm triggers light

and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors and the Two-Way Audio

allows you to remotely communicate using the built-in microphone and speaker.

The Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera is £24.99 from Amazon



Featuring 87% ambient noise isolation and superior sound quality with effective

volume limiting to 85dB, children can shut the world out and focus without

distraction or damage to their hearing health. The ultra-comfortable protein

leather ear cushion also keeps them comfortable whilst the Puro Sound Labs’

Balanced Response Curve allows them to give better bass, treble and vocal clarity.

With up to 22 hours of playback, they can last a long trip so are perfect for taking

when travelling and the daisy-chain feature means they can link up with another

pair so there’s no more fighting over a tablet!

The JuniorJams Bluetooth headphones are £54.99 from Amazon



This easy setup, wirelessly connected and battery-operated device effectively monitors

indoor air quality. Built in TVOC sensors measure toxins and chemicals in the air that

can negatively impact your health, in addition to the room temperature and humidity.

Conditions can vary from room to room, so this device is a cost effective way to

monitor air quality around the house. The dashboard’s visual indicator uses easy-tounderstand

traffic light colour coding or check out insights on the free app.

The Wave Mini Air Quality Monitor is £79 from Amazon



NOW TV is a leading UK streaming service, giving

you the best TV, box sets, movies, sports and kids

entertainment, when, where and how you want to watch

it. Pick from the range of content passes including

Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, Kids and reality

TV with hayu.

You can stream content to watch through the NOW TV

app, available on over 60 devices including the NOW TV

Smart Stick and Smart Box with 4K. And even download

your favourite shows and movies to watch on the go.

NOW TV is the home of the best new and original British comedies, Oscar, BAFTA, and Emmy award

winning dramas, Sky originals and movies. As well as new premieres every day, NOW TV customers can

enjoy over 40 new movies every month and Sky Atlantic shows, without a contract. Sports fans can enjoy live

action across all 11 Sky Sports channels through day, week or month passes.

NOW TV also offers customers great value reliable broadband as a standalone contract-free service with NOW

Broadband. For more information, visit

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Ask The Expert

From Overwhelmed To Productive

Neuroscientist and change specialist Dr Lynda Shaw discusses how to tackle

overwhelming feelings to increase productivity

Many of us struggle to cope with

the pressures of work, family needs,

health issues and a burgeoning

social calendar, becoming more

and more overburdened and feel

increasingly overwhelmed. The

solution however lies in our ability

to learn when to stop because we

are truly overwhelmed, versus

embracing change and the tasks


We tend to feel overwhelmed when

stress gets the better of us. Stress

is your body’s way of responding

to any kind of demand or threat by

releasing a flood of stress hormones,

including adrenaline and cortisol,

which rouse the body for emergency

action. As soon as the brain

secretes more of the stress hormone

cortisol than is useful, we are

wired to narrow down our focus to

concentrate on the perceived threat

for survival. The problem is when

we are too stressed for a prolonged

period it can lead to risk of serious

illnesses such as cancer, stroke,

depression and heart failure.

Constant internal chatter is also

partly responsible for feeling

overwhelmed from “I don’t know

what I am doing” to “It needs to

be perfect”. The pressure we put

on ourselves, rather than the actual

task, is often the tipping point in

feeling overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed by incomplete

tasks is a common problem. We

often start one project but don’t

finish it and then move onto the next

leaving us feeling that we are never

getting anything done.

The stress we face because of

the constant bombardment of

information, over multi-tasking and

the need to be available 24 hours

a day is extraordinary. Digital

technology has blurred work/ home

boundaries and even holidays can be

disturbed by having smart phones

on the beach. We are more stressed

than we have ever been with stress,

anxiety and depression behind one

in five visits to a GP.

So how can we stop feeling

overwhelmed whilst increasing



How often do we truly spend

on 100% uninterrupted focused

work getting what we need to do

done? Interruptions, false starts

and procrastination cloud our

perception of how much time we

actually spend productively. Avoid

disruptions. Take a moment to turn

off phone notifications you don’t

need while working. Can you work

in a different location to reduce the

chance of being disturbed?

Dr Lynda Shaw


Dump your concerns onto a paper

list or diary or use an organisation

app to help clear your head to

get on with the tasks that need

to be done. Tick them off when

they are complete for a sense

of accomplishment. Sometimes

starting with smaller, easier tasks

is helpful before tackling the

challenging ones.


Prioritise urgent tasks, factor in

disruptions and an unforeseen

duty or two, and allow time for a

short walk to freshen your mind.

Be realistic about how long a task

or project could take and factor in



Know your most productive time of

day. If you are a morning, afternoon

or evening person plan your day

accordingly, so you do the most

important or tricky tasks when you

are at your best.


Often the things we are really afraid

of may not be quite as frightening

as they seem. Try to talk positively

to yourself and keep everything in



Go back to any concerns once you

have achieved a few goals. This way

of thinking is a powerful way to

manage your diary for short periods.


Getting enough sleep is vital

because it improves your

concentration, memory and decision

making. Examine your ‘sleep

hygiene’ - limit caffeine after

midday, no screen time in the one to

two hours before bedtime and have

regular bed and getting up times.


Use exercise to get more energy

or shake off that stress, and try

meditation to clear your head and

focus clearly.


Block out some time for hobbies and

seeing family and friends to help

your physical, mental and emotional

wellbeing. You will be galvanised

into focusing and just getting on

with it, firm in the knowledge that

play time is just around the corner.

The brain is more efficient when

it has produced a cocktail of ‘feelgood’

neurotransmitters so prioritise

pleasant pursuits in your spare

time means you will be far more

productive during your working day.

60 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

From your home and garden

to your office and even when

relaxing, these four things will

help you get the most out of life

Live Your Best Life


Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0

Cutting the grass has never been easier with the Gtech Cordless

Lawnmower 2.0 - the latest model from the company whose mission

it is to create the best home and lifestyle products to make life easier

and more enjoyable.

Following up on the original Cordless Lawnmower, this new upgraded

version has been designed with convenience in mind - with a charge

time of just 1 hour and a 48V Lithium-ion battery to power through

your garden for up to 40 minutes, this mower makes light work of

cutting the lawn.

£499.99 from



The Aegis Fortress L3 is the fastest, most secure, and rugged

256-bit AES XTS encrypted USB external drive in the Apricorn

range. The L3 is designed to meet NIST's highest level of FIPS

validation attainable for portable devices: 140-2 level 3. The

Fortress L3 allows you to securely and easily carry large amounts

of sensitive data on the go. The Fortress is Software-Free, 100%

hardware-based 256-bit AES XTS encrypted, and onboard keypad

PIN authenticated with ultra-fast USB 3.1 (3.0) data transfer speeds.

Starts from £185 with £385 for 5TB from



This new cordless vacuum cleaner features VAX’s best

engineered brushless motor to date, controlled by its innovative

VAX Core Technology that works in synergy to produce a

cordless vacuum that outperforms the UK’s top 3 best-selling

cordless vacuums, and has the cleaning performance of the

best-selling corded uprights. Its innovative ONEPWR battery

is fully charged in just three hours, with up to 45 minutes high

performance cleaning time, enough to clean your whole home. We

loved the2-in-1 upright handstick to handheld versatile design.

£219.99 from


LG Signature 8K OLED TV

With lavish detail and vibrant, lifelike colours, the 88-inch LG

SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV is the world’s first 8K OLED TV and

LG's largest OLED TV to date. It delivers 8K Ultra HD resolution

(7,680 x 4,320) with 33 million self-emitting pixels, equivalent to

16-times the number of pixels in a Full HD TV and four-times that

of a UHD TV. A winner of this year’s iF Design Award and Red

Dot Award, LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K boasts a sophisticated,

minimalist design that features a brushed aluminium stand and

a virtually bezel-less display, and comes with an integrated 80W

speaker system for powerful sound.

Find out more at

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Charlotte Ricard-Quesada

Over the past few years, Instagram

has become an integral consideration

when planning a wedding, party,

baby shower or corporate celebration.

Keeping the ‘gram updated with

content is now a daily task for most

of us, so how do you ensure that

your event makes it to the feeds and

Instastories of your guests?

With an almost-decade long career

in high end fashion behind her, La

Fête’s Founder & Creative Director,

Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, has a

unique perspective in the events


Her experience at brands such as

Dior and Tom Ford, as well as her

multicultural French and British

upbringing in Switzerland have

conditioned Charlotte’s approach to

events, from an aesthetic perspective,

but also in her innate understanding

of multicultural and multifaith clients

and collaborators.

As much as detail is

key, don’t neglect the

bigger picture either

How To Make

Your Next Event



Before we even begin sourcing items or planning an event, we decide

on a theme and put together a mood board, with inspiration pictures

for us to refer back to during the entire planning process. If one mood

board is not detailed enough, don’t hesitate to create others, but remain

focused, so instead of a random additional mood board, focus the

topics, such as ‘Cake Inspiration’, ‘Floral Inspiration’, etc. Make sure

to pick a venue that works with your theme, and as much as detail is

key, don’t neglect the bigger picture either: you want to wow guests

from the moment they step into your event, and keep wowing them

with the details you have included.


In order to make your event Instagrammable and give your guests the

desire to post, you need to give special thought to all the items and

suppliers that you are featuring. It is key to give yourself enough time

to source everything, especially when factoring in postage times, in

demand dates and supplier lead times. Do your research online and

through Instagram, favouring retail sites such as Amazon, Aliexpress

and Etsy and high quality suppliers: you don’t need to spend a fortune

to get visually effective items. However, make sure to incorporate

original and unique pieces throughout, such as quirky place card

holders, customised serviettes, coloured glassware, themed stationery,

etc: these will encourage your guests to snap away.


How can you expect guests to take photos and share on Instagram if

you don’t give them ready-made photo opportunities? Simple answer:

you can’t. Give careful thought to what you would like your guests to

post and keep an eye on trends: for example, table settings shot from

above or from the side are classic photos which perform well on social

media, but flower walls are now a little bit passé. Staged areas also

tend to perform well, such as a sofa surrounded by a large scale set

up relevant to your theme, for example an Alice in Wonderland area

complete with oversized toadstools and giant prop teacups: people

want experiences and originality for their posts, so think outside the

box and over the top, and don’t hesitate to use the unique features of

your venue either.


By now, we’re sure you’ve grasped the importance of detail,

and incorporating as much as possible in your décor to make for

Instagram-worthy snaps. As well as visual details relevant to your

theme, give some thought to materials used, textures and truly

stimulating your guests senses: their sense of smell and taste may

not be translated into an Instagram post, but it will condition their

perception of your event and encourage more photographs and shares.

You also want to make your guests feel special, and this can be

simply achieved through personalisation: embroidered serviettes with

their initials, customised favours, hand calligraphed items or a live

illustrator taking portrait requests will guarantee more Instastories and

feed posts.

62 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


As much as your focus is on getting guests

posting to Instagram, you absolutely need

to ensure that you get all the imagery you

need too. If you can, invest in a professional

photographer whose shooting style fits your

theme and aesthetic, if not, and you are

confident you can capture the content needed,

arm yourself with a smartphone with a high

quality camera, invest in a clip on ring light in

case you need extra lighting and get to work.

Favour flat lay style shots, overall atmosphere

shots, Boomerangs, time lapse videos, regular

videos and close up detail images (Portrait

modes are great for this). Make sure to snap

images of guests as well, as you can then tag

them on Instagram and encourage reposting.

Download apps such as VSCO and Unfold

(especially use this for Instastories) to edit and

curate your photographs, in a style relevant to

the aesthetic you want to promote.

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Five Questions You Should Ask

Before Buying A Property

Property expert, Hannah Aykroyd is the founder and MD

of residential buying advisory Aykroyd & Co, specialists in

buying and managing property in Prime Central London.

Hannah Aykroyd

If only buying a home were as easy as popping

round to the shops. Instead, for many people it’s a

frustrating and sometimes baffling process. Just

how difficult it can be is reflected in surveys, where

respondents often report that they find home buying

more unsettling than planning a wedding, having a

baby, or even getting divorced.

So much is invested in a home - emotionally and

financially - it seems rather unfortunate that buying

one is, for many people, anything less than a delight.

My colleagues and I hugely enjoy the process of

acquiring residential property - and we go to great

lengths to make the process a pleasure for our clients

as well.

How do we ensure the buying process is enjoyable for

our clients? As buying agents – unlike estate agents

- we work solely for the buyer. This means we focus

exclusively on representing the buyer’s interests at all

times. That reassurance goes a long way to reducing

stress levels. Then, we use our extensive contact

base and nearly fifty years of combined experience

to source and preview dozens of relevant properties;

we take our clients on carefully arranged viewing

tours; we manage negotiations; we bring in a team

of trusted surveyors, lawyers and others - and much


Importantly, to ensure a stress-free transaction, we

gather as much information as we can from the seller

and the seller’s agents. This early due diligence is

key to our high success rate. In particular, there

are five questions we never fail to ask, and that we

recommend all buyers ask when shopping for a home:


Understanding the vendors’ motivation is critical. Do

they want to complete by a particular date or is price

the most important factor to them? If you can glean

the vendor’s desires and pressure points you will

have a much better chance of securing your chosen

property at the best price.



We like to know if the property is fresh on the market

or has been languishing. Has it always been listed

at this price? If not, what is the pricing history?

Are there any other interested parties, and if so,

how many times have they viewed the property and

if the property requires works, whether they have

come back with a builder or architect? We use this

information to shape our clients’ offer.


One of the paradoxes of today’s Prime Central

London property market is the high level of

competition for quality properties. Properties that are

64 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

overpriced or have some fatal flaw are sitting – but

well-priced, desirable houses and flats are in high

demand. This means that, chances are, you will face

competition for the property you want. It’s important

to find out if there have there been any other offers,

at what level, and if they are still live. We also

ask about the profile of the other offers. Cash or

mortgage? Chain or chain-free? Were there any other

conditions? Technically, the estate agent should not

disclose this, but may give an indication.


We always check if there are any other agents

instructed. If so, are they on a joint, sole or multiagency

fee structure? This helps us to gauge how the

selling agents are remunerated, which may have a

bearing on how we approach the negotiation process.

Also, we want to know whether any previous agents

have been instructed, as we may use them as a

resource to discreetly extract more information if




This is less a question we ask the selling agents, and

more a question we ask ourselves. When viewing

a property, we are on the lookout for legitimate

reasons to make a lower offer, as well as items that

can be added to the sale. Reasons might include

a maintenance issue or perhaps a security system

which needs updating. Items that can be included in

the offer are furniture, fixtures, storage, or parking.

The cost of these can be significant but they can

provide a relatively painless way for the vendor to

add value to the sale. Importantly, we will always list

out chattels separately to avoid our clients paying a

higher SDLT than necessary.

Of course, we always ask these questions while

having a friendly chat with the selling agents or

owners. We want to glean the information we need

for our clients while presenting them as committed

and focused buyers, but we also want our clients to be

liked. Sometimes people forget that buying property

isn’t just about property - it’s about people and that

can come with a whole raft of emotions.

Being open, approachable, consistent and proactive

goes a long way to giving both the vendor and the

selling agent the confidence in our clients’ ability

to successfully transact. It is so important when

negotiating to always show respect so that when the

offer is hopefully accepted that you start off on a

positive note.

This goes a long way to ensuring a successful, stressfree

purchase – and to securing your dream home

which is a joy from the very start

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14 Ways To Make Your

Home Look & Feel Luxe

Andrea Fawell, Sales & Marketing Director at Kebbell Homes,

shares some top interior design tips to beautify the home

A luxe home is more than just elegant, it is a place

you want to spend time in, to entertain and equally to

relax in. Here are some top tips of how to make your

home feel luxe.



Decluttered, well organised rooms are

relaxing and feel spacious and harmonious

- all the elements of a luxe home. Customised

furniture such as built in floor to ceiling bookshelves

or wardrobes will not just create storage but will

beautify and simplify adding a modern aesthetic.



This gives a room flair and the impression

that an interior designer has worked their

magic in your home. From a design-led chair,

extraordinary artwork, a gorgeous standalone bath

tub or designer coat hooks, think unique and unusual

to express yourself and get your guests talking!.



Choose wall colours based on what you are

trying to achieve. Opt for lighter colours or

a plush shade of white if you want to make a room

feel more spacious. For bigger rooms especially those

with high ceilings, consider richer tones or appoint

your room with a statement wall such as a deep blue

or green. If you prefer neutral walls, colour can be

added through soft furnishings, art and ornaments.

Aim for consistency and quality. It’s inevitable that

marks or cracks will appear over time, so freshen up

the paint work annually.



Choose a large rug to make the room feel

bigger and more expensive. Choose an

earthy colour and thick textured rugs that you want

to snuggle your toes in but do think carefully about

this if you have young children or pets! Alternatively,

if your wall colour palette is muted, then invest in a

chic rug as the hero of your look.



Luxury is about addressing all of the senses

so opt for the highest thread count that you

can for a soft and silken touch that means you can’t

wait to go to bed each night. White bedlinen looks

crisp and expensive and a gorgeous throw can be

used to add colour and texture.



Choose fluffy cotton bath, hand and

face towels and a bathmat in a consistent

66 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Andrea Fawell

colour scheme - neutrals always looks clean and fresh.

Unclutter by investing in a cabinet to store all your

bits and bobs if you don’t already have built in space.

Match your toothbrush holder and soap dishes and add

thoughtful touches such as hand lotion in a pretty bottle.

House plants like orchids can thrive in a bathroom

adding serenity to help whisk your imagination away to

a faraway place whilst you soak in your bath.



Indoor plants add an exotic element to your

home. Hanging plants from the ceiling can

add height to a room and bringing a little bit of nature

indoors not only looks good but could also improve the

air quality in your home.



Underfloor heating provides a consistent,

comforting heat, and feels luxurious, especially

in bathrooms after stepping out of the shower. By not

having radiators all through the house, you can save

space and make each room look more streamlined.




By changing ornaments, books on display, or

even moving pictures, your home will feel refreshed for

both you and your guests, adding points of interest and

giving you a chance to show your creative flair.



Choose vintage or fashion-forward, plump

cushions in deep, rich colours like mustard or

teal, or give a pop of brightness with red or turquoise,

or try a strong neutral perhaps with a touch of metallic.

Add a thick woven blanket in a complimentary shade to

your sofa so you will be extra cosy!



Window dressing is important so natural

light can flood through the room. Aim for

sophisticated windows by installing floor length

curtains in thick, textured materials like velvet. Make

sure the windows are regularly cleaned and cut back

any overgrown bushes outside to maximise the light

coming in.



A large statement piece of art can be a colour

or theme focal point in the house whilst

making a statement about your personality. Make sure

pictures are mounted in impressive frames. Do you

have a coffee table that can display books? Choose a

couple of interesting books with gorgeous photos as a

different type of artwork.



Lighting and lampshades will change the

ambience of a room. If it suits your home

change bright white light bulbs for those that offer a

softer, more natural light. Choose lampstands that are

sleek with elegant, modest lampshades that maximise

light as well as become an elegant, focal point of a




Scented candles are a simple way to add a luxe

element, not only for their aroma but because

flickering candlelight is so alluring and calming.

For more information about Kebbell Homes, please visit

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Can Life Be Made To

Order Like A Sofa?

Having choice without compromise when it

comes to made-to-order sofas delivered in just

7 days seems impossible. So how does luxury

homeware brand Lombok do it and how can

you make your life as extraordinary as these

exclusive handcrafted sofas in just 10 simple

steps? Celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-

Williams has the answers...

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

The idea of having to wait up to 6

months for a new sofa puts many

homeowners off going down the

bespoke route, even though they

would love to personalise and truly

style as their own. In an industry

where immediacy and customisation

is now key, Lombok's delivery of a

perfect sofa in just 7 days - Made

to Order - is the solution everyone

has been waiting for. The Muna

(my personal favourite) is one

of Lombok's most comfortable

upholstery collections and is available

within the 7 day service offering. The

low arms, sumptuous cushion height

and depth make it a must-have. I've

installed mine in my cinema room.

With over 35 fabrics options to

choose from within the bespoke

service, you can truly customise your

sofa to your own preferences. This

new service from Lombok delivers

quality without compromise.

I had such fun choosing my

Lombok sofa and I could easily

spend a lot of time describing

the process from walking into

the showroom, choosing my

sofa, having additional options

such as 35 amazing colours to

choose from and or chatting about

designing the luxuriousness of

the plump of my cushions which

was a fabulous experience but as a

busy professional writing for other

busy readers what really stood out

for me was speed.

I did not feel pushed in the

showroom I had the exact amount

of time to make my decision but

once I had chosen my order, fast

was the name of the game. I made

my order around lunch and before

I had even stepped out of my very

next meeting, I had confirmation

of my delivery date – the soonest

offering just 7 days away.

I wasn’t shocked by this because

Lombok pride themselves on

having a whole range that can

be delivered in 7 days but I was

impressed. There is always a

little voice that wonders will

there be a clause that says, oh

but we have a weekend coming

up or we ran out of fabric in

stock. Talking to owner Keiran,

he has planned for all customer

needs and has his production and

buying requirements fit for every

eventuality so long as you choose

from the 7 day range. Cleverly

he has chosen the most stunning

of pieces to have this fabulous

service attached to.

A sign of a good owner is also

one whose team is happy and

efficient. You cannot sacrifice one

for the other. What a delightful

group they have at Lombok. From

Victoria who gave me a tour of

the showroom and discussed the

Muna left hand corner sofa starts

from £2,962.25

Quality Without

Compromise For

The Lifestyle You

Desire & Deserve

68 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Brand Collaboration

marketing plans, to Kazi who

took my order, Val who arranged

my delivery and Dan and Lee the

delivery crew who were a spark

of fresh air – Lombok really has

a well oiled team to match the

manufacturing department which

provides undoubtedly super

quality items.

So what stood out for me was

twofold. The first being why are

other companies not producing

this quality in 7 days, instead

offering you some demonstrator

sofa and a non-reduced enough

price when it is quite clear if you

want to be extraordinary then it

is very possible because Lombok

have achieved it.

The second thing was with a sofa

that has been brought to me so

quickly I have an extra 30 days

with it before I would even think

about receiving a sofa bought

elsewhere, it would seem criminal

not to make the most of those 30

days and be as extraordinary as

the company who created my soon

to be new pride and joy piece of


Here are 10 ways to make yourself

and your life as extraordinary as

your furniture in the extra 30 days

you get with your sofa thanks to

Lombok’s 7 day delivery from

date of order.



1. Write in your gratitude journal

2. Attract that which you desire

3. Let go of the outcome

4. Get creative with your goals

5. Take a deep breath

6. Have a good laugh

7. Connect with friends or a loved


8. Read a good book

9. Talk positively to yourself

10. Create positive memories

through affirmations

To find out exactly how to

implement these 10 ways to be

extraordinary, go to

Lombok is a multi-channel homeware brand, selling

exclusive, inspirational, high-quality, handcrafted

furniture, lighting and accessories

Lombok provides a premium end-to-end service

from initial contact through to the delivery and

furniture assembly at customers' homes.

Lombok's flagship showroom is located at

204-208 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7PL

020 7736 5171

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Ha p p y a nd Gl or i ou s



Ma ki ng a h ou s e y ou r h ome



70 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



6 7



10 11

1. Cotton Union Jack Flag Throw, £16.99 from | 2. Soft Fleece 130cm x 170cm

Navy Throw, £6 | 3. Teddy Bear Red Cushion, £5 | 4. Vintage Union Jack

Cushion, £14 | 5. Clara Cotton Velvet Ink Blue Cushion, £12 | 6. JUNHILD

cushion cover £10 | 7. INDIRA bedspread £19 | 8. Solus Bath Navy £1428 www. | 9. Jan Constantine - Pop Art Union Jack Love Cushion, £125 | 10. Personalised

Union Jack Cake £65 Biscuiteers Baking | 11. Bitossi Home Hourglass Sand Timer £25

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S.L.U.M.B.E.R with

Sloan and Tempur

Celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams

teams up with Tempur to share quirky secrets

to put S.L.U.M.B.E.R back in your life

Sloan loves the Tempur

Sensation Supreme

The Tempur Sensation Supreme

is Tempur’s firmest mattress

with a generous depth of 21cm

depth. The high quality Tempur

material conforms to the body

to relieve pressure points using

visco-elastic cells that actively

mould and adapt to your body.

Sloan loves the Dynamic Support

Technology which guarantees ease

of movement and offers full body

support. Keeping things clean

is super simple as the Tempur

Sensation Supreme has a fully

removable zip-off cover that is

machine washable up to 60°C.

Customers can try a Tempur

mattress for a full 100 nights on

a trial basis and it comes with a

Manufacturer’s 10 Year Quality

Guarantee for free.

Prices start from £2,149 for a

Tempur Sensation Supreme

double. King size is £2,499. Super

King is £2,829. Available from

John Lewis, Bensons for Beds,

Dreams, Tempur Official Brand

Stores and independent retailers.

Free home delivery and

installation to Mainland UK on all

mattresses. For more information,

go to

Having spent the most blissful

night's sleep on the Tempur

Sensation Supreme mattress,

the last thing on my mind was

insomnia. But what can you do if

sleeplessness rears its ugly head?


In Japan, musicians hosted a

“Sleep Concert” where they

played music clinically proven

research to induce sleep. The

audience were given pillows,

blankets and even slippers to

make them comfortable.

A simple trick at home is to drink

half a glass of water then put a

pinch of salt on your tongue and

allow it to dissolve. Research

suggests that the salt encourages

electrical charges to occur in your

neural networks signalling your

brain to allow you to fall asleep.



Blue light has been shown

to interfere with melatonin

production and as such disrupts

our sleep. Restricting the amount

of blue light before you sleep will

significantly improve the amount

of shut-eye you get.

For added benefit, add a drop of

lavender oil on your pillow and

it won’t be long before you are

sleeping like a baby.




The unconditional love of a

pet has been shown to relax

individuals and help promote

sleep when snuggled up in bed.

Unconscious reprogramming

with the use of trained clinical

hypnotherapist such as myself

can also help improve your sleep.



Self-directed meditative

visualisation is a key player in

helping promote sleep. A lesser

known martial art called Vadha

has produced one such meditation

that proves popular with my

clients. For those less visual

72 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Brand Collaboration

in outlook, a study suggests that

drinking a glass of cherry juice in

the morning and evening will help

you sleep up to 90 minutes longer.

Montmorency tart cherries are a

natural source of melatonin, the

hormone known to regulate the

sleep cycle.



Research has shown that wearing

a cooling plastic cap that covers

your forehead slowed down the

metabolism in the front part of

the brain shown to have increased

activity in insomniacs. This allowed

subjects to fall asleep faster and

for longer. At home, we can adapt

the research and decrease the

temperature in our rooms, cooling

down our body temperature and

avoiding the instinctive nature

of snuggling under the duvet.

Alternatively slowing down our

metabolism and heart rate with

yogic breathing can also have

positive effects on sleep induction.


Adding exercising into your

morning routine will increase

levels of cortisol and dopamine

which stimulate brain activity.

These higher levels during the day

regulate the body’s sleep-wake

cycle making it easier to fall asleep

at night. An increased level of

dopamine inhibits the production

of melatonin which keeps the body

more alert during the day and better

prepared for sleep in the evening.

Also you are more likely to fall

asleep quickly if your extremities

are warmer than the bedroom.

Scientists have shown that blood

vessels dilate in the skin of the

feet and hands just before falling

asleep. Wearing socks in bed or

using a hot water bottle mimics

this thermoregulatory response and

promotes the rapid onset of sleep.



Relaxation is commonly known

to induce sleep but if you need a

helping hand relaxing you can start

by placing a warm towel over your

eyes which will help them relax

down deep and allow you to unwind

before sleep.

Conversely if you can’t beat them,

join them. If sleeping is proving

too difficult research has shown

that depriving yourself of sleep can

actually help. The aim here is by

restricted your sleep hours, you are

increasing your sleep efficiency and

also increasing your desire to sleep

thus creating a two pronged attack

against insomnia.

Check out to

discover your own recipe for success

with digital coaching from Sloan


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Kitchen Cornucopia

Sage Appliances

Sage, a global leader in innovative kitchen

appliances, brings you the 3X Bluicer Pro -

a space-saving high-performance combination

blender and juicer that solves the problem

of having to choose between a juicer and a

blender or buying both and opens up a whole

new dimension of texture & flavour combos.

The 3X Bluicer Pro’s base accommodates

interchangeable parts: a juicing shoot with

an attachable pulp bin, as well as a blending

jug that doubles as a carafe for juicing. With

the 3xBluicer Pro, you can juice and blend

more conveniently with a high performance

machine that delivers quality results every


Thanks to the new 3X Bluicer Pro, the

popular health trend for raw and plant-based

nutrition has been taken to the next level with

'bluicing' in a breakthrough appliance that

will help you add variety and interest to your

healthy eating regime.

£369.95 from


74 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Store It

Bring a touch of fun and luxury to the kitchen

with the brand new Tahiti Collection design

from award-winning lifestyle brand Sara

Miller London. The range of exotic designs

includes a set of 3 small storage tins featuring

playful lemurs, striking zebras and fabulous

flamingos frolicking amongst tropical foliage.

The tins are embellished with signature delicate

gold detailing and are simply bursting with


£22 from

Cook It

The new graduated green cast iron cookware from ProCook

comes in an energizing shade of classic leafy green for an

easy way to inject a pop of colour into your kitchen and echo

the botanical and tropical themes of 2020.

Built to last a lifetime with even heat distribution, ProCook

Cast Iron cookware rivals the quality of top brands like Le

Creuset and is exceptional value for money. The enamelled

interior means there is no need for pre-seasoning before use.

Our favourite piece in the range is the 28cm shallow casserole

with 3.9L capacity and tight-fitting lid, making it perfect for

slow cooking and roasting.

£69 from

Plate It

Whether you're hosting a formal dinner party or looking for a new

set of everyday crockery, the 18-piece Oslo tableware set from

ProCook suits every situation. With 6 dinner plates, 6 side plates

and 6 cereal/soup bowls, you'll have everything you need to serve

both family and friends.

Oslo tableware truly embraces the Scandinavian hygge style with

its salt and pepper look and cool grey tones. The Oslo dinner

and side plates have flat bases with a sharp vertical lip and are

complimented by gently curved bowls for generous servings of

soup, cereal, ramen noodles or whatever else you fancy.

Safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave and oven up to 260°C,

the handmade reactive glaze makes each piece beautifully

individual with interesting variances in shade from piece to piece.

£119 from

Roast It

Tala enamelware is made entirely

in England and is pressed

before being triple enamelled in

Yorkshire. This process is carried

out by a small team of skilled

experts, to ensure our enamelled

roasters deliver outstanding results

time after time. The new Tala

Indigo and Ivory Enamelled Steel

Roaster is the perfect addition to

your cookware collection.

£39.99 from Amazon

Filter It

The BRITA fill&enjoy Style Jug has

been designed with a cutting-edge

technology and filters 2.4L of water. It

features a smart LED light to measure

and notify the user when to replace

the filter cartridge. Not only avoiding

the need for single-use plastic bottles,

studies have shown that filtered water

makes coffee

and tea taste



£31 from


Amazon and

Robert Dyas

Crisp It

Sturdy and robust, the Tala

Performance Crispier Tray

features a perforated base to allow

air to circulate during cooking

crispy and succulent foods at once.

Made from heavy-duty robust

1.0mm thick carbon steel, with a

super durable non-stick coating,

the Crispier Tray will deliver

outstanding oven-baked fries and

other crispy foods time after time.

£9.99 from Amazon

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Kitchen Cornucopia


The EcoGrate Series from

Microplane® is produced with a lower

carbon footprint than plastic. Using

Microplane’s signature, long-lasting,

stainless steel photo-etched blades,

this stylish collection is beautifully

crafted in an eco-friendly bamboo

fibre frame made from sustainable,

organically grown Moso bamboo

and polypropylene resin that is

biodegradable when recycled or


The set of 4 includes a Zester, Fine

Grater, Coarse Grater and Extra

Course Grater for £67.96 exclusively

from Lakeland


The new Lavazza Eco Caps are

completely industrially compostable

capsules that when processed in food

waste recycling will biodegrade in

180 days. Unlike other compostable

capsules on the market, Lavazza Eco

Caps retain their distinctive aroma

for longer, thanks to the innovative,

“aroma safe” technology, which keeps

each capsule fresh for up to 18 months.

The Lavazza A Modo Mio compatible

capsules (in packs of 16) allow you to

enjoy the finest espresso coffee at home

sustainably, without compromising on

taste or quality.

£4.40 from

Samuel Groves

The Samuel Groves range of Ultimate Carbon pans are formed by

pressure rather than cast to create a virtually impenetrable pan.

They then undergo a further “under wraps” treatment which makes

an inherent change to the pan’s composition creating a sealed low

maintenance pan which doesn’t require constant seasoning and that

will never rust.

The Ultimate Carbon pan is about a third lighter than the equivalent

cast iron pan and it can be deep cleaned in a dishwasher. For best

results, we recommend allowing the patina and seasoning to develop

the pan's nonstick properties over time so the more you use your

Ultimate Carbon cookware the better it gets.

Our favourite from the range is the versatile 10" Chef's Pan with side

handles which costs £120.53 from


Give sparkling water fans the chance

to stay hydrated and reduce their

plastic footprint with a SodaStream

Crystal sparkling water maker. Each

sparkling water machine comes with

a 600ml glass carafe and turns tap

water into sparkling water within

seconds at the touch of a button.

On average, each machine can

help a UK household to save

thousands of single-use plastic

bottles from going into landfill

every year. Every canister makes

up to 60L of sparkling water, and

can be exchanged for a new one at

SodaStream from just £12.99.

£149.99 from

76 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Lavazza Idola

With its sophisticated design, maximum

simplicity and serious innovation, the

Lavazza Idola is a must-have for any coffee

connoisseur. The Idola satisfies everyone’s

needs with a touch interface that lets you

choose from four different coffee recipes -

Espresso, Short Espresso, Long Coffee and

Free Dose Coffee - for tailor made coffee

to enjoy whenever and however you want.

We love the Boost temperature button

which produces a piping hot espresso

with an unmistakable Lavazza aroma, for

guaranteed quality every time.

£139 from


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Reese’s Peanut Butter

Cup Easter Egg

£7.95 Harvey Nichols

Heston from

Waitrose & Partners

4 Eggstraordinary

Chocolate Hen’s Eggs

with an Indulgent

Banoffee Centre


Chococo - Gold Chocolate

Treasure Studded Egg

One is Never Enœuf

36 Chocolate Praline Eggs

£12.95 Harvey Nichols


Easter Gift


Hunt down these tasty treats this

Easter with something for everyone

including meat lovers and drinkers

Butlers White Chocolate

Easter Egg with White

Chocolate Flake Truffles

£15 Harvey Nichols

White Chocolate Elephant

£6 Waitrose

White Chocolate with

Raspberry Squiggle Egg

£7 Waitrose

Gekkeikan Sake

Kanjuku Umeshu Genshu

Plum Liqueur

£19.50 Harvey Nichols

Zymurgorium - Choc-O-Bloc Gin

& Cane Toad Ruby Chocolate Rum

£29.95 each

Selfridges &

Dark Matter

Chocolate Orange Liqueur £22

Spiced Rum £29


78 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


This beautiful leg of grass-fed

British Lamb has been partially

deboned for easy carving but with

the shank bone left in for added

flavour. The 2.4kg leg serves

at least 8 making it perfect for

Easter. Defrost in fridge overnight.

£53 from


Made with Cornish clotted cream, this

deliciously decadent Dauphinoise goes

with just about anything! Perfect as a

side dish or indulgent nosh on its own.

£16 from


This juicy free-range Pork Belly makes for a

delicious family roast, hand rolled with a fruity

pork stuffing and topped with crispy crackling.

£39 from

Easter Yumminess

Chococo Vegan Cashew Milc Egg


Baileys® Strawberries & Cream

Chocolate Egg

£10 from Asda

Almost indistinguishable from the real

thing, Waitrose Spring Lemon sees zesty

lemon flavours fuse with smooth creamy

white chocolate for a unique sweet

citrussy treat this Easter.

£3 from Waitrose

Whittard of Chelsea

Banoffee Pie Hot Chocolate

£9 in-store &

Maltesers White Chocolate

Egg With White Truffles

£10 Tesco


Salted Caramel egg

£10 Asda

Divine Chocolate

Luxury Milk Chocolate

Easter Egg

£10 Waitrose


Sea Shell Easter Egg

£8 Nationwide


JustChoc box

£5.95 each

Divine Chocolate

Luxury 70% Dark

Chocolate Easter Egg

£10 Waitrose & Ocado

Tony's Chocolonely

Easter Egg Assortment

£4.49 Whole Foods Market

Divine Chocolate

Flight of Flavours

£8 each Waitrose

Whole Earth

Chocolate & Hazelnut

Peanut Butter £4 Tesco

Firetree Chocolate

Makira Island 75%


Plamil White Chocolate

Alternative Easter Egg

£4.29 Ocado

Tony's Chocolonely

Meringue and Lemon Bar

£3.99 Whole Foods Market

Plamil So Free Organic

Milk Chocolate Bunny

£3.25 Ocado

Tesco Free From Chocolate

Caramel Egg With Buttons


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Low & No Alcohol

From Dry January to Sober October, reducing or cutting out

alcohol is becoming more popular. Here are some of our favourite

low-alcohol and non-alcoholic healthier options...

82 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Microdrink cubes enrich water with

blackcurrant and elderflower flavour

and extracts of Açaí berries for a

natural boost when you need it most.

Microdrink 12-Pack £6.99 and Bottle

£22.90 both from


Made from Herefordshire cider

apples, this award-winning lowalcohol

cider has an ABV of 0.5%.


Distillation includes hints of

coriander, sage and basil with classic

juniper notes for a solid alternative

to London Dry Gin in your G&T.

£18 from Ocado

£1.99 from


The UK’s number one alcohol free beer –

Heineken 0.0 was created by global master

brewer Willem van Waesberghe from just 4

natural ingredients with only 69 calories.

£4.50 for 4x330ml bottles from Tesco,

Morrisons, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose


This organic vegan Kombucha

comes in six mouth-watering

flavours. £2 from Sainsbury's


This alcohol-free

version of Berries

& Cherries has 10%

less sugar with 100%

recyclable packaging

£1.25 for 500ml

from Sainsbury’s,

ASDA, Amazon


£3.50 for three 330ml

bottles from Sainsbury’s,

Morrisons, ASDA, Ocado


£1.70 for 250ml from Harvey

Nichols, Fenwicks and Wine

Rack Farnham


Low Alcohol

Classic Cider

£1.30 from Tesco



£1.49 from Tesco

and Morrisons

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Ti p p l e s

Redbreast 27 Year Old

Irish Distillers, makers of some of the

world’s most enjoyed whiskeys, has

introduced Redbreast 27 Year Old, the

oldest permanent expression in the Rebreast

series. An iconic addition to the collection,

Redbreast 27 YO includes whiskey matured

in ruby port barrels from Portugal’s Douro

Valley to bring a new complexity and depth

to the collection.

Spending 27 years maturing under the

watchful eyes of the Midleton Masters,

it was Master Blender Billy Leighton

and Blender Dave McCabe who set their

sights on using a ruby port cask with the

team discovering the finest caves in the

Douro Valley to provide drinkers with a

truly unique taste experience. Bottled at

54.6% cask strength, the ruby port barrels

impart fleshy exotic fruit and red berry

characteristics with notes of toasted oak,

wood spices and treacle toffee which

complements the rich and robust flavour of

Redbreast 27 Year Old worthy of a journey

of nearly three decades.

€495 available from select whisky specialists

Kilkerran 12 Year Old

The highly anticipated 12 Year Old single malt whisky forms the

core expression from Kilkerran. Pure Campbeltown from barley

to bottle, this has been matured in Bourbon and Sherry casks, and

it’s like sipping nostalgic summer school days of a misspent youth.

Sunshine on dried out grass, custard creams, lemon drizzle cake,

Plasticine, tinned peaches, custard finger doughnuts, Germolene

on a scraped knee and maybe even the waft of smoke from an illicit


J. & A. Mitchell & Co. Ltd owns the oldest independent, familyowned

distillery in Scotland and the original founding family are

also the force behind the Glengyle distillery in Campbeltown where

Kilkerran is made. They called their new whisky Kilkerran after

the Gaelic ‘Ceann Loch Cille Chiarain’, the name of the original

settlement on which Campbeltown now sits.

£48.50 from Harvey Nichols

84 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Tomatin 1977

The 1977 is the first expression in the history of

Tomatin Distillery to be matured in a Sauternes

wine cask, resulting in an exceptional explosion

of tropical flavours. The delicate balance of

flavours has resulted in one of Tomatin’s most

incredible spirits to date, yielding just 390 bottles

priced at £3,000 each. The 1977 expression

has spent its life maturing in Warehouse 6, the

traditional dunnage style warehouse where

Tomatin’s most treasured casks are laid low

above a cool earthen floor, cared for by several

generations of the distillery’s workforce.

Decanted into an exquisite hand blown Glencairn

Crystal decanter with unique copper decoration,

this luxury bottle is presented with two glasses

(also Glencairn Crystal), a solid copper stopper,

along with a numbered certificate detailing the

remarkable journey of the whisky.

£3,000 from Harrods, The Whisky Exchange,

Master of Malt and other whisky specialists and

online retailers

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Spring Into Spirits


Tequila Rose is a tequila based strawberry cream

liqueur which has taken the world by storm. It has a

punchy taste of fresh wild strawberry with a slight

kick coming from the tequila, which gives this liqueur

the perfect balance making it not too sweet to drink

straight and perfect in a host of cocktails or drizzled

over ice cream and desserts.

£12.99 from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Amazon,


Spiced White Rum

£27.99 from


The new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple is

made from real crisp apples and apple liqueur

for a fresh distinctive flavour and approachable

taste that is truly Jack to the core. Perfect

served in a Jack Apple & Tonic

£25 from Tesco, Asda & Sainsbury's

86 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


The Top Five

Cocktail Trends

For 2020

Gaz Jones

Gaz Jones – Spirit Brand Engagement Ambassador for Schweppes –

shares his top five predictions on what to look out for this year in the

popular world of cocktail culture

2020 is here and the dawn of the new decade poses

the perfect opportunity to take a look at what the

future could hold for cocktail culture with last

year alone seeing online searches for cocktail bars

increase by 46%. 2019 was the year that we saw

various trends such as edible insects paired with

aperitifs – so what’s next? Gaz Jones – Spirit Brand

Engagement Ambassador for Schweppes – has

compiled his top five predictions for 2020 to watch

out for.


We’ve had ‘press for champagne’, and numerous

wine bars allowing you to select your grape of choice

with the touch of a button. Now, we’ll be seeing our

favourite cocktails on draft as bars look to manage

demand and ensure consistency with your top tipple.

No more waiting ten minutes for your Friday night

‘Berry Gin spritz’ – it’ll be right there ready to go

when you get to the bar.


The weird, wonderful and experimental world of

cocktails won’t slow down, but many luxury bars are

predicting a return to classic and simple cocktails –

drinks that are lighter on components, but without

any compromise on taste; a twist on a Whisky Old

Fashioned for example. Sometimes the old ones really

are the best.


We’ll see bars start to educate people more on where

their drinks have come from, sharing their locality

and provenance and taking inspiration from natural

ingredients to make them even more sustainable.

Arbikie Highland Estate has recently announced they

are looking to distil spirits with peas.


What’s more exciting than a cocktail that steams

from dry ice or receiving a beautifully crafted drink

brimming with popcorn, or your favourite sweets?

During 2020, we’re going to see a real focus on

cocktails and drinks that not only taste amazing but

those that stun visually to make for perfect content.


Botanicals and flavoured spirits are trends we’ve seen

emerge over the last few years, and they’re set to take

off in 2020 in a big way. Bartenders will be giving a

big resurgence to this botanic trend through leading

the charge with innovation, particularly within the

liqueur space.

All in all, I’d say some exciting times ahead in the

drinks world, I’m looking forward to what the rest of

2020 brings.

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 87

Tasty Tipples

The Ar t Of Imbibi ng

Westward Whiskey

Newly launched in the UK, Westward

Whiskey is the highest rated American

Single Malt Whiskey. Westward is

inspired by the unique culture, climate,

and natural ingredients of the American

Northwest. This whiskey awards a robust

and fruity aroma, with creamy vanilla

and brown sugar notes. Entry to the palate

shows baking spice, lush fruit, and sweet

malt. The finish begins with tobacco, dark

chocolate, and leather with a lingering oak

sweetness that gives way to stone fruit.

Westward is best enjoyed neat, a great gift

for whiskey lovers for Valentines Day.

£62.95 from Master of Malt

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé

From the beautifully curvaceous bottle to the charming bubbles within,

the light, graceful and red berry tasting champagne is bound to make

anyone feel as special as they deserve.

The striking and bold new limited edition safari robe has been crafted

to reflect vibrant pink hues of the champagne and enhance the luxurious

rose gold features of the iconic bottle, adding an extra touch of sparkle to

the light and graceful champagne.

The world renowned Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé is crafted using the

traditional Saignée technique and is characterised by ripe red fruits with

hints of raspberry, redcurrant, strawberry and black cherry.

Perfect to toast any special celebration, this Cuvée Rosé also pairs

effortlessly with poultry, Asian cuisine and red-fruit desserts.

£79.99 from Selfridges

Rose Rabbit Liqueur

Small batch and lovingly hand-crafted from a secret family

recipe, the new range of Rose Rabbit super-premium

liqueurs are made and bottled at award-winning familyowned

Cardrona Distillery, which is located in the beautiful

Cardrona Valley in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

The range, which has just been launched in the UK, is

available in three sumptuous flavours, including Orange,

Elderflower and Butterscotch.

Our favourite is the Rose Rabbit Orange Liqueur (47.1%

abv) - made with New Zealand orange peel macerated in

rich Cardrona un-aged Single Malt Spirit. Perfect served

neat, over ice or mixed into a classic Old Fashioned.

£57 from selected Waitrose stores,


88 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Sweet &



Barentsz Mandarin

& Jasmine Gin is £38

from Master of Malt and


Diablese Clementine

Spiced Rum is £31.95

from Master of Malt,

31Dover, Crafty

Connoisseur, The

Whisky Exchange and



Union Spice & Sea

Salt Rum is 34.95 from

Master of Malt, The

Whisky Exchange and

Benromach 15 Year Old

The Whisky Exchange's Whisky of the Year 2020 is a

lusciously rich Speyside single malt with a soft smokiness

Speyside distillery Benromach has claimed the top spot in the annual Whisky of

the Year blind tasting by specialist spirits retailer The Whisky Exchange, with

their 15 year old expression – a lusciously rich Speyside single malt, with a soft

smokiness and distinctive golden amber colour thanks to maturation in first-fill

former sherry and bourbon casks.

Keith Cruickshank, Distillery Manager at Benromach Distillery, comments:

“Benromach 15 Years Old being named Whisky of the Year is an incredibly

proud moment for the whole team at the distillery. Like all our whiskies,

Benromach 15 Years Old is handcrafted using the finest natural ingredients

and is a distinctive Speyside whisky with a subtle smoky character. The longer

maturation softens its smokiness to hints of charred smoke while developing the

wood imbued character of succulent honey, vanilla and fruit.”

£48.95 from The Whisky Exchange

Sp r i ng Si p s

1 2 3


1. Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur

£20 at Amazon &

2. Graham's Six Grapes

£15 from

3. Ginking Original Rosé

£12.99 from Marks and Spencer

4. Perlezza Prosecco Brut Spumante

£8.50 from SPAR

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SLOAN! Book Club

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams recommends

her favourite books this season from inspiring personal

development titles to the latest cookbooks

The Healing Energies of Water by Charlie


Charlie Ryrie explores the many strands of water’s journey as healer

and regulator, and talks about how we can use water to maintain and

improve our health, both at home and in the environment.

By discovering the benefits of taking spa waters for aches and pains,

receiving ‘flotation therapy’ to relieve stress and anxiety, and the

importance of water in our world, this inspiring guide connects you

with the healing power of water, something I have been well aware of

over the years through my own experiences and those of my clients.

£14.99 available on Amazon and all good bookshops.

I Can't Draw: This Book Will Prove You

Can by Lydia Crook

This is a fun and interactive workbook for all ages that teaches the

basic elements of drawing with 60 quirky art activities for beginners.

Learn new ways of looking, noticing, doodling, and squiggling with

lessons in continuous line drawing, drawing with dots, creating 3D

objects and more surprising activities such as drawing with cotton

wool and other unusual mark makers. You'll be saying ‘I can draw’ in

no time!

£12.99 published by Ivy Press

The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary by

Catherine Gray

As someone who doesn't accept average I was interested to delve

deeper into Gray's philosophy of the joy of the ordinary. Knitting

together personal storytelling and illuminating science, this book

probes great minds in neuroscience and psychology. It explodes

‘extraordinary-seeking’ myths such as big bucks means big

happiness, expensive weddings predict future happiness, high

intensity exercise is the best kind, and the workaday is less important

than the showreel. Gray's book is a manifesto on how to outwit the

hedonic treadmill and retrain our negatively-biased brains.

£14.99 published by Aster (

90 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Whisky: It's Not Rocket Science by

Mickaël Guidot

I'm a firm believer that the world and its wonders should be made

accessible to all which is why I love this new guide to one of the

world’s most popular spirits. Whether you’re a novice looking to build

your whisky bar, or a seasoned whisky-drinker who’d like to know

more about what’s in your glass, this fun, cleverly illustrated guide is

bursting with information, from how whisky is made and visiting a

distillery to tasting notes, cocktail recipes and so much more.

£17.99 published by Hamlyn (

Take One Tin by Lola Milne

This inventive cookbook is a celebration of tinned ingredients and

store cupboard staples with 80 recipes that take one tin and make it

the star of the show. It's a common misconception that tinned food is

unhealthy - in fact the truth is they can be as rich in dietary fibre and

vitamins as the same fresh and frozen foods.

This book is perfect for anyone who needs to rustle up quick and

easy meals that are as exciting as they are affordable using what they

already have in their cupboard. Forget beans on toast and say hello to

delicious dishes like jackfruit & red kidney bean chilli, Sri Lankan

mackerel curry and pineapple, coconut & lime upside down cake.

£14.99 published by Kyle Books (

The Pastry School by Julie Jones

In her new book, Julie Jones offers a masterclass in preparing,

baking and decorating pastry, from delicate tarts to comforting pies.

Renowned for her highly decorative bakes packed with bold layers

of flavour and texture, Julie is leading the pastry revival by showing

home cooks how to create delicious, beautiful bakes with step-bystep

instructions to over 50 sweet and savoury recipes ranging from

classics and crowd-pleasers to versatile vegan and gluten-free options.

In 2018 Julie won the Observer Food Monthly Best Instagram Feed

and Waitrose Food magazine has named her as one of the UK’s most

influential bakers.

£25 published by Kyle Books (

My Tasty Cookbook

The world’s only 100% customisable cookbook, My Tasty Cookbook

is designed with the Tasty fan in mind, with instantly recognisable

recipes fans know and love. I had great fun selecting myfavourite

recipes to be included in addition to my choice of personalised cover.

The unique book offers completely interchangeable chapters, which

can include Quick Eats, 5 Items or Less, Meal Prep, Mug Meals, One

Pot Wonders, Recipes for Kids, Dinner Party, Vegetarian, Desserts

and many more. If you're a fan of Tasty, you'll love creating this book.

The launch of this book from Tasty follows their hugely successful

cookbook in the US which made the New York Times Bestseller list.

£19.99 (hardback) from

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92 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams

talks to Michelin-starred chef Adam Byatt

about his life in and out of the kitchen




Your cookbook is called How To Eat

In. What’s your go-to comfort food

to cook at home?

I like to cook dishes that take a long

A time, dishes with layers of flavour

and those that are a labour of love.

It is from these dishes such as stews,

braises, curries and confits that the most

flavour can be brought to the forefront

and the most love added in.

You enjoying cooking with your

S two children, Jack and Rosie. What

advice would you give to those

cooking for young families to keep

mealtimes varied and interesting?

My amazing kids are now a little

A older, so our time together cooking

is more about teaching them the

most amazing life skill there is, which

is cookery and learning to eat and enjoy

food together as a family. It’s a time for

family bonding over a common theme,

catching up with each other and an

opportunity to share a glass, laugh, listen

to music and relax. Cooking is very

therapeutic! When my kids were young,

we would never place a large plate of food

all piled up in front of them, small bowls

of variation on the table – give them some

ownership is the trick.


They say chefs do long hours, what

is the longest you have gone without

sleep? And why?

Chefs’ hours are fairly long but no

A longer than most top lawyers or

financiers I meet. The issue is that

we work when everyone is having down

time – that’s hard with a family.

I did work a double shift at Claridge’s

once and was asked to cover a night shift

and then follow that with another double

the day after. I did that a few times. The

body is very strange after 30 hours with

no sleep. I would not recommend it or

ever do that again to be honest but back

then, thirty years ago, it never really

bothered me.

Having won countless awards

including a Michelin star and

named “one of the great talents of

London” by Philip Howard, what does

such recognition mean to you personally?

What provides meaning and importance

to your life?

On a personal level all of the above

A is meaningless, none of it defines me

as a person. All of these accolades

are me leading a team of people to

achieve great things, the team are

awarded the accolades. I am, of course,

very proud of all of it but prouder still

that my core restaurant Trinity is still

relevant, up to date and on people’s radar

after trading for thirteen years and is the

best it has ever been.

I get my sense of achievement from

seeing the team grow and progress as

individuals and steering them to succeed.

Personally, I value my time more than

money and my family more than my


Food brings people together and

S creates connection. What was

your most memorable meal shared

with family and friends? Why was it so


It certainly does and food is

A incredible in that way. I have had

so many wonderful lunches with

family and dear friends with great food

and wine, too many to mention and none

more special than the other, but I can

assure you that no one ever had a great

lunch with people they didn’t like.


What has been the highest and the

lowest moment in your life as a chef?

There are some very low and dark

A times when opening a business and

wanting so badly for it all to turn a

corner and it never feels like it will. It’s

very lonely and hard to explain. Many

people go through this, but as chefs your

work is judged every lunch and dinner,

day in day out. It’s very personal and

emotional – but in most cases it doesn’t

kill you and it certainly makes you



You’ve promoted British food in

Hong Kong and Morocco but also

enjoy travelling to experience foreign

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 93

foods and cultures. How have these experiences

inspired your cooking at home and what impact does

culinary travel have on your restaurant menus?

I travel whenever I can as I love to experience

A new food cultures from the grass roots. I really

enjoy the stories and influences generations past

have had on modern day eating. I also travel because

I worked from a young age and never really stopped.

I love the impact those journeys have had on me as a

person and on my food. I spent three weeks in Japan

and can honestly say it changed me as a person, as a

cook and how I view food.


You became an apprentice chef at 16. If your life

had taken a different path, what other job would

you have liked to have done?

I have never really thought about it and can

A honestly say I am average at most other things.

I am quite creative and love working with my

hands so at a guess something in art, gardens or the

outdoors would have suited me, but I can’t tell you

specifically what.


Away from the kitchen, you enjoy outdoor

pursuits like fishing, hunting and skiing. What

do you enjoy most about getting back to nature?

Without doubt the space and freedom. We spend

A hours upon hours staring down at stainless

steel and at white walls with a lot of noise and

hustle. Being outdoors in the country for me is pure

bliss and escapism. I get to think and enjoy my own



What new recipe have you attempted thinking it

was going to be really good but ended up badly?

Too many to mention! That process of research

A and discovery, years ago when it all started,

was so important and many mistakes were

made to create the foundation to what we have now.

Thankfully that doesn’t happen very often anymore.


An epic feast is held in your honour with all your

favourite dishes. What’s on the table?

Oh, I do hope so, and in fact I hope I’m invited!

A The feast would be full of wonderful shellfish

from the UK, slow cooked stews, braised and

decadent, and roasted joints of meat.

You are patron and key sponsor for the

S MAN&BOY charity. Why is this charity so

close to your heart? What other charities or

good causes are you involved with and how do you

give back to the hospitality sector to help the next

generation of young chefs?

MAN&BOY is a fantastic charity that

A recognises that a strong male influence in a

young boy’s life will most likely keep him

pointing in the right direction and go on to achieve

great things. Something I was privileged to have but

not everyone does. The Charity founder, Trevor, is a

very inspirational man.

Worth also supporting is Hospitality Action who do

great work to support those in the industry who have

fallen on hard times.

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Chef Life

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Fancy Crab

Located in Marylebone, Fancy

Crab has a menu built around one

very extraordinary ingredient – the

Red King Crab – and is one of the

only restaurants in London to offer

the remarkable Red King Crab. No

wonder the restaurant was awarded

Winner of the 2018 ‘Best Designed

Casual Dining Restaurant’.

A true treasure of the Northern

seas and the world’s biggest and

most famous crab, the Red King

Crab melts in your mouth, the soft,

delicious meat harvested from the

depths of the ocean. Fancy Crab has

harvested crab since 1993 working

with their own in-house specialist

team of fishermen.

The crab season is short, just three

months long from September through

December. Fancy Crab tackles the

harshest swells of the Far North to

bring you the unbridled joy of this

most sublime seafood dish.

Fancy Crab preserves every ounce

of the Red King Crab’s taste using

unique technology so that, from the

depths of that perilous ocean to those

of your satisfied belly, the fullness

of its delicacy is kept. Their crab is

never farmed and all Fancy Crab’s

recipes use seafood carrying the blue

MSC label so you know your crab is

both delicious and fully sustainable.

The Red King Crab is a luxurious,

unique delight and Fancy Crab’s

menu is a treasure for every fresh

seafood connoisseur. The Red King

Crab is not the only thing served;

you can also treat yourself to oysters,

octopus, fish or shellfish. All with

imaginative and tasty sides, designed

to complement each dish in its own


Go to to

read the full online review.

92 Wigmore St, London W1U 3RD

+44 (0)203 096 9484


for the latest



From British &

European cuisine

to the flavours of

India, Japan and

the Mediterranean,

here’s the pick of our

favourite London

restaurants right now

96 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Lanes of London

Located in the 5-star London

Marriott Hotel Park Lane, Lanes of

London restaurant and bar offers

a celebration of British classics in

a welcoming environment, with

a private entrance making it a

destination in its own right. The

unique restaurant serves a British

inspired menu using the finest

seasonal and local produce in a welcoming and relaxed environment.

Go to to read the full review.

140 Park Lane, London W1K 7AA | +44 (0)20 7647 5664

The Lampery

The Lampery, which opened towards

the end of 2017. A fresh all-day

dining destination with honest

cooking in the heart of historic

London. The restaurant has been

shortlisted for several awards in the

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

2018 including the ‘Restaurant

or Bar in Hotel’ category. The

restaurant offers a ‘Best of British’ menu inspired by Head Chef

Marcello De Stasio’s passion for authentic British cuisine.

Read the full review at

1 Seething Lane, London EC3N 4AX | +44 (0)20 7702 2020


Located in the 5-star lifestyle hotel Andaz

London Liverpool Street and listed

by Forbes as one of London’s top five

Japanese restaurants, Miyako is where the

East End meets the Far East.

This intimate venue offers an all-day

menu, to eat in or take away, designed

by Head Chef Kosei Sakamo with handrolled

sushi, expertly crafted sashimi,

teriyaki and other indigenous delicacies,

alongside a range of sake and Japanese


Go to to read

the full review.

Andaz London Liverpool Street

40 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7QN

+44 (0) 20 7961 1234

FishWorks Covent Garden

Located in the heart of London’s

theatreland, the recently opened

FishWorks Covent Garden serves

up the freshest of fish and seafood,

responsibly sourced from Devon

and Cornwall’s fish markets and

day boats. The beautiful marble

oyster bar, an in-house fishmonger

for taking a taste of the coast home

and an opulent private dining room,

makes this place the perfect dining

destinations for seafood lovers.

The á la carte menu will satisfy any

pescatarian passion. Lavish lobster

dishes, cracking crab and towering

fruits de mer platters sit alongside a

variety of classic and contemporary

fish dishes.

Go to to

read the full review.

2-4 Catherine Street WC2B 5JY

+44 (0) 207 240 4999

Copper Chimney

Pioneers of contemporary Indian

cuisine, Copper Chimney, have made

the brand’s debut in the London

dining scene with the launch of its

first UK-based site in Westfield

London this October. With 15 awardwinning

outlets across five cities in

India, Copper Chimney showcases

its signature contemporary Indian

cuisine and flavours with a global

audience. Exceptional hospitality,

expertly sourced ingredients, secret

spice recipes and the use of classic

Indian culinary techniques are at the

heart of Copper Chimney’s ethos. The

move comes as Westfield London

continues to attract independent

eateries to become a sought-after

foodie destination.

Go to to

read the full review.

Westfield London W12 7GA

+44 (0)20 8059 4439

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Bloomsbury Street Kitchen

Bloomsbury Street Kitchen is home to an exquisite

selection of contemporary Mediterranean and Japanese

small plates complemented with the finest wines, sake

and an interesting selection of signature cocktails.

The perfect setting for dinner or alfresco cocktails on

the intimate terrace, Bloomsbury Street Kitchen is also

moments away from London’s most iconic theatres,

museums and boutiques, making it an ideal place to

enjoy a relaxed lunch or pre-theatre dining experience.

Interiors take equal inspiration from Mediterranean

gardens and minimalist Japanese aesthetic. Italian

glazed porcelain tiles feature alongside exposed

brickwork, whilst herbs and plant life such as

Mediterranean olive trees and Japanese sago palms

create a dynamic atmosphere both inside and out.

Highlights on the menu include Crispy soft-shellcrab

harumaki rolls with spicy ponzu, Seared beef

tataki with truffle ponzu and a selection of mouthwatering

carpaccios, gyros and Japanese flat tacos. The

restaurant's ceramic bincho grills with smoked hoba leaf

offer a contemporary twist on a culinary tradition.

Read the full review at

9-13 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QD

+44 (0)20 7666 2044


Fallow, the sustainability focused restaurant concept,

will take over the pop-up restaurant site, 10 Heddon

Street, for a 4 month residency on 10th March. Coowned

and operated by chefs Jack Croft, 27, and

Will Murray, 26, formerly of Dinner by Heston, and

backed by Chairman James Robson, who founded

Mews of Mayfair, the 40-cover site will showcase

the culinary pair’s creative, pared-down small plate

offering. A weekly changing menu of ‘root to stem’

and ‘nose to tail’ dishes is part of the restaurant’s

concept based on the creation of individual

dishes, using the most sustainable produce and

environmentally friendly methods available. To this

end, Croft and Murray commit at least 50% of each

menu to being plant-based, with a focus on using all

parts of the animal and vegetable, in particular the

bits other kitchens would traditionally throw away,

such as chicken scratchings, veal tail and goat ribs.

10 Heddon Street Mayfair, London W1B 4BX

98 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

The Artichoke

Newly awarded with a coveted Michelin star, the

Artichoke in Old Amersham, owned and led by

Laurie Gear and his wife Jacqueline, has been a

fantastic voyage of discovery and an evolution

of innovative cooking in Buckinghamshire since

opening in 2002.

Artichoke is listed 13 th in the UK Top 100

Restaurants Squaremeal 2020 and has been included

in the Top 50 UK Restaurants Good Food Guide

since 2011 with a cooking score of 7/10 and ended

the decade on a high with the Michelin star award.

9 Market Square Old Amersham BUCKS HP7 ODF

+44 (0)1494 726611

The Black Swan

The Black Swan in Oldstead opened 13 years ago and in

this time has established itself as a destination restaurant

with rooms. Having been awarded a Michelin star in 2013

this made Head Chef and Co-Owner, Tommy Banks,

Britain’s youngest Michelin-starred Chef. Tommy has

just been awarded Local Food Hero in Observer Food

Monthly awards last October. He has also been named a

Sustainable Star in Olive Magazine Chef Awards. Black

Swan was named best restaurant in the world in 2017 by

TripAdvisor and has ranked 2 nd best restaurant in the UK,

9 th in Europe and 14 th in the world in their 2019 awards.

Oldstead, York, North Yorkshire YO61 4BL

Bobo Social

Bobo Social is making a return to the capital and

will re-open in Elephant Park on March 15th. The

modern British Restaurant was previously housed

on Charlotte Street until 2019, where Bobo secured a

legion of loyal followers who will now once again be

able to get their Bobo fix. The restaurant will focus

on sustainable, ethical well sourced ingredients.

Dishes include its infamous Peanut Butter Burger

joined by Exotic Meatballs and Braised Lamb

Croquettes with premium steaks from esteemed

South London Butcher, Flock and Herd plus the

freshest 'Market Fish of the Day' from Marrfish.

23 Sayer Street. London SE17 1FY

+44 (0)207 636 9310

The Kings Arms

The White Brasserie Company, the family of British

pubs with a French brasserie twist, has announced

the launch of its 20th site, The Kings Arms in

Gloucestershire nestled on the edge of the Cotswolds in

the village of Prestbury, on the outskirts of Cheltenham.

Opened within a Grade II listed building, The Kings

Arms has undergone an extensive refurbishment to

sympathetically restore and refresh this historic pub. The

interiors, designed by award-winning Head of Design

Inge Watrobski, feature a light, bright brasserie with

quirky garden sheds as private dining spaces outside.

High Street, Prestbury, Cheltenham, GL52 3AR

+44 (0)20 7208 4021

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A Warmer Welcome For

The Business Traveller

Following a £1.5 million refurbishment, the

Apex City of London Hotel is the ideal place

to stay on business with excellent conferencing

facilities, a stylish restaurant and relaxing rooms

Conveniently located on Seething

Lane in the historic pillar of

London just steps from Tower

Hill, Apex City of London is the

ideal business hotel for those

looking for a central location to

the financial heart of the capital.

This modern city hideaway boasts

sleek, stylish interiors and has one

of the city’s most chic destination

restaurants. For the busy business

executive travelling solo for

work, you’ll be ideally placed to

make the most of what corporate

London has to offer.

The “Warmer Welcome”

campaign is evident from the

moment guests step into the

lobby as the Front of House team

ensure that no request is too much

trouble. Reception is open 24

hours a day so there will always

be someone ready to help.

Apex Hotels are renowned

globally for their conferencing

facilities. At Apex City of

London Hotel the modern

conference centre can comfortably

accommodate up to 80 delegates

and this flexible space can be

adapted to suit a multitude of

requirements. The hotel also has

an intimate meeting room that

seats up to 40 people.

The 209-bed hotel comprises of a

range of double and family rooms

as well as a collection of luxurious

suites, each one featuring little

finishing touches synonymous

with Apex Hotels including Sky

TV and Elemis toiletries, fluffy

feather & down pillows and duvets

with crisp white bedlinen.

Bathrooms boast a deep bath in

which to enjoy a relaxing long

soak and you'll find an Elemis

pillow mist on the bedside table

– perfect for the stressed out

businessman in need of rest and


For those needing some “spit &

polish” before the next day’s big

meeting, a complimentary Shoe

Shine Service is provided by

Guest Services.

The Lampery restaurant is an allday

dining destination with honest

cooking that has been shortlisted

for several awards and offers a

‘Best of British’ menu inspired by

Head Chef Marcello De Stasio’s

passion for authentic British

cuisine. The indoor ‘terrace’ area

features a suspended foliage

canopy and The Lampery also

boasts a buzzing bar area.

On the menu are starters such as

Grilled octopus with sobrasada

aioli, smoked paprika and roasted

onions. Mains include Slow

cooked monkfish, black olive

crust, roasted peppers, toasted pine

nuts, red onion petals. For a showstopping

dessert, go for Valrhona

chocolate orange pyramid served

with mint ice cream.

In the morning, breakfast like a

king with a wonderful selection

of fresh fruit, cereals, pastries,

continental cold meats and

cheeses, Viennoiserie pastries in

addition to a variety of hot dishes

including traditional British dishes

such as Kippers with poached

eggs in addition to the Millennial

favourites like Avocado on Toast.

Read the full online review at

1 Seething Lane EC3N 4AX

+44 (0)20 7702 2020


100 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

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Meliá London


Meliá London Kensington Hotel

is a charming townhouse hotel

located on Gloucester Road just

a short walk from London’s most

renowned museums including the

National History Museum, Science

Museum and Victoria & Albert

Museum with som of London's best

shopping on its doorstep including

Harrods and Harbey Nichols.

For corporate events, there are

three spacious meeting rooms,

all benefiting from natural light,

perfect for both business events

and private functions.

The 24-hour gym has the latest

Technogym equipment and

everything that hotel guests would

need to keep fit.

Meliá Hotels International was

founded in 1956 in Palma de

Mallorca (Spain) and is one of

the world’s largest resort hotel

chains. It currently has more

than 350 hotels in 35 countries

on 4 continents. The launch in

London of SW7 Restaurant & Bar

coincides with the relaunch of the

newly refurbished Meliá London

Kensington Hotel.

SW7 is West London’s newest

dining hotspot serving an indulgent

menu of international dishes

masterminded by renowned Head

Chef, Javier Rodrigo Alviz. Guests

of SW7 can enjoy the elegant (and

certainly Instagrammable) interiors

that draw inspiration from William

Morris designs, whilst choosing

from a comprehensive drinks list

that also takes inspiration from the

famous British artist.

Head Chef Javier Rodrigo Alviz

began his career in Madrid, before

coming to London in 2014 to work

in some of the city’s most iconic

hotel restaurants, including the

Claridge’s and the Waldorf Hilton.

A desire to learn the latest culinary

techniques led Javier to join Adam

Handling’s team at Frog restaurant

in Covent Garden. From here he

took up the reins at Melia White

House last year, before transferring

across to SW7.

Highlights on the menu include

appetizers such as ham croquettes,

calamari, langoustine, and Chicken

liver parfait with caramelised

onions, apricot jam and biscuits.

Crowd-pleasing mains include

seafood risotto and meat-lovers

will be delighted with Lamb rack

with herbs and pine nut crust,

dauphinoise potatoes, spinach,

baby carrots and port reduction.

Those with a sweet tooth will

not be disappointed by delicious

desserts such as Eton Mess or


Meliá London Kensington,

formerly known as Rydges

Kensington, is a boutique hotel

in the perfect location for those

wishing to stay in the heart of

one of London's most historic


Read the full online review at

61 Gloucester Road, South

Kensington, London SW7 4PE

102 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

SW7 Restaurant

offers an exciting

fusion of


and classical

British cuisine

This boutique


hotel is located

in the heart

of South


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Rosie Nixon, Lisa Snowdon

& Donna Ida Thornton

Brian Turner CBE

Sarah Faberge &

Joey Richardson



Claire Etchell

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc Ignim

ullacca ecatqui acid

esciam, sustius,

Robert Walton MBE

Ainsley Harriott MBE

Claude Bosi

Restaurant Association Gala Dinner

On 24 th February 2020, UKHospitality and The Nth Degree Global joined together

to host the third annual The Restaurant Association Gala Dinner, Celebrating

Excellence in Food & Wine Service. The event raised £25,000 for Hospitality

Action, which works to provide hospitality workers with financial, physical and

psychological support to help them overcome adversity and get back to work as

quickly as possible.

The prestigious event was held at The Savoy Hotel in the heart of London with

104 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Celebrating excellence in

the UK hospitality industry

Angela Radcliffe and

Caroline Sciamma

Jodie Kidd &

Joseph Bates

John Williams MBE

Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger &

Brian Turner CBE

Amanda Davies

Paolina Antognetti

& John Sinnos



Robert Walton MBE

& Donna Ida

Antony Worrall


Tom Aikens

James Martin

title sponsors Mercedes, Arla Pro, Cayman Islands, Unilever Food Solutions. The Restaurant Association

Award for Services to Hospitality for 2020, designed and sponsored by Fabergé, was presented to Brian

Turner CBE by James Martin.

Top chefs and hospitality leaders attended the event including James Martin, Tom Aikens, Brian Turner

CBE, Antony Worrall Thompson, Ainsley Harriott MBE, Nigel Haworth, Claude Bosi, Matt Tebbutt,

Ben Tish, Ruth Hansom, Chris Galvin, Ashley Palmer Watts, Adam Simmonds, John Williams MBE,

Sabrina Ghayour and Atul Kochhar. VIP guests included Lisa Snowdon, model Jodie Kidd, CNN

journalist Amanda Davies, editor in chief at Hello magazine Rosie Nixon, denim designer Donna Ida

Thornton, model and stylist Angela Radcliffe and fashion designer Caroline Sciamma-Massenet.

(Photo credit: Paul Griffiths Photography and Darren Bandoo DRGNFLY Productions for the Restaurant Association)

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Amrita Acharia

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

and Gzi Wisdom

Stanley Tucci

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Aziya Aldridge-




Vanessa White

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esciam, sustius,

Donna Ida-Thornton

Eric Underwood

Alicia Routree

Gymkhana Reopens With Exclusive VIP Dinner

On 12 th February 2020, Founders of JKS Restaurants, Jyotin, Karam and Sunaina Sethi

hosted Hollywood’s A-list, British actors, fashion elite and celebrity fans for a private

dinner at Michelin-starred restaurant, Gymkhana to celebrate its highly anticipated

reopening following an extensive refurbishment. Inspired by the elite clubs of India where

members of high society socialise, eat and drink and play sport, the restaurant has been

synonymous with classic and contemporary, boldly spiced chatpatta Indian food since it

won its first star in 2014.

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celebrity fans celebrate

reopening of mayfair's

michelin star restaurant

David Grievson

& Lara Stone

Duncan Campbell




Elite &


Francesca Allen

Pietro Boselli

Ciara Charteris

& Tom York

Oliver Proudlock

The night saw guests welcomed with an intimate cocktail and Champagne reception before making their

way downstairs to the newly redesigned lower-ground floor. The VIP guests enjoyed a four-course feast,

prepared by executive chef, Jitin Joshi including some of Gymkhana’s iconic dishes.

The private dinner was part of a week-long celebration at the Mayfair destination that saw celebrity fans

come through its doors before it reopened to the public on 18 th February 2020. Past noteworthy fans of

Gymkhana include David Beckham, Ed Sheeran, Oprah Winfrey, Reece Witherspoon, Jason Statham,

Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Miley Cyrus, Chloe Moretz and James Corden.

(Photo credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Gymkhana)

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