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Accurately measure skin melanin density with the Skintel Reader developed by Palomar. The reader is for use in light based aesthetic laser treatments and works with the Palomar Icon and Palomar Vectussystems.

Rock Bottom Lasers & Cosmetic


About Us:

Vin Wells is the President and Founder of Rock

Bottom Lasers & and Cosmetic Laser Deals and

has extensive experience in the aesthetic laser

industry. Mr. Wells started his own chain of

aesthetic clinics under the brand name

Skinovative and opened his first medical spa in

Boise, Idaho in February 2001. From 2001 to

2004, the Boise location realized over a 20%

annual rate of growth, exceeding over $1,000,000

in gross revenue by years end 2004. Subsequently

in 2004 and 2005, Mr. Wells opened two

additional locations in Arizona (Chandler &

Tucson) with annualized store revenues for all

three locations exceeding $3 million by end of

year 2005.

The Elite uses Intuitive ISP technology that can

be adapted to include new treatments and

products as new trends emerge. The built-in

skin imaging camera gives clients proof the

treatments are working, and the photo

comparison feature tracks clients’ progress

visit after visit. Cordless LEDs are always ready

for use when charged in their designated USB

ports. The Elite also includes a pre-treatment

video that educates clients on their treatments

to make them feel more comfortable and

better understand expectations.HydraFacial

Elite is a non-invasive, multi-step treatment

that combines the benefits of next-level

hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel and

painless extractions with a special delivery of


Accurately measure skin melanin density with the

Skintel Reader developed by Palomar. The reader is for

use in light based


works with the Palomar Icon and Palomar

Vectussystems. Help take the guess work out of

determining correct skin type by using the the Skintel

Reader, a true advancement over Fitzpatrick skin typing

which relies on visual inspection only.Use the Skintel in

the area to be treated; it will accurately determine

melanin in the patient’s skin even when there is redness

or pigmentation involved. Practitioners take three (3)

readings in the intended treatment area, and the Skintel

will compute the average measurement which is then

wirelessly transmitted to the Icon or Vectus

laser.Treatyour patients with confidence with the


2006 Reliant Solta Fraxel Restore SR1500

Erbium Glass 1500nm Laser with Zimmer Cryo

6 Chiller; Manufactured 09/2006; Good

Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single

Owner; Reason for Selling: Retiring; Software

Version: 4.2.9; Includes: Zimmer Cryo 6 Chiller,

Key, Footswitch, Patient View Book, and 90 Day.

Fractional, non-ablative treatment for skin

resurfacing and rejuvenation.FDA 510(K)

CLEARANCES1) Photodamage2) Mild to

moderate periorbital wrinkles3) Acne

scars**Clinical publications report that Fraxel

re:store treatment provides more consistent,

successful results than any other procedure for

treating acne scars4) Surgical scars5)

Melasma6) Actinic Keratosis


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2942 N 24th St. Ste 114Phoenix, AZ 85016



Toll free: 800-794-1097





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