A Strong Immune System


The flu is commonly a winter ailment, which is always commonly found in the entire world throughout these months. There is luckily a lot you can do personally to protect yourself against the flu virus or lessen it if you are attacked.

2020 March

Costa del Sol, S.L.


A Strong

Immune System

The flu is commonly a winter ailment, which is always

commonly found in the entire world throughout these

months. There is luckily a lot you can do personally to

protect yourself against the flu virus or lessen it if you

are attacked.

Anni Dahms

Owner of the retail chain


Nurse- & Health specialist, Biopath

and Nutritional Adviser.

The flu is, as most of us

know, a virus, which cannot

be treated with antibiotics.

You instead have to take

care of yourself and get

plenty of rest and peace.

I have just landed in Malaga, coming

from Mexico. My trip involved three

different planes. I almost felt that I was

traveling on a space station, because I saw

everywhere, both among passengers and

the flight crew, people wearing respiratory

masks, presumably because of the

dangerous Corona virus, which according

to WHO is threatening the world’s

health. I did not feel any appeal to talk to

any of these people as I usually do during

these long flights. Perhaps it was because

I felt that they would rather be left alone

behind their small masks, or perhaps it

was because I felt anxious as to whether

or not I would be able to understand

them through it.

The coming weeks will most likely be

a fanfare of warnings to instill fear in us

about this virus.

because I am not quite sure how well a

mask can protect you against virus and

bacteria, but I do know how much a

strong immune system can do. I also had

a strong urge to ask what else they were

doing to improve their immune system.

The flu is commonly a winter ailment,

which is always commonly found in the

entire world throughout these months.

There is luckily a lot you can do personally

to protect yourself against the flu

virus or lessen it if you are attacked. So

perhaps you could use this time to also

do some good for yourself and your

immune system.

Maybe it was a good idea that I did

not talk to any of the people in masks,

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The flu gives you a fever, often a

relatively high one, between 38 and

40 degrees, with headaches and

pains in both muscles and joints.

Accompanying the flu is often a dry

cough and an uneasy and weird sleep

with fever dreams. It is often seen

that when the flu has passed, that

you might experience an insufferable

tiredness afterwards. The flu is spread

through the air, often by coughs and

sneezes, via the nose, lungs, and hands.

You can inadvertently infect other people,

as it is possible to spread the disease

already a day before you personally

start to show any symptoms. This

is likewise true for when your flu fever

has stopped, then you are still able to

infect people at least one day after. Be

mindful that kids can be contagious

multiple days after they have become


The Diet

When you eat basifying foods then your

health will improve immediately. Fruits

are great and healthy, but many of them

contain quite a bit of fructose. If you

have somewhat control over your internal

acid/base concentration, then fruits

are not a problem, however if this is not

the case, then you should be careful of

eating too many fruits. There are some

fruits which are basifying, such as lemon,

grapefruit, watermelon, and avocado.

The avocado is among my favorites. It

goes well in the blender and is great for

things such as cholesterol and the heart,

containing many healthy fats. I personally

think you should enjoy all kinds

of fruits, such as cherries, blueberries,

plums etc. They are incredibly rich in

antioxidants, as long as you remember

to consume plenty of base vegetables.

The most basifying vegetables are cucumbers,

celery sticks, green and red peppers,

kale, spinach, and broccoli. They

all contain proteins, minerals, vitamins,

antioxidants, and fatty acids. Please do

remember the cucumber, it is one of the

most basifying vegetables I know, and

it is really great both in your juicer and

blender, as it contains so much water. It

is really great for your skin.

It is best to have plenty of them in the

house, so you do not have to go grocery

shopping when you figure out what you

want to eat. Basic vegetables help you

combat unwanted bacteria and viruses.

They are easily absorbable by the body.

The celery also deserves a mention as

I feel that many people avoid it due to

its slightly bitter taste, but it certainly is

among the top immune system boosters.

It is especially good for things such as

osteoporosis and heart problems, it is

also cholesterol lowering.

Remember to drink plenty of water,

preferably 2 liters daily. If you have

caught the flu, then you have to be especially

mindful of getting enough water.

Many young people never drink clean

water, but instead only get the water

available in the different soft drinks.

Make sure that your breakfast contains a

healthy vegetable juice.

Avoid or lessen your coffee intake. I

have read about basic coffee, but I do not

have any experience with it. You should

rather have an herbal tea or a glass of

water with lemon. You can also drink

unsweetened soya milk or almond milk.

I discovered joyfully that the Starbucks in

the airports sell both warm soya milk and

warm unsweetened almond milk. The

latter tasted wonderfully, and I strongly

recommend it, if you want a cozy drink

without absolutely needing coffee.

To have the best possibility

of preventing different kinds

of flu viruses, is it important

to be mindful of your diet. Eat

plenty of vegetables, as it will

help you lower your acidity.

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• As always, you should prioritize a high-quality multivitamin/

mineral product.

• Good essential fats of a high quality.

• Extra vitamin-C is a necessity in these times. It is difficult to give

an exact dosage, as we all have our individual needs. I myself,

take 2 – 3 grams daily. I take a product with bioflavonoids. The

vitamin-C is more absorbable when taken together with bioflavonoids.

Bioflavonoids is also called vitamin-P. It is found

naturally in the pulp from fruits and vegetables. Vitamin-C

does, among other things, protect the body against bacteria

and viruses. If I feel that I might be getting an infection, then I

instantly increase my vitamin-C dosage. If you have been taking

a high dosage of vitamin-C and wishes to decrease it again, then

downgrade the dosage slowly, as the body adjusts to the high

doses easily.

• Many people lack vitamin-D. Having a good vitamin-D status is

also a great defense against viruses. It significantly increases the

immune system. If you are in doubt, then you can have your

vitamin-D levels measured in a laboratory. Be especially mindful

of your vitamin-D level if you are taking cholesterol medication.

• Magnesium has a great importance in the immune system. The

immune system’s T-cells needs magnesium in the formation of

“killer cells”, be especially mindful of your magnesium levels

if you suffer from diabetes. It has been shown that people with

diabetes often have lower levels of magnesium in their body.

• I have to mention the name of a newcomer called Omniimmune

from the company Biosym. It contains EpiCor, which

is an ingredient based on fermented yeast.

EpiCor can be defined as a whole food ferment, meaning that

EpiCor consists of natural ingredients in small doses, such as

beta-glucan proteins, fiber, polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids,

and many other metabolites. It is fermented in a way, where

the yeast is used to extract the many nutrients. Together with

the added zinc, is this product a good help to maintain your

immune system.

• Glutathione is formed by three amino acids, glutamine,

cysteine, and glycine. It has many protective effects and several

important functions in the immune system, as it regenerates the

immune cells. Glutathione is normally found in all cells of the

body, but there are especially large concentrations of it in the

liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. It is considered one of the

most important antioxidants, and aids vitamin-C with its work.

It is used in many anti-ageing treatments. If you take other medications,

then you should consult with your doctor before trying

out a treatment with glutathione, as other medication can react

to the product.

Prevention is always a better cure. This

was drilled into us nursing students 45

years ago, and it still holds true to this

day. It can be difficult to abide by every

day, but we have to do our best to stay

happy, healthy, and strong no matter

our age or infirmities. A great daily

exercise is to think of all the things you

can be grateful for.

Fear is our worst enemy, so force your

thoughts to see all the good things

around you, instead of always fearing

the worst. Fear affects, among other

things, digestion, and you attract what

you fear. Remember what you are

attracting. People who always speak of

disease, will invariably attract disease.

Florence Scovel Shinn writes in her

book “learn to play the game of life”,

you can only absorb bacteria, when

you are vibrating on the same wavelength

as the bacteria, and fear pulls

people down to the bacterial level.

Remember to exercise. Use the kind of

exercise you find most suited for you

personally. If you do not get any exercise

regularly, then start with a walk,

which you can quietly increase at your

own pace. If you have trouble walking

or require a bit of support, then a pair

of walking sticks can do wonders. You

can also get professional help to adjust

them correctly.

Make sure you get plenty of quality

sleep in a well-ventilated room without

your cellphone, computer, or TV etc.

Avoid sleeping pills, but instead have a

cup of chamomile tea. You could also

preferably have a bit of positive and

beautiful reading to sleep on.

Keep a good hand hygiene. There exist

many fine disinfectants for the hands,

which can be used in many contexts.

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