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Volume 2

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Mike Taylor


Phil Williams

Premier Cup entry

and the winner is…….

Editors Workbench

Another year passes so quickly and around came our A.G.M. As always it was good to see

that 22 members were able to attend the evening.

There was plenty to talk about and our Chair person (Dawn Hopley) went through a

presentation of 2019 and all the demonstrations. It is surprising when you look back, you

realise the variety and level of interest that we had. Thanks to Dawn for organising all the

events as well as being our acting Chair person.

On the financial situation, the Club is still in good shape. The average number of members

attending each meeting was up, compared to the previous year and so too was the number

of visitors. The Club had also received and accepted new applications for membership

and remains optimistic for this coming year.

The result of the competitions were : Premier Cup - Hugh Field and Challenge Cup - John


Meeting Calendar

Phil Williams

March 2020

Fri 6 th - Chris Parker - Texturing and Colouring

This will be Chris’s first visit to our Club and he hails from Lancashire. I am sure he

will get a warm welcome from MSWA as he will be demonstrating Texturing and

Colouring techniques.

April 2020

Fri 3 rd - Dawn Hopley - Mini Router Techniques

Our very own Dawn Hopley will be demonstrating the techniques

of using a mini-router to do simple lettering and drawing

with a mini drill.

Forth Coming Competitions


Challenge Cup – An Advanced Spoon, Scoop

or Kitchen Utensil

This is for Challenge Cup and will follow on from our

demonstration from Mike Taylor, whereby Mike will be

demonstrating his skills of green wood carving and turning.

The wood carving includes making a spoon and other cooking


It will be interesting to see what you come up with.


Novice Cup – A Small Platter with Texturing and/or Colouring

Following on from our demonstration from Chris Parker, we will be running the Novice

Cup competition for a small platter with your creative ideas on texturing and colouring.

Below are a few examples to inspire you.

At Our Last Meeting

Green Wood Skills, Spoon Carving,

Gipsy Flowers and Pole Turning - Mike Taylor

(February Demonstration)

Mike started his demonstration by talking about Gipsy Flowers.

Something that I am sure not many people have heard about.

It is a simple and very affective way of producing a “wooden

flower” from a small branch.

Mike started with a single pull cut,

being careful not to cut too deep and

short of the end of the branch. Then,

turning the branch and working the

same as before. After turning and

turning, building up the flower Mike

displayed the finished flower.

The more you make, the more can fill

the vase. The flowers can be coloured

or sprayed to give different effects.

Mike then went onto split a freshly

cut log to a size suitable to make a

carved spoon by using his trusty hand

axe, which he keeps very sharp and able to whittle the wood

into shape. Finally using a pull cut to shape the handle and a

very sharp carving tool to form the bowl of the spoon. As you

can see from the next photo to end up with a unique set of

kitchen utensils.

Then onto pole turning. Mike is well practised at the art of

pole turning. He owns two woodland plots which he tends and

manages from which he makes his living. He makes flowers,

shrink pots, spoons and kitchen utensil and many more things

which he sells at craft fairs and games shows around the midlands


When the piece of wood has

reached an approximate roundish

look and feel it is transferred onto

the pole lathe and as Mike treadles away so the wood starts

to take form.

With pole turning, Mike sharpens his

tools was also slightly different way to

that for a power lathe., so using a wipe board he drew and explained

the angles of grind.

Thank you Mike, for a very interesting and informative demonstration.

Members Own Work

(by Vance Lupton)

Phil Williams

From time to time, we are delighted to display the work of one of our members. It is not

only good to see what others are working on, but it also gives inspiration for ourselves.

Competition Results

Novice Cup - Any Item turned in 2019

(February Entries)

This month’s entry and winner for the Novice Cup was:-

Phil Williams

Chairman - Mike Taylor


Tel: 07860 501379

Secretary - Will Rose


Tel: 01543 490309

MSWA Contacts

Vice Chair - Dawn Hopley


Tel: 07860 501379

Treasurer - Phil Williams


Tel: 07753 416955

Membership - Vance Lupton


Members Representative

Brian Shaw

Come & Join Us

We usually meeting on the first Friday

of the month between 7:00pm

and 10:00pm. Visit our website and click on the

Meeting Calendar to confirm the


We Meet At:-

Etchinghill Village Hall

East Butts Road

Etching Hill


WS15 2LU

How to Join

MSWA encourage new members to develop their skills of wood turning.

To obtain a Membership Application Form, visit our website and click on

the Contact Us in the menu bar and download an application form.


Mike Taylor likes working with Alder Wood. If you

would like to try this hardwood or have tuition on Pole

Lathe Turning then contact Mike on 07871 994959 and

mention MSWA.

Past Chairpersons

Ken Allen

Dawn Hopley

Dawn Hopley




Peter Worrall

John Smith



John Smith

Philip Watts



Mid Staffs Woodturners Association meets on the first Friday

of every month between 7:00pm and 10:00 pm

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