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The VC ecosystem leveraging technology, community, and aligned outcomes

Introducing Consilience Ventures

Consilience Ventures was founded to intelligently accelerate growth for deep-tech startups by aligning stakeholder incentives, developing smart technology,

and building community. We are a platform of selected startup companies, skilled professional investors, and expert service providers such as exited

founders, accountants, lawyers, business developers and technical specialists. We are creating a new way of investing in and accelerating startups – more

incrementally, with less risk, more profitably, and at a lower cost to founder, investors and experts.

Consilience Ventures is something new

• An ecosystem where the benefits and returns of startups, investors, and experts are aligned;

• A network where members collaborate to create knowledge and share expertise;

• An investment thesis which favours deep-tech companies solving the planet’s biggest challenges;

• A technology platform which is gathering data which will ultimately enable us to develop new insights into startup health and growth;

• A digital asset (the Consilience Ventures Digital Share (CVDS)) which enables the exchange of value between our members and ensures the value of the

portfolio is shared by all

We are designed to find the very best in talent, to facilitate collective intelligence, and to reward all stakeholders in the Venture Capital ecosystem –

leveraging cutting edge technology and continuous improvement to create the next generation of Venture Capital.

What we’re made of :

Our network members


Our Global Expert Network (GEN) is a crucial pillar of our ecosystem. Our members are of the highest calibre and recruited via our inviteonly

selection process. We have formed a strong and diverse network that is still growing - in size, expertise, global reach, and impact

Startup Founders and Teams

We invest in deep-tech startups that are solving some of the world’s most difficult and pressing issues. Startups (and the teams that

power them) go through a comprehensive evaluation and due diligence on the road to investment, including creating a Sprint Financing

Roadmap, which is a clear roadmap guiding the critical activities which need to take place to fuel the next period of growth and progress.

Once the investment is made, GEN members will be matched with startups to work on specific Sprint initiatives.

Sophisticated Investors

Until now, the best early-stage startups lacked the full support required to achieve the strategic growth they need. Now, Consilience

Ventures open up this attractive asset class to an audience of innovative startups, savvy investors and top tier experts. By aligning the

interests of these three ecosystem players into one platform we allow them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the biggest players in

the market.

Corporate Partners

Our relationships with Corporate Partners mean improved access to client bases, discounts on products and services, and a broadened

network, all of which can help other network members along their journeys

What we are made of :

Our tools

An ecosystem currency -


Consilience Ventures Digital

Shares (CVDS) are the unit of

currency on the Platform. A

startup issues shares in

exchange for CVDS. Investors

will purchase CVDS to invest in

startups on the platform.

Experts will typically receive

payment in CVDS for their

services. CVDS will entitle

holders to all net income and

gains realised by Consilience

Ventures, on a pro-rata basis,

but typically with a vesting

period of 2 years. CVDS is the

mechanism through which we

ensure aligned outcomes

amongst our stakeholders –

via a platform based on

principles of trust, security

and consensus.

Collaborative vetting and


Startups are selected by

network members –

preselection takes place on

the platform, visible to all

members. A qualified

assessment team is then

assembled from network

members to guide the startup

through detailed due

diligence, planning, and deal


Sprint Financing Roadmaps

Sprint Financing Roadmaps

are created with the startup

management team,

identifying the areas of

strategic growth the business

needs to succeed. Companies

are financed for the next

sprint (typically 3-6 months).

Once that sprint is complete

and assessed, the next sprint

is planned in detail. This indepth

planning means our

network is truly “under the

hood” with the startups and

able to design and deliver

meaningful interventions at

the right time.

Capital as a Service model

Capital as a Service works

hand in hand with Sprint

Financing. While Sprint

Financing delivers and

supports a regular rhythm to

startup growth, there are

always opportunities and

threats which cannot be

anticipated. In these cases,

Capital as a Service provides

the extra flexibility to give

founders the agility and ability

to raise money when it’s


Business Intelligence

We are building an AI model

which will help us predict and

avoid startup missteps and

pitfalls. Within three years, we

hope to be in a position to

provide market-first data into

startup health.

Communication and sharing


In-house hosted platforms

that enable real-time

conversation with peers,

discussions on deals, working

with startups, and

collaboration. Added to that,

in-person and virtual events

exploring interesting ideas,

delving into complicated

problems, and broadening


Consilience Ventures

For Experts

We are an ecosystem – built by Members, for Members. We’ve spent two years finding and getting to know Investors, Experts and high potential businesses in order to create a

community that is aligned with our vision of startup acceleration. Our Global Expert Network (GEN) has a diverse array of professional members who are highly experienced with

startup growth and the challenges startups face. Our experts represent a variety of professional disciplines - from IP Lawyers, to Data Scientists, to PR Experts, to Subject Matter

authorities, and many more, typically with 10+ years of experience. We have our startups’ needs in mind at all times, and as our portfolio grows, so too does our need for greater depth

and breadth within the network.

Until now, top-tier professionals wanting to work with startups often found it risky, frustrating and lonely.


•Can end up working for “sweat equity”, which exposes them to the risk of seeing no return on investment

• Rarely get the same benefits as investors, even when working with startups at a comparable level of investment

• Can find it challenging to vet startup clients and maintain a good pipeline of opportunities

•Can feel isolated, without access to professional peers with experience working in other areas of startup acceleration

Consilience Ventures aims to address these issues with:

• A way to spread risk: An opportunity to tap into the future value of our complete portfolio of startups as it grows –

multiplying the value of your efforts and diversifying your risk across the portfolio.

• Access to an attractive asset class: Startup investment is frequently limited to large ticket sizes; on our platform it’s

your work that is the investment, and your work that creates the returns

• More opportunities: A marketplace for your business services enabling you to get in at the beginning with a highly

vetted group of next generation technology companies.

• A strong network: An exclusive community of peers who are available for collaboration and knowledge-sharing

• Learning: Exposure to and learning about innovative, high quality, deep-tech startups that you might not otherwise

have encountered

• Satisfaction: Knowing you are working with impactful startups to accelerate the growth and solve critical issues

How you can contribute

as an Expert

We have built an ecosystem that encourages our members to engage with the portfolio and wider community while earning CVDS at

the same time. Below are just some of the ways our experts can earn CVDS.

Recommending Startups each quarter

Introduce us to ten startups per quarter and

we will remunerate you with CVDS

Providing services to our startup portfolio

Startups issue tickets looking for specific

expertise - as an expert you will be shown

opportunities matching your profile which

you can respond to with a bid.

Opportunities will typically be remunerated

in CVDS but there is sometimes scope,

based on the nature of the engagement, to

negotiate a combination of incentives in

exchange for your services.

Assisting in startup due diligence

Working as a member of a Review

Committee to drive due diligence, using

your key industry and technical skills

In addition, you are invited to our events and meetups, and of course, we’d welcome you helping to build the network by vetting potential experts and

extending the invitation to join the network to your most trusted colleagues and experts you value.

Meet the portfolio

SIME DX is a platform company committed to

preventative, personalised data-driven medicine whose

solutions provide precise insights to doctors in decisive

moments, when rapid intervention can save a life.

Sector: BioTech

Cerebreon is developing an innovative fintech software

product targeted at the UK Insolvency sector bringing

machine intelligence to the insolvency sector, increasing

efficiency, reducing default levels and improving net

margins for all stakeholders.

Sector: FinTech

Digital Clipboard is an AI-powered client onboarding

for wealth, insurance, and mortgage advisors

Sector: FinTech

Meet a few GEN


These experts (and the approx. 120 more currently in our network) are investing their time in our startup portfolio by referring

and vetting startups, and working on specific work packages to deliver startup growth plans. Experts will be provided with

opportunities matching to their expertise and capabilities. Our ticketing system, launching this year, will automate this process as

we scale.

Through the GEN, our startups have access to talent at the top of their game that, under normal market conditions, would be

inaccessible without significant funds. Experts have the opportunity, through their work, to build value in the startups they are

working with, ultimately increasing the overall value of the portfolio.

Thomas Balgheim

Business Management

Christophe Pechoux


Mark Edwards

Financial & Business


Roger Ohan


Nim Haas

FinTech PR &


Claire Button


Guillaume Bouchard

Artificial Intelligence

Jerneja Loncar


For more information contact a member of ecosystem team

Kit Murphy

Sankalp Parupalli

For the latest news and developments, visit

Darren Rebeiro

Consilience Ventures


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