The Quest for Greatness - Sampler


This is an inspirational and fascinating fictitious novel that shows that professional sports in United States of America can be a path to economic empowerment. This novel is an indication that sports skills, hard work and good behavior are usually accompanied by a successful outcome.

The Quest For Greatness narrates a story about a man whose parents migrated to United States of America from Africa before he was born. His parents migrated to United States of America in quest of economic emancipation. His parents were college graduates in their country of origin before their migration to United States of America. It was difficult for them to make transition in America due to communication barrier and cultural differences. They came to the realization that United States of America is a conglomeration of people from all over the world with enormous diversity.

They did menial jobs to survive and put food on the table while making a transition in America. It was during this time that the professional basketball star and a politician, Tim was born. His father started teaching him how to play basketball at a young age of five which turned out to be his means of livelihood later in life. He distinguished himself as a skillful basketball player and was drafted by a United States NBA professional basketball franchise and he played for his professional team after graduating from college. He was very talented in playing basketball which resulted in his selection as a player for the United State All Star Basketball Team for several years. He diversified his activities by investing in some businesses. He became a rare gem of business colossus. He also excelled in politics as a United States Senator.

He had a successful career as a professional player, an investor and a politician. Tim's diligence, tenacity of purpose and skills propelled him to greater heights. He was a benevolent and generous person. He helped the poor and the needy tremendously.

This is an awesome and fascinating novel which you will find difficult to put down once you start reading.

The Quest For Greatness

government clinic of her country of origin. His parents had a

rough and hard life. It was extremely difficult for his

grandparents to provide three square meals daily for their

children. His paternal grandfather was a farmer and he did low

scale farming by tedious manual labor.

There were no technological innovation and advancement at

that time. Mechanized farming was nonexistent during that


His paternal grandfather, Stephen married three wives

because polygamy was acceptable in their society and not a

crime. He had several children. The number of children and

farms a person had were the criteria used to assess how wealthy

the person was during the uncivilized days.

His paternal grandfather was a very strong man and a wrestler

that made residents of his town gave him a nickname, "The Under

taker". Wrestling matches were periodically organized between

different villages in his town. His grandpa was an unbeatable

champion. He was very famous, and many people considered it

an honor to be his friend.

He was an atheist and he worshipped three deities. He had a

superstition that the gods he worshipped brought him fortune,

wealth and good health.

Many people did not believe in the existence of God during

that period, so they were not Christians until Irish priests and

other foreign priests introduced Christianity in that country.

Subsequently, people's perceptions and beliefs broadened.

Many people were converted to be Christians. They came to the

realization that they should worship only one God.

Tim's maternal grandfather was a wine tapper and a hunter.


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