WooCommerce 4 released – Here’s what you need to know!


Are you excited to unleash the features of WooCommerce 4.0, Pixlogix is here to share the latest features in the new version of WooCommerce 4.0 update.

The enhanced WooCommerce admin provides much superior reporting capabilities than prior versions of reports and facilitate comparisons,

filtering, and outline how the store is performing in terms of revenue, sales ads capabilities for better customer management and analytics,

and which products are popular/highest grossing.

PS: The previous versions of reports are not removed as WordPress will inform all the businesses and developers with prior notice before

taking any step.

WooCommerce custom development export of data from the reports has become easier as CSV enables smooth interoperation with other


Now WooCommerce theme development will become simple as along with admin a new activity panel is added with revised order

management workflow and flexibility between the desktop and mobile.

Due to the JavaScript requirements, this experience will be accessible to all stores running WordPress 5.3+. Moreover, the store’s running

older versions of WordPress will find WooCommerce Admin automatically disabled from their site.

Action scheduler 3.1

The underlying technologies that allowed WooCommerce Admin is Action Scheduler—the background job runner previously used in the

WooCommerce core. The 3.1 version that has been included in the WooCommerce 4.0 is a unique, more performing version of Action

Scheduler which uses custom tables, offering a great experience even on stores with large amounts of orders and posts in the database.

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