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Advancing the<br />

credit profession

Advancing the credit profession<br />

Welcome to the Chartered<br />

Institute of Credit Management<br />

If you are serious in furthering<br />

your career in credit management,<br />

being a member is essential.<br />

Andrew Barbaro F<strong>CICM</strong><br />

What we do<br />

As the largest recognised professional body in the world for the credit<br />

profession, <strong>CICM</strong>’s reason for being is to advance the credit profession.<br />

£<br />

£<br />

We help individuals and organisations of all sizes manage credit and maximise cash<br />

collection efficiently and professionally, in an increasingly challenging business<br />

environment.<br />

We put our members and the credit community at the centre of everything we do.<br />

As the trusted leader and expert in credit management, we provide our members and<br />

the credit community with support, advice, connections and career development.<br />

Through our work networks and collaboration with other bodies, we provide the<br />

credit profession (members and beyond) with a strong and influential collective<br />

voice to steer government policy and direction.<br />

Through a comprehensive programme of publications, advice service, conferences, events and<br />

webinars, qualifications and workshops, we keep the credit profession up-to-date and equipped<br />

to meet the demands of the crucial role they perform in modern business.

Advancing careers<br />


Why join? Your <strong>CICM</strong> membership<br />

<strong>CICM</strong> is with you all the way.<br />

Whether you are just starting out in your credit career, or are a leader with<br />

25 years’ experience, there is a <strong>CICM</strong> membership tailored to your needs,<br />

giving you the recognition your deserve and the support you need.<br />

Studying Member<br />

Affiliate (open to all)<br />

Associate (A<strong>CICM</strong>)<br />

Member (M<strong>CICM</strong>, M<strong>CICM</strong>(Grad))<br />

Fellow (F<strong>CICM</strong>)<br />

To find out more about our membership levels, and which<br />

one is for you, go to our website cicm.com/membership-types<br />

or call us on 01780 722900.<br />

I have been able to connect with<br />

so many people across varied<br />

industries, but all working towards<br />

the same goal.<br />

Molly Kane A<strong>CICM</strong><br />

Join today<br />

Enhance your knowledge, credibility and earning potential.

Advancing skills<br />

The <strong>CICM</strong> Credit Academy:<br />

The <strong>CICM</strong> Credit Academy delivers internationally<br />

recognised qualifications and training.<br />

Choose your subject:<br />

Credit and Collections<br />

Money and Debt Advice<br />

Enforcement<br />

Choose your level:<br />

Level 2: the fundamental skills and knowledge for credit<br />

professionals working in operational roles.<br />

level 3: the benchmark for credit professionals working in<br />

senior operational roles.<br />

Level 5: for those working in or aspiring to credit and<br />

collections management, strategic/managerial level.<br />

<strong>CICM</strong> Qualifications:<br />

Enhance your professional career, credibility, earning<br />

potential and credit knowledge by studying for an<br />

Ofqual regulated <strong>CICM</strong> qualification.<br />

The Credit Academy offers study methods<br />

to suit all learning styles and budgets.<br />

For more information, go to our website cicm.com, or<br />

call us for a chat on 01780 722900. Our friendly team are<br />

here to help.<br />

Elizabeth Lack A<strong>CICM</strong><br />

I have enjoyed studying <strong>CICM</strong> qualifications so<br />

far and will continue to do so to reach Level 5.<br />

The communication with <strong>CICM</strong> has been perfect;<br />

if I have any questions or queries, they are<br />

always answered professionally & promptly.<br />

Peter Haigh (Studying Member)<br />

It really is a worthwhile course and<br />

it has really helped develop myself<br />

personally, and I can bring the<br />

knowledge I’ve learnt into my day-today<br />


Advancing skills<br />


Training:<br />

The Credit Academy delivers training to organisations<br />

worldwide for an immediate impact on performance.<br />

Topics covered:<br />

All levels and functions of credit management and<br />

collections, including:<br />

Credit Control & Collections | Credit Risk | Litigation | Financial<br />

Export | Management | General Business | Industry Specific<br />

Our programmes can be tailored to ensure they are relevant to your business<br />

needs and objectives. Our expert trainers are specialists in their field, and<br />

ready to share their knowledge and experience, tips, tools and techniques to<br />

improve the effectiveness of your team.<br />

I believe the knowledge hub is a great<br />

support for anyone willing to improve<br />

and hone their skills in our industry.<br />

Massimo Lepri M<strong>CICM</strong><br />

Apprenticeships:<br />

Receive funding from the government<br />

to help train your credit apprentice. You<br />

do not need to hire a new member of<br />

staff to benefit from the apprenticeship<br />

programme, it applies to new and<br />

existing employees and are a great way<br />

to grow talent within your organisation.<br />

Talk to us to find out more<br />

call 01780 722900.

Advancing best practice<br />

Working with organisations:<br />

The support you need and the recognition you deserve<br />

<strong>CICM</strong> Training: Covering all credit topics, delivered by experts, linked<br />

to <strong>CICM</strong> qualifications and tailored to your needs.<br />

Development Partnerships: Whatever your organisation size, we<br />

have a partnership offer to develop your credit capability and<br />

effectiveness. We will find the best development solutions for you,<br />

and tailor our offer accordingly, recommending the right mix of<br />

informal and formal development for teams and individuals.<br />

<strong>CICM</strong>Q: Formal recognition of your organisation’s commitment to<br />

quality, continuous improvement and best practice in all things<br />

credit. Gain the award, certificate, a comprehensive consultation<br />

report and access to the exclusive ‘<strong>CICM</strong> Best Practice Network’ of<br />

<strong>CICM</strong>Q organisations.<br />

Centre of Excellence: Our highest accolade, we award this<br />

accreditation to organisations who meet criteria based on best<br />

practice, continuous improvement, a continuing professional<br />

development culture and your contribution to the credit community.<br />

-<br />

B<br />

<strong>CICM</strong> Training<br />

Development<br />

Partnerships<br />

<strong>CICM</strong>Q<br />

Centre of<br />

Excellence<br />

How we can<br />

work with you<br />

and your<br />

organisation<br />

Work with <strong>CICM</strong> at organisation level to benefit from:<br />

<strong>CICM</strong> education specialists to recommend pathways, and review progress<br />

Significant savings on <strong>CICM</strong> programmes and individual membership<br />

Opportunities to set/reinforce quality standards<br />

Access to online learning, resources and workshops<br />

Boosts to morale and higher staff retention<br />

‘‘<br />

The Chartered Institute of Credit<br />

Management has been an<br />

active part of my biggest career<br />

successes.<br />

Steve Thomson F<strong>CICM</strong>

Advancing connections<br />


Qualifications<br />

.<br />

Business news<br />

and industry<br />

updates<br />

ó<br />

Credit<br />

Management<br />

magazine<br />

Webinars<br />

Make the most of <strong>CICM</strong><br />

and your membership.<br />

!<br />

,<br />

M<br />

$<br />

Member<br />

Advice Service<br />

-<br />

Apprenticeships<br />

Mentor<br />

service<br />

B<br />

Case<br />

studies<br />

My membership has enhanced my<br />

profession in a job that I love and I<br />

am passionate about.<br />

Laural Jefferies F<strong>CICM</strong><br />

Tailored<br />

training<br />

elearning<br />

<strong>CICM</strong>Q<br />

Knowledge<br />

Hub<br />

K<br />

P<br />

s<br />

Benevolent<br />

fund<br />

Local<br />

events<br />

Workshops<br />

Thought<br />



01780 722900<br />

info@cicm.com<br />

www.cicm.com<br />

Chartered Institute of Credit Management<br />

The Water Mill, Station Road, South Luffenham<br />


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