KALTBLUT-HONK! 01 Schizoprenia

issue #01. Published 15.01.2011 by Marcel Schlutt & Nina Kharytonova. Art, Fashion, Music and Photography. Artists: Mats Udd, Nico Icon, Brice Hardelin, Chantal Henken, Eastman, Jon John and many more All Copyrights @ The Artists! Berlin 2012 www.kaltblut-magazine.com

issue #01. Published 15.01.2011 by Marcel Schlutt & Nina Kharytonova. Art, Fashion, Music and Photography. Artists: Mats Udd, Nico Icon, Brice Hardelin, Chantal Henken, Eastman, Jon John and many more All Copyrights @ The Artists! Berlin 2012 www.kaltblut-magazine.com


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Marcel Schlutt Brice Hardelin Nina Kharytonova Stephan Springer Amanda M. Jansson Nico Icon


Polys Rico Mahel Manuel Fröhlich Alexander Weber Mats Udd Dirk Hoffmann Haniball Saliba

Claudio Alvargonzalez Jon John Fatih Alasalvaroglu Slava Mogutin Christo Mitov Rochelle Lamanz

Pascale Jean-Louis Kaey Asha Mines Chantal Henken Zsu Szabo Emma K. E. Jones Eastman wt. Neve

Marcel Steger Haikal Noyes Steev Lemercier Silvio Hauke Nicolas Simoneau Daniel Ellmenreich

Shel Fuller Anton Z Risan Coverphoto by Pascale Jean-Louis Model Jan Burchard










Schizophrenia is an illness.

The first signs of schizophrenia often appear as

confusing, or even shocking, changes in behavior.

Hallucinations and illusions are disturbances

of perception that are common

in people suffering from schizophrenia!

Stop talking to me!

You are not me!

People with schizophrenia may have perceptions of reality

that are strikingly different from the reality seen

and shared by others around them. Living in a world distorted

by hallucinations and delusions, individuals with

schizophrenia may feel frightened, anxious, and confused

Are people with schizophrenia likely

to be violent?

I need to die....











Chief Editor

Marcel Schlutt


Christo Mitov, Polys, Amanda M. Jansson, Stephan Springer,

Nina Kharytonova, Kaey, Claudio Alvargonzalez

Production assistant

Silvio Hauke, Nicolas Simoneau


Shel Fuller, Drew Eastman, Anton Z Risan


Haikal Noyes, Marcel Schlutt


Rico Mahel, Rochelle Lamanz, Stephan Springer


Asha Mines, Amanda M Jansson, Brice Hardelin, Pascale Jean-Louise,

Manuel Fröhlich, Marcel Schlutt, Marcel Steger, Emma Elina Keira Jones,

Nico Icon, Slava Mogutin, Dirk Hoffmann, Zsu Szabo, Haikal Noyes

Web design

Nicolas Simoneau, Daniel Ellmenreich

Published by

Marcel Schlutt & Nina Kharytonova

HONK! is based in Berlin


car “honks” – “Watch Out! Here I am.”

HONK – the word in German has a very different

meaning than in English. In Germany, there are usually

people who are just as stupid as the meaning of the word

but also freaks, nerds, and anyone who is different are

included in this definition. In the U.S., honk is like when a

So there is no better word than HONK for a new magazine. Our

magazine is for anyone who is different – for people against the

grain. We do not want to revolutionize the magazine world, we just

want to share our world. Honk will appear quarterly with each issue

focusing on a different theme. The theme of the first issue is Schizophrenia

- Revenge of the Nerds. We have invited artists on a global

scale to address this topic. We want to give young artists a platform

to present their work to a larger audience and to share in an exciting

project with us.


We want to catch the urban trap.

In our magazine, we will feature a lot of photography with the simple focus on the total image.

Fashion, Art and Media will also be highlighted in HONK! And to the makers of these worlds:

“Take it easy! It’s just fashion and art. Not the reinvention of fire.”

In 2011, we want to present exhibitions, movies and many other exciting projects focused

around the magazine.

The team around HONK! has years of experience in this arena and in the unique direction in

which we plan on going. Now is perfect time to stand up on your own two feet.

HONK! is made in Berlin, Germany but we are actually made for everyone out there!

We want to inspire our readers with charm, excellent work and lots of fun. We look forward to

all of the new tasks coming our way in 2011 and hope that you have as much fun viewing our

work as we had creating it.

Enjoy the first issue of HONK!















Electronic Schizophrenic

Photos by Brice Hardelin

Bucoli Nerds

Photos by Amanda M. Janssen

I hate myself

Artwork by Nico Icon


by Rico Mahel

Lords of the beards

Photos by Manuel Fröhlich

We’re 3

Photos by Marcel Schlutt


by Slava Mogutin

3AM Still Walking

by Asha Mines




A ballad of beauty

by Szu Szabo



I feel shot

Photos by Haikal Noyes









The sooner you start the therapy...

Interview with Dr. Sharif Bahir

Split my mind

Intellectual decision-making vs. gut feeling

by Stephan Springer

It all came ex nihilo

by Rochelle Lamanz

Claudio: A letter from Madrid

The X-Insider

Revenge of the nerds

by Christo Mitov













Photos by Dirk Homann

A man should wear

A woman should wear


Interview with Fatih Alasalvaroglu

Werther 2.0

Photos by Marcel Schlutt & Pascale Jean-Louis

Fashion Blogs? Boring Ego Trips!

by Kaey


Photos by Marcel Steger

Must have











Who the hell is Madonna?

Music reviewed by Polys

Mats Udd


Heeeeere’s Johnny

Movies discussed by Claudio

Politically incorrect, sarcastic and kinky

Interview with Jon John

Chantal Henken


KW Berlin - A good place for art

Eastman with Neve


Steev Lemercier and the Lala By


What Where When






Photos by Brice Hardelin


Electronic accessories Cyril Del

fluorescent wall installation Anne-Flore Cabanis

Headphones beats solo HD Dr Dre for Monster

Models Philippe and Sarah-Laure









sooner YOU







Interview with Dr. Sharif Bahir

by Nina Kharytonova

& Stephan Springer

Illustration by Laris Ca

Schizophrenia is a mental illness. Each

of us can get it. But what are the triggers?

What do I need to do if I think my

partner is schizophrenic?

We have so many questions to ask, that’s

why we met Dr. Sharif Bahir, a doctor of

psychiatry at the Charité University Hospital/


HONK!: How important are mental diseases

in our society and does humanity even need


Sharif: Mental disorders currently occupy first

place in the common diseases and schizophrenia,

a very important disease in psychiatry.

This disease is relatively common. According

to recent statistics it is affecting 1 person out of

100. Accordingly, in Berlin alone there should

be around 35.000 sufferers of the disease.

It is this is a basic mental disorder whose


symptoms impact thought, perception, feeling

and experiencing the self.

Schizophrenia occurs regardless of race, gender,

cultural and social backgrounds and theoretically

can affect any of us and not only the

quality of life of the patient is severely restricted.

Ok. Does this mean that everyone who suffers

from a mental disorder is automatically a


No, not at all. The range of mental disorders

is very broad and schizophrenia is only one of


Leading the way is the so-called ICD 10 catalog

(international classification of diseases in it’s

10th edition) for all, to date known mental illnesses.

They are all listed here.

The WHO (World Health Organization) created

this catalog and it offers an overview of

mental illnesses, such as addiction (and not

just the usual drugs and alcohol addictions),

dementia, depression, eating disorders, ADHD,



anxiety disorders, various manias and the

already mentioned schizophrenia. There are

different stages of the illness and some go hand

in hand with each other, it complicates the

classification of course immensely.

How do I notice myself whether I suffer from

schizophrenia? I have heard that for people

with this disease it is difficult or even impossible

to recognize their delusional state as

such and to distinguish it from reality.

Sharif: To answer that, I must first point out

one very important difference. There is psychosis

and there is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia

itself is characterized that in at least one or

more times in the life of the patient psychotic

conditions occur so do psychoses. This illness

is composed of several parts and one of these is


What most people know about schizophrenia

is the classic notion that acute psychosis is

accompanied by delusions, such as Paranoia

and hallucinations. But there are delusions

and hallucinations because of other mental illnesses;

they are not necessarily conclusive for


What I’m saying is that the boundaries between

the diseases are more elusive and one

should always consult a specialist for advice

before making an even devastating diagnosis

yourself or even some form of treatment begins.

A sure sign that something is wrong, are

the already mentioned psychosis, especially

if they are repeated and accumulate. Here I

would also appeal to family members, because

the sufferers themselves cannot recognize the

condition as such. You should definitely be

on the look out for social problems, integration

problems but also apathy and cognitive

disorders such as problems with language and

thought processes one should not fear in any

case to visit a psychiatrist. The sooner the disease

is detected, the better it can be treated.

Are there any preventive tests? Can I check as

a healthy person if there is a potential risk?

Unfortunately there is no accurate test for it.


is nothing more THAN A


in the brain .

But in an interview with a specialist it can be

assessed if you might lean towards mental

illnesses or be at risk of any due to a stressful


Retrospectively one can usually pinpoint pretty

well when the illness broke out, and what factors

were responsible. In any case, count cannabis

users to a higher risk group.

They suffer more likely from it and the development

can be more serious.

Especially dangerous here is the young age.

Namely between 20 and 35.

Everyone has a certain personal limit, after

which excess they may well develop schizophrenia.

This can be caused by stress, overwork, and

even consumption of psychedelic drugs.

Are there really gender specific differences?

Not Really, but it has been found that men

have a more aggressive course of the illness,

while women suffer in silence with their illness.

Schizophrenia may well bring physical

impacts, such as musculoskeletal disorders and

problems in the patient’s sex life.

Ok, after a successful diagnosis usually follows

the therapy. What does this entail?

Schizophrenia is nothing more than a metabolic

disease in the brain. Depending on the

strength of the disease, the therapy will be

individually adjusted and combined for the

patient. This consists of medical therapy, but


also talking and occupational therapy

are an important part on the road to


Music, relaxation exercises and a

stable environment and can in any

case help make this recovery much


The therapy can take several years

and one should not rush things and

on no account bet on quick success.

Because patients may have a relapse

when therapy is not completed, even

triggered by trivial things.

Most of the patients go into treatment

voluntarily, in particularly serious

cases, however, the compulsory

treatment is recommended. Family

members may apply in court for

compulsory treatment and submission

into a clinic.

Can you protect yourself from this

disease or illness in any way?

As with all other diseases or illnesses

a healthy lifestyle is always helpful.

Staying clear of psychedelic substances

could help avoid that crossing

that particular line mentioned earlier. Also,

avoiding stress, overworking, pressure, and

everything the modern lifestyle brings with it

may well be helpful. Also: “Take it easy!”

Let us take a brief summary of the whole issue.

What would you like our readers to take

away from this?

In any case, be not afraid to visit a specialist.

Investigate even the smallest signs of possible

psychotic disorder however light they might

be. Cannabis users should, due to the increased

risk to be more watchful and at the smallest

sign seek the help of a specialist. Schizophrenia

is curable! The sooner you start the therapy,

the higher the chances of a full recovery.

Incidentally, it is believed that more than half



of our neglected citizens living on the streets

and begging might be suffering from schizophrenia

and their treatment have failed or

the disease was not diagnosed at all and so no

actions where taken to get them the treatment


So the next time you meet a homeless person,

who might be confused or talks nonsense, do

not dismiss him or her immediately, because

they might probably be very sick and need urgent

help, or at least your compassion. ●





Photos by Amanda M. Jansson

22 BUColiC NErDS




26 BUColiC NErDS




it’s a







Artwork by Nico Icon









the hell is


Music reviewed by Polys

His taste in music is legendary in Berlin.

No dance floor is safe!

He loves music and music loves him!

Now the top of the top of Polys playlist!




Interpret: Jonna Lee

Album: No Album

Genres: Electronic, Alternative, Dream Pop,


• A music and multimedia project of the Swedish

singer-songwriter Jonna Lee

• My personal music highlight of the year 2010!

• No album released yet, only singles (only

available on iTunes and Amazon)

• Dec. 2009 -> first clip on youtube

• Viral campaign begins

• Big mystery about who this viral electronic

artist is.

• Speculations included Lady Gaga, Christina

Aguilera, Little Boots and even Gwen Stefani….

Fortunately none of them is the mysterious


• The project currently consists of three series

of videos and a feature length concert video.

• The disturbingly gorgeous artistic videos with

the dark and mysterious electro beat tunes and

the unknown’s sense-stimulating vocals,

in combination with the creators’ leveraging of

social technology (YouTube) and phenomena

(viral videos, crowdsourcing) makes iamamiwhoami

to the best and most underground

marketing machinery the Swedish musical

industry has created this year.

• Jonna Lee proves with this project that the

originality ad creativity in the music industry is

not yet dead as long as artists like her surprise

us with such masterpieces!

• I wish, i could move into her voice! I’d pay rent!

• Nominated for the Grammis 2010 -> “Innovator

of the Year”

•Favourite track: y


between melancholy and bouncy

sounds, creating this way a compact

album that like the Sigur Rós albums

is highly addictive!

• The album was sung mainly in

English, making a change from the

majority of Jónsi’s previous work,

which was sung mainly in Icelandic

and Hopelandic

• Favourite track: Boy Lilikoi


Interpret: Jónsi (Jón Þór Birgisson)

Album: Go

Genres: Baroque Pop, Post-rock, Ambient

Label: XL Recordings, Parlophone

• Go is the new studio album of the Icelandic

music-genie Jón Birgisson, frontman of the

band Sigur Rós.

• The composer is Nico Muhly. The album

was co-produced by Jónsi, his boyfriend

Alex Somers and Peter Katis.

• I always say that the best music comes

from Iceland and Sweden (my personal


• For me is Jónsi (beyond Her Majesty

Björk) the living proof for that!

• This guy is a music-magician!

• Jónsi’s distinguishing characteristic is an

innocence delivered through peppy indie

music that helps make emotions sound


• His voice is one of modern music’s most

readily identifiable instruments that ties

every time the human throat in knots.

• During the entire album Jónsi changes


Click for Polys’ Playlist




them combined in a very creative, inspirational

and attractive manner, proving that if you have

the talent, you can create some really nice music

by mixing different styles you thought they

would never match together!

• Hope to hear soon more from aMinus

• Favourite tracks: Army of You, My Mind’s




Interpret aMinus (Valentin Plessy)

Album Almost and Maybe

Genres Electronic, Pop

Label Zingy (only digital on iTunes)

• Debut studio Album of Valentin Plessy

• His first solo Project beyond the boundaries

of his electro-punk band Plateau Repas

• Name “aMinus” inspired from the American

Grade system ->A- = Almost perfect

• 15 fresh and kinky songs with strong provocative


• Clearly showing influences from synth pop,

funky house, minimal, 8bit and more… All of

The irrepressibles

Interpret The Irrepressibles

Album Mirror Mirror

Genres Alternative, Orchestral, Chamber Pop,

Ambient, Soundtracks, Filmmusik

Label V2 records

• First studio album of the orchestral ensemble

“The Irrepressibles”

• The ensemble consists of ten very talented musicians

led by the composer Jamie McDermott.

• As a group, they have been compared to, and

cited influences from, David Bowie, Kate Bush,

Antony & the Johnsons and Bonzo Dog Doo-

Dah Band.

• “Mirror Mirror” is an album fully charged

with musical surprises and a wealth of touch-


ing emotion which McDermott’s voice projects.

• The mood switches between triumphant and

withdrawn, almost as scenes in a play and

this theme of rapidly changing feels continues

through the entire Album

• The time for the rise of the Irrepressibles is

surely upon us.

• For lovers of fine music!

• Favourite track: In this shirt

it suitable for every season of the year. Either

when staying in on a rainy autumn day or lying

on the green meadow on a warm sunny day

you are definitely gonna enjoy this 11 heady

and stimulating songs.

• Phantogram may not be the pioneers in this

sound, but they sure have carved a path that

should be followed.

• Favourite track: When I’m Small


Interpret Phantogram

Album Eyelid Movies

Genres “street beat, psych pop”, Electronic rock

Label Barsuk

• an American trip pop duo from New York,

consisting of guitarist Josh Carter and keyboardist

Sarah Barthel

• Eyelid Movies -> debut Album

• Played as opening acts for Metric, The xx,

Brazilian Girls and many more

• In interviews, the band has described their

unique dance-friendly sound concisely under

the genre of “street beat, psych pop.”

• Phantogram created successfully a multifaceted

and atmospheric album. It can be

interpreted versatilely and that is what makes


Interpret Zola Jesus

Album Stridulum II

Genres Experimental, Avant-garde, Electronic

Label Sacred Bones Records

• Real name: Nika Roza Danilova (21)

• An opera trained singer from the USA

• Stridulum II -> a dark masterpiece

• Industrial-tinged power ballads

•(Gothic evocations and oblique and grittily

anthemic approaches to song)

• Her voice is the deadliest weapon in her arsenal

• Deep, dark, tortured, theatrical, religious vocals

•Supported Fever Ray (Karin Elisabeth Dreijer


•Favourite track: Night



Photos & Text by Rico Mahel


The title “σῶμα” (soma) is a Greek term,

which refers to the physical human or

animal body. My starting point for this

project on schizophrenia, which has a

lot to do with psychological borders, is

humankind and its own self-image.

And as we all know, the body is related

to the psychological condition.

Consciously I used this Greek title as my work

is based on the highly developed physical culture

that arose during classical Greek history,

where men were regarded as the likeness of the

Gods and the human body was idealised by its

physical appearance.

But what happens when these rules and standards,

these borders are corrupted and man

becomes so alienated that he is almost unrecognisable?

Here the viewer has to break

through his own boundaries and abandon his

ideals to get access to a world where men and

animals no longer exist.

How do people think they look like when their

psychological health is so endangered that they

get vulnerable to every kind of environmental


Pull down the mask. What do you see? Isn’t the

humankind an ugly species - inwardly?

When borders become blurred or invisible, human

models melt and cool down to a new state.

Evolutionary borders are ruptured to create

something new. The adnate or hybrid creature

may be part of the world not yet seen, as our

eyes and recognition catch up to this evolutionary







Help me!

I´m not alone....Please





Suicide is a serious danger in people who

have schizophrenia. If an individual tries

to commit suicide or threatens to do so,

professional help should be sought immediately.

Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling

brain disease. Approximately 1 percent

of the population develops schizophrenia

during their lifetime more than 2 million

Americans suffer from the illness in a given

year. Although schizophrenia affects men and

women with equal frequency, the disorder

often appears earlier in men, usually in the late

teens or early twenties, than in women, who

are generally affected in the twenties to early

thirties. People with schizophrenia often suffer

terrifying symptoms such as hearing internal

voices not heard by others, or believing that

other people are reading their minds, controlling

their thoughts, or plotting to harm them.

These symptoms may leave them fearful and

withdrawn. Their speech and behavior can be

so disorganized that they may be incomprehensible

or frightening to others. Available treatments

can relieve many symptoms, but most

people with schizophrenia continue to suffer

some symptoms throughout their lives; it has

been estimated that no more than one in five

individuals recovers completely. ●






Photos by Manuel Fröhlich

Concept Alexander Weber

Styling Susann Bosslau

Make up Nicole Seifried

Hair/Beards Alexander Weber






Photo/Artwork & Interview amanda m. Jansson


He is a slightly odd music video director,

living in Stockholm, enjoying

knives, thinking through the box-out

of the box-and over the box, piling up

films, and collecting books he never has

the time to read. (Notable work: First

Aid Kit - Ghost Town, Jonathan Johansson

- aldrig ensam, Familjen - det var

jag, Joel Alme - if u got somebody waiting)


Why would you say you classify as a nerd?

For me nerds have always been something

good. And it was nerds I

hang out with during my school days and to me

they stood for something interesting, because

they took their interests seriously, and I guess

that’s what makes me a nerd today. I cannot do

anything half-heartedly. I was a nerd when I

collected hockey pictures, I was a geek when I

was listening to Nirvana and gathered all bootlegs

and I am a geek today when I make videos.

I go very much into the details, use references

that only one small group of people understand

and I love it.)

Do you believe there was an event in your

life that made you into an oddball?

I remember quite clearly when I stopped adjusting

myself and began ignoring what other

people thought. I was in high school, had

played hockey for years and I got to the point

where I got tired of living up to somebody I

was not. So I decided to do something that

no one at school understood. Practically, we

had just then a cabaret that I joined. I did two

things there. I did a piano with the help of radio

waves, and I broke a TV on stage, smashed

it down. After that everyone knew who I was

but it was so fine when I realized I stopped caring

about other people’s opinions. That I have

brought with me later in life, I determined to

make videos that people did not know they

wanted to see. So after the years in high school

I stopped being afraid of people thinking I was

an oddball.

Do you believe in revenge? Have you or did

you ever wanted revenge?

I do not know if I really believe in revenge, but

a successful revenge is amazingly beautiful. I

never wanted revenge on any person, however,

just the city I grew up in. I always wanted to

prove I could do something much bigger than

the city. That I somehow did not want to be

that person who stayed behind. During my

high school period, there was a guy who felt

very bad about my makeup.

One time he came up to me and said I was ugly

and then he poked me in the eye, the day after

everyone thoguht that he had beaten me down.

I never took any revenge, but a few years later

I was told that he beat his girlfriend and I even

believe that he was convicted for murder a few

years later. Nature’s revenge.

i kNow ThiS SoUNDS

prETTY SillY

BUT i gET amaziNglY grEaT

iNSpiraTioN aND iDEaS

from DrEamS .

In revolting what is your weapon of choice?

As a joke, I started calling myself Mats knife in

my high school period. After Nick Lowe’s album

Nick the Knife, which in turn took it from

Mack the knife. I thought it sounded amazingly

stupid and I liked it. I liked the idea of questions

why I used The Knife and the answer is:

“I am quite good at knives.” So it would be foolish

if I chose a different weapon, other than just



knives. Although I like it when things explode

or burn. Flamethrower as well - what a fantastic


What kind of people do you dislike?

I’m not a hateful person. I’m not trying to dismiss

anyone, but I am uninspired by the man

who wakes up when he’s 55 and realizes he did

not even try to fulfill the dreams he had when he

was 25 years old.

What makes you angry?

But what makes me furious right now is that the

Swedish people have voted for a racist party in

parliament. I do not know what is wrong with

people. I get angry at people who discriminate

in other people due to their skin color, gender

or where they come from. I get angry at people

with huge Dollar signs in their eyes. What ever

happened to kindness?

Where do you seek inspiration?

I know this sounds pretty silly but I get amazingly

great inspiration and ideas from dreams.

I do not dream very often but when I do, I try

to take advantage of it. I have often difficulty to

force myself to find inspiration, but it helps a

lot to travel with loud music in the headphones.

Doesn’t matter if I walk, go on the metro, car, bus

or plane - I need the landscape passing by outside

the window. At worst, I can do things that

I know works to find inspiration - like watching

a very good movie, listen to music that I know

gives me inspiration or just get very drunk.

If you were to direct a film on your life who

would you pick to play yourself and why?

In the movie of my life, there are three candidates

will be merged for the role of Mats Udd

(I would of course prefer that it was a movie

where the great Mats Udd was being played by

different actors). The three are Vincent Gallo,

Peter Sarsgaard and Casey Affleck. Typical Oscar

material to let three beautiful men play a

right ugly historical person haha. “Historical

Person” Gee.

i woUlD havE


mY lifE for

kUrT CoBaiNS

If you could trade places with a person, dead

or alive, for a week who would it be and why?

Difficult. I would have exchanged my life for Kurt

Cobain’s, mostly because he meant so much to

me during my childhood. But I guess I would if I

had the chance, take a more historical figure or

a more historic moment. I probably would have

liked to hang around in the Stockholm Bloodbath.

I mean 82 people will be beheaded in

the middle of Stockholm. It teaches and it will

never ever happen again - thank goodness. But

an opportunity like that, somehow it would be

inspiring to have been involved in it..

If I peaked into your refrigerator right now,

what would I find?

Since I have almost not been at home the past

month, you will not find more than the essentials.

Sourmilk, fresh juice and a few cans of organic

beer. In theory I love the idea of having a

well stocked refrigerator, but that’s not so fun

after a week when you do not have time to touch

anything there in. ●





Ut !

Photographer Dirk Hoffmann


Concept / Styling / Production Haniball Saliba


Hair and Make up Sofie Ühla


Model Natascha @ Seeds



ShoUT !

Jacket Minimarket

T-Shirt Wood Wood



ShoUT !

Dress Aq1.

T-Shirt Motel

Socks Wellenstein



ShoUT !

Jeansjacket Cheap Monday

T-Shirt Levis

Troussers Aq1.



ShoUT !

Top Wood Wood

Hotpants Aq1

Overrall Wood Wood



Text by Stephan Springer


It’s not surprising that modern life, in

general, is characterized by disorientation

and the Big “I Don’t Know Either “

declaration that is quickly becoming a

mutated cultural universality.

Nonsense is the result of modern times. Does

it matter or is it dangerous? Well, the fact that

every action has a reaction cannot be disputed.

In other words - in the great equation of the

universe, there is no rest. That is, at least, the

state of affairs according to modern science

- computational security. And it is definitely

known that faith has long since been replaced.

Our big motto is, “think with your head instead

of your gut”. So it’s not important what one

feels but what one thinks. Or how one thinks?

In the joyous science of psychology, mental

disorders are determined by the degree of

man’s inability to adapt to normal or pre-determined

socially acceptable standards.

So, adaptation?

If you look at the human race, in an overall

biological context, adaptation was never really

our thing, with the exception of a few selected

primates. Oh God - Nature! Why should the

Laws of Nature interest us when we can make

our own? Why accept when you can create?

Be productive instead of reflective – and everything

as quickly as possible please! Time

is money! We don’t want to starve or allow

ourselves to be totally satisfied or something

like that. We want it all and we want it today,

if possible. What luck that the modern world

makes it all possible, and in a time when we

are overflowing with products, it isn’t difficult

for someone to see themselves as the one. And

as you well know, demand regulates supply

and it only seems logical to make some innovative

changes to the desired framework of

love. Humanity wants to arrive well instead of

wandering aimlessly in display cases.

Thanks to “autofascism”, pieces and snippets

envelope us, slowly blasting away at our folds

and corners until any last remnants of individual

character is dissolved away. And what

cannot be totally remolded can be wonderfully

buried under a decent amount of self-hatred.

No doubt, we are really prepare for anything.

It is only unfortunate that this psychological

self-contempt and a certain degree of emotional

hypothermia brings with it a sense of

social isolation which in turn results in the

over exaggeration of emotional needs including

the need for attention and extended “cuddling

sessions” in order to try to counterbalance this

emotional state. But that can also be solved by

having 500 Facebook friends who may have a

lot of cool things to show off but have stopped

having anything meaningful to say eons ago.

And the synthetically-developed, technicallyimposed

weekly work intervals should also not

generate problems. A skillfully, executed intoxicative

weekend and an evening of “leisure”

activities will enable you to press out careerrelated

stress from the cerebral cortex. A little

tip, “scene professionals” definitely do not wait

until closing time. The clear separation between

the concepts of “service is service” and

“cocaine is cocaine” has not existed for quite

some time. Finally, one should always be in a

good mood and not only at closing time. All

in all, adaptation works wonders. Would it be

presumptuous to say that the requirements of

modern times should be subject to the forced

alienation of one’s own reality and certainly

not a requirement for those of us who simply

cannot come to terms with it? ●
















Photos by Marcel Schlutt














by Claudio Alvargonzalez

Well, I guess you already know who said

that and where but for those who don’t

let’s take it from the beginning.

There are many films that talk about mental illnesses

and other disorders but the main problem

is that in most of them the character doesn’t

come to you like... “Hey dude, I’m schizophrenic

you know so let’s go to a bar to get drunk and

try to have a happy ending at my motel room,

ok?”, let’s try to light your already twisted minds

with some good examples.

Schizophrenia. The person suffering from it

may experience hallucinations of many kinds.

In an extreme case, these visions lead him to see

other people who do not exist, to talk to them

and believe they are there. Who suffers from this

problem use to project one or more personalities

out, believing they are real and a reflection

of their frustrated hopes, anger or any other

repressed feeling. As the person is not able to behave

in certain ways he/she creates another one

who does it.


To me the clearest example would be “Fight

Club” (David Fincher, 1999) where Jack (Edward

Norton) has projected in Taylor Durden

(Brad Pitt) features he would like to have or

maybe he has them but they are hidden. Taylor

is stronger, better looking and more forward

than Jack. Taylor not only acts in his place but

also tortures Norton mentally and physically

because he doesn’t behave the way he likes him

to. Similiar to his role in “Primal Fear” (Gregory

Hoblit, 1996) where Richard Gere tried in

vain to put his “I’m a great actor” face.

And now let’s talk about Johnny. Yes, as you

should know I’m talking about the great Jack

Nicholson after deciding he had enough snow

and decided to kill his time trying to do the

same with his family in “The Shinning” (Stanley

Kubrick, 1980). This film is a masterpiece

in many ways but it is also special because

it shows this mental disorder in its most aggressive

way. Just think about one of its most

remembered scenes where Johnny (Nicholson)

tries to break the bathroom door where his

family is hidden with an ax and you will know

what I’m talking about... Yes, that sentence and

that face are still the creepiest.

In general, many directors have been seduced

by this disorder as it is easy to create powerful

characters and solid scenes. David Lynch

is probably the main, his whole filmography

could perfectly carry the adjective “schizophrenic”,

especially “Lost Highway” (1997) but

also “Mulholland Drive” (2001) and of course

“Twin Peaks” (1990).

But there are many other examples, not all of

them great films but at least interesting, such us

“Spider” (David Cronenberg, 2002), “A Beautiful

Mind” (Ron Howard, 2001) or even the

comedy “Love Actually” (Richard Curtis, 2003).

Yes, I said “Love actually”. Not many people

remember the unfinished story (and also big

script mistake) played by the great Laura Linney

where she is stuck for life because of the needs

of her schizophrenic brother in hospital (probably

the best scene of the film shared with the

one played by Emma Thompson opening the

Christmas gifts... but that is another story).

And what about spanish cinema? Well, at the

beginning the idea of this article was to focus

on movies made in Spain but although there

are many films describing social drama at its

best it’s not that rich speaking about schizo-


phrenia or similar disorders.

But at least we have Pedro Almodovar. He deal

with mental disorders in a lighter way, most

of the characters walk on a thin line between

comedy and drama so we tend to forget the

real problem behind the joke. One of my all

time favorite moments is in “Women of the

Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” (1988) where

the fantastic Julieta Serrano after trying to kill

her ex-husband with a gun at the airport and a

crazy chase through Madrid says to the police:

“Take me to Lopez Ibor Clinic, that is where I

live”. If you haven’t watch this film yet you are

missing a lot. Also a comedy but

a bit more aggressive is “Átame!”

(Pedro Almodovar, 1990), where

Ricky (Antonio Banderas) is

released from a mental hospital

and hunts down a porn film star

and tries to convince her to be his

wife so he kidnaps and ties her up.

This is the best Antonio Banderas,

a good example of how difficult it

is for some actors to look convincing

when they are not acting in

their native language.

Not too much else to say but just a quick mention

to the recent “La Isla Interior” (Dunia

Ayaso/Félix Sabroso, 2009), a hard drama

without concessions where a middle class family

have to live with the consequences of the

father and the oldest daughter schizophrenia.

Big names in Spanish cinema support this film,

Cristina Marcos, Alberto San Juan and specially

Geraldine Chaplin.

Although many doctors use to criticize most of

these movies arguing that schizophrenics are

not violent, only with themselves, they forget

that cinema is an illusion, movies are just a reflection

of the reality and they want to make us

think. And to get to this purpose sometimes we

need a fake mirror, an empty hotel in the middle

of nowhere, a lost highway, a crazy woman

with a gun or just a seriously painful joke.


Click here for movie trailers



Politically incorrect, sarcastic and kinky!


Interview by Marcel Schlutt

He is one of the young French artists

now based in Berlin, that makes this city

into such a special and artistic place.

As a performer, artist and one of the

founders of AKA ( a place for creative

people in Berlin), he is giving Berlin a

very specific vibe and touch, where we

feel his creativity and his art.

It is not an easy task to understand who

Jon John is, and what he wants to express

with his art.

So, thats why we asked him in for an


Ladies and Gentlemen:


HONK!: Jon John, if you have 5 words, how

would you describe yourself?

Jon: Love, Share, Sex, Ego, Intransigent.

You are doing a very specific kind of art, calling

yourself a dermal plastician artist, what

does this mean?

Dermal plastician refers to the fact that i am

mainly working through body, skin and flesh.

I am also a video arist and i create installations.

But i am mainly a performer. Performance has

a large meaning especially today.

I ´ve been called a Body art performer (i´m

blessed). I use my own body as an instrument

of sort, creating a physical act, which is not

characterised as dance, neither theatre, and by

Photo by Yann Levy




You are also doing performances, some kind

of boylesque shows, what s going on in your


That is exactly why i mentioned the different

meaning of “performance”.

There is a huge difference between my physical

live act and my entertainment boylesque

show, and you can obviously understand it just

through their name. But they are, at the same

time always linked. I can´t build a show without

aim or interest, loads of performer do, and

bless them, but i can´t. I need to be political,

controversial, picky, sending a message...

My entertainment show are usually around

strip tease, lap dancing, acrobatic aerial bondage,

acrobatic chair motion. It´s usually grotesque,

sexy, politically incorrect, sarcastic and


Photo by Kiril Bikov http://bikov.de/

doing so i aim to express feelings or exploring

different topics.

I´ve mainly worked on rituals.

. WHO’s Soul



Do you plan your show, or does it just happen

on stage? I don´t think you can practice that

at home.

Of course i do rehearsals.

Regarding the physical live act, i prepare a

guide, then the whole ritual happens differently

all the time, as it´s based usually on

going through my body limits, the trance is

different all the time (thank God!). If the performance

happens to be the same all the time

i would loose my trance as it comes from a

mix between endorphin and adrenaline, being

over-prepared about what will happen would

remove the adrenaline process.

The boylesque shows are probably the acts that

i rehearse the more, but again the shows are

never the same, they all have a base, and then

it changes all the time, following the stage, the

location, my mood, the people, the other performers

i can collaborate with.

I love to improvise and collaborate, and i know

what i can and cannot do, so i usually mix all

those factors to give the best cocktail.

Using your own body as a piece of art makes

me think you are a “hurt soul”, as to me your

art looks painfull... am i right? Is it something

inside you that has to come out? Or is it just a


Whos soul has never been hurt?

Once again i am going to use this sentence


from Gina Pane: “If i cut my body open for you

to stare at your own blood, it´s because i love

you: THE OTHER.”

My acts has nothing

to do with a


Puting my body

in action to send

a message, share

feelings, give my

opinion, makes

sense for me.

Some others will paint on canvas, sculpt in

wood, take pictures... and believe me, you see

much more painfull things everyday on your tv.

That will always freak me out. When you just remove

this electrical signal to put people in front

of their reality, it suddenly hurts more...

Loads of my past work are based on how beauty

can be subjective and subversive, you are giving

me credit to this by asking me this question.

. I´ve been used to

body language

since i was born .

When did you create your first artwork, and

how did it came


I was born in a

deaf family (not all

of them but parts

of them), and so

i grew up with

deaf people. I´ve

been used to body

language since i was born. I did study deaf

langage, and I have a degree as a sign language

teacher. We are educated and used to simply

move the lips to go through language, my family

gave me a different vision, i feel blessed.

Being able to use my body to talk since i was

born makes me realise so much things about

non deaf society barrier and frustration.



Maybe this is where it started, when i understood

the body and the powerfull language it

could have.

As a child i did dance, and theater. I started

performing at my 18th birthday , in south of

France, with a collective called “kitschissims”

in some riot street happening, we were really

controversial, and political.

Then i met Bastien, and we created the “un autre

corps” project. This is where we started approaching

body art. We have been called body

architects. Our duet been through loads of nice

stages and events. I miss performing with him.

I got used to collaborate all the time, and loved

it, that is why it was really strange for me finding

myself alone in acts, but i have learned a lot

about myself from that.

What was your first implant procedure? How

old were you?

I had a traditional piercing ring (circular barbell)

when i was 18 years old, i wanted to see

and experience the process, i removed it when

i came with my first “conceptual” ornament,

those two clock rings i still have in my forearms.

I started a collaboration with a french

artist on the removal of those pieces, more to

come soon...

All the pieces that i put under my skin are

meant to be worn and removed, and always

part of an installation. Procedures are always

filmed and performed, sometimes even in live

surgery. I show those films in gallery and performance


Does it hurt? Do you like

the pain?

Well, of course opening up

my skin, elevating my skin,

puting an item inside stiching

it back and healing the

whole process is painfull.

But the pain is not the aim.

To be honest i hate pain,

well who likes it? I think determination

gives you some

extraordinary “powers”


But do you know what is really

painfull? People asking

me that ;-)

Photo by Kiril Bikov http://bikov.de/

How are the people reacting

to your show?

Most of the time people are

kinda scared to come and

see me, especially people

who are really close to me,

but they usually ask me if

they can come again. What

you see in pictures or videos

is not really explaining


Ritual for love by Julie Fogarty http://www.juliefogarty.com

what happens during my rituals. I am sharing

a lot with the audience during the acts, and it

s a very important point in my work. I give a

lot, emotionaly, physicaly, and bring the audience

with me. It’s a travel inside my poetry. I

have seen a lot of reactions, but the one that

. It’s a travel

inside my

poetry .

remains are tears.

You have lots of beautiful tattoos, do they all

have special meanings, or are they just graphic

choices? Did you tattoo yourself?

My tattoos are usually parts of some art projects.

The pattern project: As wearing fabric from

my clothes, i got tattooed (and still do) differents

patterns on my skin. (handstooth, tartain,

black, pin-striping, paisley...)

My “love to love” ritual project has been something

so powerfull so far for me that i had to

ink those 3 beautiful words.

I just got a horse head tattoo in my pomme

hand for my next and new project “das leben

ist kein ponyhof”

I do tattoo aswell, i do tattoo myself yes, but

because of the idea of sharing i prefer to get

tattoo by someone else.

You are from France but based in Berlin, is it

easier to be an artist in Berlin.

I am not sure, but the fact that there are lots of

artist in this special city increase your creativity.

Where do you see yourself in a couple of

years, where do you want to let your art


I am working a lot on video actualy, i like this

media and the new collaboration it brings me.

I started several projects of conceptual ornament

implantation, but not on myself any-


JoN JohN

more, on other performers, wich is a different

approach of my art, and really interesting for

me cause i can focuse more on the production,

editing and directing.

I m really focused on the AKA project aswell,

the dream of creating a space like AKA was in

my head since a long time. Written on a paper

in my “project” folder.

As a multi-discipline artist i’ve never found

a space to work which was combining different

art practices.

Under the influence of Valentin (aMinus),

we decided that it was about time to create

this space, AKA is an artist-run space

in the first place (we both use this space as

atelier for our respective art activity). We

both have loads of friends involved in art,

with different backgrounds, different disciplines,

and it was for us an opportunity to give

them a place to work, a place where we can

all collaborate, spend more time together, be

a family. That’s why we chose the name AKA

(although known as): the simple fact that this

place has no name, has different tags and different

people involved in the adventure.

Regarding the tattoo activity, we want to show

a new face of Tattoo. We have once again lots

of friends involved in Tattoo throughout europe

and all of them have a different artistic

background which led them into tattoing eventually.

This is why their style is different, more

graphic, using new technics and technologies

to make their own art evolve on skins. We want

to promote that.

About the location, we both live in Berlin and

we both love Berlin. It is the only city in europe

which allows you to open anything creative easily.

The city is focused on and filled with artists,

that inspires us so much everyday. Berlin also

brought huge opportunities in our respective

carreers. AKA was meant to be a Berliner.

How much do you take care of yourself?

Cutting your body in part isn’t it dangerous

especially in terms of infections etc?

I do take care of myself, that´s the first thing i

do, i respect my body, and it is really important

for me, my body is my temple.

I do take some breaks from performing really

often as my body needs it.

I am an hygiene teacher in body piercing seminars,

so no worries for me, i know how to avoid

. mY BoDY iS mY

TEmplE .

cross contamination.

Where can i see you in the next month? What

are your plans?

Nothing really planed for the next month as i

am on a break for the moment, working in the

shadow on videos, new pieces, directing other

performers in my “theater”.

I started a big film project with loads of different

performer called “we are no robots”, in wich i selected

and joined different performers that i like

around a topic and a symbol, but it is just the

begining of this adventure so i won t tell more.

I collaborate a lot with Kiril Bikov, and we are

building a live act together. ●


Click here to watch Jon John’s performance

‘love to love’:


Lucha libre, by Antonio Flores ( acrobatic aerial bondage )






The perfect dress for the HONK!GENTLEMAN


Burberry Prorsum

Jil Sander


Comme des



The perfect dress for the HONK!LADY








Mondo Guerra





Interview with Fatih Alasalvaroglu by Marcel Schlutt

Translation by Shel Fuller

Fatih Alasalvaroglu is a German with

Turkish roots. He is living in Berlin and

he is following a dream he had once.

Thanks to his studies of Corporate and

Business Communications at the University

of the Arts in Berlin and a successful

career as an actor for TV and

cinema, both as Director, narrator and

illustrator, it was only a matter of time,

that he came up with a project by his

own power and initiative.

In June 2010, the all-round talent,

founded URBERLIN! Which is a very

exciting and succesful Project!

We met Fathi Alasalvaroglu , as it

should be otherwise in an old Berlin artist

caffee, and with his charm, he won us

for his project, directly!

But read for yourself!

HONK!: What is Urberlin?

FATIH: In particular, ART! Art by Artists is neither

the clean “white cubes” of galleries, nor the

illegal fringe that cannot be classified by society.

URBERLIN offers new perspectives on both

contradictions; a new development which lies

between the two with original designs “From

the streets - For the streets. “ Art from the

walls of Berlin captured on fabric and textiles.

URBERLIN is ART to WEAR. Thereby, social

projects are supported and the artists have a

chance to earn a living. All products are “Made

in Berlin”, Limited Edition Only prints (pcs 100

/ designer), exclusively Berlin artists, environmentally

friendly printed and sweatshop-free.

Street Art is an exciting art form. It is creative

expression within the public domain and Berlin

has a lot to offer. If one looks closely, there

is a great deal to discover on Berlin’s walls.

Images that move. It is made for us humans, in

fact for us all! Nevertheless, it is often unfortunately

painted over, destroyed and declared

illegal. It does not receive the attention it richly

and truly deserves.




URBERLIN offers street art a new stage: On

the bodies of people, they are carried back onto

the streets. URBERLIN is canvas and medium

in one. Art becomes fashion, and their wearer

becomes the art’s ambassador. With designs

from the streets, for the streets, URBERLIN is

a label and agency in one: For street artists who

are looking for a new platform, as well as, style

orientated people, in search an extraordinary

product and simultaneously do a good deed.

In the long term, the birthplace of street art,

the street, should also benefit from the profits,

as well as, the brand itself. In the future, URB-

ERLIN will donate a portion of its revenue per

item sold to various social projects in Berlin.

In this sense, that means, WEAR ART AND


How did an actor decide to start such a project?

Acting, for me, doesn’t just mean spending

my life hoping and waiting for offers from

other people. You always have to find a way

to quench your desire to “play”; to be curious

about life, hone ideas and above all, never lose

enthusiasm. The eternal “waiting for the role of

a lifetime” can do exactly the opposite.

After I completed my degree in Media Studies

at the University of the Arts, I thought about

what I could do that would bring me the most

joy and decided on URBERLIN, here, I am

playing the “main character” and I can determine

the future of how things will develop.

Overall, it has to do with lifestyle, communication,

politics and society - all areas which I feel

drawn to. I’m happy with this decision because

I am currently discovering that every day it

makes me stronger than I’ve ever felt in other

roles. URBERLIN is my film and celluloid from

which everything is made – exactly my taste!

I have heard that you want to use UrberlIn

to support varios social projects. How will

that work?

Correct. URBERLIN will donate part of its

profit to the streets, thereby, bringing the

central theme “from the street - for the street”

full circle. I find it important that the art of the

streets of Berlin, somehow flows back into the

streets. URBERLIN art not only moves but it

also makes a difference. With a donation, for

example, I am able to help children and young

people from socially-difficult backgrounds. Because

if not here then where? They need support

and especially positive role models from

whom they can learn and emulate. In various

workshops, which are currently having a strong

impact for young people and kids of Berlin, I

see the possibility of providing creative support

and help through donations. It is an amazing

opportunity to back something positive for our


society. If each donation is “only” a drop in the

ocean, than one drop is always better than no


You take street art and place them on various

textiles, which artist are involved?

Now, I have a handful of good artists who

have contributed their artwork in support of


BUNTSTIFT are the first in a number of artists

who are soon to join. Not only because they are

experienced and good, but mostly because they

understand the philosophy behind URBERLIN.

They appreciate the creative collaboration and

personal conversation that URBERLIN has

developed with them and wish to help the company

evolve. URBERLIN appreciates this essential

trust, and therefore promotes its artists in a

fair partnership! Other interesting, innovative,

and fresh artists have also shown interest in our

portfolio of products which are already in development.

So it’s just a matter of time..

URBERLIN is very young, but it is already

looking forward to being part of a burgeoning

movement in art. Many famous artists from

film and television like Tobias Schenke, Eralp

Uzun, Roy Peter Link, Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss,

Lara-Isabelle Rentinck, Bärbel Schleker and

Ralph Kretschmar have contributed their support

to URBERLIN. New artists are already in

the pipeline ... URBERLIN is currently seeking

collaborations with famous athletes. They are



popular figures, close to the people and, above

all, they display a fighting spirit and enthusiasm

for our modern society. Aspects that are

very interesting for URBERLIN. Some interesting

offers are on the table but I am not at

liberty to say more.

And did they all immediately say yes?

Yes, the artists who want to understand, and

those who have not forgotten how to understand

jumped immediately on board. Without

vanity those artists showed their enthusiasm

for the cause. Surely there are others, but

they are not worth mentioning. URBERLIN

works with positive people and in particular,

we work with positive thinkers! After all,

this concept is not just a fly-by-night idea, or

brand but a movement that promotes something

new. For URBERLIN, both the art and

the artist are the beacons of change.

What is the payment like?

As it so often is at the beginning of sucha project,

the payment is not the essential thing. You work

with people and artists who want to contribute

for the sake of their art and the idea. Nevertheless,

every artist receives a fee for every product


What are your dreams and goals for URBER-

LIN? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

My dreams and goals for URBERLIN are: increased

awareness, financial support, genuine

cooperation with other labels and companies,

welcoming additional artists into the collective

and especially, to expand the product portfolio.

Besides T-Shirts, URBERLIN will also offer

hoodies, sweaters, baseball caps, shopping

bags and fashion accessories with unique designs.

The original canvases of the artists will

be available to purchase online.

Everything exclusively created by URBERLIN’s

original artists, and only limited edition! An

extension of the online shop as a storefront is

also a dream, and finally to help the children

and young people of Berlin by sharing and donation

profits. Something that will make their

eyes sparkle. All this will be URBERLIN!

Where do I see myself in ten years? Hopefully

with a smile on my face and a happy sigh when

I look back...

Is Berlin a good basis for this kind of art?

If not this city, where then? Berlin has made

me what I am today. In no other German

city, would I probably have this development

. Berlin

has made me

what i am todaY .

and experience. This freedom of thought, the

authenticity of expression, the ability to be

anonymous and yet be connected - all that

makes this city for me exceedingly beautiful,

even though it could leave the impression

of being ugly at first. Essentially, Berlin is a

diamond in the rough for me and I decide

every daily interaction. Sometimes, I can

polish it and make it shine, or leave it simply

unpolished, dirty, “staring” or “etched”. Berlin

is only a matter of perspective - especially

because of its diversity. In that diversity, the

courage to stand out and shine is a challenge.

That is exciting and you can easily grow

accustomed to it. URBERLIN can only grow.

So why not dare? WEAR ART and make it

shine for us all. First in URBERLIN and then

hopefully, all over the world.●




Photos by Slava Mogutin



Text by Christo Mitov

When he first arrived in New York 15

years ago, Slava hardly knew anyone

and could hardly speak English. He

had to start his life and career from the

ground zero and reinvent himself both

personally and artistically. As he describes

it: “It was a long, dramatic and

exciting journey, and that’s how Slava

Mogutin the artist was born”

The photographer was named after Yaroslav

the Wise, the ancient king who was responsible

for unifying the state and bringing literacy

to Russia, but everybody calls him just Slava

(Russian for fame). When he moved to New

York, he started using Slava as his artistic

name. One of his poetry books was published

under the name SUPERMOGUTIN. And that’s

where also the name of his collaboration project

with his muse Brian Kenny, SUPERM

comes from. Slava and Brian met at a nightclub

called Opaline in New York’s East Village back

in 2004. Their first creative collaboration is

an art video where Brian was throwing eggs at

Slava’s ex-boyfriend, who was wearing only a

diaper and boots, on the streets of Brooklyn.

Slava starts writing poetry and doing photography

at the same time - in his early teens when

he prints his first photographs in an improvised

darkroom in his mother’s bathroom. For

years photography and drawing was something

he was doing on the side as a hobby, but it’s

not until he moved to New York when he started

focusing more on visual art. After publishing

7 books in Russian and being a professional

writer and journalist for over 10 years, Slava

felt like he had said enough.

For his photographs Mogutin never uses professional

models. In fact, he hadn’t even had a

professional studio until just few months ago.

Most of his shoots are completely spontaneous

and improvised. Slava gets plenty of solicitations

from volunteers who want to be photographed

by him, but he prefers to work with

friends and people he knows. Personal connection

with his subjects is essential part of his

work. Slava’s not just interested in pretty faces

or beautiful bodies, he wants to capture their

real character and emotion. His photographs

are always about trust and mutual respect and

understanding. Even for his most graphic and




explicit photos, he would never force anyone

into anything they don’t want to do, or something

that Slava wouldn’t do himself.

Slava hardly ever goes to galleries—just because

most of the pretentious and commercial

art you can see in Chelsea bores him to death.

Nowadays he finds more inspiration in the

street art and the work of young artists who

don’t get much exposure besides the Internet.

One of the reasons why he started his Pinko

Commie Fag Blog (http://slavamogutin.blogspot.com)

is to give the platform to these talented

rebellious kids and emerging artists who

don’t have a gallery representation, because

“these kids will shape the art of the 21st century,

not the art mafia that controls the market”

2011 Slava will publish Panoramic View - his

new travel book of panoramic photos from

around the world, places like Morocco, Guatemala,

Mexico and, of course, Russia. Panoramic

View is very different from my first two

books, Lost Boys and NYC Go-Go. It’s not so

much about people, as about spaces—landscapes

and still-lifes with occasional portraits

and nudes.

For the first issue of HONK! he shot ...


this shot : on the set of Gio Black Peter’s music

video directed by Bruce LaBruce and starring

Thomas Lachin as Truffles

Photos by Slava Mogutin!









by Rochelle Lamanz

Schizophrenia. All we hear about

is delusions, hallucinations, people

covering stuff in foil to prevent alien

signals from reaching them, John

Nash freaking out at Princeton. Incidentally,

I knew someone who was a

student at Princeton around the time

Nash 'went crazy.'

But if you look at the symptoms, and what

they represent, in a way, it's beautiful. And the

nerds embrace it. Silver foil? My silver foil is

the things with which I surround myself to deflect

the hurtful gaze of society trying to look in

and try to tell me that I'm a freak for being who

I am, that I'm wrong and strange and weird for

liking what I like. My silver foil is the music

I listen to, the books I read, the people I love,

the scientific formulae that wrap me up and

cradle me and keep me safe.

If you smell things that aren't there, see things

that aren't there, hear things that are not uttered,

you're mad. In that case, you'd be in

good company. Rachmaninoff wrote the most

sublime piano concertos, Tchaikovsky's ballets

induce weeping, and Mozart must have heard

way too much that wasn't there.

My point is, all art, be it poetry, music, art,

sculpture, literature... it all came ex nihilo –

out of nothing. My point is that Rachmaninoff

heard something that had not previously

existed, and composed it into something that

reaffirms existence – I know I'm alive when

I hear the Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor.

All these nerds, the people who loved music

and art and science, they took something that

didn't exist, wasn't there, and they made it so

that it was there.

And as for delusions – the only delusion

we carry is that we don’t believe we’re good

enough for anything. We don’t see our true potential.

We’re scared of what we can achieve.

And other people get scared when they see our

potential, which is why they try to tell us not

to do something. It’s the geeks and nerds and

‘weird’ people are bullied – because they’re

not afraid to achieve, to create, to be who they


Celebrate your individuality.

And remember, it’s not necessarily that people

are against you. They’re just for themselves!! ●


wErThEr 2.0

The life of man appears a glorious fate:

The day how lovely, and the night how great!

And we ‘mid Paradise-like raptures plac’d,

The sun’s bright glory scarce have learn’d to taste.

the sorrows

the pain

Rest in peace

Photos by Marcel Schlutt & Pascale Jean-Louis

Concept & Styling Haniball Saliba


Hair&Make up Pascale Jean-Louis

Model Jan Burchard

Trenchcoat A.D. Dertz

Shirt Moga e Mago

Trousers Butterfl ysoulfi re

Gloves Roeckl

Button & Colier Styrstyling

Boots Dr. Martens

Gun Stylist Own



Vest Butterflysoulfire

Skinjeans, Leather Neck Stretchers & Leatcher

Police Gloves Butcherei Lindinger

Shirt Tiger of Sweden

Butcherei Lindinger

Boots Maison Martin Margiela



Trenchcoat A.D. Dertz

Leather Blinders Butcherei Lindinger

Shirt Moga e Mago

Trousers Butterflysoulfire

Gloves Roeckl

Button & Colier Styrstyling

Boots Dr. Martens

Gun Stylist Own



Sacco Drykorn

Leather mouth-gag Butcherei Lindinger

Trousers Hugo Boss

Shirt Fred Perry

Fly Rene Lizard´

Belt Starstyling

Gloves Roeckl



Trenchcoat Kilian Kerner

Shirt Tiger of Sweden

Longjohn Schiesser

Rubber Gladiator Mask Butcherei Lindinger

Gloves Roeckl

Boots Adidas



Trousers Kilian Kerner

Schoulder Pieces Moga e Mago

Leather mouth-gag Butcherei Lindinger

Gloves G.star

Gun Stylist Own



Trenchcoat Butterflysoulfire

Button Stystyling

Gloves Roeckl

Gun Stylist own



Biker pant and Belt Butcherei Lindinger

Fur and Sholuders pieces Moga e Mago

Gloves Roeckl

Boots Dr. Martens

Dress Butterfl ysoulfi re

T-Shirt Moga e Mago

Leather Harness Butcherei Lindinger



It’s Sunday morning and i wake up after working

for more than 15 hours and sleeping only 4.

Sun is shining . For a moment I think it’s summer

but when I open the window a cold siberian

wind definitely wakes me up.

I go to the fridge and It’s empty, something

awfully too usual during weekends. No coffee

either. Just some vodka a friend of mine left

the night before. Well, that’s better that water

and as it cold outside, let’s have breakfast russian


My friend Wanda is calling for the third time.

We were supposed to meet at La Latina. Maybe

the best place to go on a Sunday morning.

I’m late. I’m always late. By the time I get there

and while I’m welcome with a very cold tap

vermouth the show starts.

In a corner of the square a bunch of old ladies

are leaving church after the Sunday service.

Some are all dressed in black (very catholic),

some wear impossible make ups and impossible

hairdos. What’s the matter with the hairspray

in this city? Do they give it for free in the


There is also a group of nerds coming from a

chinese liquor store with maybe 300 bottles of

beer. I bet they are still awake from the night

before. They all look like clones, same shirts,

same glasses, etc. They look like an army with

uniforms ready to battle against the old ladies.

Suddenly a peaceful pop song from the 70’s begins

to sound from the other side of the square.

A very thin woman in her late sixties introduces

herself in a very british accent. There is

a very fat man sitting behind her next to a very

old CD player. I guess he calls himself the DJ.

She speaks with a very deep voice. Too much

sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. She danced for The

Rolling Stones back in England. She tried to

have something with Mick Jagger but she did

Keith Richard because he was more “available”.

She says she is on tour around Europe

after singing for Vivienne Westwood at her

birthday party (now I understand her outfit).


by Claudio

She starts dancing frenetically (well, as frenetic

as a 70 years old woman can dance) remembering

her golden years in Woodstock.

One of the nerds decides to dance with her but

she push him against his friends who can’t resist

laughing . This is a one diva stage and she

owns it.

The music is off and the fat man wakes up and

walks around the crowd with an empty box

asking for money. There is a big applause and

the audience wants more. The diva is ready for

a reprise. Watch out Madonna! Your kingdom

is over bitch!

I think I have enough so I decide to follow my

friends to a Tapas Bar. It’s time for a typical

fried calamari sandwich.

I look back for a moment. The diva is dancing,

the nerds are still her most committed fans, the

women from church start their way home and

a new group of very posh girls come next to

nerds to enjoy the show. They feel very alternative

because they are sitting on the ground.

Yeah, let’s get wild girls.

My friends are waiting and the area is full of

people, punks, nerds, posh, gothics, mods, old

ladies with too much hairspray and Linda the

british dancer. If she belongs to a trend she

invented it... and her fat husband? Well, he just

goes with the flow.

I believe this is what we call here “Any given

Sunday”. ●


The eye sees

what it looks for.



by Kaey


Is classic fashion journalism standing

before its end? A legitimate question

when browsing the web which features

countless blogs on the subject of fashion.

More and more people feel called to

present, illustrate and comment on their

personal taste. One encounters highlycharged

cell phone videos of fashion

shows, ragtag shopping tips, homemade

photo collages, opaque text fragments

and rough-form comments.

The blog really gives everyone the opportunity

to exhibit themselves in the manner of

their choosing. This is precisely the essence

of a blog: self-presentation. Journalistic work

means that one must have the ability to collect,

assess, prepare and present information.

Sometimes, I look at fashion blogs, and find

myself up to my ears in the ego of the author.

I can no longer bare to look at the countless

“daytime looks” featuring an unmotivated,

melancholic girl, unadorned with long hair,

a gray sweater, Marlene trousers and wedge

heel shoes or bearded, narrow-types in skinny

jeans, shirt, straw hat and sunglasses staring

blankly into the camera. I do not care whether

Ricardo, who was obviously not born in Berlin,

is grinning at me on a Berlin-street style blog

in his military jacket.

Why would anyone be interested in photographing

the Parisian pseudo-fashion elite

hanging out at some party? Do I really need to

know which designer piece some petite, gay,

Asian boy thinks is in style? Who are these

people who think that their opinions are interesting

or better yet, simply worth being presented?

When I look precisely at some of the

most successful fashion blogs, which are partially

written by educated, industry professionals,

it becomes clear that some high-powered

fashion houses have commissioned a blog and

maintain it so that they are not lagging behind

the times. Sometimes, young, ambitious people

think that the Internet is the perfect medium

for their creative energies to develop without

restriction. And sometimes, they are journalists

working for print media and using a blog

not as a service but to present themselves as

independent artists.

What is shocking is the amateurism of the

ideas implemented. Often, I expect a confusing

maze on a website. Where do you find

the information? On this button? No! I’m

already tired. Then, this video! Who edited

this? Hasn’t anyone noticed that it’s way too

dark, the sound is unbearable and the host

standing in front of the camera has the presence

of a prune! Poorly written articles and

terrible images which give the feeling that a

blind man surely was at work. There are good

reasons why there are different departments in

a magazine. For the visual appearance of the

magazine, graphic designers and art directors

are responsible. The content is compiled by

the Editorial Department. Authors write good

articles. Photographers produce professional

photospreads. A huge team is responsible for

a perfect product. Often on a blog, one person

attempts to tackle all of these challenges. Fatally,

brands from Louis Vuitton to H&M have

jumped on this train. These companies are

trying to win over bloggers by giving away their

products in the hopes that the brand name or

the product will be mentioned on the blog as

often as possible. Another method is to invite

bloggers to fashion shows and events. Presently,

there are a plethora of unknown bloggers

at major fashion shows sitting next to Fashion

Editors like Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes.

Seats that previously were only held by print

journalists and editors.

Good thing there is the internet because in case

of an emergency, you can always quickly find

the latest looks that you have not even seen because

someone else was sitting in the front row.●





Photos by Asha Mines

Paris 2010









Interview by Marcel Schlutt

She is maybe the cutest human being

from Belgium i have ever met!

One look in her eyes and you are in love

with her!

Miss Henken grew up in Brussels and

studied photography and screen printing

at the E.R.G.

Born in 1973

she is a living

proof that Belgiians

are the best

drawing artists

in the world.!

She is a true artist.

We just love

her tattoos and


HONK!: Miss Henken, are u a tattoo artist?

CANTAL HENKEN: I don’t limit myself to the

techniques, they are more like tools to express

myself for a specific project.

I worked for a lot of projects, and i like to work

the common tattoo into a special project with

each customer.I like to experiment within the

techniques and I hope to discover and work

with new techniques as well.

For example, I’m working on a friend’s project

called UNREZT, a

music label, which




the people i met .

develops too a whole

graphic universe.

For example,

I’m working on

a friend’s project

called UNREZT, a

music label, which

develops too a whole

graphic universe.

For the tattoo, I met someone who offered to

teach me. I’ve always worked with regard of

the people I meet.




Every tattoo is a little piece of art. But some

people wanna have some realy ugly tatoos.

What are u doing when someone is coming

with a bad idea?





I don’t think that tattoos are art pieces, they

are pieces of life.

Some people have really bad tattoos (for me),

it’s true, but I don’t want to judge the aesthetic

tastes of the client.

But if someone comes with an idea, I’ll do

everything to enhance the project. And if I feel

that I won’t be happy with it, I’ll direct the client

to someone else, more suited to his wishes.

people. There is not really a waiting list to have

an appointment, because it’s a time used to

prepare the project, meet the client, and develop

the tattoo project together.

There are so many girls being tattoo-artist.

Do you know why?

My point of view about women in tattoos, is

that women have more space in the work system


(Nowadays there are a lot of people becoming

tattooists, who comes from graphic art backgrounds,

and it develops the visuals, the styles

of tattoos. And women have the place in this

situation too.

And honestly, it’s far more comfortable to suffer

in the arms of a pretty girl, no? (hahaha)

Do you see yourself as an artist?

I feel more like an artisan than an artist.

What is your biggest wish for 2011?

My biggest wish : continue to meet people,

learn, travel, and develop my work everyday. ●

Do u have a special kind of tatoo u like the most?

There’s no tattoo style I prefer, but there are

styles of tattoos towards whom I don’t have

any affinity’s.

I’m probably not the best person to do a tribal

tattoo, because I don’t recognize myself in this

culture, and I’m not attracted to it visually.

How expensive is a tatoo from you?

The price depends on what you are ready to

give for your tattoo. But the tattoo is not something

vital, it is a luxury, and what’s important is

what you put in it.

Where do you work and how long do people

have to wait for an appoinment’?

I work in Brussels, at “Chez Elles”, in Berlin, at

“AKA” and “ Tatau Obscur”, and I try to travel

the rest of the time, to learn, to meet new






150 ChaNTal hENkEN





Photography & Production Zsu Szabo

Styling Sebastian Anderßen

Make up Janine Mannheim

Hairstyling Gregpr Makris/Bigoudi

Model Christien Fleischhauer/Seeds

Ballad of Beauty


She She was was indeed a a sight sight for sore for eyes sore eyes




darker A darker landscape filled with with horror horror



She She swallowed my lust, lust, my my desire! desire!



KW Institute for Contemporary Art in

Berlin is a place for the production and

presentation of discourse oriented contemporary

art. KW has no collection of its

own but instead views itself as a laboratory for

communicating and advancing contemporary

cultural developments in Germany and abroad

by means of exhibitions, workshops and resident

artists’ studios, as well as by collaborating

with artists or other institutions and by commissioning


In 1996 KW launched the Berlin Biennale for

Contemporary Art, taking place for the seventh

time in 2012

Founded in the early 1990s by Klaus Biesenbach

and a group of young art enthusiasts,

the institution is located on the site of a abandoned

margarine factory in Berlin’s Mitte

district. It symbolizes, perhaps more than any

other institution, the city’s development into a

center of contemporary art in the decade after

the fall of the Wall. The listed front building

dating from the second half of the 18th century

and the late-19th-century factory to its

rear were extensively restored with assistance

from the urban heritage preservation office

Städtebaulicher Denkmalschutz and the foundations

Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin (German

Federal Cultural Foundation) and Stiftung

Denkmalschutz, during the course of the

1990’s. Two new buildings were also added to

the complex: the Café Bravo pavilion designed

by the American artist Dan Graham and architecturally

realized in collaboration with Hanne

Nalbach, and a classical white cube exhibition

hall from the Berlin architect Hans Düttmann.

The refurbished KW was inaugurated in fall

1999 and possesses some 2,000 square meters

of exhibition space extending over five floors,

six artists’ studios in the front side wings, and

one of the most striking courtyards in central


KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Auguststraße 69

D-10117 Berlin

T 0049. 30. 243459. 0

F 0049. 30. 243459. 99



Opening hours

Tue - Sun noon - 7 pm


The KW Institute for Contemporary

Art in Berlin showes until February

20/2011, the first comprehensive solo

exhibition by Israeli artist Absalon in

1994. To this day, his work is an important

reference for subsequent generations

of artists.

Absalon, born in 1964 in Ashdod, Israel,

moved his Center of life in 1987 to Paris, where

he remained worked until his untimely death

in 1993. In just a few years he created a work

of exceptional Complexity and coherence,

which - although imperfect - never fragmentary

remains. Systematically and gradually

opens the AbsalonSpace. Based on the essential

questions of human activities and based

on the basic shapes rectangle, square, triangle

and circle begins in 1987, first trying to empty

the existing rooms newlyand structure to fill in

simple forms. The Experimental arrangements,

in which he objects, drawings, photographs

and Films developed its completion, see the

Cellules: Absalon created on the basis of his

own personalized body measurements, ascetic

contemplation of the residential units, either

as a purely sculptural, the still be classified as

in the classical sense architecturally.

The Cellules created in 1991 as models and

prototypes. Reduced to a strict, geometric vocabulary

of forms, they are completely Wood,

cardboard and plaster and manufactured

exclusively in neutral white held. Formally remind

the cells to the architectural modernism

- Le Corbusier, Bauhaus, de Stijl and Russian

Constructivism - in their unconditional abstraction

they reflect not so much by a utopian


The exhibition at KW shows the complexity of

Absolon´s aesthetic and conceptual forms for

the first time in their entirety and can be

Relationships between individual and groups

of works are clear.

There will be a fully illustrated catalog with

essays Absalon, Bernard Marcadé, Nina Möntmann,

Moshe Ninio, Beate Söntgen and Philip

Ursprung and a conversation between Ute

Meta Bauer, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Susanne


The exhibition is sponsored by the Federal

Cultural Foundation. With generous support of

the KW friends.

The program of the KW Institute for Contemporary

Art is the Support from the Governing

Mayor of Berlin - Senate Chancellery -

Cultural Affairs allows. ●

Opening times

Tues - Sun 12 - 19 clock, Thu 12-21 clock


6 €, reduced 4 €, Thursday night ticket (19 -

21 clock): 4 € (including Operator)












For us at HONK! “Greedy

Eyes” is already one of

2011’s best new tracks.

The song hits you right

at the heart, the head

and feet with a beautiful

atmosphere thats is just


NEVE’s amazing vocal

brings something very

fresh to a quite tired pop

and techno scene.

Producer behind the track

is Drew EASTMAN a.k.a

EASTMAN who is also

label head at Mode2 Recordings

based in Berlin.

Drew was born in Germany

but lived most of his

life in London where he

was influenced a lot by the

various scenes.

We are sure you will hear

Greedy Eyes a lot around

the world this year.

HONK! Met up with EAST-

MAN to talk about this electronic

pop masterpiece and

the Video which was filmed in London

last December and how HONK! Played a


HONK!: How did Greedy Eyes come together

and how did you find NEVE ?

Eastman: Well i actually produced the instrumental

track a few years ago as part of a new

album project for Victoria Wilson James (The

Shamen / Soul II Soul) but that project was

shelved and it ended up on my Lgt Dsgn 3D

album last year ..

Around the same time i got approached by

NEVE and her posse about maybe working

together. I was so blown away by the voice and







Interview with Eastman by Marcel Schlutt

the quality of the previous work that i send

them this track and when came back to me is

what is now known as Greedy Eyes.

We will be working on a few more tracks now

for the new album.

Your music is very relaxed and has a certain

atmosphere about it, how would you describe

your music yourself?

I always find it tricky to describe my own music

but i guess its a mix of Electronica , Dance,

House and Chill Out with a mix of Soundtrackey

stuff here.

But its best to have a listen to my previous

albums and you get the idea.

Have you always been a music fanatic or is it

Credits Video clip

Anton Z Risan Director, and Magic Mask Pictures Ltd -Production Company

Alessio Valori (A.I.C) Director of Photography




more of a recent thing for you ? Also who and

what influenced you ?

The answer is actually tied together .. i was

growing up with music around me.

My folks used to and still listen to music till the

early hours of the morning. Great stuff from

Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Rush and such Hippy

kinda music .. You can hear that influence especially

in my first album ..

A lot of music that inspired me has been from

the likes of Pink Floyd, Groove Armada, LCD

Soundsystem, Michael Nyman, Portishead, Zoot

Woman, M83, Miike Snow and Hotchip to name

just a few.


Click here to watch the video clip



eyes is

well on

the way

to become

a international

smash it,

where you



Hehehe is it? Well it’s something one hopes

for or dreams about but expect? No, never. It

would be amazing though if it did.

A Very sexy video has just been filmed in London

and been directed by Anton Z risan.

Can you tell us how you met Anton and give

us an idea of what to expect from the video ?

Well in fact is was HONK!’s own Editor in Chef

Marcel Schlutt that recommended me to Anton

as he was looking for music for a new project

which i am also gonna be working on. But once

i played him Greedy Eyes he was all fired up

and wanted to do a Music Video for the single

first .. So i have Marcel to thank for this too :)

The Video is very sexy its got an amazing cast of

Porn Stars, Models, Acrobats, the wicked Drag

Queen Chrissy Darling and many more sexy

people along with NEVE who is in the Video .. i

am not though. Next time here

Just expect a lot of stunning visuals playing with

good and evil and sexuality. Very Rock n Roll!

You don’t just Produce your own music but

also other artists and some remixes right ?

You also run Mode2 recordings, when did you


start that and whose signed to the label ?

Yeah i also produce and remix others .. not

been doing that much lately but i did work for

Massive Ego, Victoria Wilson James, Ysa Ferrer

and others there are a few projects lined up

for 2011 but i talk about that when i am working

on them here.I Started Mode2 in 2006 and

right now alongside of me there is Bjoern Nafe,

Sedat Altinok, HydrusX, Wave Dweller, Lanny

May and Kill Paris.

Can we catch you DJing anywhere in the world?

Naaahhhh i did that a few times back in the UK

and some gigs in France, the last have been in

Berlin but i prefer making music rather then

doing the DJ bit.

for the album.

Regarding live PA’s not sure about any just for

the single but i will post dates on my facebook



But their might be a few dates in the pipeline

later in the year to promote the album so keep

it locked.

Thanks for taking the time to meet us ..

Thank you and all the best for the Magazine in

2011 and see you soon. LOVE EASTMAN

HONK! is totally in love with GREEDY

EYES and we wish you all the success in

the world with it. ●

Last but not least .. Whats in store next ? An

album ? Another Single ? Will you do any live

gigs promoting Greedy Eyes?

In fact i am already working on the new album

which is called: “I Can’t Rock n Roll” and depending

on how long Greedy Eyes will run the

album will drop before the next single. NEVE

will defiantly be doing the vocals on that and

there are some other amazing singers lined up




Photographer Marcel Steger


Styling Kaey

Styling Assistenz Kassandra Beab,

Nora Lubasch, Tanja Grams

Hair and Make up Gisela Sommer, Kaey

Model Silvio Hauke, Gisela Sommer

Dress Katrin Ciupiak



Shirt & Trousers Kassandra Beab



Dress & Necklace Friederike Hentschel

Harness Nora Lubasch





Dress Mirjana Gödecke

Corsage Petra Dos Santos

Collar Kristin Schuster

Necklace Elias Korzendorfer

Shirt Nora Lubasch



Dress Juliette Springer

Hood Kristin Schuster



Cape Anne Stutzky

Necklace Elias Korzendorfer




His name is Jens!

He works in a hospital for schizophrenic

Patients as a night watchman.

We met Jens on a cold winter evening in

Berlin and he has some interesting stories

to tell about working and living in

a closed department of psychiatry.

Why do you work in a hospital for schizophrenic


I spend 5 years working as a nurse and needed

a change. A friend told me that they are looking

for workmates in the closed psychiatric.

And now I’m here.

How was your first day at work? Was it crazy?

The point is that everybody wonders how it is

to work in such a hospital. But the reality looks

very different. We only know it from some


The first day I was a little shocked at the beginning.

But these people are really nice although

I was a little bit afraid, yes! In the end it was a

good day.

Many patients are not even there forever. Do

you also meet former patients again? If so,

how do they react?

Oh yes, this happens all the time.Many of them

remember me and say hello and others act like

they never seen me before. It’s funny though

when I meet them in a Club.

Do you think there are certain types of people

especially vulnerable to be affected by schizophrenia?

Not really, no. In my experience, it can affect

anyone. From young to old, woman to man,

black or white.

But many true addicts are affected especially

the ones that smoke much marihuana.

We now have read a lot about schizophrenia

and again you hear that schizophrenic people

often can be violent. Are you not afraid at


Yes, that is a problem..

But you are not allowed to have fear, they can

smell it and you are easy pickings.We try our

best to keep it secure. Fortunately nothing happened


When you go home after work, can you switch

off without problems and relax?

Some days I can do so very well, others less so.

But I have great friends, they catch me every


If you work with schizophrenic people everyday.

Do you have a feel for people with this

problem when you meet someone new?

(He laughs) Oh yes. I have something like a radar

for that. I meet new people and my feeling

tells me something is wrong with that person.

To conclude, please tell us one of your weirdest

moments in the hospital.

Oh this is a good one ..

One night I was on night watch for a patient

who admitted herself.

I entered the room and she was already confined

to the bed so I sat on a chair to read a

book next to her.

But what was going on than was like in a movie,

she started switching personalities back and

forth and each with a different dialect.

They said things like:

“I always smoke my last cigarette.”


“I Always dream day and night, always.”


“I cannot die, I could not die but I still want to


A few days later when she was a little better

she came up to me and took my hand thanking

me for listening to her.

I was really touched by that.




Photos by Haikal Noyes








Text by Christo Mitov

There is no better place to start this article

but St. Oberholz - an infamous café

in the centre of Berlin used by many

trendy people with 70’s plastic frames

and varieties of Apple products in their

hands as a working station and business

meeting point. This is a field study,

live form the city jungle which is also

the natural habitat of a rare breed I will

educate you about. The following report

is aimed at distinguishing the real geeks

from the self-acclaimed nerd wannabes.

Lately, it has become a trend to be a nerd. Or

at least to pretend to look like one. The moment

gossip magazines started to use the term

“nerd” in their titles, I thought someone should

speak out.

I will never forget how I got bashed in school for

being a nerd. I was one of few to have the best

grades in all disciplines and almost no social

life and. now it’s become a compliment to call

someone a nerd. As the person behind Grateful

Grapefruit ( www.gratefulgrapefruit.com ) for

(horny) nerds and as acclaimed geeky eager

beaver - I have the right to tell you, that:


You are not a nerd.

You wear a V-neck, some tight skinny jeans or

leggings, vintage shoes with no socks and fisherman

coat (for the lack of better ones)

From time to time you rock a beanie, a player

or a traveller hat.

When you unroll your scarf it measures almost

10 meters.

In summer you wear tank tops and straw

fedora, as seen on your favorite Berlin street

fashion blog.

You dress studiously, but don’t know what that

word means.

You wear empty plastic frames and call them

nerd glasses, but you actually don’t need them,

because all you read is your pal’s blogs and feeds.

You say your swag is ironic while you’re really

trying too hard.

Your most valuable accessory is a tote bag

where you put the tobacco you roll, the low-cut

vest and the MDMA that gets you high.

You call yourself a DJ or VJ because you can

play some songs on your MacBook.

You do something with media or design while

actually you live off social benefits.

You have a mustache or a beard and neither

fits you.

You use your iPhone to take pictures with vintage

filters and post them on your blog, twitter

and facebook profile.

You use dailybooth.com when you’re bored

(after you finished masturbating).

You are vegan, but don’t miss an opportunity

to stuff yourself in the nearest Burger King or

kebab place.

You listen to bands with at least 4 words in

their names.

You tweet “I’m such a nerd LOL” and you believe


You play games and you think that makes you

so fucking extra special.

You obnoxiously co-opt every style, culture and

subculture there is.

You’re just a hipster.

You are a nerd.

You are terrible with women or men.

You have an IQ over 130.

You don’t really care about your haircut or outfit;

or food you eat; or other superficialities.

You wear glasses, because you spend your days &

nights reading/staring in some uncrackable codes.

You play with a Rubik’s cube while you wait for

your eye doctor appointment - what is it this

time -5?

You are studious and you know 5 more synonyms

for that word.

You don’t know what fedora or player hat looks

like, but you couldn’t care less.

You have arguments about RFC standards with

your followers on Twitter.

You are socially awkward, but that is ok.

You make pranks like those guys


and you laugh your ass off at the Star Wars

joke when you watch those videos.

You probably don’t even know the other breed

of “nerds” exists, because you’re too busy

working on a solution for Apollonius‘ problem


You have to listen carefully:



























*Nerds, unite! It is time to show those phonies who is the real

deal here. We may not have the looks, but we have the brains

to show them what real nerds are capable of. We have to restore

our name and reputation. It is time for revenge! \ \ / / ●


You certainly can live without these ITEMS,

but life is so much More Beautiful with THEM.

Necklace www-save-fashion.com



Eyemask KaDeWe Berlin

LED Light Moree



Adidas Sneakers Beverly Hills

Bodhi Wolks . custom figures by Sergey Sbss



Interview by Christo Mitov


I am a traditionalist when it comes to

concerts - I only go to see bands and

artists I have followed for at least a year

and whose music I’ve listened to at least

a week on loop. With Lemercier And

The Lala By it was more of a blind date.

I went to their concert in Schwuz - the

band was the culmination of the “Queer

Noises Festival” 2010. The time between

their mesmerizing magical performance

and this interview consists of just a

couple of phone calls, facebook chats

and numerous listens to Lala By tracks.

Steev Lemercier is a DJ, producer and

performer, born in 1978 and raised in

Geneva, with family origins from France

and Sicily (oh yeah!) In other words,

a mix of Alpenmilch, revolution and

volcanic eruption. As core of the music

project he embodies the shaman leader

of a mystic forest fairy cult called The

Lala By – a combination between peri,

dark furry creatures with horns and

Greek gods.

Just like their music, Steev isn’t a guy

you would judge by the cover or by the

first listen. The deep vocals you hear on

the records come out of the mouth of

a small skinny guy with big eyes, wide

smile and sweet French accent. We met

in a small cafe in central Berlin Mitte

and talked about his toughest times, his

brightest moments of inspiration and

why, no matter how cliché it may sound,

you should only be yourself and trust

your instincts.

How are you?

To be honest, not so good. I am very happy to

be working on music again and be able to focus

on my art again. I have other things in my family

that suck and are not very easy to handle.

That actually really inspires my life. Do you

want to know what?

If you feel comfortable with sharing.

Why not. My father died 20 years ago and we

cremated him. 20 years later he sent me a letter

to say that he has saved money to build a grave

on the ground he has reserved in the cemetery.

I am just back from Switzerland where I was

with my mom and my sister. We threw my

father’s ashes in the river in the mountains in

Switzerland. Some intense things came out from

his history. My father was murderer and now I

asked to reopen my father’s case together with

the police. It’s a very dark and horrible story.

Now my life is great, but reality isn’t that easy

and I have to work on it to make it that way. So I

am very angry.

The past is haunting you.

No, I let it go. Unfortunately now I feel something

I never felt before - revenge. I am not

holding on the past. In this very moment I feel

like balance has to be restored and fairness too.

What I did with my father’s ashes was more to

let go. I want things to be clear.

Is this why you reopened the case?

Yes. I don’t want to go back too deep. What

happened, is really nasty. Two people who

have been covered for 20 years, have to come

clear and justice has to be restored. Other

people suffered for 20 years although they

shouldn’t have. Back then I was a little kid so I

didn’t realize what was happening.

What’s the best memory you had with your


Actually I don’t have so many good memories.

My father wasn’t nice with us, his children. he

was this dominant person that scares you. My

mother used to be that way too. We grew up in

this fake protective golden childhood. My parents

had a restaurant - they were having people

from all over the world coming to the restaurant.

It was all about attitude - they punished

us for eating even with the wrong fork.



protect me. My mother disappeared with somebody

and had to hide because of the problems

she had with the restaurant. She put me in a

school in the mountains for children with problems.

Most of them were mentally sick, but I

was more of a calm water person. There was this

one time when a kid was insulting my father. I

told him many times to shut up but he didn’t.

So I broke his arms and legs. Then the teachers

punished me not to leave the school for 6

months during which I was seeing a shrink.

After the school I went to college. My teachers

blamed me for being angry, but could understand

me, too. I was very rebellious those days.

I lived together with my mother. i wanted to

shock her so I was going out late, not coming

back for days, I pierced my nose, dressed up in

leather, shaved my head and did all the things

I wanted to do. I was goin out in the gay scene

- I wasn’t only into drugs and alcohol, but also

into sex. I met a hustler, i found his life very

interesting and got inspiration from him.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

One older sister, Natasha. She was the person

educating me while I was growing up. She is my

mother actually. She was eating with the wrong

fork, too. She was protecting me from many

harms coming from my parents. She was treating

me like an adult, not covering the truth.

What was the greatest advice she gave you?

To be myself. She didn’t want me to be affraid

to say what I felt and what I thought.

How did you get out of the repression of your

parents and escape your home?

By ignoring them. I was this autistic child -

always painting and drawing, not saying anything.

When they yelled at me, I just went to

my room silently.

My father died when I was 12. the family had

to be split. My sister married and escaped in

france. She was working hard to get me and

Is this also when you started with music?

The last year of secondary school I didn’t go to

school. i decided to be a hairdresser in Geneva.

Everybody was really nice to me and praised

my work. I am born in Geneva, but I hated it so

much that I decided to leave and finished my

hairdresser education in London. There I started

to mix everything. I became a DJ. I met a lot

of people and I stayed in London for five years.

Then I went back to Geneva, met my old friends

who then became famous DJs like Miss Kittin

and others. There was this club called Vitamix,

which was the Berghain or Panorama Bar (most

popular Berlin club) of Geneva where all those

popular alternative DJs came for gigs. Then I

came to Berlin because I was invited to play as

a DJ. After some time I decided to stay here.

Now it’s going to be 9 years that I’m here. I promoted

my DJ work, I got invited in Berghain.

Then I found a group with a friend of mine - we

called it Anachrom. He was the first person


who showed me how to compose properly and

share my music with others. Out first album was

called “The Rest Is Yours”. I was the deep vocal

and he was the high vocal. We split for personal

reasons and now I started to develop LaLa By.

How did you find all the members?

When I left Berlin, I continued composing

songs. It was the Christmas of 2009. I was on

my own and I wrote this song called Dominoes

- it is about fucked up relationships. When I

finished it, I thought it’s a crappy Christmas

song. Then I made a friend listen to it - he was

really inspirted by it and we listened to it many

times. Then I composed two other songs the

same night. That is when I decided to have my

own project called Lemercier LaLa By. The

name of the album was supposed to be called

LaLa By. I used to like psychedelic music so

I wanted to make this kind of music. Then I

started inviting friends over to help me with

some instruments or vocals.

When the album was ready, I got an invitation

to perform it live. So I decided to invite everyone

to my place over dinner, bought a € 40

box of macaroons from Ladurée and told them

about my concert plans. After that we worked

on the project and I was able to put myself

together after the whole black history.

The night after the concert which went really

well I thought I wish I’d die, because I wasn’t

able to achieve anything better. But after 3

years now, we have a stable core of the band

consisting of 9 members. People invite us for

many gigs and I am really glad that it turned

out so successful.

everything is just “la-la”.

What is the direction you are going right now

with LaLa By?

I was recently in Istanbul with two of the Lala

Bys and we wrote some songs. Last year we recorded

our album called Real Fiction. We have

a lot of new songs and old tracks that we never

recorded. But this first album wasn’t really a

released album. The first real album we’re going

to release is called Charivari - it consists of new

rough tracks, it is about love stories, dominoes

and fairies. Our music is getting a bit harder.

We started the interview with your lowest point

- let’s finish it with your highest point. Have you

reached it already or is it still in the future?

I don’t want to find a label and become a rock

star. I want all these great people I am working

with and myself to experience life and be

exposed to many different situations through

LaLa By. I wish this project will make us better

version of ourselves and bring us to places we’ve

never been before. I want this moment to never

stop. This will be a constant high point. ●

What genre is LaLa By’s music?

Lately I don’t really know. In the beginning I

used to call it international dark wave, because

we have people from italy, Spain, Sweden,

Denmark, etc. The band is also called LaLa By

because when I was a child I always dreamt of

getting someone to sing a lullaby to me, but

never got it. I also had this thought once that






WHAT, WHERE and WHEN are the ques

events from all over the globe n eve

also a


tions that will give us the directions for a list of hand-picked

ry HONK! issue. The first selection has a focus on art fairs, but

couple of events for dedicated geeks and nerds. Bon voyage!




by Christo Mitov



In our post-future era of acceleration and

densification of information, the state and

nature of being live and online becomes one

of the crucial definers of our social presence.

Response and action are compressed into an

existential here and now triggering a durée of

continuous digital stimulation.

With RESPONSE:ABILITY transmediale.11

explores the emerging qualities of liveness as

a fundamental nature of our present digital

culture and discusses the abilities, that are

required to respond to social, political and

economic processes triggered by the intensity

of our participation and interaction.

RESPONSE:ABILITY raises many questions

which are about to be answered this February.

To get a clue, watch the video trailer here

( http://vimeo.com/17731652 ) or take a look

at the program here

( http://www.transmediale.de/node/17213 ).

Where Haus der Kulturen der Welt,

Berlin, Germany

When February 01 - 06, 2011

More info at www.transmediale.de

NEXT 2011

More than an art fair, NEXT is a showcase for

the world’s talents and an adventure in innovative

culture. An opportunity to redefine the

relationship between art and its public,NEXT is

a platform for established and emerging galleries

to promote the work of cutting-edge artists.

NEXT is dedicated to the exhibition and ad

vancement of today’s art. NEXT is the catalyst

for the exchange of information and experimental

ideas aimed at today’s educated collectors.

NEXT includes works from both commercial

and noncommercial arts organizations—galleries,

project spaces, art publications and key

private contemporary collections from around

the world.

Where The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, USA

When April 29 - May 2, 2011

More info at www.nextartfair.com


What: When you hear Dubai, art fair is not

really the first thing that comes in mind, but

some extravagant buildings and a lot of sand.

Despite those first associations with the emirate,

Art Dubai is the largest and most established

contemporary art fair in the Middle

East, taking place every year in March at the

Madinat Jumeriah, Dubai. The fair is held

under the Patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin

Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-president and Prime

Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, and is

owned and run in partnership with the Dubai

International Financial Centre (DIFC) Art

Dubai features galleries from over 30 countries

and an extensive programme of collateral

events including Global Art Forum, Art Park,

Art Week and START - a nonprofit organisation

operating art workshops for refugee and

orphaned children from the region.

Where Madinat Jumeriah, Dubai

When March 16 - 19, 2011

More info at www.artdubai.ae


re:publica 2011

re:publica is The conference for blogs, social

media and the digital society for Germany organized

by spreeblick ( www.spreeblick.com )

and newthinking communications

( www.newthinking.de ). Every nerd is there. If

you are one, you already have a ticket - just like


Where Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin, Germany

When April 13 - 15, 2011

More info at www.re-publica.de

European Media Art Festival 2011

EMAF is one of the most influential forums of

international Media Art. As a meeting point

for artists, curators, distributors, galleries and

an audience of experts the festival has a great

impact on the topics and aesthetics of Media

Art. Each year the festival offers its visitors

a current summary of experimental films,

installations, performances, digital formats

and hybrid forms, ranging from personal and

political subjects or formal experiments to provocative

statements from the pulsating area of

“Media Art – Society”. The Festival sees itself

as a place of experimentation and a laboratory

where extraordinary works, experiments and

ventures are created and presented.

When April 27 - May 1, 2011

(exhibition April 27 - May 29, 2011)

Where Osnabrück, Germany

More info at www.emaf.de

LOOP 2011

LOOP is the most important annual event for

all those involved and interested in the latest

video art productions. At LOOP you can watch,

buy, learn and disseminate video artwork from

the creme de la creme of video art from all

over the world. LOOP focuses on new releases

and present mostly premières. Every year the

best proposal is rewarded a prize by a selection

committee. Galleries from around the world

gather in Barcelona to provide an overview of

current video art trends, as well as the future

possibilities that video and new technologies

offer to the artist. LOOP is a dynamical event,

constantly adjusting to the changing needs

of the various agents involved in the movingimage

field. It includes exhibitions, screenings,

presentations, conferences and a fair.

Where Barcelona, Spain

When May 19 - 21, 2011

Who Established and emerging video artists

from all over the world.

More info at www.loop-barcelona.com

arteBA 2011

Ever since its formation 21 years ago, the arte-

BA Foundation has been organizing what has

become the region’s most important contemporary

art fair promoting Argentine and Latin

American art, with the goal of positioning that

art in the world market. The fair has been singularly

successful in both giving broader visibility

to well-established artists and serving as

a launching point to legitimize emerging art-

Where: La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina

ists. On each new occasion it provides fresh



examples of the potential of both the local and

regional market, and proves that institutional

acquisitions remain the kick-off for sales that

dynamize that market. And by extension, other

discerning eyes are paying ever greater attention

to Latin American art, and there is a

noticeably steady growth in the number of collectors

eager to discover interesting works.

arteBA was conceived as a fair for art galleries,

but it’s not a static product. Each new year

of the fair adds new projects that boost the

creative energy of the participating galleries.

The auditorium program, the prizes, the area

for emerging spaces, and the various activities

of the corporate sponsors that have joined us,

seek to break up the strict grid of the stands,

turning the fair into something more festive –

a true cultural fiesta.

Where La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina

When May 19 - 23, 2011

More info at www.arteba.org

LISTE 2011

Forget about the art fair in Basel, now it’s all

about LISTE - a combination of the fine Basel

ambient and sutting-edge art. Every year since

its opening in 1996, the LISTE - the Young Art

Fair in Basel has presented new and important

galleries and highly contemporary young art.

The LISTE’s concept of introducing galleries

in general no more than 5 years old and artists

under 40 has been at the heart of its being one

of the most important fairs for young art and

still being considered one of the art world’s

most important discoverer fair.


VOLTA is a platform for presenting the vision

of contemporary art galleries of global repute

whose artists represent new and relevant

positions for curators and collectors alike.

Conceived to bridge a gap between Basel’s

pre-existing fairs, VOLTA showcases galleries

– whether young or mature – that choose

as their mandate to work with the most exciting

emerging artists. The galleries are selected

by an annually changing group of Curators to

give each edition its own clear identity and to

redirect focus back on the art producers as well

as their representing galleries.

Where Dreispitzhalle, Basel, Switzerland

When June 13 - 18, 2011

More info at www.voltashow.com

KIAF 2011

Presenting North Korean art fair would be

much more challanging, but since we don’t

really want you to get in trouble going to the

communist sister of South Korea, it is more

than a pleasure to present the 10th anniversary

issue of Korea International Art Fair

2011. KIAF was established in 2002 under the

auspices of Galleries ll as young artists from

around the KIAF will introduce internationally

renowned artist. KIAF’s enriched programs

such a huge popularity from collectors, as well

program, Forum and Docent programs have

gained huge popular as from participating galleries.

Guest country this year is Australia. This

year KIAF will present around 190 galleries.

Where Werkraum Warteck pp,

Basel, Switzerland

When June 14 - 19, 2011

More info at www.liste.ch

Where COEX 1F Hall A&B, Seoul, South Korea

When September 22 - 26, 2011

More info at www.kiaf.org


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