Weekend Handout March 21/22


God turns life u p side down

Welcome! March 21/22

Things You Need to Know...

COVID-19 FAC’s Response

As followers of Jesus Christ, we know we‘re not alone; even in a time of

great uncertainty, our God is faithful, He is present, He is not surprised.

In the midst of a very legitimate concern this is an opportunity for us

to serve those around us. There will be neighbours and friends who

need hope and practical support. We can all show the love of Jesus by

checking, picking up groceries, prescriptions, or other needed items.

At the same time, there are those of us who find ourselves in need of

help at this time. You‘re not alone; there are many others on a similar

journey. Where are you in your journey?




Online Services

Deerfoot and Southwest campuses remain closed.

Our online campus will continue to broadcast on both Facebook and our

website faccalgary.com. We would encourage you to gather with your

family or small group to worship together with us, albeit in a different

format. Services will be broadcast at our usual service times, Saturday

6:30 pm and Sunday 9:15 am and 11:15 am. Engage in conversation

during our service times or join our FAC online facebook group. Watch

any of our services anytime on Facebook or on our website.

DiscoveryLand Online

With so many BIG changes happening – changes that are difficult

for even adults to process we invite you to stay in touch. While

DiscoveryLand weekend services are suspended you can still access

resources via the Parent Cue App and Facebook.








Please watch for updates about our upcoming Spring Bible Study. Join our

Facebook group for up-to-date information and resources.

Student Ministries

JHS & SHS Wednesday Night Services are now online! They’ll be posting

a video sermon on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook at 7:10 pm every

Wednesday! Look out for “Daily Bible Conversations.” This is a chance

to dive into a piece of scripture for 5-7 minutes on Instagram live with

encouragement during this time! Tune in 1:00 pm daily on Instagram


Congregational Care

Our condolences to the family and friends of these loved ones who have

recently passed: Penny Froese, Darcy Scott, Eleanor Little, Maureen Jensen.

For hospital updates or to request congregational care, please contact

Anne Freeman afreeman@faccalgary.com / 403-258-8290.

Message from Pastor James

Two Fathers

Many years ago I began

to question if I really

had faith in God. I had

accepted Him as a teenager

but now married, with

children, living far from my

old home, I wondered, “Do I

really have faith, or am I just

going through the motions as

a church-goer?“

Around about this same time,

an urgent phone call informed

me my father’s recent

hospitalization had turned

extremely serious and he was

not expected to live very long.

Running upstairs to pack, I

picked up a Sunday School

paper off the steps and couldn’t help noticing this Scripture verse: “God

(in all things) works for the good …” (Romans 8:28). I held onto that verse

as we flew home that night.

Driving from the airport to our home, I was told my father had died. I

had such a calming peace come over me and felt awkward that I wasn’t

overcome with upset emotions.

The next day as I raised my head from looking down at my father in his

casket, to my amazement, in a brief flash God revealed to me that He is

my real Father! What perfect timing! At the very time He took my (earthly)

father, He revealed Himself to me as my heavenly Father.

God went beyond affirming I had faith; He gave me a reality of His

existence. I was changed – “born again,” filled with His Holy Spirit in order

to walk out His purposes for my life!

God used our recent FAC women’s Bible study on Jude to open my eyes

that Jesus had, by the power of the Holy Spirit, kept me (Jude 1:1) all those

years until I really wanted to know Him. God looked upon my heart and

knew when I really wanted Him and His will for my life.

- Laraine Verity

March Giving Update

NEW Service Translations

Smartphone-based translations are now available during all service

times in the following languages:

• Deerfoot: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Hindi, Cantonese.


• Southwest: Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Dutch, Farsi.


Fill out an online contact card to learn more or to request additional


Deerfoot Campus Online Services

12345 40 Street SE

Saturdays 6:30 pm

Sundays 9:15 am & 11:15 am

FAC Southwest Online Service

Glenmore Christian Academy, 16520 24 Street SW

Sundays 11:15 am


General $ 3,758,500 $ 3,570,936 $ 187,564

Capital/Debt $ 712,000 $ 504,088 $ 207,912

Missions $ 696,900 $ 515,679 $ 181,221

Total $ 5,167,400 $ 4,590,702 $ 576,698

Thank you for giving towards building lives that honour God through

FAC. Donations can be made securely online: faccalgary.com/giving.

Questions? Contact John Siebring jsiebring@faccalgary.com /



(to Mar 31, 2020)




Building lives that honour God.

12345 40 Street SE Calgary

403-252-7572 | faccalgary.com



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