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Villa Anabel on Roquebrune Cap Martin

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Villa Anabel on Roquebrune Cap Martin

Villa Anabel is a true gem situated serenely on the western side of Roquebrune Cap

Martin that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Stepping on to the expansive grounds, one feels instantly at home. This is a place where

the options are endless, here you can relax and recharge or entertain family and

friends at your leisure not only inside the sumptuous villa but most anywhere on the 3000

sq. metre property at any number of various terraces available or by the heated infinity


With breathtaking panoramic views towards of the Principality of Monaco and the

gorgeous ever-changing blue hues of the Mediterranean Sea, one could spend hours

admiring the beautiful surroundings right in front of you both day and night.

Located only minutes from Monaco, this luxurious home offers a well thought out mix of

both a Belle Époque architectural exterior style gently combined with a contemporary

interior feel and state of the art alarm and security system, wi –fi, entertainment system

and air conditioning in every room.

Not only that, but this four en-suite bedroom villa has been extensively sound proofed

with three layer wall insulation protections that mitigate outside environmental sound

and vibration leaving you with total peace of mind and always a restful night’s sleep.

With generous reception rooms, voluminous ceilings, ideal lighting, fine marble floors

gently combined with triple ply carpets all throughout the home along with

handcrafted details on the interior furniture, doors and closets…the list of

accoutrements goes on and on. Villa Anabel is pleasing to all natural senses.

One of the most remarkable things you’ll appreciate is that no matter what room you

are in at the villa, every window offers the most splendid views towards the Principality

of Monaco, this has been purposely done through well thought out design.

A couple more extras about the property is the extensive wine and cigar cellar on the

grounds but smartly placed just outside of the villa itself, discreetly tucked away on one

of the lovely entertaining areas of the property.

Need accommodation for staff or even extra guests? There are two guest apartments

with en-suite bathrooms and small kitchens with two more apartments underneath

available for staff that also includes en-suite bathrooms, kitchens with their own service

entrances and exits. They all offer stunning views as well.

If you want to be as close as possible to Monte-Carlo but are looking for privacy and

plenty of space, the Villa Anabel property is one of the best decisions an individual

could ever make.


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