issue #03. Published 15.05.2011 by Marcel Schlutt & Nina Kharytonova. Art, Fashion, Music and Photography. Artists: Natalia Avelon, Kazaky, Lola Depru, Christian Branscheidt and many more All Copyrights @ The Artists! Berlin 2012 www.kaltblut-magazine.com

issue #03. Published 15.05.2011 by Marcel Schlutt & Nina Kharytonova. Art, Fashion, Music and Photography. Artists: Natalia Avelon, Kazaky, Lola Depru, Christian Branscheidt and many more All Copyrights @ The Artists! Berlin 2012 www.kaltblut-magazine.com


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Diane Pernet Natalia Avelon Kazaky Suzana Holtgrave Alis Pelleschi Ziad Ghanem Lola Dupré

Jackee Word Sherry Vine Christian Branscheidt Pascale Jean-Louis Mariel Clayton Anita Bresser

Zachari Logan Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo Amanda M. Jannson Claudio Alvargonzales Tera

Marco Rothenburger Aaron Feaver Christo Mitov Marina Gehrman Nicolas Simoneau Emma E.K.

Jones Fernando Arriero Marquez Shel Fuller Thomas Langnickel-Stiegler Magnus von Keil Polys

Haikal Noyes Marcel Schlutt Nina Kharytonova Cover photo: Pascale Jean-Louis Model: Sarah







People with schizophreni

ality that are strikingly d

and shared by others aroun

torted by hallucinations a

schizophrenia may feel frig



a may have perceptions of reifferent

from the reality seen

d them. Living in a world disnd

delusions, individuals with

htened, anxious, and confused

Bow your head in reverence

and pray!

Her power is her freedom

her freedom is her joy

her joy is boundless

like the wind


sometimes soft and gentle,

sometimes like a hurricane

she takes you,

and she sweeps you up

and far away ...

Step beyond,

become immortal

in the mirror of her gaze.

taken from the poem “ Diva” by Silvia Hartmann


#01 #03

Editor in chief

Marcel Schlutt


Amanda M. Jannson, Emma E.K. Jones, Polys, Nina Kharytonova, Marina

Gehrman, Christo Mitov, Jackee Word, Claudio Alvargonzales Tera

Freelance author

Thomas Langnickel-Stiegler, Shel Fuller, Drew Eastman, Ben Rodgers

Graphic design, layout

Haikal Noyes


Nicolas Simoneau


Daniel Ellmenreich

Published by

Marcel Schlutt & Nina Kharytonova

HONK! is based in Berlin / Germany


Welcome to our 3rd issue: the DIVA issue!

The word diva today is mostly abused to describe female

artists with oversized egos.

We here at HONK! think this is wrong.

If you look at the origin and the meaning of the word you

quickly understand that it refers to people who – with

their work, their personality, and their art – inspire us,

the more normal people, and draw us into their spell.

They have that certain aura; when they enter a room they

draw all attention and looks upon themselves. It’s something

we can’t tear ourself away from.

Usually it’s women that are listed in this group of people – BUT

that’s wrong! There are also many men who are great divas: Klaus Kinski, Bruce la Bruce, Maradonna,

David Beckham; just to name some of them.

Talent, charisma, ingenuity, self-confidence, goodness, and grace are among the features that

describe a true diva.

In our third issue we would like to introduce this rare species.

Artists from various genres of whom you will hear a lot soon.

I would like to say thanks to every person who helped me with issue #03. It was great working

with you guys.


Marcel Schlutt

PS: I would like to dedicate this issue two very special ladies,

Amanda M. Jannson and Emma E.K. Jones.

Without you the work on this issue would have been so much harder. Thank you for Inspiration,

your honesty, and your friendship.











The One: The Dark Side of Barbie

Photos by Mariel Clayton

Pure: An ode to feminity

Photos by Aaron Feaver

Fume of Virginity

Photos by Marco Rothenburger

Jackee Word: Großstadtmädchen

Photos by Joana Dias

Your Majesty

Photos by Christian Branscheidt


Photos by Fernando Arriero Marquez












Don’t blame the diva

by Thomas Langnickel-Stiegler

A Shaded view on a fashion diva

Interview with Diane Pernet

Bette Davis: Tribut to a godess

by Nina Kharytonova

A letter from New York

by Sherry Vine

Movie star: The next generation

Interview with Natalia Avelon

The queen: New York

by Shel Fuller

The Future: Berlin Faces you should know

Obama and the Beast

by Christo Mitov

The X-Insider

Revenge of the nerds: Queens with beards













Drama Babes

Photos by Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo

Dandy Galore

Photos by Anita Bresser

A man should wear

A woman should wear

I’ve seen that face B4

Photos by Pascale Jean-Louis

Scary Mary

by Alis Pelleschi

Must Have

I want my clothes to scream loud: love me,...

Interview with Ziad Ghanem

Hotel Angst: Menege a trois

Photos by Suzana Holtgrave













Bete Noire

by Emma E. K. Jones

A lady plays in her own league

Interview with Suzy Love

Who the hell is Madonna?

Music reviewed by Polys

Trash Divas

Horrifying and Hilarious

Interview with Lola Dupre

Mr. Almodovar and his bizarre world

by Claudio Alvargonzalez

I am your god: The office diva

Text and Artwork by Drew Eastman

Oh boy, it’s a band: Say hi to Kazaky

To express masculine bravado & superiority

Interview with Zachari Logan

Various Artists

Women who rock: Museum







by Mariel Clayton www.thephotographymarielclayton.com

Interview by Marcel Schlutt





She is an icon! She is a role model for generations of young

girls! Always good-looking, politically correct. Yes that’s Barbie!

We have always known that she has a dark side!

Mariel, who was born in South Africa and now live in Canada,

is an artist who shows us this side of Barbie. His pictures are

incredible and full of little details. You must look back several

times to see everything. Let´s meet Barbie´s „ best friend“

HONK!: When did you meet her the first time in your

life? And how to you came up with the idea to show

her darkside?

Mariel: I don’t remember when I got my first Barbie!

I think I must have been 6 or 7 years old. I remember

it was the ‘Peaches and Cream’ Barbie doll. I’m

intrigued by sociopathy and the whole outer facade/

inner workings concept and how the two don’t

always correspond. Barbie, as the ultimate stereotypical

feminine icon just seems to lend herself to

an alternate portrayal. I think because she has been

idolised as the epitome of everything that is ‘good’

about being female, being sweet and docile and

taciturn etcetc. She has been sanitised to the point

where she has absolutely no pesonality whatsoever,

so she just seemed to be the perfect model to explore

the idea of this hidden evil.

The Theme of HONK! #03 is DIVAS! Is Barbie a diva

for you?

I guess so - I think of the word ‘Diva’ as having a

negative connotation though, someone who is bossy

and demanding and spoiled. Someone who treats

people badly because they believe they are better. I

think there may be a part of Barbie that implies that.

Every single picture is amazing! And so much is going

on there, the set, the decoration, every single piece.

I quess it needs days to do all this. How long do you

work on one picture?




It’s tough to say! It absolutely depends on the complexity

of the piece, and whether I need to make anything

for it. For a regular ‘Homicide Barbie’ shot, it usually

takes about a minimum 5 hours or so, to set everything

up. While I am composing a shot, I constantly stop to

look through my camera and make sure everything is

lining up the same way through the lens ( I learnt this

the hard way, your perspective when you’re sitting at a

table is not the same as a camera view). If it’s any of the

‘Hystoria’ pieces - those took a lot longer, about 10 - 15

hours or more. For those I had to make some of the

props, costumes etc. It’s hard to say exactly the length

of time, because I’m not really paying attention. With

most of them I also have to stop, go to work (cursed

day job) sleep etc....

My favourite pictures are the one where Barbie is

having sex. And also there the details are great.

Where do you get the dildos etc from? Is Barbie a sex


I make the little dildoes by hand using polymer clay. I

don’t see Barbie as a sex symbol at all - she looks nothing

like a ‘normal’ human female. That sort of body

isn’t even found in nature. She is a representation of

what companies THINK women should aspire to look

like, but the women who try to make themselves look

like Barbie... are extremely unnatractive and ‘fake’


Did you have any trouble with „Mattel“ the company

who owns Barbie?

So far I haven’t hear anything from Mattel... I’d like to

keep it that way!!! Mattel tends to sue people who don’t

‘play nicely’ with their toys.

What will you do in the future with your doll-photography?

Is there more work coming like this?

I started out doing this as a hobby, and I will keep doing

it as a hobby - as long as I keep getting the ideas I

will keep making the pictures!

Can you pay your bills from your photography work? Or

do you have to do something else for living?

I work full-time as a travel agent - that’s how I pay the

bills! I make a little money selling prints - and with that

I usually buy more dolls or miniatures. I don’t know if

this would ever become something I could do as a living,

it would be great though - but I’m not holding my

breath :)




What our ways






might say about



by Thomas Langnickel-Stiegler

When Elizabeth Taylor died in March, some newspapers and

magazines spoke of her having been the “last diva”. Undoubtedly,

The Taylor was one of the last great actresses of Hollywood’s

Golden Age. Being one of the most famous film stars

of her time, she was adored not only for her acting, but also

for her glamorous lifestyle and her beauty (especially her distinctive

double eyelashes).

Strictly speaking, she wasn’t the last of her kind,

though. Even 30 years after the death of Maria “La

Divina” Callas, there are still a couple of classical

divas who are very much alive. Within the opera

world Spanish soprano singer Montserrat Caballé,

who celebrated her 78th birthday this April, is

referred to as “La Superba”, meaning that she has

reached the status of a diva. American soprano

Renée Fleming is also known as “the people’s diva”

– due to her “modest suburban upbringing in rural

New York”, as The Observer put it. As for Liz Taylor’s

colleagues: just think of 76-year-old Oscar-,

Golden Globe-, Grammy-, and BAFTA-winning

Italian actress Sophia Loren, who gained the status

of a diva in the 1960s, when she was one of the

most popular actresses in the world.

Then again, considering the whole package of ideas

that colloquial language has attributed to someone

being a diva, Liz Taylor may just as well have been

one of the last to combine great talent and success

on the one hand with a glamorous appearance,




flamboyant lifestyle, and a scandalising personality

on the other. The Caballé’s sunny disposition, The

Loren’s sharp wit, and The Fleming’s unshakable

grip on reality are vivid examples for artistic genii

acting out their extraordinary talents while at the

same time cultivating their authentic selves. Modern

divas, on the other hand, tend to concentrate

on rather flamboyantly-seeming peculiarities: In a

2008 article on guardian.co.uk Ian Gittins presented

some contemporary artists that are considered

divas and their habits: from Madonna demanding

“25 cases of Kabbalah water backstage at her gigs,

not to mention 12 dozen boxes of strawberries and

Yorkshire tea” to Mariah Carey’s “bottle of Cristal,

four champagne glasses and a box of bendy straws”

to Jennifer Lopez “scal[ing] down her fruit demands

at a recent Miami charity event to merely mango,

green seedless grapes, pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe,

honeydew melon and watermelon. None of

[which] were to enter the sacred space of her personal

all-white dressing room”. The illustrious list of

prominent singers and their culinary needs goes on

like that (and can be found here: http://bit.ly/fooddivas).

We should thanks Susan Boyle for saving the

day; in 2010, Alan McGee stated in the Guardian’s

music blog: “All hail Susan Boyle, the cool new diva

of our age. More than just a Cowell creation, [she]

puts loneliness and pain into her music […]”.

But how come that we obviously use the word “diva”

in such confusingly inconsistent ways? What kind

of concept is it that lies behind the use of a word

that has faced such an enormous change of meaning

within the past, say, decade? More fundamentally

one might ask: what exactly does it mean to be

called a diva nowadays?

Originally, the concept of a diva didn’t have anything

to do anything with a person’s character. The

word “diva” comes from the female form of the Latin

word “divus, -a, -um”, meaning “god” or “godlike”.

Which means: being a diva used to be about something

supernatural being associated with a certain

person. Very much like the gods of Ancient Rome or

Greece where specialists in their fields of expertise

(eg war, love, or the weather), a diva was originally

associated with a rare talent that might have appeared

superior to what someone who had been less

blessed could ever manage to achieve. Or, to quote

a dimplier definition, which TIME magazine stated

in their 21 October 2002 issue: “By definition, a diva

was originally used for great female opera singers,

almost always sopranos.” Thus, Melpomene, the

singing goddess and muse of Tragedy, could be considered

the first of the divas.

On Earth, Ancient Greek actor Thespis of Icaria is

considered the first of the divine talents in the Western

world. Not only was Thespis the first person

ever to appear in a play as a character assuming the

resemblance of another person – thus presumably

“inventing” acting as well as the genre of tragedy. He

is also said to have been a singer of songs about mythology;

which is why one might argue that he was

in fact the first professional performer, what’s more:

a multi-talented one. On a side note, Thepsis would

also frequently tour the cities carrying his costumes

and masks in a horse-drawn wagon.

In recent years “diva” has gone through an interesting

shift of meaning, leading to a large bandwidth

of attributes connected with the concept behind

the word. These days, calling someone a diva isn’t

necessarily an expression of admiration or appreciation.

I’m actually the living proof for this thesis, as I

have myself been called a diva on several occasions

during my life – and I’m obviously not blessed with

any exceptional artistic talent. So, if someone says

to you: “Don’t be such a diva”, his actual aim will

be rather to tell you to come down, maybe reflect

on how you were just behaving or what you were

saying. Obviously, when used in such contexts, the

word diva has been attributed additional meaning,

linguistically speaking: “diva” has turned polysemic.

A polyseme is a word that is actually two or more

different words that just randomly look the same.

Polysemes have different meanings, which aren’t

necessarily based upon the meaning of one origin

word. However, basically they come to existence

when a word that has become popular is taken out of

its original context and is put into a new one instead,

often giving the word a completely new meaning.

That very same thing seems to have happened in the

case of diva. Disregarding the multitude of character

traits that can be found when taking a look at

the classical opera and Hollywood divas, popular

language has adopted the word “diva” to refer to the

character of a person being rather eccentric (or very

much into herself/himself) compared to what might

be considered “normal” within a certain society.

This concept must then have been adapted to refer

to singers that are said to act diva-ish, which finally

led to the the word “diva” often being used pejoratively.

Nowadays, the word “diva” often refers to

someone – not even necessarily a celebrity anymore


– who is extremely demanding when it comes to her

(or his) personal privileges. Or, like on of Senator

John McCain’s advisers put it (complaining to CNN

about Sarah Palin going off-script): divas are people

who we blame to “[…] trust only unto themselves, as

they see themselves as the beginning and end of all

wisdom”. But, based on this analysis, what is someone’s

intention when they call you a diva anyway?

The above-mentioned examples show that the concept

of “diva” somehow seems to be related to cultural

values such as conformity, respectively non-conformity.

One could argue that the more brought into

line the members of a society are, the flashier anyone

who stands out of that conformity will appear compared

to them. On the other hand, the more brought

into line a culture is, the less probable it might be for

anyone to step out of line. In that regard, the Western

world has ever since its early days developed a rather

well-balanced concept between both the individual’s

urge to express itself as well as an ever-present group

pressure that a society’s members are subject to, even

if only on an unconscious level.

The fact that the majority of language users have

chosen to attribute eccentricity or even more negative

connotations towards people that are called

divas leads to the interesting question, why it isn’t,

say, people with an exceptional amount of sympathy

that we refer to as divas instead? As we have seen

above, there is plenty of classical divas still alive

who don’t live up to the reputation of being difficult

characters at all. On the contrary: it seems most of

the (very rare) true genius-like talent in fact enjoy

their lives a lot, and they seem to be far from being

socially difficult people.

How is it then that we still insist on the cliché of a

diva being that arrogant person, who totally thinks

of herself/himself to be a cut above everyone else?

My theory would be that the majority of users of

many languages within the Western world simply

have decided that being a divine talent necessarily

implies being “too much” of an eccentric person

arrogant over ones own perception of reality and

relevance for the continued existence of the cosmos.

I honestly believe that being confronted with



extraordinary talent has caused less talented people

to feel degraded, less valuable, or less important. In

order to still be able to defend their own self-consciousness

they saw no choice but to look for imperfections

in the seemingly god-like. After all, even

those divas were still human beings; there had to be

at least difficult tempers or capricious moods coming

along with all that unbelievable talent. Anything

else simply wouldn’t be fair.

Well, rules of life, no 1: life is not fair. Looking

for human failure behind a talented face is rather

especially telling about the ones who try to unmask

the divas. Not only because the imperfections that

“normal” people are looking for when critically eyeing

a diva are actually merely human normality. No

one is perfect, sure. But to assume that great talent

necessarily has to come with great disorder of

the personality is a rather obsessive attempt to try

and boost ones own ego at the cost of someone who

may simply is a genius. Who are we to blame him? I

mean, why is there so much obscurity and insecurity

among people when dealing with enormous talent

as well as with people who don’t fit in the image of a

coherent general public? Sure, it might be annoying

to time to be reminded of ones own personality lacking

the talent that those singers, actors, and comedians

have been blessed with. However, one should

always keep in mind that just because someone is

different(ly talented) doesn’t mean he or she is any

more or any less “perfect”, nor any more or any less

human. Considering oneself superior to anyone else

is lacking contact with reality just as much as pigeonholing

people who seemingly don’t fit into any

known categories.

But maybe we can even learn something from our

tendency to do so. What does our being afraid of/

stressed out by overly eccentric people tell us about

our own feelings, about our own perception of reality?

Maybe those who call other people divas for

openly acting out their talents as well as the satisfaction

or happiness that may come it, rather shows

their insecurity in regard to their own talents. Maybe

they are simply afraid that other people standing in

the spotlight could compromise their own integrity,

which has carefully brought into line by education,

peer pressure, and society.

Being afraid of that what is different, or that might

in a way seem “better”, is a very human reaction. I

think, we should try to keep an eye on that human

tendency next time we are tempted to pigeonhole

someone just because he or she is used to dealing


Thomas Langnickel-Stiegler is a Berlin based communications consultant and co-host of the discourseoriented

Berliner Kamingespräche project. Having studied social sciences at the University of Siegen, he

worked in public relations for film and TV, in advertising, and as an editorial member of various publications.

His 2007 Bachelor’s thesis in Language and Communication dealt with the concepts of image and


with reality in a different way than we might be used

to doing. After all, being curious about the different,

the new, the unknown, is also part of what it means

to be human. In my humble opinion, we should

learn to exhibit that positive, productive part of our

humanity more regularly again.

If you start seeing eccentric people like that, you

could just as well describe being a diva in a positive

way as the extreme way to explore one’s full potential

through one’s facets. To say it with my favourite

quotation by German writer Johann Christoph

Friedrich von Schiller: “Rarely do we arrive at the

summit of truth without running into extremes; we

have frequently to exhaust the part of error, and

even of folly, before we work our way up to the noble

goal of tranquil wisdom”, (Philosophical Letters,

Prefatory Remarks).

All in all, in a society of masses that are attending

yoga classes, clerical services (ie go to church), seeking

“professional” counsel to find their true self (some

of us are even said to try to find themselves in sexual

encounters) – by what right do those blame the socalled

divas for trying it their way? And what about

those who still insist on mocking you for seemingly

being out of control every now and then? Well, next

time someone calls you a diva, why not tell them to

diva your ass instead? Or, simply ignore them. However

you do it: be above it, be yourself, be diva!

That said, being a diva can just as well be interpreted

as a sceptic approach towards what a society

demands of the individual, often without any proper

reason. Paradoxically, this unwillingness to unconditionally

adapt might even enable the individual

to find its true, authentic self – if (sic!) it is not for

reasons of catching attention, but to critically reflect

on society that one acts out on one’s perseverance.






Cardigan LALA BERLIN, Necklace YAZBUKI available from www.cabinet206.com



Photography by Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo www.wolejko-wolejszo.com

Styling & Production Marina German

Modele, Hair & Make-Up:

Isabel / SeeDs by Lara Rüffert with Armani Cosmectics / 21agency

Lina / MegaModels by Mischka Hart / Basics



Lina, this page


Lina, facing page

Top and Scarf TIGER OF SWEDEN, Bracelet J DAUPHIN




Swimsuit WE ARE HANDSOME available from www.cabinet206.com





Isabel, this page


Lina, facing page

Cardigan LALA BERLIN, Necklace YAZBUKI available from www.cabinet206.com




Lina, this page

Top and Leggings CLARISSA LABIN, Bracelet J DAUPHIN

Lina, facing page


Isabel, facing page

Swimsuit WE ARE HANDSOME available from www.cabinet206.com








Interview by Christo Mitov


www.ashadedviewonfashionfi lm.com

Photos by http://www.fl ickr.com/photos/lorenzobusato

The first thing you notice physically about this lady is her look. Usually her

eyes are covered with black cat eye shades, her lips bloody red and dramatic,

her skin aristocratically pale. The next thing you see is how she’s

wearing her dark hair in a towering pompadour with a black veil and cladding

her body in layers of black clothing and gothic attire. She is someone

who knows the fashion industry from many angles, but perplexingly her

look remains static - she strikes a silhouette as instantly recognizable as

that of Karl Lagerfeld’s. She is Diane pernet.

In the 1980s, Diane was a successful fashion designer in New York before

becoming a fashion journalist and relocating to paris. In her capacity as

journalist, editor, blogger and now curator of her own fashion film festival

she relentlessly supports the young, independent forward-looking designers

and thinkers in fashion. Nowadays she is best known for her cult blog,

www.ashadedviewonfashion.com (ASVOF) which spawned the traveling

fashion film festival, www.ashadedviewonfashionfilm.com (ASVOFF) After a

successful season last year in Milano with a collaboration with Vogue Italia

and a specially commissioned new project – ‘1 Minute Light’ that was won

by Miho Kinamura and Zaiba Jabbar, this year ASVOFF number 4 will kick

off from 7-9 October at the Centre georges pompidou in paris. You can still

submit your work and be part of ASVOFF until June 30th 2011.

HONK! met Diane virtually on the night she arrived in poland traveling with

ASVOFF. Christo Mitov talks fashion, business and art with Mrs. pernet and

gets some of the wittiest yet not pretentious answers on the future of fashion.


Where are you now and what are you doing recently?

I just checked into my hotel in LODZ, it is the city

where David Lynch filmed Inland Empire. I’m here for

Fashion Philosophy Poland Fashion week. Wednesday

I go to Cannes with ASVOFF. Actually I’m in LODZ

with ASVOFF. Then the following week I go to Vicenza

d’oro where I’ve curated a film and accessory exhibition

and then back to Paris for 2 nights and off to Chile

for their first fashion week with my good friend, Robb

Young, the author of Power Dressing: First Ladies,

Women Politicians and Fashion. We’e never been

there and are looking forward to the adventure.

You are traveling a lot. How do you organize your suitcase?

What clothes do you always take and how do

you plan your luggage?

It is super easy for me. I’m a uniform person. Carry

on for the computer, cables, the tiny bit of liquids we

are allowed to carry and a good book. Then clothes,

black, skirts, shirts, beauty products, bathrobe, under

garments, parasol for the sun, umbrella for the rain,

change of shoes. It’s simple.

Describe me your closet.

Two closets, both black, except for two bathrobes one



a red kimono and the other a blue plaid wool flannel.

It is all black, put together skirts, shirts, jackets, coats.

Shoes etc in boxes and bags in a separate drawer.

How did you get into fashion? What attracted you to

this industry?

I’ve always loved two things film and fashion. I was

very concerned about my clothes even when I was

4 years old. I used to be obsessed with overly girly

things, ruffles and petticoats all preferably in pink. As

I grew up I fell in love with the work of Guy Bourdin

and thought about becoming a fashion photographer

but only if I could be better than him which I decided

I couldn’t. Later I wanted to design but could not

draw, went to film school and then ended up taking

9 months in fashion at Parsons and FIT in NYC.

Opened my own brand and did that for 13 years.

Do you actually call it an industry satisfying a luxurious

need or is it art?

With most designers it is a business like a Louis

Vuitton, Celine, Dior, etc. For some it is a luxury like

Givenchy couture, for others it is a perfect mix between

fashion and art, people like Hussein Chalayan, Rick

Owens, Boudicca, Haider…

Do you define yourself as an artist or a businesswoman?

Basically I’m a creative person, I’ve always either made

films or designed….but now I am organizing exhibitions,

curating them and putting together my film

festival. I aspire to be more of a business woman than I

am, It is never too late to learn.

Do you think fashion is happening more in the ateliers

than on the street nowadays?


Half and half, some cities have more interesting street

looks than others. I’m dreaming of creativity coming

back to the ateliers but not so sure that is the direction

we are in or are heading towards. One can dream.

Which designer from the past (who has past away) do

you want to meet and what would you want to talk

about with him?

I would have loved to have known Madame Gres. The

exhibition currently in Paris is a dream.

Is there a comparably creative and talented designer as

Alexander McQueen nowadays?

Different style but Rick Owens, Haider Ackermann,

Boudicca, Raf Simons….

What makes a good collection?

The three designers that I mentioned above make a

good collection because they use their own signature

and it really does not emulate anyone else.

Who is the most influential person or brand in fashion

right now and why?

I think Rick Owens because he has the perfect balance

between being edgy and being commercial. He’s probably

the most copied designer of our decade.

Who would you crown as an ultimate fashion diva?

It is a tie between Anna Piaggi and in the grave, Isabella

Blow. They both love/loved fashion and are/were

a pleasure to look at.

What annoys you about the fashion industry?

Arrogant and pretentious people who are basically

about nothing beyond their own skin.

Fashion and art quite often go hand by hand. What do

you think about collaborations like the one Lady Gaga is

running with Thierry Mügler?

I think Nicola Formichetti is genius and has his

finger on the pulse. He knew exactly what he was

doing putting Lady Gaga on the runway. He told me

Mugler was not prepared for the collection to sell

as wildly well as it did. We are living in a celebrity

decade…that is what sells clothes for better or worse.

On the other hand, what do you think of high-end labels

like Victor&Rolf collaborating with labels like H&M?

I think it is great, it makes fashion available to the

masses. I thought that the H & M Lanvin collaboration

was excellent, especially the film by Mike

Figgis. Now everyone can own Comme des Garcons,

Lanvin, Sonia, Matthew who ever, why not? I

think it is a win win situation. Nobody expects those

clothes to last forever.

There are many fashion documentaries - on Anna Wintour,

on Karl Lagerfeld, etc. Do you think they present the

real face of fashion and the people they are focusing on?

My favorite fashion documentary is an old one from

the 80’s Unzipped, genius and real. I also liked the

Last Emperor Valentino and I did like The September

issue, Grace was the star and yes, I think some people

looked good and others not but it rang pretty true.

Who gave you the most valuable fashion advice that

you’re still following? Can you share it with us?

I’ve thought about that and I feel bad not coming up

with a genius answer. Honestly I don’t remember anyone

giving me fashion advice that I took and thought

was something to live by. I can give some, dress to

please yourself, you are never going to please everybody

anyway and do you really care?




by Emma E. K. Jones


This night, the stars disguised, the horseshoes choke the silence

And in the room, the shadows bloom, before their lady’s violence.

As she commands, the moths construct the graves of million phantoms.

And in the dark, with hair blond and long, and eyes like burning coal, she is smiling very bitter.

Fairer than a chimera, when her thorns turn to feathers, and her tears into drops of wine.

The perfume of death.

Her lips will whisper things, tales no one wants to know of, tales that haunt you forever and the salamanders cry

will posses the living.

When the moon decides to take its own life as a sacrifice

She will rule, do not be fooled, you can’t escape her gallows

She is our Queen, the Queen of beasts and shadows.

No human mirror can sustain to carry her reflection, only in the eyes of unicorns slides a mere portrait of her


And as she leaves worshiped by skeletons and flies, a charming melody drowns the zephyr.

The song she sang, the night that Gods could not endure her beauty.








by Nina Kharytonova

They are robbing respiratory beautiful, they are loved, admired

and hated.

They are glamorous and unattainable as a goddess (because

that is the linguistic interpretation of “Diva”). We are talking

about the Hollywood dynasty of 1940-years. Elizabeth Taylor,

Eva Gardner, Katherine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn

Monroe just to name a few names here.

They have used the term diva reinvented, embossed and

they gave us some unforgettable moments in cinema.

The one that particularly stands out is Bette Davis.

Especially because she was not a typical diva. Which

was not alone on her choice of roles - she never hesitated

to play ugly and nasty unerotic women but

also their entire presence, charisma, and not least

unusual in their appearance. Bette Davis did not

match precisely to the ideal of beauty of at that time

in Hollywood. Everything about her face was a bit

too big: the nose, the mouth, but above all her fascinating

eyes. And yes she has managed it, especially

from those flaws to create a brand, because they

exuded a kind of beauty to you that it was difficult

for someone to believe something else.

Her childhood was not always golden. Bette was born

in 04/05/1908 in Lowell, Massachusetts(USA). A

year later, then her sister Harriet Barbara (Bobby)

was born. Trapped in an unhappy marriage with

unwanted children her father recite in 1915 the small

family and left the three women to their own fate. This

event coined especially his daughters very much. Ruth

(her mother) has always preferred Bette. She tried to

survive with photography, her favorite subject was

always their first-born child.

The desire to become an actress Bette expressed the

first time in 1921 (when her family moved to New


always wanted me to be pretty,

but I fought for realism.




York), she was just 13 years old. But this desire manifested

itself when she saw in 1926 a theater production

of “The Wild Duck”. It was the poignant spectacle of

Peggy Entwistle. As the family could not afford expensive

theater acting lessons, Ruthie has once again inserted

for Bette and so she got hold a study on rates at

the „John Murray Anderson School of Theatre“. Later,

Bette got the most desirable scholarship as recognition

of her enormous ambition, but she did not use the

scholarship, she left the school to act in her first play.

However as chance would have it, the piece was displaced

and Bette had to face again the harsh reality.

This coincidence is due Bette got her first starring role,

the actress who played the main role in a movie has

been ill and Bette steped in, probably.

Even in their first attempts in Hollywood, she was not

really welcome there. At that time she was very shy,

inexperienced, modest and just could not offer typical

Hollywood stimuli. Just before her contract with Universal

Studios was terminated, the cinematographer

Karl Freund persuaded the studio bosses to give her a

small role. And so Bette Davis made her film debut in

“The Bad Sister” (1931)


However the desired success failed and Bette was just

before leaving Hollywood. At this moment Fortuna

smiled into her face.

At that time the well-known actor and filmmaker

George Arliss gave her the female lead role in “The

Man Who Played God”


The film was a huge success and for the rest of her life,

she was George Arliss grateful that he helped her to

break through in Hollywood. After this movie Bette got

a five-year contract with Warner Brothers.

Their most important success so far, after more than

20 films, she had with the role of evil Mildred Rogers

in “Human Bondage” (1934)


The fact that this film has not received an Oscar nomination,

sparked some protests and resulted to a subsequent

change in the voting procedure at the Academy

Awards. A year later she got the trophy for best actress

for “Dangerous “


But she called this as Belated recognitionto her performance

in the film “Human Bondage”.

For the representation of a Southern belle in “Jezebel”


she got her second Academy Award in 1938. Overall

she had a very unusual relationship with the Academy,


she was nominated for an Oscar ten times. In 1941 she

became the first female president of the „Academy of

Motion Pictures and Arts “, but angered the committee

with her research nature and left without further

ado, the Academy. She even claimed that she gave the

award the nickname “Oscar”.

By her brash, impatient and unbridled nature, Bette

Davis squandered themselves with their employer

the „Warner Brothers Studios“. When she was afraid

thather career bend through the mediocre roles that

the studiio allocates to her, she took the offer of a British

producer company to lead in two of their films. In

order to escape the just penalty for the infringement

summarily sued the Warner Brothers studio in the

English court. The case was later the historic milestone

because more similar cases were decided in favor of

the plaintiff actor. Bette, however, lost the lawsuit and

went back to Hollywood in debt. She remained still at

the „Warner Brother Studios“ and later she became the

highest paid actress at her time.

Bette’s meteoric rise had a rather negative effect on

their private life. 1932-1960 Davis had four husbands

and three children. 1932 she married “Ham” Nelson.

The marriage broke up, however, in 1938, on Bette’s

infidelity and success. Her second husband, Arthur

Farnsworth was a native of England innkeeper. The

happiness was short-lived, as he died in 1943 on a skull

fracture. 1945 Bette married for the third time, this

time to the artist William Grant Sherry. At the age of

39, she gave birth to a daughter, Barbara. 1950 Bette

has a divorce from William. And then 25 days later she

married her fellow actor Gary Merrill. Gary adopted

Bette’s daughter Barbara and within the next two

years, the two actors adopted two more children - a girl

named Margaret and a boy - Michael. Some years later

the first daughter Barbara broke off the contact, as she

published a rather unpleasant biography of the relationship

to her mother.

Bette Davis even claimed that the director William Wyler

was her one true love. He, however, refused to leave

his wife, and so Bette Davis stays alone from 1960 on.

After several years without success, Bette Davis had a

critically acclaimed comeback as Baby Jane in the horror

film “What happened to Baby Jane “ (1962)


The fascinating thing about this film was that she

played with her arch rival Joan Crawford. This film

was a worldwide success, just by the fact that the two

actresses could now live out their rivalry in front of the

camera. Rumor has this dislike arose from the fact that



I was the

Marlon Brando

of my generation.

Joan Crawford fell in love with Bette. However, Davis

rejected it. In revenge, Mrs. Crwaford got married to

Franchot Tone, he has thrown himself an eye on Bette

at that time. Legendary is the black humor of the diva

and her devotedly maintained enmity with her rival

Joan Crawford, she used to say. “One should not say

anything bad about the death, but good Joan Crawford

is dead good!” or better yet “I would not even piss on

her if she were on fire. “

She argued, however, not only with Joan Crawford, on

the set everyone knew to work with Bette is not easy.

Often she found the scripts are bad, the directors and

fellow actors for untalented and said this is also loud.

Even though she had a negative image and played

unsympathetic characters, their movie, Davis was very

very popular and she had many advocate and friends

in the industry.

She worked until her death. She was the star in more

than a hundred films. Her career had a period of 60

years , which was for a Hollywood actress, a rather

unusual life. Davis’s own aging has perceived as “massacre”.

She once said: “Growing old is not for sissies.

“ At the age of 75, she suffered a heart attack, later

diagnosed with breast cancer. A few days after the operation

she had a stroke. Their last major appearance

was in 1986 in Lindsay Anderson’s “Whales of August

“. In October 1989 at the San Sebastian Film Festival

she accepting her last award, she was so weak that she

could not return home. She died on 6. October 1989 in

Paris. She was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park

(Hollywood Hills), in addition to her mother Ruthie

and her sister, Bobby. On her grave stone is written,

“She did it the hard way” and that was true, because

the only thing that Bette Davis did not choose, was an

easy way to go.

Besides the wonderful movies, Bette Davis leaves a

legacy that says : Faith in yourself and strength of character

certainly can move mountains!

In this business,

until you’re known

as a monster

you’re not a star




An ode to


Photos by Aaron Feaver











Interview with Aaron Feaver by Amanda M. Jannson

Aaron Feaver is a photographer living in Los Angeles. His stunning art

photography of women and the female body is inspired by his personal

view of female beauty. What sets him out is his strong and daring perspective

which still manages to maintain a unique tenderness and dream

like nature but also the fact that he is not willing to censor himself or

compromise his vision at any cost.

What is beauty in a woman according to you?

Beauty, in the purely physical sense of something

visually pleasing, has been pretty hard-wired into us, I

think. Babies reaching for pretty faces over plain ones,

etc. It’s all evolution and math, and photographing or

painting it is basically still life. But there’s that beauty

of personality or character that everyone has that you

can capture a bit of in an expression, and I’d like to

think that’s what I’m going for.

What does it take to be a real diva?

Ha…well, to be honest I haven’t worked with many divas,

so I’m probably not the best judge. I don’t think

I’d have much patience for a diva, frankly; I appreciate

someone who worked hard to get to the top of

their game, but not at the expense of their down-toearth-ed-ness.

How is it to work with women?

It’s about the same as working with men. One thing

is, there’s kind of a negative stereotype of the fashion

photographer as lech, and that’s definitely something

I’m conscious of and work extra hard to avoid. There

are, I’m sure, guys who set out to be fashion photographers

for the chance to look at beautiful women all

day, but that’s not at all what I’m about.

What has inspired you to photograph women the way

you do? (Why women?)

I started photographing people because I saw beautiful

photos by people like Dusdin Condren and Lou Noble

that I wanted to imitate. I’d been taking photos of seascapes

and whatnot for a year or so and I guess I was

ready for the next step. I dabbled in photographing

women in a sexy way, sometimes naked or half naked,

but I’ve moved on from that, too. It can quickly become

a crutch, I think. I get a lot of my feedback from

Flickr, for instance, and it’s so easy to take a “popular”

photo if it’s a nude, or a Polaroid, or…god forbid…

both. It’s a confidence booster, for sure, but it’s easy

to get lazy. I’d rather a photo be popular because it’s a

good photo, regardless of the format or the content. So,

yeah, I pretty much don’t take nude photos any more,

for those reasons. Now, if nudity adds to the photo or

is necessary (somehow) for the photo, then, sure; I’m

not against it, I’m just wary of using it unnecessarily.

How important do you think photography has been in

creating divas over the times?

Well, everyone likes to look pretty, and there can be a

defining power in photographs that I’m sure could lead

someone to have an inflated view of themselves.









Interview by Marcel Schlutt

A few weeks ago I received an email from a photographer

called Suzana Holtgrave. I was more than surprised how

good the photos were. I then find out that Suzana is also

making music. Under the pseudonym Suzy Love. I was

flashed from the first minute. Her music is some kind of

80s-90s-2011s electronic/rock sound. Just great!

I was thinking not long and I asked her if she will do a fashion

story for HONK! I was very happy when she said yes.

Then when we first met, I fell in love with her. The native

Croatia woman, has so much power, coupled with charm

and heart. She is direct. She is loud. She is hot. She is a

strong women. Not from this planet.

When you get to know Suzy a bit, you will notice this lady

has a lot of experiences in her life. Suzy Love is an artist to

adore. This lady is playing in her own league.




Suzy, you are an an allround-talent. How would you

describe yourself as an artist? Who is Suzy Love?

I am a woman with a free spirit. Outwards with great

desire. Yes, i am someone who likes the limelight.

Someone who loves very much the music and photography.

That is why i choosed word LOVE!

Love is my creative driving force. I love of all the beautiful

things around me. Convince me, let them manifest

and then put it to my own art. Sometimes in music

, sometimes in fashion, sometimes in photography ...

my personal menage a trois.

You you end up in the early 80s, in a roundabout way, in

Berlin. How have you experienced the time back then?

Berlin was at this time: the place to be!

Berlin is always the place to be. For some people just

for a short time. For me Berlin has become my second

home. But yes, you’re right, that was a unique situation.

The East-West conflict, the Cold War, the wall. A city

divided in two. Communism to capitalism. It was very

difficult for me to understand what it is about. What’s

going on. At the beginning I was afraid of the city.

A party chased the next. Berlin - Kreuzberg. We were

dancing on tables. I worked in a trendy disco „The

Jungle. It was like dancing on a volcano. The city was

boiling, we were on an island surrounded by the wall.

And of course that was: the place to be for many artist.

It was a very creative time ... oh .. now I feel a sentimental

nostalgia. All of that was also romantic.

ou are singing, you are taking pictures and you worked

as asuccessfully model. What came first?

Nothing of that. First I wanted to study fashion design.

I’ve always loved fashion. I have done sewn, knitted,

crocheted, glued, no matter what, important was: it

looks cool and it does not have anybody. Very simply

no jeans and t-shirt, The clothes were bad done,

they survite sometime just one party..Then came the

modeling. I have done more in between. I have done

photography always but I never had a good camera. A

year ago I got my Canon. It is my new love and I always

kiss my camera. (She laughs)

How would you describe your music?


Photo Sascha Kramer

Oh that’s hard. A bit of everything. Like a good stew.

All what I like: electro, techno, of course rock `n ‘roll ,

a pinch of 60s, a la Brigitte Bardot. It must be sexy and

a bit of Hummor. This is very important.

I always work with Mike Fuzz. He produces, plays

instruments and he makes the beats ... (he is also an

all-round talent). You see, I’m not the only one with

many interests. I am his muse. I write lyrics and sing.

Thanks to Mike, because of him I am start to sing. In

Croatia, I’ve sung in the choir, but they were rather

Yugoslav songs.

From the musician and nightlife icon, to the successful

model. How and when were you discovered? And how

was your model career ?

I have done modeling before for my friends and I have

already noticed that it’s fun.

I was asked by a photographer at Kurfürstendamm

in Berlin . If i would like to do some photos. I immediately

said;. Yes, sure.! That is how it all starts. Test

shoots, agencies, shows. I was always the smallest at

the catwalk (which annoyed me very much). But i had

many jobs. That was about 13 years ago. Modeling

is a very cool job. I would have liked to continue, but

the girls were getting younger and younger. So, it was

about time to say goodbye from the spotlight. Through

the modeling I’ve learned a lot about professionalism,

punctuality - is in Germany, very important! Now

I benefit from this time. I´ve worked for designers

like Nanna Kuckuck or Fiona Bennet. And now I take

pictures of their designs (see @ HONK! the diva-issue -

Hotel angst-menage a trois). This is whole new experience

for all of us.

Now about 20 years later you’re on your way to be a

great photographer. Was the logical next step, after all

your experiences?

The photography came to me. No one asked me. Great

or not great, I learn something new every day. And it

gives me a lot of fun. This is to me is the most important


Why do have a different name as a photographer than

as a singer ? Are you afraid to be put in a drawer ?



I’m not afraid. I am not thinking about it. Suzy Love

suits best with my personality. Suzy is the abbreviation

of Suzana and Love is my favorite word. And it sounds

better on a record. For example: Intercooler feat.Suzy

Love. The name is fun and plays with sexuality. Like

me. Suzana Holtgrave is more serious. I am not an

intellectual artist. Maybe subconsciously I wanted to

be taken seriously as a photographer.

Why not more names? I am authentic in both roles,

as Suzy Love and Suzana Suzy Holtgrave. I don´t hide

myself behind a name. No fake. Everything I do, I do it

with 100% believe and I stand 100% behind it.

If you had to describe your style as a photographer by

yourself, how would that sound?

I would not define me. And I constantly invent myselves

new. I am inspired by the painting, old movies,

nature and of course by my models. And Helmut

Newton .. one of the biggest Artist on the planet. I love

his work and the way he works. I had the luck to work

with him. He spend a long time in Berlin. Here he has

made a movie about his life. And I had a small role in

the movie.

The shoot was tough, I had to do my scene a few times

until I had bloody knees. Newton said once:“ You’re

great, you play like Greta Garbo.“ I do not know if he

was simply a good liar or if he really meant it. But I was

in a trance of sheer luck. This is the most important

thing you should communicate to your models and

actors. They are great, then you get the best results.

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the film, I think he was

never filmed to the end. Unfortunately.

When you do your shootings, you are the photographer,

stylist, and you are createing the concept. Are you a


I could produce myselves and take pictures of myself.

There goes a lot more. Egomania .. ha, ha ... I

leave nothing to chance, l even search for the models

by myself.

Perfectionist? Not really, sometimes it’s the time that

drives me to do everything by my own. The ideas are

bubbling out of me. And I want it to be realized quickly.

It’s like a drug, an addiction!!!

Let’s play a little game. I say to you three famous women

and tell me in short words what do you think about


Lady Gaga:

Innovative, flashy, allien, fun

Sharon Stone

blond, IQ, sexy, at least in the 80s & 90s

Angela Merkel

Ambition, it is not easy to survive in a man’s world

(politics), she is not photogenic.

Which woman has influenced you in your career? Do

you have any role models?

NO, not necessarily a role model. My aunts from

Croatia, maybe. All very strong personalities. With my

mother there are four women in the family, wearing

the pants.

Otherwise, of course, many women have influenced

me. Sofia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Patty Smith. There

are so many great women and of course a photographer:

Ellen von Unwerth.

What can we expect from you in 2011/2012 ? Any new


I do not like to talk about the future. That is why, it is

the future. I am concerned with the here and now.

I hope I can continue photographs. Create my concepts.

This has something to do with artistic freedom.

To keep my brain open to new ideas, to continue to

be creative and to keep my joy. Everything else will be


I am also very curious ....

Thanks Suzy for the interview! HONK! loves you. And we

are proud that your a big part in our little magazine.

Kiss, Suzy Love



How important is fashion in your life?

Today, less than then. Now I also prefer a jeans and

t-shirt on, but for photos, it is clear super important.

Fashion inspires me. It says a lot about a person.

Fashion is fun. There are designers who make artistic

fashion. Sometimes it is also an escape from reality.

An escape into the beauty. Fashion is ephemeral, like

everything in life.

Photo Andre Rival





the hell is


Music reviewed by Polys

His taste in music is legendary in

Berlin. No dance floor is safe!

He loves music and music loves him!

Now the top of the top of Polys



Oh Land

Oh Land

• Oh Land is the 23-year old Danish singer-songwriter

and record producer Nanna Øland Fabricius.

• The daughter of an opera singer mother and an organist

father was a trained ballerina before she decided

to embark on a music career following a back injury.

• 2008 > Release of Oh Land’s debut album “Fauna”.

• 2011 > Release of Oh Land’s second self-titled Album.

• Peaked at number five on the Danish Albums Charts.

• April 2011 > Music Artist award at the NewNowNext


• Fabricius says: “I want my music to feel like 2050

meets something really classic, like meeting a stranger

that feels as familiar as an old friend”.

• Although relatively new to the indie electronic

scene, Oh Land is sure to impress.

• Oh Land is a wonderfully produced album with a

terrific vocalist and beautiful, aesthetic music that

paints gentle pictures in your mind.

• A collection of unique and energetic electronic beats

that make dancing too hard to resist.

• Oh Land is not afraid of the “unusual”, furthermore

she is using a kind of unconventional aesthetic and

surprise effects, more than well-directed, for her per-

Interpret: Oh Land

Album: Oh Land

Genres: Pop, electronic, experimental

Label: Fake Diamond, Epic, RCA

Origin: Denmark

Released: March 2011

Line-up: Nanna Øland Fabricius



Interpret: The Dø

Album: Both Ways Open Jaws

Genres: Indie-Pop

Label: Cinq7

Origin: France, Finland

Released: March 2011

Line-up: Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti, Dan Levy

Interpret: When Saints Go Machine

Album: Fail Forever

Genres: Pop

Label: !K7, EMI

Origin: Denmark

Released: January 2011

Line-up: Silas Moldenhawer, Jonas Kenton,

Simon Muschinsky, Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild

sonal and phonetic presentation.

• Denmark isn’t that different from Sweden and it

could have the next generation of Scandinavian female

singers, like Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy

Tour (QRO live review), and now Nanna Øland Fabricius,

a.k.a. Oh Land.

• There are really few records that I can listen to over

and over again. And this one is definitely one of them!

Favourite tracks: Perfection, Sun of a gun, White


The Dø

• The last years even more and more new French

Singers and Bands finally recognise that they have to

leave aside their French-language-pride and sing in

English. Hallelujah!

• The band’s name is derived from the first note of

the solfège scale, so it is pronounced the same as the

English word “dough” (with a long “o” sound).

• 2005 > Olivia and Dan met in Paris while recording

the music for a French movie and founded “The Dø”.

• A few months later they released their first EP and

kept on working for cinema, dance, as well as poetry

and theatre.

• 2008 > Release of The Dø’s debut album “A Mouthful”

• “A Mouthful” topped the French charts (n°1 on the

first week), making them the first French act singing

in English to reach that position.

• 2011 > Release of the bands second album “Both

Ways Open Jaws”

• Olivia’s highly varied vocals in combination with

Dan’s sound diversity and unusual arrangements

and beats give this album its unique character.

• The truth is that The Dø doesn’t really sound like

anything else going on right now, but is just the next

step in the evolution of fantastic musical art.

• The Dø have the ability to combine dark and

haunting numbers, regional sounds, cutting-edge

arrangements and pop magic.

• The layered vocals are the kind of touches that affect

the listener without being obvious.

• The album’s childish melodies and impulsive

rhythms will strike you as both new sounding and

classic, as both fresh and rooted in tradition.

• Favourite tracks: B.W.O.J, Slippery slope, Bohemian



When Saints Go Machine

When Saints Go Machine

• And not just the ones of the well-known bands like

Efterklang, Trentemøller and Kashmir, but also - or

even more – the so far unknown.

• Is Denmark becoming the land of electronic madness?

• Such a promising release comes from the band with

the rather funny name “When Saints Go Machine”.

• They won the “Talent of the Year” award of the

Danish National Radio.

• 2011 > Release of their first mini-album “Fail forever”.

• These 5 tracks with duration of 17:45 min. definitely

make you want more!

• “Fail Forever” sounds as a hybrid of Empire Of The

Sun and Crystal Castles.

• Very strange and fascinating music if you ask me.

• Nikolaj says: “We wanted to make music that manages

over beyond the borders of Denmark. What do we

do now is pop with a lot of electronics, I would say. “

• The album was mixed by Christoffer Berg, who previously

balanced The Knife’s Deep Cuts and Silent Shout.

• The range of material covered in these 5 tracks

makes their sound extremely hard to pin down.

• Open with a bang. Close with a bang (with some

pretty good parts in the middle). For a mini-album

with only 5 tracks, by my calculation that makes

‘Fail Forever’ pretty darn good.

• Favourite tracks: Fail forever, Pinned, Pick up your

tears and run.


• Agoria was the name of a techno-party-series in

Lyon and Sébastien Devaud was a co-organiser.

• Early 90’s > Sébastien Devaud starts Djing with

the pseudonym “Agoria”.

• His Style > almost everything between Detroit-

Techno and Jazz.

• 2000 > The first DJ to get promoted by FAIR,

a fund organisation that supports and promotes

young French musicians.

• 2010 > Agoria found his own label “Infiné”

• 2011 > Release of his label-debut album “Impermanence”

(his third album overall)

• His music influences for this album flowed from

many different directions.

• Sébastien says: “…the result sounds more like me”.

• He managed to found the balance a good album needs.




Interpret: Agoria

Album: Impermanence

Genres: Techno, Detroit techno, Deep house, Ambient

Label: Infiné

Origin: France

Released: January 2011

Line-up: Sébastien Devaud

• The album consists of a constantly discontinuous

mix of a bit of pop, a bit of Detroit, a bit of ambient

with some well chosen features like Seth Troxler,

Carl Craig and Kid A.

• Devaud reverts to his own brand of sex-house, which

involves guest producers (Carl Craig) talking dirty

while the Frenchman plays vivid techno signatures.

• Kid A is my personal highlight of “Impermanence”.

Her seductive voice makes the tracks “Kiss my soul”

and “Heart beating” the most memorable, given the

fact that they stay with you forever after!

• Favourite tracks: Kiss my soul, Heart beating, Panta Rei.


• Young Galaxy is (now) a three-piece consisting of

guitar, bass, and keyboard with vocal duties split

across multiple members.

• The band has toured in Canada, The United States

and Europe, opening for Arcade Fire, The Album

Leaf, The Frames, Peter, Bjorn and John, Stars and

Death Cab For Cutie.

• 2007 > Released their self-titled debut.


Interpret: Young Galaxy

Album: Shapeshifting

Genres: Indie rock, Dream pop

Label: Paper Bag Records, Smalltown Supersound

Origin: Canada

Released: April 2011

Line-up: Stephen Ramsay, Catherine McCandless,

Stephen Kamp

Interpret: Metronomy

Album: The English Riviera

Genres: Electropop, Indie

Label: Because Music

Origin: England

Released: April 2011

Line-up: Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, Anna Prior,

Gbenga Adelekan

• 2009 > Their second album “Invisible Republic”

was released independently.

• 2011 > Released their third album “Shapeshifting”

which was produced by Dan Lissvik in Sweden.

• The album retains the band’s new wave and synthpop

influences while also dabbling in both more

electronic and more earthly sounds and textures.

• Shapeshifting isn’t proper dance music-- let’s call

it dance-inflected pop-- but it is fantastic and unbound,

interesting and engaging.

• The recruitment of Dan Lissvik to mix the record

did definitely helped a lot but however, having the

perfect producer means nothing if the band and the

material can’t give them something to work with,

so ultimately the credit should go to Young Galaxy


• Favourite tracks: Cover your tracks, The angels are

surely weeping, We have everything.


• 1999 > Joseph Mount formes in England Metronomy

• Mount also releases remixes under the name

“Metronomy”, and has remixed many artists including

Gorillaz, Franz Ferdinand, Klaxons, Goldfrapp,

Ladytron, Kate Nash, Lykke Li and much more. But

he refused to remix Sugababes. ;)

• 2005 > Release of Metronomy’s debut album “Pip

Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe)”.

• Metronomy have toured widely throughout the UK

and Europe supporting acts such as Bloc Party, CSS,

Klaxons, Kate Nash and Justice.

• Their music consists of instrumental electronic

music and vocal electronic pop music.

• “The English Riviera” is completely different than

the previous albums of Metronomy.

• It is slicker and smoother, but in some point it’s

a little too uptight! Actually it could almost be the

album of a completely different band.

• If you’re used to dancing to Metronomy’s earlier

stuff at grimy electro nights, this might take some

getting used to, as the band have taken a totally new

direction into a 70’s surf feel.

• Nevertheless, the “lazy summer night songs” of

this album makes it to the perfect soundtrack for the

coming summer!

• Favourite tracks: The look, She wants, Corinne.




Mister Magnus v. Keil is a very well known Dj based in

Berlin. His taste of music is very trashy and we love him

because of that. That´s why HONK! asked him to make a

top 5 of trashdivas in music. www.vonkeil.com


The Hot Girl with a Bikini Problem.

The fact that with the right combination of disco trash and bare breasts

equals a recipe for guaranteed success was apparent to European music

producers no later than 1985. Clear across the continent, the Samantha

Fox clones sprouted like mushrooms out the dirt and bribed their public

with particularly scanty clothes and sparse talent. The ladies wore little -

in most cases actually nothing more than just their first name - rhymed

‘Dancing’ – ‘Romancin’ or ‘Action’ – ‘Satisfaction’ , and especially moved

the male youth of Europe into euphoria. This is also true of the Italian Sabrina

Salerno, former fashion model for sleazy magazines, which we were

allowed, in the video for “Boys Boys Boys” in 1987, to take a very intimate

glimpse at her splashing around in a pink crepebikini. Even today, in the

age of barrier free sexuality, this is only tolerable under the influence of a

lot of Blue Curacao. But please, with umbrellas!

“Hot Girl” - www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2e6OsAF7Rs


The Cleaning Lady with a Penchant for “Romantic Dance “.

The astounding popularity of thin women’s voices from the Mediterranean

would have probably never existed without the success of Valerie

Dore’s 1984 debut single “The Night”. That, of course, is not only because

of her special sound, but also her bizarre, expressionistic dance style that

Valerie Dore displayed during her stage performances – consequently,

requiring a new musical categorization appropriately termed “Romantic

Dance “. The fact that Valerie Dore, in real life actually Stucci Monica, currently

working as a cleaner in a recording studio and the real singer Dora

Carofiglio who was represented as an optical double, was only known by

a few insiders. Later, Stucci made her own attempt in front of the microphone

- but unfortunately these efforts were almost completely ignored.

In 1991, she moved to Madagascar to record a whole new album with

ethnic influences...and we are all still waiting on.

“Lancelot” - www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmAUflk0US8&feature=related



The Trash Queen from Uranus

What would happen if you threw Kate Bush together with a few feet of

aluminum foil in the disco-washing machine? Well - this question seems

to have been asked in the UK during the heyday of the 1978 Star Wars

frenzy. Quickly, someone decided to make an attempt and the result was

Dee D. Jackson, a more than strange new cyber heroine in a spandex suit.

Whether the video clip of her debut single “Automatic Lover” was meant

as a joke or should really be taken seriously remains a mystery until today

- at least she made it with her song to # 5 on the German charts. The

follow-up single, “Meteor Man”, flopped, as well as her first LP with the

promising name “Comic Curves”. Later efforts to break into the Italodisco

genre were also fruitless. Too bad – but it wasn’t because of their

cosmic curves..…

“Automatic Lover” www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTFCwKvlKZo


The Asiophile Dentist’s Wife.

In 1981, Mary Sandeman decided that she had had enough of Gaelic folk

music. Something new was needed - but what? Spontaneously, someone

squeezed the petite lady into colorful kimonos, sat a two-toned geisha

wig on her head and forced her into costume-friendly Asian tinged disco

pop - Aneka was born. For weeks, she defended her hit single, “Japanese

Boy” at the top of the European charts and remained in the memories of

the hit parade audience through their oddly wooden live performances.

But unfortunately, this thoroughly sophisticated concept was not destined

for long-lasting success – By the release of her third single, “Ooh Shooby

Doo Doo Lang”, the short career of the fictional character ‘Aneka’ over.

Whether this was due to the catchy little “Schepper-soprano” Sandeman

or her apparent helplessness and uncertainty during stage performances

is sometimes still an open question. At least, Aneka floated blissfully,

smiling back to Nirvana and Mary Sandeman graciously allowed to return

to her musical roots.

“Little Lady” www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp2iyUDqK2c

1.) C.C. CATCH

The Lucrative Recycling Plant.

Actually, a clever man, that Dieter Bohlen: for even the songs that Modern

Talking deemed ‘too bad’, were given to other artists for their own musical

treatment in order to earn a bit more money. How convenient! One of

these artists was C.C. Catch, who, in addition to Sandra, became a stylistic

model of the homebred - West German small town girl. It is unfortunate

that Caro Catharina was not actually paying attention to what was happening

to her, not only because of the precarious substance of her musical

catalog which was highlighted by her visibly thin little voice but also her

hopelessly over-ambitious emotional intonation with which she pulled

himself through outrageous nonsense texts which still is searching for its

equal. (see: “Soul Survivor”) But in exchange, the choreography, outfits

and hairstyle were more opulent. Therefore, I place, C.C. Catch, as the

number one undisputed queen of Euro-Trash!

“Stranges By Night” www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5si4rGARBo&feature=related






Interview by Christo Mitov


Lola Dupre (28) is a human Photoshop machine. Except that unlike

the image altering program, the Glasgow-based artist takes a

couple more hours or even days to make the changes that would

cost you a couple of clicks with the Adobe program. Lola is born

in Algeria, grows up in Paris and London. Glasgow has been her

home for about 15 years now. She is a raw talent. She never went

to university - her attempt to try out architecture study in London

turned out to be a path she wouldn’t go along with.

In a world where little can impress me much and excitement with

media is reduced to new casting show formats and the eventual

death of Osama bin Laden, her arresting surreal collages give

you a new, hand-crafted perspective on image manipulation.

Taking pre-existing imagery from iconic historical and contemporary

artists, as well as images of her friends and the people

around her, she manipulates and warps familiar canvases to create

new, twisted artworks that invoke both memories and new

perspectives. She is a master of scissors, glue, and surrealism.

Talking about the obstacles she has as a female artist and sharing

some conspiracy theories with us, Dupre gives HONK! an

insight into her grotesque collage world.




What made you decide you want to become an artist?

When i was very young, first i wanted to be a writer,

then a sculptor, then an artist working in 2D. I wanted

to express myself, this was my motivation.

Why did u gave up on your dream to become a

writer? Have you written anything?

I don’t think i was very good at it, I wrote a 25 page

psychedelic poem when i was a teenager. It was truly

awful but i thought it was great at the time. I tried to

get it published at the time but it was thrown back

in my face. One copy of it still exists.. but I am very

tempted to destroy it once and for all.

Do you easily find photographers to collaborate with?

Sometimes, i often meet enthusiastic photographers,

but a lot of them never get past the planning stage

for various reasons. I am always looking to meet

new talented photographers with a vision. I have

collaborated several times with the photographer

Kristiina Wilson, and i have more projects underway

with her. She’s great, and i very much admire her

work and work-ethic.

Why don’t you have a portrait of yourself?

I’m shy, and i’m working up to doing a portrait of

myself when i feel ready.


What other artists - from your and other fields and

arts - inspire you?

Lots, from all fields, i love what Walter Van Beirendonck

and Gareth Pugh are doing in fashion.

I love the art of fashion, and fashion photography. I

love film and traditional art, music and the written

word. I don’t like really listing my heroes because

there are so many names to mention. I do not like to

number them in a list. I am inspired also just by individual

works of art, not necessarily the creator.

Your images show a distorted reality - is this how you

see the world?

Yes, the world is often a terrible, hopeless and dark

place. The truth is out there, but we get bombarded

with lies at every step. Even when the world is happy,

bright and hopeful, much is contorted and out of place.

I feel the distortion to be both horrifying and hilarious.

What technique do you use for your art? How does a

piece come together?

I use scissors, multiple prints and PVA glue, the

process of how a piece comes together varies wildly

between different projects.



How long does it take to create one piece?

Impossible to say, some are done before i can catch my

breath, some take countless millennia to complete.

Many of your images display people who seem to

suffer from Dawn’s syndrome or at least the distortion

has made them look like that. Is it intended?

Certainly not!, i intend nothing, the only interpretation

is in the eye of the viewer. I find suggesting

something to be much more powerful than proclaiming

it out loud.

Is it hard for a female artist to emerge nowadays?

I don’t think so, you need balls to get far in this industry.

I have even better than that, I have tits.

What were biggest obstacles in your career so far?

Getting to the point where i was selling enough work

to make a living from. It took many years but i am

finally in that coveted place where i make a living

from my art and doing exactly what i want to do.

Do you think Osama Bin Laden is really dead?

Ohhh tricky question, well possibly. It’s also possible

he died some time ago, and the US military have only

just identified his corpse. I certainly imagine the details

of it have been manipulated for propaganda purposes

anyway. Its also possible that his contract with

the CIA has run out and he has retired in Florida. It’s

not that important to me, he is just one man.

What’s next for you? What piece are you working on?

I am currently making a new group of work for a

solo show i am doing at the phone booth gallery in

Long Beach California in October of this year. For

this show i am making a collection of pieces in the

“exploding” style of which there are already a few

pieces on my site.





Photographer Anita Bresser www.anitabresser.com

Model Alexander Jakob www.centoscouting.com

Styling Julius Forgo www.juliusforgo.com

Styling assistant Tanja Metter www.jenka.eu

Hair + Make up Tan Vuaong

worked with “armani cosmetics www.basic-berlin.de

Photographer´s assistant René Greuél

Special thanks to: Departmentstore Quartier 206


Jacket Henrik Vibskov

Chemise Adddress

Trousers Butterflysoulfire

Hat Butterflysoulfire

Headpiece Boesser/Schorn

Bracelet Julius Forgo

Earring Stylist own

Bag a Portegna@Departmentstor Quartier 206



Top Schmidttakashi

Blazer Damir Doma

Knit jumper Boessert/Schorn

Pin Minimarket

Hat Henrik Vibskov

Bracelet Vintage

Cane/Stick Dandy of the Grotesque


Chemise Carin Wester

Vest Vladimir Karaleev

Jacket Patrick Mohr

Trousers Adddress

Shoes Damir Doma

Belt Vans

Bracelet Julius Forgo

Hat Vintage

Bag Marstaller

@Departement Quartier 206

Earring Stylist own

Ring Vintage



Chemise Ann Demeulemeestr@Darkland

Cape Butterflysoulfire

Bagpipejacket Vintage

Trousers Reality Studio

Shoes Trippen

Ring Vintage

Glasses Mykita



Chemise Dandy of the Grotesque

Trousers Damir Doma

Shoes Bless

Hat Vintage

Belt Skipping rope

Earring Stylist own


Pullover Maison Martin Margiela

@Departement Quartier 206

Shirt Reality Studio

Vest Dandy of the Grotesque

Hat Rike Feuerstein

Tie pin as a Brooche Dandy of the Grotesque

Earring Stylist own



Top Patrick Mohr

Vest Boesser/Schorn

Jacket Butterflysoulfire

Trousers Jenka

Scar Boessert/Schorn

Jacket Patrick Mohr

Glasses Mykita

Earring Stylist own


Chemise Dandy of the Grotesque

Coat Damir Doma

Pants Butterflysoulfire

Hat Vintage

Glasses Vintage

Earring Stylist own


by Sherry Vine

If you’re a true diva you can be a diva anywhere,

anytime! But to be a diva in NYC you better get

ready to bring it sister! Of course, there are many

types of divas. You may be a high class Fifth

Avenue diva, dashing to the Plaza in your Chanel

suit. Or a Lower East Side diva skate boarding

to the coffee shop in a sexy Zweite Hand ensemble.

There’s a Chelsea diva, rollerblading along the

river in hot go go shorts and tank top, Prada sunglasses

and the latest trendy headphones. I live in

Hell’s Kitchen where many different breeds of divas

co-habitate together. You’re likely to see yoga divas

walking down the street with their mat and sweater

tied around their neck. Or the allusive dancer diva

- strolling along the Avenue in 2nd position puffing

away on a cigarette. Also be on the look out

for the young gay diva disguised as a street thug in

hoodie, cap and baggy jeans. If you approach them

to quickly they’re likely to snap at you - as in finger


But my favorite diva is the one who makes it look

easy - no attitude - just gorgeous. My kind of diva

shops for knock-offs on Canal Street, hits the art

galleries in Chelsea and then bar hops in Hell’s

Kitchen. I carry my $20 knock off Versace purse as

if Dontella handed it to me herself!

To really enjoy Manhattan this diva must:

1. Rock a glamorous wig from www.WigBar.com in

China Town. They do all the wigs in my videos and

are the best in town! Weather you need a GaGa

bang or pink mohawk or Imperial Court up-do,

theses are your boys.

2. Strut on 8th Street for the sexiest shoes in

town. There are about 50 stores with shoes and

you can get really good deals. Just pretend you’re

in Morocco and don’t be afraid to strike a deal.

3. Grab a delicous meal and cocktail at elmo restaurant.

They have a wide selection of food and a delicious

array of cocktails. The tuna tartar is yummy!

4. Take in a Broadway show - they are NOT the

same as in other cities! You can get cheap tickets

for almost every show at Hot Tix. Even though

Superman is getting terrible reviews I heard it’s

spectacular. And I saw the opening night of Priscilla,

Queen of The Desert and it’s soooo colorful

and fun!

5. Stroll thru Central Park - there’s a zoo, pond, half

dressed men! In the Spring there’s nowhere in the

city more fun to hang out in. There are shows, concerts,

dancing, boating, movies and more. So many

people forget about Central Park so take advantage

of it.

6. And, most importantly, see my show! lol. The

Sherry Vine Show every Sunday at Barracuda at

midnight and Sherrylicious every Wednesday at

VIG 27 at 10pm. You can find all info at www.


The Big Apple is so diverse that there’s room for

all divas! Be respectful, be careful and be original!

The only thing that is un-diva is rudeness. So wear

a smile and have fun!



HONK! Handmade cottonbags

coloured: #001- 10,00€ + 2,90 € postage

white: #002 - 8,00€ + 2,90€ postage

order : bags@honk-mag.de

Designed by

Natalie Reichmann


Ava Gardner 1922-1980






Photos by Marco Rothenburger


Model Eli B @PMA Models

MakeUp & Hair Fee Romero

Retouching Imre Fejes

Assistant Julia Sieckmann










The perfect dress for the HONK!GENTLEMAN

Henrik Vibskov




Walter van Beirendonck





The perfect dress for the HONK!LADY

Rejina Pyo

Manish Arora


Mal Aimée

Iris van Herpen






Interview by Marcel Schlutt

Photos by Bernhard Musil www.be-musil.com

Styling Marina Gehrman

Hair&Make up Pascale J. Louis

Production assitant Nicolas Heimburger

Special thanks to RADIALSYSTEM V www.radialsystem.de

Since the origin of cinema was the role of diva occupied by

many many actresses. They dominated the picture of a whole

generation of women. Looking at the cinema today, we are

missing those women. Natalia Avelon could easily save the tradition

of those divas.

She has everything what a great movie star needs. The beauty,

the grace, the talend, the heart and charisma.

She is one of the new stars of the European film. So it is time

we give Natalia the attention she deserves.




Natalia, as a young girl you emigrated with your parents

from Poland to Germany. How did you experience

this time?

As far as I can remember, for me it was an adventure.

New impressions, new people and friendships. A foreign

language, communication with hands and feet, and

above all with the heart! I have only positive memories!

Could you speak German there already? And was it hard

to leave your home and friends?

I could not speak a single word of German. But my new

primary school has welcomed me with open arms and

I was quickly integrated. The people took care of me. I

was the newcomer and it was really touching. On the

other hand, they met through me a new country and

a new culture: Poland. Yes of course I had to leave my

friends. But I knew that the distance between us is too

big and no obstacle to our friendship would be. But

Karo and Milosz and I are still friends, to these days -

even though we live in the meantime, distributed all

over the world.

Would you say these experiences as a young girl have

shaped you? And if so how far in?

All of my experiences I have gained as the new one and

a foreigner, have shaped me into a tolerant, socially

committed woman of moral courage. At the age of 9, I

was thrown into a completely unknown life, in which I

had to find my way and integrate myself. I developed

a lot of ambition, discipline and patience through this

experience. Properties that I need, especially in my

profession and I can use them today.

During your school days you have discovered your passion

for acting. How and when have you made your fi rst

steps in that direction?

I took my first steps at the St. James Theatre in

Karlsruhe. An amateur theater, where I had my first

experience with stage, audiences and critics. A great

and memorable time!

After your school you studied drama in Munich. Is this

not the exact opposite of acting? How did you fi nance

your study time? By catering jobs? Or modeling, acting?

I wanted to learn all about acting from the ground up.

That is why I´ve started studying theater arts. I had

worked casually at the Call Center of the FC Bayern,

babysitting and i had worked as a hostess at trade

shows. Living in Munich is insanely expensive. I also

took private actor, singing and dancing lessons.

You did your fi rst movie experience in German soap operas

like “Forbidden Love “ or “Storm of Love”. Two of the

most popular German TV series. When you were a young

actres, you were not afraid to hang forever in the soap

bar? Or were you just happy to work during this time?

At the this time I was 20 years old. Oh it is already 11

years ago! Madness. I never think in a drawer and i

am open to all experiences that expand my horizons.

And the guest appearances on soap operas, have been

financially a giftto me! And above all, Iike the work

ethic and structure may know of such formats. It is a

very concentrated and focused work. The workload is

immense! And the pressure behind it at least as large.

In 2007 came the great career step for you! You have

been well known in Europe overnight. You played the

main role in the movie “Eight Miles High”


A movie about THE! German icon Uschi Obermeier. How

much has this movie changed your life and your career?

It was my first starring role! And then cinema! It was

the jackpot of my life! The role was a big challenge. I

have prepared myself for the movie for more then one

year. It was my introduction to the world in which I

feel at home. The dream world. The world of movies.

I think it is very diffi cult to play someone who is still alive.

Because it is easier to be compared and an actres gets

more criticism. I think it is easier to play someone who is

dead. Or am i wrong? How was it in your case?

Right from our first meeting Uschi Obermeier has

signed me into her heart and strengthened my back.

This has supported me in my preparation a lot and I

removed some pressure. For content questions, she

was my original source and she was always there for

me. And i worked a lot with the director Frank Betzel

and my acting coach. It was wonderful teamwork.

Because of the big success of the movie and your

precedent on the screen and your erotic charisma . You

became a new symbol of femininity. How does it feels to

be one of the most beautiful women in cinema?

Thank you for the compliment. I’m rarely thinking

about what I embody. I concentrate on my work, my

preparations, my roles and my dreams and goals.

Everything else I put it to the side and laugh about it or

get angry. Sometimes when I have the feeling of being

violated. What I represent as Natalia Avelon interpreted

for each individual is completely different. If I were

asked, for which I stand, I could not answer. I float

with my thoughts and my imagination somewhere else.

We will not conceal, of course, that you are also a very

successful singer. The theme song for your movie, “Eight

Miles High” have you sung with „HIM“ superstar Ville Vallo.





It was a big top hit in Europe . How did it come to this


The director, Achim Bornhak had the idea of a remake

of the song “Summer Wine” for our soundtrack record,

and he asked me if I would dare to sing the part

of Nancy Sinatra. It was another adventure for me!

Unknown territory! I love adventures!

How does it feel to be suddenly a pop star? To hear

your own song on the radio?

Departed! Crazy! Beautiful! Unbelievable! Unrealistic!

It is as if I have two personalities. The one sits at home

with a sausage sandwich and listens to the radio and

the other one , which can be seen in the video and has

sung this song. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Lovely!

Will you sing once again in the future and bring a new

album out?

I love music! I’m in love with music! I would like to

realize my visions that I have regarding to music, yes!

You do acting, you sing and you are successful as a

model. For many young girls you are a role model.

Which artist has inspired you as a teenager? And why?

I wanted to be so beautiful and exotic and peculiar as

Janet Jackson is! And dance as good as her. Michael

Jackson is still my role model, in terms of music and

entertainment. Pharrell Williams, Will.I.Am, Madonna,

Lady Gaga. Hitchcock, Vincent Price, Louis De

Funes, Charlie Chaplin . They are all very visionary

characters that define me in many ways and not to

swim with the tide. I like colorful birds. And I do not

mean their appearance but their personalities. People

who are express themselves in the forefront. People

with creativity, heart, soul and imagination!

The tradition of great movie divas no longer exists these

days. Pitty!. Who is one of the great divas ever for you?

Liz Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve.

When i see photos of , like those on the current GQ

cover. I can see that you have a very classic diva charisma.

Now after meeting you i can say : You are one

of the nicest and warmest actresses i have ever met.

Who keeps you on the fl oor ?

Thank you! This is a very, very nice compliment! I

see no reason to play a diva. The term diva has to

do with life experience, a certain age, great power,

class and glamour. I’m still too young to be a diva.

My family and friends would be disappointed in me,

if i would act like a big diva. And also pride always

comes before a fall. I think I have too much love and

respect toward life in myself.




In 2008 you won the DIVA Award - New Talent of the Year.

You are offi cially pimped out to a diva.! How was it for you

to be suddenly in the spotlight ? Did you have to learn how

to move on the big stage? I can imagine that this is not easy.

I enjoyed it right from the first hour. Life and especially

the entertainment industry is a large, colorful game.

That you should not take all too seriously. Instead, you

should deal with many things in life easy and fun and

you will enjoy it more!

With whom do you would love to work with? Is there a

particular movie material, a role that you want to play?

Oh there are so many! I would like to work with

Gaspar Noe. Also with Werner Herzog, David Lynch,



David Fincher, Detlev Buck, Leander Haussmann,

Dominik Graf! With colleagues like Daniel Day Lewis,

Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix, Gary Oldman, Cate

Blanchett, Tilda Swinton. I would love to work with

Marilyn Manson and N.E.R.D., and and and ..!

What does a movie needs to seduce you?

I am inspired by films like “The Wizard of Oz, “

“Murder by Death“, “Donnie Darko”, “City of God”,

“Orfeu Negro, “”The Rose Tattoo “. Intelligently

made movies with talented actors, created by talented

creators and authors inspire me. As the last film I

have seen “Poll”: a masterpiece!


What can we expect in the future from you? Any new

projects or movies on the way?

The next movie that will be released on 06/10/2011

is “Wunderkinder”. A movie told from the perspective

of three children who have to give up their

friendship and their love of music, because of the

second World War.

Natalia many thanks for a great day with you, a great

shooting and the interview. We wish you all the best! Honk!

loves you!

And I love u, HONK!



Marina German


Pascale Jean-Louis


Miscka Hart @Basics


Sarah Batt @M4

Josina @Seeds

Jazz @Izaio

Photographer assistent

Chris Noltekuhlmann


Nicolas Simoneau

by Alis Pelleschi








by Alis Pelleschi

Leather Jacket MICHALSKY


Sunglasses MYKITA






by Alis Pelleschi

Model Mary-Elizabeth @ First Model Management Dan Szor & Rael Stone

Stylist Leeann Soki Mak

Makeup Alicia Samuels @ AOXpressions using MAC makeup

Hair Liam Curran using SHU EUMURA

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Peach all in one Beyond Retro

headpiece by Tessa Edwards

Gold necklace with skulls

Gold necklace with pink horse hair both by Giselle Ganne

Boots by Maria Francesca Pepe


by Alis Pelleschi

Model Mary-Elizabeth @ First Model Management Dan Szor & Rael Stone

Stylist Leeann Soki Mak

Makeup Alicia Samuels @ AOXpressions using MAC makeup

Hair Liam Curran using SHU EUMURA

Nails Emma Zentner at Boom Nails




by Alis Pelleschi














Klaus Kinski 1926-1991






by Claudio Alvargonzalez


Well, well… speaking about divas. If I ask you to think about

the biggest European diva alive I bet you might say Sophia

Loren or Catherine Deneuve or even Penélope Cruz. But the

truth is you would be forgetting one of the biggest (probably

the biggest). And that one would be a man… yes! After Valentino

or Karl Lagerfeld (but they don’t work in the cinema

industry so I won’t say what I think about them which is not

exactly good.) the biggest diva in this so called “Old Continent”

is Mr. Pedro Almodóvar.

Mr. Almodóvar is as difficult as talented. I had the

chance to meet him in person some years ago and

believe me if I say that for a moment it was like talking

to Liza Minelli and Bette Davis at the same time.

You could see how this kind of people don’t live in this

real universe anymore. He’s gifted but very difficult to

deal with. In Spain are quite well known his catfights

with some of the actresses he worked with or how he

decided to bring down a whole set that took weeks or

months to build and cost a million because he didn’t

like some little parts. But he is Mr. Almodóvar and he

is also his own producer, together with his brother, so

problem solved. They lead „El Deseo Producciones“

which is one of the most important production companies

in Spain.

As you can see I’m definitely not his number one fan

but I have to say I don’t hate him either. To some people

(specially in America) who think he’s just God and

they just buy whatever he is doing. I think there are

better directors here down the Pyrenees, like Alejandro

Amenábar or Daniel Monzón but at least you must go

to see his films because he has always something new

to show, then it is up to you if you buy it or not.

When do I buy it? Well, that’s easy. When he becomes

the huge diva he is and explore the female universe.

Sometimes he can touch perfection. But when he decides

to explore some other horizons he use to lose his

touch. It’s funny! He is a man but when he dives into

the male perspective and the main character is a man

in the movie. Then the worst Almodóvar comes out.

That’s specially clear in his last film “Broken Embraces”

(2009), (to me one of his worst films, where only

Penélope Cruz saves the show… as usual). Two other

examples could be “Bad Education” (2004) and “Live

Flesh” (1997), a film I really loathe partly because of

the presence of Liberto Rabal, one of the most boring

actors ever.

After all I said I wouldn’t be to anxious about his next

film, again with a male character leading the show. But

this time I’m more than curious. First because Antonio

Banderas is back to work with Almodóvar after many

years and it’s also good to see him acting in Spanish

again. If you read my first article back in issue number

#01 you would remember what I said about some actors

not acting in their own language and he is a good

example. Second because it’s the first time Almodóvar

films a kind of horror movie or let say a drama with

some drops of horror. The film is based on Thierry

Jonquet’s novel “Mygale” about the story of a plastic

surgeon on the hunt for the men who raped his daughter.

And third because of the whole cast. Antonio Banderas,

Elena Anaya and Marisa Paredes together seem

like a good reason to give it a try. By the way, If you are

in Cannes (France) from 11 to 22 may you might have

luck and be the first to watch it at the French film festival.

If not you will have to wait until September. Send

me an email with your opinion before I destroy you the

movie with mine.

And now back to the good things.

Pedro Almodóvar was born in a very small town in one

of Spain’s deepest areas where men worked the fields

and women where strong but devoted to men and their

kids taking care of their homes. I tell you this because

Almodóvar grew up surrounded by women, learning

to know them well almost without thinking and waiting

for the next old Hollywood film to be shown at the

summer cinema and waiting for Ava Gadner, Bette

Davis or Elisabeth Taylor to come out of the screen to

light up those difficult times in the country side during

Franco’s dictatorship.

He always admired the golden Hollywood times where

the only presence of some of those amazing divas was

enough to spend almost all of the salary in a cinema

theatre. One of his favorites was Liz “violet eyes” Tay-



lor. He was so affected for her dead that when the last

big diva alive died (forgive me Lauren Bacall) he wrote

an article at “El País”, the most important newspaper

in Spain, speaking about her influence in his life

and movies. Specially her traumatic marriages with

Richard Burton or her roles in “Butterfield 8” (Daniel

Mann, 1960) and in Tennessee Williams’ “Suddenly,

Last Summer” (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1959) and

specially “ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” (Richard Brooks,

1958). In fact, Williams’ influence is more than obvious

in all of Almodóvar’s filmography, from desperate

but powerful women such as Carmen Maura in “¿Qué

he hecho yo para merecer esto!!” (1984) and “Women

on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” (1988) or more

recently Penélope Cruz in “Volver” (2006) to insane

characters fighting solitude and desperately seeking to

be loved: Great theatre actress Julieta Serrano again

in “Women” or Spanish diva Marisa Paredes in “The

Flower of my Secret” (1995).

In “All about my mother” (1999), one of his best movies

where argentinian actress Cecilia Roth (she never

looked better) plays the role of a nurse who lost her son

in an accident after trying to get an autograph from his

favorite actress Huma Rojo (Marisa Paredes) who is

playing Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire”

in a theatre in Madrid. This movie got the Oscar

for best foreign language film in 2000.

But that’s not all. Almodóvar’s female universe is

pretty much bigger than Hollywood divas. It goes from

Italian neorealism where those voluptuous Italian

“mammas” like Silvana Mangano or Sophia Loren flow

to Mexican divas or artists such as María Felix, Frida

Kahlo or Chavela Vargas (Amodóvar’s close friend).

“Volver” is one of the best examples of this “Italian

trend” where Penélope Cruz gives the performance of

her life getting her first Academy Award nomination.

The movie is a small masterpiece where he honors all

those strong women he grew up with, mixing drama

with his peculiar sense of humor.

And now a whole paragraph to his best film (in my

opinion) of the last decade: “Talk to her” (2002),

probably the most touching and complete movie he

has ever done where just with the premise of two girls

(a classic dancer and a bullfighter) in deep comas he


creates a story of desolation, loneliness, true love and

obsession. The script is nearly perfect, winning the

Academy Award for best writing, original screenplay

beating “Gangs of New York” (Martin Scorsese, 2002)

or “Far from Heaven” (Todd Haynes, 2002) in the

same category. If someone told me before that it was

possible to mix classic ballet, Pina Bausch and her

“Café Müller”, a female bullfighter and Caetano Veloso

singing unplugged in the same movie I would thought

he was just mad. But with all those ingredients Almodóvar

cooks a film about the happiness of talking,

about the word as a weapon to run away from solitude,

illness, death and madness. Or even that kind of madness

so close to tenderness and common sense that it’s

difficult to distinguish from normality. And if you still

need to add a topping just watch Geraldine Chaplin

(Charles Chaplin’s daughter) as a ballet teacher. She’s

just Cinema History.

Just a curiosity. For some years during the ninety’s

there was a project to do a remake of “Women on the

Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” with Hollywood stars

and some of the names interested in the project were

Jane Fonda, Faye Dunaway or even Sharon Stone (Antonio

Banderas’ good friend). But I bet the producers

thought it would be impossible to shoot with so many

divas and egos so the project went back to the drawer

where it was until many years later where it became

a Broadway musical that was cancelled last year after

just a few months on stage.

Ok, homework to do: Listen to a Chavela Vargas CD,

watch Tennessee Williams’ “The Rose Tattoo” (Daniel

Mann, 1955) with Anna Magnani and make a trip to

a small village in Castilla La Mancha where I promise

you won’t get a word of what they are saying and you

will understand why Mr. Pedro Almodóvar makes

movies the way he does.

You see!... That wasn’t too bad. I can be nice sometimes.

That’s because I’m listening to Charles Chaplin’s

“Smile” while I’m writing the last part of this article

telling me to light up my face with gladness and make

me forget shit like “Live Flesh”, “Matador” or “Broken

Embraces”.... I can’t! Those movies are all the Razzie

Awards together. I need a better image to finish this

article… What about Penélope Cruz wearing a pair of

Christian Louboutin high heels? Yeah, much better...!


by Alis Pelleschi


Model Mary-Elizabeth @ First Model Management Dan Szor & Rael Stone

Stylist Leeann Soki Mak

Makeup Alicia Samuels @ AOXpressions using MAC makeup

Hair Liam Curran using SHU EUMURA

Nails Emma Zentner at Boom Nails


Peach all in one Beyond Retro

headpiece by Tessa Edwards

Gold necklace with skulls,

Gold necklace with pink horse hair both by Giselle Ganne

Boots by Maria Francesca Pepe




Floor length dress Fyodor Golan

Gloves and swimming cap both from Beyond Retro

Silver and rose gold bracelet by Maria Francesca Pepe

Creeper boots by Underground

Dan & Rael

Both Hats by Beyond Retro

Black jacket by Rael Stone

Flower headpiece by Little Shilpa

Silver plate Necklace by Maria Francesca Pepe


Pfur trimmed gloves Beyond Retro

Pink latex dress by William Wilde

Black cap by Ryan Noon

Face veil by Alis Pelleschi



Creepers by underground



Crown by Rael Stone

Pink Latex dress by William Wilde

Gold Earring by Maria Francesca Pepe

Platform Creepers by Underground

“I just want to do everything”

Interview with Alis Pelleschi by Jackee Word

When did you start taking photographs and why?

I remember having a little red film click camera when

I was a kid, that my dad would load the film in. But I

guess I really started taking photos and experimenting

with what I was photographing and editing and

things when I was about 14. Me and my parents had

just moved to a new area, and all my friends lived

miles away, which meant I spent a lot of time alone.

With the introduction of Myspace, I would spend

hours dressing up, photographing myself on self

timer and haphazardly edit them and upload them. I

didn’t really think anything more of it than just creating

images and dressing up. I gave myself an online

name of TAMPON GIRL. I would instantly get feed

back on my photos (and videos) and I guess I became

a bit of an addict to it all. When I started taking these

self-portraits, I had no comprehension that photography

could or would turn into a career.

What is your best piece to date?

I’m probably my own worst critic, so I’m constantly

trying to push myself harder, bigger and better. I


Dress by Fyodor Golan

Gold rat skull ring by Giselle Ganne

Green emerald ring Relik London

Gold Earring by Maria Francesca Pepe

Platform Creepers by Underground

pink hat by strictly by ugler

gold rat skull ring Giselle Ganne

Nude skirt and top both Fyodor Golan

recently shot a series of self-portraits for Super Super

magazine entitled LONELY HEARTS, and SUPER

FANS. I think that’s when my self-portraits finally

started looking aesthetically, how I wanted them to,

and it’s the work that most people comment on to me.

I love working with people, but there’s this feeling

of setting up a scene, and becoming a character and

doing it alone and not caring if you look stupid/ugly/

sexy/fat that is so satisfying.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

There’s a billion photographers, artists, etc that I love

and find inspiring, but what really inspires me are everyday

people, my upbringing in Bradford (up north);

popular culture; badly dubbed porn and chip butties.

What is your ambition for the next 5 years?

I only recently moved to London in the last few

months and already loads of things seem to be happening

for me. In five years time, I hope to be an

top established photographer, flying the world and

photographing loads of interesting characters. I also

really want to start making videos on a higher level,

as well as start designing my own collection and got

some music I’m working on. SERIOUS THUG!! I

just want to do everything, meet loads of interesting

people and be happy.

What/who is your dream photography subject?

I would loveeee to photograph the Queen (of England).








Text and Artwork by Drew Eastman



Have you met me?

It’s like stumbling onto a scene from the “Devil Wears

Prada“, you race to the office and drop into a coffee

shop and scream at the barista to make sure its a “Soy

Latte“ with vanilla dust and not some normal american

with full fat milk all the while scanning the pastries for

the demanded cinnamon rolls ...

It’s getting close to 9 am and the walk by traffic on the

street is mental on this midweek workday.

Let me introduce myself: Its ME the new office slave to

the queen of all nightmares.

This is a scene that can be applied to many office

environments so i am not filling in any names, you can

enter your own names here where they fit.

Just entering the office i can feel her already being in

the building, there is an awkward humming going thru

the cubicles which usually means she’s already here

and probably in a foul mood. Remember that “Soy

Latte“? Well, she is already on a war path because of a

caffeine withdrawal syndrome.

“Where the fuck have you been? Does it always take you

this long to get some shitty coffee? You always seem to

forget whom you are getting this coffee for, ONLY ME

the stupid bitch that is paying your wages, no?” I mean

how can i forget who is paying my wages? This witch is

reminding me of this fact nearly every day ..., sometimes

even twice before lunch and three times after.

Usually she is already in the office by the time I get

there, by the time any of us gets there really. So what

ever you do or whatever time you get there it will never

be good enough.

I sometimes wonder if she is carried into the office by a

bunch of muscular hunks in golden jockstraps like the

queen she thinks she is.

To be honest I don’t even know if she does go home at

all, i’m joking obviously but she is always here.

This is NOT my day, the cinnamon rolls are dry!

What does this mean for the rest of the day? I’m fucked!

She will be on my case all day now..

I am sure you guessed it by now, this is not an out of

the ordinary day, why don’t I just switch jobs? Are you

high on crack?

For all the shit I have to put up with this is my dream

job, just like in that movie.

There even have been a moment or two when I indeed

felt some kinda connection to her, she might have been

dunk though or it was a line of coke, don’t care really

cos it was nice to not being shouted at and feel like a

human next to her in one room.

In my head this moment lasted I think an hour ... In

reality I guess it was more like five minutes. That’s the

fucked up thing about reality, isn’t it?

I always wondered what “Miss Diva“ is like when she

is at home. Maybe her husband is the tyrant there and

she is the little chicken that’s doing all the chores? Or

she kicks everyone’s arse there too and instead of going

for a piss round with the dog she kicks it out the backdoor.

Well this is how it happens in my head anyway.

We never got that close to find out that part.

What turned her into this monster though is what I

keep asking myself over and over?

Unless she’s been like that even as a little girl kicking the

boys in the sandbox and pulling the other girls hair to

make them give them their juice boxes and sandwiches.

Maybe it was her folks that turned her into this snake

pit of a woman that you wanna serve a “Soy Latte“

with ipecac (a serum to induce vomiting like Linda

Blair in the exorcist, look it up on google there are also

some nice videos on YouTube).

I know that certainly will not be abel to change her,

I think before that happens I find myself sipping the

ipecac myself. Not that I want to but it’s more likely to


I think what makes her this way as well is that she

thinks she can walk on water, or more like, do this job

better than anyone else in this building, god knows

even in this industry.

Maybe I am sticking around because I am somehow

fascinated by this whole show of hers everyday and secretly

want to become like her in a few years and then

it might be YOU that will bring me my frappuccino

with lactose free milk and a pepperoni sandwich!

You best make it spicy or I kill you!

Sure many of us have over ambitious bosses sitting in

front of us that make our live a living hell, have you

ever wondered what you would be like running a department

or even a whole company? Especially when

you have to deal with loads of megalomaniacs and egos

bigger than the country they reside in?

I am certain it is not easy every day but being a bitch or

bastard doesn’t make it easier for us the ones working

for you cheese balls.

I used to love going into work and now I am just going

into work to get somewhere.

Kinda hope I get there someday, because you know


It’s exhausting working for a diva like you.

I might be back being the bad ass diva myself you better

watch it.




Text Drew Eastman

Interview Marcel Schlutt



What do you get when you cross Madonna (late 90’s), Lady

Gaga, Take That and some sexy 90s male workout videos?

Kazaky that what.

As far as Boyband’s go i think we had our fair share in

the last decades from the real damn good ones like the

reborn Take That to the very boring ones ‘Boyzone /

Westlife’ which i can never keep apart cos they sound

so much alike and the god awful US5.

Ok, so i left out a lot of them but this is not about the

other New and Old on The Block :)

Then i was tweeted this link to ‘LOVE’ by Kazaky on

YouTube that i Absofuckinlutly had to check out.

I confess it took me about an hour to click the link because

i was thinking “oh jeez not another Boyband” but

i did it anyway and i am glad i did, read on to hear why.

With my finger on the MacBook Pro’s trackpad close

the red blob to shut the window in a jiffy i was moving

further away from the glowing button as the tune was


YES this is actually damn cool.

Normally i have to confess that BoyBands are really

not my bucket of scotch, i’d rather down a few than

to listen to another cover version by some four to five

piece teen dream sensation, but when something

comes along that is this exciting i feel obliged to tell

you about it.

That bad ass electro beat, the bouncy synth stabs and

a tune that is basically just one continuous hook are

the ingredients of ‘LOVE’ and the debut single ‘In the


The lads don’t just sing it very sexy they can dance like

Lady Gaga’s best Monster Ballers.

I might add without all the blood and gore.

Curiosity got the better of me and i even checked out

their previous video for ‘In the Middle’, gotta say i was

reminded of these mid 90’s WorkOut Videos that featured

hunky guys with colorful outfits, very retro and

very steaming hot, kinda like a gay porn without the

penetration - the song delivers that part.

No wonder this video got a lot of attention from boys

and girls alike.


So who the hell are these guys ?

They are Oleh Zhezhel, Artur Archibaz, Kyryll Fedorenko

and Stas Pavlov from Kiev, Ukraine. Their first

single called ‘In the Middle’ was released in September

of last year.

Oleh, the experienced choreographer and dancer was

the one who got the four of them together.

The video of ‘In the Middle’ didn’t take long to become

a YouTube smash hit with now more than 2,3 million

views according to Wikipedia and ‘LOVE’ the follow up

grabbed about 2.6 million so far if not more.

The videos show that it’s not just the music that is

important to them but also their image, these guys

are very visual, playing around with masculinity and

mixing it up with an androgynous style that is kind of

unique in the BoyBand business.

Just take a look at the images here and the videos and

you see exactly what i mean.

Another mark of their success so far is the “Breakthrough

of the Year” award at the MyWay Dance

Awards 2010 along with numerous articles in big name

magazines and newspapers all over the globe.

Not a bad start for such a fresh new group, hey?

It’s fair to assume that from this wealth of creativity

we can look forward to a lot more exciting releases and

hopefully a whole album of thumping electropop.

So where does this leave us?

Pretty simple, if you got this far and i was abel to wet

your appetite for these lads then grab some popcorn

and head over to YouTube and make your own mind

up by watching their videos.

I for one can feel a heatwave coming on.

HONK! was lucky enough to get a few moments in

their busy schedule and our very own Marcel Schlutt

had the chance to ask them all a few questions.


In the middle





Oleg Zhezhel

Where do you see yourself and your music in 10 years?

We decided that we will keep on producing and creating

as long as we have inspiration and favor for it. We

don’t tend to live for the moment because we are aiming

high. Moreover, we are plentiful of ideas, but not

for the following decade.

Which music artists inspired you?

In aspect of performance and presentation Beyonce

takes the lead. Each of us has his own preferences and

they don’t usually coincide with each other. Personally

I have versatile tastes for the music and it is quite

uneasy for me to outline a certain artist. First of all, I

would name Crystal Castles, Beth Ditto and Stateless.


Artur Gaspar

How does it feels like to be a member

of the biggest pop sensations of

our time?

What made you think that I was

feeling like a member of the biggest

sensation of our time? I am just

doing my own thing and nothing


Who is your personal music diva?

My personal music diva is Beyonce.


Stas Pavlov

What do you like more - shooting a music

video or performing on stage?

I prefer walking in the forest.

Who is the ultimativ music diva for you?

My girlfriend.


Kyryll Fedorenko

What was it like when you’ve heard for the first

time one of your songs on the radio?

It was like inner smile, triumph, condition of

something great and pleasant.

If could you choose a female singer for a duet.

Who would it be?

Jennifer Lopez. Besides her being an interesting

and talented person, I admire the way she scored

success all by her own.






Text by Shel Fuller

Photo by Jonathan Bell www.jonbell.net

I got off the PATH Train at Christopher Street and

ascended the unrealistically windy staircase. On this

street, this street where history was made, I was surprised

to see how ghetto it was. Random shady looking

men, all hip-hopped and covered in bling, waiting on

everything and nothing. Two transvestites verbally battling

it out on the street corner - one crackhead thin,

the other Big Mac fat. A swirling spectrum of skin

color, language, and intelligence. God, I love this city.

It was not my intention to move to New York City.

The idea filled me with dread. So many people packed

together - so much competition. What should I do

here? I was used to being the big fish in a small pond

but now the tables were turned. Here on these wide,

traffic-filled streets, I was invisible. Walking among

ghosts, slowly I became one myself but these ghosts

were not like those that can be found in the tales of

Poe. These entities were alive. Shapeshifters, who continually

reconceptualize themselves on an hourly basis.

During the day, I sat eight hours staring at a computer

monitor in rows of cubicles but at night, I transformed

into a mystical phoenix. Sipping cocktails at an after

work party on the Upper West Side in the evening,

melds into dancing in the mist of shirtless, Chelsea

bottoms at night. A quick jump over to the East Village

to hook up with an overly tattooed freak who just completed

his degree in Theology at NYU. “What do you

want to do with your degree?” “I want to be a priest.”

– No comment. Waking up and realizing that you have

to wear the same underwear again because you didn’t

make it home last night finally returning to your 3 and

a quarter-walled cubicle.

My two best friends and I, in one of our stoned states,

decided to give each other diva names. William would

be La Divina (a reference to Maria Callas). Jason,

would be the Wonder Diva Deluxe (you have to know

him to understand that one) and I, of course, was the

Grand Diva. I even named my former public relations

company, The Grand Diva Group (group meaning me).

Back then, I was probably best known for my fearlessness

and my deranged adventures. Waking up naked

in the apartments of celebrities, late night basement

parties in DUMBO, chatting in secret underground

wine cellar lounges with tragic supermodels. But it

wasn’t me that created all of this supposed glamour.

It was the city. It took me by the scruff of my neck and

lead me through its streets, begging me to explore

which I eagerly did. It was the dimly lit doors at the

end of dark allies that lured me into circumstances

which most people would only dream of.

Sometimes, I look back at those days in wonder. I

think about the serendipitous end events and what

lead up to them. We only think of people as divas but

what surrounds the diva is what inspires a diva to be

one. Of course, I wasn’t really a diva. I was more like

the dust that trailed the comet along with millions and

millions of other specks. Small amounts of plant pollen,

human hairs, and textile fibers compressed into

305 square miles (790 km2) of water-rimmed land.

This city carries the glamour of ages deep within its

tarred sidewalks and hot dog stands. New York is bigger

than America. Sometimes, bigger than the Earth.

What it symbolizes, what it forces you to believe is an

experience that no one will ever take away from you.

This city doesn’t need to be covered in cosmetics or

drowned in jewels. The city doesn’t even demand that.

It wants your love, your curiosity, your respect, and

your admiration. Like a mother, it nourishes you with

or without your consent. New York City is the ultimate

diva of the world.


Jackee WORD


Photos by Joana Dias


Hair&Make up Thary Plast Ic

Artwork Nicolas Simoneau















Interview by Marcel Schlutt

What a man, what a man. What a mighty good man.

Yes! That is Zachari Logon. The 30-year-old Canadian is one

of the stars of the international art scene in 2011. His paintings

continue the great tradition of old masters of painting.

It is a joy to marvel at the large paintings. His favorite subject

is himself, sometimes drawn, sometimes naked, sometimes

strong, and then again with feeling.

With his type of art, he will have a great future. We are

thrilled to introduce you to Zachari Logan and his work.

Duality 1 (Abraham & Issac)

Graphite on paper, 42 x 65 inches, 2010




I have- and still do use my body as a catalyst for this

work, both because I am much more comfortable with

posing my own body the ways in which I want it, and

secondly it eliminates the power dynamic which exist

between model and artist (a dialogue I am not interested

in, except for the narrative base that using myself as

both artist and model creates.) Strangely, the continual

use of myself as subject is what people most often react

to negatively. This aspect of narcissism which is

clearly evident in my work can be found in every artist

I believe... in a less transparent way maybe, but I don’t

look at self-reflection necessarily as a bad thing. This

type of repetition sets up a timescape where I can

converse with aspects of myself and projections which

evolve a self-anxious, self-reflective internal dialogue

that is neither linear nor is it often rational. I am finding

a shift within my current work which is becoming

much more specific to my own life and experiences.

Work that is potentially much more revealing- ironically,

as within some of this new work- I appear to

have more clothing on...

HONK!: Zachari , we really like your paintings. when did

you find out that you want be a painter?

Zachary: Well, for as long as I can remember- I have

been working visually. Talking came slow to me as a

child and reading even slower, as it was discovered

when I was six that I was severely dyslexic... so communicating

visually became a very palpable way for me

to express myself.

You are a very good looking man and it is great to see

you on your paintings. What is the meaning behind

painting yourself? Are you a Narcissist?

If people have an inkling that I draw and paint my own

image because I am attracted to myself sexually- and

this is my sole endeavour in relation to self-reflexive

imagery- they would be mistaken. The use of my own

body as subject to set up glyphic gestures was initially a

way to express critical thoughts about masculinity both

as it has been posed historically in the visual arts and

how society still clings to these heterosexist constructions

in contemporary society. My body as a type is

one that has historically been used by artists to express

masculine bravado and superiority, my aim is to undermine

that myth, returning a more vulnerable gaze,

exposing the male body as a subjective being, as human-

as opposed to a spectacle of stereotypic notions.

There is always some nudity involved in your work. I am

pretty sure there are men and girls out there..seeing you

as a sexobject. How do you handle this?

Well, this was partially answered in the previous question...

however what I will say about the nudity in my

work, is that I have no control over how people will

interpret it- nor should I... a viewers conceptions about

me or my intentions for this work are clearly based on

thier own state of mind, they tend to reveal more about

themselves than they do about me upon reacting to

the work- that is a testament to the power of art, and it

usually can only be successful if it’s concept is maliable.

We are all sexual creatures... that being said- I don’t

ever aim to be a sex object or symbol- I find that type

of reaction to my work as simplistic at best. My body

is how I express political metaphor about my life as a

queer man married to another man, as a sexual being

and as a vulnerable subject- no different than anyone

else in many respects... this work aims at revealing the

normalcy of desire- and I don’t just mean capital D

desire, I mean the need to express difference and the to

have the visibility to exist among a majority that continually

projects objection to my choice... which ends

up often manifesting itself as a series of solitary domestic

portrayals. Sometimes the work references

established art-historical and/or literary works and

sometimes it simply refers back to previous work I

have made, evolving an already established narrative.

How do you start with a new painting? Do you photograph

yourself before? Or how do you do it?


I usually take quite a bit of time thinking

about concept before it ever materializes

on paper or canvas... sometimes years- but

I always use photographic imagery for my

work... holding a pose and drawing or painting

is virtually impossible.

When i saw the first time one of your paintings,

( it was a shoe ) it reminded me of

Albrecht Dürer. Do you have an icon? Who

influenced you?

Many, many icons and influences... and yes

Durer for sure, also... Caravaggio, Ingres,

Holbein, Gericault, David, Goya, Breugel,

Velasquez, Manet, Ribera... many contemporary

influences as well... Damien Hirst,

Cindy Sherman, Sophie Calle, Alison Norlen,

Aurel Schmidt, Odd Nerdrum, AA Bronson/

General Idea, John Currin, Lucien

Freud, Evan Penny, Attila Richard Lukacs...

among others. You could say though that my

muse is art history... during the summer of

2009 as the result of an artist-project grant,

I travelled to Paris to study the neoclassical

paintings within the grand hall of the Louvre,

which resulted in the “Beautiful Losers

Project”, the creation of an 18 foot oil painting

that saw my body portrayed echoing the

gestural elements from my research. I will

often times re-sutuate famous literary allegories

within my work as well.

You have done exhibitions all over the world.

How did your career start?

Z: It just kind of came about serendipidously,

I caught the eye of French gallerist

Jean Roch Dard who saw my work in a

publication, I believe, and offered me a solo

show in Paris. This initial exhibition led to a

string of projects in both private and public

spaces in NYC and throughout the US

in Miami, Cincinnati and Raleigh NC. As

well, among these various projects, in 2009

I was one of the recipients of MFA Now,

an international painting competition for

recent MFA graduates. I was also invited to

participate in an exhibition in Paris, titled

“When I Grow Up” which paired emerging

artists with established ones in an effort to

create a dialogue between the two... to my utter

suprise, I was paired with one of my favorite

contemporary artists Sophie Calle. I have also

exhibited in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and here

Emperor’s New Clothes (from Disappearances series)

Pastel on paper, 50 x 110 inches, 2011



Beautiful Losers

Oil on canvas, 110 x 200 inches, 2010



in Canada, recently in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. I

have in recent years attended residencies in both Paris

and Tenneessee. I am currently at a Canadian artist

residency in the mountains of British Columbia... I

have in the past couple of years been the recipient of

various travel and project grants through the Saskatchewan

Arts Board, a provinical granting programming

for artists here in Saskatchewan, my province of origin

within Canada.

If i wanna buy one of your drawings. Where can i get

them? And what is the price for one piece?

It is best to go directly to my website where listed are

the contemporary galleries that show my work, and

the prices of individual works can be discussed upon

contacting them directly. www.zacharilogan.com

What are your future projects? Where can we see your

work next? I heard rumors, there is a book coming?

I am currently working on four solo shows for this fall/

winter. The first of which will open early October at

Headbones Gallery, where I am presently working as

artist in residence until early next month, the second

exhibition “Disappearances” will show in Paris at

Galerie Jean Roch Dard toward the end of October,

the third exhibition”Trauma & Other Stories” opens

early November at Daniel Cooney Fine Art with a

series titled “Trauma & Other Stories, and for the forth

exhibition, I will present my project “Beautiful Losers”

through Craig Scott Gallery in January of 2012.

During the month of April 2012 I will be attending the

NES Artist Residency in Iceland where I will work on a

project to be exhibited next fall in Vienna, Austria. And

yes, I do have a book of my work coming out through

Sternthal Publications (MTL/NYC). “Portraits Without

Pants: The Art Of Zachari Logan” is a full-length book

spanning my work from 2005 to the present with a forward

by prominant British art-historian Edward Lucie-

Smith. Hopefully it be released this fall in conjunction

with the upcoming exhibitions.


Thanks for taking some time to do this little interview. We

wish you all the best for the future!

And thank-you Marcel & HONK!

Niqab (from Blueboy Series)

Blue pencil on mylar, 2010


Go to Hell (from Trauma & Other Stories) (detail)

Blue pencil on mylar, 120 x 42 inches, 2011



Vignette (Detail)

Graphite on paper, 110 x 210 inches, 2011








Eli Leven is an up and coming young writer from stockholm whose life is governed

by drama and love. In his award wining book, that is being translated into

english, he is writing about things only a few would dare do -very successfully

so- and at the same time he sees his words being turned into a movie being

shot in the swedish capital right now, while he is busy writing and acting out his

inner diva in New York City.

In which sense could u possibly be a diva?

I’m going to tell you a story of how I met my present

lover. I was ridiculously bored and drunk off my ass at

a rave goth club in December in Chinatown when a

man approached me and said he heard by his friend

that I could vogue. I put on a little show for him. When

I turned around he tried to finger me and I slapped his

face and he kissed me.

We went back to mine and had some mushrooms

while watching youtube clips of the Mexican movie

icon Maria Felix, we fell asleep and I remember

dreaming I was Maria Felix, and me and that guy I

brought home went horseback riding in a green valley.

If you could be any past diva male or female, which one

would you pick and why?

Maria Felix was once asked about how Paris was compared

to Mexico and she said “Mexico is my first love,

I’m their whore but I’m also their mother”. I want to be

able to say the same thing .

Is there an event that has shaped you in life?

Taking antidepressants was really trippy and opened

up my mind making me less self critical. I don’t think I

would’ve written the novel without them. I’m off now

though, but they really changed my life.

Tell me a little about your novel, what is it dealing with?

I wanted to write about a dying boy, going from being

passive and sort of a victim to becoming something new,

his imaginary friend, a girl. It’s essentially a love story

about transformation between a femme boy becoming a

girl and this butch sexually confused straight guy. A tour

de force. It’s partly some kind of fantasies that I started

having after watching Wild at Heart when I was 13. I

wanted it to be a conversation with other works of art that

have inspired me, like Dennis Cooper’s Closer, Our lady

of the flowers by Jean Genet and maybe Confessions

of a Mask by Yukio Mishima. I was very naive when I

started out writing it. I think I wanted it to be a sort of loving

father murder. I wrote a lot being angry and disgusted

about how the self destructive “twink” is a sex object.

Is it in a wider sense autobiographical somehow?

In a wider sense maybe. It’s very close to me and I often

think it’s hard to know what I’ve written and what I

really experienced in real life.

Did you expect your novel to be so successful?

I got a lot of good feedback as soon as I showed my

texts to other people and hoped it would be successful

but not like this!

I know at the time, you have left Stockholm for New

York. What more does it offer you?

Excitement. I’m excited almost every day to be here. I

like being more anonymous. There are so many possibilities

in this city, it’s overwhelming.

Are you working on something right now?

For a year I have been working on a screenplay based

on my novel. I am working together with Ester Martin




Miu Miu’s silver and neon-green nappa leather

appliquéd star keyfob with a cool fl ash of fl uoro.



A cause close to Vivienne’s heart, slow down climate change!



Editors choice by Marina Gehrman


ERDEM Printed-silk Dachshund toy €179.52

Erdem’s collectable multicolored printed silk Dachshund


Six Scents: Series 1 features fragrances created by six renowned perfumers

working with six celebrated designers to help raise money for the International

AIDS Awareness Education Centre in Antwerp.

The Arabia horse-print swimsuit The Los Angeles bandeau swimsuit The Yosemite bandeau swimsuit


Australian swimwear label inspired by the heady adventurism of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s










She is the mother of all freaks in this town. She is a style icon and her party weekends

are legendary. Thanks to God, we have her and not Paris Hilton. If she enters the club

“Berghain”, everyone knows the Queen is at home. No one in this city is loved more than

Natalie. No matter whether gay, hetero, men or women. The 28 year-old Berlin woman is

a trendsetter and an artist. If you ever see them on your visit in Berlin, give her your most

beautiful smile. Because she deserves it.

Future a record deal, successful artist and the Queen of the Unicorns

www.facebook.com/profi le.php?id=1538256485&sk=info


Yes! She is a Drag Queen, a Rockstar (her group - Squeezebox), a DJ and one of the

most politically active people in this city. Gloria is a good proof that a woman can be successful

without the wrong attidute of many many drag queens. She is using her popularity

to help help people in many projects and not killing our nervs in „real life“ TV Shows.

Always up for a fl irt , i am sure she will not say : No , if you invite her for a drink

Future Berlin´s fi rst drag major!!!



For many years, German guys are very successful on the catwalks of the world. The

17-year-old Paul S. is based in Berlin and he is the newcomer of the international men’s

fashion scene.

His vulnerable charisma, cheetah with German virtues make him to a much booked model.

Magazines such as TUSH, VANITY TEEN & FHM Collections love to work with him.

Agencies: Milano @INDEPENDENT MEN, Paris @NATHALIE

Berlin @IZAIO www.izaio.de

Future Calvin Klein is calling, Tom Ford will name a collection with his name


Yes Dolisch Milosch is a real beauty .. OH YES .. But her art is a thousand times more

beautiful than she is.

„Hennacouture“ is the name for what she is doing. Well, we all know that is not a new

idea. But no one is doing this kind of art in Europe, like Dilosch is doing it.

She gives the henna painting, the coolness which it had not all the years. Because of her

it is cool and edgy.

Btw. Dilosch is a realy beautyful girl!

Future She will create THE trend for 2012







by Christo Mitov

A prince gets married, the bad guy is dead: Or how May 2011

kicked off with a perfect Disney weekend and a post mortem

photo shoot with Obama, or was it Osama?

US president Barack Obama didn’t make it to the

cover of HONK! #2 FAIRY TALES issue. We had

this whole Obama-branded PR stunt planned for

the last issue. Imagine a comprehensive retelling of

the animated classic Aladdin: a villa rented next to

Islamabad, Pakistan, with a pool and 72 virgins in

it. Cast: Barack Obama as Aladdin, Osama bin Laden

as Jafar, Michelle Obama as Jasmine and Oprah

as the Genie (after all she and Robin Williams have

essentially the same voice). It was the perfect plan

to outshine the royal wedding of William and Kate

before it even happened. But you know how competitive

Barack is - he insisted on shifting the whole

event to beginning of May.

Yes, you can safely assume that we knew about this

assassination plot all along. We just didn’t want

to spoil the fun for you. Because you clearly had

a blast after our trusted media outlets confirmed

that the Al-Qaeda terrorist leader and mastermind

behind the 9/11 tragedy was finally dead, finally

smoked out of his foxhole in god-knows-whatcavern-in-the-middle-of-fuck-all.

The events surrounding

Bin Laden’s death offered a plethora of

entertainment options: there was suspense, there

was fun, a few silly jokes, some unexpected twists,

and of course, everyone received a souvenir picture

as a reminder of this glorious day in the history of

humankind. Let’s wrap up some of them:

10 years later...

After 10 years, what gave bin Laden away? Osama

bin Laden’s decade on the run after September

11th may have come to its end in part because his

large hideout reportedly lacked a phone and Internet

connection - an unusual absence likely to have

drawn investigators’ curiosity.

For a decade, his presumed choice of Pakistan as




place of refuge from history’s most extensive manhunt

worked well enough. Overnight, however, bin

Laden’s long effort at concealment ran aground

when U.S. forces stormed his hideout and shot him

dead. What precisely gave him away remains unclear,

as many details have yet to be told about the


One fact about his location was an immediate surprise

- instead of hiding in a cave in a remote peak

of the Hindu Kush, the leader of A-Qaeda turned out

to have been hiding in an urban area near the capital

Islamabad. Perhaps his downfall was due to a failure

to cover his communications tracks, rather than his

precise choice of location.

Twitter took over mainstream media (?)

After the social universe fell into euphoria about the

happy royal couple William and Kate (big, British

grins) and right before the denouement would kick in,

there it was. In the night of May 1st, most of us learned

about Osama Bin Laden’s death on Twitter. And in

fact, the first credible report from Keith Urbahn (NOT

Keith Urban), former Secretary of Defense Donald

Rumsfeld’s chief of staff, was also on Twitter. Read his

tweet here. (http://twitter.com/#%21/keithurbahn/

status/64877790624886784) And while the White

House kept pushing off the official announcement

for an hour to inform different parties, the news was


already being analyzed and spread on Twitter. So did

Twitter replace mainstream media as the best source

of news about Bin Laden’s death? Yes and no.

Yes, many people first heard about the news on Twitter,

but more often than not the original source of

that news could be traced back to mainstream media.

Although some “accidental” on-the-ground-reporting

occurred exclusively on Twitter, mainstream media

(CNN, NYT, etc) confirmed Bin Laden’s death.

Twitter does not supplant other media—it merely

amplifies it. According to TechCrunch, during the

President’s announcement, people were Tweeting at a

rate of over 4,000 Tweets per second, a close second

or third—about the same level of Tweets as during the

last Super Bowl. Much of what people were Tweeting

was what they were hearing on TV, thus passing

the news instantly to people who may not have been

in front of a TV at the time. But what that means in

practice is that if you are following the right people,

you don’t have to actually turn on your TV.

Osama or Obama?

Shortly after US president Barack Obama officially

announced the assassination of Osama Bin Laden,

mainstream media became somewhat confused as

to whether Osama or Obama had been killed. Understandably,

the distinction between the world’s

most-wanted terrorist and the President of the

United States of America is so subtle as to be nearly

baffling. Frankly, I don’t judge them. Back in 2006

during the London bombings I was live reporting for

DARIK radio on the events and I kept on confusing

9/11 with 11/9 and 9/6. Anyway, everybody had a

good laugh over CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, El Pais

and FNC, which unwillingly put a bullet in Barack

Obama. And yet, the confusion is not completely

unjustified—bin Laden, just like Tupac, continues to

drop new tapes after his death. The next one is to be

released very soon. Maybe by the time this article is

published it will have made its way through the Al-

Qaeda media pipeline.

Conspiracy photo booth

All those speculations lead us to the next conspiracy

layer. Apparently there has been a post mortem

photo shoot with Osama (as himself) Some outtakes

are yet to be released by the Obama administration,

although already in the night of Bin Laden’s

assassination, news agency Reuters offered media

all over the world what was supposed to be Osama’s

death mugshot. A trusted source in Eurovision -

not the song contest, but the premier distributor

of news content for the world’s top broadcast and

media platforms - gave me some inside on coverage

on the story. Here is the timeline: Someone hears

about Osama Bin Laden’s death, performs a Google

Image search; finds a year-old doctored image of

dead Osama and sends it to PK TV; they pick it up

and use it for their news coverage as a source; PK

TV then forwards the image to RTV and APTN;

the image then lands all over the world, including

Reuters. Hour later Reuters calls back to withdraw

the picture explaining it was - wait for it - fake. Still,

the only people with supposed to be real images

of dead Osama, remain the officials in the White

House. I hope they will spread an image which is not

completely blurry and shaky and also one that won’t

cause another wave of Moon landing conspiracy.

July 4.2

Although, when you take a step back and look what

was and is still happening all over the US after

Osama Bin Laden’s death, you can clearly see that

the general public doesn’t really care if the US government

will get their Osama story straight or not.

Bin Laden’s assassination released a wave of spontaneous,

organized and unnecessary celebratory

events. Accompanying the Osama/Obama confusion

in media was the live streaming of joyful celebrations

in Washington and at Ground Zero in New

York. I really wonder if people at Ground Zero were

realizing at the moment they were dancing on the

grave of almost 3000 people. Anyway, the ridiculous

patriotic outburst wasn’t a surprise altogether, but

the way it happened made me wonder if the news

had a commercial brake and this was the summer

campaign for Coca Cola.

To be honest, the whole outcome of events was a

little sad that people think of the death of Osama

Bin Laden as of victory. If May 1st was supposed to

celebrate a victory of the United States over terrorism,

it is beyond doubt that this victory is Pyrrhic

except for those making money off of it. There was

a moment where I dreamed of being a American

flag manufacturer, or owner of a company producing

full-body suits with the American flag on them

or toilet paper with Bin Laden’s face printed on it.

Maybe it’s not too late tho - this story is a developing

just like the creative ways of producing hideous

patriotic merchandize.




Photos by Christian Branscheidt

A special thanks to Ina, Jule, Reza, Lea and Edna




Imagine that Wolfgang Tillmann and Terry

Richardson would have a son. It must be

Christian Branscheidt.

The young german is guy born 1985 Hamburg/Germany

. He is one of those people

who don´t know how talendet and giftet they

are. Christian is based now in Berlin and

is very well known in town for his great and

stunning t-shirt collection . And yes the girls in

the city love him because he is one of the best

hairdressers. But what a waste of talent .Sorry

girls! I met Christian around 2 years ago and i

was surprised how good his privat photography

was and i told him, he has to follow that.

So we asked him for our diva issue to do a

shoot for us.

Mr Branscheidt don´t need a big team to create something good. It is just him and his little camera! Hands up for his

work and we realy hope to see more of him and his work in the future!

If you would like to work with him you can contact him on Facebook or send an email to HONK!










believe they are



believe they are


Photo by Christos Kapralos



Exhibit eras are:

Ladies First: The 90´s and the New Millenium

The 1990s was the era the riot grrrl, the rapper and

the Lilith Fair, reshaping traditional ideas of feminism

and traditionally male-dominated areas of the music

industry. Women have arguably become the leading

voices of the industry, standing -- army-booted, barefooted,

or high-heeled stiletto -- toe to toe with any

artist of today. Highlighted artists will include Bikini

Kill, Meg White, Queen Latifah , ...

Dance the mees around: Punk and Post punk

Chrissie Hynde said, “That was the beauty of the punk

thing: [Sexual] discrimination didn’t exist in that

scene.” The DIY aspect of punk rock made it easier for

a woman to find a place in music. Highlighted artists

will include Yoko Ono, Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Pierson

and Cindy Wilson of the B-52s, Deborah Harry, Tina

Weymouth, Kim Deal and Marianne Faithful.

The Rock and Roll HALL of Fame And Museum

+Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion , Power

May 13.2011 till February 26.2012

1100 Rock and Roll Blvd. Cleveland, Ohio 44114 www.


The Rock and Roll HALL of Fame And Museum will

open a groundbreaking and provocative new exhibit

that will illustrate the important roles women have

played in rock and roll, from its inception through

today. Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power

will highlight the flashpoints, the firsts, the best, the

celebrated -- and sometimes lesser-known women --

who moved rock and roll music and American culture


The interactive exhibition will spotlight more than 70

artists and fill two entire floors of the museum. The exhibit

will feature artifacts, video and listening stations,

as well as a recording booth where visitors can film a

short story or moment of inspiration related to women

in rock. The exhibit will move through the rock and roll

eras, weaving a powerful and engaging narrative that

demonstrates how women have been the engines of

creation and change in popular music, from the early

years of the 20th century to the present.

I will Survive : The 1970s - Rockers to Disco Divas

Women are in the center of the ‘70s mainstream, from

Joan Jett and the Runaways, Heart and Fleetwood

Mac to Donna Summer. The gains of the feminist

movement throughout the ‘70s enabled women working

in all areas of the music industry to assume more

control over their careers

and many more.


More than 25 years ago, leaders in the music industry

joined together to establish the Rock and Roll Hall of

Fame Foundation in New York City to celebrate the

music and musicians that changed the world. With

that, one of the Foundation’s many functions is to

recognize the contributions of those who have had a

significant impact on the evolution, development and

perpetuation of rock and roll by inducting them into

the Hall of Fame.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened

its doors in 1995 on the shores of Lake Erie in downtown

Cleveland, Ohio. Its mission is to educate visitors,

fans and scholars from around the world about

the history and continuing significance of rock and roll

music. It carries out this mission through its operation

of a world-class museum that collects, preserves,

exhibits and interprets this art form and through its library

and archives as well as its educational programs.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

1100 Rock and Roll Boulevard

Cleveland, Ohio 44114

(East Ninth Street at Lake Erie)Open May 13, 2011 - February 26, 2012 | Floors 5 & 6




I want my


to scream loud:








I am a Punk

AT Heart

Interview by Jackee Word

Photos by Christopher Dadey


by Alis Pelleschi




Ziad Ghanem is a Lebanese fashion designer who is based in London

and is currently one of London’s hottest topics, His collections

range from Ultra-luxurious haute couture dresses to his ready to

wear collections consisting of a heavy punk feel. Ziad uses real

people to walk for his shows and each model is someone in the creative

world, Previous models have been world renowned burlesque

artiste Immodesty Blaize, international DJ Scarlett Etienne and many

many more. His shows are noted as the most anticipated and creative

shows of the whole London Fashion Week due to the fact they

are purely theatrical and all about drama, drama, drama. Not to mention

the interest from celebrities, for example an infamous image of

Naomi Campbell wearing his “VOGUE” piece. We at HONK! had a

chat with Ziad to find out a bit more about the man who is shaking

the fashion world by their ankles...

So Ziad, You certainly like to emulate the “Drama” factor

in your work, Your garments are extrovert, over the top

and gorgeous as apposed to simplistic and bland, care

to explain why you rather things this way?

I believe that every moment in life is a special one and

worth a celebration. And my work reflects this. I love

all colours and shapes and I am happy to show off.

Also I believe that we live in the time of “short attention

spam” so that is why I want my clothes to scream


You don’t use regular size 0 superhero models on your

runways, you use real people, why did you decide to go

down this route and what bonuses do you think it brings

not only to your garments but to your brand?

I make clothes for people so why not using ‘real ‘people

to display those clothes? Simple Philosophy- I love my

models they are my ultimate inspiration.

A question I always like to ask in my interviews is, if your

work was a sexual position, what would it be, and why?

Daisy Chain because it is about the connection with

each others.

Personally for me I can’t go near velours, Ugg boots or

the colour peach. What are your most hated fashion

DON’Ts and why?

I dislike the uniformity and the “must haves” rules in

fashion. I don’t like Dark brow and Ugg boots make me

throw up. And I have a phobia for hair. Also I hate, fur

feathers and tweed.

If there was any red carpet Diva you would want to create

a garment for who would it be and why?

I am Anti Celebrity and all that .... But If I must...

Barbara Windsor cause she is gorgeous. Jessye Norman

cause she is a Diva. Boy George everyday... And

Joan Collins I will faint before I dress her from excitement.

Your work, wether it’s your ready to wear collections or

your couture dresses, always has a punk streak running

through it, who are you influenced in that sense and

would you say it was a very important part of your work?

I am a Punk at Heart and a skinhead too.

I must admit British early 80’s Music Culture has a big

influence on my work.

I love London too. I am ever inspired.

Can you reveal any gossip about what will be coming

soon in the world of Ziad Ghanem? Will you be taking

over Paris or New York? Who will you be dressing?

Honey I will be taking over no one. If you want me ...

Come and find me. www.ziadghanem.co.uk

And will dress anyone that pays for my dresses. But if

they are poor and nice then will make it for free.

I am really happy with everything at the moment and

tomorrow is another day.

From one Diva to another, I would love to thank you for

answering my questions and I wish you all the very best

for your next season and all of them after that!”

Thanks Jackee, I love you.





Ménage à trois

Photographer & Concept & Styling by Suzana Holtgrave

Hair & Make up by Ilka Jänicke/Blossom Berlin


Helena Narra Kapidzic @ Izaio Models

Marcelle Wissel @ Metropolis Models

Dawid Schaffranke @ Seeds Management

Special thanks to Olympiapark Berlin



Dress Frida Weyer, Raven hat Fiona Bennett


Dress Frida Weyer, Eyemask Ponpon Berlin, Shoes YSL


Swim tunks Pappenberg

190 1001 NIGHTS


Mask with Swarowski Rhinestones Fiona Bennett, Lingerie Chantelle, Jacket Thierry Mugler



Trouser suit(kimono style) Tata Christiane

192 1001 NIGHTS


Trouser suit with leather cape Ponpon Berlin, Turban Ponpon


Shirt Dolce & Gabbana, Vest Comme des Garçons



Bra Chantelle, Jacket Vintage collection Opium, Hat Ponpon Berlin

194 1001 NIGHTS


Jacket Vintage collection Opium, Skirt Thierry Mugler, Hat Ponpon Berlin



Eye hat Ponpon Berlin, Sequin dress Frida Weyer


Swim trunks Papenberg

196 1001 NIGHTS


Jacket Thierry Mugler, Hat Ponpon Berlin


Dress Nanna Kuckuck Haute Couture, Swan hat Fiona Bennet



Suit(costume) Thierry Mugler

Shoe hat Fiona Bennett

198 1001 NIGHTS


200 1001 NIGHTS


Swarowski Rhinestone mask Fiona Bennett, Jacket Thierry Mugler, Tights Ciprian



Mask Ponpon Berlin

202 1001 NIGHTS


Chapeau claque & Bow tie Stylist own, Shirt Dolce & Gabbana, Vest Comme des Garçons



Raven hat Fiona Bennett, Dress Frida Weyer, Ring/Bracelet 2 Engel Jewellery

204 1001 NIGHTS


Swim trunks Papenberg


Dress Nanna Kuckuck Haute Couture, Eyewear Stylist own



Dress Frida Weyer, Mask Ponpon Berlin





Photos by Fernando Arriero Marquez

www.facebook.com/profi le.php?id=1021481221

11,5 Million Residents


210 pARIS

more than 160 museums

14,518 square kilometers




The city has developed since

the mid-3rd Century BC

la defense - 10.000 Appartements



A toilet attendant

Let’s face it .. They are the true queens of the night. No matter how hard

you style your own. Completely unimportant how cool you are. A toilet

attendant will survive all of you. Generations of club kids owe her many

funny nights on the club toilete.

A toilet woman is something like the good soul of the club.

We met Erika. She works in one of the hottest clubs in Frankfurt/Main.

Erika, why do work as a toilet cleaner in a club? You are

56 years old. Is this job not too stressful?

woman is in many ways a lot dirtier than a man, in


10 years ago lost my job as a secretary. At the age of

45 it is not easy for woman to get a new job. Then I

landed here. At first I was not happy to work here. But

now I love it. I only work on Saturdays and I don´t

lose the contact with the youth.

You do the job for 10 years now, can you tell us: If and

how the youth has changed during these years?

Oh, very! Nowadays the young people take much

more drugs then years ago. Also sexually happened in

the toilets more than a few years now. (She laughs)

I remember my party time, we always had a lot of fun

on the toilet. I remember also been fucking there. What

do you do if caught someone doing it ?

Oh, what shall I do? You know the young men are not

as powerful as the men were back in my youth. (A big

big laugh). The numbers are often so fast, as fast as I

can not knock at the door.

How do you stand on drug? Surely you are get offered


Yes, it is always very sweet. When the children are

standing before me and they are barely able to look

straight ahead. I was also young once and I have tried

everything. My God!!! We were soooo stoned. I smoke

a joint sometimes with them, this is fun and the night

is easier to bear.

Who makes more dirt on the toilet? The boys or the


In any case the girls!!! They are often very disgusting.

It is very difficult to explain. Maybe it’s because the

girls always go in groups to the toilet. They always stay

very very long there.

The boys do their business and ready. I think that a

Laughs. That’s funny to hear it from the mouth of a

female toilets.

Yes, I see the irony. (laughs loudly) But hey, I may can

say that as toilets woman.

And theme of your magazine is : Divas? Right? So, Let

me act once as if I were one.

Sure girl! Go for it!!

You work in a club with electronic music. What kind of

music do you hear at home?

I really love the music of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and

Janis Joplin. You can also celebrate to this music

much better than to techno music. We have taken

lots of drugs when i was young to the music from The

Rolling Stones. Oh oh, the old times. You see i was a

bad girl.

I can well imagine. How do you deal with getting older?

I think it’s certainly not easy when you see every weekend

the young generation in the club?

I have no problem with my age. I had my time, my fun

and I have a great life now. In my age you should be relaxed.

If not , then you did something wrong in your life.

I also know that all the girls will be old at some point

ago. (laughs)

What are your plans for the future? Forever working on

the toilet?

Oh yes! I’m really looking forward to the time when

this is over. My husband and I wanna continue working

for another 5 years.

Then we will leave Germany. We will then move to

thailand. A paradise for older people. Life there is

cheap. Sun and good weather.

Hey hey we wish you much fun in Thailand.





by Christo Mitov

Illustration Ango The Meek Dead

still on the market. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is

a gay edition of REVENGE OF THE NERDS focusing

on sexcapades, roosters and other animals.

I am frustrated. Before I dropped the pink bomb at

my mother at the age of 19, I thought that the worst

part of my life would be coming out of the closet.

Well obviously I was wrong. I finally no longer had to

answer the dreaded question “Do you have a girlfriend?”

and I was granted my gay single amnesty.

The details of my sex life scared most people and only

my closest friends were brave enough to ask me if I

were top or bottom. Everything was perfect until the

day my mother asked me again - “So are you seeing

anyone?” I started to scan through the memories of

one-night stands, fuck buddies and meaningless sex.

It made me realize that the gay scene in Berlin is no

different than the cape of the lotus-eaters Odysseus

goes to on his way back from Troy. Except for the fact

that instead of lotus flowers, people pop pills and play

with the disco snow. I know making this statement

sounds tedious, but read till the end before you call

me a conservative fanatic or brand me as boring.

You know the drill - you go to Möbel Olfe (Maybe one

of Berlin’s most popular gay bars on a Thursday night)

and you get the feeling that you just walked in one of

those new naked scanners you find at airport security.

You get so many looks that you start to wonder if you

turned into a QR code. But this is nothing new if you’re

somewhere between the ages of twenty and forty and

In Berlin there’s always a new fuck. There is

always something better waiting around the corner.

That’s why you never settle, never decide to invest

your energy in one person and keep your options

open. That’s why you actually enjoy the market

and the naked scanner in Möbel Olfe. Don’t get me

wrong - it’s not like I would never set foot in this

bar again or would have never had sexcapades.

That’s also what Steven Bereznai

( http://www.stevenbereznai.com/portfolio.html )


asks himself in his book Gay and Single... Forever?

– He defines the borderline between desperate sex

addiction and becoming a kitsch gay cliché. Actually

on a gay night out in the German capital you can

see that this is the biggest fear everyone has - being

or becoming a gay cliché. That’s why they put ironic

glasses, hats and black T-shirts with names of death

metal bands on them. The trashier they look, the

cooler they are. For tourists and newcomers it’s like

a blessing - men are hairy, musky, masculine and not

overly manicured. In other words, “Not typically gay.”

Their music taste is going beyond Madonna and Kylie

(and yet not further than Robyn); their clothing tastes

beyond Abercrombie & Fitch (but not way higher

than American Apparel); their cultural interests

beyond Sex and The City or Queer as Folk (but not

further than RuPaul’s Drag Race). Another word for

this Berlin phenomenon is rooster, or a gay hipster. If

you don’t remember what my opinion on this breed

of species is - you can refresh your memory in HONK!

#1. And yet, this so-called alternative gay scene does

nothing else, but produce a new queer stereotype.

The beard. Usually in the gay ecosystem, the beard

is solely a distinctive feature or privilege of bears.

Bears tend to have hairy bodies and facial hair; some

are heavy-set or muscular; some project an image

of working-class masculinity in their grooming and

appearance, though none of these are requirements

or unique indicators. The bear cult is very prominent

in Berlin and Germany, but recently its’ main tokens

have become a deceitful cover for roosters. Most men

with beards you see in Berlin, are gay - except for

those you see in the ethnically diverse neighborhoods,

although Allah knows I know a couple of exceptions

there too. Thick, dark, ginger, thin, salt n’ pepper -

beards are everywhere. Hairy chests, armpits and

legs might be exciting to some US tourists, but their

owners don’t keep them flourishing because they like

themselves this way or they want to make a political

statement, but because it’s IN. That goes for the

whole “hairy man” cult, the infamous Gay Boys With

Beards website etc. In the end, right after they open

their mouth, you realize those guys are nothing more

than queens with beards.

It’s not all about being gay anymore. Sometimes

the gay scene in Berlin can be tiring. You go to

Cocktail D’Amore - you see the same people you saw

at Olfe; you go to Horse Meat Disco, you see the same

people from Cocktail; you go to Pet Shop Bears, you

see the same people from HMD; and then you go to

a gallery opening – and you see all of them all over

again. Going out and cruising, the alternative gay

scene is maybe one of the most boring experiences

that the city has to offer - at least most of the time.

I’m proud of my heterosexual friends. Actually this is

one of the very rare occasions to label them as such. I

love hanging out with them, going to other clubs and

bars that are not gay oriented. Back in the 1970s men

concealed that they were gay. Over the last decade

and a half, the AIDS virus transitioned from a death

sentence to largely treatable, and the gay culture

moved from the margins closer to the mainstream.

More than 40 years later we still segregate ourselves

from the society by going to gay-only parties or by

surrounding us only with queer friends (whom we

have mostly had some kind of bodily fluid exchange

with). Sorry, but this is more than aggravating. Today

homosexuals are restlessly hiding any hint of desperation

by trying way too hard and refusing to deal with

their fear of getting out of their comfort zone.

Larry Kramer, The Pulitzer-nominated playwright,

screenwriter, author and activist has been one of

the most controversial figures in American gay life

over the past 30 years. In 2005, he published “The

Tragedy of Today’s Gays,” a transcript of a speech in

which he attacked the younger generation of gay men

for their apathy over gay causes and accused them of

condemning their “predecessors to nonexistence.”

This might be true on one level. But, as Mr. Kramer

obviously addressed in his speech, I also felt obliged

to answer that his understanding of homosexuality is

giving me rash. In a recent interview Larry addresses

the recent development of integration and acceptance

of homosexuals as follows: “I am a gay person before

I’m anything else. I’m a gay person before I’m a white

person, before I’m a Jew, before I’m a writer, before

I’m American, anything. That is my most identifying

characteristic and I don’t find many people who

would say that.” Yes, since it’s 2011 we live in and evolution

of acceptance, which is not something bad and

does not automatically mean that all gays will become

housewives, marry rich businessmen and have three

kids in suburbia. The times where homosexuality

defined men and their whole life are past.

Whereas the discussion on those identity issues

belongs to the future. This is obviously a topic that

exceeds the 1200 words frame of REVENGE OF

THE NERDS. So if you have a thought or two on the

queens with beards, I’d be more than happy to chat...

or meet for coffee: cmitov@honkmag.de





Mae West 1896-1980





to the most intere

by Ben Rodgers

Swatch FIVB World Championships

What: The countdown has started for the FIVB

Swatch Beach Volleyball World Championships

Rome 2011, where the best male and female beach

volleyball players around the world will compete

for the premier title in international beach volleyball.

The best 96 pairs – 48 in each gender – in the

world will compete for $1million in prize money

with Germany’s Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann,

and Jen Kessy and April Ross from USA the

defending men’s and women’s world champions

respectively from two years ago in Norway.

The main draw will be composed of 12 pools of four

teams competing in a robin round system before

the top two teams from each group and the eight

best third-paced teams will advance to the 32 spots

in the single-elimination phase of the competition.

Where: Rome/ Italy

When : June 13-19

More info at: www.beachvolleyroma.com


What: The 10th All-African Games will take place

on September 3–18, 2011 in Maputo, Mozambique.

Maputo’s hosting will mark only the third time the

Games will be held in the southern part of the continent.

The event will feature 23 sports ( athletics,

table tennis, gymnastics and many many more), 2

of which will also feature disabled events (athletics

and swimming). While most venues will be located

in and around Maputo, the Canoeing and Rowing

venue will be Chidenguella Lagoon, 275 km north

of the city. Sport has been very important for the

people in Africa.

Mozambique is a very beautyful country and it is

worthwhile to spend his vacation there.

Where: Maputo/ Mozambique

When: September 3-18

More info at: www.allafricagamesmaputo.com

US Open Golf

What: Golf is one of the most boring sports out



ERE and WHEN are the questions that will guide us in this issue

sting SPORTS festivals for 2011. The first one starts tomorrow,

so you better hurry up or follow it online. Bon voyage!

there. Loved by the rich and beautiful people. This

sport relies on a year-long tradition. The rules are

dusty and old. But thanks to athletes like Tiger

Woods, the sport is getting more attention. Tiger

Woods is one of the stars of this sport, he got more

attention with his private sex life then with the

sport. Let’s see how he cut in 2011 at the U.S. Open.

Where: Bethesda, Maryland/ USA

When: June 16-19

More info at: www.usopen.com

and horses participate.

Nowhere are six days of the tournament have more

visitors. Every year about 300,000 spectators to the

various events and Disciplines.

During these days you will meet all the big names

in the horse riding sports. Aachen is also one of the

most beautyful citys in Germany.

Where: Aachen/ Germany

When: July 8-17

More info at: www.chioaachen.de

World Equestrian Festival CHIO

The CHIO Aachen, the World Equestrian Festival.

Horses are very proud animals. It is a pleasure to see

these animals in action.

The ChIO Aachen is the world’s largest equestrian

event. Nowhere else will take

the five disciplines of Jumping, Dressage, Eventing,

Vaulting and carriage driving more riders, drivers

2011 World Aquatics Championships

What: The 14th Fina World Championships are

scheduled for July 16–31, 2011 in Shanghai, China

at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. The 2011

World Championships will again feature the 5

aquatics disciplines: swimming, water polo, diving,

open water, and synchronized swimming.

Aqua sport is one of the most popular sport events


in the world. It is always fun to see those good looking

athletics in action. It doesnt matter if you watch

it at hom in front of your TV or if you fly to Shanghai.

It is always very funny to watch the synchronized

swimming part.

Where: Shanghai/ China

When: July 16-31

More info at: www.shanghai-fina2011.com/en/

The 13th World Championships in


What: The world championships in Athletics is one

of the biggest sports events this year. The big event

is a special events for each athletic in the world. The

queen of the sports event for this is the 100 m sprint

final for the men. It’s very funny to see how American

sports heroes present their ego. We are now

looking forward to see how many of these athletes

are doped. The event will be held in South Korea

and is perhaps a good reason to visit the country.

Where: Daegu/ South Korea

When: August 27 - September 4

More info at: www.daegu2011.org

EuroBasket 2011

Basketball is for many people more than just sport.

It is a way of life for many. In the USA Basketball

has a great tradition and is a very popular sport.

Even in Europe, this sport is getting more popular.

Although we are laughed at Americans but yes, we

Europeans can play it too. Maybe the sport is more

for men. But the energy of the game also attracts

many women. The competition will be hosted by

Lithuania. And it is the second time that this country

is the host for this event.

It was first decided that 16 teams will participate in

Eurobasket 2011, however FIBA Europe decided on

September 5, 2010, in a meeting in Istanbul, that

there would be 24 teams in the championships.

Where: Lithuania

When: August 31 - September 18

More info at: www.eurobasket2011.org/en

surface using skates with wheels. The term “Roller

Hockey” is often used interchangeably to refer to

two variant forms chiefly differentiated by the type

of skate used. There is traditional “Roller Hockey,”

played with quad roller skates and „Inline Hockey“.

Combined, roller hockey is played in nearly 60

countries worldwide.

Where: San Juan/ Argentina

When: September 24- October 1

More info at: www.mundialsanjuan2011.com

If Stockholm Open

What: „If the Stockholm Open“ lead after the Asian

Tour following the European part of the tournament

series. The Stockholm Open is a tournament of the

ATP World Tour Category 250th The game is played

indoors on hard court, where the prize is approximately

$ 500,000. The game is played in a single

28er from a main field. All the big stars of the sport

are going to Stockholm. It is as always a great festival

of international tennis. Sweden is very a friendly

country, so it worth a trip to this event.

Where: Stockholm/ Sweden

When: October 15-23

More info at: www.ifstockholmopen.se

Niagara Falls International


What: This marathon has the most beautiful running

route of the world. The athletes have the good

fortune to practice their sport in a beautiful landscape.

The race was known as the Skylon Marathon.

Beginning during the first wave of the North American

running boom, it quickly became a favourite as

it was, and still is, the only marathon in the world

that starts in one country and finishes in another… a

destination marathon that crosses an international

border, providing the runners with an experience of

a lifetime.

Where: Niagara Falls/ Canada

When: October 23

More info at: www.niagarafallsmarathon.com

FIRS Men’s Roller Hockey World Cup

What: The FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup is a

competition also referred as the World Championship

- A between the best male national teams in

the World. It happens every two years. The Group A

contains the 16 best world teams.

Roller Hockey is a form of hockey played on a dry


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