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Christos Tsiolkas Patti Smith Ann Patchett

Archie Roach Margaret Atwood Bill Bryson

len Garner Christian White Charlotte Wood Favel Parrett Adam Spencer Tyson Yunkaporta

lare Bowditch William Dalrymple Josh Niland Peter Temple Rick Stein Tim Flannery Heather

e Chris Hammer Kitty Flanagan Thomas Mayor Matthew Evans Grantlee Kieza Elliot Perlma

Geoffrey Robertson Andrew McGahan Bri Lee Jason Chongue Roland Perry Lucy Treloar

essie Burton Zadie Smith Erin Morgenstern Heather Morris Vicki Hastrich Maxine Beneba Cla

ssie rke F Anna Krien Anna Krien Christos Tsiolkas Garry Disher Heather Rose Philip Pullma

hael Palin Julian Barnes Anna Krien Margaret Atwood Archie Roach Chris Hammer Hele

im Thomas Mayor Clare Bowditch Bill Bryson Vicki Hastrich Helen Garner Christian White

kaporta Clare Bowditch William Dalrymple Josh Niland Peter Temple Rick Stein Tim Flanne

ick Stein Favel Parrett Andrew McGahan Adam Spencer Charlotte Wood Tyson Heather

e Chris Hammer Kitty Flanagan Thomas Mayor Matthew Evans Grantlee Kieza Elliot Perlma

offrey Robertson Lucy Treloar Bri Lee Jason Chongue Roland Perry Jessie Burton Zadie Smit


Welcome to the Booksellers’

Choice Summer Guide!

We are delighted to share with you

a selection of the best books for the

season as chosen and reviewed by

Australia’s leading booksellers.

There is something to suit everyone

– new Australian and international

fiction, compelling life stories, history,

nature and science books, gorgeous

illustrated editions and a great

selection of children’s and YA reads.

Happy reading!


Christos Tsiolkas

Allen & Unwin

PB $32.99

Damascus is an

imaginative work of

soaring ambition and

achievement, immense

power and epic scope,

taking as its subject the events surrounding the

birth and establishment of the Christian church.

Based around the gospels and letters of St Paul

and some characters two generations on from

the death of Christ, Tsiolkas explores the themes

of religion, masculinity, patriarchy, colonisation,

exile and the ways in which individuals, families

and communities are united and divided.


Heather Rose

Allen & Unwin

PB $32.99

In a not-too-distant world

America has retreated from

the UN, Australia’s closest

ally is China, and Daesh’s

influence is spreading. When construction of a

high-tech bridge to the tourist island of Bruny is

bombed, Astrid Coleman agrees to investigate.

Navigating her family and the politics of the

bridge, Astrid uncovers a startling truth about the

lengths people and governments will go to for

their beliefs. From the winner of the 2017 Stella

Prize The Museum of Modern Love.

There Was

Still Love

Favel Parrett

Hachette Australia

PB $29.99

Favel Parrett’s eagerly

awaited third novel is a

mesmerising and heartwrenching

story of a family

separated by war and politics. Alternating scenes

in Melbourne and Prague capture the immigrant

experience both for those who stay behind and

those making a new life in far-away lands, and

the strength of the love that can stretch between

the two. A book that will stay with you long after

you read the last sentence.

The Wife and

the Widow

Christian White

Affirm Press

PB $32.99

Set in a coastal town in

the middle of winter,

this murder mystery is

told from two different

perspectives, Kate, the widow of the man

murdered and Abby, the wife of the man

accused of his murder. As events unfold, both

women come to realise they didn’t really know

their husbands as well as they thought they did.

Full of twists and turns like White’s The Nowhere

Child that will have you guessing right up until

the very end.

The Red Hand

Peter Temple

Text Publishing

PB $32.99

The late Peter Temple

was considered among

the very best: the first

Australian to win the

Gold Dagger and the

only crime writer to win

the Miles Franklin Literary Award. This collection

of short fiction, reviews, essays and an original

screenplay, plus most of an unfinished Jack

Irish novel, is connected by Temple’s trademark

wit, intelligence and love of Australia. An

entertaining introduction by publisher Michael

Heyward rounds out this tribute to a master.

The Weekend

Charlotte Wood

Allen & Unwin

PB $29.99

When Sylvie, the linchpin in

a group of four old friends

dies, it creates a distance

between the others, with

old secrets and resentments coming to the

surface. Jude, who ran a successful restaurant,

Wendy, a respected academic, and Adele, a

mostly unemployed actress, gather over the

Christmas weekend to clear out Sylvie’s beach

house. Often darkly funny, this is an exploration

of growing old, growing up, and what happens

when we are forced to uncover the protective

lies we tell ourselves.

The Rich

Man’s House

Andrew McGahan

Allen & Unwin

PB $32.99

A billionaire’s controversial

mansion sits atop a peak

adjacent to the Wheel, a

mountain rising 25 kilometres above the Southern

Ocean. The architect, Richard Gausse, and several

workers were killed during construction. When

Gausse’s daughter Rita accepts an invitation to the

mansion, she and the other guests find themselves

trapped in a fight for survival. The last novel by the

winner of the 2005 Miles Franklin Literary Award,

The White Earth.

Maybe the

Horse Will Talk

Elliot Perlman

Vintage Australia

PB $32.99

Everyone has problems.

Stephen Maserov has

them too; work, marriage,

money. To save it all, he will have to do things

he has never done before… This fast-paced,

laugh-out-loud, account of life in a big legal

firm is a love story, a reflection on contemporary

marriage, and further, an examination of the

greater issues that affect us in workplaces

everywhere in the twenty-first century. By the

author of Seven Types of Ambiguity and

The Street Sweeper.

The Bee and the

Orange Tree

Melissa Ashley

Affirm Press

HB $35.00

The incredible story of

the woman who invented

‘fairy tales’. In 1699 the

salons of Paris are filled

with the creative energy of fierce, independentminded

women, but the patriarchal forces of

Louis XIV and the Catholic Church are curbing

their freedoms. Three women’s illusions will be

shattered as they learn how far they will go to

preserve their liberty in a society determined to

control them. A portrait of a time, a place, and

the subversive power of the imagination.


Chris Hammer

Allen & Unwin

PB $32.99

Troubled journalist Martin

Scarsden returns to his

hometown, Port Silver,

this time with his new

partner, Mandy Blonde.

Upon arrival he learns

of the brutal murder of his best friend from his

schooldays, with Mandy becoming the prime

suspect in the murder. In his quest to pursue the

truth, Martin must overcome many obstacles to

clear his partner from the crime. The past is ever

present and this time there is no escape. From

the bestselling author of Scrublands.

Cilka’s Journey

Heather Morris


PB $32.99

In 1942, at just sixteen,

Cilka is imprisoned in

Auschwitz-Birkenau. There

she captures the eye

of the Commandant at

Birkenau, Schwarzhuber.

On eventual release, she is charged as a

collaborator and sent to the Siberian gulag.

There a female doctor takes her under her wing

and teaches her to care for patients. Heather

Morris has written an uplifting novel that

captures the kindness and love possible in even

the darkest of atrocities. From the bestselling

author of The Tattooist of Auschwitz.


Being Black ‘N

Chicken & Chips

Matt Okine

Hachette Australia

PB $29.99

Mike Amon is a teenager,

which in itself brings enough

challenges. Between first

kisses and fitting in, he doesn’t want to worry

about his mum having cancer and living with a

dad he doesn’t really know. Matt Okine, a

stand-up comedian, best known for his time as

a Triple J breakfast presenter, is able to tackle

grief, puberty and racism with a unique lightness

and humour that makes this book an emotional

and wonderful read.

Act of Grace

Anna Krien

Black Inc | PB $32.99

A brilliant meditation on fear and sacrifice,

trauma and survival, as the lives of four characters

intersect over decades – Toohey, an Australian

soldier back from Baghdad with shrapnel

in his neck and crippled by PTSD; teenager

Robbie, grappling with her father’s early onset dementia; Nasim,

an aspiring Iraqi pianist whose family falls from favour with Saddam

Hussein; and Gerry, Toohey’s son, who must find a way to heal from

a childhood of violence and damage.

Wolfe Island

Lucy Treloar

Picador Australia

PB $29.99

From the author of Salt

Creek, this is the tale of

Kitty Hawke who lives

alone on an island in the

US north-east —a witness to the island’s erosion

while clinging to the ghosts of her past. News

of mainland turmoil is distant until threats draw

closer and refugees arrive. Forced to flee for

their lives, they journey north through winter, and

Kitty must decide what she will do to protect the

people she loves.

The Old Lie

Claire G. Coleman

Hachette Australia

PB $32.99

Similar to Claire G. Coleman’s

debut book Terra Nullius, we

are presented with a familiar

Australia in an unfamiliar

way. Set in an intergalactic war between the

Federation (Earth) and the Conglomeration

(other planets), Coleman recontextualizes our

history with war and Country asking us again to

draw parallels with the experience of Indigenous

Australian’s through a sci-fi story.

Paris Savages

Katherine Johnson

Ventura Press | PB $32.99

This historical novel follows the journey of three

Badtjala people in 1882 who are taken from their

native Fraser Island to the bustle of Europe. There

they perform for people in some of the world’s

most famous cities. But when the fascination of

these foreign crowds becomes intrusive, Bonny, Dorondera and

Jurano realise that they must find a way to return home. A novel that

brings a little-known period of history to life and provides a scorching

examination of cultural injustice.

Boy Swallows Universe

Trent Dalton

4th Estate Aus | PB $19.99

Winner of the ABA Booksellers’ Choice Book of

the Year Award. A wonderful novel of love, crime,

magic, fate and coming of age, set in Brisbane’s

violent working-class suburban fringe–from one

of Australia’s most exciting new writers. Now also

available in a gorgeous gift edition, RRP$39.99*.

*while stocks last.

The Testaments

Margaret Atwood


Girl, Woman, Other

Bernardine Evaristo


Winners of the Booker Prize 2019. Margaret Atwood’s

The Testaments, the sequel to the dystopian The Handmaid’s

Tale which brings the story of Gilead to its dramatic conclusion,

and Bernardine Evaristo’s Girl, Woman, Other – a love song to

black Britain told by twelve very different women – have shared

this year’s most prestigious international literary prize.

2019 Award Winners

The Erratics

Vicki Laveau-Harvie

4th Estate Aus | PB $22.99

Winner of the 2019 Stella

Prize. When her elderly mother is

hospitalised unexpectedly, Vicki

travels to her parents’ isolated ranch

home in Alberta, Canada, to help

her father. She has been estranged

from her parents for many years and

is horrified by what she discovers on

her arrival.

Too Much Lip

Melissa Lucashenko

UQP | PB $29.95

Winner of the 2019 Miles

Franklin Literary Award.

Wise-cracking Kerry Salter has

spent a lifetime avoiding two things

– her hometown and prison. But

now her Pop is dying and she’s an

inch away from the lockup, so she

heads south on a stolen Harley.


International FICTION


The Dutch House

Ann Patchett


PB $29.99

In 1945, real-estate

developer Cyril Conroy

purchases the Dutch

House in Elkins Park,

outside Philadelphia, and

presents it, complete

with life-size portraits of the original owners

and a servant girl called Fluffy, to his wife. She

is appalled and runs away to serve the poor,

abandoning her 10-year-old daughter, Maeve,

and three-year-old son, Danny. Patchett excels at

portraying the intricacies of family life in this story

spanning three generations.

The Confession

Jessie Burton


PB $29.99

In 1980, nineteen-yearold

Elise meets and falls

in love with an older

woman Connie during

a chance encounter on

Hampstead Heath. In 2017, thirty something

Rose is searching for her identity and the

mother she has never met. This beautiful

and engrossing read moves backwards and

forwards seamlessly between the 1980s and the

present time telling the stories of these three

women, and exploring themes of motherhood,

loss, creativity and friendship.


Emma Donoghue


PB $29.99

A retired Professor’s

life is thrown into chaos

when he is given the

responsibility of caring for

his young grand-nephew,

just before a planned trip

to the French Riviera. He hopes to unravel the

mystery of his mother’s wartime years, armed

only with a handful of puzzling photographs.

Encumbered with his young charge and adrift in

the city of Nice, this heart-warming and touching

tale shows how secrets drive families apart, but

ultimately it’s about the ties that bind us together.

The Night Fire

Michael Connelly

A&U Connelly

PB $32.99

Harry Bosch’s mentor,

John Jack Thompson, is

dead. A murder book he

inherits leads Bosch and

Renée Ballard to take up

the unsolved killing of a

young man in an alley known for drug dealing.

As they dig into the case that preyed on John

Jack’s mind, the question arises: did he take the

book to pursue the case… or bury it? Another

vintage Harry Bosch thriller for all the Michael

Connelly’s fans out there.

In Darkness


Tony Jones

Allen & Unwin

PB $32.99

In this classy political

thriller, Tony Jones deftly

blurs the line between

fiction and history. Set

between Sydney and the Balkans in 2005, it is the

story of betrayal and revenge, and of the pursuit

of justice in the murky and dangerous worlds

of international secret agencies. It is also an

exploration of the intrigues and intricacies of the

human heart, and the extent in which we strive

for justice and love.

The Siberian


Martin Cruz Smith

Simon & Schuster

UK | PB $32.99

This Arkady Renko novel

follows the Russian

investigator’s search

for his part-time lover,

journalist Tatiana Petrovna, after she fails to

return from an assignment. What follows is a

nosedive into Russia’s corrupt politics, and an icy

land where trouble lurks around every corner, as

Renko scours Siberia for the missing journalist.

The ninth book in the bestselling thriller series

which started with Gorky Park.


Salman Rushdie

Jonathan Cape

PB $32.99

In a modern masterpiece

about the quest for love

and family, Rushdie has

created a dazzling Don

Quixote for the modern

age. Mediocre writer

Sam DuChamp creates Quichotte who falls for

a TV star and sets off on a picaresque quest in a

wickedly entertaining portrait of a time when fact

is so often indiscernible from fiction.

The World That

We Knew

Alice Hoffman

Simon & Schuster

UK | PB $32.99

Berlin 1941, and Hanni

Kohn is desperate to

get her twelve-year-old

daughter Lea out of

Germany even though she must stay with her

elderly mother. Hanni enlists the help of the

rabbi’s daughter, Ettie, who creates a golem to

lead them both to a place of safety. Hoffman

employs her signature use of magic realism to

lead readers through this dark time in history

to explore themes of good and evil and love

and loyalty.

The Starless Sea

Erin Morgenstern

Harvill Secker

PB $32.99

Zachary Rawlins stumbles

across a strange book

hidden in his university

library, which leads him

on a quest unlike any

other. Its pages entrance

him with their tales of lovelorn prisoners, lost cities

and nameless acolytes, combining strangely with

recollections from his own childhood. Determined

to solve the puzzle of the book, Zachary follows

the clues only to uncover a subterranean labyrinth

filled with stories hidden far beneath the surface

of the earth.


Garry Disher

Text Publishing

PB $29.99

You can feel the heat

radiating off the pages

as the events of this

compelling mystery

unfold. Disher, the

master of ‘rural noir’, has created yet another

memorable character in the form of Constable

Paul Hirschhausen, who runs a one-man police

station in a rural farming community in South

Australia. If you are a fan of Jane Harper, you

definitely need be introduced to the works of

Garry Disher and this is a great place to start.

Agent Running

in the Field

John le Carré


PB $32.99

Ed is an introverted

and solitary figure

who is angered by the

contemporary politics

of London in 2018. However, in his attempts to

resist the escalating political climate around

him he makes some decisions that prove to be

very dangerous indeed. Fast paced and darkly

humorous, this latest offering by the master of

the espionage thriller is a story for our times.

Darkness for Light

Emma Viskic


PB $29.99

December release

The third thrilling

instalment in the awardwinning

Caleb Zelic

series. After heartbreak

and trauma, Caleb, profoundly deaf since early

childhood, is beginning to rebuild his life. But

people in power have other ideas. Caleb’s

double-crossing business partner, Frankie, has

something they want, and they are after Caleb to

get it. On the hunt for Frankie and information,

Caleb is drawn into a world of high-level

corruption and dark political deals.


The Eighth Life

Nino Haratischvili

Scribe | PB $35.00

At the start of the

twentieth century, on

the edge of the Russian

Empire, a family prospers.

It owes its success to

a delicious chocolate

recipe, passed down the generations with

great solemnity and caution. A caution which is

justified – this is a recipe for ecstasy that carries

a very bitter aftertaste. This epic saga takes us

from before the Russian Revolution to after the

fall of the Soviet Union, focusing on several

generations of damaged women.

The Secret Commonwealth

Philip Pullman

David Fickling Books | PB $32.99

This much anticipated second book in The Book

of Dust trilogy is set twenty years after the events

of La Belle Sauvage, and roughly ten years after

the events of the His Dark Materials trilogy. Lyra is

now a twenty-year-old undergraduate travelling to

Central Asia with Malcolm in search of a town said to

be haunted by demons. Another breathtaking read

from a master storyteller.

After the Flood

Kassandra Montag

4th Estate Aus

PB $32.99

The polar caps have

melted, deluging the world

and dislocating billions.

Myra and her daughter

Pearl live aboard their boat

the Bird, fishing and trading with those that

live on the mountain peaks remaining above

water. It is a violent, lawless world plagued with

piracy and deceit. When Myra learns her oldest

daughter, Row, is still alive, a mothers’ fury finds

its focus. A debut novel of epic imagination,

After the Flood signals the arrival of an

extraordinary new talent.

Imaginary Friend

Stephen Chbosky

Orion | PB $32.99

Seven-year-old Christopher

has a learning disability

and one day disappears

into the woods. He

returns six days later with

no memory of what has happened, and his

disability mysteriously gone. Then Christopher

begins to hear a voice and experiences strange

revelations, while the local community is stricken

with a strange sickness. Everyone Christopher

loves is imperilled, and he must face the darkest

of his fears to save them and find redemption.

Grand Union

Zadie Smith

Hamish Hamilton | PB $32.99

In this kaleidoscopic story collection, Zadie Smith

takes on the weirdness of our contemporary world

with infectious lyricism and intensity. There are stories

about drug abuse, race relations, gender identity

and our capacity for a seemingly endless array of

sexual proclivities and encounters. Smith’s writing

alarms, shocks and delights in equal measure.

The Overstory

Richard Powers

Vintage | PB $19.99

Moving through America’s history and its

landscape, this is a wondrous, exhilarating novel

about nine strangers each summoned in different

ways by the natural world and brought together

in a last stand to save it from catastrophe.

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2019.

The Death of Jesus

J.M. Coetzee

Text Publishing | HB $29.99

The final book in the trilogy sees David as a tall

ten-year-old and a natural at soccer. He still asks

lots of questions, refuses to do sums, and will not

read any books except Don Quixote. Coetzee

continues to explore the meaning of a world empty

of memory but brimming with questions.

Books marked with this symbol are available in Bolinda audio edition.

Olive, Again

Elizabeth Strout

Viking | PB $29.99

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of

Olive Kitteridge, Elizabeth Strout, Olive, Again

follows the story of Olive as she grows older,

navigating the second half of her life and coming

to terms with the changes – sometimes welcome,

sometimes not – in her own existence and in

those around her.


Edna O’Brien

Faber | PB $29.99

In Edna O’Brien’s new book, we are transported

to the life of a young girl who has been

abducted by Boko Haram jihadis. When offered

a means of escape, she grabs it, only to find

herself in a society blinkered by denial. This is

a story of extreme courage, and how to find

meaning in a world consumed by madness.




Tell Me Why

Archie Roach

Simon & Schuster

AUS | HB $49.99

Archie Roach took

almost a lifetime to find

out who he really was.

In this intimate and

moving memoir, Roach’s

story is an extraordinary odyssey through love

and heartbreak, family and community, survival

and renewal and the healing power of music.

Overcoming enormous odds to find his story and

his people, Roach voices the joy, pain and hope

he found on his path through song to become

the legendary singer-songwriter and storyteller

that he is today.

The Accidental

Tour Guide

Mary Moody

Simon & Schuster

AUS | PB $35.00

Mary Moody has

designed and lead

a full and busy life;

journalist, author,

presenter, gardener, wife, mother. Along the

way she inspired many with her bestselling

memoirs including Au Revoir and Last Tango

in Toulouse. Five years ago, Mary’s life was

turned upside down when her beloved

husband passed away. Mary’s story of what

comes next is full of honesty and inspiration,

a third act in an extraordinary story.

Tea and Scotch

with Bradman

Roland Perry


HB $39.99

For many years, Roland

Perry regularly met with

Don Bradman to discuss

his career and life, and

in 2014 published his definitive biography on

the great sportsman. This companion volume

reveals the man behind the myth, what made

him tick, who and what inspired him, his

great sense of humour – and his affection for

tea and Scotch. An intimate portrait of the

man many regard as the greatest Australian

cricketer of all time.

Penny Wong

Margaret Simons

Black Inc

PB $34.99

Penny Wong is one of

Australia’s first openly

gay politicians and

one of the few Senate

representations of

Asian Australians. She

is highly respected by her staff, the public and

by people from opposing political parties. But

she is also intensely private and seldom gives

interviews. This biography is a rare insight

into a person who faced marginalisation and

bullying but fought to have her voice, and

others like it, heard.

Tall Tales and

Wee Stories

Billy Connolly

Two Roads

HB $45.00

When he announced his

retirement in December

2018, Billy Connolly had

had a fifty-year career

as one of the world’s most famous comedians.

This book brings together some of the very best

of Billy’s stories and monologues and reveals his

true talent in the craft of storytelling, pointing out

the absurd, and exposing the hypocrisy of human

endeavours, and all with his inimitable voice and

sense of humanity.

The Man in the

Red Coat

Julian Barnes

Jonathan Cape

HB $39.99

The Man Booker Prizewinning

author of The

Sense of an Ending takes us on a rich, witty

tour of Belle Epoque Paris, via the life story

of the pioneering surgeon Samuel Pozzi – a

rational and scientific man with a famously

complicated private life. A fresh and original

portrait of the Belle Epoque, its heroes and

villains, writers, artists and thinkers, and a life

of a man ahead of his time.


Derek Rielly



HB $29.99

Fifty years ago, Yolngu

man David Gulpilil, a

sixteen-year-old dancer,

appeared in the film

Walkabout, forever changing Australia’s

relationship with Indigenous Australia.

Balancing a subsequent roll call of influential

film appearances with his ancient and remote

Arnhem cultural heritage often sat uneasily.

Derek Rielly, author of Wednesdays with Bob

offers a beguiling portrait of the enigmatic

David Gulpilil.



Helen Garner

Text Publishing

HB $29.99

Helen Garner has kept

a diary for almost all

her life, which until

now have been locked

away, out of bounds in

a laundry cupboard. Now, Garner has opened

her diaries and invited her readers into the

world behind her novels and works of nonfiction.

Recorded with frankness, humour and

steel-sharp wit, these accounts of her everyday

life provide an intimate insight into the work of

one of Australia’s greatest living writers.

Buckley’s Chance

Garry Linnell

Michael Joseph

PB $34.99

A surviving soldier from

Napoleon’s army William

Buckley escaped the gallows

for convict chains and

on arriving in Australia took his chances again.

Adopted by an Aboriginal tribe he was initiated

into their rich and complex culture to famously

emerge 32 years later carrying a spear and no

longer speaking the English language. Mythical,

due to the famous phrase about chances, this is

his fascinating story.

Bob Hawke

Blanche d’Alpuget

Simon & Schuster

AUS | HB $59.99

D’Alpuget presents a

definitive biography of

Bob Hawke, detailing

his life after the prime

ministership, alongside

never-before-published photos. This is

combined with updated and revised editions

of her award-winning book from 1982, Robert

J. Hawke: A Biography, and her 2010 Hawke:

The Prime Minister, bringing these works

together for the first time.

Your Own

Kind of Girl

Clare Bowditch

Allen & Unwin

PB $29.99

ARIA Award-winning

singer and actress Clare

Bowditch confronts her

inner critic in this noholds-barred

memoir. She reveals a childhood

punctuated by grief, anxiety and compulsion,

and tells how these forces shaped her life for

better and for worse. This is a heartbreaking,

wise and at times playful book, a reminder that

even on the darkest of nights, victory is closer

than it seems.

The Education

of an Idealist

Samantha Power

William Collins UK

PB $32.99

Samantha Power is a

former US Ambassador

to the United Nations, the

youngest person to ever

hold that position. She began her illustrious career

as a war correspondent covering the Yugoslav

Wars, before becoming an activist, academic,

presidential advisor, and Pulitzer Prize-winning

author. Power reflects on the forces that have

shaped her both personally and professionally,

saying that, “...even in troubled times, we can

each do our part to shape a more humane future.”

Finding the Heart of the Nation

Thomas Mayor

Hardie Grant | HB $39.99

The Devil’s Grip

Neal Drinnan

Simon & Schuster AUS | PB $32.99


Elton John


HB $44.99

Face It

Debbie Harry

HarperCollins UK

HB $45.00


Holly George-Warren

Simon & Schuster UK

PB $32.99

After the Uluru Statement from the Heart was

formed in May 2017 signatory and campaigner

Thomas Mayor travelled with the sacred canvas to

communities across Australia. This special book

details his journey and through 20 key interviews makes clear what the

Uluru Statement is and why it is so important. The book is his gift to the

campaign for Voice, Treaty and Truth and like the Uluru Statement he

hopes that all Australians will accept it.

The Western District was one of the wealthiest

regions on earth at one time, with wool incomes

making it the seat of power in Australia. The

Wettenhall family were world renown for their

sheep but met with generational tragedy in a

gruesome triple murder in 1992. Neil Drinnan

tells the story of the incident with a depth of

insight that recalls Truman Capote’s best, examining rural life, cultural

shame, and the corrosive effects of secrets held in fear and repression.

Long awaited and eagerly

anticipated this is Elton

John’s no-holds-barred

own account of his

amazing life. No one is more grateful than

Elton for all he has achieved and experienced,

and true to his living legend stature this is

a heartfelt, funny, outrageous and openly

humble memoir. Beautifully written and full

of Elton’s music, relationships, passions and

mistakes, this is a story that will stay with you.

Deborah Harry is arguably

the coolest female rock

star ever. This is a visceral

mix of soulful storytelling

and stunning visuals that

include never-before seen photographs, bespoke

illustrations and highlights from Deborah’s private

collection. Add to that the grit, grime, and glory

of downtown 1970’s New York recounted in

intimate detail; Face It delivers a truly prismatic

portrait well beyond the standard music memoir.

Janis Joplin was a white girl

from Texas who didn’t fit the

mould in her conservative

oil town. Artistic by nature,

her passion and perfectionism honed one of

rock history’s great voices. She was provocative,

pushing gender boundaries and women’s place in

rock and roll, and her tragic death robbed us too

soon of an artist in ascension.

Sand Talk: How Indigenous

Thinking Can Save the World

Tyson Yunkaporta

Text Publishing | PB $32.99

Tyson Yunkaporta’s Sand Talk is an indigenous

interpretation of our world that sees the patterns

of creation as central to understanding our place in

nature. Nature, Yunkaporta says, is not something

separate from us, and that construct trades away our connection and

responsibility to the earth. We must learn to live in proper relation to the

planet if we are to escape the idea of saving the environment, in order to

embrace our part in this system and ultimately save ourselves.

Life: Selected Writings

Tim Flannery

Text Publishing | HB $39.99

By the 2007 Australian of the Year,

palaeontologist, explorer and conservationist,

Tim Flannery, Life: Selected Writing is his

definitive collection of work bringing together

thirty years of essays, speeches and writings as

one of the world’s greatest thinkers and environmental scientists.

The perfect book to read as we reflect on society’s past mistakes,

and work towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Year of the Monkey

Patti Smith

Bloomsbury | HB $29.99

From the celebrated performer, artist and

award-winning author of Just Kids and M Train,

this is a profound, beautifully realised memoir of

one transformative year. For Patti Smith, writing the

year evolves as one of reckoning with the changes

in life: with loss, aging, and a dramatic shift in the

political landscape of America. Illustrated with Smith’s

signature Polaroids, this is a moving and original work.

Also available is Just Kids Illustrated, RRP $59.99.

Acid for the Children


Headline | PB $32.99

Michael Peter Balzary, better known as Flea,

was born in Melbourne but as a kid moved to

the USA. When his parents split, Flea and his

sister moved in with their mother’s jazz musician

boyfriend, and a life of music, booze and drugs

revealed itself. At Fairfax High School in LA, Flea

fell in with Anthony Kiedis, a friendship that launched the Red Hot

Chili Peppers. This is a coming of age story of one of rock’s finest bass

players, and a tribute to the redemptive power of music.





The Anarchy

William Dalrymple


HB $29.99

In August 1765, the

East India Company

defeated the young

Mughal emperor and

forced him to set up a

new government run by English traders. The

Anarchy, the latest book by bestselling historian

William Dalrymple, tells the story of how one of

the world’s most magnificent empires came to

be ruled by an aggressive colonial power in the

guise of a multinational corporation.


Soldiers Lie

Ian McPhedran


HB $39.99

Over thirty-five

thousand Australian

soldiers and airmen are

still listed as Missing

in Action from the wars of the 20th Century.

This book tells the powerful, moving and

compelling story of the determination and

skills of the searchers who apply painstaking

detective work, exacting forensic analysis and

cutting-edge science to uncover and identify

the remains of these Australian soldiers, and

bring their remains home.

Convict Colony

David Hill

Allen & Unwin

PB $32.99

Late in the 18th century,

the New World was

littered with the remains

of failed colonies, and

Sydney very nearly joined

them. It was only through a combination of

good leaders, good timing and most of all

good luck, that the fledgling colony survived at

all. Master historian David Hill, author of 1788:

The Brutal Truth of the First Fleet, recounts

the first three decades of white settlement in

Australia in a fresh and compelling way.

Nothing New

Robyn Annear

Text Publishing

HB $29.99

Robyn Annear bring us a

treasure trove of stories

about the long lives of

material objects. Our

present-day fixation on

new things is an aberration, as everyday things

from clothing to cookware to machines have

historically been passed down or sold on to

live multiple lives, often with multiple owners.

Those objects hold memory from which history

can be read, unlike the disposable products we

consume today.

Against All Odds

Richard Harris and

Craig Challen


PB $34.99

This is the definitive

account of the Thai

cave rescue – the rescue

mission that captured the

world’s attention – and of the two Australian’s

that made its success possible. This is a story

of determination, cunning and triumph, and

a hopeful reminder that people around the

world can put aside their differences and unite

together for the greater good.

The Golden Era

Rod Laver with

Larry Writer

Allen & Unwin

HB $39.99

This book is Rod Laver’s

personal story of the

1950s to the 1970s when

Australia dominated

world tennis. As the greatest of this time, he

shares eyewitness accounts of the action on

and off court. It was a time of great tennis and

sportsmanship. The book includes interviews

with many big names from the tennis world

including Frank Sedgman, Ken Rosewall, the

late Lew Hoad, Neale Fraser, Mal Anderson,

Ashley Cooper, Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle,

John Newcombe and Margaret Court.

Who Owns


Geoffrey Robertson

Knopf Australia

HB $39.99

Geoffrey Robertson

turns his formidable

intellect to the question

of repatriation of cultural

artefacts such as the ‘Elgin’ Marbles, sold by

Lord Elgin to the British government in the early

19th century. The marble statues were taken

from the Parthenon, and argument is they should

be returned. Robertson sees this as a project

that must sweep the world, as cultural heritage

belongs to those whose history it is a material

part of, not those who steal or purchase it.

The Lost Boys

Paul Byrnes

Affirm Press

HB $45.00

This stunning book

takes a unique

perspective on the

First World War,

when thousands of boys across Australia and

New Zealand lied about their age and forged

their parents’ signatures in order to fight on the

other side of the world. Featuring previously

untold stories of forty Anzac boys as well as

beautiful, haunting images taken at training

camps and behind the lines, this is military

history made deeply personal.

The End is

Always Near

Dan Carlin

William Collins UK

PB $34.99

Dan Carlin, creator

of the popular


podcast Hardcore

History is known as the ‘king of long-form

podcasting’ so it’s no surprise that his first

book is also just as detailed and entertaining

as his previous projects. Carlin takes us

through all the times in history when the end

was nigh and asks how they shaped us as

humans and what we can expect from future

world-ending catastrophes to come.

Please, Gamble


Titus O’Reily

Michael Joseph

PB $34.99

Australia sits at the top of

the world when it comes

to gambling but doing

so wasn’t always as easy

as it is today. This light-hearted book documents

the rise, fall, and rise again of sports gambling in

Australia. It traces the history of this thoroughly

Aussie pastime with humour and examines

how its legalisation and commercialisation now

threatens the integrity of sport.

Night Fishing

Vicki Hastrich

Allen & Unwin

PB $29.99

A beautifully crafted and

profoundly captivating

memoir from a writer

truly at the top of her

game. Hastrich deftly

fuses her intimate, loving knowledge of a tiny

arena of Australia’s natural world with the grand

influence of ideas from throughout civilisation–

from the baroque to the American Western,

and artists as diverse as Zane Grey, Tiepolo and

Goya–to create a singularly original and deeply

pleasurable collection.

The Sydney

Hobart Yacht Race

Rob Mundle


HB $49.99

December release

Rob Mundle is a

chronicler of Australia’s

obsession with the sea, and those who sail

upon it. This iconic race is now in its 75th year

and Rob has given us a detailed history right

from the very first meeting. There are dramatic

photographs and knowledgeable commentary

on both the big and small players and the highs

and the lows, including the terrible year of 1998,

the year of the Fatal Storm.


Grantlee Kieza

ABC | HB $39.99

Lachlan Macquarie is credited with shaping

Australia’s destiny, transforming the harsh

foreboding penal colony of New Holland into an

agricultural powerhouse and a prosperous society.

But was he the man who sowed the seeds of a

great nation, or a tyrant who dispossessed the

original landowners? Grantlee Kieza draws on Macquarie’s rich and

detailed journals to create a lively and engaging portrait.

Voices of History: Speeches that

Changed the World

Simon Sebag Montefiore

W&N | HB $35.00

Perfectly curated by acclaimed historian

Simon Sebag Montefiore, this eclectic collection

of speeches spans centuries, continents and

cultures. This new edition of the entertaining

book will take you on a journey from ancient times to the twentyfirst

century–from Cleopatra to Michelle Obama, Genghis Khan to

Bob Dylan. All seventy speeches are essential reading.

The Saturday Portraits

Maxine Beneba Clarke

Hachette Australia

PB $34.99

Maxine Beneba Clarke has been writing for

Australia’s newest newspaper, The Saturday

Paper, since 2014. In that time, she has

watched porn star Buck Angel striptease,

emailed with the Obamas and interviewed

Hugh Jackman for a “strict 9 minutes”.

This collection brings together every article she has written

with her observant eye and direct wit.

This is What A Feminist Looks Like

Emily Maguire

National Library of Australia

PB $29.99

For over a century, women have been fighting for

feminism, but much of it, especially the Australian

movements, remain untaught in schools. Emily

Maguire brings to light the history and future

of feminism in Australia, from First Wave to #metoo, through the

impacts it has on women in politics, work, home, the body and the

public space. With pictures, vintage ads and factsheets, this book is

as educational as it is inspiring.


The Dambusters Story 1943

Max Hastings

William Collins UK | PB $34.99

Like many of us, renowned journalist and author

Max Hastings grew up enthralled by the heroic

events of Operation Chastise, the 1943 attack

on the three dams in Nazi Germany with Barnes

Wallis’ bouncing bomb as depicted in the 1955

movie The Dam Busters. In his latest book he delves into the stories

behind these events with moving portraits of the young airmen and

looking at the raids as part of the bigger picture of World War II.

James Cook

Peter FitzSimons

Hachette Australia | HB $49.99

From a Yorkshire farm boy to becoming the foremost

mariner, scientist, navigator and cartographer

of his era, Captain James Cook is one of the

most recognisable figures in Australian history.

Now, 240 years after James Cook’s death, Peter

FitzSimons brings the real James Cook to life, by focusing on his most

iconic expedition, the voyage of the Endeavour. Through his strengths,

weaknesses, passions and pursuits, failures and successes, FitzSimons

reveals the real James Cook.

The Truth Will Set You Free,

But First It Will Piss You Off!

Gloria Steinem

Murdoch Books

HB $24.99

As an activist for the American feminist movement

from the late 60s up until now, Steinem has a

lifetime’s worth of inspiring and memorable

quotes. Categorised into chapters on family, growing up, adversaries

and revolutions, her quotes are beautifully illustrated and compiled

into the perfect gift book.


Bri Lee

Allen & Unwin

PB $19.99

Bri Lee’s debut book Eggshell Skull was

immensely successful, but in the midst of her book

launch and the glamourous photoshoots and tours

that came with it, Lee struggled with the pressure

of perfectionism. Beauty is about how we are constantly surrounded by

media and culture promoting unattainable ideals of thinness and beauty.

An important read, especially in the age of social media.





Planet Earth

Bob Brown

Hardie Grant

HB $29.99

For many decades

Bob Brown, doctor,

former leader of the

Greens, and ecological

warrior has been warning the Australian people

about the dangers of unfettered development

and the threat of climate change. This beautifully

illustrated book is a collection of his thoughts

and quotes. Knowledgeable, meditative but

above all inspirational, it is a book to treasure

from one of our most esteemed leaders.



David J. Mabberley



HB $89.99

Renowned author and

botanist David Mabberley’s latest book explores

and analyses the motives and complex networks

that led to the international spread of knowledge

and cultivation of hundreds of Australian plants

in Europe in the late eighteenth and early

nineteenth centuries. Illustrated throughout with

many never-before published images, Botanical

Revelation perfectly marries a history of science

and a love of botanical art.


Dr Anne Unkenstein

Allen & Unwin

PB $29.99

This very useful

and practical

book from clinical


Dr Anne Unkenstein,

explains how memory

works and changes that can occur as we get

older. It explains the sort of health, attitude and

lifestyle factors that can lead to fluctuation in

memory and provides practical tips to minimise

their effects on memory. Become more skilled in

managing memory and more confident to get

the most out of your memory’s ability.

The Commons

Matthew Evans

Hardie Grant

HB $60.00

In The Commons, a

book inspired by the

SBS television series

Gourmet Farmer,

Matthew Evans

captures Fat Pig

Farm’s year of growing, cooking and feasting. Part

how-to, part evocative diary, part cookbook, this

book is also for all those who just want to dream

the dream without leaving home. Features over

100 beautiful recipes focusing on vegetables and

ethically sourced meat.

Rick Stein’s

Secret France

Rick Stein

BBC Books

HB $49.99

Twenty years after

French Odyssey,

Rick Stein returns to

his beloved France

to explore further the cuisine he likes most.

Going off the beaten track, he meanders

through hidden towns and sleepy villages –

from Normandy to rural Provence – to brings

us a collection of 120 brand new recipes of

true, rustic French cooking – vibrant, fresh and

uncomplicated, in a stunningly illustrated volume.

Week Light

Donna Hay

4th Estate Aus

PB $45.00

With the focus

on flavour and

simplicity, Week

Light brings you

an abundance of

family-friendly, vegetable-based recipes. Donna

Hay has reworked some of her all-time classics

to give you a new way of looking at vegetables.

Including such treats as a pizza base or flat bread

made from broccoli, super-green oven-baked

falafels, and a crunchy raw Pad Thai.

Bird Bonds

Gisela Kaplan



PB $34.99

A fascinating and

exhaustively researched

look into the world of

Australia’s native birds.

Bird Bonds describes Australia’s important gift

as the cradle of the world’s modern songbird,

setting the scene to explore the complex

relationships that co-operative and intelligent

birds have evolved to increase life expectancy

and offspring survival. Ultimately Bird Bonds

shows how humans and birds may be more

alike in attachment and mating behaviour

than we think.

The World

at Night

Babak Tafreshi

Quarto UK

HB $55.00

Celebrating the

splendour of the sky

at night, this well

curated book brings together the images of

over 40 photographers across 25 countries.

Be astounded by the lights of the night sky in

some of the darkest places on earth. Through

these photos you will discover the beauty of

galaxies, planets and stars, view great celestial

events, and see some of the world’s most

important landmarks against the backdrop of

incredible nightscapes.

The Best

Australian Science

Writing 2019

Bianca Nogrady (ed.)



PB $29.99

What is important to

the world in 2019? The

Best Australian Science Writing is back and is

again tackling our questions, anxieties and hope

for this modern age. With articles written by

Australia’s leading scientists ranging from golf

balls on the moon to life after death, Australia’s

weight problem, invisible diseases, climate

change and much more. These are fun and

thought-provoking essays to better understand

the world today.


Persian Food

and Memories



Hardie Grant

HB $60.00

Manuela Darling-

Gansser left Iran

when she was nine, then returned as an adult

to reconnect with the country she remembered

so fondly. This book is a celebration of that

journey in a compilation of memories, stories

and beautiful recipes that underline the depth

and broad appeal of the fascinating Persian food

culture, with an emphasis on local ingredients,

healthy vegetable dishes, and flourishing food

markets. Pardiz, above all, celebrates the joy of

the shared table.

The Whole

Fish Cookbook

Josh Niland

Hardie Grant

HB $55.00

Since opening his first

seafood restaurant

in 2015, Josh Niland

has won numerous

awards for his approach to using the whole fish.

Featuring more than 60 recipes, The Whole

Fish Cookbook uncovers Niland’s philosophy.

From sourcing and butchering to dry ageing

and curing, the book challenges everything we

thought we knew about the subject to reveal an

amazing, complex source of protein that should

be treated with the same nose-to-tail reverence

as meat.

Just Desserts

Charlotte Ree


PB $29.99

The perfect gift for

anyone who loves

baking and making

sweet treats look pretty.

This pocketsize book

contains 30 delicious

recipes for slices, cookies, cakes and desserts,

including a decadent lemon sponge, the lightest,

fluffiest vanilla chiffon cake, and madeleines that

would make Proust swoon! Charlotte combines

classic techniques and flavours with the showstopping

decorating tips that have made her

such an Instagram sensation.

The Body

Bill Bryson

Doubleday | HB $49.99

Bill Bryson, bestselling author of A Short History of

Nearly Everything, now turns his attention to the

human body, how it functions and its remarkable

ability to heal itself. Full of extraordinary facts

and astonishing stories, The Body: A Guide for

Occupants is a brilliant, often funny attempt

to understand the miracle of our physical and

neurological make up. A must-have for fans of Bryson and popular science.

Adam Spencer’s Numberland

Adam Spencer

Brio | PB $34.99

Ever wondered what numbers have to do with

everything from outer space to twins or chess? How

does GPS work? Can honey-bees really count? Adam

Spencer, bestselling author of The Number Games

and Top 100, delights us with the figures behind the

facts. He brings to life the magic of numbers with engaging humour that

will suit all ages. This fully illustrated title will spark your curiosity and have

you flicking through the pages.

Cosmic Chronicles:

A User’s Guide to the Universe

Fred Watson


Trying to explain the universe in 20 chapters is

no easy feat, but if anyone could, it would be

Australia’s Chief Astronomer Fred Watson. In a

clear and conversational style, Watson takes even

the most complex questions about dark matter,

off-planet economics and black holes, to name a few, and makes them

accessible and interesting for everyone.

Dr Karl’s Random Road Trip

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

ABC | PB $35.00

Dr. Karl’s 45th book is a hilarious, full colour

adventure, taking you on an exciting and

interesting ride through the world of science.

Australia’s favourite science guru will answer

all the questions you’ve been dying to have

answered – and many that you didn’t even know you needed the answers

to! Why do wombats poo cubes? Why does spaghetti always break into

three pieces? Plus, a whole lot more.

Indoor Jungle

Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan

Smith Street Books | HB $49.99

From the authors of Leaf Supply comes a new,

wonderfully photographed guide to creating indoor

spaces that are alive with artful greenery. Plants are

beautiful works of art that complete any interior and have undeniable

benefits for our health and wellbeing. This book is your perfect excuse

to dive right into creating your own indoor jungle.

The Land Gardeners: Cut Flowers

Bridget Elworthy and

Henrietta Courtauld

Thames & Hudson Aus | HB $80.00

Oxfordshire’s Wardington Manor is home to the

Land Gardeners, creators of productive gardens

and the tradition of working with the land to produce amazing, beautiful

blooms. This gorgeously photographed book lets you in on the secrets

to ensure your garden’s health can provide you with seasonal blooms

that are just as enchanting. Not only is it a visual feast, but the practical

guidance will help with your own garden success.


Jason Chongue


Hardie Grant | PB $32.99

December release

Jason Chongue is the founder of The Plant Society,

a Melbourne-based studio focusing on designing

with plants in small urban areas. In Green he shows

us how to curate and look after plants in variety of environments and

climates – from balconies, porches, courtyards and small backyards to

entryways, offices and living spaces.

The Edible Garden

Paul West

Plum | PB $39.99

Equal parts practical and inspirational, this is simply a

terrific book by chef, gardener and presenter of the

River Cottage Australia TV series, Paul West! Part one

is a practical guide to backyard edible gardening–

from setting up to an A-Z edible planting guide. Also includes an extensive

selection of great recipes and even a section on building communities

around helping and sharing in food production. West’s first book is a keeper.




ART, DESIGN, Illustrated

488 Rules for Life

Kitty Flanagan

Allen & Unwin

PB $29.99

Kitty Flanagan has written

a manual for human

bitterness, based on

common sense and her

capacity to always be

right about everything.

It’s a good thing too. We need less middleaged

men with ponytails, people should be in

single file on an escalator, and banana should

never make it into the salad. Kitty makes gentle

mockery of Jordan Peterson by being both funny

and true.

Fucking Good


Simon Griffin

Icon Books

HB $19.99

Among today’s busyness

and confusion, it seems

we’ve forgotten a few of

the basics in life, like the

ability to treat one another with respect, dignity

and good manners. Simon Griffin, author of

Fucking Apostrophes, imparts rules and advice

for living life in a way that makes it just a bit

better for everyone. With some liberal use of

rude words thrown in to emphasise the point.

Find Your Sparkle

Meredith Gaston

Hardie Grant

HB $29.99

The latest book from

Meredith Gaston is as

beautiful and enchanting

as her previous

bestsellers. Meredith’s delightful and thoughtful

words encourage us to explore, nurture and

nourish our inner sparkle and her whimsical

watercolour illustrations inspire us to colour

our lives with wonder, gratitude and peace.

The Power Age

Kelly Doust

Murdoch Books

HB $39.99

Not interested in or

willing to sit back and

become invisible? Take

inspiration from dozens

of interviews and words of wisdom from

women working their power age, including

former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen

Clark, designer Leona Edmiston and food

legend Maggie Beer, as well as exquisite

illustrations and photographs of outstanding

(older!) icons. Embrace your inner greatness,

no matter what your vintage.

For Small Creatures

Such As We

Sasha Sagan

Murdoch Books

PB $29.99

As the daughter of writer

and producer, Ann Druyan

and astronomer, Carl

Sagan, Sacha Sagan had a secular upbringing.

After her own daughter was born, Sasha decided

to explore celebrations and create her own

rituals. Part biography, guidebook and history

lesson, this book explores the meanings and

history of things such as birthdays, births, deaths

and other celebrations, for someone who isn’t

necessarily of a particular religion.

Me Time

Jessica Sanders

Five Mile

HB $24.99

From the author of the

bestselling children’s book

Love Your Body comes a

joyfully illustrated book for

adults about taking care

of our wellbeing. Me Time

reframes self-care from acts

of indulgence to a holistic

practice of self-love that

nurtures both mind and

body, and offers a range of self-care ideas from

one minute to half-day exercises.


How We Live at

Home with Books

Nina Freudenberger

Hardie Grant

HB $50.00

In Bibliostyle, interior

designer Nina

Freudenberger celebrates the beauty of books

and the personal touch they bring to the homes

they live in. This book offers a peek into the

private libraries of passionate readers from all

over the world and all walks of life. Featuring

an abundance of rare collections, floor-toceiling

shelves and stacks upon stacks of books,

Bibliostyle is a visual feast and inspiration for

every bibliophile.

In An

Australian Light

Thames & Hudson

Thames &

Hudson Aus

HB $59.99

The light in Australia is

like nowhere else on earth. This photographic

survey traverses the country–from rugged

coastline to arid outback; from teal oceans and

rockpools, to golden sunsets over city skylines;

from rays reaching through forest branches to

paddocks muted by mist and trees laden with

luminous snow. In an Australian Light showcases

light in all its glorious forms.



At Home

Jenny Rose-Innes

Thames & Hudson


HB $59.99

In Australian Designers

at Home Jenny Rose-Innes invites readers into

the homes of 20 of the country’s leading names in

interior design. Richly illustrated throughout with

stunning colour photography by Simon Griffiths,

the book takes readers on an intimate journey,

revealing how the most influential designers

decorate their own houses. Find out what home

means from the people who create them for

a living. An invaluable resource for designers,

decorators and interiors enthusiasts alike.

Olive Cotton

Helen Ennis

4th Estate Aus

HB $49.99

Olive Cotton was one

of Australia’s pioneering

modernist photographers.

Her significant talent was

recognised in the bold and distinctive work she

made with Max Dupain. After leaving Max, she

continued her photography despite challenges

but was almost forgotten until the 1980s.

Intriguing, moving and powerful, this is Olive’s

story, but it is also a compelling story of women

and creativity – and the competing demands of

their art, work, and family.

Iconic: Modern


Houses 1950-2000

Karen McCartney

Murdoch Books

HB $59.99

Karen McCartney’s book

showcases, in a fresh, new and collectible

edition, fifty years of some of the best and

most iconic of Australia’s residential modernist

homes. McCartney is an expert in modern

Australian architecture and the book shows

the extent of her knowledge in this beautifully

designed and packaged volume. Featuring

houses from Harry Seidler, Peter Muller, Roy

Grounds, Robin Boyd and many more, this is

a worthy addition to our architectural history.


The Beauty

of French Fashion

Megan Hess

Hardie Grant

HB $29.99

Renowned fashion

illustrator Megan Hess

explores the timeless beauty and glamour of

ten of France’s best-loved designers in a stylish

celebration of one of the world’s favourite fashion

destinations. Megan discovers the origins of

haute couture, prêt-à-porter and everything chic.

Accompanied by Megan’s exquisite illustrations,

this is the story of how France’s iconic fashion

houses have influenced the very fabric of design.


1,000 Places to See Before

You Die, New Edition

Patricia Schultz

Workman | HB $75.00

Featuring over 1,100 colour photographs over 544

pages, this new edition of the bestselling iconic travel

book is a perfect gift for every traveller–budding,

experienced or armchair alike. Patricia Schultz takes us on a visual journey

to some of the most breathtaking places on earth, from Great Britain and

Ireland, to Europe and the Americas, to Africa, Antarctica, Asia and the best of

Australia’s stunning natural monuments and man-made attractions.

Walks in Nature: Australia, 2nd edition

Anna Carlile

Explore | PB $29.99

The new edition of this bestselling guide has

been completely updated and features new walks

for every state. From coastal cliffs to iconic bush

landscapes, Walks in Nature: Australia offers more

than 100 walking trails around the country, all within

an easy distance from your capital city. Featuring a map, an easy to follow

description and notes on distance, grade, ideal season and amenities for

each entry, this is a must-have for nature lovers.

Slow Travel

Penny Watson

Explore | HB $50.00

December release

Travel is something we do for leisure, but so often

it is stressful and last-minute. Slow down, says

Penny Watson, in her beautifully compiled collection of experiences

that inspire us to travel in our own time and at our leisure. Life is fast

paced enough, and Watson wants us to engage more with our travel

and be more immersive when we do so that the experience is more

thoughtful and philosophical.

North Korea Journal

Michael Palin

Hutchinson | HB $29.99

While he was filming the acclaimed television

documentary on the Democratic People’s Republic

of Korea, Michael Palin kept a daily journal. Now

sharing it with us we are given a glimpse at this most

secretive country. Through his witty observations, we

read of his brushes with authority and his conversations with the people.

Illustrated throughout, this is a must for anyone interested in peeking

behind the curtain which hides North Korea.

The Art of Looking Up

Catherine McCormack

Quarto UK | HB $50.00

The Art of Looking Up is a visual feast that takes

you on a tour of the extraordinary artworks that

demand an alternative viewpoint. Art historian,

Catherine McCormack, tells the stories behind

forty spectacular ceilings and explores the

conception, execution and artists involved in creating these cultural

and artistic masterpieces. Feast your eyes on works by Michelangelo,

Marc Chagall, Cy Twombly and many more spectacular artworks.

Macquarie Atlas of Indigenous

Australia: 2nd Edition

Bill Arthur and Frances Morphy

Macquarie | HB $79.99

A book that should be in every home, this new

edition of the Macquarie Atlas of Indigenous

Australia is a unique way to understand more

about Australia’s First Peoples. Each chapter

explores a different aspect of Indigenous culture

or experience over the past 60,000 years. With 250 maps supported by

numerous diagrams, illustrations and indigenous art this is the perfect

book to delve into in this International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Leonardo da Vinci’s

Flying Machines

Andrew Dewar

Tuttle Publishing

Kit $22.99

We all know the inventive genius of

Leonardo, but now we can go a step

further with this kit. Thirteen of Leonardo’s famous aviation inventions

are replicated in these detailed models, with sturdy pop-out pieces and

comprehensive instructions for building realistic models that actually fly.

Sky Atlas

Edward Brooke-Hitching

Simon & Schuster UK | HB $45.00

A wonderfully illustrated treasury of celestial

cartography, medieval manuscripts,

masterpiece paintings, ancient star

catalogues, antique instruments and other

curiosities. This book will take you through

the history of how humankind has viewed

and marvelled at the sky, and the stars and

planets beyond. A wonderful and highly

readable work that contextualises the scale of our current achievements

and reminds us where we began.





We hope you enjoy this selection of handpicked titles from the 2019 – 2020

Kids’ Reading Guide. For more great kids books visit

The Tiny Star

Mem Fox and Freya

Blackwood (illus.)

Penguin Random


HB $24.99

Mem Fox’s touching

words about the

journey of life and the love of family and

friends, work beautifully with Freya Blackwood’s

heartwarmingly soft illustrations. This beautiful

picture book will soon become a classic that is

read and reread to generations of children in the

years to come.

Beast Feast

Emma Yarlett

Walker Books

HB $24.99

Beast is very pleased

with himself. He has

caught Dinner and invites his friends to a Beast

Feast. One problem though, he is beginning

to think of Dinner as a friend. What can he do,

should Dinner run and hide? A fun interactive

story with beastly letters to open.


Jane Goodwin and

Anna Walker (illus.)

Scholastic Press

HB $24.99

The picture book

‘dream team’ of Jane

Godwin and Anna

Walker have created another timeless classic

about a little girl’s bond with her collection of

special treasures and the secret world

they live in.





Board Book


Follow a year in the life

of a farm in this delightful book, the latest in a

series of educational stories for the very young.

With sturdy pages perfect for little hands, and

lots of flaps to lift, this colourful book is the

perfect gift for any toddler.

All The Factors

of Why I Love


Davina Bell and

Jenny Lovlie (illus.)

Little Hare

HB $24.99

Frankie loves going to the library so he can

borrow his favourite book about tractors

despite his mother suggesting he try

something different for a change. A fabulous

rhyming story perfect for reading aloud. This

book is sure to become a favourite and read

as often as Frankie reads his tractor book.

Australian Baby


Frané Lessac

Walker Books

Board Book


A celebration of

Australian baby animals and their special baby

names. Rhyming text and colourful illustrations

make this perfect for sharing with little ones.

The Lords

of Melody

Phillip Gwynne

Penguin Random


PB $16.99

Philip Gwynne never

disappoints, and this latest

offering is a wonderfully funny and quirky tale of

sibling rivalry, rock ‘n’ roll parents and the ghost

of a not-so-sorely missed uncle named Fleabag.

This is How We

Change the Ending

Vikki Wakefield

Text (Juvenile)

PB $19.99

Complex, gritty,

compelling and

emotionally charged,

this is realistic Australian YA at its best. Nate

is smart, thoughtful and creative but, living

as a charity case with an abusive father, can’t

imagine a way out. Gradually his passive

resistance becomes active and, with support

from unexpected places, Nate begins to feel

hope and the possibility of change.

Land of Roar

Jenny McLachlan

Hardie Grant


PB $16.99

Twins Arthur and Rose

have grown apart, mostly

because Rose now

considers herself too cool to hang out with her

dorky brother. However, when their grandad

disappears into an imaginary land from their

childhood game, the twins must venture into the

land of Roar to save him.

It Sounded

Better in My Head

Nina Kenwood

Text (Juvenile)

PB $19.99

Natalie’s world is turned

upside down. Her parents

have decided to separate

and she had no clue. Her best friends become

a couple and she had no clue. How can all this

happen at the same time. Now she has to deal

with the emotions of sadness and teenage love.

With fabulous characters this story is funny,

honest and real.

The Fowl Twins

Eoin Colfer


PB $19.99

The Fowl family is back and

this time the focus is on

Artemis’s 11 year old twin

brothers Myles and Beckett,

who, after being left alone for just one night, end

up having to save a troll from a wicked nobleman

and that is only the start of their adventures.

Fantastic fun with surprises around every corner.

Angel Mage

Garth Nix

Allen & Unwin

PB $24.99

In this intriguing adventure,

full of secrets and twists,

Nix skilfully blends

angels, magic, monsters

and seventeenth century musketeers into a

compelling fantasy world. The vivid descriptions

and fast pace immerse you in the story – in which,

if you have the ability, angels can be called upon

to do your bidding. But the cost can be high...



Ask Hercules Quick

Ursula Dubosarsky and

Andrew Joyner (illus.)

ALLEN & UNWIN | HB $19.99

A very funny story about a boy called Hercules

who lives with his alligator aunt in a building

full of eccentric characters. When Hercules

sees a magic box, he wants to buy he decides

to earn some money by taking on odd jobs for

his even odder neighbours. With lots of very

colourful illustrations this is a great first chapter

book for new readers.

Madame Badobedah

Sophie Dahl and

Lauren O’Hara (illus.)

Walker Books | HB $26.99

When the mysterious Madame Badobedah

checks in to the Mermaid Hotel, Mabel

decides she must be a supervillain! In her

quest to discover the truth, she instead finds

friendship and adventure. This absolutely

gorgeous book is great for emerging readers,

or as a readtogether story at bedtime.

Bold Tales for Brave-hearted Boys

Susannah McFarlane

Allen & Unwin | HB $24.99

For bold, brave-hearted boys everywhere

comes this collection of classic fairy tales

retold with a contemporary twist. Fabulous

bold illustrations and a text showing you that

you can be strong but also follow your heart

to do the right thing. The perfect companion

to Fairytales for Feisty Girls.

The Glimme

Emily Rodda and Marc McBride (illus.)

Omnibus Books | HB $34.99

An amazing new book by Emily Rodda with

illustrations by Marc McBride, full of high

fantasy, adventure, magic and mystery. Finn

lives in a small village on the edge of the veil

between worlds. Are the images that Finn

draws just his imagination, or can he see

beyond the veil?

This reading guide is printed on 100gsm Offset (uncoated) and fully PEFC certified paper. The PEFC (Program

for the Endorsement of Forest Certification scheme) promotes sustainable forest management and resources.

The Australia

Survival Guide

George Ivanoff

Penguin Random


HB $24.99

Want to know a book

full of ways Australia

wants to kill you? Well this is the place to come.

Slithering, tentacle, or wibbly wobbly jelly death

and how not to die from them- all feature in this

Aussie survival guide. Want to know whether that

spider with the weird red bit on its back that just

bit you is deadly? QUICK! READ THE BOOK!


Sea Life

Matt Chun

Little Hare

HB $29.99

Matt Chun returns

with a beautiful book

of Australian sea life.

Sixteen different creatures are featured from

the venomous blue ringed octopus to the

gentle dugong and the terrifying great white

shark. Each entry is accompanied by lively and

accessible information about the sea life.

Welcome to Country

Youth Edition

Marcia Langton

Hardie Grant


PB $29.99

This introduction for

young adult readers to the

Indigenous peoples of Australia comes from the

award-winning author of Welcome to Country.

Covering their unique art and storytelling,

knowledge and kinship systems, along with The

Stolen Generations and The Uluru Statement,

it is a brilliant and timely insight into the world’s

oldest living cultures.

Lunch at 10

Pomegranate Street

Felicita Sala

Scribble Kids’ Books

HB $27.99

Join the residents of 10

Pomegranate Street for a

sumptuous feast in this delightful story and recipe

book! The feeling of warmth and welcome are

beautifully communicated through the vibrant

illustrations, as each apartment creates a dish for

their communal lunch. With simple recipes for

every dish, you’ll soon be creating delicious food

to share, too!

Explore Your

World: Weird,

Wild, Amazing

Tim Flannery and

Sam Caldwell (illus.)

Hardie Grant


HB $34.99

Tim Flannery, one of Australia’s best-known

scientists, takes a fascinating look at some of

the world’s strangest animals and their bizarre

behaviours. Full of curious and quirky facts, this

brightly illustrated look into the natural world’s

weird, funny and disgusting creatures is perfect

for young nature lovers.

Let’s Get


DK Australia

DK Life

(Australian Child)

PB $24.99

This book is perfect for a

budding green thumb. Not only does this book

teach children about kitchen gardening, wildlife

gardening and recycled gardening, it also delves

into conservation and sustainability to help make

your backyard and beyond a greener place.



Bowie’s Books

John O’Connell


HB $34.99

David Bowie, the great

musician, was fuelled

by books. Three years

before he died, he pulled

together a list of his top 100

books. John O’Connell introduces these books

and matches them with a Bowie Song–Sarah

Water’s Fingersmith with “All the Madmen”,

Ian McEwan’s In Between the Sheets with

“Eight Line Poem”. Read this beautiful volume

to see what is matched with Madame Bovary,

A Clockwork Orange and the Illiad.

Love is Strong

as Death

Paul Kelly

Hamish Hamilton

HB $39.99

Paul Kelly has gathered

from around the world

the poems he loves

and which inspired and

challenged him over the years. This wideranging

anthology combines the ancient and

the modern, the hallowed and the profane, the

famous and the little known, to speak to two

of literature’s great themes that have proven

so powerful in his music: love and death, plus

everything in between.

Morning Glory

on the Vine

Joni Mitchell

A&U Canongate

HB $49.99

A wonderful

compendium of Joni

Mitchell’s handwritten

lyrics and drawings, originally crafted as a

gift for a select group of friends in 1971, and

now available to the public for the first time.

Accompanied by full-colour drawings, it is a

book of song and art that will serve as a wonderful

keepsake for any fan of the talented musician.

Incidental Inventions

Elena Ferrante, translated by

Ann Goldstein, Andrea Ucini (illus.)

Europa Editions | HB $29.99

From the bestselling author of My Brilliant Friend

comes a collection of short pieces, written by

Ferrante for The Guardian on wide-ranging

subjects: from love to climate change, from enmity

among women to the adaptation of her novels to film and TV. Gathered

here in a beautiful gift edition and accompanied by Andrea Ucini’s

intelligent, witty, and beautiful illustrations, this is a must for all Ferrante fans.

The Innocent Reader

Debra Adelaide

Picador Australia | PB $29.99

One of Australia’s most prolific and respected

authors, Debra Adelaide, shares a life dedicated

to reading and writing. With immediate wit

and intimacy, Adelaide explores what shapes

us as readers, how books inform, console and

broaden our senses of self, and the constant

conversations of authors and readers with the rest of their libraries.

A marvellous book for any bibliophile and aspiring writer.

The Memory Pool

Therese Spruhan


This collection of 28 stories celebrating the local

swimming pool is sure to evoke memories of summer

romances, swimming lessons and the smell of chlorine

or the sting of saltwater. Including reminiscences from

the likes of Trent Dalton, Bryan Brown and Shane

Gould, this anthology covers everything from the

joy of perfecting the classic bomb to the grind of endless training laps.

The perfect book to read while lazing by a pool this summer.

Good Food Guide 2020

Myffy Rigby (Ed.)

S&S Aus | PB $29.99

The Good Food Guide is Australia’s most

trusted restaurant guide, compiled and edited

by respected, independent critics. Hats are

awarded to the best of the best. The 2020

edition of this acclaimed national guide reviews

500 restaurants around Australia and awards

the best eateries from Darwin to Hobart, Melbourne to Perth, and

Sydney to Brisbane.

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