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Australia’s leading booksellers

Dorling Kindersley


One Blue Shoe

Jane Godwin and Jane Reiseger I HB $19.99

As an author for young people, I'm delighted to see such a thoughtful

and imaginative selection of books–all chosen by people who spend

every working day talking to kids, talking to parents and rellies, talking to

teachers and librarians, and even talking to books (I've seen them do it).

Children's booksellers need to know their

stuff because their shops are often quite

small, so there's nowhere to hide from

unhappy customers. Or unhappy books.

I'm also very pleased to see, as the current

Australian Children's Laureate, that so many

of the books in this guide offer young readers

the trifecta–fun, yes, adventure, yes, and also

rich reading experiences that will open up

possibilities in their future lives.

Happy reading.

Morris Gleitzman, Australian Children’s Laureate

Our friends change us in all sorts of

wonderful ways, and when those friends are

characters in stories we love, there's no limit

to where these friendships can take us.

All a young person needs to get started is

one book. Lots of them here. All chosen

by big-hearted experts. (Actually some

of their shops are quite big too.)

Get ready for a fun counting adventure. Full of playful rhymes

and lovely illustrations you will be counting shoes and babies and

bubbles and learning simple maths concepts without even trying.

One Blue Shoe is lots of fun. Good luck finding the missing blue shoe!

Play School Story Time Volume 3

Various I CD and MP3 $29.95

Join an amazing host of celebrities including Dylan Alcott,

Jimmy Giggle and Adam Liaw as they snuggle up on the Story Time

couch to narrate a selection of stories for young children. Favourites

include Guess How Much I Love You, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

and Owl Babies. Perfect for car rides or quiet time at home.

My Country

Ezekiel Kwaymullina and Sally Morgan

BB $14.99

Opening with “In my country I play with the Morning Star” we follow

a child through her day and its changing landscapes. A beautiful

celebration of our country with simple text and so much to look at

in each stunning illustration. A book that should be in every home.

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Every Child A Song

Nicola Davies and Marc Martin | HB $26.99

A beautiful, poetic celebration of the UN Convention on the Rights

of the Child. The lyrical language describes the song within every

child that should be nurtured, cherished and heard. It is perfectly

complemented by striking illustrations and full of colour and

movement, which emphasise the joy in being able to sing freely.

ABC For Me:

What Can He Be?

Jessie Ford | BB $19.99

From Quantum Physicist to Yoga

Instructor, this gorgeous ABC shows a

whole spectrum of possibility for young

boys imagining their future. This follows

last year’s very popular ABC What Can

She Be? Both books are beautifully

illustrated and thoughtfully put together,

perfect for children starting to question

their place in the world.



Spot Book & Toy

Eric Hill | Boxed Set $22.99

The iconic Where’s Spot celebrates its 40th anniversary,

packaged with a gorgeous Spot plush toy. Little readers will

love lifting the flaps in this sturdy board book discovering funny

animal surprises as they help Spot’s mum find her cheeky puppy,

all while cuddling their own!


Margaret Wild and Andrew Joyner | HB $19.99

Boo! Said the baby to the monkey in the cot… Boo! Boo! Boo!

Brightly illustrated with big sturdy pages this book will delight

the very young and parents alike. Rhyming and expressive

text makes this book a joy to read aloud and is sure to be a

favourite for years.

The Little Yellow Digger ABC

Peter Gilderdale and Alan Gilderdale | PB $17.99

We all love the story of The Little Yellow Digger and this new story

will not disappoint. With a rhyming text, bright illustrations and

amazing calligraphy style letters hidden behind the flaps, children

will delight in learning the alphabet. A perfect way to sit with your

little one and teach them their ABC.


Chihiro Takeuchi | BB $19.99

Learn about the animals of the world in this board book. Spot and

find the European wolves or tigers from Asia. There is a page of

Australian animals too with koalas, cockatoos and crocodiles to

find. With beautiful paper cut art and die-cut pages this is a book

to treasure.

Bluey: The Beach

Bluey | BB $14.99

Bluey: Fruit Bat


Christopher Franceschelli and Peskimo | BB $21.99

Follow the bold, imaginative Bluey and her ridiculously

charming family through these fun, relatable stories that

invite readers to enjoy the magic of the everyday. Based on

the massively successful ABC show and set in a recognisably

Australian landscape, Bluey’s adventures are sure to delight

young pups everywhere.

Follow a year in the life of a farm in this delightful book, the latest in

a series of educational stories for the very young. With sturdy pages

perfect for little hands, and lots of flaps to lift, this colourful book is

the perfect gift for any toddler.

Australian Baby Animals

Frané Lessac

BB $15.99

Moving Your Body

Dressing Your Family

Beci Orpin | BB $12.99


Charlie loved the rhyming text and

laughed out loud listening to the sounds

of the animals. The cuddly koala and

playful Tasmanian devil are just like him.

A perfect colourful story for the little

ones which will grow with them.


Anaya was instantly attracted to the bright

colours of Moving Your Body and loved

copying the movements described in

the story. What a great book for sharing

and reading together!



I Saw We Saw


Yolgnumurru Dhäruk)

By Yolgnu students at Nhulunbuy Primary School

with Ann James and Ann Haddon | HB $24.99

Mr Chicken All Over Australia

Leigh Hobbs | HB $24.99

Mr Chicken is back for another mad cap adventure travelling all of

Australia to meet his legion of letter writing fans. With a fondness

for lamingtons and pavlovas he travels everywhere by plane, train

and boat creating havoc and mayhem. And, of course, there is a

surprising twist at the end.

Miss Kraken

Nicki Greenberg | HB $24.99

How would you feel if your new teacher is a very strict and very

large octopus and no one seems concerned about this except you

and your class mates? When Miss Kraken goes missing at the local

aquarium excursion, you aren’t exactly sad. But things can always

get worse! This is a very funny tale that kids will love.

There’s lots to see in Yolgnu country. Join the local children as they

show you their world. Wonderfully illustrated you will spend hours

poring over the pictures and learning the Yolgnu Matha words for

whale, crocodile, stingray, bats and family to name a few. What a

great way to celebrate UNESCO’s year of Indigenous Languages.


Jess McGeachin | HB $24.99

Lucy lives with her dad and loves fixing and making things. After

finding an injured bird, she embarks on a mission to help it fly again,

but learns that sometimes not everything can be easily fixed. This

beautifully told and gorgeously illustrated story celebrates the

importance of acceptance.


Stephen Michael King | HB $24.99

You will fall in love with Three, the happy, friendly, delightful dog

in this adventure story. Three is on a mission to find a new home.

He hops and skips his way wherever his three little legs will carry

him. With whimsical illustrations this beautiful tale reminds us how

important family and friendship are.


Laura Bunting and Philip Bunting | HB $17.99

Lyrebird was born to mimic, tell fibs, create fake news and create

mayhem in the bush. But one day Lyrebird’s boasts and fibs catch up

with him! Can he possibly tell the truth or is even that too difficult?

Children and adults alike will love the play on language in this book.


Jane Godwin and Anna Walker | HB $24.99

The picture book ‘dream team’ of Jane Godwin and Anna Walker

have created another timeless classic with this beautiful picture book

about a little girl’s bond with her collection of special treasures and

the secret world they live in.



The Stephen Michael King Collection

Stephen Michael King

CD and MP3 $19.95

A collection of six heartwarming stories filled with imagination and play.

Little children will learn about the importance of friendship, self-expression

and accepting differences, and will meet an unforgettable cast of colourful

and engaging characters.


Moira Court | HB $24.99

This little book is amazing! Learn about Antarctica with some simple

facts and then discover some of the fascinating animals that live

there. The text is perfect for reading aloud with delicious words and

a wonderful rhythm that is beautifully complemented by lively paper

collage illustrations. Oh! And it’s a counting book, too!

My Pet Star

Corrinne Averiss and Rosalind Beardshaw | PB $15.99

We have all looked up at the stars at night and thought how magical

they are. This delightful heartfelt story is about a little girl looking after

a lost star. With kindness and caring the star’s glow is getting brighter

each day until it is time to let the star go. With the magic of caring the

star is glowing in the night sky. A beautiful bedtime story.

The Swan Lake (The Story Orchestra)

Katy Flint and Jessica Courtney Tickle | HB $27.99

A beautiful introduction to the story of Odette and Odile in

Tchaikovsky’s ballet. This book has interactive buttons that play

excerpts of the music on each double page of gorgeous artwork,

with a great fact file about Tchaikovsky and the history of the ballet.

Perfect for ballet lovers or anyone who loves a great classic story.

Summer Time

Hilary Bell and Antonia Pesenti | HB $24.99

These rhyming vignettes form the story of summer, from the last

magpies of spring to back-to-school shoe shopping, perfectly

capturing the quintessential Australian summer time experience.

Accompanied by bright and exciting art and collage illustrations this

gorgeous picture book is a snapshot of summer, both wonderfully

fresh for little ones and perfectly nostalgic for grown ups.

Polly and the New Baby

Rachel Quarry | PB $13.95

A simple, beautiful story about an imaginary friend. Polly pushes

her friend Bunny around in the pushchair that had been hers when

she was a little baby. They go everywhere together. Her Mum and

Dad are getting worried. When their new baby arrives how are they

going to get the pushchair off Polly? Polly solves the problem with

her surprising imagination.

Moon River

Illustrations by Tim Hopgood | PB with CD $17.95

Oi Puppies!

Kes Gray and Jim Field

HB $24.99

I love puppies and cats. I like all

the rhymes and my favourites

are ‘Tickles on some pickles’ and

‘Tiddles on the fiddle’. Mum says I

giggle a lot when she reads those

parts. The puppies are very naughty

but I think they are funny.


Using the lyrics of the beautiful song written 60 years ago, Tim

Hopgood takes us on a journey that begins with a dream. Listen to

the audio and read the story. The words are still beautiful and the

journey is full of love.

The Tiny Star

Mem Fox and Freya Blackwood | HB $24.99

Mem Fox’s touching words about the journey of life and the love

of family and friends, work beautifully with Freya Blackwood’s

heartwarmingly soft illustrations. This beautiful picture book will

soon become a classic that is read and reread to generations of

children in the years to come.



This is a Dog

Ross Collins | HB $22.99

Dog has decided that he is the only animal that counts in

The First Book of Animals. Armed with a pencil he begins to wreak

havoc on the tale – scaring cat, rabbit and squirrel but meeting his

match with crocodile, bear and gorilla! A delightful laugh out loud

treat for readers young and old.

Paper Planes

Jim Helmore and Richard Jones | PB $16.99

Mia and Ben are the best of friends who do everything together and

their favourite activity is making paper planes. That is until they hear

the news that Ben is moving away to the city. How will they manage

to stay friends when they are so far apart? A very moving story about

the power of friendship.

Midnight Ninja

Sam Lloyd | PB $14.99

Join the midnight ninja on his big adventure to find the stolen

socks. When everyone is asleep our ninja is fighting baddies with his

gadgets and skill and his sidekick pussycat Ginger. But at the end of

the day all ninjas need their sleep and it is time for bed.

Dumazi and the Big Yellow Lion

Valanga Khoza and Matt Ottley

HB & CD $24.99

When Dumazi comes across a lion caught in a trap she decides to

take a chance on kindness and set him free. But she learns that a

promise a lion makes with his mouth doesn’t necessarily speak for

his tummy! Dumazi’s story is brought to life with a CD featuring

original music by Matt Ottley and Valanga Khoza.

The Girl and the Dinosaur

Hollie Hughes and Sarah Massini | HB $22.99

On a beautiful beach a young girl is digging up dinosaur bones to

build herself a magical friend. Together they journey past giants

and fairies, through mysterious forests, coming in the end to a

dream world in the clouds. A gorgeous story about the power of

imagination and friendship.

Baby’s First Jailbreak

Jim Whalley and Stephen Collins | PB $14.99

All of the Factors of

Why I Love Tractors

Davina Bell and Jenny Lovlie

HB $24.99


Frankie and his Mum are going to the library, just like I do with

my Mum. It is one of my favourite places. I love how the story

rhymes and how Frankie explains to his Mum why he loves

tractors so much. I also like tractors and love looking at the fun

drawings in the book. As the librarian, Miss Squid, says “A boy

who likes books is a nice thing to see”. I am like Frankie because

I have always loved books.

Have you heard about Baby Frank who turned his home into a zoo?

It was so famous that visitors came in droves, that was until Baby

Bruce opened a competing zoo with performing animals and free

ice cream. What is Baby Frank to do? A rollicking rhyming adventure

made for reading aloud.

I See, I See

Robert Henderson | HB $19.99

Designed to be read right side up and upside down at the same

time, this book encourages young readers to see a story from

different perspectives. Playful, rhyming call and answer text means

this book is meant to be read by more than one person. It’s an artful

and original concept.



Painted Ponies

Alison Lester | HB $24.99

Matilda loves staying at Grandma Lucky’s, riding Luna in the front

paddock, playing with the painted ponies in their carved wooden

wagon and listening to Grandma’s stories. One day she tells Matilda

about the real ponies from the mountains that became her friends.

A lyrical picture book about friendship and freedom from the much

loved Alison Lester.

Be More Bernard

Simon Philip and Kate Hindley | HB $24.99

Bernard is a bunny but doesn’t really feel like one! He sort of joins

in, but he is not happy. One day he decides just to be himself and

to the shock and horror of his family and friends he becomes a

different bunny. So get out there like Bernard and be yourself.

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Andrea Beaty and David Roberts | HB $24.99

When Sofia’s grandfather hurts his ankle at a local landfill she

sets about trying to get the slimy mess turned into a park for her

community. A fabulous story about how everybody can make a

difference if they are passionate about something and set their

minds to it. A new character from the team who brought us

Ada Twist and Rosie Revere.

Beast Feast

Emma Yarlett | HB $24.99

Beast is very pleased with himself. He has caught Dinner and invites

his friends to a Beast Feast. One problem though, he is beginning to

think of Dinner as a friend. What can he do, should Dinner run and

hide? A fun interactive story with beastly letters to open.

100 Ways to Fly

Michelle Taylor | PB $14.95

A perfect introduction to poetry for young children where you will find a

poem for all your varying moods. Different styles and forms make poetry

easily accessible to children. Funny poems include limericks, tongue

twisters and wordplay but there are also poems to encourage bravery,

adventure and kindness.

Poems from a Green and Blue Planet

Sabrina Mahfouz [ed] and Aaron Cushley | HB $32.99

A stunning collection of new and classic poems celebrating diversity in our

world. Beautiful illustrations add to this great collection. There are new

poems, including 8 Australian ones, classics, sonnets and haiku, and the

poems range from rap to the Romantics. Every family should have a copy.

This is Home:

Essential Australian Poems for Children

Selected by Jackie French, illustrated by Tania McCartney

HB $34.99

An ideal companion for every home, much-loved author Jackie French

has chosen poems for every mood. Poets such as Oodgeroo Noonuccal

and Dorothea Mackellar sit alongside Shaun Tan and Andy Griffiths.

From poems to give you courage and poems that whisper, this beautifully

illustrated collection can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Just Because

Mac Barnett and Isabelle Arsenault | HB $24.99

Many parents will identify with children who cannot go to sleep at

bedtime because they have way too many important questions to

ask. For curious minds comes even curiouser answers which are sure

to delight and inspire the imagination of every child.



Funny Bones

Edited by Kate Temple, Jol Temple and Oliver Phommavanh

PB $24.99

Stella the Unstoppable and

the School Camp Kerfuffle (Book 2)

Richard Newsome | PB $14.99

Richard Newsome’s new series is jam-packed with madcap adventures

and ridiculous situations which will have you giggling out loud! Readers

will fall in love with bossy, impertinent Stella and her gang of friends as

they navigate school camp and a pair of magic underpants. Perfect for

emerging readers or to read together with younger children.

Everyone could do with a good laugh and this collection of over 100 funny

stories, hilarious poems and side-splitting drawings will have you laughing

out loud for hours and hours. With contributions from lots of very funny

people like Hannah Gadsby and Andy Griffiths this book will make a great

gift. All royalties from sales of the book will go to the international aid

charity, War Child Australia.

Ask Hercules Quick

Ursula Dubosarsky and Andrew Joyner | HB $19.99

Also available Stella the Unstoppable and the Magic Underpants.

Paddy T and the

Time-travelling Trampoline

A very funny story about a boy called Hercules who lives with his alligator

aunt in a building full of eccentric characters. When Hercules sees a magic

box, he wants to buy he decides to earn some money by taking on odd

jobs for his even odder neighbours. With lots of very colourful illustrations

this is a great first chapter book for new readers.

Adam France and Zahra Zainal | PB $12.99

The Adventures of Anders

Paddy seems like an ordinary kid, but he keeps falling into the most

extraordinary adventures. He saves a magical serpent, writes stories

with a magic pencil, and time travels through his trampoline!

A delightfully funny collection of wacky short stories, perfect for

newly independent readers.

Gregory Mackay | PB $19.99

This omnibus volume collects three cartoon stories starring a pair of

squirrels named Anders and Eden, and an elephant named Bernie. Their

adventures promote very positive messages about friendship and inclusion

and the power of imagination.

Bold Tales for Brave-hearted Boys

Susannah McFarlane | HB $24.99

Two Sides

Polly Ho-Yen and Binny Talib | HB $16.99

For bold, brave-hearted boys everywhere comes this collection of classic

fairy tales retold with a contemporary twist. Read Jack and the Beanstalk,

Hansel and Gretel, The Emperor’s New Clothes and Prince Leo and the

Sleeping Princess. Fabulous bold illustrations and a text showing you that

you can be strong but also follow your heart to do the right thing. The

perfect companion to Fairytales for Feisty Girls.

Lula and Lenka are best friends but opposites in many ways. That is until the

pencil case saga! Enter Maya into the mix and the unhappiness begins. Don’t

worry, as this beautiful little book ends with a smile and new friendships.


The Impossible Boy

Ben Brooks | HB $19.99

You need a big imagination to read this book! It has everything from

walking snowmen to goats in school and lots of ice-cream. All this

happens after Oleg and Emma invent a new kid in class, Sebastian Cole,

the impossible boy. Just one problem! Sebastian actually appears in a

spaceship and the adventure begins. Read it, love it!

Isadora Moon Puts on A Show

Harriet Muncaster | HB $17.95

Isadora Moon is awesome because she is half vampire

and half fairy. She has magical powers, cool fangs and

she can fly. I like this book because you can read this

story and at the back of the book Isadora shows you

how to put on your own play and make popcorn.

Also available Isadora Moon Makes Winter Magic and

Isadora Moon Has A Birthday.



Lottie Luna and the Bloom Garden

Vivian French and Nathan Reed I PB $12.99

Lottie is a werewolf and off to a new school. Her father has just been

crowned king and she is worried about many things, especially fitting in.

She has super powers but doesn’t like to use them, she just wants a normal

life and to enjoy school with her friends. But life isn’t like that and when the

school garden is under threat, she must use her powers.

First book in an exciting new series.

The Enchanted Wood

The Magic Faraway Tree

The Folk of the Faraway Tree

Enid Blyton | CD $29.95 and MP3 $24.95

Enid Blyton’s timeless classics read by Kate Winslet will

provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Milton The Mighty

Emma Read | PB $14.99

Appearances can be deceiving and when tiny spider Milton finds that

he has been falsely branded as a deadly spider he must join forces with

his house human Zoe to defend his species! A funny and warm story

about courage and cooperation and not believing everything you read

on social media.

Madame Badobedah

Sophie Dahl and Lauren O’Hara | HB $26.99

When the mysterious Madame Badobedah checks in to the

Mermaid Hotel, Mabel decides she must be a supervillain! In her

quest to discover the truth, she instead finds friendship and adventure.

This absolutely gorgeous book is great for emerging readers, or as a

read-together story at bedtime.

Daring Delly #1: Team Tryouts!

Matthew Dellavedova and Nathalie Ortega | PB $14.99

When tryouts are called for a new basketball team, Delly really wants to make

the team and is prepared to do whatever it takes even if that means practicing

for hours. Written by an Australian NBA champion this is a fun, engaging read

for all young basketball fans especially if they think that there’s no time to sit

and read and when they could be shooting hoops.

The Secrets of Magnolia Moon

Edwina Wyatt and Katherine Quinn | HB $19.99

Magnolia’s world is thrown into turmoil when her best friend moves

away and her parents inform her that she is going to be a big sister.

Magnolia is a most delightful character with a vivid imagination and

a heart full of joy. Written with delightful, poetic language.

Toffle Towers 1:

Fully Booked

Tim Harris and James Foley | PB $14.99

Atticus Van Tasticus

Andrew Daddo and

Stephen Michael King

PB $14.99

PATRICK, AGE 8 Toffle Towers is about a 10yr old boy called Chegwin


who inherits a hotel that does not get many visitors, so

he comes up with lots of crazy ideas to make it more

popular. Super funny, super cool pictures, lots of mystery

and mischief. Tim Harris and James Foley are my favourite

authors and I am so excited they got to write a book

together. If you love the Mr Bambuckle books you will

love this series too. My mum read this out loud to me and

Atticus Van Tasticus is adventurous, dramatic and

really funny. Atticus becomes a boy pirate after

getting a pirate ship from his rich GranNan. He sails

the seas using a treasure map that is confusing and

strange and weird but Atticus always come up with a

crazy and hilarious way around it. I liked it because it

was always chaos then calm, chaos then calm.

my 6 year old sister, but my older friends will love it too.



Paul Jennings: A Different Collection

Paul Jennings | CD and MP3 $29.95

A collection of three stories from award winning author Paul Jennings.

A Different Dog is the story of a boy, a dog and a daring rescue.

A Different Boy follows the fortunes of a boy boarding a ship and

leaving his past behind. A Different Land traces the journey of an

orphan who stows away on a ship bound for a New Land.

The Land of Roar

Jenny McLachlan | PB $16.99

I, Cosmo

Carlie Sorosiak | PB $14.99

Told by Cosmo, a golden retriever, this is a delightful story full of humour,

warmth and tenderness about a dog who will stop at nothing to keep his

family together – even if it means learning to dance! With hilarious insights

into a dog’s life, this heartening tale will especially resonate with anyone who’s

ever loved or longed for a dog of their own.

Caterpillar Summer

Gillian McDunn | PB $14.99

A charming, heartwarming story about family, friendship and finding your own

sense of self. With beautifully portrayed relationships between siblings Cat

and her brother Chicken who has special needs, and the grandparents they

meet for the first time over the summer holidays. This funny and moving story is

perfect for fans of Kate DiCamillo.

The Monster Who Wasn’t

T C Shelley | PB $14.99

Fabulous characters and rich and imaginative descriptions abound in this

book. ‘Imp’ is a creature born in the underworld but with a foot in each world.

A rich tradition of monsters, from Celtic mythology are in this book. Our hero

encounters ogres, pixies, boggarts and chocolate loving gargoyles in his quest

to learn his identity and find his family.

Twins Arthur and Rose have grown apart, mostly because Rose now

considers herself too cool to hang out with her dorky brother. However,

when their grandad disappears into an imaginary land from their

childhood game, the twins must venture into the Land of Roar to save

him. This fantastic book is packed with magic, mystery and adventure.

The Brilliant Ideas of Lily Green

Lisa Siberry | PB $17.99

Lily Green loves to invent products but she has mixed success. Now she

is desperate to create something that will save her family’s beauty salon

from ruin. Strange and unlikely ingredients from the garden next door

make for an original concoction but will this new formula be the one that

makes a fortune?

Jinxed! The Curious

Curse of Cora Bell

Rebecca McRitchie and Sharon O’Connor | PB $17.99

Join Cora on her quest to find out exactly who she is and where she is from.

Along the way she is helped by two slightly naughty fairies while being

pursued by a Jinx, a magician and other magical creatures. This is the

perfect mix of adventure, fantasy and fun.

The Lords of Melody

Phillip Gwynne | PB $16.99

Phillip Gwynne never disappoints, and this latest offering is a wonderfully

funny and quirky tale of sibling rivalry, rock ‘n’ roll parents and the ghost of

a not-so-sorely missed uncle named Fleabag. Gwynne’s unique sense

of humour shines through this compulsively readable book.



An Unlikely Spy

Terry Deary | PB $14.99

World War II has begun. Brigit has been evacuated to Wales from her home

in London. But when it’s revealed that her father is German, Brigit runs away

to a very special training camp for spies and saboteurs. After all, who would

suspect a child? This is a page-turning historical escapade!

My Parents Cancelled My Birthday

Jo Simmons and Nathan Reed | PB $12.99

This wacky, fun-filled romp is perfect for fans of David Walliams. Featuring

a flattened chihuahua, a giant pig named Tiny and a multitude of madcap

misadventures, this delightful book is sure to make you laugh out loud.

What would you do if your parents cancelled YOUR birthday?

Maddie in the Middle

Julia Lawrinson | PB $16.99

Year 6 is a tricky time for negotiating friendships and pushing boundaries.

There’s a balance between keeping old friends and making new friends

but sometimes, as Maddie learns, friendship comes at a cost and risky

behaviours have consequences. A must read for tweens about courage

and being true to yourself.

The Good Thieves

Katherine Rundell | PB $14.99

Journey back in time to 1920’s New York, where a rag-tag bunch of kids

take on a wicked con-man in a desperate attempt to save all their families

and futures. This is an absolutely fabulous book; you’ll be hooked from the

very beginning and gobble it up

before you know it!

The Taylor Turbochaser

David Baddiel and Steven Lenton | PB $14.99

Amy Taylor loves cars and would love to be a racing car driver. Just one

problem, Amy is in a wheelchair and an old one at that. She finally gets a new

one and at first it is super exciting and the chair moves like the wind but then

she gets used to speed and wants more! That is where her friend Rahul, the

genius inventor comes in. Will it end happily? Read it and find out!

The Fowl Twins

Eoin Colfer | PB $19.99

The Fowl family is back and this time the focus is on Artemis’s 11 year old twin

brothers Myles and Beckett, who, after being left alone for just one night, end

up having to save a troll from a wicked nobleman and that is only the start of

their adventures. Fantastic fun with surprises around every corner, you won’t

be able to stop laughing as you race to read to the end of the book to see

how they get themselves out of this mess.

The Bone Garden

Heather Kassner and Matt Saunders | PB $17.99

Irréelle’s greatest fear is that she isn’t real. A valid concern for a girl made of

dust, bone and the magic powers of her creator, Miss Vesper. She can never

please her cruel creator but after a fatal mistake, she must run for her life.

But how long can she hide from Miss Vesper?

Sick Bay

Nova Weetman | PB $16.95

Two girls from Grade Six meet in sick bay who couldn’t be more

different–well, at least on the surface. Over time Meg and Riley realise

they have more in common than they thought. A powerful novel about

friendship, many readers in primary school and early high school will

relate to the characters of this novel.


The Glimme

Emily Rodda and Marc McBride | HB $34.99

A beautiful new book by Emily Rodda with amazing illustrations by Marc

McBride, full of high fantasy, adventure, magic and mystery. Finn lives in a

small village on the edge of the veil between worlds. Are the images that

Finn draws just in his imagination or can he really see beyond the veil?

This is a beautiful hardback gift for your teen or tween.

Mika and Max

Laura Bloom | PB $16.99

Dream Riders: Storm

Jesse Blackadder

and Laura Bloom

PB $17.99

Storm is learning the skills of natural

horsemanship with her new friends,

the Dream Riders. But how will she

ever achieve the dream of owning the

beautiful horse that has captured her

heart? This story of courage and selfbelief

is also an ode to the beauty and

joy of horses.

Mika is very unsure of Max when she first meets him. She has gone with

her family to visit Max’s family to attend a music festival. Mika knows that

Max is younger and different, he is 10 and has autism, but has no idea

that they will develop an unlikely friendship of warmth and understanding.

The most beautiful story of family, growing up and learning that we are all

different and that’s okay.


Katharine Orton | PB $16.99

Beverly, Right Here

Kate DiCamillo | HB $19.99

Beverly is now fourteen and decides to just leave and make it on her own.

After all, her dog Buddy has died and her Mum has never cared for her.

She finds a job and a place to live and is determined to be independent.

She just doesn’t see that she can’t help making connections with people

and it is through them that she will finally work out what her life is about.

A most beautiful, heartwarming story from the fabulous Kate DiCamillo.

Packed with adventure, magic

and mystery, this wonderful tale

of adventure and courage follows

Lina and her best friend Bogdan as

they escape from a Soviet prison

camp. Tracked through the Siberian

wilderness by an angry sorceress, will

they survive to find Lina’s grandmother

and help save her mother?



Raina Telgemeier | PB $16.99

Guts is a really cool graphic novel that explores

what happens when anxiety takes over. It is really

relatable for young teens, and it shows the

feeling of being left out. Raina feels sick to the

stomach all the time… but when her mum takes

her to the doctor she is ‘as healthy as a horse’.

Could it be more than tummy troubles?

JT: The Making

of a Total Legend

Johnathan Thurston with James Phelps

PB $16.99

I liked this book because it was inspiring. JT was

always told he was too small and not strong enough

to play NRL but through hard work and belief in

himself he achieved everything in the game proving

his doubters wrong.




This is How We Change the Ending

Vikki Wakefield | PB $19.99

Take the Shot

Susan White | PB $16.99

Bug feels that his genetic condition has taken everything from him–his

health, friends, school and sport. Although he has been banned from playing

sport, he forms a basketball team without his parent’s knowledge. He finally

feels he belongs, but it is only a matter of time before he cannot hide his

life-threatening condition any longer.

Deathless Girls

Kiran Millwood Hargrave | PB $19.99

Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s first foray into YA is a gothic, lyrical reimagining

of the story of two of Dracula’s brides. In this tale of love, grief, tragedy and

triumph, twins Kizzy and Lil are ripped from their home and forced into slavery.

Can their love for each other save them from the mysterious and terrifying

Dragon, or will they fall under his spell forever? 14+

As Happy As Here

Jane Godwin | PB $16.99

Jemma, Lucy and Evie are very different, so when they find themselves sharing

a hospital ward tensions run high. However, when the girls see something

mysterious on the street below and decide to investigate, they start to realise

that maybe they’re not so different after all. This thought-provoking story of

identity and empathy from Australian children’s book royalty is perfect for fans

of Fiona Wood.

Complex, gritty, compelling and emotionally charged, this is realistic

Australian YA at its best. Nate is smart, thoughtful and creative but, living

as a charity case with an abusive father, can’t imagine a way out. Gradually

his passive resistance becomes active and, with support from unexpected

places, Nate begins to feel hope and the possibility of change.


Nikki McWatters | PB $19.95

Three young women are brought together by a mysterious book.

Astrid is a Viking priestess living in a time of great change and upheaval.

Mercy is a Scottish orphan on a quest to discover her true identity and

Mia, a young Australian, is sent on a quest to uncover family secrets.

Their lives are intertwined in this thrilling story.

It Sounded Better In My Head

Nina Kenwood | PB $19.99

Natalie’s world is turned upside down. Her parents have decided to

separate and she had no clue. Her best friends become a couple and

she had no clue. How can all this happen at the same time? Now she has

to deal with the emotions of sadness and teenage love. With fabulous

characters this story is funny, honest and real.

Angel Mage

Garth Nix | PB $24.99

In this intriguing adventure, full of secrets and twists, Nix skilfully blends

angels, magic, monsters and seventeenth century musketeers into a

compelling fantasy world. The vivid descriptions and fast pace immerse

you in the story – in which, if you have the ability, angels can be called

upon to do your bidding. But the cost can be high...


All That Impossible Space

Anna Morgan | PB $19.99

Friendship is just as confusing, if not more so, than the

70 year old mystery that Lara is assigned to investigate

for year 10 history. Relationships, especially high school

ones, are complex and hard to maintain. The way

All That Impossible Space deals with that is what

interested me, and made me feel invested in what

was happening. I definitely recommend this one.


Will Kostakis | PB $19.99

Connor is a normal sixteen-year-old who is having some issues with

friends and feels lonely and jealous. Until the day he meets Sally and the

Monuments – gods who have been buried under schools in Sydney for

generations – who change his life forever. Fast paced and full of action

with some romance and laughs for good measure.



Furious Thing

Jenny Downham | PB $19.99

Lexi is angry but no one, including

herself, knows why. As her mother and

stepfather try to mould her into the

perfect daughter, Lexi starts to realise

that her anger may be justified, and

she finds the courage to carve out her

own space in the world. A powerful

and topical coming-of-age story.

Scars Like Wings

Erin Stewart | PB $17.99

After an arduous recovery from being badly burnt in a house fire,

Ava returns to school. There she meets Piper, whose friendship helps

Ava begin to face her fears, until Piper’s own problems surface. This

engagingly honest story is about facing life’s hurdles to find where and

with whom you belong.

Rules for Vanishing

Kate Alice Marshall | PB $16.99

When a group of teens venture into the woods to find their missing

friend, they stumble into a nightmare beyond anything they could have

imagined as they realise not all of them will make it out. Vividly creepy

and full of original characters, this story will haunt readers long after they

turn the final page. 14+

Plastic: past, present, and future

Eun-ju Kim and Ji-won Lee and Joungmin Lee Comfort (translator)

HB $27.99

This timely book takes children through how plastic is made, the history of how

it was created and all the positive things it contributes to our world. But it also

addresses the environmental impact of our increasing plastic dependence and

ultimately asks an important question for the future generation ‘what can you

and I do to use plastics more responsibly?’

You Can Change the World

Lucy Bell | HB $29.99

This book is a must for kids who want to make a difference in the world. Full of

practical advice on changing things in their own world, from cutting down on

waste to buying ethically and growing your own food, this book will teach kids

how easy it is to be kinder to the earth and to others.

Our Planet: The One Place We All Call Home

Matt Whyman and Richard Jones | HB $29.99

This stunning new book is a companion to the Netflix series narrated by

Sir David Attenborough. An exploration of how plants and creatures coexist in

various habitats to create ‘our planet’ and how this generation of children can

help to protect this delicate balance. A perfect gift for the whole family.

We Are All Greta: Be Inspired to Save the World

Valentina Giannella | PB $19.99


Alan Gratz | PB $17.99

On March 15 2019, 1.6 million students took to the streets in 1700 cities around

the world to draw attention to perils of climate change after a call to action

from a young girl in Sweden. Do you want to take action like Greta but not sure

you understand all the issues around climate change? This book explains them

in a scientific but accessible way so that you can help to take responsibility for

the future of your planet.


Allies was a fantastic read. I felt so attached to

the characters and it was so interesting to see

the story’s progression through the events of

D-Day. I also loved the historical accuracy as I’m

really interested in reading about WWII so it was

good seeing all the correct things there. I think

this is an amazing read for anyone who loves

historical books.


Explore your World: Weird, Wild, Amazing!

Prof. Tim Flannery and Sam Caldwell | HB $34.99

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia

of Ugly Animals

Sami Bayly | HB $32.99

Australian author/illustrator Sami Bayly makes even the ugliest animals

extraordinary in this stunning encyclopaedia. The exquisite detail in the

art, along with curious facts and descriptions of the animals and their

habitats provides an intriguing insight into some of our more maligned

creatures. It will make you reconsider your definition of ‘ugly’!

Australian Sea Life

Matt Chun | HB $29.99

Matt Chun returns with a beautiful book of Australian sea life. Sixteen

different creatures are featured from the venomous blue ringed octopus

to the gentle dugong and the terrifying great white shark. Each entry is

accompanied by lively and accessible information about the sea life.

Also available Australian Bird Life


Dr. Stephen P. Kershaw and Victoria Topping | HB $35.00

This stunning, large format book, provides a detailed introduction to

the cast of characters that populate Greek mythology, including Gods,

Mortals and Monsters, with snippets of key myths including The Odyssey

and The Argonauts. The luminous illustrations almost pop off the page,

highlighting the characters’ attributes and reinforcing the

fascinating facts in the text.

Young Dark Emu

Bruce Pascoe | HB $24.99

Tim Flannery, one of Australia’s best-known scientists, takes a fascinating look

at some of the world’s strangest animals and their bizarre behaviours. Full of

curious and quirky facts, this brightly illustrated look into the natural world’s

weird, funny and disgusting creatures is perfect for young nature lovers.

Welcome to Country: Youth Edition

Marcia Langton | PB $29.99

This introduction for young adult readers to the Indigenous peoples of

Australia comes from the award-winning author of Welcome to Country.

Covering their unique art and storytelling, knowledge and kinship systems,

along with The Stolen Generations and The Uluru Statement, it is a brilliant

and timely insight into the world’s oldest living cultures.

Dr Seuss’s Horse Museum

Dr. Seuss and Andrew Joyner | HB $27.99

Take a journey through the art museum and discover various styles used in

artists’ representations of horses. Engaging, fun text and lively illustrations

make the artworks infinitely accessible for younger readers. It also contains

descriptions of the art and artists and a fascinating explanation of the book’s

genesis from the original manuscript and sketches of Dr Seuss.

Nose Knows

Eye Spy

Emmanuelle Figueras Guillaume Duprat

and Claire de Gastold HB $29.99

HB $29.99

Smell is hugely important in the animal kingdom and Nose Knows tells us why.

Lots of illustrations and flaps explain how pigeons smell their way home, how

mosquitos love the smell of the bacteria on our feet and why lions urinate on

trees! A companion book Eye Spy, illustrates how animals see the world.

Young Dark Emu is an adaptation of the adult book Dark Emu, a correction

of Australian history. The book challenges previously taught ideas of

Indigenous life and shows it rich with farming, homes and technology.

Including extracts from colonial diaries, this book brings details forward to

paint a new history of Australia and the reality of colonisation. An essential

book for readers starting Australian history in school.



How to Write A Great Story

How Trains Work

Caroline Lawrence | PB $14.99

Lonely Planet Kids | HB $24.99

This is the perfect book for budding writers–full of tips and tricks for how

to write a great story. Using examples from lots of different kinds of stories

like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland this book will help with

every aspect of writing from creating characters to setting the perfect scene.

Everything young readers need to know about trains. Old trains, new

trains, city trains, super fast trains, train stations – did you know that

Shinjuku station in Japan has 200 exits–and famous train journeys.

This book is jam packed with amazing facts and lots of detailed

illustrations for hours of train related entertainment.

The Treehouse Joke Book

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton | PB $12.99

Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street

Felicita Sala | HB $27.99

What type of key opens a banana? A mon-key of course! Everyone knows

how funny Andy and Terry can be and this book does not disappoint. If you

love the Treehouse books then you will definitely love this joke book.

Eddie Woo’s Magical Maths

Eddie Woo | PB $19.99

Join the residents of 10 Pomegranate Street for a sumptuous feast in this

delightful story and recipe book! The feeling of warmth and welcome

are beautifully communicated through the vibrant illustrations, as each

apartment creates a dish for their communal lunch. With simple recipes for

every dish, you’ll soon be creating delicious food to share, too!

The Flag Book

Lonely Planet Kids | HB $29.99

A bumper book full of fun maths things to draw, puzzle, invent, order,

unscramble, code and decode for kids aged 7+ years from Australia’s best

known maths man. Made for kids to have fun while learning amazing things

about maths.

This full colour guide takes you around the world, flag by flag, to discover what

the colours, patterns and symbols say about each country, its history and its

people. Packed with amazing stories behind all the world’s flags this beautifully

illustrated book is perfect for budding vexillologists everywhere!

20 Cool Projects for your LEGO Bricks

Klang / Albrecht / Uhlmann / Bischoff | Boxed Cards $22.99

Grow Your Own Crystal Dragon

Grow Your Own Crystal Unicorn

Need some inspiration when it comes to LEGO? This handy tin contains

cards with simple step-by-step instructions to create 20 projects with bricks

you already have. The perfect gift for LEGO lovers.

Klutz | Box $19.99

Unicorn and Dragon are two in the new science series from Klutz. Shape

your creature, stick in the pipe cleaners and then dip it to seed it. Watch

your crystal creature magically grow. Everything you need is included in

the pack. Fox and Narwhal make up the set.

Rebel Dogs! Heroic Tales of Trusty Hounds

Kimberlie Hamilton | PB $19.99

The Australia Survival Guide

George Ivanoff | HB $24.99


(or 74, but he prefers

human years)


When I’m not sniffing around for food, I spend most of

my days snoozing (my favourite!), fetching my tennis

ball (exhausting!) and chasing my own tail (hopeless!).

And while I definitely deserve a tummy rub for all of

these things, they’re not exploits worthy of a book;

unlike the Very Good Boys in Rebel Dogs, who’ve

earned an extra special scratch behind their ear for

all their amazing feats; including going to space.

Want to know a book full of ways Australia wants to

kill you? Well this is the place to come. Slithering,

tentacle, or wibbly wobbly jelly death- and how not

to die from them- all feature in this Aussie survival

guide. Want to know whether that spider with the

weird red bit on its back that just bit you is deadly?




DK’s beautifully designed children’s range

illustrates a world of information for kids of

all ages. These fun and factual books bring

an unrivalled clarity to fascinating topics, with

a unique combination of words and pictures,

put together to spectacular effect to help kids

see all there is to know.

Through the Animal Kingdom HB $19.99

Let’s Get Gardening PB $30.00

The Wonders of Nature HB $39.99

Survival For Beginners PB $29.99

Explanatorium of Science HB $39.99




The books in this guide have been chosen and reviewed by members of the ABA, booksellers who

use their expertise to encourage and support reading for all ages.

DISCLAIMER: Cover, illustrations, various internal illustrations and inspiration have been taken from

Every Child A Song by Nicola Davies and Marc Martin (Hachette) and are reproduced with permission.

Price and information are correct at time of print. Some bookshops may not be able to hold stock of

every book in the guide. Speak to your bookseller about special orders.

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