Newsletter 12- 27.03.20






A word from the Principal...


Firstly, thank you all for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time. As you will

be aware, we remain open for critical childcare purposes only and I am delighted that you are all

following Government advice and only using us when absolutely necessary. If you need this service,

please complete the online form that I have emailed to you all and is on our Facebook page.

The amount of engagement with home learning has also been fantastic, with a huge number of you

supporting your children in their studies.

Moving forward, we are unsure as to how long we will remain closed and so home learning is going

to be key in ensuring that your child maintains and develops their current levels of understanding.

As we move past week two of home learning, staff will be setting more tasks online and if you have

any questions, class teachers are your first point of contact.

Finally, it is vital that we remain positive for our children and make this experience as manageable

for them as possible.

Kind regards,

Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

On Monday, those children that attended school

were given construction and physical activity


Here’s a selection of home learning from Year 4 this week. Art,

story writing and baking are just a few activities the children have

been doing. They’ve been working super hard and should be really

proud of all their efforts.

Home learning...

Year 2 have been working hard to complete their work on refugees. Lots of the

children have made some lovely refugee camps at home and made some presentations

about refugees. They have also been learning about 2D shapes and

have made some lovely pictures. Well done Year 2, you’re doing a great job!

Year 5 have been extremely busy completing their normal lessons every day

either online or in their books. Here is a sample of some of their work from the

week which includes: maths, reading, writing, SPaG and topic. Mrs Laity has

been teaching the children via video messages with examples of their work to

be completed and the children are also video messaging her back. Well done

Class 5, keep up the great work.

Home learning...

Year 6 have been completing a huge variety of work at home this week. They

have been watching videos and completing Maths and SPaG activities in their

work booklets. As well as this, others have created brilliant documents on Seesaw

including pieces of Topic writing and examples of the SPaG they have been

learning. I have even seen some inventions designed for Dragon’s Den and

extremely detailed pieces of artwork. Miss Law has really enjoyed seeing such

a variety of ways that the children are showing their learning and has even

received some voice messages. The children are now starting to follow video

messages from Miss Law with daily slides and activities to try at home. Keep up

your fantastic and exciting work Year 6.

This is the first week of home learning and the Early Years Class have been

investigating which materials are waterproof. They have taken photographs or

painted pictures of flowers or plants in their garden or local area. They have

also been learning about different emotions through art work.

Home learning...

I’ve had lots of contact from parents sharing their childrens work with me and

it’s great to see what good use you’ve all been making of your time.

Cadan has been watching the sharks

and turtles and stingrays being fed today

at Plymouth Aquarium - it was


Maison got some pumpkin seeds and

sweet pea seeds planted them.

Layla and Billy wrote about their understanding of the Coronavirus.

Home learning...

Finally, here is an overview of the first day of homelearning from the perspective

of one of our Y6 children.

Monday 23rd March 2020.

Dear Diary,

Today is my very first day of being homeschooled. It feels quite weird but amazing

at the same time! It’s weird because usually we work in a big classroom with thirty

one more people but instead i’m at the kitchen table working with Finley-my

brother- and my mum! Guess what. My mum is teaching me now! I knew it would be

very strange at first but it was quite a shock!

On Friday 20th March 2020, my school closed down due to a massive virus

outbreak. This disease is called coronavirus, or its scientific name is Covid-19. The

virus has killed thousands of people and is spreading rapidly like wildfire. So, our

prime minister (Borris Jonson) has decided to close down all UK schools, public

houses, restaurants, cafes and other places you are quite close to people.

So on that day, I went to school and I was treated to a lovely day! In the

afternoon, we got hot chocolate and marshmallows soft like fluffy clouds, watched

a movie called Peter Rabbit and were even treated to delicious domino's pizza!

Then the sad part sunk in and we had to say goodbye. It made me feel extremely

sad because I feared I would never see my friends or teachers again. But it had to

be done or we could’ve got the virus!

After school, we all went to Sainsbury’s supermarket where we had to get some

new supplies in case we go on lockdown. So, we went to the toilet rolls aisle and

there was absolutley nothing! And that was the same for the bread, eggs and soap

aisles! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was very angry because some people needed

them so urgently but there are other people who are very greedy and don’tthink

about others!

The coronavirus is scary! However, it’s a time to focus on the positive things in our

lives and to care about others. Although we have to stay inside for a while, I do

feel lucky to still be able to do my dance classes online and still to school work.

Love Layla Osborne-Rome, aged 11.

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