Newsletter 12- 27.03.20

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LUDGVAN SCHOOL NEWSLETTER <strong>27.03.20</strong><br />


NEWSLETTER<strong>27.03.20</strong><br />

LUDGVAN SCHOOL NEWSLETTER <strong>27.03.20</strong>

A word from the Principal...<br />

Welcome,<br />

Firstly, thank you all for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time. As you will<br />

be aware, we remain open for critical childcare purposes only and I am delighted that you are all<br />

following Government advice and only using us when absolutely necessary. If you need this service,<br />

please complete the online form that I have emailed to you all and is on our Facebook page.<br />

The amount of engagement with home learning has also been fantastic, with a huge number of you<br />

supporting your children in their studies.<br />

Moving forward, we are unsure as to how long we will remain closed and so home learning is going<br />

to be key in ensuring that your child maintains and develops their current levels of understanding.<br />

As we move past week two of home learning, staff will be setting more tasks online and if you have<br />

any questions, class teachers are your first point of contact.<br />

Finally, it is vital that we remain positive for our children and make this experience as manageable<br />

for them as possible.<br />

Kind regards,<br />

Adam Anderson<br />


Home Learning...<br />

On Monday, those children that attended school<br />

were given construction and physical activity<br />

experiences.<br />

Here’s a selection of home learning from Year 4 this week. Art,<br />

story writing and baking are just a few activities the children have<br />

been doing. They’ve been working super hard and should be really<br />

proud of all their efforts.

Home learning...<br />

Year 2 have been working hard to complete their work on refugees. Lots of the<br />

children have made some lovely refugee camps at home and made some presentations<br />

about refugees. They have also been learning about 2D shapes and<br />

have made some lovely pictures. Well done Year 2, you’re doing a great job!<br />

Year 5 have been extremely busy completing their normal lessons every day<br />

either online or in their books. Here is a sample of some of their work from the<br />

week which includes: maths, reading, writing, SPaG and topic. Mrs Laity has<br />

been teaching the children via video messages with examples of their work to<br />

be completed and the children are also video messaging her back. Well done<br />

Class 5, keep up the great work.

Home learning...<br />

Year 6 have been completing a huge variety of work at home this week. They<br />

have been watching videos and completing Maths and SPaG activities in their<br />

work booklets. As well as this, others have created brilliant documents on Seesaw<br />

including pieces of Topic writing and examples of the SPaG they have been<br />

learning. I have even seen some inventions designed for Dragon’s Den and<br />

extremely detailed pieces of artwork. Miss Law has really enjoyed seeing such<br />

a variety of ways that the children are showing their learning and has even<br />

received some voice messages. The children are now starting to follow video<br />

messages from Miss Law with daily slides and activities to try at home. Keep up<br />

your fantastic and exciting work Year 6.<br />

This is the first week of home learning and the Early Years Class have been<br />

investigating which materials are waterproof. They have taken photographs or<br />

painted pictures of flowers or plants in their garden or local area. They have<br />

also been learning about different emotions through art work.

Home learning...<br />

I’ve had lots of contact from parents sharing their childrens work with me and<br />

it’s great to see what good use you’ve all been making of your time.<br />

Cadan has been watching the sharks<br />

and turtles and stingrays being fed today<br />

at Plymouth Aquarium - it was<br />

amazing.<br />

Maison got some pumpkin seeds and<br />

sweet pea seeds planted them.<br />

Layla and Billy wrote about their understanding of the Coronavirus.

Home learning...<br />

Finally, here is an overview of the first day of homelearning from the perspective<br />

of one of our Y6 children.<br />

Monday 23rd March 2020.<br />

Dear Diary,<br />

Today is my very first day of being homeschooled. It feels quite weird but amazing<br />

at the same time! It’s weird because usually we work in a big classroom with thirty<br />

one more people but instead i’m at the kitchen table working with Finley-my<br />

brother- and my mum! Guess what. My mum is teaching me now! I knew it would be<br />

very strange at first but it was quite a shock!<br />

On Friday 20th March 2020, my school closed down due to a massive virus<br />

outbreak. This disease is called coronavirus, or its scientific name is Covid-19. The<br />

virus has killed thousands of people and is spreading rapidly like wildfire. So, our<br />

prime minister (Borris Jonson) has decided to close down all UK schools, public<br />

houses, restaurants, cafes and other places you are quite close to people.<br />

So on that day, I went to school and I was treated to a lovely day! In the<br />

afternoon, we got hot chocolate and marshmallows soft like fluffy clouds, watched<br />

a movie called Peter Rabbit and were even treated to delicious domino's pizza!<br />

Then the sad part sunk in and we had to say goodbye. It made me feel extremely<br />

sad because I feared I would never see my friends or teachers again. But it had to<br />

be done or we could’ve got the virus!<br />

After school, we all went to Sainsbury’s supermarket where we had to get some<br />

new supplies in case we go on lockdown. So, we went to the toilet rolls aisle and<br />

there was absolutley nothing! And that was the same for the bread, eggs and soap<br />

aisles! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was very angry because some people needed<br />

them so urgently but there are other people who are very greedy and don’tthink<br />

about others!<br />

The coronavirus is scary! However, it’s a time to focus on the positive things in our<br />

lives and to care about others. Although we have to stay inside for a while, I do<br />

feel lucky to still be able to do my dance classes online and still to school work.<br />

Love Layla Osborne-Rome, aged 11.

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