Oak Aging Barrels


New Oak Barrels are one of the leading distributor of new oak barrels. WE provide wide range of whiskey and wine barrels. Buy from the best in the industry.


Oak Aging Barrels

Oak Aging Barrels are made up of white

oak, a standard because of their strength


Red Wine Barrel

59 Gallon Wine Barrel From Napa Valley

French or American Oak

We carry Red wine and white wine barrels, along

with a range of other variations of “wine” type barrels.

● When buying/selling ex red wine barrels the more “turns” or

vintages of wine that have been in the barrel, the lower the cost.


● Cost: 289$

Whiskey/Bourbon Barrels


53 Gallon whiskey or bourbon barrel

One of our longest partnerships

and the only place to find these in the USA.

● Mash bill of 100% malted barley, 2-4 year old casks,

● 55% ABV, Head Bung. FREE SHIPPING!

● Cost: 289$


American Oak Barrels

(New) Made by Barrel Mill

● 53 Gallon whiskey or bourbon barrel

● We are the distributor for the barrel mills

● The Barrel Mill starts with the highest quality American

White Oak staves which are sustainably sourced and air

dried up to two years.

● We then individually mold, fire bend, toast and char to your


● Tongue and groove handcrafted heads are also charred,

then sealed with local, organic beeswax. And finally, each

barrel is hand tested with high temperature, pressurized

filtered water to ensure there are no leaks.

● Cost: 155 - 250$


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