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from home

by Sandie Dennis

Join a live fitness

session with PT

Luke Turner

With the Government enforcing new rules in allowing us to

exercise outside once a day, (something I never thought I’d

write in my lifetime) I’ve found three wonderful resources to

continue to keep us fit and healthy during our time indoors.

With most of us working remotely

from home we’re not in our normal

surroundings or maybe using equipment

that we don’t usually use in the office,

which can create aches and pains. This

along with my passion in wanting to

continue and maintain our positive mental

wellbeing, it’s important to take breaks

out in our days for fitness during these

challenging times. So, I have resourced

three areas that will help you stay fit and

increase your wellbeing in the

coming weeks.

The first is, chair-based exercises to stay active by doing light

exercises from your new make-shift desk in a spare room,

kitchen or dining rooms at home.

The second, a fabulous resource of an actual ‘Live’ fitness

workout session with Luke Turner a qualified Personal

Trainer and owner of If you cannot

make the ‘live’ class, you still have access to it at time that

suits you, along with a private group chat arena and recipe

and diet advice created by Luke. To any employees who work

in the firms in which I consult, Luke is offering three days of

classes for free as a trial.

And the third is Yoga classes with an experienced teacher,

Jenny Kaur who again is offering ‘Live’ classes throughout

the day.

1 Chair


1. Leg Extensions

While sitting down, lift your legs alternatively

until they’re straight out in front of you. Hold for

as long as you are comfortable, then lower and

lift the other leg. Repeat 10 times. Try counting

how long you can keep your legs raised, and see if

you can increase the time a little each day.

Then lift one foot a few inches off the floor,

keeping your knee bent at 90 degrees. Again,

hold until it becomes uncomfortable then switch

to the other leg.

2. Arm Extensions

Holding your arms straight, move them behind

you and lift them up as far as you can, which will

do wonders for tight shoulder muscles, then

bring them forward, keeping the arm straight,

until your hands meet. Make sure your shoulders

don’t creep up around your ears whilst doing this

exercise and try to maintain an upright posture

throughout. Repeat 10 times.

3. Neck rotations

Relax your shoulders and lower your chin until

it touches your chest and take a deep breath in

while rotating your head very slowly clockwise.

When your head is as far back as you can get it,

slowly begin to exhale while circling your head

back to rest your chin on your chest again. Do this

5 times clockwise, then 5 times anti-clockwise to

relax and stretch tense neck muscles.

4. Back twists

Sit up straight and put your left hand on the small of

your back, with your elbow bent. Twist to the left as

far as you can comfortably. Change to the right side

and repeat. Keep switching from side to side, and

always move slowly and smoothly – don’t jerk or

force yourself to twist further than is comfortable.

5. Punch the air

Punching the air above your head with both arms

for intense 30-second bursts is a great way of

releasing stress and getting your heart beating

faster. Then repeat in front of you and to the sides

and finish with 30 seconds overhead again.

Move around whenever possible, do not sit for

more than 20 minutes. Whatever position you

adopt, don’t stay like it for more than 20 to 30

minutes. Constantly changing position uses all your

muscles and all the systems in your body.”

Here are more tips for moving more during

the day:

• Instead of sitting for phone calls, stand up and

walk around as you take them.

• Don’t keep water on your desk, walk to the

kitchen to get a drink whenever you feel thirsty.

• Set your phone alarm to remind you to have

water, along with exercise breaks.


3 day trial, access

complete range of

classes. Contact

Luke direct on his


2: Book a ‘Live’

personal training

session from

your home with

With everything that’s going on in world at

the moment

T2FIT have decided to go LIVE! and we would

love YOU to join us.

For £9.99 per week you can have access to our

T2FIT LIVE! HOMEHIIT Workout Package.

What does this include we hear you say.....

• X 1 LIVE! Workout session per day via the zoom app

(free to download).

• If you cannot attend at the scheduled time you will have

access to the workout once it has gone LIVE!

• Fun weekly challenges.

• Recipe ideas/suggestions/hints and tips.

• Access to a private group chat.

Luke Turner

Personal Trainer,

Transform 2 FIT

Phone: 07572 459812



Based: Addiscombe Cricket Club,


“An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body”

This membership package runs weekly,

there is NO contract (you can opt in and

out at any time)

It will be available FREE of charge to all

Public Health Workers;

we appreciate everything you are doing.

(If this applies to you please contact us to

sign up).

We want to help keep you active, engaged

and occupied during this unsettling time.

Although this is a different way to train

it will help to keep you moving, will give

some structure to your day because let’s

face it we all do like routine and above all

it will help maintain your health.

So, who’s in?

Click the link below to sign up.

Sign Up

Find us on Social Media:

3: Online Vinyasa and

Kundalini Classes

Roll your mat out at home with Jenni Kaur as she offers

space to share teaching of Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.

With 12 years experience teaching and holding workshops

in the UK and Internationally, her expertise has become

grounded in bringing the spiritual into the material, her

values strongly rooted in authenticity and bringing joy

into others.

Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual form of practice using both

physical exercises, mantra and meditation to help

strengthen the body and bring balance to the mind.

Kundalini helps you to tap into you higher potential and

deep sense of rest.

Book Today

Vinyasa Yoga is physical style of yoga, where you

flow between poses giving you increased flexibility,

strengthening the body and helping to focus the mind as

we work with the breath.

Make yourself comfortable, create your own space at home

and see you on the mat!

*Chair Yoga available soon, please contact for more info.


Sandie Dennis



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